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- The lord's Day.
Fresh glides the brook and blows the gah ,,
Yet yonder halts the quiet mill!
The whirring wheel, the rushing sail,
How motionless and still!
Six days of to?, pfoor child of Cain,
Thy strength the slave qf want may be;
The seventh"" thy limbs escape thc chain
A God hath made them free!
Ah, tender was the Law that gave
This holy respite to the breast,
To breathe the gale, watch the wave,
, And know-thu wheel may rest!
But when th*> waves the gentlest glide
What image charms, to lift thine eyes?
Tho spire reflected on the tide
-Invites thee to the skies.
To teach the soul its nobler worth
This rest from mortal toil is given:
Go, snatch the brief reprieve from earth
And pass a ?. .cst to Heaven.
Tiiey tell thee in their drnamin* school,
Of Power from oki dominion hurled,
When rich and poor, with juster rule,
Shall share the altered world.
Alas', since time itself began.
That fabio,hath but fooled the hour;
Each age that ripens Power in Man,
But subjects mun to power.
Yet every day in seven, at least
One bright republic sicill be known;
Man's world awhile has surely ccaat,
"When dod proclaims his own.
Six days may Hank divide the poor,
() Dives, from thy banquet ball;
The seventh the Euther op"s the door,
And holds His feast, for all!
Delving-About Dead Men's Bones.
At its last session, the City Conned j
passed an ordinance requiring the hu- j
man remains in the old City Cemetery, i
on Arsenal street, to be removed to
the Quarantine burying ground, and 1
the land laid off in lots and sold. For j
several days past workmen have been j
enga ged in removing those bones, and j
transferring them to their new vesting i
place. Tite cemetery is about seven- j
teen acres in extent and is well filled
with graves. The removal *of these j
remains is a laborious task, and will '
require several weeks and a considera- !
bio number of laborers. The cemetery i
lias not been used for several years, j
and the graves are nearly all tdd, und :
but few coffins remain.
This grave-yard was extensively ?
used in the spring a .d summer of
18-10, when thc chub-rn raged in the;
city, and 6,000 persons were stricken :
dowe, by tho. pestilence. In those j
days-thc coffin makers grew rich, and !
the public administra;.??- amassed a I
fortune. Corpses multiplied so ra- I
pidly that lhere was no time for making j
wills, shrouding the bodies, or holding i
wakes over thfi dead. A. man would :
rise in the morning in perfect health,
and before night his remains would be ;
carried to the potter's field, without a ;
mourner to drop si tear upon IKS:
collin, or a friendly hand to m?irk the!
spot of his repose. Strangers who
died were tumbled into rude collins, '
with their clothes on, ?ind hurriedly
placed in thc ground in tho old city j
We understand that iii digging up '
some Of these old graves, the laborers
have found money enough to make j
the work interesting; not such vaina- '
ble treasures as were discovered in the
graves at Chiriqui, but still enough to
excito their cupidity. In one grave
the sum of 3500 in French gold coin
was dug up; it appeared to have been
sewed up in the collar ol' the owner's
coat? who doubtless had died of cho?
iera, and had been buried without
being undressed. In another grave,
$150 was unearthed and S120 m tin
other. Larger turns may be found,
and the laborers tire on the qui vice
for the precious metal. Greenbacks
were unknown in those cholera times,
and gold and silver were more plenti?
ful than at present. . /
Among the graves dug up was that
<5f Mrs. She i. an Trish actress, who
was kdied ten years ngo on* the stage
of the St. Louis Theatre, by the fall?
ing of a w..'j gb t from one of the beams
supporting the scenery. The play
was "Jack Sheppard;" Ben. DeBiu'
was playing Blueskin, and Mrs. Shea
was acting the part of Mrs. Sheppard.
The weight fell upon her head, frac?
turing her skull and killing her in?
stantly. She was buried in a metallic
coffin with a glass lace, and was in?
terred in her stage costume, with her
bracelets, breast-pin,'.?fcc., on her per?
son. On opening the grave, the re?
mains of Mrs. Shea were ffltind in a
good state of preserva tion. The work?
men examined her bracelets through
the glass, but did not open the coffin,
although it was reported among them
that the jewelry was worth over 85,000.
The fact is, however, that it is only
litage jewelry, and not worth tiver 810.
Mrs. Shea's relatives ure all bi Europe,
and ber remains have never been sent
for and probably never will.
\St. Louis Democrat.
* Thc people o? Christ Church Parish
hive petitioned the General oonimand
iug at Charleston to remove the uegro
troops from their parish.
Three Montis were .promenading, a
number of years ago, on the Boule?
vards of Paris. In the course of con?
versation, one of them remarked: ' |
"I should like to take a good Jun- j
cheon, if one could be obtained for
about ten francs."
"I would not care if it were even
cheaper," replied another of hw
"And ?I should like to take any- |
tiling which could be called a lunch," j
added thc last friend. ,
"\Yh#re can we get ten francs?"
asked the first speaker.
"Hold on!" exclaimed thc second
youngman: "I have un idea. Come
along wit* me."
And "they went together, to a nmsio
store, which they entered, led by the
friend who had "thc idea."
The young man stepped up to the
music dealer's desk and said, "Sir, we j
have come to offer you a new song.
The^vords are by*bis gentleman, the
music by the other, and I will siiig it
for you," and accordingly sat down
and performed.
"Well," said the publisher, after
having heard the music, "I confess
that tile song is very simple, but I will
take it for fifteen francs."'
The bargain was immediately closed,
and thc three friends enjoyed a good
But who were they'? Nobody but
Alfred,de Musset, tho poet. Hippolyte
Monpon, the .composer, ?ind Gilbert
Louis Dupresj the tenor of. tenors.
The name ol* the song was "L'Anda
louse," and it brought forty thousand
francs to the publisher.
Where a bond is secured by two mort- j
gages, tho stamp duty required to !
validate all Hu- instruments will be.
double (if governed by tho mortgages, ) j
when it would have been in the cuse j
of one mortgage. If, however, tin- ?
stamp appropriate to a bond be allix- ?
ed to the same, then tin* bond .will be
valid, thong1.) thc mortgages might !
not be.
The Commissioner of Internal |
Revenue decides that thc attorney or '
agent of the drawer of a check may j
affix a stamp thereto, ami cancel the I
same if duly authorized so to do, such ;
drawer bein::; absent. but. thcinitials ;
of the drawer shoidd bc used, if a;
td)eek is' used before the stamp is !
r.-Uxed and cancelled, the user is
Liable to penalty; consequently the
attorney or agent should allix am',
cancel the stamp before ?a e thereof. j
The late tornado in Minnesota kiek- |
eel up "some queer pranks, lt blew
eight oxen over a river SOO yards wide.
It took all the vate)- out of a pond,
carried it a mile ?md then set it down
on Mayor Duran's farm in the shape
of a. small lake, lt blew a man's boots j
off. Another man's coat was not only
blown short, but -actually buttoned
from top to bottom. Onefold lady
went up like a ball-ion. was carried
two miles and a half, and was finally j
landed astride a telegraph wire, where j
she was lound by her grand-son and j
relieved by a ladder. Judge Morgan 1
says the wind not only carried oil bis |
dwelling house, but sub-cellar and two
wells. "
The long talked of International j
bridge at Buffalo seems about to be
realized. Two million five hundred
thousand dollars has been pledged for
the work, which will consist of a du?
rable and elegant iron bridge to spun |
the Niagara at that point,' :is well as
for the construction of a grand union
depot building, and the seven miles of
railway around tho city to connect the
Eastern lines with, the bridge. The.
contract has been let.
Architect and Oivil Engineer.
to in North and South Carolina.
Office at Mrs. II. Lyons' Garden, Colum?
bia, S. C. . ' July 20
Jacob Ha ? vi rca.,
Auction and Commission Agent,
Corner of j'laiu arid Assembly Slrcetx,
WILL cive particular attention to the
disposal of Real Estate. Cotton,
Provisions and Geno;-;.! Merchandize.
Will attend to the sale of Furniture, ?tc,
at any part of the city that owners may
require. July 7 fl3
Architect and Civil Engineer,
WILL furnish plans, specifications and
personal supervision, with all ne?
cessary details for public buildings, dwell?
ings; cottages, bri 'ges, ??c., for city or
country. Surveys for "city lot? made on
application. Oflice at A. It. Phillips', Be?
dell's Row. y July 6 wsS*
Brass and Copper Wanted
HSOLOMON ?fe CO. ?till continue fo
. purchase BRASS und COPPER.
The highest market price will be paid.
fl. SOLOMON ?fe CO.,
Wo?t side ol' ^isernbly street,
July 6 Imo ?plow Pi?do.
HAVE resumed the practice of their
profession. Office No. 1 Lav.'
iiange. July 20 wlm2
JUST received and daily nrrivinc Libe?
ral discounts made to wholesale
Belts njui Belt Ribbon, Comb?,
Muslins, buttons, plum and tansy.
Brushes, Berag? Veils, Huckaback,
Needle*, Ladies" Show, Sugar, i
Table Cutlery, Pocket Knives,
Mackerel, Cents' Shoes, Coffee,
Herring, French Calf Skins, Tea,
Bacon, Raisins, Cheese', Syrup,
Currants, Pepper, Flavoring Extracts,
Citron, Candy, Bitters, Spice, Soap,
Blacking, Mustard, Tobacco.
Fruit and Vegetable Cans.
Fairbanks' Seules, all size?.
A few doz. pairs superior Spectacles.
Geueral Commission Merchant.
July 28 ?
?Gr. J^. 3XTOUI??"C-K-,
Commission and Forwarding
IAM prepared to promptly forward all '
Merchandize consigned to me, arriving
in this ei\y from Northern and foreign
ports. Also, Consignments hy railroad, to
be forwarded to dornest ic or foreign ports.
Liberal cash advances made ?oi all con?
signments ot COTTON, RICE, <fcc.. to my
friends in New York, Philadelphia and
Baltimore. C. A. NHUFFER.
^~ Mr. GEO RUR H. WALTER, in
Orangeburg. S. C-present terminus of the !
South Carolina Railroad-will receive ned i
forward nil Merchandize consigned to him. |
b..th ways. July 23 wi'7'
A > sa -u Sec XX % O & v3 J .
ir>:-'. Meeting St rf rt.. Opposite Charles
i ton Hotel,
TUST rocoived. a full supply of DRUGS,
kinds for medicinal purposes, <fce., which
we olfer to the trade at lowest rates.
.' ll KN TS F"U
Julv 27 ' 16
Dissolution of Copartnership. j
r S lIIE copartnership heretofore ^xrst.ing )
X. between the subscribers, mohr the j
name, style and firm of KILLIAN ct
WING, is this day dissolved bv mutual i
consent. F. W. WING, having purchased
the del>ts due to the concern and assumed
those due by it. persons having demands ;
will present them !o him, and persons in- i
debted will make pavment-to him.
ELI Kl bbl AN, j
Thr subscriber having purchased the
interest of EM KILLIAN' in the above \
firm, the business wi':! hereafter be con
ducted bv Ibm in his own name. Ile
respectfully solicits a share ol' public pa-,
tronnge._ F. W. WING. 1
The subscriber takes pleasure in recom?
mending hii late partner, Mr. F. W. Wing,
to tb? support of the former patrons of
tho late firm of Killian ?i: Wing, nnd of
the publie generally. ELI KILLIAN.
July 2'2 _lt?
(Formerly of Baltimore, Md., lalo ot
South Carolina.)
No. 52 Wall Street. Nnc York.
AND . '
Shoes, Hats,Crockery, Hardware, Leather,
Petroleum, Oil and Lamp*, Drugs, a id a
general assortment of Goods, at lowest
wholesale prices.
ito., purchased, sold on commission or
taken in exchange for goods on favorable j
terms. Orders respectfully solicited and |
and advances on consignments made. . I
Messrs. "?lson, Gibson <fc Qo., Bankers, j
New YorkT
Tilomas ife Co., Bankers. Ballimore
W. T. Walters <? Co., Baltimore.
L. D. Crenshaw, Esq., Richmond. '
Jolm Brutton, Esq , VVinnsboro, S. C.
Asbnry Coward, Esq., Yorkville, S. C.
Joseph Walker, Esq., Spartanfturg. S. ('.
M Lu Geary, Esq., Attorney, Edgefield,
S. ? ', bdv 22 7
BEG leave to inform their old friends
and patrons that they will shortly
bave a sleek of BOOKS and STATION M
HY, quit? sufficient to supply oil demand?;
I bat, for the present, they will keep ft
I vu ri ?ty store.
I They ?re now receiving and OQening
Paper, Envelopes, Pens, Pencils, Tinware,
j Ink, Wnt*r Buckets, Brooms, , Scisscra,
! Pocket Knives, Matches, Needle?, Mustard,
I extra fine Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
I Segara, Sweet Oil, assorted Jellies, Pickles^
I Hyson Tea, Water Crackers, Butter Bis
I cuit, Ginrrer Cakes, Sugar and Flour. They
? will endeavor, as f*r as possible, to k^ep
I such articles ns areTicedtul catii they can
I get on their ptock cf Booke. Store nert
j io Biddis. July 20 f |
3Etc>~fc>o"?.,B-t Bryce !
WILL renew, on and alter the TW FA"- j
TT ET H OF JULY, that part of hi? j
former business, which poibmccd the sedl
j iug of GOODS or MERCHANDIZE aitd
COUNTRY PRODUCE on commission.
His long acquaintance with the business'
?ind wants of this community ?dil give j
him some advantages which shall b? u*ed
I lo the benefit ol his patrons. H.- has
I associated with himself his eon. JOHN
1 EDWARD, and the ne* Jinn will be i
known ns j
The undersigned b?g leave to <?all atten?
tion to the abov? notice, ntiil to state that,
they will be found near thf^old stund, cor?
ner of Main and Blanding streets, No. 7
Bryce's Range, where they will endeavor
to give their best, attention io such busi
? ness as m av be consigned to their care.
j , July 15 HW 8*
1RESPECTFULLY notify their friends
1J and customers that they have Ut'.
I OPENED their store at their oh! stand,
No. 88 East Bay, 'corner of Vendue
Range, Charleston, S. C., where they will
constantly keep on hand and for sab-, at
nssortnienC of GROCERIES, imponed and
?loiiiestic ALES, WINES. LIQUORS and
I SEGARS, of well know ii-li m ods.
.Tnlv 20 ? wf8
.y ASH
Xi io? JU> X? w Xv
And Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps
TO AitntvK: i
50f? boxes RITTERS, (Magenlrophen.) ?
i 100 Mille Cigars, nf all grades.
I Quarter and eighth cas' s Cognac Broody ?
.t " .? oclielle "
" " " Port and Slier?v
! Wines.
Scotch Ales and London Brown S'ont. \
Porter July 20 ?fs
\mmim BROTHERS .
XT AVE now on hand and ?rein weekly
T l. receipt of ail grades lt E F I N E ?>
SUC ARS. bags of COFFEE, boxes Soap.
Starch, <te. Also, all grades of H yson and
l^founc Hys?n Teas, and every other arti?
cle connect id with a wholesale grocery.
Our senior partner is residing at. tho
North for the present, and attending in
person to all our purchases, winch ?re for
cash only. We assure our friends und
cu.-:tomers that we can and will do as wei)
by them ns any other house in this cite.
Cotton and all Country Produces will he
purchased at highest market prices, or
taken in exchange for groceries. uv
Charleston, S. C., July 20. *vfS
By the Provisional Governor of the
. State of South Carolina
A I' ll (?C L A .ll A TI O A' !
TV ETEREAS His Excellency President
T T Jolinson has issued his proclama?
tion, appointing me (Benjamin F. Perry)
Provisional Governor in and Ter the State
of south Carolina, with power to prescribe
such rules and regulations HS may be ne?
cessary and propor for convening a Con?
vention of the State, compose I ol dele?
gate* to bu chosen by that portiou of th?
people of said State who are loyal to the
United Stales, for the purpos- of altering
ut amending the Constitution (hereof; and
with authority to exercise within Hie
limits of the State all the powers neces?
sary and propor to enable such loyal peo?
ple to r?store said State to its constitu?
tional relations to the Federal Govern*
ment, ?md to present such a Republican
form of State Government tv* will entitle
the State to the guarantee cf the United
otab.i therefor, and its people to pr.il.ee -
M^^niui?gmiBg ?_M?_ SSS gfeg 5559
tion b}' thc Unit.eo Stutts against in vasion.
insurrection ?nd domestic violence: !
Nov, .therefore^ in "bedien?? lo the pro- '
elaruntion of his Excelter.cy'Andrew John
eon, President of the United States, I,
BENJAMIN F. PERRY. Provisional Go- ,
I vernor of the St ute of South Onroliu?, for
I the purpose of organizing a Provisional
I Government in S-jutii CaroHna, reforming
th" State i"'?nsii'ntion and restoring civil
I authority in said Strate, tindo*- the C'-n.-ti
t u' i ort and lu ".-i1 of the United Stater, d? ,
hereby proclaim and declare that nil-civil
officers in South Carolina, who were ic"
office when the Civil Government of the
State waa suspended, in May Inft, (except
th-ese arrested ' or under prosecution for
! treason,) shall, or, faking the oath of alie?
giance pi escribed'* in the President's* Ara
neely Proclamation of the 29th day of
May, 1S?5. resume the duties of their
I offices and continue to discharge- them
j under the Provisioned Government till
further appointments ure made.?
j And 1 do further proclaim, declare and
j make known, that it is the duty of all
loyal citizens of the State of South Caro?
lina to promptly go forward and take the .
oath of allegiance to the United Slates,
I heh.ro some magietrate or military officer
j of thc Federal Government, who may be)
? qualified for administering oaths; and such
are hereby authorized to give ceifified
copies thereof to I be persons respectively
by whom they were made. And such
magistrates or officers are hereby required
to transmit the originnls of gindi oaths, nt
KS early a dav ns may be convenient, to
the Department, of State, in the city of
Wash in ito ti. I). C
And I do further proclaim, declare and ^
make known, that the Manacers of Elec
tions throughout the Senile of South Caro,
lin*'trill ludd an election for members of
a State. Convention, at their respective
precincts, mi the FIRST ilONDAY IN
S KITE M Pd-; It NEXT, according to the
laws of >outh Carolina in foi-i-e*before: th?
secession of the Stale; and Unit each Elec?
tion District in the State ?ti ni I elect as
(many members of the Convention as the
said Di.-triet, has members of die lions? of
Representatives--the basis of representa?
tion being population and taxation This
will trive one bundled and twenty four
members to thc Convention--H. number
sufficiently large to represent every por?
tion of the Stale mos,', fully
livery loyal citizen who has taken tho
, Amnesty oath and liol wubin the excepted
(.hisses in the President's Prvel unation,
! will be entitled .to vote, provid-d he whs
I a ie^.'il vol? r nuder ihe Constitution as it
sin..(I prior to the tecest-iou of Souin
Carolina. And nil wini ar'- within the
excepted classes must take the oath anil
apply for a par-Ion. in order to entitle
them to vo e or become members of the
Cori ven I ion.
'I bo members of the Convention thus
! elected, on ;h,- firs;. Munday in September
j next, are h-rehy reqilir<?d lo. convene ;;\
theVity of Columbia, on WEDNESDAY,
the l.;,5, dar ol September, lol'..'., for the
pnrpc.se of altering ?'o! amending thu
present, Constitution of-South Carolina, <>r
remodelling an.i making a new one, which
will conform io the great! changes which
have taken place in the Mar.-, and l?i
j more in accordance with Republican priii
I Clplcs arid equality of r>-pi-e?'*n ai.. n.
I .-ind I do further proclaim aro! make
known, that the Constitution ?nd ali laws
?ol' forc? in South Carol i tm prior to the
I secession rf the State, are hereby mude ot
foi ce un,h-r t he Prov istmia i Government,
? except wherein they rnfljpeoiiHk-.l witb iii?
provisions of this proclamation. And the .
Judges and Chancellors ol' the State ur?
hereby required Ni exercise all the power*
I aid pel-form ail the dirties?which apper?
tain to l.lnjir respective offices, sod-espe?
cially in criminal cuses. lt will be
expected of lite.Federn! military million?
ths now in South Carolina, to lend their
authority lo the civil officers of the. Pro?
visional Government, for the purpose of
enforcing iee laws and preserving the
[.euee ai.d good order of the State.
And I do blither command and enjoin
all good and lawful citizens of the Suite
lo unite in enforcing the laws and bring?
ing to justice all disorderly parson.*; all
plunderers, robbers nm! marauders, nil
vagrants and idle persons who arc wan?
dering about, without, employment or any?
visible means of supporting themselves.
II. is also expected that all former own?
ers of treed persons will be. kind to them,
and not turn oil' the children or aged to
perish; and the treed men and women are
earnestly enjoined to make contra?is, just. >
and fair, for remaining with their former
In order tc facil?tate wis much as possi?
ble the application for pardons under the
exeepte-1 sections of Ihe President's Am
nest ry Proclamation, it is stilted for infor?
mal ion that ill applications must be by
petition, stating the exception, and accom?
panied with the oath prescribed. This
petition must be first approved by the
Provisional Governor. n.mi then forwarded
to the President. Tim headquarters of
tho Provisional Governor wiil lie at Green,
ville, where all communications to him
must be addressed.
The newspapers of this State will pub?
lish this proclamation till the election for
members of the Convention.
In testimony whereof] I have hereunto
set 1113' ''-and and seal. Don-? at th?
11_ S.l town of Greenville, this 20th dav
of July, in the year of our Lord
I8ti6. and of the independence of
the Unite! States the ninetieth.
Bv the Provi-ioaal Governor:
WnAWU R. PrrtT, Private Secretary
July" 25
-. ' i

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