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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 10, 1865, Image 3

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/intered aixordinq to Act of Congreet.in the Tear
18*3, 6y J. S. ?ftraaAer, t? ?Ae Clerk'? Office ?f
ike Di tl rici Court of thc Confederate States for
the Northern District of Georgia 4P
? Affairs ia Charleston and Savannah.
AUGUSTA, April Ik-Late advices state that'
Gen. Giltaer has issued an order prohibiting all
purchases of. colton or ol a ima thereto by any
than United States agenta, in Charleston and
Savannah. The Unitad States Tax Commission?
ers atfaounce CTTemselves ready to receive the
tAvs of those cities and districts.
All persons who wish* to recover any captured
, aniwiJe*?r vehicles, must take site oath, and
swear to have been loyal during the war to the
United St?tes Government..
Parties bringing goods into Charlestonjfnust
^-register, under the penalty of confiscation.
AU buildings, landa audtenements owned by
^crions who have failed lo comply with Lin
'a rn's proclamation of .December 8, 1864, and
who a?? absent fi-? nf the city, are taken posses
?! . i of by au ngcutof tire Treasury Depaitment
tid claimed oe abandoned propert}-. All occu
pants of such property must report to the re
?istry office, and all rent? moat be paid to thi
Unite?! States agent .
Thc steiner Massachusetts, which sailed fron
Charleston for Philadelphia,struck acornado ii
Charleston euannei, whjoh did not explods.
- The Captpre of Selina, Ac.
\ AUGUSTA, April 8-Gen. Adams; eommandinj
the district of Alabama, he? issued an or.de
that Moratgdm?ry will be def?n?e?. TGca. Bu
I ford has been assigned to the command of th
' defences of the city. Gov. Watts has irsued
~ proclamation, allowing all men t?vote w lie thc
they wilt leave their comities for the defence c
t any part of the State, ssthe mil i tia of A Inborn
\ can only be held to militia service iq the cuan
*ics ra which they reside,
j "Thc oofctoa warehouses, Gov'eruineut work
land navy yard 1n felina were bu ful by th
.j'vFederals; a few houses were accidentally burnt
?Gen. Forrest foTa?h?'V1*^l!U?tb' wan ^ on nde
.three times, but d Td not-] eave thc field.'
I The enemy hold MoRiironi?i-y "Il il*, on th
Alabama River, near Claiborne. X > bent
vaptsired. At last accounts .thu G'oveiaiuiyr;
fcores-werc being removed from Moutgoiuci-j
the newspapers have all been removed,
j lu Selma all "the coltou was burnt and hu
j(?Ae Goveriftnent property saved-Ph* loss >
rftpch will amount to many* millions. Tht?fcu
f the city is attributed to a di-^rat-cfiil ajan:
kde* Very few of Forrest's meit were ia th
tht, os they lia,d not arr*ve ! ia time. Th
terny'b assault was cn Sunday aftarnooai au
ntiuuedcan hour,very heavily, when the
ddonly charged our left,'West oi Selina, whet
t line was weakest. They* cast a few shel
iong the.horse holders, wno stampeded, whe
r forcesretreat?dlu couftiaibn to Salina. Gen
' ir read Adams nnd Roddy cut their way oi
Vfi?d?iMon%omei y with some difficulty." Gei
yior left for DemcpolLs thc same evening, bi
.* the fight began.
Gen. Forrest telegraphed to Gov. WHU*C
today afternoon, that lie is on the Montgomei
? of the Alabama- Ri rar, sad that for thirl
les it would be defended. This inspired co
nice and everybody went ts work to . fit
j Jae enemy-have retired from Blakeij-ai
pity. Ft is beiiovad by thc authorities tn
??cm; tfcevad os Mobile from Stint*,
, 'WM i "G:
F r om/the South and Weet.
AUGUSTA. April 7.-Advices from Montgome?
ry, of the eil), say tl int official reports state that
thar J is cb enemy this side of the Alabama
River. The telegraph is working to Benton.
Commodore Montgomery has arrived here.
He left Demopolis on Monday night.
Jackson'^ cavalry division whipped and
forced te retreat the enemy's cavalry column,
8,000 strong, which was ^advancing via Tusca
loosa. ' The fight occurred twenty-six miles
from Selma. The enemy's main body is moving
towards Demopolis.' Forrest is reported .ad?
vancing against-, and fighting the enemy around
Selma. rf ? *. .
Govr Milton, of Florida, died on the 1st of
April, near Marianna. '~
Nothing definite from Mobile.
- Latest Northern News.
"AUGUSTA, Apiil 7.-T-fae Charleston Courier
states that 8,OOO "Bales of cotton had been dis?
covered in various panas of the city. Govern?
ment di aya line the streets hauling.
Klug street exhibits an immense moving
throng, from morning to night. Merchant!
and trades are doing a good business, which
promises well for the future prosperfcy o f th<
city. There has been a remarkable chang?
"in five weeks, since the Union force? entered."
A torpedo exploded under th? bow of th?
United States steamer Bibb, ia the. usua^sailinf
channel. The vessel sunk in twenty five fcc
low water. If thc naval order s&oed for res
sels'to avoid that* track had "'been complie<
with, no injury would have been done.
Redpath and others have issued a meruori??
to the loyal peupla of South Carolina to furn isl
means to* erect a monument over .thc Yaske
soldiers buried at the Race Course bj- the rebelt
The fc'owfer gives n long account of a meei
ii.SC held om the 2tft.li. which -pame/l.resolution
of Shanks lo Gen.. H itch and Admiral Dahl
?JIV!;, for their kindness; apd assistance m jnf
pressing thu fire when tit? Union troops entere'
tho eil v. Thc largest number of the si^u-eis <
tl^e adores were negroes und contempt ilile fe
lows, who newt had character orposition. Fe'
prouiino-n'tcitizeus lo?k part in tho ?iioc;e???ng
P. M. Melso'n hus *peucd th? Charleslo
l?oti?l with gland J.-faoniitjalions. banquet an
A.grand'expedition of celebrated .Norther
characters arrived _Apcil I; visiting luther
cities, to femnia fur rho err.nul denaoastratM
un the loth, of,raising a flag overport Stunt
and other imposing ceremonies; Vrilles',Seer
ta ry ot- th? l^uvy,-is cxp?dled-on thc 2d. (?ra*:
preparations ara made to s?late and faoeh
hioi and ?ther distinguished ju-.rson- ,
The same paper claims victories in Kori
Cjiroliiva, Kinstoii, Averysbore and Bentouvill
[t locates Schofield's and Sherman's armies ;
Gol debor e. r,o?f<tx> stroug.
Northern papers, of March 2T. ?tats tin
lu.'jo'i cavalry left Kustpe-rt on th? ?Tth, ar
began a dash on Alabama, wit!? a view of ?I
.troyirg the- tul ?mn de. ?-e., in Alabama RI
Mississippi, and co-operate with s?v<?ral otb
expeditions, by land ai ul water.. The] start
'.or Mobile ns the objective print, and promis
thtt ?he first news beim? from thc:* will
usfW fro? the Oily o? th* QjUL'
i .
men, at Knoxville. Stoaem?b had l?,?t Wiox
ville,, moving Eastward, with 6,ODO iriouuted
Yankees. '
Th? London journals state that placar da were
posted in largs numbers m Londorf, with flam?
ing* letters, announcing tb? . fal! of "Charleston,
headed "Babylon is Fajlen","' and followed? by
the 6th and 8th verses of the 14th chii^ter'elf ,
Revelations, illuminate<T and intended aa- a
commentary. - ^
":, ?UOT?O^ S AL?5S
J?mn?iovre Household Furniture^ itc.
By L. X. Levin.
Will be sold, on TO-MORROW, Tuesday, lltn
instant, at 10* o'clock, opposite Dr. Geiger's
offlte, the following article* af FURNITURE:
A very elegant sett, of Furniture, viz: Marble
i Top Bureaus. _~ . *
Do. Wash-siand. \ '**'%?*
Do. Side Board.
\ , Do. Centre Table. m
i Mahogany Carved WavvWoaeT
I '* " Frenoh Bedstead. ' *
I Hair Mattress.
? China Ornaments, aad varioue other articles,
I Terms on day Of sale. Aprjl IO
~ " Fer Sala?
j rp\VO la. ge English BRUSSELS CARPETS,
i X one entirely new. Can be sega at the
I third door West of Gadsden street, on Wash
j ir.gton. '_April ~8 4*
Good Garden Spot for Sent.
FOR a fair proportion of the CROP, 1 will
rent, three or four aerea ofthe Arsenal
j ground.-, near the Greenville Railroad. 'Tba
crop must aonsut of corn, peas, potatoes. -The
lot is_ well enclosed, and haring a stream of
water ranning through it. may be naed aa a
good'pasture after the crop is gathered.
" April 8 6_T. T. TREZEVANT. .
For Sale, ~" "~
?r*l VK NEW DOORS-welt seasoae?L, made
before the war-V feet by Z\. \\ inches ia
thickness Gnu be seen at JOHN ALEXAN- .
DEH*S Foundry. _ . -April f jj?
A Card. ~
\ WILL continue, to attend to sales of PURNI- '
I an-1 STOCKS, at Private Sale and at Auction.
Liberal "advmmade upon nil articles sent to?
me for sale. For the - present, apply at my
? residence, J ?rid je street. ? .
; Orders left with Mr. T>. C. PEIXOTTO, at
I \rr. Walter';" resfSenca, nsxt to Shiver House,
'wi!l*>>e -promptly attended to. *
! April R _ ' FBAfcCIS LANCE."
.v>;i> FOB, SALK nv
! 3EX- S?XiOMOS?T.
rr\\Vo f.l "NDRED pair COTTON CARDS.
? L oOO lbs. line i M 6 KIN G TOBACCO.
25 l-ostfcs fine CHEWING TDBACC?
- April 8* _ . ,_' ft
Writing Ink.
. 4 FEW bottles of uneorroaiTe W?ITIKG
? Y. INK, for sale at this office, nxaroh- V
TkXifjL be frond on Gates,street, three door*
VY belo* Lady street. April ft'5* -
rpiIE snhsoriher will exchange H?DES and
JL SALT for ?Ol H LEATHER and OOt^, '
on favorable tin**. Jl?US H. BJUSS.
Am-I 1 .*

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