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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 25, 1865, Image 4

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t - >"r^' - ^-"-T- .'V. ... .
When gray thc miss descend of eve,
A siiah?vv rises oa ray view,
lt Si.vk.< ntv* out at midnight, loo.
And w?ars lite look of one I grieve.
The hopes of y?uth, the bliss, the pain,
The all that time to love endears,
In progress of the perished years,
That mournful shadow brings again.
As sinks the wan and orescent light,
It rises slow beside me now;
I aee the pure and pallid brow,
H ilf shaded by the growing night
Yet, with a brightness all its own,
Expressive, through tho gloom, o'er all,
lt. holds me fixed in dreamy thrall,
Aud fills my soul with all the known.
1 cannot doubt the instinct rare,
That knows without the sight, and feels
At once, each portraiture reveal*,
And she that once was mine, is there.
So wan! so sad! as if, though bless'd.
Ia happiest realms where bliss is sure,
She sonow'd still at my unrest,
And shared the grief she cannot cure.
Sweet spirit! by those heavenly airs,
Thai, with thy coming, round me spread,
By ?.ach sweet sanction of the dead,
That bring? thc blessing through the tears:
i give thee welcome, though thy shade
Xb more restores that youth of bloom,
That ehecr'd HIM long through years of gloom,
And nil mr life's best solace made.
Dearer thamany mortal bliss,
The consciousness that still thou art
A loving watcher o'er the heart,
That eeeks its world no moro in this.
evening last week a soldier willi three can?
teens slung around Iiis neck, entered one of
tho bar rooms hi this place and bargained
for throe quarts of whiskey. As Ilia last
canteen was'filled, soma half-dozen sol hers,
armed with gun-!, rushed in and the leader,
:u the sternest louas, inquired of the ap?
parently frighted soldier, "what bc was
doing, and why ho was away from his
coran:an<i?" Tho soIJier meekly replied
that he wAiitedto purchase some whiskey.
Arrest bim und pm l.imjundcr guan', was
tho prompt, reply. The way the whiskey,
the aoldier and tho guard instantaneous!}
disappeared, wai partieiltrly agonizing to'
l?ic astonished har keeper.
?orne minutes elapsed before he could
r>ec tho joke, nnd.then it was. entirely too
tc recover I lie .?-ur^I-u:'.1.. Have yo;:
tooti (ho ullarri? h.;i bon rather a bore
i**ifeeiien lu ru;; ever since.
[Euft?ula Sjtiril.
- ? -*>-- -
(; T;-T;EB CATTLE.-The instant a crea?
ke bu: "tues choked, no ! .utter svhat with,
flic ll\~c .t becomes dry, a uti the longer th.
- .'.>.? aiv.e remains, tho dryer the threat
.j C??'.viog Ss a ifiire romedy. i. ? Ut
.o r:-i no mutter whai kt:?d,anJ helo
" <. c ? .'.;..<-. 's head -J;> and turn dov. n about
C g:i? oi oil, and the creature will Lave ii
. . v> '.ve-pt?, .nd.-.! L Ii.ive tried it for ycai>
?.#... ueve: kr.cw it to fd!.- Farmer.
Do you suppose you can-do-the landlord
in the Lady of Lyons? said a manager to
a seedy actor in quest of an engagement.
I should think that q'aite in^?ny line of
business, said he, for I've been doing noth?
ing else but landlords thia long while.
Madam, said a cross-tempered physician
to a patient, if women were admitted to
Paradise, their tongues would make it a
purgatory. And some physicians, if allow?
ed topraotice there, replied the lady, would
make a desert.
The fellow who broke loose has gone iuto
partnership with the one who broke the
news, and they anticipate, doing a smash?
ing business.
Pleasure ia precarious; but virtue is im?
Do good to him who owes you evil.
. Circular.
ArRtr, 12, 1865.
(1 EXERAL: The First, Seoond and Third
JT South Carolina Regiments of Cavalry and
Trenholm's Battalion, have been recently or?
ganized into a Brisjade by the War Depart?
ment, and you appointed to command it.
Before entering upon tho duly, the Adjutant
and Inspector-General diroets that you will
proceed to South Carolina and visit such places
in the Stato as may be necessary to collect the
men belonging to said organization.
When they have been assembled, yon will
take charge of them and report, without delay,
to Gen. J. E. Johnston for duty.
1 am, General, very respectfully, your obe?
dient servant, JOHN W. RIELY,
Major and Adjutant.
To Brig. Gen. M. L. BONHAM, Greensboro, N.
C. - -
Ci - KSTI:RviLLF., S. C., April 18, 1865.
The men belonging to . the above commands,
now in South Carolina, who cannot go forward
sooner, will meet me at Union C. H., on or
before tho 1st May proximo, prepared to re?
port as above.
Those not of thc command, who have attained
thc agc of eighteen, eu ob'.ain ng the cuisent
of the General commanding Reserve Foroos of
South Carolina, will bc received with th? pri?
vilege of selecting their companies an.', regi
I ments.
I All cavalry of Gen. J. E. Johnston's army,
I who cannot >^<> forward sooner, will be received
I until t c^y can join their respective commands
Capt. WM. 1". NANCE, Assistant Adjutant
1 General, who 13 uuder orders to report to Gen.
j Johnston, will act under my orders until ! shall
I join Geu. Johnston's aimy, under the above in
[ stroctietis of tho Adjutant and Inspector Gene
? ral. All orders signed by him will b? obeyed.
April 25_2_Brig Geu. P. A. C S.
$250 Reward.
I 'ys?* STOLEN, on the night of the 1 Ith
I /ffi. inst., from thc atable in rearo! lle.nl
[ quarter?, a short SORREL STALLION, about
I tour years old. Said animal has a sore on each
.?ide of hife baclt, aud hair trimmed very short
011 both hind fetlooks. The above reward will
he paid, and no questions asked, if the h"'-je i->
delivered nt Headquarter s Post. April 17
' Lost and Found Bible
1 A FAMILY BiULE, lost by somehcu;. dur
?JL ?sig thc fire, has bs-dii fou ud,. and will bel
cheerfully delivered lonny party proving pro- '.
pert y and paying for this advertisein.-a.t. 1;
coi,laius ::o natne of tite owupr; hut hi t!i<.
lamilV reaord tlwre arc names of ohi'.drsr., by
?hieb til? real owner eau readily idtmrify the
1 property; Apply at this office. April* 18
Bar Iron and Scrap Steel,
OF the following aizes:
Iron, 5x?. 6xfr, 6xJ, 7xJ, .
Steel, 3*xt. 4*8.
Will be exchanged for PROVISION'S, at the
South Carolina Railroad, on application to
W. B. .SMITH. Master Machinist,
Or C. J. BOLLIN, Agent.
April 22_f_
For Bent,
J?JJ?^DENC?? on Seuate street, between Sumter
and clarion stroets. The house contains eight
rooms; the servants' houfes are ample. Apply
to A. R. ?MilELK'S.
April 13 ]** At Dr. Geiger's.
MISS E. A. KELLY, a graduate of thc
Charleston Normal School, intends form?
ing a CLASS of YOUNG LADIES, to teach
Arithmetic, Algebra, Grammar and Writing.
The pupils will be taught with the view of pre?
paring them to teach. They will not only re?
ceive thorough instruction, in all the funda
mental rules of the above mentioned branche?, '
but. this instruction will be imparted to thom
in such a systematic manner, that they will find
it easy and pleasant to convey it tb others. No
pupil under fourteen desired. The class will
meet at ti. . Male Academy, on Laurel street,
every Monday, Tuc* lay, Thursday and Friday
afternoons. The best of references can bo
i?iven. For further particulars, apply at Mr.
WM. KELLY'S, Camden street* two doors^East.
of Bull street: "' f _April 21
IN pursuance of the authority vested in rae
by Section 3 Article II of the Constitution
of the Episcopal Church in this Diocese, I
hereby change l\ie pince of the meeting of the
next Diocesan Council from the city of Colum?
bia to Carn.len; and the tim? from the 10th to
thc 24th of May next. Tue Council will, there?
fore, be h ?-ld in Grace Church, Camden, on the
24 t h of May. The necessities tor these changes
ure so obvious that they need not be stated,
and I earnestly request the atteRdanoe of tho
members of the Council. THOS. F. DAVIS,
Bishop of the Diocese of 8. C.
. Tho attention of the Clergy and Parishes of
the Diocese is called te the above, and those
who may fail to receive the usual notification,
arc requested to eo&sider it in lieu thereof.
April Ifr Secretary of Council.
AOard -
i WILLenatinae to attend to sales of FURNI
and STOCKS, al Private Sale and at Auction.
Liberal advances made upc? all articles sent to
:ue for sale. Tor thc present, apply at my
residen oe, Bridge street.
O.-ders left with Mr. D. C. PEIXOTTO/at
Mr. Walter's residence, uext to Shiver House,
will ba promptly attended to.
COLUMBIA, ArntL 10, I860.
I^ILU Joint R( lief Committees have appointed
. the following gentlemea to act as agents
for the sufferers of Columbia, to wit:
J. L. BRANCH. Esq., te roside at August*
W. P. PRICE, Esq., to reiidc at Newberry.
WILLIAM J. GERALD, Esq., to reside at
Camden, S. C.
l ite above named gentlemen will receive and
forward any donation*-whether of provisions
or monev-md also barter CLOTH and SALT
Sec and Treas. Joint Relief Committees.
53Sf" Papers of Ih'n ft?:d the neighboring
States will pirase copy, and urg? upon the ba
ncvolent the na?e??siry of aiding tho citiacnr> of
Columbia ta their great dtstrtae, April 12

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