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Thursday Morning, June 8, 1865.
The Ztflisdn of the Cay.
Four years ago, we were, in many ways,
a great peoplr, but in nothing greater
than the way we boasted of our greatness.
The Frenchman is showy, the Spaniard is
haughty, the German is prolix, but no
Gascon was ever half eo vain, no Castilian
half so proud, no Teuton half eo tiresome,
ns the plaiu dealing, quick speaking eon of
the Great Republic, when (fee Great Re?
public was his theme. It was Goshen-*
land flowing with milk and honey-and
we were the saints to whom the Lord had
given >t for an inheritance. It was the
Canaan of a new dispensation, and we
were Ute blissful dwellers on its happy
shores. Our country was the best coun?
try, our Government the best Government,
our people the best people, thu world ever
saw. Europe was effete and the European
a hide-bound flunkey, but Amer ca was
?lei cu ?es in bis cindi end the American
J. ve upon bis throne
So extreme was this national vanity
(says t hc Augusta Constitutionalist) that it
hed aimost sublimated us out of humanity,
in Great Expectations, I'umblechook and
Gie undertaker speak of death ns though
they were themselves creatures noiorioualy
immortal, and in some such far-off way
-tl i vi we regard the national calamities of
others. Civil war we had read of, but so
liad we read of the pingue of thc Levant
and the typhoons of the China' Sea, nud
we hud as little thought ot ever suffering
from the one as the other. From false
doctrine and schism-from all heresy,
privy conspiracy aud rebellion-it was our
daily prayer to be delivered; bul the
prayer was like the speech of the parrot
we knew nob what it meant, and uttered
it only becauee we had been taught 60 to
do. But now We know it, and when to
da3? that grayer is altered, it will conic
from many a heart that never felt its sig?
nificance before. No man now need define
for us civil war. We have defined it for
ourselves, and the lesson that taught us the
definition is the lesson of the day. lt has
been a sharp one, and will not, we think,
be easily forgotten. It will shock us back
into commonsense, and teach us what this
.country. North and South, has long needed
to know-that it possesses no exemption
from the infirmities of national existence;
that if wrong be done, evil will follow,
and that to live and to let live, to bear and
to forbear, to remember mercy in judg?
ment, and to render Cres ar his own, is the
whole civil duty of man-to be governor
or governed.
Self Knowledge.
Making due allowance for the occa?
sional fortunate chance, and ve may
always assume that success is due wholly
to the fact that the individual has pro?
perly learned the lesson, '"Know thyself."
Of course, we mu*t first, in order to de?
termine the degree of success, ascertain
what the individual has aimed nt. The
higher wisdom seldom looks for its suc?
cesses along the highway-, and grows rich
in a condition which the world may de?
spise for its seeming poverty. One's
wealth may consist in the profitable use
of his talent, though it never in any way
adds to the number of bis talents.
SOLTIIECN CRors.-It is stated that, hi
Alabama, there are immense fields of
growing corn, with herc and there a wheat
field ready almost for the sickle; promise
of an abundant yield. In Georjia, much
corn has been planted, although not look?
ing so well a? in Alabama. Enough will
be made, it is thought, to supply the peo?
ple with bread, if the negro laborers can
be retained. Cotton is almost a thing of
the past; but very little planted
Maj. Gen. Wilson has appointed Mr. J.
R. Griffiu to take charge of Government
property at Andorsonville, Ga., with in
structions that the extensive prison stock?
ade and grave-yard be enclosed with a
fence, and that a hook, containing a list ol
names, wilji descriptions, be kept for the
relatives and friends-there being ovei
14,000 Federal dead at this noted place,
representatives from every Slate ol the
Union, North.
COTTON AND GOLI>.-The Herald's cones
pondent says that the United S ti tes nth
?.. <ls fonnd'in Augusta about. 100,000 bide?
of cotton, ten million dollars worth ot
ordu; .te, and other ?rebel stores, and
forty-five thousand dollars worth of bul
liou. A part of Jeff. Davis' specie train
was captured, and one hundred and eighty
five Iho^tacd dellars in froid secured
President Johnson's Amnesty Pro?
The Chattanooga Gazette., of May 30.
contains the following important tele
graphie report, containing thc President's
amnesty proclamation:
I do solemnly swear or affirm, in the
presence of Almighty God, llint I will
henceforth faithfully defend the Constitu
lion of the United States and union of thc
Statep, and will abide and faithfully sup?
port all laws and proclamations which
have be? n made during the existing rebel?
lion with reference lo the emancipation of
slaves. So help me God.
All who have been civil, diplomatic or
otherwise, domestic or foreign agenta of
tin- protended Confederate States.
All who left, judicial stations under the
United Slates to aid the rebellion. '
All military and naval oftieers'above
the rank of colonel in the army and lieu-(
tenant in the navy.
All who left seats in the Congress of the
Uriii.ed States.
All who resigned or tendered the resig?
nation of their commissions ?D the army
and navy of the United Slates.
All engaged any way in treating other?
wise thu ii lawfully a?" prisoners of war
persons forced (lound) in the United States
All military and naval officers who were
educated by I lie United Stales.
All the pretended governors in insurrec
lionary States.
All who left their hoir.ep within the
Federal lines and passed into the rebel
lines lo aid the rebellion.
All who have engaged in the destruction
of commerce on ibe high seas, nod all who
have made (aids from Canada or engaged
in destroying commerce on land and rivers.
All who at the time when they seek to
obtain benefit hereof by taking the oath
and remain in military, naval or civil con
finement, or under bond of military or
naval authorities as agents of the United
Stales, prisoners of war, or persons de?
tained for offences of any kiud, either he?
idie or aiter conviction.
four of the forts about Washington are to
be immediately dismounted, their garri?
sons withdrawn and dismissed, and every?
thing appertaining to Ibis expensive
branch of defensive warfare is to be put
upon the general retrenchment path.
Government bas granted in perpetuity to
the United States Government the exclu?
sive privilege of using the Panama Uail
joad tor military, naval and other govern
mental purposes, other nations eau only
Use il commercially.
Gen. Sheridan, who so greatly distin?
guished himself in Virgini.-fhas been sent
to Texas. It is understood that he has
authority to collect such troops as may be
made available in the Western Depart?
ment, and. transfer them to Galveston, and
thence to march upon Kirby Smith's loree
cludes a published letter of complaint
with the declaration: 'There is consolation
in knowing that though truth lies in the
bottom of a well, the Yankees lia ve perse?
verance enough to get to that bottom."
For.TitEss MONROE.-The strictest regula?
tions respecting persons visiting tho for?
tress are still rigidly enforced. No perron,
either officer or civilian, is allowed to
enter the fortress, unless duly provided
with a j ?ass.
April SO. the Episcopal churches which
bad been two weeks clofed to avoid pray?
ing for the President of the United States
offered their devotions as prescribed by?
law, military and canonical.
Missouri cuerillas have sacked the towns
of Kingsville and Holden, and threatened
Lexington. The St. Louis night express
train was slopped ami robbed by armed
men, on its way from Cincinnati.
Ledger correspondent says Mr. JoliU'ion
will give the radicals a wide berth. Ex
cepting a few leader?, a general amnesty
will be tendered to Hie whole people.
Nassau has collapsed with the failure of
the blockade running business-every?
body leaving, goods selling at auction at
mei ely nommai prices, and the principal
hotel closed.
The Philadelphia Inquirer'* Washington
correspondent says it will probably take
three months for'tbe board of examination
to get through the trials of the conspi?
j?r Mr. Seddon has been arrested and im?
prisoned on the gun boat in James River,
with Hunter and Campbell. It was be?
lieved that Lee would also be in custody,
also Gov. Smith. .
GEN. BRECKENRIDGE.-It is rumored that
Gen. Breckimidge and several other gen?
tlemen hnve made their escape in a vessel
sailing from the coast of Florida.
The new Atlantic cable will be laid in
July, if the weather permits. Weignt 400
pounds per mile; progress 25 miles pei
TRUE BILLS.-The Grand Jury of the
District of Columbia found true hills of
indictment ugaiiist Mr. Davis and General
Bred; in ridge.
Tm; Gr. AXI> REVIEW.-The army nt
Washington was two miles long, inarching
l sixty abreast.
XjOC?tl Items.
. Tlie ofi?s-e of the Columbia J'licrvix is
on Gatos street, second door from Plain.
Mr. G ri He va ld , will please accept tlie
thanks of lue employees of the J'houix
for a basket of lino plums.
Gen. Hartwell is expected to arrive in
this city to day, to arrange malters con?
cerning paroles.
Wo arc again Under obligntions to that
useful institution, the Southern Expresa
Company, for copies of the Augusta Con?
stitutionalist and livening Transcript, of
late dates.
^..Messrs. Fisher ?lr, Ueinitsh advertise, in
this morning's issue, a large assortment of
drugs, medicines, ?te. These gentlemen
contemplate shortly resuming their usual
wholesale and retail business.
The proprietor of the Phoenix left for
thc North, yesterday evening,-to procure
a supply of material for the purpose of
enlarging and otherwise improving his
paper. During his absence. Mr. ?lohn A.
Elkins will attend^ lo all business connect?
ed with the paper.
LETTERS BY EXPRESS.- We are pleased
to state that the Southern Express Com?
pany, as wiil be soon by a notice in an?
other column, with a commendable desire
to serve the public in all possible way?,
has arranged, during the present suspen?
sion of mail facilities, to carry letters to
all point* on its lines of communication,
as well as (?ieee nt the North reached by
the Adams' Express Company.
About a month ago, during a heavy
shower of rain, an officer on horseback
was cantering along one of our streets j
holding over himself a handsome silk um?
brella. Ho met a lady running rapidly to
get out. of the rain, and dismounting, ac?
costed her, telling Iiis name, handed her
the umbrella, mounted and rode on. Ib
has not, heard of the lady or the umbrella
since. If he were again to see the lady
he would not know her; but if tho um
brella wero sent lo this oflico, he wooli!
gratefully recognize that much-needed
article of his property.
E5?F"PERSONA!.-.ill suos-criuers to tho
PhiT[iix whoso subscriptions have ex?
pired, will please come foiwa'-d ?nd
renew, in specie or provisions; otherwise
their papers will be stopped.
We wish it distinctly understood
that our ternis are cash. No adveitise
ments wiil, therefore, be inserted unless
paid for in advance.
Wo present the following schedule of
rates, in tho case of the most obvious com- i
mod it ie?. For one month's subscription
to the Phonix, we will receive either of
tho following, viz:
1 bushel corn. 1 ? bush, peas or potatoes
5 pounds butter. 25 lbs. Hour.
7 '. lard. 4 lhs. candles.
7 " bacon. qts. rice.
8 dozen eggs. 4 head of chickens.
Wood, vegetables and provisions gene?
rally received at fair market rates ap?
proaching tho specie standards.
Benjamin F. Wade, James ll. Doolittle
and Simon Cameron have jointly pur?
chased one of tue great cotton plantations
of South Carolina.
MOBILE.-A terrific explosion of powder
took pluce in Mobile, destroying a thou?
sand lives, and prostrating tho business
part of tho city.
MURDER.-The overseer of Mr. Chevis,
near Abbeville, has boen murdered by
negroes, who are getting quite disorderly
in that region.
FeusD DCAI>.-Fifteen dead negroes were
drawn out of the river just below Macon.
The bodies were buried on tho river bank.
Cause of death unknown'.
. Ex Gov. LETCH ER.-Ex Gov. Letcher was
arrested at his home, Lexington, Va., on
Sunday, and has arrived in Washington
in custody.
Application for national banks at Rich?
mond, Petersburg, Savannah and Charles?
ton, have been mada to the Treasury De?
A Federnl soldier was shot and killed in
Macon on Thursday night, while attempt?
ing to enter a private house.
Gen. Lee, it is said, will he indicted for
treason. The moment, he is indicted, his
parole will be of no use to him.
Tho Postmaster-General has started
South, to make arrangements for postal
Mis. Davis and family aro in Savannah,
permission to -rn North having been re?
fused by the War Department.
A $200.0o0 dianio:;.] is offered for sale
in London.
A ninety-five pound ra! fsh was caught
on Monday hst, near Burlington, Iowa.
Some planters ure trying to ruidc cotton
iu Caliloruiu.
Council Proceedings.
COUNCIL Cn/ M nun,
COLUMBIA, .Unie G. 1S65.
Present - His Honor the Mayor, Alder
men Bates, Blakely, Glass, Glare, Harris,
Hope, Lenphart and Stork.
' On mot ion, it vf as ordered that the Com?
mittee on Scales be directed to have the
city scales repaired.
It was also ordered that the matter of
thc salaries of officers he referred to the
Committee on Guard House and Police.
Aldermnn Glaze was appointed Chair?
man of the Committee on Water Works
and Alderman Hope added to the same
An election for Alderman in Ward No.
?., to fill the vacancy occasioned by.the
election of Alderman Gibbes to the May?
oralty, was ordered tobe held at Dr. Gei?
ger's office on the lOtli inst Managers
A. R. Phillips, A. L. Solomon and A. D
The following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the reasous which here?
tofore existed for not granting licenses to
retail spirituous liquors, tlo not exist; and
that the City Council will, to proper ap?
plicants and a dite compliance with the
law upon that subjects grar.t licenses, pro?
vided the same meet the approval of the
Commandant ol thc Post.
The Committee of Ways and Means
presented the following amendment to the
"Ordinance to raise supplies for the year
Whereas the taxes imposed by the ordi?
nance of the City Council, ratified on the
?id day of .January, ?11 the yeal of our
Bord one thousand eight hundred and
sixty-five, entitled "An Ordinance to raise
supplies tor the year 1865," were payable
in the Treasury . ilotes of the Confederate
States ol' America; and wheres? some per?
sons have heretofore paid their taxes for
the year ltSo? in said currency, while
others are still in arrears: and whereas the
said Treasury" notes are 110 longer current
and having beeuiue wholly valueless,
and therefore can no longer bc received in
payment of the taxes 6tiil remaining un?
paid; and whereas th? necessities of thc
municipal authorities of the cry are such
ns to r< quire the laying of an addi! ional tux
upon all sales of merchandize and sale.-, ai
and ion, made for specie or its equivalent,
since the first day of April, 18G?:
Be it, therefore, ordained hy tin; Mayor j
and Aldermen ol the city of Columbia, in
Council assembled, and hy the authority j
of the same, That in all cases where the I
tax*s ?inposed by the said ordinance, rati?
fied on the 3d day of January, 1865. have
not. already been paid ti ?ion real estate und
oilier things hereinafter mentioned, the
following taxes shall be paid by such per?
sons in arrears for llic period beginning on
the 1st day of January, 1805, and termi?
nating on the 1st. day of January, 1806, as
well as thc following additional taxes on
sales of merchandize, and on sales nt auc?
tion for specie or its equivalent made
during the year 1305, which said taxe-?
shall be paid in specie or its equivalent,
and shall be placed in the eily treasury
for the use of said city, viz:
SEC. 1. That is to say, one fourth of one
per cent, on every hundred dollars of thc
assessed value of all houses and tenements
occupied as dwellings, stoles or places of
any business whatever; the value of such
houses nf tenements to be assessed by the
City Clerk. Vue?nt lots, or lots whereon
building? have been destroyed by tire, to
be free from ibis tax.
SEC. 2. One ?ter cent shall be levied
upon every hundred dollars of sales for
specie or its equivalent of goods, wares
and merchandize, euiuraeing sales ?if nil
articles of trade for barter or exchange,
except cotton, which have been or may he
made by resident merchants, traders and
dealers within the city of Columbia, from
the first, dav of April, 1865: which said tax
shall tie paid at the end of each quarter,
beginning on tile first day of April last.
SEC 8. And A-hereas many peinons set
up temporary shops or stores for the sale
of merchandize after the ti 1 e fixed for
assessing taxes, and close the same before
the return of tax thereon, so ns to avoid
the payment of taxes to the ciiy altoge?
ther: Be it further ordained, Tliac all such
dealers shall, upon opening shops or stores
in the city of Columbia, pay t<> the City
Clerk the sum of twenty dollars, which
shall be allowed him in the next settlement
for taxes/and the overplus, it' any, be re?
turned to him. On failure to pay after
being notified, the Mayor shall torin with
issue an execution against the defaulters,
and collect the money in thc usual way.
SEC. 4. There shall bc levied one ?nd
one-half per cent, upon sales at auction of
all goods, wares, merchandize, real estate
or other propurty: Provided, nevertheless,
that no tax shall be levied upon sales ai
auction made by order of emi t or process
of law. The tax imposed by this section
shall be collected at the end of each and
every mouth, commencing with the first
day of May, 1S65.
SEC. 5. And be it further ordained, by
the aut hority aforesaid. That a tax of one
and one-half p. r c. nt shall be pani on the
premiums received by each and every in?
surance company, or iig.-nr, or agency
thereof, doing business in' this city; and it
shall be thc du:y ol every such insurance
company, or the officers or agents thereof,
to make quarterly returns nuder oath to
thc City Clerk of thc amount of premiums
for I lie quarter prec??dine, nuder a penally
of, ten dollars foi each and every day that
snell company ol agent or agency arny
neirlecl or refuse to make leturns and pay
t-uoh tax, to lie collected by execution ns ir.
other eases provided for thc Collection of
fines and forfeiture.
SKC. 6. And bc it further ordained, by
the authority aforesaid, That tv?> dollars
sh;!ll he paid on each and every horse,
mare, stallion, gelding and mule kept or
used wi (hin t he city of Columbia, besides
the tax on vehicles, as follows: Ten dollnta
shall be piid on each and every four
wheeled pleasure carriage or barouche
drawn by two or more horses; five dollars
on each an<l every one-horse carriage,
buggv. barouche, gig or sulky not used for
hire; fifteen dollars on every vehicle used
for the breaking or exhibiting of horses
and mules; ?20 on each huck or can ing*
drawn by two horses, and inn for the con*
voyance of passengers for hire; $7 on each
and every one horse buggy, gig or sulky
kept or used for hire; ?i7 on eneh and. every
wagon, cart, or dray: S?(> ?>n each and
every omnibus or stage. And all persons
commencing to use or run ?ny carriage or
other vehicles after the time for thc pay?
ment of taxes, shall pay from thc time,
they commence, to une or run such ear?
ring or Vehicle to tho end of the year, la
proportion to the rate of taxes per au
nura: Provided, That nothing herein con?
tained shall extend to any of the above
enumerated vehicles not used, although
kept within the limits of the city. And
provided, als?, that nothing herein con?
tained shall be construed to extend to
wagons, carts, drays or carriages going to
or from market, and owned hy non resi?
dents of said city.
And b<: it bli ther ordained. That a tax
of ?5 shall he paid on each and everv
horse, mate, stallion, gelding and mule
sold in this city hy or on account of anv
luirse trader or livery stuble keeper; and
the keeper ot" every livery stabic shall
make quarterly returns on oath of such
sales ai his stable and pay the lax thriven,
under a pen ttl ty of ?10 per day for failure
TO make such returns and payments nt tho
end ol the quarter.
SEC 7. And be it further ordained. thai
no persoti shall let to hire anv wagon, emt
or dray or other carriage, or run any omni?
bus, staire, hack or other carriage for the
transportation of goods or passengers
wilina the limits of said city, without
first having obtained a badge from the
City Clerk, tobe placed on some conspicu?
ous part of the vehicle; also a b ulee with
the number hy which lie rimy be known
and identified, to be worn on a conspicu?
ous part of his person l>v the driver of
such omnibus, wagon, cart, dray or other
carriage, un.1er a penalty <?$' five dol?ais
for each and ever\ day that such vehicle
shall so run, to be recovw-ed by informa?
tion before the Mayor or anyone of the
Aldermen of said city.
SKC. S. Whereas all r^i:?e inhabitants
between the ages of sixteen and li fl v
veal's, residing within the limits of tho
eitv of Columbia,are required bv tho law.-?
of this State to work upon the streets of
said city tor full twelve days in en ch and
every year; be it, thor.?ore, ordained.
Thal each and every person liable to work
upon the streets of the said oily of Co.
luniliia may and shall be excused from lim
performance of said duty upon the pay?
ment ol two do.lars to the City Clerk; and
each and every peison so liable, who shall
fail lo pay the said sam of two dollars
within llie tim?; hereinafter sp. citied, shall,
when summoned tn .io so, be required to
?vork upon the streets of ihe. said city for
full twelve days, under ?he direction of
ihe overseer nf s?rcele; a.ol if any such
?i. i son or persons shall neglect or refuse to
work Upon thc streets at the time when
summoned, such person or persons shall be
fined one dollar for each and every dav
that he or thev shall neglect or refuse so lo
work, to be recovered by information be?
fore the Mayor and Aldermen in Connell
assembled. And it shall tie tho duty of
the City Clerk and of the Chief of Police
lo report, to'the said Mayor and Aldermen
Ail defaulters under either of tjie clauses
of this section. ?
SKC. 9. One per cent, upon thc income
of brokers and professions-the income of
ministers of thc dispel und schoolmasters
SEC. 10. And be it firrther ordained by
the authority afosesaid, That no eques?
trian or theatrical performance, or oilier
exhibition for tiain, shall lie held in the
eily of Columbia, without a license from
the Mayor, first had and obtained, and the
payment in advance to die Cit}" Clerk of
ri fly dollars per day, fer equestrian exhi?
bitions, and such sum as the Mayor may
assess tor iii er. I neal or other exhibitions
for gain; and each and every person ex?
hibiting for gain, without first having
obtained such license, and the payment ol
said tax in advance, shall be tined in a
sum of not less tuan double the amount of
said lax, in the manner hereinbefore pro
vided tor the imposition of fines and for?
SEC ll. And be it further ordaiiod.
Thal an annual tax of twenty-rive dollars
shall be paid on each tind every bagatelle,
pool and keele table, and upon every
bowling saloon, nine-or tenVpin alley or
pistol gallery kept within the limits of the
said eily; and the sum of one hundred
dellars shall be paid in advance for a
license.lo keep er have a cook-pit within
the inuit-, of the said city; and no license
tor such cook piL shall be gran;od for any
lu...; within the fiscal year for a Usa sum
th-II one hundred dollars: Provided, That
n - pcrt-ou or pcrdouc shall open aov one
of the placea of amunemeut uiuu?o?ed m

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