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13Y J. A. SEILBY. .COLUMBIA, S. C., WEflESDAC lj:ORI AUG4UST 3. 865. VOL. 7--O. 112.,
T E Ii XI S-IN A D V A N C E. .
Pailv Taper, six months.SJ 00 |
Tri-Weeklv, " " .3 50 ?
Weekly, " " ".2 00
Single c>*v-ios -rf tho Daily ard Tri-Weekly, J
lu cents; of the Weekly, 15 cents.
Insert?cl i;? either rhr- Daily orTri-Weeklv ni.
SI per square for the rhvt insertion, and 75 '
-cents for each subsequent insertion. In tho
Weekly. Ji a square.
?G**Spccial notices 1 n cents n linc.
Gli:r.t)ses of South. Carolina Union?
WASUINOTOX. July 21.-I have just
been holding ;i long conversation >vith
u leading member of the South Caro?
lina delegation about Gov. IVrry'n
lr.textraordinary speech, and on the
gctu-ral subject of South Carolina
Unionism, yhen T ? xnlain that this
.ientlcmun is an intimate friend und
f ?rmer business associate of < ?-overnor
berry's, and that, by recommendation
of that (??ricer, he 1ms recently been
appointed to an important position
under the "Provisional Government,"
it will not bc doubted that lie placer
matters in the most favorable light for
the Govert tor. and that his own loy?
alty nr.d Unionism ore of the bast
type President Johnson can lind iii
South Carolina.
.rt?: LT.iroitXAJScK or ixn rt i >..: ii-; ota:
Not unnaturally. tingan the conver?
sation with Gov. Peiry's friend, the
de'eguie, by asking if Iiis July speech
was roedty genni uo.
'.t)6. yes! C was <ii the platform,
beside the Governor."when he made
it.. l>nf von sec the li* ilude in which
a spoooh is made makis a good deal of
difference. Down tiore, everybodv
thought -I among tliun -that it vas
an extreme radical I ii >:i spejehl"
"What v. here he ;-ad. for example,
that no mun in th*' {tate could feel
m ire hitter hmmhVJp and degracUt
fcion than h ira Ai in li ing forced back
into" the Union? Is*lad- wind you
call in South Carolin:, radical Union
My impetuosity sti/prisuJ my sal
low-iaetu' friend. Trnitif^ his eves
ti wi ici astonishm: IE upon me, he
.said philosophically:
"To understand ? Viy's spri ch. you
mus? place you tv ...li" intbe stand-point
from which he spo.-:e,-iiid remember
the object he had in ciow. l?ecauso
they fail t > do this, Iii ave observed
that soine Nortlu'rn ntvspapors fail to
see the force OL the s?eech. ile was
* ndoavoring b> win fchsopi opio back,
and to coax them into<ondiug Repr??
sentative ?> to Co egress again. To do
this, of course he hado conciliate, the
prejud ces of all. Thro is no hotter
Unionist in South (irolfna or the
whole So;:;h than Pery!"
"wi: WEI:!-: A LI.; ?ir.v.i.s."
'"D.> you tn ran thatm never was a
"No. not exactly. !o be fra nh with
you, v.e were rebts. Tb.<' North
has nover tnideist lodpnd ! doubt if
it ever will under ?tai, the ul isolate
unanimity ">\i.h w.iic? after the war
was begun, wo all suporten it; while
there was any use ii if, wc resisted
si cession; but after tit State seceded,
our District, which waa Iv*'y s strong?
ly "Union, sent more ??1 better volun?
teers to the war than ty other."
"?bu mean then, tit, after seces?
sion was accomplish!, the former
Unionists h earne nio|?violent rebels
?han thc rest; and tit. practically,
not a-soul in the Statiremaincd true
to the Union, except Ie negroes?"
"Well, 1 suspect yo re a Little mis"
taken about the negra. They Ve very
ignorant, and most of lieut wore and
are governed by th? master's no
t ions."
Recurring to ins j attjmeat, that
Governor L'orry hadyeen trying to
coax the S uith Caniiians lo come
out to riv tb ?tions af vote for Con
; ?"i . e. ien. I :." ked 1^ if there !S
likely to be any difficulty ou that,
"Well,.I guess there'll be a very
small vote; but," he added, with the
skill of a thorough-bred politician,
"those who do vote will ve;-;.- fairly
represent the wishes of the rest. We
:irt; a. very proud and sensitive people,
and a good many have a natural dis?
position to shrink from thc oath of
allegiance to a Government they cast
oil" forever nearly five years ago. In a
year or two they'll come in all right;
and, meantime, they'll oe very glad or
the results which the votes ot their
neighbors will secure. South Carolina j
Ls and will be ono o? the very best
Union States we have."
"But wind security have we, in re?
storing political power to a coniiuu
; nity disposed towards us as your's was,
j and still feeling as voa now repre?
! "Oh, our people are impulsive, and
they are always decided, one way or
I tko other."
I "Suppose the representatives you
I elect should be admitted t<> Congress,
I and Sc^h Carolina should mus bo
: clothefliPR?th all her old power-you
who before- secession wer ? tho Union
men, will be tlie only voters now, as
you state it. but in two tu- ? hr->e years,
or com's.', everybody will vote again.
\ "Will not you original Union ne n be
?gain out-numbered by the original
: secessionists?"'
i "1 don't believe we ever wore out
? numbered. 1 don't believe there ever
was a majority for secession in .South
j Carolina."
' "Tho poll , books tell a different
i story."'
i "Yes, but remember we have been
fighting secession for thirty y oars and
j had gor tirod of it. Men' said these
', restless spirits will never be" quiet
j until they have tried secession. If wc
don t I-.-1, them try it now, they'll keep
us Lu a constant turmoil until we do.
h is bound to conn; some tira^, ?ind
! wc may us well spare ourselves further
trouble and let it com-- now. "-"
"In other words, then, men said let
\ the Union be destroyed, with what?
ever attendant horrors, rather than
one should bo bothered t<> keep up
! this perpetual struggle. "
"Well, not exactly that. You must
remember there was a tremendous
: pressure. ? myself hail my house
surrounded by :t hundred and fifty
. armed tuon, one night before the elec
. tion, because they thought i was a
j Union niau. There w;is no making
; head against the current."
The South Carolinian was;: gentle?
man, at once by birth, culture and
?bearing, (which is niora than cen be
'said of lunch of the driftwood now
thrown uppermost in Southern socie?
ty in the process ol' re-organization,)
ami so 1 did not add aloud the mental
comment which no :.:;-:i can help
making on these explanations--that if
tee Union mon were, as he said, in a
' majority, they acted tuon like < -wards;
?in<l if they were liol, they ure acting
now lihe hvpoeriios. .ibu i could not
: help saying: ' :
"By your showing, then, the rebel,
j element was resistless before the pns
! sit,ge of ti"- secession ordinance, and
universal aft -r ii. As you frankly say,
j you v. ero all rebel-;. We haw incurred
j ari onornions debt in subduing you.
and we knott find there is a- small
; par.;.- at the North, openly, und a
I larger one. secretly, desirous of repu
I diatitig that dele, in older <?> shake ol?
j th" burdon of heavy taxation. Now.
: if South Carolina.'and other States
! occupying her position, ?uv rest? ired to
; power in the nation, what security
' have we dat sdi you rebels would cou
; tinr.e voting for heavy taxation to pay
I the del r incurred in whipping you?
I Would there not bo very great danger
; of your uniting with this minority at
j the North, and thus' securing a
i national majority in favor of rcpuiiia
! tion?"
I "Well, our attention has never been
I called to that subject, and we were' not
aware that there was likely to be any
I portion whatever of your people ?a
! vorable to repudiation. 1 can't say.
how ever, what our more Violent people
! would do. There has been, very .little
! comparison of views; and all our ef
? forts have benn given to getting our
J rivil authority ?r.cl power restored,
withaut consid' ring vrh? ! questions '
might como up back ol' th it."
"With what political pu vi y :?t tho
North, then, would your people be
moro likelv t > ?friliateV"
'Of course, with il- Vmoeratu-. !
Wc have uu.?'.r;!.;><> I ahuig thai it
sympathized more v Ith - thvn any
other, that ii was niori. <.p; i .sod to the ,
war, mor" dispos< u to ! vc us aloin; ?
with our slaves, more ready fur ia vcr- j
able {orari of peace.*'
"And ii any considerable pc>rtion of ;
that party were to propos lightening ?
thet.xesbv repudiating in induction \
of interest or othorwis : part of thc j
debt incTHTijil in subduing von, yo.: ?
1 wo; 1 t "o . very apt io unite ,vi;h theta ?" ;
? "I don't know but we w.mld, but .1
I can't .. :;-': for as: yoi we are giving HO
! attention io anvtliing . piing re-or- !
* Keyiurnng to ?u-; ?ala i - ions con-"
cerninv* th? hitiertH's;; <>i I he original
secessionists. 1 asked: ""?*''.. ! s vurity
will we hero! atti r jn^ii-- J power luis
boen fully restored \>> S ?iii Carolina,
that tho secessionists may not regain
control of tin; State Government, and
prove a: pestilent as o'. - if not ju
the tic .!. i. theil in Congre s. and in The
old ' ix] - di.-n's of obn ?si?.us State
"?iii. a barrel of eider neve!- fer?
ments twice."
"What material eh.m jv- will the
party ?vii ?eh yon a ucl (J,.,. Perry rep?
resent make in the Stan ?Constitu?
tion?" ,
I "We'll make it what it never was
before -J?epnhlicaii. V "ll takeaway
the election of Frosh I M Sal electors
from tiie legislature ind give ii lo the
people. So, also. wi.ii tin; election of
(jsi'.vwnor, which has eretoforo be
and will oipiahzi ?hero] ?vsen?ation i.i
the State Senate.'"
"lint what about Cue negroes?"
''We'.], wo wa'!*, to have thom in?
dustrious am"1, ordt r?y, ? 1 \\::? do ail
we can to bring it about."
"\Vi;i you let any of them vote?"
"That question, lo??, has noi hoon
discussed. The p'..;]>!.> h: , e la' U tal-ten
np wita getting their civil rights re?
stored. ?md ??ave ebon verv bille
thought to other t|ue*iions. .Woody
could stand lip iii ? he St-:tt.' v.lu> sinuihl
advocate promiscuous negro suf?rago.
It is possible th:-.; a few might be
willing to let tia- ieb.liigent m-gv-v.-s
vote-after son.e vears. ai any rate, d'
"I t
u in -
' franchi"- -tl negroes of (
infinit? ly their superiors, in eba-at: >n,
indus!ry, weah ii and good cou din- ?"
"We mal iv don't know enough
about tia' t'.:::'.';'?:.!on negroes in our
part of tie Suite to say. I Jnr. "of
course, hon? ? s<-rvanis .-::.. intclli
indulged." . .
! . AFI-'HiTiOS" X*:-I? ,TF."F. 1>AVTS.
j that ;'ne S'-vi rest punishment timi
'could 'ne given t > .h-f,'. Davis wo dd
be to nut iiim !?:t<*k a! larg*' :onong
; the Southern people ho k.i., mined,"
wassaid. with a vii .v of turning tin*
cduversa?io > ?IW?;. I'yt i i :i subj ci t <-.;
. ilently not v- ry agre?e.d.1?;.
; "Indeed, y?u a rp V? ry much mis?
taken." e::ci:ti?nci!. the South Caroli
? niau, wit!; no le warmth than iii' had
yet manifest"t ia almost afraid to
?ell you wiif.f i" i !'. . ?.nig is ii
. will so strongly coniradic-t your ideas.
?Teil. "Davis would lie recr-ived with
j open arne, in tic South. There is a
I very goner.?] feeling of great kindness
, to bim. and great sympathy foi1 his
j present i:\isfortune. Cn o party in the
I South assailed his Administration
i very hith riv : ont thc i.-i ling wa? int
to any exivnt a perso,-,?] one. Ile is
greatly admired and loved by our
people"' '
i he honest Cu-, iinuin espressed>the
I feeling which I have reason to believe
g?nerai through tia- Vflnntie and < ?ult'
j rebel States. Davis ?sind Lee are still
i held the great ex? mplars of So-.tth.eni
j manhood.
j The conversation ? have above di -
I tailed, occurred this morning, in the
j presence of an important i fficer of
thc. Government, and is now faithfully
\ recorded from not?s jotted down at
the tiree. I h.r.ve no comments on it
I to rn:.:::. Ir cives us view of South
Tffirnrwii ? ii gri^rtniim-iiii? -ir"" T BBQgq?grw*WMWa
Carolina Unionism that needs no com- 1
ment. *!
Gov. Perry and 5'v.-Sp<u:ker Orr ?fro ?
both in town, also. an<? their conver?
sai i??n does not differ in mal? rial I
TI lints froiu thc above; iii il chev arc j
naturally moro guarded, and I a:.,:o i
preferred to give the frank. < nt-spok'-n
stat? i maits-of their friend and eol-i
i judi-" that Gov. Perry will not be j
dist.urlH-O! in his "provisioriar' opera- |
lions by reason ol* his {?paech. ( >n j
asking a prom ii ion i cabinet oil leer j
about il this evening, [.was told. *'Oh, i
Perry didn't know ho ? . ... appoint?e ;
Governor winni 1 e made t hat speech, j
What he said can't !... justified; but j
ho has !md a hint about it. and I guess j
helli do well i nough tv w.:"
\C>r. Ctrtvi r.io'i. Commcrciol.
New Store.
J. ALS;'). JITST V. '".< "t'.W bb1:
; ?? f*T> 1.l's. 1 -v 'o';. ITAMS.^S
i immt, ?o ? ,,,,, j j,..: cjdzk
I .'? i:--,-s K. iirii I v Li"*.Al-' LAUD.
! P.hls. Hice, .vc.'.vc.. ic
i ' . y
W TT O L i?S A Ll-, Wi? Ki. ! AT L
? rp*''": r..' !V[i i'ni! "ttf"7o*'i ? vT?
*!at.!l.i.h> A.Mi'A. \t IO .ULui/uta i?.?
j ^>~?
TUS: j;:.-.::s;<;r:?:?>
1 "W ":">"'bl? ri;s;>- . ! fin I ?: inf inn their frieniis
\ > :i> ,1 t..:? ,.';?'.'.? CTS. and lb- pub
lie yen-rail;., that have re*i:!!'( ! bn#
'< weekly receipt fnen the North-m rc-.ri.els,
t'VR?r.S.i!Ai:?>\VAl:?'.'AN!' :T'M . ;<>\K.
w!ivhtioyofr,-,-f?.rsat.'at ti,oiow.-5.? m.-.ik. t
pr->da? ^ i
.a^ ss. - \ can inn ke >i to
Gi'ocerics, Hardware.
A M >
P ri 0 v j 3 i 0 V i 3 ?
le. an." I Ml:
-, Tea.
(."!, it*.i aw.iy rai. y.ui .vc.
j " '.''.. s,,''y':
! Nu;--'.'-'/!': '.'!MerpU'sl'.
" Ny.
! Hie
.e Brush'
,1 p, ,,cr l/roh.-i-,
ij i.-h Potatoes, .vc.. "Vi
. !,v MU.LT.r.l
XolScc-? liitritnM". \;>\>i
rfiiiK i?di - <?f the LHsur.ixr: < ow SXT
J ?md \<">1?>-',MV are amamis to rebuild,
as sp.hl> possible, an.ediricc suhabi'
for theil- >b.na-rery and Institute, theirs
iia'-intr been :;:....<<' tn the g?nerai c ntla
Kratioh of irohn.'.hia bj thc United Staion
Armv. undi r ti II. s-hern an. jn thc nigru o'
Febrnaiw ITth. Auel while thej are tar
irnni uri ? Ins th' ir m c< ssiti' s on th? ir i>l
low-siin?-i'--rs of the South, 'v:lr#^rratemily
;.< i cive un?contribu? ions which I lie tfiends
of education and r- ?ejon my donate them
for this < >;<-el!o.n: work. P.?m.Maiieo?* ?hay
Pc mad' throuih the F.xrtress 'Jompanv.
Please a dtl ress
\ rsulin.? Convent :i:-:fl \c.adeniy,
("are In-, John Lynch, Coltunbia, ;-. C.
Aug - Imo_
For Sale.
^OjcteaKftr.d i'.ARXESS. Fri p:,r
Charleston Advertisements
T'a.r:-.i' rs' j.*?.<i E?flange Bank of
C2?arT ?ti?l
< HABLE! J ON, Jab- 29. 1865.
* MEETING of vb. Sr.-.ckholdors vrf? be
IX. held in thu city, . D TUESDAY, if.th of
;vi .v..; next, ;ir th? L ." Ofl?ce of "?Vi?iam
v."i'- '.__--, !:.? <[., (>-'. Bread street, a! ll o'clock
A. Martern of imps tance will bc laid
bot' ire ' ...? m ??ct usp. Tjv ordorcf thc Board.
Aug s :: fl. D. SI.i-.OBEL, Cashier.
?. ri, i? vc azi zyr & co..
Po ci ors :ir.i\ Ci?!>)ii?3-.?:'. n Hier? lia mis,
A lid ER SaUTll WHARF,
O ELT. ir. thin Market, Or "hip to New York
?O >>?* orpool, both L ?:.<: ?md Short Sta?
ple COIJ'tiN. Liberal advances on ship?
ments, a ?id returns tan de :.: gold.or trea
sur' nen s. :<s mt?truct"ecl.
:?!?.?>i"< ?.;.- fer na\v.
VJ?j tho machinery re- A in tho ma
mrt'aelurc of OCT?O ." D-LNS. GRAIN
; .j t",'.shtv . pori? . new and -in
. mpletc*mninr- orcler, c . ?-in? of
ENtiiNE, wah Boiler, charting, Fulloys,
One Iron p?aVi?r.^
.? Wood Planar,
? Turning Lathe,
" Corn Mill,
'. Small C:rr-ii.'.v Caw
This machinery livs m. -.r b?en used; ie
noar th? orcenviji' and C imabia Railroad,
.md cnn be puruhaiod < :.eup-tho owner
having bc? ? killed lathe":' It caa either
b< rom ny? d ? ? th- bnihlin and land can b?
rented a ai tl ? badness. . ag established,
continued. Address
C. E. C . r .' HESTER,
Heal Er-<.? ?,ir Bro ac Charleston.
; C. UP ?hio*iester, '
K?.VL 33STATE -?zioiir:?,
! VtiKNT.i 'r the purr hase and salo of
; i V REAL ESTA IE ir. say of the? Southern
Slates. .
i Kor tho PEPAlBX?-G,' .EN TIN G, ?J.! of.
; owners of i>vr-T-.-.."".' 1: Tieften, ':::?
! avoidably detained in ra ap country, oan
have lindi property ts .eu err3 cf and
promptly-i tended to bj ? :::l:ng to .p-bovo
ii l.'uv . r of Attorney, 'o' s sumo-control of
?!.'. Rame, un rd the ov-i< 'a return. Infor?
mation (ls tfl thO e;;-:-., I. cf prOpOl'tj' ?U
! jared by ih?lte,*an<3 ot ?o .-.'?0, with "proba?
ble exni uso of repairir..~: - ...t on application.
*3""Wanted to p.: .. ; ve, for parties
meeking iuvostment c f Potato, in Scuth
. i"' .:...:..--.. several i .. ?.NT ? ?ONS, in work?
ing order in the upperp .t.oacf the State.
Factoids Com??iisiaio?: ? I*1,rulla.lits,
A .VD SHIP I 'IXL. . :. \ EX TS.
<ii i ur.. i.Tj.i.s a
v. >.." .. H cttisoiiir.
Vi"IEL at'-n i ie ?a. ;. sale -J nd
? bhipmeTii rto t'v-.-:' ind domestic
: ports> of i i ?/:.>>:. Rr' !. LUMBEB.
S AS VL STORES: to v.he cc'-i .-ii ?r. of l>rafta.
Purchase ?ijrid Sale vf .d' .? aritius. Cen
; sigmaents of Ye .- . U : . licir ..
; Messrs. .lohn Fr?aar ? Ce., Charleston,
V . riCe ?. V.Mb ?a& ?. Co., Char?*
; \b {sr'. George A. lloplcvc Co., Charles
i i.u, :.'. c.
fi-erae ficalev. Eso., AUTUS a, O'?.
T. f?. :>ktca'i," Esq.: . "
?li :'siv. Clark, \yrjiUe k C., Ne-/ York.
'Io:;svs. Murrav & Nephew, " "
Me rs. E. W. 'Clark . Co., Philadelphia,
i Messrs. Pendergast, Fcnv^ic.; 5 Co., Bal?
timore, Mt!,
i ;?l*'ssi's. ;s?::im H larris A So :?, Baitimoro,
Lr.?dT_Augj* 26_
Pire eiCG>
(,v:;;:r:.r v. S.e. ' w
?> El'I'ESI'.NTtlv f die'.'.:o;; ; rsf-?laC3 and
\ ei.loiibte.l c>?.i panics cf New York
SF: ....'?TY rN'SM'K.YNCE 0 M^AN?
fijid.ni;i; INSUI -N :;.-/>ti - Y.
V. ?iii an itggn?.,"'.. canh ts*: it vi cf over
Ihsks tali a ? M bb- -al tc: ::>s, and losses
? . msur , dhcv.'ing ail
mmm m, ??AXT, -
? 74 EAST RAY, CHARL1 ".'CF, S. C.,
W iT Ti gi' : .,>.>..'?: ..> i? t'.?-v pruing
YY of CO'l rON i ?'? wx ?ndEurop?,
and will receive and fon? : t ."?".t" t|-, m
abrr a.l eo'i'sign. d to parties rbi nt.rrior
of *:c.. Stale V!v:.?.ces a < "r, produce
coT:.-.gae?t to Arthur Wv, - .., New Y -'k.
A i'nli sine!- of (?!;()< lvP.it". . . ways on hand
ar.d for sale a: th* low . u-o-koc rates.
Fav Brothers' SUI?SE ICR ? .M Li A SOAP,
in "quarter, half or d .^holo b:o:es, can bo

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