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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 24, 1865, Image 4

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I -, [Original
Io Reason's province idly taught,
. Unless it find support in Faith, -
But little can the ear bare caught,
To take away the sting frons Death.
A subtler sense than aught we know -
Must glide throughout the conscious soul,
And winding on,' with secret flow,
Must for the reason find the goal.
. Ttl-i precious instinct, nursed with care,
Tc each emotion true, which keeps
All passions pure, all feelings rare,
And every humsaagermawakes;
This, the first, needful help to faith,
Wins Gther*helps from sources high,
That lift .us o'er the waves of death,
And land ns safely in the sky.
-SINGULAR CUSTOM -An auction of un
ma-ned lidies used lo take plac? annually
in Babylon. In every district, saya the
hislo?an, they assembled on a eert??in day
of tho year, ali virgins of a marriageable
age. The most beautiful waa put up first,
aud the man ?ho bid the highest or the
largest sum, gained the possession eil ber.
The ?econd in persona! appearance fol?
lowed1, and the bidders gratified themselves
with handsome wives according to ?he
depth of their purses. But, ala?! ' i? seems
there wera in Babylon nome ladies for whom
no money waa likely to ba offered, yet
these were also disposed of, so provident
were the Babylonians. When all the beau ,
tiful virgins were sold, the crier ordered
the most deformed to stand up, and after he
had openly demanded who would marry
ber, with a small sum, abe was at length
adjudicated to the man, who would> be
satisfied with the least; and in this mannoi
the money arising from the sale of*th?
handsome served as s - portion to (tfose thal
were of disagreeable' ?poke, or that had an}
other imperfection. This custom prevailed
about four hundred years before Christ.
Scent-Millionaire seated in an easy chair
By him stands a poor man tn a supplicat
ing attitude.
Millionaire-Ahem! -Very sorry, ni}
young frieud, that I can do nothing foi
you. But I can give you a word of gobc
Poor Man-But when a wan h?s no
thing to
Millionaire-Nonaensel--Under certaii
circumstances a man must know how t<
Second Scene-The millionaire drown
ing in a pond, the poor man calmly regard
ing bim from the snore.
Poor roan-Sorry, my friend, thai I cai
de nothing Or you. But I, cao ?rm; you ;
word of good advice-swim!
Millionaire-(choking)-B-J b-hub-but
whoa a ma>man can't a wi m !
Poor Man-Nonsense! Under curtail
circumstance* a ina? gftust know bow ti
swim. " ^
Old, Bow? kept a hotel it. tho Northern
pirt of the State, which ;i,e boasted was
the best io those parts; where, a? he used to
say, yon could get anything that was ever
made to eat. One day in came a Yankee;
ha st*nt his horse round to the stable, and
stepping np to the bar, asked old Rowe
what bc could gire him for dinner. 'Any?
thing, sir,1 says old Rowe; 'anything from a
pickled elephant to a canary bird's tongu?.'
-WVal says the Yankee, eyeing Rowe, 'I
guess PH take a piece of pickled elephant.'
Out bustles Rowe, into the dining room,
leaving the Yankee- nonplussed at his
gravity. Presently he comes back again.
'Well, w?'ve got 'em; got 'em all ready,
r?ght here,in the house; bat you'll have to?
ta Ice a whole un, caus? we never cut 'em.'
A lady dressed in as luxurious fabrics as
ever fluttered.from a fairy form before wnr's
deadly blast was blown, with a sweeping
trail behind her on the ground, of indefinite
length, turned the corner at the way-side
lio-pitaF yesterday, and aa she turned t he
? cast a glance of anxious solicitude yback
to see if the aforesaid ti ail was O. K.
i A crippled soldier, sitting at the comer
' enjoying the sun, noticed the movement and
the look, and with the view of re-assuring
; the lady; exclaiaaed^tfa all right, madame
I the rest of- it ls corning^down the street aniT
! will be along shortly. You can sail on
the dress is all setttn.' lt is useless to say
that the lady did sail on like a thrce-deckee
j before a full breeze.- Chatanooget Rebel.
I'm terribly distressed, said clergyman a
of -indifferent reputation for sincerity to W
rough neighbor, to hear you swear so.
I Ob; don't let that distress you, said the
neighbor; I swear a great deal, and yon
pray a gi eat deal, but neither of us weam
anything by it.
. Vice stings us even-in our treasures, bm
virtue consoles ut ev<*n in our pains.
? Card.
THE subscriber baviug returned to the ?-itv
will resume the AUCTIOxV and COMMIS
SION BUSINESS, nn.i would respectfully soltei
a continuation of the .patronage formerly be
stowed upon bim. Orders I? ft at the . esidenc
of the subscriber, Washington street, or 'OS
SAMSON'S residence, Richardson street, (May
rant's house, balow State House,) will b
prarhptly attended to. L. T. LEVIN*.
April 17_-_V
COLUMBIA. Amu. 10, 18U5.
TUE Joint Relief Committee? have appointe'
the folio wing gentlemen to act ns agent
for the sufferers of Colombia, to wit:
J. L BRANCH, Esq., to reside at August ?
W. P. PRICE, Esq., to resadc at Newberry
WILLIAM J. GERALD. r8q.. to reside a
Camden. S. C.
The above named gentlemen "will receive an
forward any donations-whetbu-r- of provisto!
or mooev-7-^and also barter CLOTH and SAL
Sec. and Treas. JointTceU'ef ?Committees.
Hf"! Papers of this and the* neighboi ir
Sutes -will please copy, and urge -upon the b
uevoient the necessity" of aiding t(| . oitirens i
Coiuiabia io their great actress. April 1%
?ea?qttftxtari, Qeft. Johrtstoir's Army.
TT is announced to the anny that a suspension
JL of arms has been agreed upon, pending ne?
Satiations between the two-Goxr-rnnients. \?q\
lg ita continuance, th? two ai mies ar? to occu?
py their present positions.
BY command .General JOHNSTON.
AacaiBS^AkbsssoN, Lient. CoL and A. A. G.
April ^22_'_
COLUMBIA, S. C., ArnfL 8, 1866,
ALL Officers on Peet D.nty at th3B place will
make a report to these Headquarters of all
men attached to their respective departments,
who are entitled to draw rations at this, post.
" All provision returns moat be made out at the
departments and approved at these Headquar?
ters. Bv order
A. F. RUDLER, GoL Com'dg.
W. J. Ur. A uso, A. A. A. G._April 10
NEAR SMITHFIELD, N. C., Aran. 7, 1866.
? ? * . .
. assigned to command in the State of
South Carolina.
* ? * ?c
' By command of J. E. JOHNSTON.
APRIL 12, 184?.
IQ compliance with the above orders, the
undersigned hereby assumes command In this
State. Until tlie names cf 'the staff are, an?
nounced, officiai communications to thole head?
quarter* will bo addressed to Lieut. J. ii'. B,
LOVELL. Acting A. A. G. at Columbia.
April 14 M. LOVELL, Major-General, ?he.
The State of SertttH. Carolina.
COLBIIBU, March 27, 1866.
-r|^HE invasion of the State has* renderedgit
X proper thal- the Legislative Department of
thc Government of the State should be eon*
veiled, that such measures may be adopted aa
the welfare of the State may require. And for
that purpose, thc members of the Senate and
the li ouse of Representative* of th? State of
Smth Carolina are hereby invited to assemble
at Greenville, oe TUESDAY, the 26th day of
April, 18A5, at 12 o'clock m.
By the Governor. A. ?. MAGRATH.
Official: Wi 8. EtiiOTT, Private Secretary.
April I
GJ* All papera in the State will eopy netti
the time for the meeting Of theLogalsJora.
Stolen, .
ON Che night of the 6th instant, a
/ffft large chesnnt sorrel HORSE, about* ?2
years old; mane generally hangs on ; bola aides
; of bis neck; i* rather thin, h*a? a bisse, fae?; had
when taken one shoe on a fore foot aaa! a sore
on the right shoulder; walka wide with his bind
legs, and uader the saddle will pace slowly.
Any information thankfully rooeirod sad re
waided. Address HUNKY A. MfiETZX,
April it |6* 'bsMffcoa ?J, H., S. ?.

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