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The offk? of tb? ; IM?mota^Thvmx is OD
Gates street, second door from Plain.^
Wa are indebted to Cot A. F. Rodler ?nd J.
E. Meister, Esq., for Augusta papara of th? 25ih
and the 26th. In thean (fnO "mail times," such,
favors are highly appreciated.
TBS Car m "STILL THKT COME!"-Another
lo rely bonqnet of roses, this morning, for the
editorial olfactories. This time, brought us by
ene ef tho masculine gender. Still, we do not
doubt, from the variety ?ad freshness ef the
flowers, that they were gathered by fair hands,
aud bore with them th? benison of ?em? fair
damsel. Blessing* opea, h?r bright eyes and
loving heart.
And here is the "Soldier's Comfort,0 in? an?
other packet, fer the editorial department, the
davor of which proves the friend sending it to
be not simply a lawyer, but a judge. He may
come to a recognition of his rights to a seat
open the bench, In -the course of legislativ?
events. So mot? : it be, and we trust be will
duly prepare himself for it. He has so provided
us thal gur puff shall not be wanting. We shall
"blow a cloud*' in bia honor, while his honer ts
waiting for his gown.
Auanox-sAiro COMMISSION.-In this day of
small things, in our poor old town of Colum?
bia, ?very .additional effort ef enterprise de?
mands recognition; and wc most give our vole?
of cheer When we beheld any new banner
hung ont upon the walls. Messrs. Zeal j 4s
Scott, as our readers will see, have gone into
cahoot, as auationeers, brokera and commission
merchants, having their office on Assembly,
between Washington and Plain streets* See
their advertisement.*
We also net? that., in the same precinct, Mr.
F. Eugene Darbee has also hung ont his shin?
gle and called upon' custom era. .He does not
object to them in any number. . We trust that
these several parties will have no reason to
regret their efforts, like our own Phoenix, to
rise up from the ashes, the pioneers of progress
to a brighter day, which shall usher in the ful
restoration of the good city to her ancient
ArpaopRiATioN or *NawsFArmt3.^-We hav?
reason to complain.of some on? of those inte?
resting friends, who visit our office to read our
?xehang? papers. It is frequently the case
that the reader, not content to read, goes off,
without beat of drum, and with thc newspaper
in his pocket! H? tho? not only deprives us of
tb? satisfaction we should really feel in grati?
fying the cariosity of other readers, hilt inter?
feres with our o wn duties-denying us the op?
portunity of republishing fte m them the ex
?rants which are proposed to give in our own
issues. Beside* this, the Augusta papen, taken
from our office yesterday, af some one of tbe.-c
self-indulgent visitors, vere borrowed, and their
TOM subject* us to tho mortify i og necessity ose]
.sen slag en reel ve?, sei w? can, to th? obliging
geatlettsa who lent therr Ir. anch a case as
this, the staaljcg ?f * newspaper is something
"ike the commission of ar. abotuiaatier* . rt ia
?4S aosossl forra of petty larceny. \, '
How tarBwrorStoon THnrcrs.-I>o not in?
flect th? gre?n pea? when yon ?re ertirog dowh
to your mutton. Do not neglect your friend
when yon ?re prepared to pot both upon table.
Nothing so much contributes to indigestion, to
say nothing of moral evils, as to monopolise
tho good thing? of this lifo, while riding in
yonr tulky.. Tah? tb? creature comforts always
in a '-'sociable," and yon will hare geed dreams
by night.
.suss OF CaaarTT.-We ar? told, by parson?
ia authority, th?t the charities of State and
city are greatly abased by the number of per?
sona getting free tickets for provisions, while
they hare abundant moana to pnrehaee. This
is rery shocking. It is briefly the robbery of
i the poor; and it is the duty of every good citi
[ seo, having a knowledge of the ability to pay
j of the professing paupers, to report bia foota to
the authorities. Tba Stat? and city aro st
treat expense ia precuring provisions for tho
'destitute. Th?y cannot continao long to do so
if the professional sponge ia to absorb a largo
share of tho publie.- bounty. It ia suggested
that, as a proper first stop to tho dateatio? of
the fraudulent among thea? applicant?, a full
li?t of th? persons on the free list be made out
and published; so that ?very person in the
community may be able to know hew far they
properly pot ia their claims.
Fox ns TOILET.-The- soason of shrubs and
odors has fairly Mt in, and why should not
some of our ladies, some one of those aobl?
creatures of the tender gender, who pousse
eharaoter, address themaelvea to th? work of
distilling for the toilet? The still necessary for
the purpose is very simple, and waters from
odorous shrubs and flowers, from almost every
flower that buds and blooms, can ba extracted
from the lovely idiots with whtch natur? adorns
the garden, ltesolve, and patience, in tel li
gc nee abd a little knowledge of pharmaceutic
chemistry, whicB?xiny be derived from almost
any practising physieian or college professor,
will suffice. You may have rose, lavender,
orange abd other waters io any quantity for
your own us? or for sale. The wild vanilla
will give you an exquisite " trfi*4e, and so will
the kernel of the pea?' Tnfre are maur
others. Now, we beg to" add, fiat human itv
of whatever gender, is only to be valued and
respected according to its degree of usefulness,
and the da<aeel who can neither play nor sing,
may yet make tho chamber a fountain of grate,
ful sweets.
Shoes for Sale,
ON Marion street, one door South side of
Lumber strsat W. LASSALLE.
April 28_3?
Zealy c*to Scott, *
Auctioneers, Brokers and Commission
i Office on Assembly Street, betteeen Wash ir.?'.T
. .-i ?ad Plain Streets.
PROMPT .attention given to eales of all
[BONDS bought and sold.
Liberal adranees made oa private Bales. .
I April 28
Th? following official coofirmation of the
death of Lincoln, we take from the Raleigh
Progrete, now published within the linea of the
HX-ADO/ES MUTTABY Div. OF vat Misa.,
In-th? field, Raleigh, April 17, 1866.
Special Order Ne. 60. . *
The General commanding announce?, with
pain and sorrow, that on the evening of the
11th inst., at the theatre ia Washington city,
his Excellency th? President of the United
States, Mr. Lincoln, was assassinated by one
who uttered the State ?otto of Virginia". At
the same time, the Secretary of State, Mr. Se?
ward, whilst suffering from a broken arm, was
also stabbed by another msrdercr, in his ow?
house, but still survives, and his son waa
wounded, supposed fatally.
It is believed by persona capable of judging,
that other high officers Wire designed to shar?
the sarine fate. Thus it seems that our enemy,
despairing of .meeting us in manly * warfare*
begins to resort to th? assasain'a tools. Yonr
General does not wish yon to infer that this is
universal, for he knowe that the great muss of
the Confederate army would scorn to sanction
such acts; bul he believes it the legitimate con
sequence of rebellion againat rightful authority.
We have met every phase which this war baa
assumed, and must BOW be prepared for it in
itaaiast and worst shape-that of assassins and
guerillas; but woe unto the people who seek to
expend their wild passions in snch a manner,
for lhere is Ont one dread result. By order of ,
Maj. Gen. W. T. SHERMAN.
L M. DAYTOS, Major and A. A. G.
Tn AwoxBsoNVtuB PaisoKxas.-We loara
that the Yankee prisoners who wera at Ander
??oville, Ga., numbering 3,200, were seat to
Florida to be exchanged. The Federal autho?
rities refused to receive them, and they were
brought back and seat te Macon, snppoasog
that place was still ia our pessssaion. They
ara now in the hands of th? Federal commander
at that place.
AGOOD WHEELWRIGHT* for whom liba
ral wages will be paid. Apply at this
office._Apo! ?8 j*?
4BLACK figured Maslin DRESSES, a supe?
rior article.
[ .
2 kegs SODA, _
2 bbl?, fine CORN WHISKEY.
100 lbs. TALLOW,
j april 28 4 H. SOLOMO*.
BA CON-Hams* Should er? and Sid ?c.
Prime LARD.
TOOTH BRUSHEft, cve., fcc.
A rare and valuable supply of
Together-with a varrSJty of other article?, at
. On? doer from Pendhrten ?|r??4
april SS . .- ? f .?

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