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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 19, 1865, Image 1

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IDa?y Papar SiO a Month. 1
2 Payable In Advsmc?. f
"Let onr juet cenaure
Attend the true event."-?hafc*ptare.
i Tri-Weekly $10. a Moats.
( Payable itt Advance.
BY at ?* SELS*. COLUMBIA, 6. C.,TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1865.
VOL. X-NO. rr:
l4rpUBLWHED DAlt? ASID^-WEi;K*T, :
. Tie Daily ? issued every murnirjp, except?
ijuwday, at f 20 a month. Tp-Weekly^Tuesday,
Thut*df>y and Saturday, at flo a mont li, inva-,
viably ni fd talcs. Bingle copies f>l. ' '
AdverLisci?ente insertecLat |6 pet square (ten
linea) for each insertion.
Lost and Found Bible
A! FAMILY BIBLE, lost by somebody dur- !
J intf tho.?r?, has boen found, and will bej?
?aeerfu?ly d ?liv er ed to any party proving pro4
party sad ; paying* for this advertisement. It
.?obtains no asme of th? owner; but in th* j
family record there are names of children,' by
wbieh the real owner can ierfdily0ideniify the.
property. Apply st tbis>office April 18
?250 Reward j.
j?j??h: STOLEN", on the night of the 14th
??&n inst., from the atable 'in rear of Head?
quarters, a short SORREL'STALLION, about
lour years old. Said animal bes a sore on each
side of bia back, sud hair trimmed very short
on both hind fetlocks. The above reward will
be paid, and no ??estions asked, if thc horse is
.delivered at Headquarters Post. April 17
Th? ?tata of South Carolina.
V . COICMBU-. March 2?, 1885.
THE invasion -of the State has" rendered it'
proper that th? Legislative Department of
the Government of tho State 'Should be coa
v< ped, that se?h measures may bc adopted as
the welfare of the State may require.. And for
ti nt purpose, the members of the Senate aad
the I??UK* of Repr?sent?tiveJsTof the State of
ct vi li Carolina ate h ?raby invited io assemble
at ?V reen Y ?Ile, on TUESDAY., the ??th - day. of
A pa i!, 1 St6, at 12 o'clock nt.
B\ the Oe vern or: A.' fl. MAGRATH.
Official: W. S. ELLIOTT, rYivkteSecretary. . <
April 1 .. i .
f??~- All papers in the St ste will oopy natll
thc lune for the ? set ins; of the Leg isl stare.
Pictorial and ?ift Books.
- ? . SMALL collection,, of PICTORIAL aad
, JOL efl FT BOOKS, beautifully illustrated,
suitable aa mem en foes of friendship and affec
ti"*n and as rewards of merit and excellence in
. *?eade?ni*s, including t*je writir.gs of come of
J*JU< i. .'.i?t tn ti. one j oets. . Apply at thia ojslee.
Writing Ink.
A*?W battles of. aaeorreaive WRlTI?Cr
Ut, fc* asia at thia ?fis* aare? H
* Cottage for Sale.
FOR * ?le,- a neat COTTAGE HOUSE. co? ;
. mining furn rooms. .On th? lot is e-kitci
j en, with "sn excellent garden. For particular?,
apply at'this office._' <* ? April 1J 2*
For Sale er Bent.
COTTAGE HOUSE cont sining five rooina
and ' neawary cut-build ingp, wifh ?a?ity
acre* ?i land attached, two miles and o hali
? frcm i he eily. Inquire at this cnTce.
April 17_:
AfJasd. ~~ ~\
THE fu.bfiril.er having returned to thc eitvj
.Rill rt Mime the ALCTION and COMMIS?
SION BUSINESS, *i*? would resj^ctfuliy ?oin it
a continuation ? f the patronage fr?rmerly bc
stowed npou him. Orders left, at the ?esiderci
of ?h,e>>ubEci?ber.,-Washington sti^et, or 'OSi
SAMSON'S i<-eidence" Richardson street, (May;
rant's ho UM-, ludlow State R*>uee.) will bi
piumntly"attended to. L. T. LEVIN. '
Aaj? il 17_ , * -_'
? Card.
jWlCltContiitwe to.?tt*ud to iales of FURNl
and STOCKS,, nt Pith ab* Sal* and ?et Auction
Liberal advances made upon all ai tides sent ti
ine for snuv Foi- tpc pieetnt, ?tpiy at raj
residence, Briduo fctreet. .
Orders left with Mr. IX C. PEIXOTTO.fa
Mr. Wolters residence, next to Shiver fipuse
will be-pfomptly attended to. . ' *? **]
April 6 . _ FRANCIS,LAN CE. ;
Hgtice. r~,
COLUMBIA, Amii. 10, 1866. '.
THE Joint Relief Committees have appointe*
the Clewing gentlemen to net as agent
for the sufferers of Columbia, to wit? i
J, L. BRANCjH. E?q., to reside at August^
Georgia. ?. -. ..
W. P. PRICE, Er=q., to reside at Newberrj
WILLIAM J. GERALD, F^q- to reside t
Camden, S. C. . - j?"' ** !
The above named gentlemen will receive an
forward any donatione--whether of provieioi
or morty-and'alee barter CLOTH and-SAL
Bee, and Treas. Joint Relief Committees.
' f*j*f Papers of thia and the neighborer
States will please eopy, and ?urge upon the b
nevolent the necessity of aiding the-citirens
?Columbia in their great distress. ?? April 12
THE Stores will be opened* , on WEDNE
DAY, the 19th inst., for the sale of pw
siens for ?ash, in proportion to tho number
the family and the quantity on hand.
The resident poor of the city will be and
the .direction of the City Council, Which w
issu?te them tickets for provisions; ,
The poor living beyond the limits of the ci
will be cupplied with tickets by the State E:
entire Committee. .
Persons will take notice of the above; ant
Joint Committee of the State and city vi
meet daily, al tbe Baptist Church-common ci
MONDAY next, 17th inst., st 0 o'clock a. J
for tb? parp?se of issuing new tic*:et*.
April If Chairman Joint Committee.
THK ?ni?hi ?? Rkn HEBB?NGs.T -Thoa,
Nash (1599) tells-a story vof the origin of
rfd herrings, nearly *aa gopd aa Charlea*
Lam h's origin of roast pig. -According
; to Nash, centuries ago, a fisherman ' of
! Gerdicke Sanders having taken more her?
rings tbanrhe could vrell dispose of, hung
them up iu 'the peak of bis hut or shed.
The weather' Was~~cold, saya our quaint '
author, aud'good fires Le kept (as fishermen,
whatever hardness soever they endure at
fj?a,.wiH make air^moke, but they "will
make amends for it when they Come to'
.Und;) and what wit li his fireing, and smok
ii/g, or smokey fireing, in tLnt bis narrow
lobby,, bi;.herrings, which were as white as -
whalebone when he ?Lung them np,now
look as red ns a lobster. It v^as four or
five- days befbie be or his wife espide it;
.ajid ?hen they espido it they? fell -down on ".
their knees and blessed themselves, and .
cried, a miracle! a miracle! And with their
proclaiming it among their neighbors they
could not:be content, .bbCto court the fisher?
man would, and present it to the king, then
lying at Burrough Castle, two miles off.
What the king said, we are not informed, but
herrings have ever been considered a dainty
dish to set before the king. * - _
" ExnAtSTtoko^CoKVKBBATioK.-Count
Gonfalonieri, ?H- bis account ol' Lis Jong^m
prisonment, writes: Fifteen yesrs ?- existed
in a'dungeon ten feet square! .During six
)ears i bad a companion; during niue, I
-was alone-. T neyer could rightly distin?
guish the face' ot brm who shared my
captivity in tho eternal twilight of our cell.
Hie first year we talked incessantly to?
gether; we related our past live?, our joys
- forever- 'gone, over and over^a^ain. The
'next year we communicated tc each.-other
our thoughts and ideas on all subjects. Tt e
third year we bad 'no ideas to communicate;
we .were beginning to lose the power of.
refection. The fourth, at the interval of a .
month cr.so, we weuldopen our lips to ask
each Other it it were possible that the world
went cr. as gay and bustling as when we
formad a portion of mankip?. '.The fifth
we were .silent. The-siatb, Le was taken
away, I never knew where, I? execution or
liberty. But I was glad v\ hen-he was gone;
even .solitude was better tban ' bis pale,
vacant lace. " <
Difficulties are to the persevering like the
mists which envelope mountain tops; they
'appear in the distance like a thick impene?
trable wall; but ae we approach them, they
recede; and when we stand before them
fisco to face, they wholly disappear.
'O'' .

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