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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 21, 1865, Image 1

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5.35*?y Paper $20 a Mouth ) "Let ounjust censuro .}. . . * ( Trf-Weekly $ld a ?Sontb.
Payable In Advance, f-, "m Attend tb? -true event"- Mutl-sprarr. \ , Payable to Advance.
BY J A. SELBtrL COLUMBIA, S. C., FRIDAY, APRIL iii, 1865: VOL. 1.-HO. 20.
ie rvausmm ?AILT AND TSUWEEXUT, .
C.TW Daily is issued .every morning except"}
Sunday, at $2? a month. Tn-Weekly, Tuesday, >
Thnr?day and Saturday, at $10 amonth, inva- ]
riably in advance.1 Single copie^l.
Advertisements inserted at f 5 per squan* (ten
linea) for each insertion. -
Dress-making, otc *
MISS A. J. STOKES informs the ladies of j
tb is ?itv that she is prepared- to do any
work in her line, at short notice and at reason?
able rajes. She can be fonad at the residence
of Mr. Leckie, on Richland street, near Sui
ter. ? .? = -.?._ April 19 4*
" ^ ? r For Sale or Bent ?
COTTA?? HOUSE containing five rooms
and necessary out-buildings, withi sixty
sores of land attached, two miles ard a bali '
from thc city. Inquire at'this office. '
ggAprillf_ _v
- \Ebr Seat,
_.DENCE on Senate street, between Sumter j
and Marion streets. Tho boneo contains eight
rooms; the eerrsata'houses arc ample.. Apply '
April 18 |6* At Di ; Geiger's.
TBE-subscriber having resumed business asl
a Cum?ission Merchant, ie now prepared j
tc-rccrive consignments and make liberal ad
vanees en all kinda of PRODUCE and MER?
CHANDIZE. Thaahfel for past favors, he re?
spectfully solicits a continuance of asm?. All
business entrusted to my care-shall hare roy]
UFual prompt attention.
A. L, SOLOMON, Commission Marehsnt,
Plain street, second door frons Assembly.
Adril 20 _* ? ._12-_
a Sagino, Boiler, dbe-, at Private Sala.
WILL be sold st private sal?, a FIVE-HORSE
lang by S feet io diameter, and SMOKE-PIPE,
dc, i u very good condition, apply to
. ' ? A. E. PHILLD7S.
April >? fa?_ . At Dr. QcigerV
~" **50 Bewaxd
typtfr STOLEN; an i the night of the 14th |
2QQlnfii., frons th's stable in rear of Head?
quarters, a abort BORREL STALLION, abouti
ioor years old. Said animal h ns a sore on each 1
pide of hi* Grtclc; and bair trimmed very short I
on Leth ?ia? fetlock?. The above reward will
l>e paid, and no questions asked,.if the horse is
delivered ?t Headquarters Post. April IT
~"~ Headquarters, .
COI UMB1A, 8. C., Arni. 19, 1865.
TbTOTICE is hereby gWen ?bat ao PASSES
JL s ?-ill be granted at- these headquarters, to
ti ?> -one, for th? purpose of entering the cae
M.v'a lintr. . Pass?e mr snob purpose isuet be
^.t'.tRiaed Ac m the Secretary of -War. ' \"
tty.order A. F. RUDLER, OoL Oom'g.
W. Maust*?? ?* ? JL,G. April M
w Friday Morning, April 31,' 1666.
A Few Woida About FceJLry.
All literature vori ii the name moat be intelli?
gent with' fi cell thought, rind jthus moy be of a
.bi t to meet the xretds and wants of n t irn?>; or,
of a profonncfer order, it anticipates (he needs
"f thc fu tu ie generations, more or lesfe remote.
>itry is essentially winged thought, involving
i.ie f xh ihiii?'D and illustration of all the nobler
qualities of Luman ?ty; grace, power, passion,
all the emotions and sensibilities; and' employ?,
as Jts chief ftgtnls, imr.ginatimi, fancy aiid in.
vrntion. It expresses itself to the eye in
painting, io the ear in music,' to the mind in
harmonious verse, and to eye, ear, tltought and
sympathy in the drnron. Hence the drama is
the most comprthtntive "of all the forms *of
poetry^ It nwy be, and frequently is, n-voiee
of eloquence, the keenest passion, the sub?
limest argument, the most fier,y invective, the
dterett philosophy. It is the sire of all history,
it is the subUuuet foim of lartf^rtoge, it ie'the
ever-refining gr.ardinn of the Innguage, and
pi tte! vee, in the highest perfection, irapcweVs,
its-beauties, ita graces aud its laws. It appeals
to-ftie lover, the patriot, the soldier, the sage.
It is the eoul and-fbnxdatinn of all the fine art?,
and even shows itself in the mechanical, being
the real, though unsuspected, source of all hu?
man invention. If these things bc true. What
degree of civilization can a peuple have at
tained to w hom it is an. unknown ?tongue!
SOUTUKKN larrons.- According to I ho Char-,
lotte Bulletin, She troon, is especially vindictive
against th* Southern editors aW their presses.
That be has invariably destroyed the lattens
unquestionable. That he would demolish th?
former, when he can, is highly probable. But,
luckily, editors bave an infallible instinct,
which warna them of the danger, and enables
thern^o keep out ot the rr*}} Some of- them
ave, prompt in flight, and as faint-us ft r their
hefts aa Paris, t n hers, again, arp -wonderfully
sk Hied in diving, lying low nnd keeping ?ark,
till the st erm is over-blew n. lt is said that as
much-as $10.000 bas been offered for th? head
ot an editor, but the head has not been forth?
coming yet-a significant proof that the- excel?
lent editor bed something saving in it
The musher of Yankee prisoners ?ow con?
fined at Andersonville, Ga., is ?bout 6,000.
They are well provided for in every way. ex?
cept with clothing ?nd slices: An old *?old
?ear by has been appropri?t erf for burial | ur.
poses. Here over 17,i(PU Yankees have ?#n; a
tA#lr resting pie**. .
Paul Heyn e's Spring Fancies./.
Our young poeta have. ??ot. altogether Jes*,
their voices. .Here ia a faneifal-chaunt, on.
'Nature, Betrothed and Wedded," from the pen
f Paul B. Heyne. Ho sings from the luxu?
riant end. grateful bowers of Edgewood, the
seat of bis kinctnaa, ex;Gov. ' Pk-tens: and wo
argue from thia late production of his muse,
that his health ft improving, t<r.d that, he may
finally and fully recover from the malacca
which have se long flu ca teaed him. The arti"
cle is copied fi om the. Edge-field Advertiser'
LUCKY for village,, poet and publisher thafc"
Wheeler's men po eecitdly drubbed Kilpatrick
at Aiken. Wc should otherwise have had bo
song from thia source, and the poet'and printer
would have lost their supper;
Have yon net noted how-in early spring,
From out the foresta, pest thc murmuring
O'eVthc hill-sidewdature, with >airy grace,
Like) some lah- virgin, touched by lights and
Glides timidly-a veil of golden mist
About her brows, and budding boson) draped
In maiden coy newt SJu-'s a bride betrothed
Onto that mystic-God,* who comes from far,
Eich orient lands upon, the winds of June,
That bear him, dike swift ardors winged with
And when on coaao calm lustrous norn, her
Uplifts'ilu? golden .veil, and weds to hers
The quickening wei roth of ripe, immortal lip?,
HoW the broad earth laapa into raptured life,
And thrills with m us ici
j Then, a queenly spense,
Raised nato fruitful*empire, thro' all hours
Of booriteoaa aumroer, site walks proudly on,
Shining with blissful ayea of matronhood,
Sill at the last; autumn with reverent hsnd
otb crown lier with suoh foll completed' joy,
-Such wealth of sovereign beauty, abe once
A boat her brows, and sumptuous bosom fold&_?
That golden veil, not in the tremnloua fear ?*
. Of maiden eoyaeas net>-but lest rash men,
Drawn by her aw foi loveliness, should dare
To gaze'tao elesely an it, and thus'fall
-Smitten and blind at her imperial feat!
. . *A personification1 if here nu ant of the im?
precating hi d feitilisiog power af the atmos
?heiV lo which nature ewer hsr trees, her
loom, tbs ripeness of her golden grainy
' Er-etwoon, February, 1866. '
COLUMBIA^. C., Aran. 8, 186*.
ATX Oft ?er? an Peet Duty at this place will
make a report to these Headquarters of all
men attached to their respective departments,
who are entitled to draw rations at this post.
All provision returns must be made out at the
departments and approved at these Headquar?
ters. jrBw order
A f. BfDLKR, Coi. Oom'dej.
W. i WRJUU'S*. A. A* A. (*, April JO

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