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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 13, 1865, Image 4

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-- T-? ~ ;
r ' {Original.]'
**. - What's .Left?
On! t hus e^pell'd"from Eden's bowers,
Where all was love ?nd ^joy of 3'ore,
Shall I agata seek other flowers,
And peril all my peace "ojiee mere?
Siiiic iu the lure of luscious eyes,
Yield to the spell itt muslo's charms,
And dream again of Paradise
lu woman's love and woman's arms?
. V\ ii at tho h er sm iie be beaming .bright,
"And soft lier voice as music's own,
" The soul once reft of loving light,
Kuet make its weary way alone.
ThS1 victim long of mocking bowers,
. *Jt W li ?re wo was through illusion taught, ' .
He weil may dread lest other flowers
Shall sting with thorns he never sought
Wha, with bis memories of the past,
In midnight hours, a mournful throng,
t. But trembles lest tho trumpet's blast
. ' Succeed the s wee test spells of song!.
Who, .with each, srfibsidingr strain,
But feels some memory* keen and sharp?
Nor hears anew the shriek Of pain, "
lu all the pauser^of the harp..
?v^ry man in the cou rae of his lift will
meet with difficulties and the only diffe?
rence among men is bow they overcome
them.' A young man may b?^. very egre?
ts* fal to. inj are no one.- He may settle
punctually with his tailor and washerwoman
.md square accounts with his landlady once
a week;. He may make justice and punc?
tuality the study of his whole life, and. yet
in spite of ali, he will occasionally fi .d*
. h i niself* assailed, as if he were attempting
to injure a?d defraud the whole creation.
The more he refrains from cheating others,
the more others seek to cheat him,' while MOJJ
unfrequently the selfish schemer will be the
more popular, man. The very fact that ?he
is peaceably disposed will often induce
?thers: to molest him. So that certain
number'of quarrels and annoying circum?
stances to get into in the collrae of bis life
andi the real question is how get * through
them and out of them to the best ad vari
tag* .
It will be hard to persuade men of what is
unquestionably the great aud eternally true
method of treating" those who are injurious
and Unjust in their fulfilment of any of the
relations of life-i.% e.. to poc&t the wrong
*as quietly as possible. Persona who are
^gireatly and deliberately unjust, are really
too low for the notice or retaliation; of? a
just man. It is certainly no reflection on
the character of a gentleman, if he decline
- to fight any drunken blackguard he may
meet in the street, preferring to step out oi
. his way and give up. the ground. This is
the cady safeaway of dealing with the unjust
and injurious. Get out of their way; hav<
nothing to do with them in future.
J WU OTT ?7 * ?C?I t j vunvi W,.M^ .?vj , --till
is the punishment they will feel the most
?. A quarrel.elevates them to your level, 01
rather tiuks to theirs. Besides, they
will have arts and tricks that will give their
the advantage-T-Hrta that foti cannot prac
tice, and would not if you could. ' Tbev
can lie and libel and defame. What then'
Shall wrong go unpunished or encouraged? j
By no means-only step aside and wait a
little. , ' _
POOR SOIL.-An inquisitive Yankee was_j
stand in ?* at the tavern door, in the lower
part of Jersey, watching a funeral pass by.
At thc head of ii, was a large manure cart,
moving along very slowly,*and making no
offer to furn out for the procession: The
Yankee was astonished at this want of at
U.l^.n 'wi lt./. .-. ff D,jtk ll?.* j
ravviv" -*?? ...v t**** ** **"* - ? ? ~ v* ? * . ^? v/. - omu
cart, and turning to a Philadelphian who |
was standing by,-lie remarked:
1 'I guess the folks ai nt very perlite about]
here; tu hum whet? I live, they always |
turn out for a funeral.'
, 'Oh, that's a part of the procession,'
remarked the Philade'phian, gravely.
'Du te'J? Yeou don't say so! Heow!'
exclaimed the astonished Yankee.
'Why, you eee, it is a very poor, sandy
soil about here, and nothing com?-? up they
plant, unless they manure it well; so, when
they bury a fellow, they throw a whole oarr j
load in the grave, to*make him rise at the
judgment day.' /*
* Proclamation.
IT. j. GOODLYN", Mayor of the city of
t* Columbia, S. C., call earnestly npon the
oili*>ens to aid the municipal authorities in the
preservation of order, peace'and law. Thc
laws made and provided for their maintenance
Viii be strictly enforced. It is, therefore, ear?
nestly/requested that any and every encroach?
ment" be promptly reported, to the proper
officers. It is a source pf deep regret to the
executive that a laxity of morals exists among I
some portion* of.dur inhabitants, inasmuch asl
they are daily trespassing on the*righla of J
others, whose enclosures'are not secure by_prt>
pcr fencing; also, on the shade trees on the pub?
lic streets The law iu these instances, as -well i
as all IttWS for'the protection of public and pri-j
vnte*property, will he eu forced.
. It luis -Uo be<*u reported, that, pryces are
bringing into the city spirituous liquors mr stile,
lt is much, to be deprecated, that tim source ot
tr.-tfli: should exist at such a tillie, when our
inhabitants, stand iu daily want of foo l. i>c;
..?ere maasur.es against tba retailing of liquor*
nus!, bc reported to, iu order lo stop thc spread
af this .grievous ?vH; trusting on an All-wise
Providence to sustain me, iii this mn* time ol?
affliction, and relying on all good citizens to
assist the authorities ia maintaining order in
our city.
Given under my hanj, this fourth day ol
April, 18ti5. T. J. GOODWYN.
April ? ' _
* COLUMBIA. S. C., Arnie 8, 1865.
ALL Officers on Post Duly at this place will
Tntik<j a report-to tli^se Headquarters of all
men attached Co their respective departments,
who are entitled to draw rations at'thts post.
All provision returns must be made out nt the
departments and approved at these llondquar
tera. Uv order
A F. RTJDLEU, Col. Com'dg.
W. J. MKAUXO, A. A. A. G. Aptil 1?
COLUMBIA. S. C., MABcfl 81, I860.
JOHN CA'RSTEN is hereby appointed Acting
Provost Marshal of thjif city until further
orders. Ile will be obeyed andj-especled ac?
cordingly. Bv order
*A": F. R?DLER, Col. Comm'dg.
W. J. MXALIKU, A. A. A. G. ApriL43
J " ? I iiiLagggggggg-Biii
.. ^ r Hoti.ce.
ALL ferrymen throughout the District ?re
respectfully requested to ero? no slave
over the river, either by flats or small boats,
without his pass is endorsed by either Mr. J. G.
GIBBES, Capt JOHN CARSTEN" or myself.
mamh80 T. J. GOODWYN, Mayor.
\ headquarters,
CHARLOTTE, N. C., March 23, 1865.
A LL absentee? from Butler's Cavalry Bri
-gad? are hereby required to report to me
at Chesterville, S. C., or to Capt McIVER, at
Cheraw, S. C., without delay. To snob as
report promptly, the clemency offered m the
recent order from Gen. Lee will be extended.
Those who do uot avail themselves of .this last
opportunity may expeot the extremest penalty
of the military law.' This order to remain in
force for twenty days from this date. By order
march 28 Cob Ce?nm'dg Detachment.
Headquarters Hil. Div. of the West,
*, [Extraef.i
ICOL. A. F. RUDLER is hereby assigned
. aa Commandant of the Post? at Columbia!
S. C. . * * * *
By command Gen. BEAUREGARD.
Official: G.xo. W. BBBNT, Gol. and A. A G.
March 15, 1865.
lu obedience to the above order, I hereby
assume command of this Post
By order of A. F. RUDLER,
. Colonel Commanding.
W. T. M BA LIMO, A. A?<A. G. march ll
COLUMBIA, 8. C., MAROU 20, 18?*.
IALL officers and men now in the sky
. who are unattached, will report to these
licadq ?artera, for organization as- a guard fer
post ?lut}-.
II. Detailed men who ara unassigned ara
required to report at these headquarters for
.tssisiuiiient to duty without delay.
II!. The police and citizens generally are '
requested to aid in thc arrest of absentees and
deserters. By order of A. F. RUDLER,
' J Colonel Commanding.
\V. J. M HALING, -A. A- A. G. march 21
The State of South Carolina.
CoLUMBLA^March 27, 18SS.
rT"MD3 invasion of the State has rendered it
.L proper that tba Legislative Department ef
thc Government of the State should bs oes
vened, that such measures may be adopted aa
the welfare of the State may require. ' And for
that purpose, the members of the Senate and
the House of Representatives of the State of
S'-ntfi Carolina are hereby- invited to assembla
at Greenville, on TUESDAY, tba 26% day of
April, 1865, at 12 o'clock m.*.
- By the Governor. A. G". MAGRATH.
Official: W. S. ELLIOTT, Private Secretary.
April 1
tSf All papar? in the Skate will oe ay until
the tims fer the ssaetiag of Usa Legislator*.

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