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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 28, 1865, Image 1

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iV^ iViiiri Y sm mm iBfeafiaa
l?fy PlMT $20a Moats. I
Fay ?bl? in Advance. f
"Let our ]?t censare
Attend the trse ?vent"-Sh*lrpe*r*.
j Trl-Waakly $10 a Month.
\ Payable In Advance.
VOL. L-NO. 28.
TV? Bally is issued rrery m arning, except
?V?eW. kt fm. soenth. Tn We.?ly, Tuesday,
Thnrsdsy and Saturday, at $10 a moa th, inva
rfaibJy aa adbanae. Bingle copie? $1.
' Advertisements inserted at f6 par sonars (ten
Bate?) far ?tah insertion.
COLUMBIANS. O, Aras 8, li??.
ALL Ofie?rs ?a Feat Duty at thia place ?rill I
make a repart to th??* H ead eu art? ra of -all
Boen attached to their re*pet ?We loVpartmenU.
?rh? ar? entitled to dram ratios? at this post.
AU prsvisiea returns most be mad? ?nt at the |
dapartenaots and approved at these Headquar?
ter*. By ?raer
A. T. BCDIXB, Ooh Ccn'dg.
', W. J. MBA ny, A. A. A.C. A gril 1 c
-*^r ' Headonarters,
?TAS ?iXBFJELI), TR. C., Ami. 7, 16*5.
t&RCUL ORJ>RR RO. it-Retract.
a . . *
a assigned to cemmaxd is tho Etale of]
Seeth Carolina.
. ' a ? m :
By cosasiasd af Gas. J. E. JOBBBTON._
Kui toe? Faioesn, A. A. 6.
Arsu. 12, 18?6 -.
compliance a-i th the shove orders, the
nsderaigaed hareby aeansaes cc rt toad ts this
_Sate. Until th? names of the ?taff are au
? Boaneed, ofiaial acmnnnieationsto these head
??arter, ir?l he addresrtd to Liest. J. M. B.
OT ELL, Acting A. A. O. at Columbia.*
April 14 M LOVELL, Major Oca*ra?, deg,
" ?. Headquarters.
COLUMBIA. B. C., MAKCH 81, 189?.
JCB* CAitUK is hereby appointed Acting
Profoai Marrksl of this ei?r ?nti! further
ordes a. Be ?rill be obeyed asd respected ac
cerdirf ly. By order it?
A. F ELDLEB, Col. Comai'dg.
V. J. M?aaj??. A. A. A. 6. April 4
1 Htccqraittsf Hil. Div. of the 'Weet,
AXGTJBTA, Mases 4, 1666.
[Ferie oct.]
IfDL A. P. Kl BLEB ie hereby ?faigard
a ia Ce? au? ndaat of the Pest at Col ?sabia,
s. c. * : ' . * .
By ??*?>??# ?es. BEAUBECABD.
Csseisl: Csa. W. Batar, Cab and A. A. ft.
VEABQVABTEBS. Coiasst*. 8. C.,
?sarek 16, 1188.
I? cardies)** to the abete ?tier, 1 btsshy
.fstste e?sa?s?fcd of th ie Peat.
By ?ejeTSr A. F. BVBLX*.
Calen?! Om aa aa ding.
V. J, V vausa, A.A. >. ?. fcet*h il
of Netr York bave opened their Spring
roillineiy. The papera of that city give
lengthy descriptions of the sew ?aabion?.
The Daily Nnct says:
The shape of the bats ibis season does
not differ essentially from those introduced
.in (be An tumo, with thia exception, that
th*y are smaller, allowing the hair to be
very ornately worn. The hat- bss no
curtain, a band with a tow of narrow rib?
bon crossing the centre of the water-fall, or
a fall of lace and flowers event, being worn
Notwithstanding the. pressure in the
monty market, there is no evidence.of
tbridgineht in the nee of costly materials,
which consist chiefly of mahne ?nd crape
covered with malino. Chip is alto quita in
The prevailing colors are cora ?>d
lavender, (hough not to confined to these
two as last season, green and white finding
mete favor titan usual. Feathers are not
mut-b used, but flowers and laces predomi?
nate, and il is the general remark that the
beauty, finish ?nd exquisite richness of the
flowers tbis season have never been equaled,
nor K it possible to conceive tbst any im?
provement oan be made upon them, since
they aro perfect imitations cf nature in her
mott delicate manifestations. There is no
limit to tbe variety.
In viewing the ribbons we were struck
with their extreme width, tbe richness ol
their quality, ? nd also thc novelty of tbe
latest style-, that is. a fringe woven one
side, either of the ssm? color of tbe ribbon
or different, to form a handsome contrast.
This description is m ed more for spring
sod special ornementation on chip sna fine
strsw. It will be particularly noticed that
there is a novelty in the materials that
give general satisfaction. "We refer to thc
nalino thet is used. It ie fora ed of varieuf
colors, and not merely white and black, ai
formerly. "With regard to ornements musk
may Le said, as they aie ol msny devices ir
jet sud gilt, s neb sa spears, arrows, betide*
crysta) sad steel beads and steel ornament!
of various, dent liptious. Ol the crysta
ornaments the dew dre ps -appear to ht
favorites. Tb? y rt uni le (pal or cerne
Hsn sud bsve a fine effect both l y dry
light sid gas light. However, it ie im
possible to give any sdtqoale notus-of th?
besot? an J ay le ol the lets i f this scare*!
uni?** we potted to mike a ittt?d ot tl ?
. xbibmtn* n J de ?t the rht w rt ins e
tko several n-odistea, wbe ?re the mos
distinguished in the city for their taste And
: shill; and -who are most recognized, as the
[arbiters in fashion, by society;
FROM MEXICO.-On tbe 27th of last
month was officially published in the city
of Mexico Maximilian's decree confirming
all the confiscations and sales of church
prepetty made under .former'Goyernmenfp,
amounting to many millions of dollars.
This is a severe blow at tbe ecclesiastical
rule, which bsa swayed Mexico since its
settlement by Europeans. One of its effects
will Le the establishment of religious- tole?
ration in tbe country, and it baa caused in?
tense excitement among tbe priests and the
church psrty generally. Another decree,
merging tho church power into that of the
State, was expected soon to follow.
Another excitement arose out of tbe re
..ignaticn of tbe several .members of the
Emperor's cabinet, which, however, was
not supposed ft Lave been induced wholly ifjjf
by bis decree against the church.
Additional successes of the Imperial
arms are announced, sad sew adhesions to
I the Empire of important republican leaders
i are claimed.
i There wss a largs number of prominent
Americans in Mexico.
BRAVEST.-lt is a brave story, that of
Latour D' Auvergne, and one worthy of
notice now-a-days. Be was a native of
Bretagne, and early embraced the profes?
sion of arms. Be distinguished himself as
the commander of a company of grenadiers
at tbe outbreak of the great revolntk v ot'
France. He wss frequently offered bigber
appointments, bat always declared himself
only fit to commend bis grenadiers; end co
gi eat a reputation for heroism and success
bad these grenadiers that they were terned
tbe Infernal Column, and usually const I
tuted tbe vanguard ef tbe sxmv. Hie
celebrated Mastes* was one of D' Au?
vergne'* warmest admirer?, and it wai
under bim that be fell in battle while the
French were endeavoring' to drive Suwar
low from BwitscrlantLin 1800. Napoleon,
. ben First Cors p], find just cn m td lin.
' Fust Grenadier of Franc." Hie Repub?
lic erecter! a mcnumelii to him tn the ?pot
where Ive fell; while bis lean v i?r ordered
io le embalmtd.-nnd mtlci-ed in a sih.tr
1>ox, was carried under the .flag of the
corps, with superst&ohs- revtreiice. Hla
name- vrss always called, and the honor of
nawcring to it w*a assigned to the bravest
grenadier: JLatheurD' AuvsigatJ Died <H?
.be field of boaex*

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