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? I 1 "
Monday Morning, May 29, 1865.
Juvenile Vagabondism.
Jf we arc Jo recuperate our^fortunes,
improve our morals, amend our lives, nud
me.ko ourselves worthy of God's favor and
man's respect, (lien must our reforms com?
mence witli every head of a firmly and in
cverv household. It is a terrible thing to
behold the children of a family going to
the dogs, or lo the devil, through the self
complacent disregard or indifference of
the parents. Vet, that 6uch is the fact, j
nobody who beholds the large amount of
iuvenile vagabonds in our streets, at all |
hours, can doubt or deny. The father is.
?doulitless^-loitcring himself; -ind what the j
mother is doing, we leave to her mirror to
report! It is clear that neither of them is j
doing the duty of a parent, while children, j
from right to sixteen years of nge; arc
Buffered to grow up in utter idleness.
Lither they should be at their books, in the !
school or in the house, or they shoufd be
put to trades, where they may learn an
honest end useful business, to be forth?
coming at their finger?' ends, when the
home is in liiins 'and famine piteoiisly
etnlks the rounds, crying for bread.
"Where parents cannot afford to pay a
teacher, they can still less afford to peram?
bulate the streets. They had better keep
their boys at books at home, teaching ali
that they k themselves know. A hov at
fourteen, not designed for a profession)
?aid having neither the talents nor thc
pecuniary means to acquire it, may ac
quire those means in time, if articled to
a good mechanic, machinist or tradesman
;'or live or seven years. Let him do his
duty faithfully, and he can support, feed
and clothe himself, assist his parents, and,
if lie have the proper gifts for a profes?
sional mutt, he must acquire thc elements
of his profefision besides. Let the parents
look to lifts matter, for they may he sure
that every boy brought up in idleness is a
mere and willing tool in the hands of j
some airead}- graduated and distinguished
agent in the bauds of the devil. There are
throe gifts which a parent, in order to save
the boy, must "be careful to seek and
choose for him-an occupation which
shall give him honest employment; asso
ciatos who will give bim honest compa?
nions; and such sports and plays as, for?
bearing to stimulate*cupidity, will yield
him innocent and healthy recreations.
Briefly, the gifts wh?eh are of most im?
portance to the morals of the voting, are
employment, society and amusements. The
amusements, Hie plays of children are
quite as essential to their morals as either
of the other-since the character of the
child is more likely to be developed and
shaped by his associates in [day than by
any other influence. Yet these three
things are the very last subjects of con
saltation usually with the parent. All
children should, at the earliest possible
period, be put to use. To be useful is one
of the greatest of human virtues. With
the development of the uses of the .hov, '
you exercise and develop bis intellect, and
muscle-mind and body being equally
considered in the employments chosen for
bim. These are to be chosen with refer?
ence to w%bat of endowment he show's,
especially if there be anything peculiar in
his gift. And the work should always be
within the capacity of mind and body.
Neither is to be put to strain or tension.
TVi'.h the degree of responsibility thrown
upon him will he develop his characteris?
tics and arrive at usefulness; and to be
useful, rather than to be happy, is the
great end of life.
On "Wednesday last, in pursuance of an
invitation from Gen. Hatch, r.f the United
Slates Army, commanding at Charleston,
(jens. Lovell and Preston, accompanied by
Cap ts. Manigauit, Illicit, Corbett and Gue
rard, of their staff, repaired to Orange
burg, to consult with the above named
officer and Gen. Hartwell, in relation to
certain mattera in connection with the
system of paroles now issued. Wennder
H'muJ that the object of the conference
temporarily failed, (ion. Hartwell prefer?
ring to refer the matter, to Gen. Gillmor.-;
but il is thc impression that the United
Hiatos authorities are disposed tousecvery
possible conciliatory measure. - The officers
assert that they were received an.N treated
i'n the most courteous and hospitable style,
the utmos' kindness, respect and even de?
licacy being exhibited.
Tba off.ee of th<* Columbia Phoenix is
ou (.-..T.?-. ctr' -i, ? .?i.nd di..i from Plain.
The Latest from, the North.
We are in receipt of three copies'of the .
New York Herald, of the 12th, 13th anti |
! 16th, wliioli we owe to the courtesy of !
i Gen. Preston. From these w~. gather some I
varieties of information, more or less in- j
terest inj;:
Tile trial of the persons charged with ]
the^assassination of President Lincoln was 1
begun in Washington before a military |
court. "Tl?e court was object**] to bv the I
counsel of the prisoner?, but the objection
v. ns overruled. There wns a cloud of wit?
nesses, and the persons charged are thus
named- David E. Harrold,' George A.
Atzerott, Lewis Payne,.Michael O'Laugh
lin, John Ii. Surratt, Edward Spanrier.
j Samuel Arnold, Mary E. Surratt and
Daniel Mudd. These are charged 'with *
j conspiring with J. II. Surratt, J. W. Booth,
? Jeff*. Davis, G. N\ Sanders. B. Tucker. J
j Thompson, Vt. G. Cleary, C. C Clay, Geo.
Hnrper, George Young, and otheis un?
known, lo kill and murder the following
persons, vi/: A. Limo In. Andrew Johnson,
j W. H. Seward and U. S. Grant.? The in?
dictment was read, and eu nd ry ?witnesses
examined. The conclusions reached may
be stated rn the headings of the report of
the Herald: ?iooth's intimacy with Ar?
nold andO'Laugblin is proven;" "O'Lnugh
liu prowling about Secretary Stanton's
i house the night bet?re the murder;" "the
scene in front of the theatre on the ever.
; ing of Ihe tragedy;" "rend; /.vous of the
J conspirators;"' "Booth identified a< thc
1 leader of the assassins." The proceedings,
j continued on the present scale, promise to
I be of great length. *
I We see by the Heralil extracts from
j Canadian papers that the United States
I Government, has abandoned all farther
j proceedings in the ease of the St.. Albans
I raiders; no farther demand of extradition
I was made, and the last, prisoner-u man
I mimed Gregg-was discharged by the
We are told that the President bas
under consideration a new amnesty pro?
clamation, containing the final declaration
of the Administr?t iou as to whom Execu
1 live clemency shall he extended, and .wl.o
i will he held to account, as traitors.
A rupture is reported between Generals
Sherman and Ilnlleck, growing out of the
negotiations between the former and G. n.
Johnston-(Jen. Halleek having counter?
manded the caders distributed by Sherman
among his subordinates. Sherman lins
written llalleck that all intercourse be?
tween them is at an end.
A great tornado swept, over '.he North?
en: Sialc- on the ll tb, doing great, darna ce
in Pennsylvania. New York, Connecticut
and other states.
Barnum has telegraphed to the Waa
Department, offering S;V>!,! reward for tIn?
ternale apparel which Jeff. Davis was
dressed in when captured.
The New York Herold states the regis
tere?! debt of the United States to be
?bout twenty-five hundred millions o;
dollars. The amount of Treasury issue:
(greenbacks) in circulation is put down at
nearly six hundred and eighty-three and
a half millions, besides the national bank
notes in circulation, estimated at mort
than a hundred and twenty millions.
The forty-ninth, annual meeting of th?
American Bible Society was held in Ne?
York, on the 11th inst. During the pas
year, the society's receipts have beer
$1)77,851, ar-id in the same time it has is
sued 1,720,569 vojumes of all kinds, lr
the past four years, it has issued 5,304,70?
printed volumes, and since its organizatioi
I a guand total of 20,609,51 volumes. It
issues are "printed in forty different lau
Mn. LINCOLN'S TOMB-The public has ;
confused understanding of the fact tba
there was an earnest struggle over th
final resting place of the ?ortal remain
of Abraham Lincoln, which was not ter
minated till the day of their interment
I hut it is not so well known as it should b
i that there was never #ny division or hes
I talion on thc part of his family, who wer
! uniformly averse to his burial alone in a
eight-acre square in the centre of Spring
I field, but insisted that his dust spool
j mingle with its kindred olav in thc publi
cemetery two mil^s from "the whirl an
roar of traffic, and not be made the chi?
advertisement of a smart and growin
?city. Robert Line?la did not decide th
i point, ns some of the reports have indien
ed; he simply Announced the unaninroi
and unchangeable resolve of the fatnil
that the a-hes of bim they loved shoul
repose in a cemetery-that ofSpringfiel
if that were allowed; if not that, in son
other. While doing justice to the lib
rality and public spirit which dictated tl
purchase ol' an eight acre lot for the tom1
at a cost of $55,000, we must say that tl
decision of the family seems to us th
which good taste and right feeling won
naturally prompt. And thc monument
Mr. Lincoln will rise over his remains
1 Oak Ridge Cemetery.
\Neu{ York Tribune.
Special attention is invited to the saleof
valuable china, granite, ?fcc. advertised at
auction by Messrs. V)nrbec ?fc Walter.
Is Sidney Park aj-pasture for cattle and
horses, or a place ojf recreation for human
being: ? We oroporund this question to the
city fathers, as it is; nothing uncommon-to
see animals grazin'g there.
TUE TWENTY-FIFTH! Uuio.-lois veteran
r?giment, under '?ommand of Lieut. Col.
Haughton, is n<>w performing garrison j
duty in ibis city.1 They were very highly
spoken of ly the residents of Orangeburg
for their excellent behaviour while in that
village, and have, since their occupation
of Columbia, fully abstained their reputa- j
lion. Thc officers are polite and attentive j
to-all who have business transactions with |
them; while the men preserve the strictest
order. .
23?F~FEBSO***AL.~All subscribers to the j
Phtcnix whose tubscriptions have ex?
pired, will 'jilease come, forward and
renew, in specie i r provisions; otherwise
their papers will be stopped.
ISST* We wish it distinctly understood
that our terna; ave CMS//. NO advertise?
ment* will, therefore, be inserted unless
paid for in ad vanpe;
We present the following schedule of
rate?, in the case of thi most obvious com?
modities. For one month's subscription j
to t h- Plii/mix, wc will receive either of j
the following, viz: I
1 bushel.corn. Ix bush, peas or potatoes I
.". pounds butter. 25 lbs. ?lour.
7 " lard. -1 lbs. candies.
7 " h? eon. y qt s. rice.
S dozen eggs. i head of chickens'.
Wood, vegetables and provisions ?zena- ?
rally received al fair market rates np
(.roaching the specie standards.
AFFAIRS IN TEXAS.-A grand meeting
was held nt Houston on thc 'J'Ju, and an- i
other at. Springfield; ami il was deeei-.-d
to continue the icbcliibn, although ih-v i
had the m ws of t ie fall of Richmond and I
the capitulation >f Lee. They declared j
the Trans-Mississippi Department, to be
sufficiently vast and full of resources to
repel the" invasion and insure its inde?
pendence. There were some who thought
otherwise, and lirig. Gen. Hawes, who
commanded Galveston, sent in his resigna?
tion, and was replaced bv Col. Ashhel
Smith. ( len. M;:; i ader was at Galveston,
where he reviewed ihe troops jg
A Federal attack on the const of Texas
was momentarily expected.
- -- io. -
THE MosaoE DOCTRINE.-The Philadel?
phia Press intimates that, quite n number
of mea arc co-gatuz'ng in thal, eily lor a
movement upon Mexico, lt is said,.thoti?h ;
vairuely, that the object of (lie j arty is to I?
maintain thc- validity ni*the Monroe doe- j
ti ino. ^Jti other words, they propose to j
suppo^p.he Republican faelio'n in Mexico
in opposition io the Imperialist*. It is I
als?'? rumored that vessels are lu be fitted I
out in Baltimore for operating in the Gulf I
of Mexico, or elsewhere, and that seventy |
men, wTfo have already seen naval service !
and who aro, to he commanded bv an
officer who is himself truly loyal, have ;
already been engaged to form a part of
the alleged expedition.
FLOOR ix THE Mississrri'i -Th? Times, of !
the I'.uh. savs di at the country on the Mast. ?
side of the river from Tunica Landing to i
Ila von Sar,:. ;s completely inundated for
thirty five miles, causing^reat suffering.
M;tny inhabitants are in a starving condi?
tion and many plantations arc ahaaydrined
in consequence of the tnxxl making the
levees give way. Daily b ars were enter?
tained of. a more destructive overflow
than ever before occurred.
No PASSES REQUIRED.-By an order from
Gen. Halleek, it is understood that all
loyal persons can come and go from Rieh
mond without passes or restrictions of anv
lc i ii ?1 : they smiply being required to regis?
ter their names as they land or leave.
Confederate officers or soldiers who go to
loyal States without proper authority, do
so at their own ptril.
Th.- Mobile News, bf the 27th. learns
that the rebel rams Nashville and Morgan, j
and live steamers, were at Demopolis, but
no troops were there except Mayberry'*
guerillas, which were between Mobile and
Demrpolis. The demoralization in the
rebel army and navy, ia that region, was
very great. , .
An order bas 'been issued by the War
Department for the immediate 'discharge
of all imprisoned rebel soldiers not above
the rank af colonel, who, previous to the
capt ure ol' Richmond, signified their desire
to take the oath of allegiance to the Go
vcrnmeut, and who aie still willing to do
; so.
Thousands of rebel soldiers have arr
rived in Nashville, taken tb.eoath, and ure
conducting themselves honorably. Lick
M.-Cann has announced the Confederacy a
lailure, suya he has X>een whipped, and
intends U do all in his power to bring
back lb- feeling cf old times.
A Memphis despatch reports that Jeff.
Thompson surrendered himsclt and his
entire anny, on "tie-day last, to Captain
[Mitchel!, of the United States navy. .leif's
"entire army" mist by this tiiuc cous'.;
1 tute no wry formidable force.
The Secretary of War lins issued nu
orrler declaring exc-hr.nged all prisoners of
war delivered on.parole to Federal officers
Hast of the Mississippi Uiver, excepting
those delivered at Da rien, Ca.
The Legislature of Tennessee^on Thurs- '
day. elected Hon. Judge Patterson lo rep- j
resent that State in the United Slates Se
nate.-' Thc new Senator is a sou-ill-law ol' I
President Johnson.
A Nashville despatch to the Herald j
states that Gov. Brown, of Georgia, was ,
brought to that place ns a prisoner, on the
Hon. TL M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, has
been arrested and'is now a prisoner on
-board a nun-boat in .lames Uiver. j
Funeral Invitation.
The friends and acquaintances of Mr. j
ami Mrs. H. U<>ss, Mr. ll. Kauffman and
Mr. M. Lilienthal, are respectfully invited !
to attend the funeral of Mrs. II. HESS, I
from her late residence, corner of Peru, - \
ton and Main streets, THIS HORNING |
.at '.) o'clock. J
Corn, Bacon and Peas.
17^0Rsale in quantities to suit purchasers. I
.. Inquire at Ward 1, North shh- of Gol- !
Ieee Campus. univ '"J 1? i
VV'est Mile, one dooi jr. j
CgJ^/frotu Pendleton stroct,^,'.*:"' : .
otters for sali:
Flour, Bacon, 1
Lai'd, Fresh Putter,
Green Tea. ?l.u k Ten,
Brown Sugar, Crushed Sugar, :
Coffee, Honey,
Rye, Cooking Soda.
Black PeppffV Can.Iles.
Blacking, Toilet Soap,
Tooth Brushes, M-itches,
.?Vc, ?ic , ?bc, ?fcc.
Smoking Tobacco; Chewing Tobacco,
Sega rs, I'.-ns ?ind Pends,
Paper, Envelopes,
Pms and Needles. ? pool Cot ton,
Spools Colored Silk, Sc- wing Sill;.
i'ayt Buttons, Agate P.utlons, i
Men's English Shoes, bridie*' do.,
Children's Gaiters. Pipes.
Colored Pocket Handkerchiefs, !
Satinets, Homespuns,&c. j
Gum O pi u ? . Calomel,
Gum, Camphor, Laudanum,
Paregoric, Blue Mass,
Quinine, Morphine,
Hive Syrup, Syrup I pe Ac,
Brimstone, Sulphur.
Epsom S:.lt*. Castor Oil.
? Bal. Copaiba, Nit. Silver, ;
Chloral..- Potash, Chloroform, I
Cream Tartar, Mustard, Borax, Saltpetre, '
Spirits Hart-horn, .Vc, ?.c.
'Uso, just received,
mav 29 1
Marion Street, near Lumber.
Blue Flannel, Spring Cassimeivs, While
Linen and Muslin, Snipe Cotton Shirting,
Cotton Gi-'ods for snits, Calicoes, Buttons,
Needles, Pins, Silk i"ieS Cotton Handker?
chiefs, Children's Socks, Pound Comb?,
"Dressing Combs-, Paper Cambric. White
and Black Buckles, Letter and Note
Paper, Black Skirt. Braid, Towels, Wind?
sor Soap, Keck Ties. Also, Sega rs..
may 29 1
Head?frs United States Forces,
MAY 27. lSof>.
VLL citizens having in their possession
any property that right full y belongs
to the United Stat"s Government, accord
ing to the terms ol' surrender of Gen. .hrs.
E. Johnson, C. S. A.. to Gen. W. T. Sher?
man, U. S. A., will immediately report the
same to these headquarters.
Persons having mules, horses and wa?
gons, will, for tho present, be permitted to
retain th* same for the purpose ot" carry?
ing on their work. Any person failing to
comply, with this order within a reason a
bia time, will not, only be deprived of any
farther uso of said property, but. will also
subject themselves to punishment by mili
tory authority. Bv command of
Lieut. Col. 23tli O. V. V.,
Com'dg City of Columbia. S C.
W. J. KYLE, Lieut. 25th O. V. V. i. and
Post Adjutant. may 29
Fer Sale,
HOGS, in good cuting order. Also,
w\/ Beds and Bedding; 1 good Cooking
Stove, complete. Apply at Capt. E S.
Keitt's Furni. may 27 ?*
vf shoer, Wheelwright ami Smith in
general - nearly opposite Catholic Church
All kinds of FARMING WORK done on
the ?boj-test notice and th-; most reason ab!
terms, VJT provisioDbor cash, rajy ?6 6
?nilli i - i iifiwwitini MB ta ~i ?? mm mi tim i tti
Hckdq'rs United States Forces,
?Jil Y OF COLUMBIA, f>. C.,
MAY '?7, lSGo.
IN order to prevent any disturbance v. ii . ii
iinv arise from tho improper use ul .,
toxicat.ing liquors, it. is hereby ordered
thu!, for the present, no intoxicating !;
quors will bc sold pr given away I? ss;
citizen or soelier. unless permission ...
granted from these headquarter*. A TI ;,
one found guilty of disobeying this ordr:
will not only b.a,ve his gouda confiscated,
but will bc subject to ; uuislmieut by limi?
tary law. Bv command of
Lieut. Col. N. HAUGHTON,
< 'ommatiding Post.
W. J. KYLE, Lieut. 25lh O. V. V. 1. a: .
Post Adjutant, ni'y 2".
Keadq/rs United States Forces,
MAY 27. lS0.r..
INFORMATION bax iug Leen receiver! .-.
these headquarters?)f the existence n
armed bands of marauders infesting tim
country and committing depredations ??
the property of peaceful citizens, it is
hereby ordered timi ail persons composing
suth will bc considered and treated as
outlaws, and i.' caught, will receive the
severest, punishment ot military law.
The United States G< rerrmient is
"ons of protecting all peaceful and a\
abiding citizens, and they will cor,;".' ..
favor on these headen irtcrs, and do jus1 . -.
to themselves, by giving any informal.,
they may have in their possession r.-.-p..
ing the names and movement* of *<..<.?:
bunds, and, if possible, aiding in the!'
The time has ni riv. ii when it behoo\ ..
every citizen to do all ia bis power I-.
assist lb? military fore"- of tin. Unite.;
States to restore peace and harmon-,
throughout the land. BY order of
'Lieut. Col. N. ff Al G ?I TON,
25th 0. V. V. I , Com'dt; V. S. torces.
( itv ..f Columbia.
W. ,T. KYLE, 2d Lieut'. 20th O. V. \ . 1
end Lost Adj ut nut univ 2'.'
Headq'rs Departcieat of the South,
IlII/tON 11BAD. s. C . ?M.vY 15, LT,;..
5 TUE proelairfrttion of A. G. Mu
ia grath, styling 'himself Governor cl
South Carolina, dated nt 1!. :: Iqc.-trteiv.
Columbia, Soiiih Carolina, Mav IS,..,",
declaring that, all subsistence stores and
the property of the Con led era tc States
within the limits of lite Stale should t..
tur:..-.I over and accounted for by th*
Agenls of tim State, appointed for that
purpose, and directing that I he subsistence
and, other ste;-..s shah !" used for lite re!i> .
of the peep!.- nf Ihr- St,.te; and the fro
elamation of Jos.-ph K. Brown, ?trlintr
himself Governor of Georgia, dated at th.
capital ot that State, on the ?id day ?>!
Mav, ls'..">. reo ni ring I he otHei rs and mem?
bers of thc General Assembly to meet. i.-.
Vxiraordhiary session at. the Capitol, e.
Milieilgcville, on Mondav, the 22d dav ?. ;
May, Ii??;?: ami ile? proclaination of ?. K.
Allison, styling himself Acting Governor
of I'lorida, dated ar Tallahassee, on iii.
8th day of April, ?S?i?, giving nolie... :.ec
direction thal an election w il bel: ld ot.
Wednesday, th? 7th dav <.( June, If?.;:,
for Governor of the Stat? of Florida; at.
each ?nd all of them, .icc! ite l null and
void; it. having become known to m.-, from
trustworthy in format ???ii, that th? atol--.
s.iiil A. G. Magrath, Joseph l-l. Prawn ;.n
A. Iv. Allison, ?.re disloyal to the Uniio
Stale*, having commuted sundry and
v. rs ads of treason ugaillit (he same. I;
adhering to their enemies, giving them ai .
and conifort.
The persons and peoples, to whom tl.,
proclaination:-, hereinal.ov? referred ..
have been respectively addressed, ar<
therefore enjoined and commauded to g'.vi
no bee.i whatever there'o, or to an-,
orders, proclamations,-commissions or c?r?
mauds, emanating from pVi- ons elaitr.in,
the light, to exercise tho functions and au
thority of Governor in either of th-1 State
ot South Carolina, Georgia or Fl rni'
unless the same sin-.ii i.a\e been prom ii
.gated by the advice or consent of th
United Stales authorities.
ll. The policy and wishes of il.e Gene
ral i ?overntuent toward the people of t h~H
S-ljites, and lite method which should a
pursued by them in pestir.iin-.' or iissurnin;
the exercise of theil* political rights. Wit
doubtless be mad? known at an early <i -y
lt. is deemed sufficient, meanwhile, i,
an;.ounce that the people <.." the blac!
rac? are free citizens nf the United Slat*,
that it is the fixed intention of a wi--a:.,
beneficent Government to protect them i
the enjoyment of their freedom and tn
frui's of their industry, and thal it is tn
manifest and binding duly of all eitir.eo?
whites as well ns blacks, t.- make sue
arran ge m'en ts and agreement s among tl ? ?:.
.selves, for compensated labor as omi. ...
mutually advantageous to a : p .- !
Neither idleness nor vagrancy will Le . . -.
rated, and io? Government will not . :>
tend pecuniary aid tv any person?, w h ethe
whit; or black, who are unwilling to Ii?Jj
theil!sel ves.
[II. District and Post Commander
throughout this Department wiliatoue
cause ihi* order to be circulated far au
wide, by special couriers or otherwise an:
will take such steps to secure Ls cn for ie
ire nt as may by them be deemed necesito
ry. " Q. A. GILLM?RE,
mav -.'< Major General Commanding.
20 Wrapping Paper. *l
OLD NEWSPAPERS .'or sale ai tin
-office. Pr:':n 20 ard *0 coats a IOC

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