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- i a - i M. ? ,, . -
: V . [Original^.
The Plains of Therjnopylo.
,-Obl friends,, we stand apon Theistfiopy'l?e,^
. The pass'thatJed intothcheart of"Greece,
Bi?t gave rio passage save Xo greater-henrtp;
They keep it still;" their graves are at our feet|
Sow stood the t ve three hundred on that
With all the hosts of Persia in their front,
- The immortals of tlie Median in Jheir-rear, .
Themselves, ten. thousand,' rushing to tho
charge-" . .
Hots?-stood the "Greeks and brave Leonida??
-We know the story how they stood and fell.
All consecrate to freedom. But they saw
The-ibetter immortality begun,
?Ia the conviction of their own firm will,
To perish for their count ry-to the last,
Striking for victory-and grand memories
KervedktheEi for sacrifice'
: It did but need _
That ha, their chief Leonidas, should say,
.'.There, rises Oeta, from whose rugged brow
"The hercio soul of Hercules look flight
For the Olympian Heavens. He was your sire;
.We'll be with him to-dayl Even now hi? shade
Bends from yon summit down his eager eyes,
To note who best remembers what ye are,
And from "s?hat loins .descended. Shame him
not,' _
iv or bring perdition, and the loss of Heaven,
?On your own soulsl By Hercules, set ont''
A Kiss ra THE DARK.--Heleroft, the
we'll known dramatist, sapped one evening
at .Opie's. After the cloth had been re?
moved, numerous stories' were told, among
which waa one of a gentlejnan, who having
put out his candle CD gokig to bed, read "in
phosphorescent characters -, on the wal),
^Confess thy aina.' The gentleman fell on
bis knees, and aa expected, began to confesa
his sins aloud, not from ter-ror, however, for,
aware it was a trick to terrify him, devised
by a" certain waggish young lady in the
house, and hearing ft little bustle on the
stairhead, he guessed rightly that she and
her comrades were there to enjoy his dis?
comfiture. He confessed, aa the last and
greatest of his sins, that he bad kissed
Miss --, frequently in the dark, and
so turned the tables on his tormentor with
a vengeance, a lesson she ne vcr forgot.
COUGH MIXTOBB.-Take as much of th?
Buttonbush (cepkalantkus occidentalis,
not the buttonwood, which is a tree.) at
can^be conveniently grasped in the hand
boil them in a gallon ot* water until re?
duced to a quart; add a- teaspoonful of salt?
petre and a tea-cupful of honey. 5 Ii
may be used fresh, or when it-fermeuts inti
a sort cf beer, but should be prepared anew
if it gets sour. Take a tablespoonful o
decoctjon whenever inclined to cough. A
cough cf an acquaintance of ours, which wai
of nearly two years standing, yielded U
this remedy in about two weak?. I
requires a repetition of the medicine severa
times, however, before the luugs had benlee
*o that there was no ten-ding to a relapse
fltfcButtonbush is a shrub growing fron
four to twelve feet high in swampy places
with curious heads of whitish yeilov
flowenlate in the summer- Cultivator.
-r-?^ - ? ?? . ? -'*??'?. ? ?.
Corbett, who shoV.tbe ft?sassin Bool h, is a
native of England. He came io this cono?.
try when quite a ladt and. learning the
trade of ?- hatter, waa Tor some y?ars. em>
ployed by Mr. Espencheid, of No. 116
Nassau street' #nHhe 12 th pfApril, 1861,
ha? enlisted in the Tweilth New York
Militia, returned to the seat of war with
his regiment three times, and wno tak^X
prisoner at Harper's Ferry, when Miles snrr
rendered , to Stonewall Jackson. He was
aoon after ward exohnnged, joined the Six?
teen th /New York Cavalry, and was cap.
th red by Mosby at Fairfax Court House.
Corbett was deserted by.-his companions
when Mbsby's cavalry came dTfwn upon*
them. He refuted to surrender, and setting
hia back against a tree, he used his pistols
so well that be kept twenty-six of the rebels
at bay for more tbau an bour. Hia am?
munition being expended, he advanced
upon thom,"sword in band, and Mosby, ad?
miring big gallantry, ordered bis men not
to fire-upon biro, but to take "-him alive.
He wai sent to Andereonviile, where he
saw his companions die around bim by
thousands, and .contracted a disease from
which he ia even yet suffering.
.Corbett ia a member of the Attorney
street Methodist Church, in this city. He
is said to be an earnest Christian, reading
the Scriptures to bis fellow-soldiers and
preacbing the Word whenever opportunity
offers. His comrades relate that on one
occasion be was sent to the guard-house
for re'proving his Colonel for using profane
language on parade. In person he ie
slightly made, is about five feet six iochea
in height,, and has a mild and intelligent
countenance. He is about twenty-six
years of age and a widower.
[iWic York Times.
OF LINCOLN.-A gentleman directly from
St. Thoma3 informs us that ou board tb?
British steamer Eid?r he met ex Senator
G-win, direct from France; Cornmodor?
Barron, Capt. Pegram and Lieut. Barney,
all rebel officers, and travelit-g under as?
sumed names. They had fifteen or twenty
persons in their train, and were evidently
bound for "Cowes and a market."
The news of President Lincoln's assas?
sination and the attempt on Secretar}
Seward was received at Havana on Satur
day last, at the same time with the news o
?he fall of Richmond and the surrender o
Lee's army. The whole rebel party wert
on the tipper deck when they received th?
news, and G-win attempted s-t once to raist
a cheer, but he met with no response. Ii
Havana the feeling among all le&pectabh
citizens was one of profound regret.
[New York Times.
A Dutch novelist's Dutch captain casi
the following .reflections upon gratitude
"Gratitude ia bell-metal for fools. I hav
never been better paid than in assurance
of gratitude. Gratitude is the orange
peel that is thrown away when the juice it
sucked." Well done, Mynheer Von Dunk
|S3> :-'v--fT-r-> y .;" '; : ? s ? ^ '
^ : Zea ly ?& Scott
WJLL sell THIS DAY. Ht lOi.'oIoelr, oft Ace?tn
; - ? . . lily ptreef,
Bed?tr-ad?; Boreen*, Washlands, Tables.
- ( huies. ; Minw?, Mauresse?, C>ockeryware,
?X,\ Terms coil? rn coin. may ll, 1.
: Unlimited articl.-s roceiverl up to hour uf sale.
By F- Eogene Darbee.
WILL he sold THIS DAY. (Thumdny, llth,)at
_ ll o'clock, at my r>ffiee on Assembly street
The following .articles, vis: '
13 Chair?. Z Bedsteads, 6 Pine Tables 1 Ma?
hogany Table, 1 Clock, 6 Water Backets, 4
Tube; 1 Well Bucket. 2 Trays, 2 Keg?, S Bar?
rels, 1 Washstand, 1 Lounge. lot Vota, 2 pair
Fire Dv>gs. Matte?. Horse and S?u?e Shoes,
Sledge Hammer, 2 Basins and Goblets, &c.
1 chest Cooper's Toola. . may ll 1
Unlimited articles received up to 'nour of sale.
Real Estate.
By Jacob Cohen -
WILL be seid. THIS MORNING, the 11th inst,
at 11 o'cloek, oa the corner of Plain and As?
sembly streets.
All.that LOT OP LIND on Sumter street,
immediately in rear of Fisher <fc Heisitsh'sdrng
store, measuring in front, on Sumter street, 52
feet by 210 feet in depth, be the same mere or
leas. ALSO,
A Northern Morgan Stallion, sound and tho?
roughly broke; a Four-Hcrse Wagoe, with iron
axles; a Tin Bathing Tub and a Black.Broad?
cloth Coat.
Terms cash in .Confederate money.
may ll 2*
Unlimited articles received on day of sale.
By Jacob Cohen.
THIS MORNING, 11th inst., at ll o'cloek,
at corser of Plain and Assembly streets,
will be sold,
4 well broke Males, in good order.
1 good Wagon.
1 complete set of Leather Harness and Chain
Traces. Terms cash in coin. may ll 3*
May be treated for nt private sale.
Law "KTotice.
IWILL be fonnd in the South Carolina Col?
lege buildings, in thc Library, from 10* a.
m. to 12 m. JAMES D. TRADKWBLL.
May 4
State of South Carolina.
COLUMBIA, May 8, 1865.
To the Officers of the Civil Government of the
THE cessation of hostilities renders it proper
.that the Civil Government of the State
should be restored without delay, and that"the
functions of the several departments should be
at once resumed. To that end, all officers of
the State, whose offices have been kept in Co?
lumbia, will with all convenient promptitude
return to that place, ra open their offices and
resume their proper duties.
By the Governor. A. G. MAGRATH.
Official: W. S. M?Liixa, LL Coi. and A. D. 0.
E-frSouth Carolina newspapers will copy
once. may 8

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