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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, May 02, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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.. ^rt*^-*~ ' 1 1 I , -- ? . ? j . j - - JT
??fly Paper $20 ? Month. ^ "Let our juet cen?ure 1 Tri-Weehly $10 a Month.
Payable tn Advance. ? Attend the true event"-BkeJttpeare. . j Payable in Advance.
^^^^^^^^_^ ? ^ ^ _e> ^ ^ _;_ ?
Bjr J. A. SELBY. COLUMBIA, S. C., TUESDAY, MAY 2,1865. VOL; 1.-N0. 29.
If roBLMDsn r>AU.7 ?Kt> Tn-\7>:rKLY,
Tho Daily ?? iw?w?-d ..?ery Trorni.Dtr, except
Sandor, mt a month. Tri" Weekly, Tu?*d?ey.
Thareaay aril smuid?v, AI *U? R monti), m\a
ri ably ia gdvHuce. Sin?le eopi.es $1.
Advertis<'tu?'m^ insert, d at $6 p*t square (ter>
Ucee) for each inpart ?otu
FROM tie f.u?.rcr;Ui-, r MAH, 1th
WIVE. with tw? CHU I>KKK. Il e mai
ia ?lient 3v*r ft.l high-J he von an fix; th
latter tuny . -? li? ?i. I \ a seald or M-ki-d pla?
'octile L*Vd. Ot Ile clitidtci., the elli tat ?a r
boy cf little cito tlior tv? Y<?*r?; the other ?.
girl, i> littW mi-re ti ru ene. The o -mplexioi.
of the ncaa Mid ? ?man ie irehned to yelloW;
tbat of t|i? yt nt p?-?t cli'hi very Heit. OKI
BUM-HF I? lilLAll^ i < ??rd ia offered foi
their af i .it-beoeion. Arfdre**
? April ?> *._CUt?wb?N, s. C.
lax Iren sud Scrap Steel.
OF Il e folio* u'g aia>?C
-Irnr. fx* ex}. 6xf. 7xT,
St*. 1. ii>f ,4xf 4xf.
Will Le fkcl.Ki ?*d tor PP OVIS I OKS, et Ute
South Cbi?>fti-a Railroad,on application to
W. B. ?UTH. Marter Machinist,
Or C. J. BOLLIN, Agent.
April gi_f
Fianter s aed Vecfeanic's Bank of S. C.,
A bl hV tl J K C H.. APRIL 17. 1865.
MJ\.LCr- ORS ? f ihie Bal t w ill be held at
in ?fm J, in tl?ia p'i . ?t. on ilOM'AY. lat Ma}
enruiji?', 1 ...t\ve?n the li?u:- ot 10 o'clock a. m.
and 1 p. ni. fetuckfaoldera may vote either ia
p*i>on ;-~ br pioscy.
Apnl 2<J fa W. g. H Ay SELL, Cashier."
For Sale er Kent.
n" OTTAGE HOUSES cotitaitiiitg five room?
\_. aiid iur?-fieary "*?nt-l adding*, with sixty
?;r.^? nf iai ? ut!ached. .1?? Bailes and a hail
-fi om the city, luqnire at ?his tfflce.
Apiti 17 _
SEA p. >M17. HFI h Ll ?, K C., Ana 7, ISfS.
EfEOlA L ORDER NO. 23-hmtroxt.
~ ?: * * . . ?
V . fia.>-:pi.<-d to ootnoiaiid Ju the Male ot
g~t?h Carolina.
% * * ?
P.y pomanar.d of Gen. J. E. JCriSsTO??.
?UXL0OE Fi-IXH Ni-ft. A. A. O
APRIL lt. lSCf>
in i-eiaplianee erith the ?h?re ord?ra, th*
?;;ide?li$m?-d tietehj' /?m?in roailDMid rn tfiiM
Ufil tho named cf tin-Miff aie ?a
t\->v,r,r .?. ?fi5??nl oornti ooicaK?im? to the?>e bead
pjmtt^w v ?Ii hf tiddn?ped to L?eUt. J. hi. ii.
zJOYFLL. Aetire A A G. a? Cohiml i?.
April 14 H. LUVLU.. Major Gei.et al. ?e.
Letter from Sherman. 1
j In the Field near Marrievta.Ga., June 30.
t ii rx Anna .Gilman Bowen, Baltimore,
1 : Md:
DEARI?ADAMK: Your welc?medetter ot
Jure 18th orne to tr.e amid the sound ol
battle, r-nd, as yciu say, little did ? dream,
when I kiit-w you playing ?9 a school git I
? n Sullivan's It-land bea< h. thal I shouV
'.ontrol a vast ^tmy. pointing like the min
"f Alaric towaid the plaina of the Scot h
Why, rh! ?hy ia tiri?? Il I knew, my owi
heart it beats nt? waimly as kindly HS eve?
tripart?s thoie kir.d and generous IMHU? I
that greeted ns with MU-h ?ra:tin hospilani}
io days long past, but Mill p?e?ent iii
n-ernorj-; nnd to day, were Frank and Mis
Porcher^ ind Eliza Gilman, ai d Man
Lamb, mid Margaret Blake, the Bat keddies.
Qiiaeh'e. the Pt y orr, indeed ?ny and ah
of our clieiii-hcd cirt-le, their chridr? v, ot
even their children's children, to come t<
me ?fi of old, ti e stern, feelit.gs of duty and
conviction would melt aa snow liefore th?
g? nia sun, and I believe I would strip -?\
<>wn childi* n that they might be sheltered;
and \et they call mc barba rinn, vandal,
and monster, nnd all the epithets that lan?
guage cnn invent that are significant o'
malignity and bate. All I prtteud to 'say,
<>n earth as in heaven, man moat submit to
iomo arbiter. Ile must not ihrow ? ff his
?dVgiat.ce to hisJGoverr.mtnt or hi? God
wi-bout jiuu reason and cause. Tito South
bad no cause; not even a pretext. Ind? ed,
by lier ur justifiable ceurse, she has thrown
away the proud history of the past, *nd
laid open lier fair ccuntry to the tread ol
devastating wr.r. She bantered and bullied
us to tlie conuieL Lind wo- dcclii ed,
bettie, America wou'J Lave sunk bick, j
coward and craven, meriting tko contempt j
of ill mankind. Am a nation, ?rd were i
forced to accept battle, and ll?t4 once
begun, it bas gone on till the wor baa ss
-urned proportions at which-even -ve ?:i the
"burly burly sometimes- stand aglii-a?. 1
wooli! not ?ul jugate the South in the'svb?e
so ?.rfeiisivt-ly aaaumed. bat I would, make
every cit?efii ofilia land *?bey tb? c?muiori
law, submit to tho sam? that we do-no
worse, no better- our equals ard not our
-op?rion?. 1 know fend 3ou kriow thar
ih**re were young met) in our da\, now n<>
longer tout.g. bm who eonltol their'el
owe, whont-SUtbed to tbegenthmer o'*rbe
S- mli a superiority of courage nt d ,r:rn
hood, ard 1 Owstinely d?fi?sl 11a ? f Knittern
i-irth to arni? Go?? ki,MA? how relnrt????
y we accepted tb? ?-xue, hut t>iic? the
.?oe joined, like in c her ages, the North?
am mee, though slow to ' anger, ? nco
Aroused, a?,e o-ot?? terrible than the more
inflammable of the South. Even yet nur
heart b'etds wkrn I tee the enrnope of
little, the deso?a.ion of humes, the bitter
-Jtiguish cf f: miliev; 1 ut the very moment
he men of the South say thar instead of
-.j pealing to war tl:ey should bavo appenl
d to reaFoti, to our Congress, to eur
om ts, to religion, snd to the experience of
history, ibm will I say Pence-Peace; go
back io point of error, and resume your
hives as ? mei ivan citizens, with ali their
L-ror.d L?'ri'iige?-. Whether 1^ball live"to
?e tbih period is problematical, bot yeu
uiny. atid maj tell your mother and sister?
hat I never lorgot one kind look or greot*
?.g. or aver w tlied to efface ita remera
oiam-e; but in putting cn thc armor of war
I nid it that our common country shoul?
not perish in infamy and dishonor. 1 am
if?:rri*-d, have a wife and six children,
tvitig in Lancaster, Ohio. My course hoi
hem an eveiit'ul one", but I hope when tho
..louds of angeland pasaion nie dispersed,
and truth emerges bright and clear, you
-nd all who knew me in early years will
not blush that we were once dear friends.
Tell K ita, for me, that I hope she may
Jive to lealze that the doctrine of "seces?
sion'' is as monstrous in our civil code aa
<ii'obedience was in the Divine law. And, '
-hould the fortunes of war ever bring 3'ou,
or your sisters or any of our old clique
m.der the shelter of my authority, I do not
believe they will have cause to regret it.
Give my love to your children, and tho as?
surance of my respects to your honorable
husband. Truly, W. T. SHERMAN.
If every man's breast could be !o.cir|yj
into there would be found the imago oi
some woman.
Lumber and Doors for Sale.
O KV Kit AL ?HrOlt? ?nd a ?ma?Vq'KiitttiVy .r
O LUIiliLH tor SH!<? ato i?-r..-i>i!u!>U> px)*-*.
Apply in auuitei- street, near Luaibi-r. ti?
?i?yl_Al tr. if. (-KL^J.
is ot ice
ALL perrons having etuim* again-t the Ar?
ft? rial Aea<J<mv will present (hem '.o r-e
101- (.;> \ ui.-iiL issnsiediatel v.
M:Q" - s_ti. guuGny.
$50 Reward.
'"ililli above reward wilt I..- cheerfully gitciT.
JL nny one that r/ill iiv<- h?foi mut ion to eon
net pcr^ut.s f?r &TE?LLNG I?OAhDi* fuu ;h?
l'cn?c -rnctoeiog wv lot on Blending rtrect. i he
*c?t of the hoards ?rs fihkv 1 tnrl eu*y vi -'.ec
.i< n. 1 ft<o!os?ii it nt the leqn?i-sti;! C?iy ?.<.;;.;
:it. fnd hupc ih?y will assies m Steping it e?>. '
may 1 4* C. A. BEIiLLL.

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