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Tslagrsnhic--Foreign Nsws.
lioMX, May 10. ?The journal La Voce
has been suspended for publishing the
Pope's address to the German pilgrim*.
\ uinna, May 15.?-The. Emperor Fran?
cis Joseph, who has been making a tour
of hin dominions, returned to this city
to-duy, and was enthusiastically received
by the populace. .
Paris, May 16.?The National Assem?
bly, to-day, rejected the principal
clauses of the savings hunk bill, and it
was thereupon withdrawn by the com?
mittee having, it in charge. The Cham?
ber adjourned till Tuesday.
The Compte de Chambord has written
a letter to a member of the Assembly, in
which he declares that he still has hopes
that the monarchy will be re-established
in France.
BxauH, May. 10.?-The priests impri?
soned in Posen und the neighboring
town&have been released, and informed
that evidence with regard to the secret
administration of the diocese by a Papal
delegate is, no longer required by the
The Pad Mall Gazette says: ltussia, an?
noyed at England's persistent refusal to
participate in tho St. Petersburg Confe?
rence, .and tl^c coolness of tho other
countries, intends giving the force of law
to tho declaration of the Brussels Con
I ference, and negotiate separately with
I the powers to induce their adherence
L thereto.
I Bbbuk, May 17.?The alleged priuci
a pal m tho late conspiracy against Bts
f march's life is named Dunin, and has
been arrested in Cracow.
Madeip, May 17.?The Curl is ts made
an attack upon Pampeluna. yesterday,
and 'threw twenty-four shells into the
town, bat uu cusuulties resulted. The
insurgents Were finally repulsed by the
Alfonstat troops.
Sri Tiaiild, May 17. The Polynesian,
from Quebec, went aground near here,
Saturday night, during a snow-storm.
Later advices state that the Polynesia
floated and proceeded.
Gdataquix* Eqcabor, May 17. -Hon.
Thos. Biddle. United States Minister
here, is dead.
Telegraphic?American News.
Washington, May 15. -The Postmas?
ter-General to-day issued the following
order: Ordered, that Section 103 of the
regulations of the Post Office Department
be amended by striking; out the words,
"and the subscription,'must be for less
than three months," in the seventh and
eighth lines, and the section so amended
shall he us follows: "A regular sub?
scriber is n person who has actually paid
or undertakes to pay a subscription price
for a newspaper, magazine or other peri?
odical, or for whom such payment has
been made, or undertaken to be made,
by some other person, but in the latter
ease,nach payment must have been made
or undertaken with the previous consent
or at the previous request of the person
to whom snoh newspaper, magasine or l
periodical is sent A person to whom
any such publication is sent without his
consent or request, is not a regular sub?
scriber* within.: the meaning of the law,
and doable the transient rates of postage
must be charged and collected on such
publications before delivery." Postmas?
ters will observe that by this amendment
m of the 103d aection of the regulations,
* persons who are subscribers to a news?
paper or periodical, as defined in the
regulation, are to be regarded as regular
subscribers within the amendment of the
postal lawn, without regard to the length
of time of their subscription. The Post?
master-General has issued an order re?
ducing the postage to and from all coun?
tries with which postal conventions have
not been concluded, from ten cents to
five cento for each half ounce or fraction
Six steamers sailed from the United
States for Europe, Saturday, taking out
1,006 cabin and 1,203 , steerage pas?
Look, the California philanthropist,
has made a new trust deed, in which he
reduces some of his charities and in?
creases others.
The imports in New York, last week,
amounted to $4,550,682, including
$1,389,776 for dry goods, the remainder
general merchandise.
Three men perished in a burning
boose at Houston, Texas, yesterday.
Thera were 543 deaths in New York last
$000,000 worth of liquor was seized at
Boston, Saturday.
The dyeing house of the Meriden
Woolen Company, at New Haven, Con?
necticut, was burned, vesterday. Loss
?5.000. :
The Democrats have elected the Mavor
of St Louis.
Nnw York, May 1C.?Governor Brog
den, of North Carolina, in a letter to the
Herold in regard to the representation of
Norm Carolina in the centennial exhibi?
tion, says he hopes a liberal display will
be made by that State. The Legislature
having failed to respond to his appeal,
he has appealed to the leading citizens to
encourage and i sustain the noble enter?
prise by their patronage and support.
He regards the centennial celebration of
the gtuattot1 moment in the interests of
peace and friendship, and thinks that it
will exercise e most favorable interest in
promoting concord, union and harmony,
and he hails it with joy, will do all in his
power to secure its success.
Augusta, Ga., May 15.?Judge Gibson
has refused to grant on injunction re?
straining the Georgia Railroad Compsny
from paying interest on the bonds of the
Western Railroad of Alabama, on the
ground that the questions of facts in?
volved should go before a jury.
John P. Branch, of Virginia, has ap?
plied for an injunction in United States
Court in Savannah, to restrain the sale
of (the Macon and Brunswick Railroad,
whieh to advertised to take place in June,
on the1 ground that no provision is made
for the payment of* the second series of
bonds endorsed by the State, and repu?
diated hy the Legislature, a portion of
"aid bonds being held by Branch. Argu?
menta in the case will be heard on Mon?
day, before Judge Bradley.
Sa* Francisco, May 17.?A collision
occurred on the 4th of April, off the
coast of China, between the Chinese
steamship Fu Sing and the British
steamship Ocean. The Fu Sing found
ered Instantly, oauoing a loss of
fifty ilfrra*; the Ocean was seriously In?
jured,' bat succeeded in reaching* Wu
Bin? ?An investigation to proceeding.
Zanxsvills, Omo, May 17.?A beat,
wlth?w.?.ftu"*nd* wives, and
two children each, went over the dam;
both women and two children drowned.
LrxiNuTON, May 17.?The condition of
Gen. Breckinridge remainH unchanged.
He in Btill cheerful, and seems to be
much less concerned at his condition
than those around him. He has the
papers read to him, and converses with
ds few chosen friends, who are admit?
ted. Some of his more hopeful friends
entertain hopes of his remaining among
them for some time; but experienced
persons sec he cannot remain much
longer, and is liable to be called away
any moment. His pulse is very weak.
Many of his relatives and friends from
abroad are here, to be with him in his
last hours.
A hiter despatch says John C. Breckin?
ridge is dead. ,
New York, May 17.?The steamer Ash?
land, from Bamnnah, reports, May 13, 6
P. M , passed schoonsr Henry N. Kevins
sunk; crew on board the light-ship on
Frying Pan shoals. It was blowing a
It is said the filibuster steamer Gen.
Sherman, recently sold by United States
Marshal's sale at Key West, has been
purchased by the Cubans as a war vessel.
Rev. Dr. Hall's new church in Fifth
avenue won filled with a large congrega?
tion, yesterday evening?it being the
celebration of the semi-centennial of the
American Tract Society. Justice Strong,
of the Unitod States Supreme Court, pre?
sided. Addresses were delivered by
Revs. Drs. M. B. Anderson, of Rochester,
N. Y.; Wm. S. Plumer, ot Columbia, S.
C.; Geo. Macloskie, of Princeton, N. J.;
Samuel Manning, of London, England;
William Gillie, of Edinburg. Scotland.
Philadelphia, May 17.?The jury in
the Gerdeman case camo into court at 12
o'clock, and stated that they could not
agree and were discharged.
Montgomery, Ala. , May 17. ? The
Chancellor denied and over-ruled the
motion of Branch, SonB and others, to
be made parties to the proceedings for
the sale of the Western Railroad, and
have the sole set aside. He said that
any right they had could be asserted
quite as well in a separate bill, and he
aould not delay the proceedings by sus?
taining their petition.
Washington, May 17.?The President,
this morning, appointed Otis H. Russell
Collector of Internal Revenue for the
Third District of Virginia, vice Rush
Bergess, resigned.
The Court of Claims to-day delivered
on opinion in 'the cose of Alexander L.
P. Green, who, in 1802, was domiciled
in Nashville, but just before the capture
of that city went further South, taking
with him a large amount of money of a
flrni for whom he was an endorser.
When leaving, he was possessed of cer?
tain buildings in Nashville, which in
1664 were seized bv the Supervising
Treasury Agents as abandoned property.
The claimant averred, in his petition,
that he was always a loyal citizen, but
this, the Court said, did not strengthen
his case, as he voluntarily entered the
enemy's lines. The act of seizure of the
property was a war measure, and it made
no difference whether it was seized
by the enemy or by a Treasury agent
The claimant sought to recover on the
ground of an implied contract and the
liability of the Government for the acts
of its officers. The court say no action
can be maintained on that ground, and
that if the claimant was entitled to re?
cover, he ought to have prosecuted his
case under the abandoned property Act,
which he failed to do. The case was
dismissed. The court also decided the
case of the Corlies Steam Engine Com ?
pany. The claimant had contracted
with the Navy Department for the con?
struction of steam engines;' subsequently
the Department decided not to complete
the engines, and in accordance with a
written agreement, the company de?
livered the boilers, engines and appurte?
nances At the Boston Navy Yard in their
unfinished condition. The court,
through Chief Justice Drake, said
the agreement between the claim?
ant and the Navy Department was
singularly clear, and altogether free from
taint It was the duty of the Govern?
ment to comply strictly with its obliga?
tions to the contractor. Judgment was
given in behalf of the claimant to the
amount of $257,688. A motion was made
by the Assistant Attorney-General for a
new trial in the Elgee cotton case.
It is thought Auditor Hheats' leave of
absence to the 1st of July means ad in
finttum. BriBtow and Attorney-General
Pierrepont had a prolonged consultation
to-day about the whiskey fiasco. It is
understood the elephant has been placed
upon Commissioner Pratt's shoulders.
Probabilities?Throughout the Atlan?
tic States, stationary or falling barome?
ter, increasing Norts-east to South-east
winds, warmer and partly cloudy woa
ther. For the Gulf States, Tennessee
and the Ohio Valley, South and East
winds, warmer and - partly cloudy wea?
ther, falling barometer and possibly local
rain on the Gulf coast.
Yesterday's Market Reports.
Nxw York?Noon.?Gold opened 15f?
now 16. Stocks active, feverish and lower.
Money 2}. Exchange?long 4.87; short
4.90. Cotton dull; sales 2,238?uplands
16}; Orleans 16}. Futures opened weak:
June 16; July Hilft.. 10 5-32; August
16 5-16ft; 16 11-32. *>ork quiet?21.90?
22.00. Lard quiet?steam 151.
7 P. M.?Cotton dull; safes 2,?10, at
l?jftlo1. Flour quiet and prices gene?
rally without decided change. Wheat
opened a shade firmer and closed 'piiet,
with the advance lost?1.35ft)1.43. Corn
opened lc. better, but closed quiet, with
the advance nearly all lost; demand mo?
derate?87(^88. Coffee quiet?Rio quoted
l?jft; lfi? gold for cargoes; ordinary to
Srime trade lots If!1 ft 19^ gold. Sugar
nil and unchanged--SJftjll J. Molasses
quiet and unchanged. Pork lower?
new 21.75. Beef quiet 10 plain mess;
11 extra. Whiskey more active and
[email protected] Freights to Liver
Btol dull?cotton sail 1; steam ift\5-l6.
oney cosy?2|(tf*,3. Sterling dull?7.
Gold firm, at 16ftU6J. Governments
active and strong?new 5s 1GJ. States
quiet end nominal, Cotton net receipts
3"22; gross 2,196. Futures olosed quiet
and steady; sales 15,900: May 16 1-320
161-16; June 16 1-32($161-16; July
16 [email protected] 3-16; August 16 [email protected],16j;
September 10|?16 5-32; October 15 23-32
ftU5?; November 15 17-32ft,15 9-16; De?
cember 16 9-16 ? 15 19-82; January
15 [email protected] 25-32; February 15 15-16(?\
15 81-89; March 16 [email protected] 7-32; April
161(216 7-16.
Mobile.?Cotton easy?middling 15);
low middling 14}; good ordinary 14; net
receipts 308; exports coastwise 1; sales
Galvsbtow.?Cotton dull?middling
15; low middling 14j; good ordinary
13}; net receipts 59; sales 293.
Cincinnati.?Flour dull and declining
[email protected] Com quiet and . weak?
[email protected] Pork quiet and <teady?23.00.
Lard dull and nominal?t..oam held 15};
kettle. 16}. Bacon quiet, steady and rtn
changed. Whiskey steady?L15.
Phlladxxi'hia.?Cotton dull?middling
101; low middling 15}; good ordinary 15;
net receipts 20; gross 59.
Augusta.?Cotton demand good and
offerings very light?middling 15g; low
middling 15; good ordinary 14); net re
ceipta 99.
Baltimore.?Cotton dull and nominal
?middling 16; low middling 15}; good
ordinary 14?; gross receipts 862; exports
continent 403; ooastwise 460; sales 100;
spinners 50.
St. Louis.?Flour dull and unchanged.
Com lower?No. 2 mixed [email protected] Whis?
key held firmly, at 1.20. Pork dull?
21.75[email protected] Bacon firm and more do?
ing, sales ontsido. Lard nominal?15.25.
No hi olk.?Cotton quiet?middling 15|
?15i{. net receipts 229; exports coastwise
150; Bales 160.
Mxiiriiia.?Cotton quiet?middling
158; net receipts 210; shipments 496;
safes 700.
! Boston. ?Cotton dull?middling 1G\;
' net receipts 54; sales 153.
I Chicaoo. ?Flour firm and fair demand.
Com dull and unsettled- -No. '2 mixed
71J?72; rejected 681. Pork dull -21.25.
Lard fair demand?15 J. Whiskey buoy?
ant and unsettled?1.16 refused at closo.
Charleston.-?Cotton steady?mid?
dling 15g<?ll5j{; low middling 15}; good
ordinary 14}(a\14j; net receipts 375; ex?
ports coastwise 679; sales 300.
Savannah.?Cotton quiet?middling
151; low middling 15} f good ordinary
141; net receipts 601; exports continent
4,330; coastwise 2,002; sales 300.
' New Orleans. ?Cotton demand fair?
middling 16$; net receipts 1,467; gross
1,489; exports continent 70; ooastwise
1,239; sales 3,100.
Lottery Swindle.?The Postmaster
Generol issued the following order Fri
[day: "It having been reported to me
that a certain L. D. Sine, of Cincinnati,
in tho State of Ohio, is engaged in con?
ducting a gift enterprise and scheme for
the disposal of money and personal pro?
perty by lot, chance or drawing, thereby
to obtain money through the mails; and
being satisfied from the evidence before
me, that the said L. D. Sine is so en
gaged, I do hereby forbid the payment
y the postmaster at Cincinnati to the
said L. D. Sine of any postal monev order
drawn to the order of him, the said L. D.
Sine; and the said postmaster is hereby
directed to inform tho remitters of tho
said postal money orders that the pay?
ment thereof has been forbidden, and
that the sum of said money will bo re?
turned on the presentation of a duplicate
money order applied for and obtained
under the regulations of the department.
And upon the same evidence, tho post?
master at the city of Cincinnati is hereby
instructed to return all registered letters
which shall arrive at his office, directed
to the said L. D. Sine, to the postmasters
at the office at which they wero originally
mailed, with t!*e word 'fraudulent' plainly
written or stamped Upon the outside of
such letter."
The Rev. J. M. Dawson, a Presbyterian
clergyman of San Francisco, has been
dismissed from his charge by his presby?
tery, becauso he has been caught dab?
bling very extensively in stock gambling
and flirting with the girls. Late de-'
velopments of the case show that a num?
ber of other clergymen made him their
agent to pursue the 'ujnis futuuH of bo?
nanza wealth. Invariably, the money
?laced in the gambling clergyman's
ands failed to produce anything to the
owners, and the reverend speculators arc
said to have "squealed" considerably.
Dawson has made about $100,000 by his
stock speculations.
Charles E. Lawrence, ex-Revenue In?
spector, who was brought back from Eu?
rope tho other dav, charged with smug?
gling silks into New York, is suffering
under the weight of 130 indictments,
upon which he will require $500,000 to
secure his release from jail. His frauds
were perpetrated- by entering cases of
valuable silks as corsets. Tho cases of
corsets were sent to tho public stores for
appraisement, and tho remaining cases,
which contained the silks and laces,
were delivered to Lawrence and his
partners. It is estimated that by their
arrangements over $1,500,000 were lost
to the United States Treasury.
Very probably the unwillingness of
Governor Hartranft to send the military
into the coal district of Pennsylvania, to
suppress tho lawlessness of the miners,
arises from tho fact that these people
have all threatened to vote against him
at the approaching gubernatorial elec?
tion, if he rann, and it is considered
certain he will. They are very much
disgusted because Hartranft showed n
disposition to coerce them. There are
25,00 ' voters among these banditti, a
large number of whom are Radicals, and
if they all go against Hartranft it will
have a powerful o fleet upon'the result of
the election.
The free zone of Mexico extends from
the mouth of the Rio Grande 800 miles
up that river and about six miles inland
on the Mexican side. It is the home of
lawless men and free lances, and appears
to owe no allegiance to any flag but that
of the free-booter. Foreign goods are
admitted free of customs duty and
thence passed into Texas and portions
of Mexico. It is by these bandits and
smugglers that the recent raids into Texas
for plunder have been made. It is a nest
of foul birds, and if the Mexican Govern?
ment will not or cannot break it up, the
United States Government should do no
at once and decisively.
Mr. Dendy has been arrested. Just as
we expected, upon the appearance of
Uncle Joo Crews in town. We saw him,
and in a very few words it was discovera?
ble that he was up here for no good pur?
pose. Wonder if he accomplished his
purpose? Mr. Dendy is at large on bail,
and the prosecutions against Uncle Joe
for his many sins are likely to proceed,
notwithstanding his procuring the arrest
of Mr. Dendy. Uncle Joe has opened
the fight, ana we can tell him that every
track he makes now, or has made, is
being looked after.?QrtenvtUe Xeu>$.
Col. R. S. Duryea, of Charleston, died
on Saturday morning last, in the 44th
year of his age. He was widely known
and highly respected.
I' The* Pxawttno.?It is said that when a
Spaniard eats fruit he always plants the
seed thereof for the benefit of posterity.
As a result no country is ko beautifully
blessed with fruit as Spain. The Mayor
of Topoko, Kansas, appears to be im?
bued with a similar unselfishness. One
afternoon last week, at his request, all
business was suspended in tho town and
the whole population went to work and
planted in the town about 1,000 shade
trees of several varieties. This is better
than "spelling bees."
Win. Russell, a widower, aged thirty
years, living at Nowbury, Mass., quar?
reled with a younger brother in his
father's house, yesterday morning, and
his mother, aged sixty, interfering, he,
seized a shoe-knife and nearly severed
her head from her body, killing her in?
stantly. He then attacked tho father, and
would have killed him but for the in?
terference of tho neighbors. The younger
brother and father were both badly
wounded?the former, it is thought, fa?
Alas! alas! for the colored Republican
of Kentucky. He cun got no high seat
in the temple; he can get no place on
tho ticket. When he tries to speak they
put him down, they sit on him, they
squelch him and make his life a burden
to him. He is slaughtered in the house
of his friends. Yet ho and his colored
brethren constitute five-sixths of the
Republican party in Kentucky. Is there
no way for the poor colored man to get
his rights??Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Boston Xeim says: President
Grant has fixed his mind upon doing
what no other President of the republic
ever did, to wit: Getting 0 second en?
dorsement of the people; and while he
keeps his square jaws set. speaking no
word and making no sign, he has entered
upon the campaign with the same dog?
ged pertinacity which, as a soldier,
made him successful. This has a long
time been apparent to those who, having
eyes, made use of them.
For the first time in fifteen years reli?
gious services were held Sunday week in
the Pohick Church, in Fairfax* County,
Va. This church was built in 1773,
thiough tho persona! exertion of George
Washington. During the late war it was
occupied by Union troops as a stable,
and fell into dilapidation, until last
{fear, some gentlemen of New York,
earning the condition, had it rebuilt in
handsome style.
The investigation into the construction
of the Chicago Custom House building,
which is partly finished, shows that the
contractor, Mueller, put a quantity of
rotten Cincinnati stone into the walls,
which is now crumbling like brown
sugar. Ex-Supervising Architect Mullet
allowed this stuff to go in, and $1,000,000
worth of work will have to be demo?
The turbulent miners in Pennsylvania
seem to have plenty of means at their
command, in spite of their assertions of
wrongs and impecuniosity. Last week
the total amount received by the strikers
from their brethren elsewhere was $T>0,
000. This is raised by a heavy taxation
on the men who are at work, and it goes
to keep these brigands in bread and
butter and deviltry.
The Harrisburg Patriot says: Grant
bus thrown away all chance of getting a
third term endorsement in Pennsylvania.
Taking another member of hiB Cabinet
from New York, and slighting the State
which was carried for bun by a most ex?
pensive und elaborate fraud in 1872, is u
measure of ingratitude which the pro
foundest loyalty cannot overlook.
An English company are negotiating
for the purchase of the rolling mill pro
Eerty near Spartanburg. their object
eing the planting of a colony there and
the establishment of a cotton factory.
The County is abundantly wealthy in
water power of splendid stamp, and it
awaits profitable utilization.
Henri Rochefort, the Communist, is
going around Europe publishing his
incendiary sheet. Lantern*, wherever he
can get a chance. He was obliged to leave
London, Brussels and Geneva, and the
last heard of him he was in Italy,
abusing President MacMahon, of
They hail a very fierce debate in the
Missouri Constitutional Convention on
Tuesday, on the question of embodying
the words "God Almighty" in the pre?
amble. After a storm v time the members
kindly oondescended to admit their
creator into the document.
An Inter- Oeean special from McGregor,
Iowa, says Albert Young, son of Senator
Young, of Wisconsin, shot his father on
the 14th inst-, then committed suicide.
The father will survive. It is thought
the son had committed forgery and re?
sorted to this nic".ns of covering it up.
The traces of Maximillian's short
reign in Mexico are rapidly passing
away. Eveu the palace iu the oity of
Mexico, which he confiscated and pre?
sented to Marshal Bazaine upon the
occasion of tho latter's marriage, is now
to become the site of an American hotel.
The locality known as Cane Ridge, five
miles from Paris, Ky., was the scene last
Saturday of an un natural tragedy. The
victim was Jacob Ammerman," eighty
years of uge, and he met bis death at the
hands of his son-in-law, a man named
Allen, sixty-five years of age.
The Supreme Court of Louisiana has
given judgment, with $25,000 damages,
against Samuel Hastings, a druggist,
whoso clerk made a mistake in prepar?
ing a prescription, and which caused the
death of Mrs. McCubbin.
In Jersey City, on Saturday night, the
wife of Heinrich Strokmeyer was deliver?
ed of four children, three girbj and one
boy, all alive, at a birth, and all living
and apparently doing well.
Tho Washington Light Infantry, of
Charleston, have been invited to be* pre
sent at the Bunker Hill Centennial, as
the guests of the Boston Independent
In 1854 the wool exported from Kan
Francisco was 175,000 pounds, valued At
$14,000. In 1871 there were 30,088,701
pounds exported, valued at $8,182,000.
Mrs. Senator Stunner that was 4s, it is
stated, soon to he Mrs. Henry Jones that
is. Jones is a clerk in the New York
Custom House.
The Indian prisoners confined at Fort
Leavenworth are to bo removed to Fort
Marion, Florida.
Mrs. Wm. Laidler and Mrs. Eliza P.
Hay ne died in Charleston, last week.
Tliu unprecedented time of'a mile in
1.413; whs made by a young borne on the
Lexington, Ky., course, on the 13th.
Searcher is a sou of (Jen. Buford's "En?
The University of the South, under
the control of the Episcopal Church, is
in u nourishing condition. It will pro?
bably have 3U0 students this year.
Mr. Wiel, a merchant of Greenboro,
N. (J.t wits lost on the unfortunate
Tribute of Respect.
At a special meeting of Phoenix Hook
and Ladder Company, held Thursday
evening, May 14, the following preamble
and resolutions were unanimously
Whereas it is at all times sad to part
with our friends when they surrender
this lifs into the hands of its maker, it in
doubly sad when those friends huvo
been companions in the' dangers and
hardships incident to the life of a volun
teer fireman; and whereas it has seemed
best to the Almighty Ruler of the Uni-1
verso to remove from our ranks, after an i
illness of many months, our esteemed
comrade, S. E. MORRIS; therefore, be it
Resohvtl, That the members of Phoenix
Hook and Ladder Company deeply sym?
pathize with his family in their affliction,
and join with his many friends in their
expressions of regret at his removal from
our midst.
lit salved, That a copy of this preamble
and resolutions and a badge of the com?
pany be presented to tho family of the
deceased, and that his name bit conti?
nued ou the roll of the company.
JOHN L. LITTLE, Foreman,
F. D. Konkmax, Secretary.
The Capital Building and Loan Asso?
THE fourth annual meeting of the'
stockholders of this association will j
beheld at "The Hibernian Hall," at 8!
o'clock, THIS EVENING. The Troa-(
surer's report will be submitted and
officers elected for the ensuing Year.
There will be abont $1,800 on hand to
dispose of in tho usual way.
May 1H 1 Secretary and Treasurer.
Centennial Cigars,
One Donar and a Half Per Box.
IF you are going to the centennial, get
your Cigars from PERRY & SLAW
SON. They are determined to close out
odd brands, and offsr suoh inducements
us you will never find again. Cigars at
S1.S0 per box. Rush! rush! to see them.
For Sale,
H5ome and see them at the Na?
tional Hotel Stahles. Ask for
Bichland Lodge, Ho. 39, A. F. X.
A AN EXTRA Communication of
wyiliis Lodge will be held at Masonic
/V\Hall, THLS (Tuesday) EVENING,
ut H o'clock. The E. A Degree will be
conferred. By order of tliu W. M.
? May 1H E A. ARTHUR, Sec'y. _
Independent Steam Fire Engine Co.
?THE regular month?
ly meeting will be
held at the Engine
House, THIS (Tues?
day) EVENING, at 8
o'clock. By order:
May 18 Secretary.
Chi cor a Tribe, No. 2, Improved Order
of Bed Men.
A Regular Counoil Fire
of Chiconi Tribe will be
kindled at their Wigwam,
'(Odd Fellows' Hall.) 8th
. _ Bun, 18th Sleep, Flower
Mo?n, G. S. D. 384. By order of the
Sachem. A. H. HALLADAY,
May 18 Chief of Records.
A Card.
Charleston, May 11, 187G.
ttrE, the undersigned,* having for
V\ some time past been students
under Prof. Marshal G. Lewis in the
training and breaking of Horses, take
pleasure in bearing testimony to the effi?
ciency and simplicity of the system
taught by him, and without hesitation,
Eronounce his manner of breaking old
[orses of bad tricks, and young ones to
the saddle and draft, as the simplest and
best that has ever come within our notice.
W. H. Huger, M. D., Henry T. Williams,
Joseph T. Dill, A Burnet Rhett, Baw
lins Lowndes, Jr., William L. Disher,
Laurens N. Chisolm, J. Wulbern, Jas.
Aaron, F. Ourton, Win. Wilson, C.
Oakman, Robert Graham, B. F. Mc
Cabe, R. Oakmaji, F. F. Chapeau, J.
R. P. Ravenel, L. W. O'Hear, A. Mc
Cobb, Jr., C. Schroder, A. F. DuPont,
William Graham.
W-Chief of Police Nixson's horse was
harnessed and driven around, yesterday,
I although tho animal was known to be
j very restive under the saddle and had
never been in harness before. May 18
Pot Sale,
size. Work well in double or
I single harness and under saddle. Will
be sold together or separately. Apply at
I this office. __*lfty*?
Flour and Meal
CAR LOAD ORDERS filled on short
notice. Address "CHARLOTTE
I CITY MILLS," Charlotte, N. C.
R D. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
Gko. C. Chambers, Superintendent
May 16_ lmo_*_
it; No. 1, 2 and 3 MACKEREL.
Just opened and for sale low, at retAil,
This Year's Crop of Maple Sugar.
JUST received 1,000 pounds new
CROP MAPLE SUGAR, direct from
Vermont, for sale cheap at
Mayl_ SOLOMON'S. _
Dr. Geo. Howe, Jr.,
OFFICE over W. C. Fisher's store.
Residence corner of Blanding and
Pickens street. April 23 lmot
Fumtture, aV.
THIS (Tuesday) MORNING. 10 o'clock.
I will sell, at my store,
whieh are a very nice Chamber Set, com ?
plete; Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads,
Tables, Window Shades, Carpets, Drug?
gets, Ac., Ac.
An invoice of Canned To?at oca,
Boxes Fine Family Soap, of thirty -si j
pounds each, Ac., Ac. Terms cash.
May 18
Sale Under Pom to Sntiaty Mort
I>. c. PKIXO-Pfo *? ?ONj A*S*
BY virtue of. the power of attorney,
endorsed upon the mortgage of Thoa.
1.1. LaMotte, to the Citixens' Savings
Bank, of South Carolina, empowering
the undersigned to sell the premises
mortgaged, I will .sell, on the FIRST
MONDAY IN JUNfe NEXT, at ths usual
hour, before the Court House, ia Colum?
bia, the following described Lots of Land,
all situate in the city of Columbia and
Riehland County:
1. LOT OF LAND, containing three
fourths of an acre, hounded North by let
formerly of J. L Beard; on the East by
Bamwell street; oa the South by lot of
Barre; and West by lots of A. C. Has kell
and Cooper. To be divided and sold in
two separate' lots.
2. LOT OF LAND, containing one
[acre; hounded North by lot of Augustus
Cooper; East by lot of A. Traeger; South
by Wheat street; and West by Assembly
I street. To be divided and sold (n two
separate lots of half an acre each.
Terms of sale?Caah.
Trustee in Bankruptcy.
May 18 -_tu8mi J
Valuable City Property for Sale. .
Sale Under 1'ouer to Satisfy Mortgage:;.
BY virtue of the power of attorney of
John Fielding, empowering the
Cashier of the Citizens" Savings Bank, of
Sonth Carolina, and his assigns, to sell
the premises hereinafter described, for
I the purpose of satisfying certain mort?
gages of the said John Field lug to said
bonk, or held by said bank. I wUl seU.
at the usual hour, bet?re the Court
House, in Columbia,
LAND, with the Buildings thereon, Sta?
ate and being in ths city of Columbia,
and County of Richland, butting and
bounding to the North on lot' of Mo AI -
lister; to the East on lot of John P.
Southern; to the South on Plain street;
and to the West on lot formerly of Henry
Davis and of D. Epstin.
Tkbhb of Sale?One-half cash t balance
on credit of one year, secured by bond
and mortgage of premises, ,-j
Trustee in Bankruptcy.
May 18 tug ml
Foredosmre of "tlnrtgage.
H. fc 8. BEAK1). Ancti?ne*ra.
Eben Butler against Thomas A Garner.
BY virtue of power to me given by
Thomas A. Gamer, by his deed
sealed end delivered* to sell the pro?
perty hereinafter described, and for aim
and in his name to execute proper titles
to the purchaser or purchasers1 of ths
said premises, I hereby give notice that
.__XT, I will sell, at public auction, iu
the city Of Columbia, before the Court
House, to the highest bidder, for cash.
OF LAND, with | buildings thereon,
situate in ths city of Colombia, and
bounded as ' follows, to wit: East by
Lincoln street, fronting thereon fifteen
feet, more or less; North by lot near or
formerly of estate of Robert N. Lewis,
running thereon 208 feet, more or lees;
West by lot of Richard Young, and
South by Howard School.
May lOmthC EBENf BT^TLEB-.,
Seasonable Oood*.
Children's BATH TUBS,
Wire Dish and Plate COVERS.
For sale at manufacturers' prices, at
May 15 3
Excursion Tickets.
Columbia Aof.nct, May 16,1875.
and return for ONE FARE will be
Isold to parties wishing to attend the
Schueteenfest and Regatta daring pre?
sent week. Tickets goon to return ?etil
23d inst A. B. DsSAUSSURE. .
May 16 2_Agent
j Charlotte, Colombia ft AufUstaB. &.,
COLUMBIA. Mar 13, 1875.
.bratton EX?
_ _ iTRAINS to
j and from Charlotte as follows:
Two Special Trains will leave Colum?
bia, one on the night of the 19th instant,
at 9 o'clock, connecting with 9 o'clock
P. M. Train. from Augusta, arriving st
Charlotte 7.20 A. M.; returning. Wilt
leave Charlotte at 19 o'clock, night of the
20th, arriving at Columbia 9.36 A. M.
Another Special Train will leave Co?
lumbia on the morning of the 20th last.,
at 4 o'clock, connecting with the 4 A.
M. Train from Wilmington, arriving at
Charlotte at 9 A. M .; returning, will
leave Chorlote a* 4 P. M., arriving at
Columbia 9 P. M., making connection
with regular Night Train for Wilmington.
Excursion Tickets will be seUl for
both these and the regular Passenger
May li 6 General Superintendent

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