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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 17, 1865, Image 1

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wm m
Daily Paper $20 a Month, i
SI Payable tai Advance. {
"* "Let oar ja?t censure
Attend the trae event."-Shakapeare.
i Tri-W#eklj $10 a Moath.
f Payable in Advance.
VOL. 1.-HO. 16.
Th? Daily, i* issued every maning, except
*a*??y, ai $30 a month. Tn-Weekly, Tuesday,
Thwrslsy Saturday, at $10.a month, inv?
?;?==y i? Tr?nw!. Singlo copias $1.
M?sTfiiemiata inserted ss. $5 per square (ten
line?) for sask, iaoartion.
IT. J. GOOD Wyn", Mayor of tbs city of
? Oslumbia, 8. C.. oall earnestly upon the
sill-as te a<r? tkenranicipel adtnoritisa ia th?;
M sa* a sl issi of order, peace and law. The
MTS"sa eds sad presided for their maintenance
will ho strictly enforced. It is, therefor?, esr
?4aily ts j-Iel that shy sad every eneroack
saent ho pOMBftly reported to the proper
. siaeeea. di . is a soweto of deep regret to th?
evocative that a laxity of morals exists among
some persians of oar inhabitants, inasmuch aa
they aro doily trespassing on the rights of
ethers, whase ea?tosares are not secure by pto
Sor feaeixg;Bket ea tho shade trees on th? pub
o streets- Tko laW in theos instances, aa well
is all laws fer th? protection of public snd pri?
vets property; will ho enforced. .
lt bas sise besa repotted that parties are
bria-giag into the toity spirituous liquors for sela,
lt is mach to ks deprecated that this soaree of
traft? jskoald exist se sack a time, when oar
inhabitants stand ia daily- want of food. Se?
ver* ra*asaras against tho retailing of liqaers
must ko reserted to, in order to stop thc spread
of this grievers evil; trusting oa an All-wise
rr? v idencs to sustain ms in this oar time of
affliction, and relying OB all good citisena to
- assist th?' authorities ia maintaining order iii
. our.-cityv
* Gives, nader ray hand, this fear th day of
April,.ISM. T. J. GOODWVK.
April t ? 1 _
The State of South Carolina.
COLUMBIA, Varch 27, 1885.
rI~Vll? iavssieo. of the State has rendered it
1 * roper-that th? Legislative Department o?.
thV Govern oient of the Stat? shoald be ?oa
??u?*d, that snob measures may be adopted as
the welfare of th? Stale may require. And for
tim) purpose, the members of th? S?i?ate and
the House of "Repr?sentatives of th? State of
>.?vith Carolina are h?r?by invitad to sass nable
at Greenville, on TUESDAY, the 25tk day of
April 1865, at 12 o'clock m.
liv the Governor: A. a. MAGRATH.
Official: W. 8. ELLIOTT, Private Secretary.
April 1
i np?E Store? will be opened on WEDNES
I X DAT. the 19th inst, for fJi? sal? of previ?
sions for cash, in proportion* to th? number in,
the family and the quantity on bandi
? The resident poor of the city will be nuder
the direction of the City Council,-which will
issue to them "lick**? f?? **!"o*?!s"*re.
The poor living beyond the limits of the city
will be supplied with tickets hy the State Exe!
entire Committee.
Persons will take aotioe of the ?bore; and .
Joint Committee- of the Stat? and city will
meet dally, at Mr. Baskiu'e hone?, th? corner of
Plain and Pickena street-commencing MON?
DAY next, 17th inst., at 9 o'clock a. m., for th? '
purpose of issuing new ticket?.
* April 16. Chairman Joint Committee.
Liot of Deserters end Absentees.
CO F-O Debaaeh, W Cockrcll. A DeLoacb.
C DrJ.o.c*. M DeLoach. A W Gantt, F H
Griffith, J U Goodman, T F Logan, Edgefield
Die trict.
. Co A-S McAtun, Edgefield District.
Co F-W L Evans, Richland District
Co Q-T Knight, Richland District.
Co ll-J Walsh, Richland District.
Co C-B W Whaley, M Floyd, S W Fisher.
E J Taylor, Richland District.
Co A-J 8 Brown, T Choat, D Cl iib ton. J P
Jermain, R R B Harnett, J.Holmes, R North,
R P Johnson, 6 S Pratt, - Singleton. W J
Vincent, Thoa Buger, W .Lacey, W Webb, C
Baehanan, A Duncan, J B Ferris, H W King,
W S Perry, Richland District
Co C-Capt J R Meakin, Corp Tho? Wilson,
John Braxell. John Campbell, John Cook, G
Dennie, John Evans, Wesley Gowans, G P Hu*
s?y, S Levitt, F Levitt, A Martie D Martin, H
Madlin, D OuUn, W Rush, J Riol?, John Stick?
ling, S Sb?nura, J J Welch, D William?, D
Wooten, W Wr?adham. Robert Davis, O P
Taylor, Richland District.
Co I)-John Carroll, D M Munn, Riehland
Co G-Tho? Madm, W M Wilson, A E Ward,
R?chland Distrie?.
. Co H-D S Robert?, W C Roberta, Robert
Gates, S D Li vinarstoa, W B MeLanehlin, B A
Dougherty, Richland District_April 15
A Oort.
IWILL ?ontinue to attend to sales of FC11M
and STOCKS, at Privet? Sale and at Anet icu,
Liberal advance? made upon all articles sent to
me for sal?. Fer th? present, apply at my
residence, Bridge street.
Orders left with Mr. IX C. PEIXOTTO.Sat
Mr. Walter's residence, next to Shiver House,
will be promptly attended to.
Pictorial and Gift Books.
ASMALL collection of PICTORIAL and
GIFT BOOKS/ beautifully illustrated,
sn it able as mementoes of friendship ind ?ffe?
tion and as rewards ?vf merit nae excellence in
academice, inolud ia g th? writings of some of
the nest famous pe?ta. Apply at this e?B??.
= ... ..,,. ga ?asaasyapapgr
FROM K ATCHIZ.- We extract the follow i
racy paragraph from a letter from Natches,
pablished in th? Kew Orlenns Tim??:
Since th? command of the rahel department
ha? been assumed7 by Gen. Forrest, it has. in?
creased in numbera and unproved in vigilance
To the serious detriment o? the cottoa trod'.
I Gen. AdaJna ?rv??i?^ -onie'thirty of hia XS?:
and officers engaged in running out ?ottoa t??
Rodney and Grand Gulf, a few dava- ago; ax '
the cotton buyers are experiencing rather ?
rough time on sVolh sidsa of tho lines, li 1
Chat!cs wessel and* Hr. Fulton- were espiar
laet week, and John J. Jackson. Faitea th
[ liberated, bat Wesssl is still retained.5
Bom? enterprising apd venturous cotter
draltr ia exploited every few dava, On?
Toomey ventor?d toe far from the shore st Mn
Dix's plantation ? short tim?,ago, and ?ncoaa
tercel two rebel pickets, who promptly sad
politely exchanged^ clothing with him, a? the
sam? time forgetting to return bia Watch, ead
money, supposing, probably, that thea? articles
of luxury went with: the store clothes. Observ?
ing tho terror of tho cotton aspirant, they
merched him off into th? swamp, sind ?r?ggestoq
that, sa they were ' about to hang him, with
peremptory ordere from Gen Adame, a prayer
of sofM kind, if ha li^pp-ced to bo acquainted
! with that. peen Har ly soothing style of littra
tare, would not be inappropriate. Th? terror
stricken prisoner, seising upon th? ides, fell
apon his knees in th? mud, and applied himself
to the exercise with aitch extraordinary vigor
I and persistence, that the patience pf tho rebels
I became exhausted. . They again profanely sag- -
: Rested that hs had probably stated his case m
fall, sad that any ip ore of that "sort of .thing
i ssight only prejudice his affairs, in the warmer
climate to which, they wera about to consiga
him, and accordingly bade him preparo fer
immediate- and, as they, assured him, easy
exodus, cae of them (a doctor, perhaps, )J dilat?
ing upon the pleasure of death by hanging.
- FaoM Tax COAST-From the Macon Telegraph,
w? Uara thatc some weeks ago*, Cob Clinch, of
the 4th Georgia Cavalry, and a party o? Kia
men, dashed -rato Fort McAllister, at Genesis
Point, sod captured tho working force of no
S;ro?s engaged in'diam an tiing the work. About
orly wer? Drought away, together with a num?
ber of horaea. It will-be remembered that this
? was the first point struck by Sherman en reach?
ing the coast, and' that it gave bin- a command?
ing b"?* forjinbseanest operations. Tba Sae*
opening fire on Col. Clinch, prevented the work
from being held, had it been designed to do ap.
[Aiifuttm Chronicle.
Il ii sta tad that Sherman, while Johoston was
entrenching, and expecting an advanes of tho
??neiny, quietly sent off a portion of hia army lo
Grant-BO that it was tho veterans of Grant
and Sherman combined who made the furious
! charges apon our lines. The enemy's loss is
j placed at 60,000 men, while ours w^l not, it is
j poi i liv ely stated, exceed 16,000.
Col. McMaaUr, of the 17 th S. C. Regiment,
i waa captured ia th? battle before Petersburg,
on the 26th inst, lu his regiment, there wero
16 killed, 47 wounded and 143 mipsiag.
! Gen. rickett waa killed iu fha hattie jast
before Richmond waa evacuated;

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