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Daily Paper $L0 a Montbr) .' "Let oar just centre v J Tri-Woekly $10 a MOD th.
' Payr.!:! J ?n Advance. j" ' Attend the .true event."-Sh?kspcare. ^ { Payable ia Advance.
Ii Y JULI A N A. S E 1 J BY.
Six m on til?', - - - $?
Uno mon til, - - - - 1
One square, (len line?,) one time, 50 eta
Subsequent insertions, - 35 els
i. _ :...._?-1- 1_; -rrrr
Nur love, nor honor, nor wealth, nor pow'r,
Can give, the hear: a cheerful hour
When health is lost. Be timely wise;
With health ail taste of pleasure flies.
Unfit for greatness, I her snares defy.
And look on riches with untainted eye; .
.To others let the glitt'riug baubles fall,
Content ?hall place us far abov* timm all.
Wherewith bestirs he human spirit?!
Wherewith makes lie tin'element s obey?
ls't not the ?trerttn nf ,eoig that out hts
bosom springs.
And to his heart thc world back coiling
brings? [Goethe.
'I ?me is like a fashionable host.
Thal- sliirht.lv shakes his parting truest by
the hand; ?
And with his arms outstretched, as !?<
would tlV, . .
Grasps in the comet ; welcome ever smiles,
And farewell goes o t sighing.
Give me a look, -iv- inc a face.
That, makes simplicity a grace.
Belies lo..s. ly flowing, hair ns free!
Snell sweet, ne rleet..tnore lakctll me,
Thai; nil th* adulteries of art,
That strike mine evejiut not mv heart.
. [./t/MXOM.
Beauty, sweet low, is like the morning
Whose short refresh upon the tender
Cheers ?ora time but. t iii the sun doth show.
Ami straight 'lis gobe as it had never
goon doth it-lade that makes the fairest
Short is the glory of thc blushing rose;
The hue which thou so carefully dost nou?
Yet which al le::_;!i thou um-', be forced
to lose. [ Daniel.
Cit AT.! I V.
Tile seer-;*, that doth make a dower a
So frames it, that to bloom i... to be sweet;
And to receive t.. give.
No soil so sterile, anil no living lot.
S > poor, but it haili somewhat .11 to spare
in bounteous odors. Charitable they
Who, ne their naving more or less, so have
That less is moro lhun need, and more is
Than the great heart's good-'vill
[ Dobell.
Like the falling of a -tar,
Or as I he flight of eagles efe;
Like the fresh spring's g.tudy hue.
Or silver drops of mornin ; dow;
Like a wind that chafes tile il.i,
Or bubbles which on water stood
ll'en snell j.-. Ulan, whose bniTOWe?" light
Is straight called in, and paid at night.
The Wind bio" s out, the hubble dle-S,
Tiie spjmg entombed in aut umn lies;
.Th?-dew's dried up, the--.tar is shot,
The flight is passed-am! man forcot.
Wide was his cur.-; the houses fat- asunder,
V' t. never faller! he for rain or thunder,
Whenever sickness or mischance mi -ht
call. t
.The most remote to vl.it great or Rina!!;
And 011111' in hand, on foot, the storm to
bia ve, .
This noble r-xaniplf to his flock he gav?.
Though l.ojy in himself, and virt.ui n's.
Ile ,-t : il to sinful men was nu ld and pit cou?;
Not of reproach, imperious or malign;
But in bis teachings soothing and benign.
To dniw them ol) lo Heaven by i-t?isoii fair,
And good example, was his daily care.
Secret IvHilitary Trials.
Then: is a cm ii.Us ol I rhemmeut ir
exigence, known ns the Constitution
of tue United States, which formerly
hud ii.O force and effect of l:iw it
that large portion of our Country no)
rpuddly dominated hy thc slav,
power. Under the rule of our present
Cd driel, il seems tu have gone nut o
bishton: and, since Mr. Stanton's ac
ccssiou to the control id the Wa
Department, it has beconie practically
obsolete. Loy*al citizeiis did not mucl
rriiacl this whihj civil v.;.r <. :.:;'?'i! .t <
j the country, threatening the pertnauent
j overthrow of our liberty ?nd nation
? al i ty; hut, now that the war is practi?
cally- ended, it seems hjgh time that
the old parchment, were exhumed and
treated with some show of respect.
There being, apparently, no copy
extant in the Federal City, we quote
from OHO in our possession, for the in?
struction and admonition of our mag?
nate-, certain amendments proposed
by the States when ratifying the instru?
ment, which, being duly approved find
adoptod,.be.-nme an integral part, ol'our
fundamental law-as follows:
AKT. V. No person sim 11 be held to
answer for a capita! or otherwise in?
famous erinn-, unless on <t 'presentment
or indictment ot' a Grand Jan/, except
in cases arising in the. I<md. or narai
! forces, or in the militia when in actual
scrrice in time of war or public
danger; norsi<vn!l any person be subject
?"for the same offence to he ta'ice put in
I jeopardy of hie or limo; nor shall lie
be compelled in any criminal case to
bo "a witness against himself, nor be
deprived, without dar process of law;
nor flm'11 private property be taken for
public u*<\ without just compensation,
Atti'. Vi. Tn all criminal prosecu?
tions, ibo accused shall enjoy HIP light,
to ;i speedy and public trial, hy un
impartial Jori/ of thc State and Dis?
trict v. herein the.crime shall have been
committed, which District shall have
been previously ascertained by law; to
be co ?i fruited with tin.; witnesses
against him; to have compulsory pro?
cess -for obtaining'witnesses iii Iiis
? favor, anti to have thy assistaucj of
counsel for hist defence.
ART. Vii. [n snits of common law,
wherein thc va! ie in controversy shall
.exceed twenty dollars, the right o'
lt ?al by jury shall be. preserved; and
no fact tried by :i jury shall be other?
wise re-examined in any court of the
? United Stales than according to the
j tuu-sof the-cotpmoa law.
! A UT. Y1I?. Excessive bad shad not
! be required, nor excessivn fines int
; posed, mu . cruel and unusual punish
I nient, inflicted.
! We have made our citations full, not
j merely ?11 de'erence. to the app?tent
inaccessibility of the document nt
j Washington, but because we wished
! every reader to see that tho passages
wo have placed in italics are not.
garbled nor pithed, but that thev arc
of ?he essence aud vitality of the Con?
stitution it-ilf. Being so, how can wt;
justily, or excuse, or even keep silence
willi regard to, the military trials just
I initiated at Washington? A miss
cr?ant, acting in cobcert with other
asa-is-ins, iia-' attempted the life of tho
Secretary ol State, : ad, though his
purpose was defeated, he nevertheless
sewn Iv woun ?ed ?Gov. Seward, bis
oldest son, and two or three others
?\ no ii hiv resisted nun. '.If course,
lins vii!..in an i his c-ouf derates should
b? sternly dealt with; but why not
according to law? What reason, what
ev,.(:..(., can be urged, to justify tho
: sending of this eas.- before a court
i martial and having it tried ?u seco",.'
j ilow cnn such a trial be reconciled
I with tlio plain provisions of the Con'?
; siitution above quoted?
I As lu thc military trial of those who
conspired with Booth to assassinait,'
I the l'residefjt, and aided to achieve
j that fell purpose, tho outrage is not
quite so flagrant; but such t-ial is at
n st a blunder, wil ie enshrouding it in
{ secrecy is Utterly indefensible. Tu
I try a doctor for Ins life, because he set
j a stranger's broketi bone, and gave, or
; sol !, or lent him a pair ol crutches,
j may just do; but to try him in secret,
! allowing no report of th. testimony
j h.it such as tuc prosecution trees fit tu
j make, is nothing less than abominable.
? Two months ago, it would have been
{ endured for the country's sake: now,
! I beru i.-. no reason that it. should be.
1 Wc warn all who take any voluntar}1
part in these strange proceedings thal
the rebellion is suppressed, the war al
an encl, and the right to suspend tbt
priv?I?gG of habeas corjws rn*! m?L'.
the wi!! of a S trretary.- ot " War thu
supreme law ol ii? lam!, has expired.
If our present Secretary cannot be
made to realize ?hese grave truths, it
is hitr.li time he had a successor; and
if our Attorney-Genera! believes the
assailant of Sy< retary Seward now
?'legally triable before a Military
Commission," hjj badly needs Iiis
own time for lifo completion of his
legal studies, wLile thc Government
needs a diff?rend law officer. There
may be politer f ays of Sotting forth
these convictions! hut none ul these
would do thurn jlistico.
Gcbtl?meu of Ihn Cabinet! ihe war
ward of the (Mississippi is en o ed;
ppressed; the Union
and pence virtually
e the people' de-tunnd
itu! thorough return
'rderly wa vs cd' law
l lie r?bellion is s
is re-established,
restored; wherefc
or' you a speedy
to the sale and
hud liberty. Dojnot compel them to
speak in tones \]\' \ > u ran not refuse
to heat!-?Yew Y\>rk Tribune.
>MC ci Napoleon III.
Mexico tho Mc
The termination of our great war
promises to brin, nbout events that
irery forcibly that j
career of lite ?rst !
gi an.
io illili
e'er ill t:
tho cai
I- rene
itu ?on
u < rovertiiiit
t to ?end
?tv m iv ar:
nd troops.
ii mo:
ico, as tho
y of eighty
want th<?m
t diseases of
win ii
?u mes i ro?
il equalled
.jwir.ctit of tho
it exodus io Cali
the present is a
i y to be ul another
last, battles were
states hail in ser
Iundrud thousand
nine time
.id mid
ive io i:i
?'.Olli pli ta
escape ?he Mexic
th. v will bo, by c.v.
towards .Mexico ali
portions that i.:. ve
l(V 4111 V S?UI?IMT
furnia in 1S?0; bu
migrai ion that is lij<
character li?iu that
At thu time tin
fought, the Uniteti
vice about, seven
soldiers. Ti ie rebels al the s
had, "everywhere, one hum
tiitv thousand men: and thor
the Southern States, *u (.ii
t iou of 1 ).iv?s, three i. tm-' ; ed
men that had formerly been ia tue i
i'.-i>-1 army, but had dv;serle?l it
elcfeii hundred and ii'.', y thousand mon
in all. There will 'ne retained in the
l-i i ted Sale- service about one hun- '
dre 1 au 1 fifty thousand men, and ?hus
there' will be suddenly put out of .-tu
ploymeut and thrown upon society .
about ono mill on men tuiim-d to war.
To these men ti.ere is suddenly opened '
a channel for employment-a liuld for
now "adventure and for tho pursuit of j
the career . that they h;*ve become j
atf.-iu-.he 1 to, and thc promise of a
wonderfully rieh reward for service, i
Mund!eds' of thousands will avail j
! ?."ilise.. eS of this importunity. The i
S ?tuherii soldiers v. 1:1 take it. up <-\'eii .
more cage!'!/ than iii.': Northern ones, j
as tht: romantic love of adventure is. j'
stronger in diem, and asa';o it will ho '
mole difficult for them to liad peaceful ?
employment, The Mexican nnnv of.!
liberty will be abundantly . Ulcered by
that large number c Sou.li> "!) men
who have 'nothing left but tlieir j
swords' S.xtv thousand such sui tiers 1
as lough!, the battle of Gettysburg; on j
either si le will not only anni ;iiulu any j
eighty thousand Frenchmen ever seem. ?
but they will b-at out ol Mexico j
every man that France can putin it. ?
We w id oed.ir.- iictttrnlitv" be ween j
the two sides. Mexican loans will be !
negotiated in New York just as Con ;
fed?rale loans wen- in Lom!
J 'arts; and if the repiibli ans of
wish to fid the seas with pi
again.-t French commerce,-th
buy ships*in our cit es. An
with Frenen commerce Jriven i
il and
. can
tl eu,
.u-\ with Lue French tn
.tt ?
-i io
alter ainu, beaten
what will Lc the
Napoleon at home i.. ?iurop.-?
be just the posit i ;i ol ?ie first
louu after the J! issian mmpaign
I ?Vt?ic York Her
li will
Tho rebel ; S!r>>/i>ivall bas at ?asl
made ber appearance tn American
waters. She arrived at Nassau, tu the
Bahanms, on the Gth inst., from Te?e* i
fifi'*, whence she sailed on the ls!, of!
April. Shu is a formidable vesse?, :
, strongly iron-plated, with two station- j
arv turrets, three heavy gnus, and a j
solid steel-pointed beak of twenty fee: ,
m length, tor camming, projecting |
from her bow. Altogether shu is
considered a very staunch and danger
ons antagonist. Her entire crew, '
officers and mon, numbers about se ;
veutV, and everything about her pre- '
seated thc appearance of the best man- :
? d' war oi'ler, neatness and rigid
discipline. The Stonewalls officers,!
many of whom wore r?n shore,sporting ;
their rebel uniforms in the streets of ?
Nassau, acknowledged that they were
too late in getting afloat to bo of any j
service lo ^i'.e Jeff. Davis cause, and !
admitted liiat tho war is ended. They 1
said she was originally intended to i
break the Wilmington blockade, but ?
that now, as .-ile could be ol' no use to
the rebels here, she. would probably be 1
taken back to Ru rope and sold. Site !
was io leave Nas.-au on '.ho evening ;
of tito 7th inst., having obtained a
supply of coal. Ono report said she .
was bound for Galveston; but others ?
gave lier a different destination^ It .
was understood that our Consul at
Nassau, immediately after the arrival
ot tho Stoat ?ra 11 nt, that place, do
spate! ie 1 ti fast vc-el for Key West, !
Fla., v. ?th the intelligence. ,
N . I Xi tu York Herald. !
... "._
Ot-R FINANCES, Frc.-; )ur financial \
affairs ans verv rapidly coming to
rights. Cold had another fall vaster !
day-touching 12S. If it keeps de?
scending at this rate we will soon be j
abie lo return to i-pecie currency, and |
thc II .everything in Mn- way of eating j
and drinking and wearing u iii don n ?
to the old ; rices. As gold tails, ttie; j
confide?.if tho people in the Go- I
vetnun-iii, is splendidly exemplified liv :
the ::.aimer in which they are taking ?
up the seven thirty loan. Seventeen
millions were contributed in otto dav, !
and probably in the entire week the ?
subscriptions .. iii reach tiitv or six1}'
mil'ions. Coder these circumstances
the finances of the country must be j
regar,'., ?I as in a Very flourishing con- !
dition, considering that we have barely
emerged from a vast and ex iCtisive ;
war. ?
The Gdveriimejit in exhibiting a j
very lib?rai spirit in hastening the
return cf tho country to its lormer
channel- of commerce. Tile removal
pf the tax of three per cent on com?
modities shipped to the Southern ports j
will give an immense stimulus to ex i
por tn l ion ?rom the Northern and!
\\ estero e ties, which is now rendered j
free from all obstacles hy the opening
of trade with the South by President ;
Johnson's proclamation. Thing-1 will!
soiHi he falling into line, ami marching
to the old measure of commercial pro?
gress, [ti a briefer period tfian people
dreamed ol the effects of the war will j
have materially diminished, and mire- 1
strained prosperity will he with us I
once again.-J\'cif York lierald. J
t .__-.
Personal. ?
} N I"- Ml M ATI i )N concerning Captain IV. '
1 W. KICK LING, Brooks' Arutlery, at- j
Inched to Pickett's Division, tit" Peters?
burg, is desired at this otKce. may '?1 '?'>
By Jacob Cohen.
4 T PillVATK SALK, l PIANO, (excel |
. V lent, (jmilitv.) :-; tine CA lt PIT'S. V !
MATi'lt::S>ES, ? Io! CHINA and GLASS, I
:>. WASH TI Bs, i TIM BL CK ITS, 1 large I
Leal lier Easy Chair, I small Hocking
Chair, li Pitchers and 1 Ba.-in, 1 Chamber i
anil 1 Washstand, 1 Pine Bookcase. 1 Phie
VVar.In.he. 1 Pine Punks, 1 Mahogany
Umbi . Table may gt ll."
Bakery and Confectionery.
I J, h ive re ?,.,ne,l th,-ir BA!vErlY, !
NUFACi'ORY. Also, on han! a fine |
assortment of CHEWING and S li OKI NO I
s NP PF. CIGARS, PIPES, ?tc, at Messrs. j
C r o. Gaitli?r'j old j'uud. may 23 ? 1
Tin* old North St ?fe see-ms ti. 1 .
wheeling back int." the. Union in ?;.?>:
earnest. L uge ami eut h Usia.-tie Union
meetings have been in-ld in G'-id
borough. Snow Hill, ICinston. Smith
field,* Wilson ami ninny other places.
Prominent men in ali the count.es are
talcing an activo p; rt in this move?
ment, and the leading papers of fha
State are; heartily supporting it. Ti'o
decision of the Government not 'o re?
cognizes Gov. Vam-e is generally ap?
prove 1 hy thc Unionists. W. \V.
Holden, the editor of ti,?e Rohigh
Stundard, teems lo bc selected by the
majority of l?ie Unionises as their
candidate lor Governor. Tbc discus?
sion of slavery is yet avoided in the
Union papers and meetings* hut tho
Siajidurd, tiiC chief organ of tim
Unionists, d?clares that it regards tho
question assented; that the institution
of slavery is gone; that it could not
save the institution if it would. It*ia
safe to say (hat this view will be gene?
ra! ly concurred in by the party, and
there is good* reason for hoping thar,
?ra .'nally. thc anti shivery .sentiment
may al o increase in strength, and that
North Carolina, on tho meeting of ils
Convention, will f< How the example rd'
Marvland, Wes*. Virginia, Missouri,
Tennessee and Louisiana, and adopt
the constitutional amendment abolish?
ing shivery.-JOFew York Tribune.
liiuutit'til Chiua, dassxeare. Household
Utensils, ?ir. .
By Durber & Walter.
Will he sold Tills DAY. at our office?, on
Asseiubh st reel,, the folio wing arl ??des:
I.ot. beautiful Imitation Murine War.-,
splendid China D'-''?-<?, PInt???*. Cv*pr .;?. ?
S'ino-p, Su-rar Dish-, Milk I'iteher, Win?
Criasses, Tumblers, Chis:, Dishes, Pickle
Dishes, Mugs, Bcd Pan. -
Coffee, Black l'en;.ci-, A Vp i oe. in ;.>'? to
snit purchasers; (."round Ginger, AL. - .
Bluestone, (?o;d Watch, 2 Carpets. _ rings,
Clock, !'aol:--,-Shoo Thread, Chubine. Shoe?
make! '.- To ola. Carpenter's Tools, B-ireaus,
,Cupl?o:od ?'co !M:?V .>:)
He tdq'rs United State3 Forces,
MAY mi, 1S?5.
rI'MlU fe?lowing circulai from Iieadqnar
JL tera Nor'hein District D- partaient of
the South daied at Oi antiebu i g; S. O,
May 2?. lstiS.is pub! s'o-l for tile inform -
timi and guidance of the planters o? th s
District. liv command ol
N. ll vUOilTOX.
Lieut. Col. 25th I teg'i U V. V. I,
Cum'j- L\ s. F.es. ci: v of Columbia, S. C.
W. J. KYLE, Lieut -Jot h (J. V. V. i. and
P .st Adjuiim!
OKVXU?IJCRG, S. C -May '?a, ISo?.
CIliC ULA f?.
T<> thc Planter* >f South Carolina Udlding
mithin the District:
You are invited, nft?r fiiking the oath
of allegiance! to the Unite-d Slates Cvf ra?
ment prescribed by the President nf t c
1 ni ted States, in his proclamation of Du
reinber S. lSGS, to maka equitable con?
tracts for 1. bo i* with the freedmen. Such
contracts, approved hy the commander of
the nearest military post, will bc consi?
dered I Hiding on h.-lh parties, and will I e
enforced by thc i: iii ta ry authorities as f.u
as the exigencies of the service will allow.
'1 bu contract will set forth in* words the
free.loni of thc laborer.
Where the .reedman is-, from a.-e or : .
tinnily, rinaldi) to labor and without natu?
ral protector, lti> support will devolve
upon the Parish to which bs belongs.
The citizens of .ach Parish are request?
ed to meet and devise some method for
providing for such pen sons; and until such
provision is made, they w?ll remain on,
and draw their support from, the planta?
tions where they now are.
(Signed,) JOHN P. HATCH,
Brig. (?en. Com ir. an ding.
(Signed,) Know: B. VAN WINKLE.,Capt.
and A D. C. m ty *?7 "
Passage to the Up Country.
F" __??? IlAVlNG two good heats,
..^'?rMlS&d will i-emnie-nce running ?
-?fiMBritl WEliKLY LINE to and
n..in cuiuiutiia to Alston ?nd Sheltons
Ferry, e . e y Monday, V\ eda.-sd-iy one! Fri
day." I*iiss,eni*t.rs will ?bc carnot! to either
point., at reasonable rates, paveo!-.1 in
specie or prove io:.s For freit?ht or pass?
age, apply on h .-aol. at GeisrerV Mill,
may 23 J- HANCOCK. .

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