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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, May 09, 1865, Image 1

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^ .. ;- --
COLUMBIA^ S. C., MOND AY ?: KAY 8,?Q*5. VTOL.^I^i??; M. % ,
' : V ?- -?i ii.- - ." ?? Vir V'"' r? . i II -' .
Vi Y r J U LI *A N An SB lr B T.
- . - -- 2
The Baily ie issued ?very morning, except"
??undflyj at ?40 a month. Trf Weekly, Tuesday,
Tahuiedav and Nai?rday,-at?8C a motih, inva?
riably in advance. Pingle copies $?"2.
Advertisementf> inserti d at $10 per square,
(ten lines) for each insertion.
Headquarters District of South Carolina,
. COLUMBIA,. MAY 6, 1866.
I.IN ord. i to carry into effect tho terms of
. the-M iii ir. ry Convention between Generals
Johnston and Sherman, made on the 26th ult.,
duplicate mus'Cr rolls should ba prepared at
once, upon whieh all officers ?nd men who com?
tinder these terms may enter their names Abd
receive the immunity from-molestation therein
guaranteed. Major-General Young, Brigadier
G?ucrals Ripley, Robertson, Blanchard, Con?
nor, Chernut., Preston- ned Benimm and Maj ol
Jenkins; sr ? ch urged with the daly of prepar
ing these foils for the -signature of such officer'
and men as may be within th ?ir reach. Roi li
will also bc prorat ed nt these Headquarters foi
those who are la Columbia aud its vicinity.
II. There is no authority to disband troopt
until thc forms proscribed iu*Hhe conventioi
.ave boon complied with, and the Major-Gene
val commanding regrets to observe, on' the .par
of some few denior.-.lized persons, a dispesltio
to interfere by .violence even with the srticlf
of public property necessary to enable thei
Superior officers to arrange the terms by whic
protection ?an be given to those in the servie
who desire it;, to procure subsistence for th
siek and wounded in the hospitals; arid to fee
the soldiers passing through the Statw on tbe
way to their distant homes.. He trusts tin
those who have so fought so long nnd ao \vel
will accept their fate with becoming dignit;
and repress any attempts to throw aside tl
restraints imposed upon Us as good citizens ar
the honored veterans of many battles. . ,
By command of Maj. Gen. LOVELL.
.TpsEvn MASIOAOLT, A. A. G, may 9 4
"JLaSL'ttr KTotice.
I"WILL be fonnd in the South Carolina O
lege buildings, in the Library, from 10
nt. to 12 ru. JAMES D. TRADEWELL.
May 4_ I
ALL persons indebted to the COLUMBI
, -PHONIX, are requested to make iran
diate payment. In the future, the CASH SY.
TEM will be rigidly enforced.
Auction and Commiar?pn Mercuai
Office Atsttnbly Street, Between Plain and WA
ington Streets,
WJ ILL giva prompt attention to the sale i
V> purchase of REAL ESTATE. STO?
BONDS ant? all other, articles of PERSON
at either" private sale or auetton. April 17
By Jacob Cohen. "
ON THURSDAY hex& li th inst., Rt ll o'clock/
nt corner of Plain and Assembly streets,
?will.be sold. \."
4 well broke Mules, in good order.
1 good Wagon. ' - '"-?-.
1 complete set of Leather Har ness and Chain
Trac?*.' Terms cash in coin. may 9 8*
May be treated for nt private sale. ._
By Francis Lance.
I will sell, THIS (Tuesday) MORNING, at 10
o'clock, at Bedell's lot, -
Sundry Articles of Furniture.
2 .Cooking Stn ves, complete.
Large lol of Books.
5 reams of Letter Fapcr. .
A complete-seit of Table, Tea and Dessert
Spoons, Forks, Silver Ladles. Cream and Mus?
tard.Spoons. Tea Basket, Molasses Cups, dec,,
and many other articles.
Terms cash. - may 9 1* j
- Variety Sale.
By F- Eugene Barbee.
WILL be sold THIS DAY, (Tuesday,) ?th May,
at ll o'clock, at my office. Assembly etr?et,
The following articles, viz: ?1 fine Broadcloth
Dress Coat, Table, Rocking Chair, Axes, Sho?
vels, Tongs, Pokers, Skillets, Woori Tin
Ware, Pot?, Kettles, Letter Paper, . -, hen
Holders, Horse Collars, dtc. Also, Oil t -i und
Twine. ma^ J 1
. Unlimited articles received up to hour of eale.
BY the subscriber, on the night of the con?
flagration of Columbia-the l7'-h of Feb
ruarv. 1865-Uta following CERTIFICATES
420 shares Exchange Bank of Columbia; 48
shares South-Western Railroad and Bask; 40
half shares South Carolina, Railroad stock; 21
half sharesBank of Charleston.
And the following GREENVILLE RAIL?
No. 1081, $500. 7 per eent, redeemable July,
18C3; No. 278, $500, 7 per cent , redeemable
January, 18C2; No. 250, one Bond; $500, 7 per
cent., redeemable January, 1862; No. 274, 500,
7 per cent.,- redeemable January, 1862; No.
303, BOO, 7 per cent., redeemable january, 1802;
No. 225, 600, 7 per cent., redeemable January,
1862; No. 285, 509, 7 per cent., redeemable
January, 1862; No 223. 500, 7 per eent, re?
deemable January, 1862; No. 46S, fiOO, 7 per
cent., redeemable July, 1S62; .Ne. 619, 500,7
per cent, redeeruable July, 1862; Ko. .220, 500,
1 per cent., redeemable January, l8G2; ?o. 221,
500, 7 per cent-, redeemable January, 1862^
No. 86, 600, 7 per cent., redeemable January,
1862; No. 95, 5U0, 7 percent., i-edaTOwble Janu?
ary, 1862; Ni. 618, 600, 7 per cent, redeemable
July, 1862. No. 739, 600, 7 per cent, redeem?
able July, 1862; No. 32. 600,7 per coat., re?
deemable January, 1862. ,
The public will take notice of the above, ns
application will be made for renewal ceriifi
eatcs and renewal bonds.
may 1 mo2 . . MARY O'CONNOR. *
= . . , ,."., ^ j'i ir1 1 ii ? r?j?
J. Wilkes Booth,. who ka? linked bis .'?
[name with history, and made it famou* foir^:
jail time; iffthe second ?on of Junius Bf ufa's"
i Booth, the great'tragedian, and is betweeu
I twenty-six and twenty-seven years of aire." *
He was born and raised in garford ?otiu?y, ?:
[Maryland, where'Sis father owned and *ul
?tiyajed. a farm. In. early .life' Wilkes^.
? showed, little ambition for the. stage, but,"'
[inspired by the suece-s of his brolher, >
[Edwin Booth, Be went upon the board? as?
ia member of. ? stock company in Philadel
[phi.a, and about the year I8601>?-was re?-^
?arded as almost the rival pf , Edwin.;;;
ndeed, his ^Richard' was said -to surpass,
that of Edwinuapd approached' nigher the
rendition ?f B?f?th the older than a?y?
other* living actor. At tho breaking out.pf
the war of 1861; Wilkes was" attached- lo ?
th e troupe of Messrs^???.?kel & Mosley,
then performing at the Marshall Theatre, :
Br^ap"6treet, in this city, where he ap- ,
peare'd under the name of J, B. Wilkes..
He went North with roost of the company,
and-has since risen to some distinction ia
the" Northern cities as an actor. Of la?evi
he- has been" represented by those who
knew him as a man of decided an ti-slavery
sentiments; whereas, prior to ' the war, bo?
wna regarded a? a sympathiser with th?
Southe Oat o?r motives of policy bis vie?rS'
and sentiments must havetu??ergpuecb?qgg."
Dike bis father," the elder Bootn, Wilkes;
sometimes" indulged in tho oap t?eseos??
and on these oeofl3?ons- hallucinations of
mind would take possession of andr?ontrol
hi nv aa th ey b ad d one his fatb er, -who, oil
one or two occasions,.upon the stage;came,
nigh committing actual and read murder,
instead of "the mimic' slaying provided for
in the play. * . -f . - \ - ^
In stature J. Wilkes "Pootli is ahe??t;fi^?
feat ten. inches high, of de*jpftl^f4iarne,-aiid
features, capable of being put jo Sno play,
dark, piercing eye3, and daik hair., j Hif
intellectual faculties are highly cultivated
A younger brother, Joseph, is, ca- a
medical student in Philadelphia. ? ; . -'
[Richthond' Whiff. ?*?
B' ?v .* - ** '. . y ."""*.-.;. . _.
MECCA.-This city is famous as-heki;
the birth place of Mahoraet, Ar.- D. 37j'
The temple is. ? gorgeous &ructureJtmu?(i?
visited by pilgrims. O a one.of.^be_ue;g;r
boring bills is a cavo, where" it. is pretend
ed Mahomet usually retired to perform hi
devotions, and where-the greatest parino
the Koran was brought to him by tbs ange
Gabriel, A. D. 604. Twp^oi??s^ from i?
town is the hill where they'.s&y Abra?Vaii
went to offer up Isaac, 18^Jt- B.. C. ?,

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