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VOL, L-3raif$
AND Tin:
T E xi MS-I ,V A I) V A X C E.
D.-iih Paper, six mont'ia . S5 00
Tri-tVeeklv, ?. " .3 50
Weekly, * " . ...... 2 00
Single" c?p:c-B of tho UaHvj-ndTri-Weeklv,
lOceuts; ai the Weekly, 15 (-cuts.
Ti.it rt(??3 in either the Daily urTri-Weeklv ai
ii per square for'tho firs', insertion, and 75
.'cnts for ??aoh subsequent insertion. In tho
Weekly, il a square.
ii-s "Special notices 15 e.-nts :t line.
The Game of Louis Napoleon in
Europe and America
Tito grand und delicate game which
Louis Napoleon, .- ine.' his assumption
of the imp. i i A purple, has boon play?
ing so boldly, anti yet so cautiously
mn! skilfully, for the maintenance and
perpetuation of his dynasty, is at
length menaced with the grave * dan?
gers in both hemispheres. In all his
great enterprises of war a nd diplomacy
heretofore, he luis adroitly fallen baek
when threatened with serious compli?
cations, and without tho loss of pres?
tige ns tin' champion of France and
the arl liter of Ku rope, from his ulli
anee with England in the war for "the
sick lunn" ot' Turkey, lie withdrew
with the lion's share of thu honors,
and tn tinto* to preven I the widening
el' tho dr.- o?' the Crimea to Austria
and tho. other Stn tes of the Gcramn
family-. Next we seo. him in the midst
of his victorious career in Italy, pass?
ing to negotiate, a treaty of peace, and
confessedly because, in a farther pro?
secution of the war, it threatened to
assume proportions larger than his
original estimates. The unity of Italy
was only partially accomplished, the
difficulties in reference to Konto and
the Pope were untouched; but tho
* nephew remembered that his ni.rle
had been twice dispossessed of his
< moire by a holly alliance. The uncle's
misfortunes from his dstriug reckless?
ness Lind taught; the nephew thc wis?
dom of carefully feeling his way.
Thu::,*from th Kassian and Italian
wars, something of g!.'.;. and strength
was gai tied for France, t.i the credit of
the Emperor; while, in bl; smaller
advent ures, such as the pacification of
thc ferocious Orases nf Syria and
his armed reoouuoissauee of ('<jtiiiu
(.'bina, the military vanity of tho
French people' has not been neglected.
At t!u* same lime, in his splendid ini
provemetits and decorations ol' Paris,
? in his maguiiieOut seacoast defences
and public works of all descriptions,
not fargeiting his lib, ;,<] provision for
tiie ] ?rayors a .i< ! thc amusements of t he
people, he bas done all th.ir even a
Napoleon could ?h? t.? make ii.em for?
get the delusions,of French republics
and the fallacies of popular rights.
But ho was ;;tiil unen <y, until our great
Southern rebellion suggested the over?
throw of ivar.?pen?i popular ideas for
a century toc?me, in the violent dis?
solution of the great American repub?
lic, liere was bis opportunity to se.
ctirewhat his uncle, had judged it best
to cede t.. tin: [Inited States -?tnAme?
rican balance of power of imperial
dimensions. Kogland and Spain were
accordingly inveigled into a fool's
errand to Mexico: but they discovered
it on reaching thc Mexican coast, and
so abandoned i; in disgust. Louis
Napoleon, hoWever, had. gained His
point in tho lodgment <>f a military
i..ice <>n Mexican soil ; and sure of thc
establishment of Davis in his South?
ern Confed 'racy, he was sure of his
imperial protectorate, and a death
blow to popular institution? in Ame?
rica as web as Kun.pe. But, us our
civil war progressed, lie began t.? be
doubtful of the issue, and then began
his manipulations with England for
armed intervention. Tin' English
ariia ?< racy were equally interest.-ii in
the destruction of "th? great repub?
lic;" bit: ?'ahnersb-n distrusted Napo?
leon, ?md sf> both wore constrained to
have their champion Davis in thc
With the capture of Richmond, the
flight of Davis and thc collapse of his
mock Confederacy, the Mexican blun-J
der of Louis Napoleon became patent
to all the world. Undertaken upon a
single false presumption, he now real?
ized t' gravity of that mistake. He
counted upon the destruction of the
American Union, tho great bulwark
of popular rights and popular ideas,
and he. linds it. now ten-fold stronger
than eveu', invincible upon the land j
and terrible upon the seas, against any j
hostile combination. Prom tue Bu- I
tish islands to Hungary, our success ;
is accepted as a mighty revolution in I
behalt of popular institutions. Tims. j
in the person of Iiis agent, Napoleon j
stands in Mexico%to-day baffled and j
defeated. Me cannot remain there, j
hor can he retreat without humilia?
tion. What is lie to do? England '
cannot afford to come to his rosene. :
and*who is t<*? help him? The French
opposition coincide over his embarrass?
ments; Pion Pion warns him ol his
danger, while Garibaldi, the oracle o?
the popular leagues of the Continent,
fairly shouts for joy.
President Johnson undei*s?aiids ?ill
this, and knows that he hold-; the
French usurpation in Mexico as in a
vice, us Gen. G rant'held Lee in Rich?
mond, billing his time. No burry is
necessary on our part in this business.
We lose> nothing from a policy of mas?
terly inactivity. We' can wait while
Napoleon is making up his mind, and
wliile the popular combustibles ?.;
Europe sire being gathered togethi r
for a general conflagration finch as
Europe lias never yet known from
Goths, or Turks, or Frenchmen. MK*.
whether the signal issues toms from
tim republican elements nf Franko,
or goes from Sheridan in Mexico '...
them; the end will he thc same -the
overt!irow ol' the strongholds of feu?
dalism and royalties from London and
Paris to Vienna and Home. President
Johnson will snr. ly nm he good the
M 01: ru* doctrine in Mexico. He has
tie' meu and the menus ut his call to
enforce it by land and sea. When la
is ready, he will invite Eons Napoleon
to leave, though a reasonable time
will be given for his voluntary depar?
ture. Surely he do* ; :?o| eon I '?nplate
the hazards of a rupture with lite
? L'nited Stab-.-, which, in : tv m >u?hs,
would swoop hr\ coniiueive from the
seas and revive the ici:. n of the bar?
ricades. Indeed. tii<> fate of all 'lue
crowned heads of Kump?* may now ii -
depending upon Louis Napoleon's de?
cision in regard tn Moxie??. President
Johnson may spca 1; to-day ol to-mor?
row; but, whether to-day or to-mor?
row, he will spe.-tk lh?> .Monroe doc
triue. ba?'k?'?l, ff ie 'cessa ry, by thirteen
hundred thtmsand vet:-ran troops und
?i thousands ships-?if-war.
I Vc Y,?;'.: ff,;://,/.
Just Opened,
VT my jvsidi.'iici'. ?"i ?tchland sire. : one
do?ir ft?mi Lull, ai \1 [?? Cant. Tims. ?I.
Wadi's, a general asst nt tm-nr '?if KA MI LY
(? POI Td! IKS; consisting, in parr. ?.!' C( ?!.
KKK. Sl'ii Al:. 1 KA. Ac., which I will s?-H as
low as any ol her store ii: ('olumbia. or ex?
change for Cotton or other Produce ?m
Toasonnbl?' forms.
71 i:.\sr t*.\ )'. CHA lt'LES TO.V, s. c..
II "ILL ??ive ait. ntioa io thc lorw.inli .
\> of Ct ?TTON N- A York amt Karon. ,
and will receive and forward goods lr m
abroad ctuisigii. il to earii'-s in the iut.-ii.-;?
ot this Stat?.'. Adv: aces mad? on pro?hm
consigned m Artluir Leary, Ks.j.. New York.
A ful i stock of < ?lb a F. ti I'KS a!way*oa !.i
and for sal?' :it the lowes! market rates.
l';iv Limbers' SL'ltKIlK di FA .MIT A' Si ?A P.
in quarter, half and whtile IHINMS, can h?
shipped in am ouaiititv ai factory prices.
.July :tl i:p _"
Vot l?-<-_CJiu.ritu.Mc V j?peal.
ri Vd P. ladies nf Lim ' lis ? LINK t'O.NVKNT
1 and ACADEMY an-anxious t<? rebuild,
as spec.lily as possible, an olitiee suitable
for their Monastery and In--tit ute, theirs
having heen burned in the general confia
gration ol'<'olumbia hy the United Staten
Army, under C?en. Sherman, on th- night ol
K? biliary 17th. Ar..i while they are far
from pressing their ncc. . iii. - nu their t .!
low-sufVen rs of tho South, witl gratefully
n ceivc any coiitvibutions ulrich thc friends
ol education and* r?jlig;on maj ?1? nate them
for thib excellent werk. K?r.r?ittanc?j:j may
b?i made throiiiili the Expi? '- Compiiny.
Please address .
' Ursuliw- Convent a:i?l AcadeiSy,
Car. Dr. Jo?n Lyn? h, Columbia, S. C
Aug "J Lao
?lie Pi-ovig?niia] ttovernor of tJi?
.state, of So ?til Carolin??..
ti, appointing ri- u>enjainin i. terry)
.\isim ;il . i, (venn . in aud r'. r the State bf
.ut lt Oin'.liri?, ?.?iii power lo prescribe
iii ru!.s and roynl: : Ions as moy he n?ecs
*,*v ami proper 1er evenhit; a < on'..siti?in
the State, .C-niposed ..ti delegates t.. be
i.s. n bv that pori;, n -.1 the p. .-pie of said
i.;e wi "ti are. I.e.;.; to rh'; '.tuted Ma:-.;.
. th.- purpose of aliena-. ..- am-tidin tie
nstiUUiiiii thereoi': and wen authontj t,
.reis? whian the limits the State alb
.powers ie ees........ and proper to enable
. b-valp. .?ole t.. rester, said State te uri
:n.stitiui<>ii:?] r. lat i 'ns to the Ped- ral < 1 iv
-muent, and n--..p ... ni sn.rh :i U'eijiibii. an
..t State <?-\< runictij is v\ ill el it I tie the
?el'.-!*..'.-. ami its pe. .plo t. - protect i 'H by thy
ailed s.tates :??;-!t; .-: invasion,insurrection
? 1 dt.inesiie violence.
...v., thef-fore. in . .-bedfr-neo te thc pro
?iniation <>l his I' ' i . v Xiidrcji Johu
n. Pivsiilent 'i I hit-il Si?tea. I.
"SN.l.AM'IS !'". !'l*.:C.i:\. rr.'.iftit.mti Cov.i
ir of il--- Stai-r ..F :,->'irh t'aro?ri.i, for th.
: ! dov.
ll. on
.- d ni
. .>.-. m..do. -V?! ? cb isi">{iit'tratos or
.retinal: >>;" snob . . ti ks, H' a? .arly a day ?.
? \ i..- c..II-..-niel i. to ?ho ? Vimont o'i
:?:?-, in the . itv . f tv'iisliiusj!. 1). C. .
A,i.i ! do runner a-...-! nu, declare am'
..?:known, that ii - Manager*, of Klee
la:.- I .liv.-iitiou, al l.e n- :- sp?', ?ive pre
? i.. :-. n I'lllS'l' MON!'AV IX sj-;p
i-'.Mi'.r.l; N.KXT, :?.-..? ?rd he.; lo tim hews ..>
?, . '?.. Sr,::.-: a:.'I teat ?a.-!: ?*.lo?-? i-?ll I'is
?cl tn tint Stat shall ei' i-L an mativ n:om
? rs-? Hi.- ?'..ti\. a- (ho ;:'>ld Distci
1 ein';:.-?) who lins taken
i and liol will.in tin- eXoo|
ie IT? i-l.nfs Pro.-lsftmi!
Pi . -. v . in-.iv; id u
?.?Xl. #1
I ii.- ? 'i!tive::1 i. a t/.u
'.N"',e!av in S vieil,!..
?red Ho eotiv.-ne in iii
I-:I>NI:SOA -, .ti..-1.;..:
. rattlier proclaim and e.
I'.?..: tho?-..us:.iuitio!. and all law
I ?I - : : ? . I . ?ia I loll. A. ti i t il-' .1?; .
an. . .VT . el' I ii. .-.flF?.- ar- her
; lie -111:1 ^ mali appei lain 1.? ti
v.- ..'tices, and -specially,!!, crin.
I. will ... ?\i .fd m tiic Fed'
tVir lmthciil^to Uic'civilohi.
r >v . -n o O': n 1 ut. i.-rt) 1
\lld I ?Ul
us?i '< a'1 ?>r-'- r!y : en .Iiis, ail planck
i n. robbers and marauders, all \ av ran
-.alvie, i.uipl.iymetu an) visible mea;
f siiono' lii,:; th-.-i?!!.. .' .'.
I? is aU?? . vtu'co tl timi all former ovm :
?? ?reed i.- IT ohs ?viii I- kind t-. them, a.;
ct turn 'mi the cliiklrcii er aged to puris!
and th. f,.,!...^ ,,-lw...,, , ;,u'.-a,:rt.
?.)'?.;.. 0 to .a.n. co.itf.ielH. iiL-il and tal
t?iat uil a, al:cations must bo by p?;ti
stat::t'i too exception, and accomp!
with, til-, ? -.th pres.T.^4 Tia - pe*
..nus*, lie iii - ; t approved by the Provisional
ii"iv?,Tii<>v, and th? :? forwarded to the Pr.?
. Ivnt. 'J lie h< adquarb-r;; of the Pr.-\if?icn:d
Governor will })u Gr.-envill.'', where all
corumunirationH to bun mu:.t be addressed.
The newspapers ot' this State will publish
Lb'ts proeiaai itiou t : ll the el< ution for in? 11
h?;raof tin Comenfton.
I T? tostim nv whereof, i have h- r? i nvj i :t
my hand and seal. Done at the
[i.: s.l wwu of Gr?reiivill.:. thia 20th chi" of
.lah. Lu tie? vear o? our Lord, i Jo;,
and ot the. * iucVpendf nee of the
United Staten the ninot:?:?.h.
13. F. PEURl".
Bv the Provirdoual Governor
W;I.I.?.>M ll Pi nar, Private S? . rv?.an .
_July titi " _
AV. B. ,U>I{*.ST"\.
J*?Xtx issi; x"?rirl o,
,),)..;? picken* sttxft .-...?: ---t r...?:.
' \\T<{ ?. attend : . all ?.Pi.-i.il banincss
> V brought, before him: wili ai ;o ?titead
to ilrawhuT .-.'> Doods, Conv ..va lies?, Mort?
gage, i-.mua. ta. au?! othes ?ulitis rv k :ul
mst ruinent* of writing. Fair copina of any
declinen: ?-v.-iitol will? msatn'.s-s an.I do
s-pa o.h. August I
Bress * ^Foundry.
rilili; Mii.'s-rib<>r. Ib.-tidful for pa it patron
J a^.;. would inform Ids friend' ;uid tho
publie thai he iss;til! wvpared to turn; li all
Kin.U.if bb \SS i ' \S'ils* '? in a iv.arlun.v.nike
manner and -Auh despatch.
.;. P.;;I T M.-DCI CAL.
Juli 31 "> Gadsden, ?war Washington lit.
Thc Broad Ewer ,
H'AVISO secured uro line DKY BOATS,
ami two er. ws of tho most exp. rienee.j
|!.?atm?'ii ' a the river.'lifters i ! servjees to
iii. oublie for Transporting FREIGHT b ..
tw.-i i ? '..nimbia and Alsioii. Tb- f. .!!..... i.. .
rutes have I.e. u adopted:
M .-ir. p. r nurrel. J aa
? hag 1 en
? ?thor arti.-'-* per >.") ?bs. l 00
Pr jengevi. .. :'. yu
?.'he boats will leave 1'. hrn-J?.i ai .'. a.. m..
every M'Ju.lay and Friday;Tnd will leave
?-:. :.Cy. Ai ply to' ' P. 'TV SI MOS C
?WOio. '. ' 1 " "e I.' :r.
W. ??.'W?r.TU?.
J*, Yv. cxLiZ
July ;t .Agent, in charge of Boats.
Jacob Levi ii.,
Aue-Jon and Commission Agent,
f.'..riff .,, 7J/iii>l .uta .'Ismnnblu ?.?..?
\SyihL irive piiri ..ui.ir ai i-M : .
'V ?ii:-; osnl of K,.:,l K.-.tale. Cotton.,
Providions an.1 Oeuvrai MeYehainli;'. .
Will atti-ml t.. th.? nf Furnitur.', .1-?' .
at any part of the city Cit owners mai
requit. . July 7
Commission and Forward!ne"
?'ii MM.Ksn?:..", c
\ \M pr. par J :.. pr..iii.tly forward a!!
.1 Merell.. ..',:.:>? e..^ ed lo me, art iv mr
in th: ; ruy from' Aol them tin.l forglen
ports Abo < '??:. -lc'iiio'llta by 1 ai il o.i J. . ?.
be forwai-b d don,, ?i i . or fi reign ports.
?iai..Til!'<: ?-1.? ..!villi.-.-., mn.le en ali con?
signments ot C<> ?TUX, I: ICU, .t .i" '.:??
friends I I New i'orlc, piiibnl-b ?ii.i and
v->V" Mr. O KOROR ll. WA LT KR. m
Ol angeburg. S. '. . -pi o . -ut ' . i .aim. - of : lin
South (.'ar.dina P-iiir.-.-nl-will reedi'* i
f eward ali Mei . dian.h? .. .omdgned ?o him.
I...Ci way :. .bil v 25 wf7*
Dissolution or* Copartnership.
i** I'M IF. -impart te-rship heretofore existing
2 . I? tn-tn tii? sub-? ri he rs, under fin
ilion-, style and furn nf KIM [AK A
WiNC. ii this duy dissolved I.?- imii'.i-d
.-..i.,, ia. I'. W. W ?XG, haviug purchase.]
th J^lii . om- to th? concern mid assumed
will u -.-ai Cn m to him, and persona in
d-l t -d wi ! Hinke p i, m. nt. io him.
Til.-- .'ai-era.^- having purchased the
inter.-.t, of KI.I KILLI Ali in llie ubov?
firm, t?ie business will her?-:ifier be eon
? hici'd bv him i.i hi own ii mu .-. Hs
c.- ii.-etful?}" s??i '-ii j a slnire ot publie pa
trou-.?e. _FJV. WING.
The .subscriber lukes pleasure in recom?
mending Iii-? late partner, Mr. ". VV. Wing,
lo Lim ?lli>port of til? former patrons ol'
tho l ite linn of Killian it Wing, a.id of
ihn publie generally. ELI KILMAN
Eecsivinr; a^i Forv/ardia?;Ag;ent,
Oil A?4LESTGN, b. C.
F?tOMPT aiteiUi&ii given to orders for
the : lie or purchase of COTTON or
PP.Oi/JClS af any Lind. Julv 15 fla*
g.. ' Y . -
Architect and civil Engineer.
! J> ?I?}FKaSI< ?NA L BT.7>T"RS,? att*nded
! ;.i North and South Carolina.
Ottlce ot. Mrs. ii. Lyous' Garden, Cohim?
bia, is. 0. - Jn ly 20
Brass and Copper Wanted.
JY ?OLOM02" ii: CC still continue to
O., nnivt.*c? BR?&* and cOVPER.
Tba highest Iliar'r?t Tine viii he poid.
West s J? L:' A.-.-mbly siref-t,
-r\ >~-?s"t rr :}'-y:'?'?
xa Cfji? ia.'25y
153 Meeting Sireet, Of>nosiie Charles"
to? Hotel,
CHARL ? S?0N, c. C.
? ..Vit. :v,:i. ,? t,:o'.H.m Iv .f DRUG-',
; br'-. PAINTS mid LtQCOKS of ad
iii..-!--. f.Ji tri? M>. I pu? ;i?SrS, &e., which
ive oft -i t-1 iii?; trade at iowtat rates.
.. OKNT.? F"::
?MA? SitOWi
A -N D
\\mm mimi mi%
Tt?" >7T -..*.-. rf? ft -s? "^r**
. x< br jfci xi *?r x
I Anti Aromatic Schiedam. Sehnanpa
ro ARRI vt:
; inn p""-'"'!.. iN*nLnGI**
1 \ > w i,, AROMATIC SUfcUE
f>Qn hexes I.l i I'ERS, (Masjentrophen.)
I 'Juarter and eighth e.-. sk s Co^tise Bracey
"' Port and Sherry
Scotch Ales and Loudon Brow/i S?o?t?
1 '....'..i Ju y :/) wf8
' M?.; i"^Tfr';<tT^ '('"3
? > Fsi-KC? iTMXY notitv thsir ?:i?r..?4
1> '? ioI ;;?* fr.ev" thIf. th?-. Ja I'S P.E
? ?vT ti*.. MI? ?Uv ir -oji-i ar, tti-i?. old s-and.
i N". 89 K-?.t Kn-.-, com si- of V-.tidci
I .. (t? aVlSston. S. ?V. CK - t'..-V will
n..::^i ?nt ly krep -n Imnd :.toI for Side, nt
I Lu WES?? MARKET PRICES, a general
art met ri OlvOCERiFS, imr...ri?id am!
.lom? .aie. ALL:;. WIN! S. LiQ.liORS aud
SEOAuS, o. wei? known !?r.H?>.l?.
lUH.LMV"-* I'.'dOTf f t'*'!S.
!::!. wf3
? J .Wi; COW .iii hand a:, l rr i" weekly
ri o ..fifi ot ad trradra lt CF I NED
:-'.'' ? '.US, r.:i..o .?>[ CUPFET?, i":>i-js ?Oap,
.toil'. A law...' - o! il \ son and
Vom., !:?. '?'. s, md *i ..ry othrt urti
. > n 'partner is resining at tho
N..!..!.. f--' ?hs ?n'.-Sriit. a?'d ;..;!aii?ii:.if ia
p. i son io .ii . >-.; ? wi i.-.h are fop
?"i li only. Wc nsst?ri ."ir fri?nd? *a?
enstotriei i litar. >.-,- cte and will do att Well
hy ll. ni ns -mV : hints* i'l t od .-itv.
C.. ...I -il .> in try I todue?s wi?l bo
r.nr .-li i..a? highest market prices, or .
taken in x.-liawgo for er .c*ri~%
' Ci, ni -,-'-: S. C., .Iciy - i. -.cfs
\\/*?LL r?-toiw. ..u and alter Mic TWEN
ii* Ti LIN OF JULY, that psa-t of his
?'...i :.I r nnainefs, v.'hief; -inb|-n?' I lil" soU
i.'. . t < (iOL'S or MERCHANDIZE oud
COUNTRY PRODUCE on cotnrni;.sion.
Iii- !..::. K-fptaintancc tvitk th? business
und wants of thia community " ?il {jive
!N::i M..'". advantages which sha'l h^- U'.ed
to the hciiriit ui "nis patrons. Hi ?ia?
.i- ...ci-ii.M v-iti himsrll" hit so:-., .I0?IN
EDYVAlTD, aad the new ??a will b*
known ?.^.
'. .ir ii nd ?rsi twited li -e; leave .?n\l a*.te.?
tiuii to ti i A abo ve u<>licA, and lo s-ate that
they 'viii be fmiad near ibo J'.A s?* ml, ucr
i?*r of M iii. nuJ ??\MI?\U'? ?>:r*etc;. No. 7
Brvee's Range, '.viiei e t.-ry will ?ndoavot
it> Jive ii;heit a?tel. io.? to ?liyii t?u??
jess Xi U.*y i '. con:italie I to trifei'.- cure.
JuTv IS -//?.*

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