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a ; '.Tun th, in Advance.
By fe A. SELB Y.
';L,et our jun? Censure attend th? true Hvent."-Skakspeare.
Single Copies Pivp Cents..
VOL, 1. -NO. 40.
M? . :v j . ' .. , ,
BY J U Ii IAN A. SiSL?f.
Six ?Aontl s, - . $5
.On<:tioat3, - - - - (1
? AJOTEtrispir, .
Onfc square, (ten li^es.) CEO time, ?0?ts
, Stifeb?qU'-.ot insertions. - 35 ctS/
?~ "Originai.
j Spiri*. Visitants,
?lv.h'-.ln-, rind sweet U e Ainey doth
me?tiem, *
i'hr.t V, -8.-"id .spirits wit>i? tie night de?
scend. ' **
Aid haul'- v/i'h the de:r J;IC'I fancies
T rlcrias \.b>; -vell-belovc", the husband,
?nd so . e liream a dream of happy
derain .
Anr waoi'er lirough Elysium without end
Till gai sh_day Frights bacs; our better
Sr.eh come to^bless'me ':i these lone
tow ir.-, .
'At.i, nigh?y, in sweet visior do I trace
Soino lo\eiy, precious, w.ell re:n<-aiber'd
; . grace, #
"Pure sr?i "it, bending fr.ru. find beautiful
I. !> fa ?e. V .. .
., I ?ear aa Hie f.-.ncy of m} y?ulr?Jrd hours,
"When, wanton, in soiaa ?v?s.t?* haunted
r/iaev. '**.*"
? dissed r,.v phantom through a realm
.of flowers. CLAUDE.
Cr Un S lory of. Don Alphonso de
tfdos an I Ihe'Jevrfc-'j Daughter.
BT LEIGH tl L NT. . 1
D i Alphonso oe Mtloe, a voun<?
g.-utlemau ot sonar tiw.aurt tweutv
yt .int <if ;i(/ii, was the son of ono of
.."lose ..itula'ios of Ga-!.:!--, toon, proud*
thin r.ch, of whom :?. iv.u* maliciously
sfr ii, ti ia I b -b/re'T?ft T-'" '.r.i, ! 'iorw.
:ht;y c-t?n't din*:; a: i .. ?-er t- -v vere,
:ar .-. lards, (bey dJ?n'? ?ni JJ? wa--,
ho.v?v.,r, a vei\ p^O'- ? kind of uart,not
'.ot poor to give his ?>;?s p. ".'i educa
'.io ,s; and ot' his sword sou, Alphonso,
th?. ri? best-grandee -night have t-ecn
pr? 'id; for a Letter or pleasanter youth,
or ne-of gr.eater.gO'.?'! MM?.-?-, conven
ttoi ali ;ui apart, ha '- liever ventured'
.ia :;fe in a b.i?-?igh ;, which !>e ?ind
.or - half a dozen limes. He was,
:uoi ' over, ? very pretty singer* arhl it
wa; eve i?r.jd, that hf not only com
'posj. Lthe runfie for bia sert-nacies, hut
ihai '.ie wr,'ie-?.Vrse ? fortlt?Mti equal to
'ho1 . of G'irci'aso. So, at least,
.hot .'ht the yoting .idy.to'whom they
ver sent, and wh?? used to devour
ihen with uer eve-, ti'l Lc- very
.iresra fail,K. ber, a\. ?he cor ld not
>pet?' for ?eii^11,
1 or, Joying- I-', in .ia! *\V*e cali
ter loor,' ?iough si ie .. -is at that
nie e jn? of "ihe i !? he>' a ? wed ad
lap * es', m ?deris tu'Mu j rid; aad ve
:.pe;?.i ot* her as a young la<"y/i'or .such"
ahe\v?sin r :.< edinga-'d manners, and :.s
-tuc!) ".be v i " grand??is t ejited her, as
far..-- they could, thc if", she was only
uie aughrei ??fa famous jeweler, who
had suppl.ed half lae .'?..-ut people
.wUL-?wet'.:!'-'. 1 and r.ngs. ?i T ia'her
?va? Adj?)a?! o }? . r mot i?r to?.: she waa
uuikr t$ie care ol ga?fd:an<; but .VI
phpii-.o ?if Aieios liad love? her more
thin a yeir; "had lovjd b ;r with a real
love, ev? ti though lr- wanted her
mea. y; wc?ld. in t'a?.t. 1 ; thrown bier
ruoui'> to tiie l.ogSj rat ;. r thau -i;ave
-Peaced ti love her; stich a treasure he
had loi' id in the ve?y laos of I.'s' pas?
sion '! iieir m irria?, eva. to take place
wiitin toe month; und a -ha lady was
so ri! , and .the huer, however noble
othes v i Ve, .vas onlv of ;r?o lowest or
.eaast -?r.vilej/-:d ordei* of ncbirijiy> (a
cla&s oo had the mi.- .. : t.. .ie , ?* not
bein,'} :i.':eo -vear' tin i ??its' ni thc
ki.-gi ;).?<? en??.-, ??ile bis ci j'-.-iy
e*.?ra '" i ed i,) t i i.d'ti.' : gran
. dr iT\ io could i av? i ?ut'td?
a .?V a marry the lovely heiress had
h fat er "?icu anything but a mer
<? it, ' bought tliat the match wa
?t orri/ pardonable i i the. y^ung
.* (leu in, but iu a ?-or .ot i: :iot.??jo
ui:. \ ac' ':vcn m se;, e to h
smilingly winked fit and encouraged:
nay, perhaps, envied; especially as the
future husband was generous, and had ,
atora for. making presents, and for
sitting at the head of festive table.
Suddenly, therefore, appeared some of
the^nesterntralds and sapphires in the
,world upon the fingers of counts and.
mnrqui.-es, whose jswels had hitherto
been of doubtful value; and no little
sensation was mada on th,? gravest and"
most dignified of the old nobility, by
a certain grandee, remarkable for bia
senne of tho proprieties, who.had dis
uovere Icerious robsons for thinking
that toe supposed jeweler's offspring
was a untura! danguter cf a lute prince
I' of tiie blood.
Be ihis as it may, Don Alphonso
! presented himself one morning, as
usual, before his mistress, and alteran
Inteichmrge ot' transport*; such as oay
be imagined between two such lovers,
about to be joined forever, informed
I her, that oniy<jne thing more was now
remaining to be Jone, and then-ia the
courso of three mornings,-thej would
br. living in the same house.
'And what is that!' said Lucinda,the
tears rushing into 4>er eyes for excess of
adoring happiness.'
'Only the bull fight,' paid the lover,
affecting as much ludiffjre'ico as ho
cou?kl affect in anytning when speaking
I with Iiis eyes on L^'d. But he could
i not sneak it ia q.a;te the tone he wish?
ed. ?? *\.
'1 he boll figh'!* scarcely ejaculated
his Mistress, turtling pale. 'Oh, Al?
phonso! Voa have fought jud.conquer
ed ii) a doze::, and you ?viii not quit
me j ow tbjtf we can be so oftei
together? ponies.' A-id here Lui
j treat.: began already to fail her. .
j But Alphonso .sh>wed ber. or tfri?t
Litt . >ho>v 1: V. ii >w lie /J?tist inev'tahh
I attend the butt Hgt it'. * |dori?5ratfiu ??i?
'?ee; i ; eu-sJuCT ;v?-i --fling t'.at r ' x
j pe< ted o iiiur, his ??aireas l' ::s.-l?
who#WOtiid olltet wiso lesptee hi n.
j ' BW Bli 'tress faipted twr.y. # She fell
j a de'itb ?ike burden, into his a/ms.
j When she came to aarself, she wept
.entreated, implored, tried ever, will
I pathetic gaiety to rally and he ;.!er
?I san!; .theil ;.g.iin wept; then argue-?!
j ami tor the first tirr.<? in her life was
j logician, pressing Iii- hand, and s.ayin<>
.( with a sudden ft ree of eouvictio'
j but hear ir."; thoa ' >?gged again, the
j kis^tid iiim like a bride, reposed on bru
! like a wjf?'d?d. f verythiiig that wa
; becoming ?:?J beautiful, and sai'
1 every'Jil ugt. ut, ai angry woH; na}
I would have Jared, perhaps, to pretew
.'to say even ?.hat had she thought >.
j ii; bitt.she was no' of an angry ?rind, c
I ot' any . k-it ? bu : tic loving, u ni ho
I was 'iie thong.it to enter bc:- bea?
i Emile lori is ; worship, and cauw
\ be angry. . .
'! Tile heart ol Tue lo r openly au
fondly syuvoaf i ?zed with that of h
j poor mist i ess; uni secretly, it felc ev??
! more that it liowed. ? Not 'that 1 >o
Alphonso te ?red tor consequence
'bongil 1. i hi 1 not been without par.
land thuughU ? t possibilities, even* i
j regald to tin tor, to say nothing
'.t u- danger ( : the sport in ordin?r
! the Cjief KO 'Hi of his being unp'O
! sundable iii .he prvsent instance was
-I re;ori that the animals to be en cou
't te ted wea* o' more than ordinal
[larociLy; i > that the cavali?res wi
j who were :x. ected to be foremost
j the lists i- general now lek themsek
j to be particularly onlled ou to ti.al
?J their apj >;<r?iice, at the hazard pf'i
i j alternatf to too d "ead ful forth e great*
I valor to isle.
Tlie f if.! ;:. gum-v.it which ha :s<
. j with bit mi?Tis.s was, the verv ewe
i ! of- that; ove, and the very position
' ! which ll stn- I at that bridal rnomei
? ! to wait i ?-.-. in vain appo. ???.\ i
. i showei ho-, it had ever t?d irre mei
. j ably b -'u the custom to estimul? i
? j figh tai's love by the <rteast ire of 1
; j coorae, the mo/e apparent t*n?? ri
; j ."or lit pretended to lnugii at a: y ?
? i dang .-, th? greater Xn? ev.d titus
91 cassi -D and bouo? done to tb*.- lac
and so, after -many more words and-*
tears, the honor waa to ba done ac
cordingIy,.grievously agRinst her will,
and custom triumphed. ?ustoml That
little thing, as the people called it to
the philosopher. That great anti
1 terrible th lng, as the philosopher justly
thought it. To show how secure he
was, and how securer still it would
render him. made her promise to be
there;, and she required very little
asking; for a thougnt came into her
head which mide her pray with secret
aod'sadd^n earnestness to the Virgin;
and tho Snrne thought enabled her to
give bim final hooks, net only of resign
ed:tovitigm;s9, but of a sort of cheered
composure; {or, now, that she sa*v that
there wu.* no remedy.she would make
the worst of his resolve, and so they
uovv differ.entlv from when they
me? Rh<i bow dreadfully to be again
brought together!
The day has arri yed; the great square
has been, daly set out; the sand, to
receive tbe blood, is spread ott-r it; the
barricades and balconies, the boxes are
I ali right; the king and Iiis noh'es arc
; there; Don Alphonso arid his Lucinda
j are there afso; he, in his place in th?
t square ou horseback, with his attend?
ants behind him, and the door out o'
which the ball is to come in front; she
where he will behold her before long
though not in the bcic to which-he bar
been raising his eyes. All the gentle
men who are ic tight the bulls, each ii
his turn, and who, like Alphonse?, an
dressed in black, with plumes of whit.
; feathers on their heads, and .scarf* o
i different coiors rour.d the body, havi
j ridden round the lists & quarter nf ar
1 hour ago, to salute tbe iadies of thei
j Kcquaitttance, and ail ia slid" and wait
lng; the whole-scene is gorgeous will
. v. .ioi-ric-?. arrrd z-ld- und Je.w*J% . U t
ri 'b"a.tre, in *.vhieh por>p at.? pleasn?
r-.re sitting jo athouatmd binna i shape
j t> behold a cruel spectacle. ' ?
! The trampal* sound; "brashes c
other music succeed; the door of th
stable opens, and the noble : creature
. the bnfl, makes ?tis appearance, Stahe
. ingstill awhile, nnd"lo .iljirig as it wer
j with a confu'seu composure belore bin
' SoiufLimev, when the anim il ?r.^tcouif
I forth, it rushes after tte horseman wh
; has opened the door, and "v.'ho bi
I tosbed away from tbe mood in vine
it has shown iftjlf. But the bull o
this occasion/ was one' tl.at, f;otu th
. very4perfection or his slr >ngtli, awaii
ed provoking. Ho SOoa has it. L'gji
j agile.lootiut-ti, who are ti.ere rm pu
j pose, vex ?j?n wita darts and ?UTO?*.
I garnished with paper set on fire. 13
I begin* hy pursuing them hither an
'.thither, they escaping hy ail tho ar
; of cloak.-! and bat? th-own on tl
I ground, and deceiving figures of past
,] board. Soon tie is irritated extreme!;
! he stoups his sullen bead to '.OBS; 1
raises it, with his eyes ot: fire, tb kic
f and trample; he bellows, hu rages, *1
i grows mad. His b/eath gathers lil
j a thick mist about him. Me gn!!o[>
: amidst cries of men and wone
i 'ranticaliy arou.nl tile quare, like
j racer, following and followed by h
tormentors; ii? tears the borae-5 with I)
I h'orns; he-disembowels themy he toss
the bowling tlo^s that are let ?OO70 <
! him: he leaps and shivers in the :-:
j iikeaveiy stag" or goat. Llh hu:
; bady is i jthing to him in the rage at
I might ol his ago.iy.
j For Alphonso, who had purpose
1 got in his way Lo shortei: his Luci nd'
; miserv, (knowing hersurelv to be thei
j though he bas never seen bc ,) h.ts gas
I cd the bull across-the ?yen with :
: sword, and pierced Ihm twice wi
j the javelins famished tym by his ,?
.i tendants. k liai: blinded by the bloc
{ and yet rushing at him; it would see
j with sure and final atm of his JKJ.
j ful head, the creature is just upon hi
j when a .olow 1 lrotil a negro who
i <. , ng one of th? pig?'", turns li
?iraetediy in th;:'. n? w direction, a
' \ strikes down, not, th<> negro,l
i tbeyootlnV, :?nd;n truth wholly frig
en?d aud helpless page. The page, in
t..'Ung, loses his cap, from which there
flow? a profusion of woman's hair,
and Alphonso knosvs it on the jnstaut.
He reaps ..ff his horse, and would have
roared out with horror; but something
which seemed to Wrench and twist
round his very bong within hhu pre?
v? t^ed it, and ina sort of stifled and
meek voice, he coule* only soobiugly
articulate the word Lucinda! But i:i
an instant he rose out e.* that self-,
pity into phrensy; he hanked wildly
at the bull, which waa now spinning
as wildly round; and though the as?
sembly rose, crying out, and the kii? ?
bade the brute be despatched, which ?
was "done by a thrust tn the.spine, by
y those who knar? the trick, (ah! wliy
' did they not do it before?) the poor
youth has fallen, not far from his
j Lucinda, gored alike With herself, to
death, though neither of them yet
. A recovery was pronounced hope?
less, and the deaths of the lovers close
at hand, they were both parried into
the nearest house, and" laid, as the
natu~e of the place required, on the
same bed. And, indeed, as it turned
out, nothing coutd be- more fittiug.
Great and sorrowful waa tjhe throng in
the room; some of tile greatest nobles
W?M e there, and a sorrowing message
iras brought ito m the king. Had tba
-lovers been princes, their poor insen?
sible faces could not have been watch?
ed with greater pity and respect.
At length they opened their eyes,
one after the other, to wonder-to
suffer-to discover each other where
thev lay-;-and to weep 'rom abun?
dance of wretchedness, and from the
difficulty of speaking. They attemptr
ed to make a movement towards each
0th sr, but could not even raise an ann.
! Lucinda tried to speak, but could only
sig!: ??ud attempt to smile. Don Al
? pho iso said at last, half-sobbing,
! looking, with his languid'es on lier
' kind and patient face-"sho does-not
reproach nie, e^en now."
They both wept afresh at this, but
his mistress locked at him with such
unutterable love and fondness, making,
at the same time, some little ineffect?
ual movements of her .hand, that uhe
good old Duke de . Linares, said, "she
wishes to put tier arm arouud him; and
he too-see:-his arni over hpr.'<
I Tenderly and with the softest caution,
rwere their arms put accordingly; and
then, iii spite'of their anguish, tbs
i goad duke said, "marry them yet."
j And tho priest opened his book, ?nd
Las well as be could ^peak lor sympathy,
i or they seem to answer to his words, he
j married them, and thus-in? a few
moments, fretu excess of mingled agony
and joy, with their arms on one
another/and smiling as they shut their
eye*-thei? spirits pusseu away, and
they died!
j Lcs's AKMV.-An army eorrespon
! dent cf the Xew York J)<i'dy Times
j furnichea the following account of Lee's
j army in the ?ate campaign:
i I had an estimate made by one ol
. Gen. Hill *, {or Longstreet's) staff, and
1 as it H in; doubt a very fair one, 1
j append it: Ewell s corps. V,000; Lo:\g
Btreet's command, ?,000; Hill's cot ps
I 12,000; Arnfcrson's corps, 9,000; Gor
?don'.-; c?niSj T.ofO; artillery, 5,500;
cavalry, (Tv.o diyis?ons,)?5,500; loc:.Ij
j (Ctistis Lee soo oman i.) 4,000. Tot?!
j ?G.OCtp. lo addition tor these eau h<
added, teamsters and :rain men 3,000:
?letal.ed men, 3,000; other non eoni
b?tants, 3,000; or, in other words, tin
' total strength of Lee's army wa
. 07,000.
Of- these we have captured nearb
40,000 men during the campaign ;:
, act?a) combat,and ou Sunday the arm'
? surrendered bv Lee was 2C,000; ' A
, a miller of couf ?e, the casualties mus
' be larger than 0,000.- However, thi
> i is not ronca out of the way. With
I out g. ing into any statement of on
. ' fo?*ces, 1 </.ay venture to say- that th
j minter of our troops actually engage.
in tue pursuit of Lee was not j>ver
?5,000 mea. Of (?ourse, our reserves 1
ould swell this figuro copsiderably,
but no occasion aro- ; for their employ?
ment, except to hold the evacuated
cities of Richmond and Petersburg.
ARREST.-A young soldier was ar?
rested here oe suspicion of being a
female, and she admitted she v.as. She
gave her name a? Margaret Plvde, and
says she is from Union County, in this
State, lind has been ?niue months in the
army. We learn she wits sen; to a
hospital for lardier examination.
" [ Raleigh . Progress.
The Raleigh Conservative gives the
following ae.count of this female sol?
dier: '
Mrs. Margaret .Tony ali-ts Charley
Mills, of Company D, Jeff. "Davis
Legion, Bailee's Cavalry Division,
came to this city as un.> .' the guard
to some of the prisoners ser.t up. She
is twenty years of age, has good
features, bronzed sk^u,- ?lark eyes and
short hair. She stalesVUjat ten months
ago she married, and ont mouth there?
after she joined the command of her
husband; and hus been on dnlv since
that -ime, has been in all the figb\s,
was never sick or absent from duty.
Her'husband was killed in the bat&a
of Bent?osville, and having no longer
any inducement to remain, in the arinjf,
nhe now made known hfr se"x aud
I wished to return t> hen home in Union .
j County, N. C. Uer maiden natue was
I Plyler. She is a native of Lancaster
District, 'S. C.
ED.-Lizst, the pianist, had taken a
fancy to a jeweller's daughter, and
thus \-j the courtship described:
One morning the ?"weller coming to
the point with German frankness, said
i tc Liza', 'Hew do von liko my daugh
! ter?'
'She is an angel.' .
'What do you think nf marriage!'
. 't think so weil cf it, that I have
the greatest possiblo inclination to try
'What wonld you say to a fortune
of three millions of francs.'
.I would willingly accept it.'
! 'Well, we understand each other,
j My ."daughter, pleases y?u; you pleat??.
. my daughter; her fortune isceady - bo
HIT son-in-law.'
*With all my heart.'
Tue marriage was celebrated tho
following week. And 'his, accoruit.g
to the chronicles ci" Prague,' is ti tr; o
account of tim marriage? of the g rt
j pianist Lizst.
COTTON IN 'nit-: Sorta.-Tho V/ asit
irigto'i correspondent of ii;e iiuv; ^org
Tribune says: /A gentlc-mt-h w? o
arrived hereto-day from Georgia -ay.-,
there is no one resource ot thc S T.-.
' so littfe and sb greatly ttnier-estim ?
as the amount of cotton still held titer*?
He thinkr there must bb at least 1.50b -
I OOO bales iu Georgia, and 1,000,000
I hi Alabama. Ile has personal know
! ledge of hundreds rf bales which ! av
! been buried hi bte sand for rn >ro thau
?j a year, lie predicts that cotton wt.
! se!! for ten ceuis per pound iu Sayy.:
! i,ah as . ? on as life Gov^rnm^nt r
moves the-restrict ions uponile cor.yr..
in, and iii - integrity -and sound ? i lg
meat ar? vouched for by gentlemen
the highest character in this cit ".
-r-**-~ ."
OCTUACiES ff rtlE LiOAD.- ina.-.
d-iy, evening, som'o parties tere up
I about fitT.een.or twenty yarls ol th.
Athens Branch of th* Georgia tia.
road, a f:w miles this side of AttV;.
j The down train ran off the trac.-;. The
j parties who tore up the road- rb i ib a
i the ; passenger*. Tho General coi,
: teandiog the?United States forces
; that section, learning of the outrage-..
pursued the lawless individual, r> v
; took them, rc covered the swlen i*.h
I dc. and '?ompHl^d them to robu tu lb*
j road. What further punishment ...
|.adai?Distered we iv.va not learner}.
i Augusta Ck~o> ic'*

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