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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 14, 1865, Image 1

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Dalry Papar $20 a Month. )
Payable in Advance. ' J
? ii I I HI
y Tri-Weekiy ?IO a Monta.
. ( Payable ia Advance*
'*? "Let our jost censure
Attend ll.e trae event."-~-ghak*prarJ>.'
COLOMBIA, a," ?tUXD?t, AP?TX % 1865. V(KL I-NO, 14.
. _ i
Tu? Daily is issued every norning, except
Sunday, at $20 a month. Tri-Weekly, Tuesday, 1
Thursday and Saturday, at $10?a month, inva?
riably in advance. Single copies $1.
Advertisements inserted at $5 per square (ten
lines) for each insertion.
A Card. " P,
IWILL enntinne to attend to asl es of FURN 1
and STOCKS, at Private Sale and at Auction.
Liberal advanees made opon all articles sent to
ma for sate. For the present, apply st my
residence, Bridge street. - e , J ' '
Orders left with Mr. D. C. PEIXOTTO, at
Mr. Walter's residence, next to Shiver House,
-will be promptly attended to. '
Good Gar den Spot for Bent i
F'OR a fair proportiop of the CROP, ll will
reat three or four aeres of the AfVenal
grounda. near the Greenville Railroad. 'The
crop moat consist ot com? pee?, potato??, j The
tot is Well enclosed, and having a stream of
water running through Jt, may be used as a
rood past ?ire .after the crop* ?gathered, i
April 8 ? ? .A T. TRHZEYAMT.
Pictorial fand "Grift Booka
ASHALL collection of PICTORIAL and
GIFT BOOKS, beautifully ill?n,txattS,
suitable as mementoes of'friendship and affec
t'iun and as rewards of merit and excellence in
, i.cndenries, including .the wriiiags of some of
Ibo meet lamons poets. Apply st this office.
IT. -J. GOODWYN, Mayor of tho city of
?? Columbia, & C" call earnestly upoa the
citizens to aid the municipal authorities in the
preservation of order, peace and law. The
laws made and provided Tor their maintenance
will be strictly enforced. It is, therefore, ear
. aeatly requested that any aud every encroach?
ment be promptly reported to the proper
offieera. It is a source of deep regret to th?
executive that a laxity of morals ?Kiata among
some portions cf our : inhabitants, inasmuch ai
they are dally trespassing on ?he rights o:
o'hers, whose enclosures are not secure by pro?
per fencing; also, on the shade trees on the pub?
lic rtreets The law- in these instances, as wal
as all laws for the proteclio?^ofspublio- snd pri
vate property, will be enforced.
lt hua also beeni?'?e?erted that parties ar*
Wigging into the city apirlinoes liquors for aale
11 ismueh to be deprecated that this source o
traf&Kehould exist at such a time.,when bo
inhabitants stand in daily want of food. Se
vere measures against the retailing of liqnor
must be resorted to, in order to stop the spreai
of this grievous evil; trusting on an Al I-wis
Providence to sustain me in this our time o
?triiotion, and relying on all good citizens t
i??S?t tho authoritiaa in maintaining order ii
our city.
Given under ny hand, thia fourth day c
April, 18*5., T. J. GOODWYN.
Mrs>iHoT7?r? H- Caldwell \
\\1 IL?'Ju?ki tr-??rrtjMtl number Of MUSIC
.V? SCHOLARS, ..^T?? will also form a
FRENCH CLASS at her reatdance? Terms $20
'fter mnn?^ jarrad van ce. * April 18 *2?
$300 Seward - 7
<V\?1LL bc paid'foV Hie'recovery, uninjured'
T> of the LATHE BET) and SCREW taken
fi on) Henry Hunt's lot suheequent-to th? fire,
or a pr? port ion ute amount, if injured from jany
cause \?xfep't fire, provided it So still service?
able. >o questions asked. Tile above reward
will be pam on *its delivery to C. J. BOLLIX, j
Esq., or for infof-lbation furnished him which
"will-lead to jts recover}'. .
- ?, I I-!
Special Notice.
PERSONS ih^his eily nnd vicinity holding
- w-ofk fi om "our Factory noi returned be?
fore the'oetupatioj? of the citv by the enjmay,
are request, d to- band in the Fame to Miss
MAIiY'O'BRIEIC, n*ar tho Powder Milt. |
In about two wcflffc, we hope to have afresh
supply of. wofrk in Colnmbip, which w?l bc
f'Veu-out byMies O'Briarj in tlie usual manner.
he price will Si fifty eepts per pair.
Our Fnotory will sooa be in operation at
Charlotte, und we will endeavor to keep the
people of Columbia supplied with work, j
Tickets for work returned, which are y*t un?
paid, will be presented to Miss O'Brufi for
payment. . JOHN JUDGE <fc CO. sj)
April 12_3?
ALL' ferrymen throughout' the District are
respectfully requested to .-croes.no slave
over the river, either by flats or small boats,
without his pass is endorsed bv either Mr. J. 6.
GIBBES, Capt JOHN CARSTEN or myself.
march 80' T. J. GOODWYN, Mayor.
. Headquarters HU. Div. of the West,
I=> COL. A. F. RUDLER is hereby assigued
. aa Commandant of the Post at Colombia,
8; C., , '* ? * * *
By command 5 Gen. BEAUREGARD.
Official: GK?. W-Um-x-r, Col. and A- A- G.
. , * March 15. 1865.
In obedience to the above order, I korcby
assume command'of this Post.
By order of A. F. RUDLER, '
. S Colenahfommanding.
W. J. MaAxreo, A. A. A. G. march 81
COLUMBIA, 'S. C., Arin. 8, 1S65.
ALL Officers on Post Dirty at this pince will
make a report to these Head quarters of al
men attached to their respective departments
who are entitled to draw rations at this post.
All provision retaros must be made out at th?
departments and approved at these Headqtiar
tera By order . .
A. F. RUDLER, Col. Coro'dg.
W. J. MJSALINO/A. A. A. G. -S^il 10
* i
i ? . Embl?matic-flLori?*
Tn Poland, according-to a superstition*
belief, each month of the year is under tho
influence of some precious atone, which in?
fluence is attached to the destiny of persons
born during tbe course ot the month. It
ia, in consequence, customary among frienda,
and more particularly between byers, to
make, on birth-days, reciprocal presents^
consisting of come jewel ornamented . with!
the tutelar etona., It is generally believed
that this prediction of happiness, or rather
of future destiny-, will be realized according
to the wfshes expressed on the occasion:
JANUARY.-The stone of January is the
jacinth, or garoei, wliich denotes constancy
and fidelity in; a?;y sott pf au engagement.
FKBBOABY.-rrl?ift^ametbyst, a preserva?
tive against violent passions, and an assur?
ance of peace of mind and sincerity.
. MARCH. --The bloodstone, is the stone
of courage and wisdom iii perilous under?
taking, and. firmness in affection.
\ APBIL-The sapphire, or diamond, ia
the stone* of magnificence, and kindliness
of disposition.
\- MAY.^-r-The ?mer?ld. This stone signi;
des happiness in love, and domestic felicity.
JONE.-Ihe'a^ate is the stone of long
life, health and prosperity,
JcLT.~The rq?^y" or cornelian, denote?
forgetfulness of, and exemption from, the
vexations caused' by friendship and love.
AUGUST.-The'>ard?nyx. This stone
denotes COD j uga \ felicity.
1 SiPTKMB*R.~The cliry solyte is the stone
which preserves from and cures madness
and despair. . '
1 OCTOBER.-Th? a?pia-marine, or opal,
signifies di?tr??sa add hope.
NovidrBifci-^Tbe topaz, sign ifios fidelity
and friendship. .' .
. DECEMBER".-The tarquois is the stone
which expresses great sureness and pros
i perity in love, and in all the circumstances.
of We. ' - - ...
i-T-^?-. ai> -
: ...People, say-that tthey .theil peaB, when
they ??-shell_ tbeoi: that they hush corn,
! when they ?%linsk jr.; that they dust th?
i furniture^when they wn-dust it, or take tho
dust from it; that they tk>n a calf when
they ?n-sktn it, and that ihej; scale fiches,
when they un scale them. I li av o heard
roany uien say they were going to weed their
gardens, when I thought they wera weedy
enough already.'
' '.-?*?
Always be quite as careful, in your busi?
ness transactions, of taking credit as of
giving it,'

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