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$1 a Month, in Advance. ''Let our just Censure attend the tmo Even*."-Shaksprare. Single Copies Five Cents
By J. A. SELBY. . COLtJMBIA, S. C., FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1865. VOL. l.-NO. 43.
Six months, $5
On? month, - " - . 1
Ono square, (ten lines.) one time, 50 ets
Subsequent insertions. - 35 ets
Special notices ten cents per line.
Public Meeting in Laurens.
LAURELS C. 1*1., June 27,1865.
In pursuance of previous notice, a
highly respectable meeting of the citi?
zens of Laurens District was held this
day at 12 M., to take into considera,
tion the state of the country.
On motion of J. Ward Motte,C. P.
Sullivan, E-q., was called to the chair,
"anil A.C. MoGillivray was requested
to act as Secretary.
The Chairman having briefly stated j
the objects of the meet in g, J. Ward j
Multe. Esq., moved that a committee j
of fhfee be appointe.! to draft resoiu
tion* declaratory of the sense of the !
meeting. Upon which the following ?
committee was appointed: J. Ward j
Motte, II. C. Yoting, W. D. Simpson,
E-qrs., who report d th? following: . .
Resolved, That inasmuch as the ?ate j
war between the "States of the North j
and the States o* the South has tenn;
Dated unfavorably to th? Southern ?
States, we deem it to te the duly uf i
*V?H??plop!e of the "South to accept, and ?
to acqu esee in the result, and to sui)- [
mit, in good faith to tho authority of j
the Unit'd States Government.
. Resolved, That we earnestly des?re ;
the restoration of law and order, ami i
"..ho return of otsr people to '.heir ac- 1
CQStoined peaceable pursues; and to;
this .end, we the cit zens ol Lauren
here assembled, respectfully request J
His Excellency President JuhLSon, to |
take such steps MS may Le necessary |
'for the re es'.ablishment> of the Sute j
and .Federal civil fjftthorities in our
.midst, by providing for the orgam- ?
'?at ion of '.lie Sate and its retir, u'to,
' it* former position as a member ot'the ?
United States Government, under the !
provisions ol' tito Federal Constitution,
' at as carly a day as practicable.
Resolved, That a Committee of
- be appointed by tbe chair toi
make known this our action to the j
Federal authorities, and ?u co operate j
fur ihis'purpos , willi stn-h other (.otu
iniitees as h ive been appointed bv
other portioiiS pf tho people cf this
Stale, assembled as we have iii their
previous assemblies.
The resolutions having been read bv
th?i chair, were unanimously adopted:
Mr. A. MeUat b-y moved that five be
..the 'number ot ihe committee pro
rposeU ni the thin! resolution. Adopted.
When the chair appointed ibu fd
lowing as the committee: Rev. Ferdi?
nand Ja.-o'is, S. li. Todd, E-q., J.
Ward Motte, E q., Alex. McCarley,
E>q., and Dr. J. Vv. Simpson.
On moiion of Mr. J. P. Hoyt, it
was resolved, tiiat the name- ot ihe
presiding olScer ?*! ibis meeting be
added to the committee as chairman
ot the sftune.
Dr. J. VV. .-'?in s ?n moved, that thr>
proceedings of ibis meeting bu pub?
lished in one or moro pap?is of the
Stale. Adopted.
After which the meeting adjourned.
Chariest''ti Courier please copy.
The United States Hotel, at Sura
toga, has been destroyed hy fire. Loss
f und red tlioti<at? ollars. AH
-, . '.tnges were !e ? '; also, th?
. tftabies, Ma [louve and
nd' the Expre Telegraph
1 closed in N
uno, at l l H
irk, on thc
-? , BBBSSSBgg!
. A despatch from Washington, da;ed I
June 23, sa)?-: I
Ther? will probably be some con ?
si lerable delay in the appointment of I
;. Provisional Governor for South Car
ulina. The delegation hero do not, all i
represent the Unionists of the Slate,
the few there are to represent. One,
who aims t?> be the giver of advice to '
President Johnson, has declared in
Charleston that he 'wished-the Yan?
kees bad luit om? throat that be might
cut it.' Another declared that he j
j 'would burn his house m.bur t' ar,
blt H damned Yankee ?houM poMute
it with bis present-.* and so mi through ?
the entire list. It ia likely, therefore, !
that South Carolirui -wi1,! be suffered to !
l e out. in thu col i for t!ie present.
Dr. A. (T. M arkey, 'he newly np
pointed Collector nt Charleston, bns
returned to the city after his visit to
West Point, and is showing up tins J
pseudo South Carolin?, delegation in I
vivid colors. Ho cha'ges that the i
men composing the delegation now
ff' re vj^ere original secessn nts ts. 1 hey '?
admit it to lie true, ami attempt tm I
concealment. Col. Yates, cf tho dele- i
.galion, entered Pott Sumter ?mine i ?
rtiely after its evacuation by Major
Andersen, and remained in the rein-' ,
military service until : tro surrender o. ,
Joe Johnston. Others cf tba dele j
gat ion voled and .neted as consistent i
secessionists throughout. They an;
now here acknowleding themselves
defeated and subjugated. They ask '
'rjothingpbut pardon and early action !
m appointing civil officer?. Tin.-Stat.- :
is at present without lau-, ?ts citizens I
an; completely bumbled, a tearful pr - !
portion of them are literally destitute 1
cf all means of support and starvinyv
all manner of law.es-mess and crimed
alarmingly on the inctcase, and trie '
only hope for pubi c or ptivaty vir: io ;
is adfniu?d?to lie in the protection o?
Federal .aw. Tii? names ci. < x ;
Coiigre-sman William W. Boyce- and
Mr. MoAliley, are among those si.ii- !
mined bv the delegation as certain to !
give entire sattstactiOll tu the t.tnt-?, I
although tiley disclaim all desire to i
influence the President's appoint-.nen'.
It can oe said in Mr. Bo.ce's favor
that he disagieed with a majority of
South Carolin!nts. ami declared fori
peace a year ago. Mr. McAliley voled j
against secession in the ifutset, ann, j
like Gov. Aiken, held ab-ol through- j
out. tiie war. There is evidently very
"little sympathy between these di legates
and Mr. M ickey, whose loyalty is
accepted by tlie North without ques?
tion. Tlie uelegation is to have ,-.:i
otber healing on Saturday.
The South Carolina delegation are
to have another iuterview with tho
President to-morrow, when they will
urge ibo views ol tlie sece^-ii loyalists
of that Slate in regard to reeoi struc
tion. Tiiey aie let likeiy to have
much,ii tinonee in shaping the course
ol' things iii iii it State, their rebe;
record beiog of so ultra a character as
to de; troy any claim to conti nence or
regard either for theil sincerity <->r hon?
esty ol' purpose.
Af'er the departure of the Sou'h
Carolina delegation the co a-t v-iil l e
clea' here for .my citizens ot 1 .ol io?
who have been unusually pr iimneiit m
the late rebellion to put ?ti ai' appear
ance and tender to the Pie-tdeut theil
advice iri regard to the con ?in t ol
i-dfairs in that, th"|!ast o! the r< bel
lions States, tu ?'eek l r restoration
u der tho President s pian o? leceti
Piesident J dir.s'ti issued a procla?
mation ott tue S?unnmiuciug lite
termination ot tlie hi cka?e ot ira .ves
! ton and other ports Vv i -r i i the M .
sissippi Hiver^ ano that trie) will he
open to foreign conni.Cree, ?".'-li ce? lain
restrictions heretofore s eciiieo, ht ?er
the 1st of July proximo. As tin
blockade ot tiic HyirJiern poi u Ka- .
ol lite Mi .sissippi bad previously been
I officially raised, our outire coa>t will
I once n. ore, after io ct years ct embargo,
' bc from the ?^?v named again open
' and free ?o .lo.uoi.tic and foreign .rac!c.
On Saturday last Mr. kdmupd RpfBn, |
a very distinguished agrien! to^R of j
Virginia, committed suicde at his j
residente, near M ?itoak depot, on the !
Richmond and Danville Railroad, lie
retired to' his chamber at an eai'y
hour lo the mon ing, and t Ic'ne; a j
scat in a chair, took a {?un, loaded
with shot Hud slugs; and placing the
muzzle to Iiis in-ic:h. discharged the
piece by pushing thy trigger . t\ it li ;
a stick. Tiie ?j per po:lion cf his
head was entirely blown off. ?ti a
diary of his own w is fourni a me i o
randuin stating th: t he could tie er
?ive uttdi'i' the Cir'ed S'ates (iiavrn
met??, atti took de*:! h in preference. i;i !
thu same memorar! ?U;M lie said that he ?
Would have commit toj the deed on .
the ?ii of April, (tho day" Generar j
Lee surrendered,) - ;t was prevented !
by the presence ci visitors in his'
house Mr. Ru flin was well known in j
\ irginia by Iiis efforts in behalf of
adr'culture i'i ti?e State : nd was once !
??dil? ir, we believe, of ire Southern !
Finnier, ile ?"as veil known through- j
out the country during ?'te first of the !
war iVoin the ardour with which lie ?
embiaceJ the Confederate eau e. and
particulaily from thc fact that Lo w. s ? 1
the tr?an who fired th? tir-t gun at ;'
Port S uniter when General lieauivirard !
bombarde 1 that w ri; in 1 SOL li? was ,
0Vi r .-evenly veavs of iure. j ;
\Richmond RejH bVcuu, 20i/i ali. I '
the occupation of the < i. y ly the i
t ni te i S'ates fo*"cc?, measures were j
immediately ado; ted to pi t Charleston^
tu a good sanitary ciuduivit. I i view '
of ?tiri?,-'tho authorities appointed Dr. I
Alt erf M .ckev Inspector of the !
t' . ? i i 1
< itv. and tuc lo iou ?:ig eeutlemcn n;s
Assistant : Messrs. S/?. Kirk, Jacob'
Shocker, 0. Voygtand j. ii. Floger. !
-hortlv After the'luo lutter assistants
le-^ne I, and Mettra. iVmco Pud Mil j ?
ligan wer? appointed ?:i their ctead. 1 ?
These offi ars, all-being old residents i |
of the < i'.y. wore well- adapte i ii r the ; 1
occasion. Under these were placed j j
fifty laborers and iwenty tea?ns. ani* ?
the bail |iu: iiiii? pon. After a month's j i
experience 'he huco engag-i'l was i '
lound inadequate, and it was'nug j '
men'el. .Mr. Hurliv, was appointed!,
Supern tendent of S reels, and -??i '.ards j .
of 200 laborera were employed, with j '
fiity iei nv In this :.ew order of
tilings thy Inspector w as well rei.?fire
ed, und i?? a short lime the ci Iv pre
sented a . eut, a pe. t ?rom what il ' -,
did years before, notwilhstanding the
long 'siege. In ad iilh i lo ti.a In- I
.jp -dors ?md Assistants, there ar?j other ' (
minor u?Hors in th?; s:>me department t
, ' i t
who ate fi| el vised by the inspectors
Mr. Shokes i^ Pump Contractor arni
Mr. Douglas Keeper vi Tidal Drains,
riifcy are v. ell ~t.'.io.I lo the occal?on,
ahd the ci'y will not sutler for water
or foul drains wbib thVy have them J
:ti charge \
Siuee the work lin? been undertaken,
there h ?ve been tn pwardjt" o' 30,00 ' i
loads: of galbage rvmoved from beyond |
theory limits, and several jhotirand
teei of . 1 rai ii and iirliino laid,
{Charleston Courier, June'lo. j
. .... ^ --- -- . j
G?n. Jeff. Thompson's army lu.
dei ti sui rci.Je . d, mclu.dii g over 7,000. j
iiit.ii, aili! in arl ', J'JO olficeis. 1
John Mitcho? has been carried to j ]
For;ress .i ir ?.> and ii confined in M
i-iKi-rnatt! C, aojoming '-hu Cell of '
C. C. Clay.
'Another mutiny of negro troops
?c TM-! recently at Portsmouth, Va.
Son.c five or six were ?-hot, when tiie j e
ol ii -rs, finding ti eru'Telves surrounded, I j
The boys ol Sheru ari's army aiv !
uomg ointe a lucrative tm mess
selling i.Lo heraldic insignia ol tl
Southern chivalry. As high'as two j J
hundred dollars was paid for a cup .
with the Kue'.t coat cf arms engraved !
LINA.-This State, Laving been the I
first and the most rampant in rebel- |
lion, will probably be ? the Inst to j
receive the^benefits oi re-construction, j
Ali the oilier Southern Suites will in !
a short time be nuder civil rule ayah), j
while South Carolina will bo suffered ?
to under probation a year or so before !
she can be relieved ot military douri- j
nation. That is the proper Govern- i
ment tor h??r at the present time; for
it i.? a question whether a sufficient ?
number of loyal ano trustworthy
white natives can l e found in the :
State to fill the civil ofric?3. There- '
fore the Palmetto State will probably j
have to be content for the present J
with military rule. General Gurney, j
we undet^stand^rnakes a very good
military post commander.
[Xeic York Herald. Jane 23.
Sleadour.rters United States Forcee
JUKE 27, l?'j??. (
VLL permits issued from these head- I
quarters, in accordance with Genf; al j
Ordern No. 4. io sell intoxicating liquors
10 ci'?zens by the*bottle or otherwise, are :
hereby revoked, and all sales ot such !
liquor? aro strictly prohibited, except upon j
certificates of necessity from respectable :
surgeons er physicians and special permis- j
sion from these headquarters, 'i'hia mea?
sure has hem rendered necessary by the
iie.islHiit abuse of the privilege hereiofore
granted liquor sellers, ninny of them hav- j
ini* repeatedly violated tile order forbid- j
ling the sale ol Uquor lo enlisted men ol I
the United Stutts anny, ns well KS to nc- !
?roes and citizens of a disreputable cha
i acttr. By ord.-r of
Li#nt. Col. N. HAUGHTON. j
25th 0. V. V. I., Commd'g Boat. j
J JUS WALT IN, Post Adjutant. , I
?lulu" 2S 6 !
Heaua*rs Unite J States Forcee,
Cl TV ul*' l Ol UM Ul A. C., 1
JCNB '.iii, ? 665.
G I. A ER A L ORD HR S NO. 7. -,
L-.'. ?n.lance with instructions from*;
J Bi'ignde Headquarter*, tlie gentlemen i
..?i", riv composing the -Boin.! of Mayor-!
ind i" >uncil of 'hm city. are her* by ap- ?
iiointed s. *-'de!i. f Committijjj." tor the I
? urpose of continuing the performance of
heir duties in relieving thu poor and fi'.'p- |
flying lhe#t-j! v with fresh water and oilier i
leccssarie?. Their actions will be under j
he superintendence of toe military Com-!
nandant of the Post. Mtc'i taxes MS have !
. cen assessed bv thea) are hereby ordered t
o li,- |i:.id to the I'ost Commandant, to ha 1
iispcse.d of, not for ;?e payment of pre- 1
.ions debt?i, but for the imnicdi ?te relief ?
?t ;tie needy, thr.e.i h the RJJVUCY of this i
'Committee.'' Uv o der of
L:;.vr Col N. HAUGHTON",
25th <?. V. V. !.. C?md\' l'<+L
JOHN WALTON, Lieut, und Foo'. Adj't.
Jun.- 20 fi
ETeadq'rs Northern District Depart- *
ment of thc South,
COLUMBIA, s. G , JUNE 27, 18G5. j
T EN Eli AL ORD!'RS NO. -. k
( \N and after the d ite of tftis order, ail*
\J telegraph hues in thin District ?re ,
daced vader the control offne uiditary
iv.'hontv. ?? j
Any telegraph operator fail ?ur; to c)->- I
ireced.t?tice to military^ ove: jj- ii de
patches, both in receiving and 1 ransmit- :
iu{r*lhe sam?-, will be considered : .:'.*./..: 1
11 i i i t:t ry in ii>d <tm?-i nor, and punished b\ i
eutence of i militaay court, or at the j
iiscretion of the nearest military cr?:n
nan'er. Itv command ot
Brevfc; y -.Oe... J. P. rl.'.TCH. !
(Sign? \) Lilt ?NA KO B. I'ICU RY,
Jan? ?? ! ". As.'?. Adjutant General.
Proclama'ion by the "ftresidoct zi (he i
Unit J States cf America.
WI? teas the President of fthe United I
italie, on the 8th day of Decenib- r. A. I?. !
f?('di, and on tho 26th -lay of March, A. I>. i
St>-?, wit! thu object to au pp; ?ns tb'- j
cling rebellion, to ii:/ ICM? all person* to
.eturn to their loyalty and to reft*- v
minority of*the United Mut*:, ?tiaue pro- :
damations ot?eriug atnnest y and p.iin lr. ?
ieriairi persons who ii >*d, di re;-, ti y or bv i
uiplic.it ion. participated in the said reb*- j
ion; ate! wherean roany p-Mvoan, 'aol !
io emiHi-e-i in said rebellion, have since 1
he issuance of said proclamation, toled :
>r neglected to take the beneliu offered j
.^..ic y; nod whereas ninny pe.-sons, wh(
mve he ?ii justly deprived of a.> claim lo '.
iinee.-tj and pardon Hereunder by reason
? I ito ir par icipntion, directly oi by im |
plication, m said rebellion a.ci continu*"! .
tiostihfy i" the Government of the Uni:* ? \
?<<?:..? s:r.ce ttl? dwi? of said proclama: .
now Jet;:c to apply for n:.? i '.ta.a ?TI C .?. '?
ty ac j pardon* j
t^e (ind..therefore, that ibo a itAVritr '
of thc Government of the United Staten
may be restored, ar.d thnt pt nee, order m d
freedom rr.ny be established, I, Andrew
.loliBSO.n, President of the United Staion,
jo proclaim und dec?ate that I hereby
grant to all portions who have directly or
indirectly participated in the existing
rebellion, except as hereinafter cso^ptocf,
amnesty and pardon, with 'restoration of
-il rights of property, except us to davao,
aad ev ent, i:i caaes wi?-re leual. proceed?
:;is>, y1: fer tho laws of the I" y i ted otk'.ti
providing for the confiscation of property
ol perons engaced io rebellion, Luve brea
instituted, but on the c? ndition. DSVertbe*
lesa, that every euch perron s?mil take ned
subscribe the following OB'!' or et?rma
tion, and thenceforward Le?.p and ,n>a>n?
tain said oath inviolate, PU il ?vbich o*>ih
.?'tall be registered for permanent prssar
ration, and ?hall be of the tener and effetit
fellow int, to wit:
-, do solemnly swear cr
rt-i.ei.ee ut' Almighty Goo, tha?
ee?"rtl) faithfully support ana
Cot j'it utiorj of the United
tin; Union of tho tftatesOKcrS"
under, and thal I will in li lr? manner
abide by and faithfully suppo.rt til laws
and proclam?t una which flavo beer- made
during the exist mg rebellion with refer?
ence to the. uuiaucipation of'ela^vea. oo
help me Cud. .
Hie following class of persona ?re ex
empted frota the benoLIs of this proala?
1st. All wno ere, or shill have been,
pretended civil ot dip: om nt in officers or
otherwise, dom. stic or foreign agents ot '
thc pretended Confederate Government.
2d. All who hs ft judicial aUti -ns under
the Ui ?ted Statts to ;iid tu th? rebellion.
3d. Ali who fha!! have?bcen militar, or
naval officers of Bftid pretended Con fede?
ra* Government above the rank ul colonel
in thc army or lieutenant ia the navy.
4th. All who left seats i i lue Cungreau
of the United States to aid the r?bellion.
. tjtlil Ail who resigned or tendered reaig?
nations ot tneir ednam ?asi?os in thc army
jr navy Ot the United States to evade duty
ia resisting the rebellion.
Bili. AU who have engaged in any way
in treating othei wise than lawfully as pri
vjt en* i I war persons found in '.he United
Statf8 aai vice, ca oifiefti't1, soldierr, be&?lioQ
jr pother en i aeities.
7th. All persons who have been or aro.
xb-ei:t,-ca/::..:.. thc tatted r>tul? .c.- Ul*
gth. All military, und naval of::ccr- ic
he rabel 'service who were educated y
:ho Government in tho Military Academy
it Weat Point or lliu'United States Naval
ytb. Aii persons who held the pretended
. thees of Afovcrnor of St alas in inaurreC"
ten against, the L mied .Stales.
loth. All persons who left their homeu
"i th i ri the jurisdiction und protection of
he United States, and passed beyond the
.'?.ct rat military linea into thu -d .
!Jot?federate '?.tea for the purpose ol E?>.
ng the rebellion. . . ?
l?th. Adi persons who have leen cn
faired in !ho lest:- lotion ot *?: e commerce
?f the United Sfatea ,.:,.on the h;g:i j^an,
md wh .-?e.. made r .id* into the-.United
?tetes from J?rada, or been- engaged ia
;eotrovi:i? "liri cann ..? ? cf t-'.e Uuitod
?tatesupon tile 'ake^ and rivoraliintfaepa-.
.ate iii? .British provi.iei ?ifom thc L-iittd
?int ts.
12th. All ; er*s?tia who. at I ' o titos whee
h-y seek t?> o' 'am th-' l?vtU'ti - hereof by
?king the oath hereiu pre.soi ihed, are tu
military, naval or civil confinement or
uatody.ci un dee c>onil#j ol ii.t civil, mili
ii ry or t.-.v: ' . ::. thornie* ol u^eato ??f the
?-rited Stales, as prisoners ol ivar or per
. .'is :i- e.ii.?l for offences *?i any kmd,
lither before ->r ??i?r >:--w ? ?ion.
l?lh. Al! persils whi have voluntarily
ia r ti ci p i te il i:? t*-. i rebellion, and tho esti
. . i e?* .niue of whose t^xa' le ? re par ty is
'V?r twenty thousand do-Uara.
14th. A li persona who h. n\e tn ken tha
iaVi of smneetv as presnr-bed ;n the Pre
ident's pr-'c?r.fna'ion of December 8, A.
i> IS fi r>. or an oath of ?il et1, i a nae ? io the
rovernmei ' of the UnitedIStsteasines the
ie.te of ni: ! pr elamati .:>. and who have
? t thenceforward k.pr a nd maintained
;.e 6*11116 il! v.' a', e.
Provided that Fpeeisl application may
>e made to" the P>f.-idenl for pinier, by
nv person h.-'r.r.gini*: to the ?jxcepte'd
1H4?.> ii-.! ??ch eUwpney w'(l be ii bo
h t. exr.er.ded ?? may be consistent with
.: .ORSO cmri t!io peace and
United Mn'is
y of State 1 estnbiisli
tilts ar.? i egulat ior.s for adimn?stei i og and
*?. r ling t.i.f s.u.'! amnesty oath.so ss?to
nsnre it* benefit to tue people and guuid
he Goveri.mei ? against fraud.
:i t?af?rr.ony whereof. 1 hav- ' ?renntos<t
mv h.ind and caused- the tutu ni tba
ty cf
'? '!
y-.:;:.-T.'.V JOI?NSON.
By ?he ? residen!: ?
.WM. II. .f.v.iv. .-?.'.arv of ita*.''

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