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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 15, 1865, Image 1

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" M *'? . ? ' * '. I 'I ? I . i i i . i! I ? . . . ? r . . ' ll j . ? T
t "Daily Paper $20 a Month. ) * "Let our just ccneare . ? Trf-Weekly $1Q a Month.
BSILPavabla in Advance. j Attend tne true event."-Shakspearc. { Payable in Advance.
BY i A. SB?BT. C0L1TMB?A, S. C.? SATV?B?T, APftIL 15, 1805. VOL. L-IfO., 16;
Th? Daily is issued ?very morning, except
j Sunday, at $2(Tmmonth- Tn-weekly,Tuesday,
Tn m ?doy snd Saturday/st $10 a month, inva?
riably in advance. Single copies $1.
Advertisements inserted at f 5 per square (ten
line?) for each insertion. .
A Gard.
1 "WILL continue to attend to sales of F?RNI
and STOCKS, at Private Sal? ?nd.at Auction.
Liberal advances nade upon all article? sent to
^ me' for sale. For the present, apply at my
** residence, Bridge atr*?t. . ? * "
Orders left with Mr. D. C. PEIXOTTO, at
Mi*. Wal ter" ? residence, next to Shiver House,
will be promptly att?nj*)ed to.
? .* Good Garden Spot for. Sent.
. "C^OR a fair proportion of .the CROP, 1 will
.F rent three ' or four acres of th? Arsenal
grounds, near tho Greenville Ran road. Th?
?top must consist ?f ?oro, pesa, potatoes. Th?
lot ia well enclosed, and having ? stream ol
?water running through it,, nay be ?nea ss .
- gaod pnatere siter the crop is gath ?red. .
April 8ft ? t. T. TRSZEVAET.
Pictorial and Gift Books.
ASHALL collection of PICTORIAL SS?
GIFT BOOKS, Beautifully illustrated
suitable as mementoes of friendship and affec
- - tien and sa rewards of .merit and excellence ii
sondern ie?, including" the writings cf some o
rhe moot famona poets. Apply at this office.
IT. 3. GOODWYN, Mayor of th? etty ?
. Columbians. C., call earnestly upon th
c l izeo* to aid the municipal authorities in th
preservation of order, peace and law. Th
1 a wa made and provided for their maintenanc
will be ?strictly enforced. It is, therefor?, ?at
?neatly requested that any and every encroach
meat be promptly ?eported to th? props
officers. IV ia a source of de*p* regret to th
executive thats laxity of morals*exista amos
Some portions of .our inhabitanta, inasmuch c
tUey are daily trespassing on the rights <
* o hers, whose enclosures are not secure by pr<
prr fencing; al??, on th? shade trees on the pat
lie rt reeta The law jn tbess instances, ?a we
as all la wa for tb? protection of pnblio and pr
vate property, will be enforced.
? Tit has alto been reported that parties ai
bringing into the city spirituous Honors for aal
It is much to be deprecated that this source i
i rnffie should exist at such a time, when Ol
ii I ahitan ls stand in daily want of food. S
vere measures nan inst- the retailing, of Hqno
must, he resorted to. in order lo stop the sprei
*?i rbis grievo.ns eyfl; trusting on an All-wi
Providence lo sustain-me in thia oar'time
r.fjliction, and relying on all good citizens
:if>4?**Fthe nuthorities in maintaining erdsr
our *iiy. - * '
?Given under my .hand/ this fourth day
April, 1866. T. J. AOODWTK.
\ y ? * .
\ .
List of Deserten and Absentees.
CO F-G Debaten, W Cock rel 1, A DeLoach,
C DeLoach, M DeLoach, A VT Gantt, F H
Griffith, J H Godman, T F Logan, Edgefield
Di?tr*t. .
Co A-S McAtun, Edgefield District
Co F-VT L Evana, Richland District
Co G-T Knight, Riehland District.
Co*H-J Walsh, Richland District."
Co C-B W Whale j, M Floyd, S W Fisher,
E J Taylor, Richlend/Distriet
Co A-J S Brown, T Ch oat, D dighton, J P
Jermain, R R B Hannett, J Holmes, R North,
R P Johnson, G S Pratt,- Singleton. W J
Vincent, Thos Huger, W Laeey, W Webb,*?
Bnebaaao, A Duncan,-J B Ferris, H WKing,
W S Perry, Richland District.
Co C-Capt J R Ma1ikin..Corp Thos Wilson,
John Brasell, John Campbell, John Cook, G
.Dennis, John Evans, Wesley Gowan*? G P Hus?
sey, S Lovitt, F-Lovitr. A Martin D Martin, H
Medlin, D Guten, W Rush, J Riols, John Stick?
ling, S Shannon, J J Wejcb, D Williams, D
Wooten, W Wreadham, Robert DavV, G P
Taylor Richland District. . "
Co D-J olin Carroll^) M Munn, Richland
Dietriot ? . ?
Cb G-Thos Madin, W M Wilson, A E Ward,
Richland District. -
Co H-D S Roberts, W C Roberts, Robert
Gates, S D Livingston, W B McLauehlin, B A'
Dongherty. Richland Dietriot-_^pril l?
ON the Sight &t the 6th instant a
large cheanut sorrej. HORSSLabout 12
years phi; mane generally hangs on both'sides
of iuWneck; is rather thin; bas a blaze (ace; bad
when taken one shoe on a fore foot and a sore
o^t the right shoulder; walks wide with bi? hind
?ga, and under the saddle will pace slowly,
ny information thankfully received and re?
warded. Address HENRY A. MEETZE, .
April IS j4?_Lexington C. IL, S, C.
Kotioe-Stocks and Bonds Stolen, Lost or
Burnt on the Hight of 17th February.
1 Cid SHARES utijoN BANK OF g. C.
X\J\J SO "''Farmer's and Exchange Bank S. C.
tt ahares Planter's and Mechanic's Bank.
IS " Stale Bank.
it " Sooth Carolina Railroad aad Bank.
28 half shares '. .* -. ? -
10 abarca People's Bank. ?t>
S whole and 6-half shares Charleston Bank.
20? shares ftuit and Ineuranee Company,
Charleston. ?*
'$356 State S. C. 7 percent. Bond.
$500 ? percent Bond Charleston and Savan?
nah Railroad. a
$450 Confederate States 8 per cent. Benda
The above securities stand in the name of?be
Ancient Artillery Society.
All persons are notified not to trade for any
of the above securities, a? application will be
made for tb* renewal df the*sninek
Appl 6 at Seoretary-C A.A.. Soeeefry,/?
, . Writing Ink.
FKW> bottles of uncorrosive WRITING
INK, for sal? at this office, march 28
de Vernot, in hie History" of the R?volu,
tiona in Portugal, gives Lhe following, ss sn
instance of intrepidity and greatness of
soul displayed by Muley Molue ia his
dying moments.
When Dop Sebastian, King of Portugal,
had invaded the territories of Muley Moluc,
Emperor of Morocco, in order to dethrone
him, and set his crown lipon ' the bead - of
his nephew, M?loc was wearing away, with
distemper which be himself knew was in?
curable. However, he prepared for the-re?
ception of so formidable sn enemy. He
was indeed so far spent with hjs sickness,
that be did not expect to live out the whole _ .
day, when, the last decisive battle was
given; but1 knowing the Ta ta I consequences
that would happen to his children and
people, in case he should die before he put
an end to that war, he commanded his
principal officers that,'if be died during the
engagement, they should conceal bis.death
from the army, and 'that' they should ride
up to tue litter in. which his corpse, was"
serried, under.pretence of receiving orders
from him as usual. Before the battle he*
gun, he wa? carried through all the ranks of
his army in an open litter, as they stood
drawn op in array, encouraging them to
fight valiantly in defence of their religion
and country. Finding afterwards the bat?
tle to go against1 him, though Jie was very
near his last agonies, he threw himself out
of his litter, rallied hie army, and . Jed them
on to the-charge; which afterwards ended
in a complete.victory on the side of the
Moors. He had no sooner brought his men
to the engagement, than finding himself Ut*
terly spent, he was * again replaced in his -
litter; where, laying bia finger op, his mouth,
to enjoin secrecy to his officers, who stood
about him, he died a-few moments after in
I ***** P08*"-"6, + t * ""
! An interesting discovery has just been
made of a tumulus at Ek&ternosilaw, in
Russia. It consists of a treasure which
formerly belonged to a chief of the Huns.
Among the different * articles is a heavy
gold diadem, in which is set a cameo of
amethyst of ancient Roman Workmanship;
ako a large .collar,'bracelet and drinking
cups, with bandies formed by animals, the
whole of which are in gold af remarkable
TA glory -consists in doing what de*
serves*fd be written; in writing what de?
serves to.be read, and in so living at to
mnkv d?e wofld happilr and better for ?ur .
living in it. . - .-.

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