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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 11, 1865, Image 2

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Tuesday Morning, April ll, 1.865.
The New State Capitol.
The new State Capitol-presented a very con?
spicuous mark 1o thc enenry's cannon on Lox?
ing heights, yet fortunately sustained but little
. iajury-?one, indeed, which cannot be easily
r*paire~d. Five shots Etruck tho front, yet nor.?
ef them did any serious d aaa* go, except one.
This shattered the ornamented sill and ballus
tera of ono ?f the corridors of the principal
floor. Another shell iajurecl a fluted column
on the centre projection. Two s,hots hit the
. interior ?f the brick arch over tho Eastern
front centre window, and two otlipr shot? struck
and slightly scaled off the granite jamb division
of the same treble centre wintlow in the East
ern. frontt When'in possession" the' barbarian!
?%ried, in a petty manner, to deface and defile a;
mitch as they could. They wrote, their name.
in pencil on~the marble, as ambitious ol' disliie
tion in malice as Mawworm was in humility -
- giving their companies and regiments, ant
sometimes "coupling appropriately foul com
. 'mciils with their signatures, thus nddrce .<! t<
posterity. Th.ey*seem to have found consider
able sport iii their practice, with br?ck-ba'ts, o
fragments of rocks, ns sharp-shoot er ; andjirnak
ing the flue bronze statue of Washington thei
mark, they won various successes against hi
face, breast and legs. Sundry bruises an.
abrasions are to bc found upon the head an
^front, and a part of his cane has been earrie
away among their spolia opima. 'Hie fine!
sculptured oak leaf decorations of thc marbi
daer pilasters at the Vain entrance door of tli
principal floor ?vet the Northern front."rs we
aa tho orur'jiecta of Hie. soflit of that door; hat
been seriously defaced. TThe, beaks ef t!
eagles, in the panels above, and to thc right an
left of that doorway, as also the lower portioi
of the fasce? on each* side of the same, ha\
been beaten out. The corner, or groin stoui
and basement cornice at the South-western c?
nev of tht> building, were ?Iso damaged lo son
extent by the fire from the adjaceni'P.d Sta
House building, tut all thc injuries to tl
structure were iusignificant'in comparison wi
that which was 'done to the finished and ra
material within the pr?t net-thewrougbt ai
l?de marble, granite, iron and machinery; t
work completed iWthese materials, and whi
L.T.- beet: accumulating for the last four yes
in yard and work shop-in,all this, our loss h
been vt ry i_i eat. 'l here were destroyed arno
I'.e! c !?? eumuiStions forty beautifully sculptor
C( rinihhin capitals, designed for the two lai
port, coes of tho ediffc?, and -wrought in c
own beautiful native granite; the Cor?nthi
c*;.i .il? vs ought in Italian marble for 1
gret?maible holland stair-cases on the pi
cipe floor 1n the interior; all the polished sha
ht J? iiriiss'ce maible, for the latter; and nea
o'! i .. mafvle . work and pavements for
build ii g in-Tennessee and Italian mar
-fti i *l>er with !be gn:hite ballns'frade ?
ini? :a surmounting the main building i
ibr t surrounding terrace. To these, add
desi .<tf?n of iiuiidreds'of immense unwrou
. blot' > of granite and marble of every desc:
I t. iu^-^maohmcry, tool?; the sculptor's atelier
! abd work shops, containing all tho models and
' some of tlie unfinished statues- meant for tho
i main gable field oMj-mpnnum of the Northern
front; tba original models of the medallion por.
traits of Haync and MeDuflie, and one of the
j Tatest and best casts of the head of^Calhoun.
? But oue small store-house remains uninjured
throughout the premises, containing some
finished marble work, thc monolith granite
columns of tho main porticoes, and some com
[.pilled work for the main cornice of the etruc
I ture. Tlie total pecuniary loss to the State, in
the damage thu* done tootle new eapitol, and
to thc material designed for it, including tools,
'. instruments, models, Ac, can fall very little
shrfl't of one million of dollars in specie.
, Peace! Peace!
Why thc cuckoos of the press still continue
tho senseless cry ?>f pence, when t^erc is ^o
?>o.ice, when there can beaio peace, when no
?f!>dy behoves them, when tiny do not believe
themselves, we arc al a loss ter sec. - Such a
cry er.n do us up good-will make us feeble
w-i'l bring ns mischief. Let our people look
the matter fairly in the lace. Thc cry of the
y?"hkces is "Vee v?<g?'*'-"Delinda tat ?pr
Mayo." They feel that Korne mast perish'
unless Carthage bil's. We arc^n their Iranda
or thx-y in ours; and "\\ .- to the conquered!'
They will ts desi roy us-, and subjugation,?dearlj
Jteloved btethren of thc weals knee and th?
1 odia-)til.lier conscience, means confiscation
l?-fs of all-ihunjiliation-.-hame-possibly de
pollution lo some Yankee Australia or Botany
Bay. wi iL (be persuadive application of a boo
toe, to help us on! To your* camps, net tcrits
O Israel! ? " _ .
have nj ready been^ apprised of the appeal c
Mr. Secretary Tienholm. In an instant, i
began to produce its effet!s. Thc Secretar
himself lcd off with ?200,000 in bonds an
currency; at.d.wo'"? the strong-soul c-d Spai
tan women of the Confederacy, have i
promptly^ followed in ibo delivery of their o
uaments ?i d jewels. They huye stripped the
necks of their necklaces, their brea. H of tl
flaming jewels, their ears and fingers of tl
rin :=>: they have cast their treasured gifts ar
"relics into . .?* pile consecrated to patajo'isi
have, in blief, begun that, work of self-saei iib
which is thc beginning of redemption. Mut
had they done before-royally much. Th?
are now. taking an imperial altitude in tl
great draina- of nations, mid yielding the lo
sacred treasures of the heart arid fancy.
Mr. Charles Lowndes,' oTf Charleston, is i
ported in thc Etlgefield and Augusta papers
having taken the oath to Lincoln. This ?9
mistake. Hr. 'Lowndes is fortunate in n
being in that unfertunate city. Other nam
are also mentioned as taking tho oath, and
.may be that these statements are also pren
tur': The press sbouTd.be chary in its pul
cation of such repoitsin regard .to individus
They moy not only be doing a ; reat injuat
to the parties, but inflicting a great'hurt
sensibilities which we should all honor..
IJOO?I1 Itein.-?.,
Th? office of the Coljunihi'a Pfmulx is < .:
Gates etreet, second door fjjom Ptnin.
MEDICAL SUPPLIES, J&C.-"Wo bog-lo call ' ??
nublic attention to tho singularly extensive .?.
various supply of. drugs and rnedieipes, c 1 <
cala and^other articles o_f prime necessity, which
are advertised in this day's- paper, niv? I" '
found at. the well'-kno w.i store ju. A-- -.:..'.' ,.
street-the proprietor ^f Whwh merits .?
thanks and patronage of our publie, for !. -
energy in procuring, ard his judgmeiTt in c
lecting, articles of such paramount use und
value. .
PUBLIQ MEECVC.-At the n-abiic rrfcet-ing :>s
sembled . yesterday, under a- call of Cou o ci 14 to
take, inte* consideration^ the propriety of an
appeal to thc Legislature in behalf of the sur?
f-ring*" people of Columbi?, a committee o.?
thirteen, consisting of the'Hon. "W. F. BeS.nus
surc. E. J. Arthur, Esq, J. ll Buiitwiighr, Esq..
Dr. Wm. Reynolds, Rev. J. L. Reynolds, ~.Y. Gi*,
moro Simms, Esq., Rev. J. M. C. Breaker, Theo.
Stark, Escp.^Robfrt Bryce, Esq., Mossie. J
McKenzie, J. H. "Wells, Jb. Hope, Andrew Craw,
foid, was appointed by the Chairman, (Mayoj
Goodwyn^ which, after consultation, report?e
a memorial, submitted by Mr. DeSaussur?"*
which was unanimously adopted. It dc-scrilr
the condition of the citizens of Columb a, on?
leaves itto th* Legislature to determine in wha
way relief may bc accorded them.
TRADE IN CHARLESTON.-"We are,told thst th?
.laming reports of a great resumption of ti ad?
and business generally in Charleston 3re wholly
false. The, activity prevails only nmon;r 11*
military, and thc dances nt negro ballp. Cuff..*?
and Sambo, at these, figures, no doubt, to hi
own satisfaction"; and the Yankee oftietis ari
probably as active in twirling the light fantas ti?
toe, in delighted juxtaposiliou with Dinah -;"
Sukey, rendering necessary unusual su? pl". c
??/ volatile and Eau '.'? Cologne.
.Hampton's Legion ho's given tc the Cot.I
racy seven generals. Hampton, its originate
and colonel, is now a lieutenant:gcner::'. Si ?
phon D. Lee, fornieriy n captain <?f it.-1 artill? . v
.13 also a lieut aant-general. Butler, a c-.y\.
is now a major-general. The lamented \: '
grew, fiist i. private in th?; Washing tan ! '.
infantry, fell at '-be head of his Kort I.,Cm ?.!
brigade. Gary, a captain of infantry, is
gad ter of cavalry in command around Rivi
mon?"' Conner, once a captain, is alb'' u brigs
dier, minus a leg; and T. M. Logan, wi.u sta rir?
as a lieutenant, has follow i o tho honorai '
t att er of his comrades and received his-brigs
dier'a stars and wreath.
Yankees whexdesert and come- over fc? 01
lines express much astonishment at Smth*."
men deserting their colors; they shy 'l i i
baveveverytbing worth living for u? fir.hr- :?j
while they (the Yankee?) have no sm-lt indue
Dient. Ihtysoy our men that go over aie wc
treated for the hrst few days, so as to pet ti
to write home n-id tell about their go? ?i tren
mcnt; *but after 1hnt they ate deppiaed ai
treated woree than dog?, flit* liberty of <
listing in thc aim? on the frontier ?B allow?
them, or go into the prisoner's l?tk i;p if tit?
. The Louifaville Journal reports the ?iiptu
i? East Tennessee of two young -".nd pretty M*1
in Confederate uni fei m-ont* a ea" dor

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