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Daily Paper $L0 a Montbr) .' "Let oar just centre v J Tri-Woekly $10 a MOD th.
' Payr.!:! J ?n Advance. j" ' Attend the .true event."-Sh?kspcare. ^ { Payable ia Advance.
Six months, - - - - $5
One month, ... - 1
One square, (ten lines.) one time, oOcts
Subsequent insertions, - 35 ct*
[Original. J
The.Peace in Elis-A Scene ir. Greece, j
Tavgetus, wit!? ?ts rugged mountain runge, j
Fit barrier for the stern Lacon ian race, I
Meed fix our eyes no more. Look farther
You see Corona, and the tribute waves I
Of tlie.Messenir.il Gulf. North west be?
hold . * j
A lovelier picture. There below you
spread !
The fruitful plains of Elis-name mott
In sweet associations, t> all hearts.
Whom Peace delights, with choral sung and
Winijing the wny to beauty.
( Ipecing wide
To tbe persua-ions of the fond Alpbeus, j
Olympia's breast, luxurious, yet as chaste
As beauty in the fi rsfc fr^sh glow of youth,
implore? you to lier side.
Hnllow'd these bounds, ?
Beside the smooth Alpheus, and beneath j
The sacred olive shade. In the old time.
More hallowed far than now; and vet, ?
pei eli a nee,
Not ii whit lovelier. The sacred realm,
iionor'd then by meet observance, utipro
By thoughtless of?ce. or irreverent steps;
'i'liough Pagan rites upon th?? Christian eye.
Seemed sin no less than sorrow. Yet the
Vf ere venial, when it. led to virtuous zeal. !
And rchool'd to meet humanity, thebeaits j
Thal other schools made savage. I
Here, in Elis. -
By meet deer??- of the Olympian JOY*?, i
Moi; held perpetual peuce; and to his ?
?ii ri ii e. n
Beguiled-'heir anns thrown by-their
rage subdued.
The striving Chiefs o! Green, in sportive
Proved utre-ngth and skill, agility aud urt,
In amit}', ami to II.otu.il admiration;
\V IiiU- eager youth look'd on, with emu?
lous eye.
And caught the brick of art; and felt the
Glow i o white heat of ardor, as they heard
Tile several eries of ellie.- ami of States,
Aleadla now, Laeouia, Attica,
As each, in s.-verai triumph, won the prize,
Decreed io perfect manhood.
These we.e games,
Though dress'd'm peace, which taught the I
m t of war; ^
Strength wi.bout passion; imaging the !
"Without us venom; and the raeo was
Bv the recurring practice, to prepare
For corni ?at, in whatever terrible shape.
.Forever ready, lest, the enemy come,
Aii? find them weaponless, without a chief]
But nil waa pence :.t Eltp, nnd beneath,
.Olympia's olive shade. The rival heroes,
But late from oposite rrniks in deadliest
si rife.
No longer wroth, here met in warm em
And eyed each other with an envionslove,
That sought comparison; watervd. and
weigh'd and '. it.
Each sinewy arni, and measured well the
The bulk, the stature, muscle, eye a::d
Nor stinted in the proper admiration,
Which said, "This is a man-though
late a foe!"
And so, embracing, they together sped
I n generous conflict; in the wrestle, race;
Ou fiery steed* from Tl.ass.ily, or, stript.
Tried their own sinewy thews und limbs,
V? hde eager thousands, hailing as they
Shouted the tribe by which the spoil was
Nor mock'd the vanquished who had
brr.vely striven!
Tue full moon was the herald through s!'.
Proclaiming peace on earth. Then armies
From league*; then thc city gates throwt:
Welcomed glad respite with th.-: traveler;
And long processions through tnc high?
ways paused.
Seeking the common gen!.
?Mo H g the bau
Of Alphen?, seo the myriads as they track
Th? Olympian plaire; ? ?oegarlands IJwith
Marching to music; others driving herds
For sacrifice; there tiu; chu. io^s aud the
Chosen for the contest; famous in ali
Spat t ah, Thessalian, Thracian-with one
li cart,
The charioteer, the horsemen, athletes,
mardi !
To Dorian music, which, with rise and
And soft, melodious cadences, makes all
Susceptible of joy; all confident
Of the sweet, auspices of pence decreed.
By the Olympian Sorranl
Lovely still,
The plain, tho winding river and the isles.
Its great, broad arms; enclose its sloping
Shrouded with plane-trees; while the pas?
toral fields
Spurred far with verdancy, dotted with
white herds.
Whose keepers nestle underneath the hill.
Mount Cronins. In yon shade thc Stadium
rose; .
Beyond the opposite slope, the Pryteneum;
Gytnna-?uni, theatre. Altia, sacred grove.
In front; and to the right, the hippodrome.
Half-buried iu'briirht clumps of olive and
pine". * .
Ten treasuries, so many States of Greece, j
Stood, whet e we see but silent hillocks now, I
And each of these, a temple in itself.
Had its proud statues; works of exquisite
And gifts and trophies, offerings to the i
god.-! # ' ^
Central amid the sacred rrrovp. arose
Jove's own especial t,-mpi?-; towering high; '
Bich in elaborate art; an J, chief of all. I
That lamons statue of tho Olympian Loni, ;
Chryselephantine, gold and ivory wrought, |
By ha?)-!'-? of Phidias, which, up.m the eyes.
Flashed out electric fires, us 1 gilled np
liv Jove himself; so that the gaZei? felt !
ile looked upon Divinity!
Bot hence, . j
Whit-' wp gt* wander lo the hippodrome, !
Seeking Endymion's tomb, which should .
bo ?omni.
As the map tel.'s us, nt the Northern tide, j
Near the Ap?leos, whence the s'eeds were 1
In concourse for thc goal.
It .should ho found,
If that tho ever fair Selen?c smiles.
Upon her lover's grave, ns on thorn? taints. ?
Which sheller thousands, for whose living !
Sh.e knew no loving carss. To him sae
Nightly, ?rhd kissed him to delicious sleep.
(Ju Laitiius; and with morning still with?
1 t-aviug h hu sleeping, in exstastle dreams, 1
Thal, made his lite a sleep, till tii^i.r again,
Brought new lrunion to his dreams oi' 1
bli*! ? I
And still he sleeps, though nothing of his j
. coucn, . i
May wc discover-dountless, with the kiss !
Of i a - lair widow press'd upon his mo it ,
And ail her ??tile white beauties on his {
Making his mountain couch ns beautiful j
As love had made it hupp}! Leijhim
The Elysium of Vienna.
The Elysium is nothing moro nor j
less than a cellar, or rather an indefi
nite collection ol ethers, riot rolled '
into ont', but branching off one into
the other. They were the c-llars of I
a convent, once upon a Lime. Between !
eleven and twelve, on a Sunday night, !
you may see half Vienna pouring j
down the litige maw which opens to I
receive it, somewhat after the guise of !
the red .cavern supposed lo represent !
the inlernai regions, in '.Rob' rt le !
Diable.'' Men do not walk, they are j
shot down the stairs like coal* out j
of a sack; arid you find yourself at I
the bottom before voa are well aware j
o? having left tiles platform where you j
Cook your ticket. l!-?ro you go to the |
righi or to the left, or straight on, ;
and everywhere you un i space crowd- j
i ed to suffocation, in ono place sup
! per-tables are ranged in iong chain- j
hers, decorated lo . represeut Alpine
Bcenes and musicians dressed like Tyro- j
leans are playing Styrian airs, under '
cover ol' an artificial chalet. You |
have this, to enter a round room, .
painted and bespangled a Voricnlalr,
and ..-.herein ginger-bread gil?ing is
I plentiful; .Moorish galleries lead lo
I Oothic coraidjts, and when you issue
j from tbese>i(yo.'i find you hi've more
j ita: ri before you, and the clash of cym?
bals, trumpets anr) drums, and the in
I creasing ^r-rdor ol* the assistants, an
i Qourjc'.> to you something extraordinary
-?-a- um?-a---"
is ?;oing on. . Tliis" is the great attrac?
tion of thc evening tho procession of
masks,the Masfcen-Zug. As to attempt?
ing to get near it, you ruight as well try
to (bree your way iii rough a stone
wu!!; all ibat?you cnn do is to follow
the stream, and watch what is goiDg
on hom afar; but to your infinite hor?
ror you find, all of r. sudden, that you
a?e on tho verge of :i precipice, hang?
ing cn the very brink of an abyss!
Why, T thought you were already deep
in the bowels of the earth, and can
there be any thing deeper still? Vous
verrez lout a l'heure. Beneath yon is
tho Zug, wending irs motley way,
"large and'lazy as a boa.that luis dined.
The subject of it is the emigration to
California; and all the arsenal o& Vien?
nese wit bas been exhausted to find
mottoes and devices for the maskers.
Leading to tho lovel space, where the
process on is defiling, is a broad and
steep flight of stairs, dawn which if
liiere were not the help of the up
current, you must be plunged head?
foremost. In your roar you have n
good humored looking Wiener Bur sch..
a garcon de cafe, or some such func?
tionary, who goes on uninterruptedly
exclaiming, Schaiui's: nu! selia un * nu!
i bi'' innen, Schau n's ja doch] (Look
ye, nov/ look ye? Lord love you'i look
you here! \ whilst your right baud is
flanked by Prince L., the brother of a
sovereign prince, and your' left, by a
soldier of the Mazzucchelli regiment,
who is trying wlrn all his might not to
Crush you or injure your dress. But
this is nothing; the startling sight is in
front. Don't tread upon my toes! is
:i coiru. on objurgation, but bore it is.
don't tre:.d upon my nose! and nothing
can equal the anxiety of the upturned
eyes whi.-:b implore of you uot to put
them eb:! There! rou !?.?ve advanced
a step further, and your tight foot i<
on the shouldered'a handsome captain
ol hussars, who smiles gallantly and
pays you a compliment, thc sense of
wljiuh i>\ that it. i~ easy for you any?
where to walk over the?ourse, for you
know him, and he is au habitue -ni
the Couutess K-".; when this i
past you find youri d' in danger ol
sen dm g your shoe .through tiie lace ot
a house uaul's oap, and t.) save yon
and yourself, you stretch out your
arni and catch in despair at the string
of dazzling stars upon an old g?nerai t
uniform. Tue hauberl is saved by ts
wearer having mounted a step, nuc?
then she. laughs, and you laugh,
and the old central laughs, and yo?:
lose your hold upon Iiis crosses, and by
dint of much management on youi
part and on that of your cavalier, yot
arrive ?it the bottom, having, consider
i tig the circumstances, an incalculably
small number ot damaged noses to
answer for, but rich isthecotnprehensiot
ol' what w;:Iking upon people s head.'
really moans. And even now you
aro not at tho end. Lower still, by
one long, winding staircase, is uit
Brazilian Railroad, and down you go
How do' p you may be in your mater
nal element, when you enter upon tbt
JV isenbahn, is'more than I can under
take to say, and you are rot mud
inclined to care, for a'l your attentioi
is engrossed by the rattling of tho car:
on tho railroad; the laughing of thc
people in them; the crackiup; of th?
postilion's whips, (lor tho carnages or
the rails are drawn by ponier,) aw
the screaming and chattering of th<
cockatoos, parrots, and monkeys, tua
for the sake of la couleur locdlc an
chained upon trees, real trees, ove
your head. Now, as f live! cries ou
your companion, there's P?ppi! and In
nods familiarly to ono of th<* mos
aristocratic exquisites in Vienna, win
is taking his tour de chemin dc fer
(by tho side of such a pretty girl!
and you atc not gone far before yo
are met by Tony and Seppi, and th
1 Lord knows who besides; aud the
comes b}r a man with a basket, wh
gives yon bonbons, and, if it is netto
late, you go homo to tho house of or,
of the ladies ot your party, H:I
rejoice over ices from' Debne's. An
in thc thousand whom you have seen
at the Elysium lhere is not a cja?s th;it
ia net repr?sent?e!, from the princ
to the chimney-sweeeper, from the
general to the drummer, from the
countess of thirty-two qt) rterin_!,s.
whose father Inn! * he golden floe.
given to him by*A istr'n, down to tut
giri w ho sweeps y ?ur ! - J room flo. r.
in the absence ot the hea'd o >a;n-?-r
maid of ^he hotel. And in all this m x
ture of what are represented as hos ne
classe?, in all this e'ose contact of what
are called warring colors and conditions,
not a won!, or a gesture, or a look,
indicates anything save good intel i i
gence and harmony. The noble does
nothing to slight his humbler com?
panions-that is astonishing; but
what is far more so, the man of
inferior rank does nothing to .insult
those above him," or make them feel
'that there, where he i->. there is no
place for them. I maintain the Ely?
sium k> be not only unique in E trope,
but impossible in any . other country.
No one should be in Vienna- without
visiting, for it will serve more t<> show
what the Viennese really are, than huge
?folios of political economv.
Prom Port Royal.
The Port Re-yal lYeiv South, of the
13th inst, contains the following
intotevting information:
The Tax Commissioners have in?
creased tiie amount receive! for taxes,
since the occupation of Charleston,
-from $20,000 (mentioned in our last
issue) to about ?30,000.
In Charleston and victuiiy, the time
allowed by the Act expird by the G h
of May-since which time 10 percent,
interest is added to the t;.x from ?he
1st of July, 1802-t'nat being the datu
of the President's pioclamatioti d?
daring certain Stares and parts of
States insurrectionary districts. Section
9 of the amendment of the Act o!
March 3, 1SG5, says: "That Boards
ol Tax Commissioners shall give due
notice, by advertisements, of sales ot
j lands to be made by them, by"authori
j ty of law. as the Commissioners ot
Internal Revenue, under the direction
of the Secretary of the Treasury, stiall
order and direct.
A few weeks since, we mentioned
that arrang? men's were being made
for the-erection ol a spacious and airy
j hotel, to -be called the Sea Isl - nti
LIott-1, at this place. Since then rapid
improvement has been made w.ith the
work, and the building will soon be
ready to receive guests.
The siie selected is very fine; bf.i.ig
near the .beach, on a good bluff, sottie
distance to the North-west of the
Unite'! States Army Hospital, and on
! the corner of one ot'the broad avenues
I which are being laid out from the
shore to the other side of the island.
The hotel is set up from the ground
several feet, in oidcr to give a free
circulation of air uuden,eath-a matter
of Grot importance to this climate.
The iront is eighty six feet long, thirty
four feet wide, and thirty four feet high,
from lower floor to caves, above whiyh
is an attic, sixteen {cut high to peak of
roof. A wing extends along the
avenue one hundred and six lee', ol
same height and width as the front
building. It is divided into three
storie*. the lower of which is eleven
feet Ililli and upper two, ten feet each.
'Wide veranda? extend along each story
of the entire front and wing. The
total lengths of these walks will be
750 feet. A fine cupola and flag staff
surmounts the building, which will,
when painted and finished, bo ono of
the first objects to attract tho atten?
tion cf visitors on entering our harbor.
The lower ?tory will be divided into a
hall aud office twenty-four by thirty
four, dining-room thirty-four by forty
four, and gentlemen's parlor, reading
room, hn-, baggage-room, store-rerun,
barber's room, ??e.. ol varions dimer.?
"s i on s. A ladies' parlor, thirty foin
I by eighteen, is on the floor above. Thc
I upper stories-will be mainly .divider.
I into sjcjsping rooms, the smallest o
which will be not far from fourteen bv
twelve feet. 'Thekitchen and.laundry
ure in well ventilated, buildings in tho
rear of the boto! and entirely separat?
ed from i?, thus avoiding the lising of
disagreeable odor? in the hotel build?
ing. T?tere wiil be. in al', about
jighty rooms. The cooking, heating,
vashiiig, -enter closet, drainage and
.?ii r A -A y>_-:nenLs, will he of the ven?
?ate^ ..nj best styles. A billiard room
wi ! s un he j ut up on the avenue "
side, not far from tho rear end of the
wing, and liverv s'able3 will soon ?
af er. The furniture, bedding snd
chamber and table linen have all been
made expressiv for this house, and are
ready to go in as soon as the carpen
tera and pajnters are away. . To say
that this hotel is greatly needed here
is not enoogh. It is indi-^pensible.
Tl;e present In del has for a hnr time
been crowded to such an exvent that
large numbers have been compelled to
seek a ceo m m 'da mm on b??a*d-steam?
ers or wherever they 'emil find a
[dace to tay their hea<:3 THIS is
especially so for s ver-d '!?ys before ' h*
regular steamer sails for the North,
when a tush is made hom Chade-ion,
Savarnah and cher posts of this De?
partment. Li-: Tuesday. tin ?ja '. ?rge
steamers left this port fur New Y-Jik,
and each WHS filled with passengers.
Tlfe Sea Id-md flo-el wa< i r-j et
ed and is being built and furnished
by Messrs. Buckley ?r B 'nerofi, whole?
sale ftirnilu. ? fielders of Boston. M-iss.
Mr. J. P. M. Stetson, so favorably
known (br years in connection with
the Astor House of New York and
who has lately opened the Charleston
Hotel, is to be the host of tho Sea
Island Hotel-.
j The u>a?l curiom in Paris is to
? receive one day \<.< ttick rd' one's
i acquaintance-, and to reserve the r?
maiiiing days for one's very intimate
j friends, who take their chane?- of find?
ing one ul home. Princess Mathilde
r verses ?bis custom, as she received
every evening whoever may nave been
i preseiit-d tc her, and r?serves Sunday
evening fur her p.ivute friends.
The soul <?'( man, like common na?
ture, admits no vacuum; if the divinity
[ is not there. Mammon must befand it
! ? as impossible to serve neither as to
serve bulb.
Thunder threateus, but never strikes
- the bolt, comes from a silent source.
Bakery and Confectionery.
L.SlioT> Mic and W. STIEGLITZ
. have rc opened their DAKE RY,
I NU FACTORY. Also, on hand a fine
assortment of CHEWING and SMOKING
1 SNUFF. CIGARS. PIPES, ?tc, at Messrs.
Cooper & Gaither's old stand, tnav 23 6
IN the basement of Lewis Levy's house,
corner of Plain and Assembly stre-t?,
thc following articles:
HONEY, Cotton Cards,
PACK?4, . Knives and Fork*,
SCREWS, Hiind-saw Files,
Playing C-irds, Matchee,
Sperm Candles, Pepper,
Tallow '. Salt,
Chewing Tobacco, Castile Soap.
Smoking " Manilla Ri.pe.
Mourning Muslin, Shirting,
fins, Writing F-aper
Envelopes, Steel Pens.
Lead Peucil*. Gum Opium,
<iu;n Camphor, Calomel,
Chloroform, Potash. By
may 25 :i il. SOi.QMOS.
Passage to the XJp~Country.
- jf. HAVING two good ->oats.
^^?riraf^,! will commence runa ing a
3C^Ss?sSrRI WEEKLY LINE t? and
Kum i nimbia to Alston and Shelton.'*
Fcrrv, every Monday, Wednesday ard Fri
dav." Passengers will bc carried to either
point, at reasonable rates, payable .O
sprcio or provbion*. Foy freight or JIM*
ace. apnlv on board, at Geiger's Mil',
i may 23 X- J. HANCOCK.

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