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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, May 13, 1865, Image 3

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its ghastly forms, and hideous sight?; the recent]
announcement of the assassin aiton of hi* Ex- I
cell ency Abraham Lincoln, the ?hief -Magis?
trate of the United Stutes, with Hie time, the
manner and the place in whioh he was most
flatty murdered, struck' upon our senses with
most appalling horror, and called forth on the
atrocious deed* ?n indignant burst, of universal
We h-ve met to mingle our grief with the
.national sorrow, to mourn an occurrence which
may retard that peace for whicii every patriot
longed, and for which bleeding humanity most
.oevoutly prayed; and to deplore the commis?
sion of a crime degrading and disgraceful to us
as a civilized people. *
Mr. Lincoln, among his. last acts, hod inau?
gurated measures intended to produce pesce.
la hie pre-emii-tcntly high position, surrounded
.mill ali that Was desirable in life and which
in ikea life desirable; in the confidence of his
. Cabinet and ia the possession of power and
popularity as far aa he was individually con?
cerned for personal .honor and distiuctiol?; he
may have been w-ell content that his mission
t * was accomplished". But to the Am'ricau peu?
ple "tl*t the majesty of the le,w-the only
earthly majesty here tolerated and venerated,
because embodying the will of the people, and
whick protects the humblest citizens and guards
the highest functionary-sbouldtfbave bs? n de?
fiantly disregarded in the sight and hearing of
hundreds, a peaceful scene converted in an in?
stant ?ato a enter and bloody drama; and the
Presiden t^oi the United States, unarmed and
unsuspecting danger, in the presence of his
family and people, should have been brutally
assassinated, was aa astounding reality which
claims our unqualified detestation and sondern
nation. Therefore, be ii " "' ?a
t * Resolved, That we, the people of the city of
Charleston, deeply deplore the assassination of
his Excellency Abraham LinculnJPrtsident of
the United States of ?meriea. .
Resolved, That wo regard the late President's
death es u national oahimity, believiug that
mei.sures by his efforts were being inaugurated
which would have restored peace tu our dis?
tracted. coon try.
Resolved, That the Assassination of the Chief
Magistrate of the United Mates wag. an atro?
cious murder which merits universal condemna?
^ Resolved, "That the Chairman b? requested to
forward a copy-jof the proceedings ol this mceT
ing, with a letter of condolence, to-a\lr& Lincoln,
a-ad family, expressive of our sympathy at theil
most distressing and afflictive bereavement.
We are told by a gentleman from below, ic
whom we have every confidence, that there is
good reason to believe thal, the Federals nie
about to establish garrisons at Summerville r.uc
at Orangeburg. It is also reported that they
.-propose, at cn early period, td re-open thc
rc.iiway communication to the latter place
which can be easily done, there being on!j
slight repairs needed along the line. In fact
this route can be pursued to Fort Motte; tia
loss of the Congaree and Edisto Bridges wil
. . for come time delay any farther progress on
ertbec of the track's of the South Carolina P.aii
road, beyond this point on the one and Branch?
ville on the other.
-?-7^-s- e a?
Governor Brown, of Georgia, has called th?
Legislature of that Sfato to convene in extra
ordinary session, st. Milledgeville, en. Monday
the 2'2d inst., "td" do all in their power to pre
veiit anarchy, restore and" preserve order, ant
. eave what they can of liberty and civilization.'
He do?3 not seem to entertain any apprehen
sion that the?r assemblage and deliberation!
will be interferid with-by tho United Statei
Local Items.
! Monday's issue will coutnia some appetioing
( matters, which we have failed to find a place
j for in this day's paper. There is a long and
curious letter from Booth, who slow Lincoln,
written some time ?before, the act, which will !
afford sobre tojtics of stud\? to-those who rrre
curious in ihe analysis of hun??n nature in its
most.secret and intricate abodes. There will
be inneb. besides, that needs theastudy of our
people a\ this juncture.
635" PROSONAL.-All subscribers to the Pkcc
nix whose subscriptions have expired, * ill
please come forwa'-d and renew, in ppecie or
provisions; otherwise tht;r papers will be
fj^* "We wish it distinctly understood that
our terms are cash. No advertisements will,
therefore, be inserted unie?* paid for in advanoe.
We present the following schedule of rates, in
the case oS the most obvious commodities. For
one month's subscription to the Phoenix, we
will receive either of the following, viz:
I bushel corn, peas or potatoes.
4 pounds butter.
6 '. lard.
5 " bacon.
4 head of chickens.
8 do2en egg*.
Wood, vegetables and provisions generally
received at fair market rates approaching the
Specie standards."
--> ? y
It is reported to us thai the Augusta Consti?
tutionalist has been suppressed, in consequence
of a bold article in the paper, of the 6th, ad?
dressed to President Johnson. We are in re?
ceipt of the Constitutionalist, of the 6th, as well
as the Chronicle, of the same city, of the same
date. Extracts will Lc '.'published on Monday
from both of these papers.
The City Council of Augusta have passed an*
ordinance to organize an additional police force
for the protection of that city, which include?
all able-bodied male citizen-s between the ages
of sixteen and sixty, who are- not already en
i rolled and not firemen, and who "have been?in
j the city not less than five days."
TAUOLES.-It is stated that Maj. T. E, Wal
cott, of Gen. Schofield's stiff, is in Chester
civing parole to the officers and men of th<
Confederate army. .
We learn that,"by the request of citizens o
Charlotte, N. C., a guard of Union "?oldieri
have arrived there and been put on duty fei
the preservation of order and quietar"
The telegraph wires to Hilton Head wert
recently cut by some of thc independen
darkies, who needed a substitute for rope..
* Gov. Brownlow, of Tennessee, hos issaed ni
earnest appeal to all Tennessecaus to return t<
their homes.
The troops of the United States, at Augusto
under Gen. Upton, are garrisoned, not at th?
arsenal, but in the very heart of the city.
G. B. La nar, of Savannah, the blockade run
ner, has been arrested nndearriedtoNew York
IT'or Oliarlestozi.
r, "JLS~^F?\. PERSONS desirous of obtain
?'n'' passage" to Charleston oi
Wednesday next, or earlier, can.hear of a fa
vorabla opportunity by npplyiug immediate!;
to Mr. P. FOGARTY, on Lumber street, nea
Ga tes, (Arsenal Bill.)_may 13 1*
Extra Fine Green Tea,
I FOR sale in small quantities. . Appl
i P^V- Mr?. F. GEESE'S, cu Slimier streei
|'?^|nc-r LutcbJt. may J3
Funeral Invitation. '
Til? friend? und acquaiolarces of Mr. and
Mrs. Y. 'W. Fuller, nre invited to attend 'the
Toneral service of their "*ott-]ge?t child, JONES
MORGAN, nt their rest ence, on Stark's Hill.
THIS (Saturday)-MOItSINU, id 10 o'clock,
without further notice.
Variety Sale.
By F. E?gcn* Durbec.
WILL be sold THIS DAY, May 13, at 10-J
o'clock, at rny office,
The following article*, viz: 2 c?o.--. pnpofV. fine'
English Pins; 10 lhs. fine Kirby Powder; 12 lbs.
Cooking Soda; 10 lbs. tine Java Coffee; S yarda
Jeans; 12 skeins White Flax' Thread; 1 Blank
Book, Tr?nk, Knife and Fork, lot Paper, Port?
folio. Skates?, lot Clothing, baines, Pot*. Collars,
Baking Fan.-?, cheot Toois, ?te. may "13 1
Unlimited articles recei ved up t< hour of sale.
DR. J. H. BOATWRIGHT has removed tis
office and residence to Washington street,
opposite the Female Orphan Asylum, where he
may be found at all hours, unless professionally
engaged. may I'S 2
MISS R. W. SH AND .propose- to open a
SCHOOL for children under 14 years ot
age. on MONDAY, the 22d inst. Terms, ?fcc.,
made known on application to her' at her resi?
dence, South side of College Oampus, next East
to residence of Professor Reynolds.
may IS - " _. 2*
Private Sal? of Furniture, China, &c.
IOFFER for sale Til IS DAY, (Saturday.) at
my residence, on Washington street, nearly
opposite the'Mayor's office, a quantity of de?
sirable articles, viz: 40 Gune and Hair Seat
Chaire, 3 Sofas, Rocking Chai-?, 4 Card Tablee,
Mahogany Chair, on rollers, Marble top Ceutro
Table, large Mbhogafly Bining Table, Wnsb
strnds. Looking Glasses,-Wine Glasses, Cope'
and Saucers. &c. Terms ca.h ia coin or in ex?
change for Corn.T'our, Rice or Bacon.
may. 13 1* J. II. BALDWIN..
~ Aflmmisjfratqff's Final .Notice.
A-iL persons indebted- to tho estate of tho
. late Capt. R B. I'HAYER, ?re requested
to make payment; and thoh-w h-i7i:i(- cl?tn:s"
.nrxnintjt th^- Kaid esUi'.e, top . '- .u-, the same daly
attested to the. undersigned a-.. Grceu.vijf?, c
may. "1-2 2* WM. TH "?YSR, AdmV.
4 LL owners . unemployed ry-groes in the
^ V_ citv are earrj-istly reqncited to have them
removed", as it will tie impossible for ?he Relief
Committees to ?PSUC tickets longer to said
parties. T. J. GOODWYN, Mn vori
may 12
.Mrs. Wai, ?>- DcSanssnre and Mis Geri
HAYE taken charge of th. SCHOOL laMy
condncted by Miss Burroughs, and a/e
prepared to receive pupils-boys and girls. For
terms, apply at President's HoUse, College Cam
pus, or Mrs. Gcrideat?s, at Theological Semi?
nary. ^Irs. DeSauBsure wilDahto give French
lessons to child/en. may 12 2*
Court of Appeals.
Columbia, S. C., oh THURSDAY, IS:h
?instant. .-Partie?- interested will govern ther::
selves according-y. By order of
j . D.-B. DK^AUs-si-nn, Clerk Court of Appeals.
JtST"Chester, Camden, Newberry arri Greer.
I ville papers? please copy. may ll G
IWILL be fonnd in?the So*h Carolina' Coi
lego buildings, tn th.e Library, from l? a
m.-to 1?, m J AJ?ES D. T?.ADF7,TII
May -J

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