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The daily phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1878, August 10, 1865, Image 1

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TIlE Ih'WA7Zv_
Dailv Paper, nix :,:<... : hs.ii O')
Tri-wooklv, " .:*>.")?
Woekly, " " " ..."." 00
Singh "cnpu's nj" the Dailv ami! Tri-Woukly.
10 cents; ..r thc Weiddy. ]:? cents.
Uisorted in i it'ier thc Daily or Tri-Weold.y rt
??t per square for tho first insertion, and 75
ci-.?ts tor ?.?aeh subsequent insertion. In tho
Weeldy, -il a square.
Kg 'Special notions cents :i linc.
Hov/ til? South Faces ilie Facts.
it. is tho universal testimony of : ; "i 1
nvn who have talked wit li tito natural
lenders of the South thal their lan?
gt iago is frank and their conclusions
those of reason. "We ?add tm opin
iou,-as to the relation of the ?St.des to
each other under the Constitution;
we fought for thai opinion: wit would
like to liavo established ii: wo were
beaten in battles, as wo were bea! :>
before battle- by unmix rs: wo accept
the situation frankly, andar? prep :r? d
to be just as loy?] 'and devoted tu the
United States as wc were to the South?
ern Con fodoracy. M isa matter of no
importance whether wo i md reason on
our sid ? or nut ; if is suiiicient that wo
}.:ul not strength."
lt seems wonderful that thorn is no
feeling of hate against us. because
those mon in their hearts believe
themselves to be th" injured party:
but, upon examination, tho wonder
di '.appears. Tho contest bi i ween the
free and slave Slates was. Lo a largo
extent, upon a point of honor; con?
sequently the war partook of tint
na! ure of :i duel. Ill that species of
redrew.; thor< is very rarely any lurk?
ing hostility, even on the part of the
wounded man. t The combat is a tri?
bunal, and its decision i .; accepted as
Wo own ourselves TO bo surprised at
tho ported and universal aoijniosocnce
of th.: Southern people, ll is far be?
yond what .we dared to hopo, lt is a
strong proof ol' the supremely practi?
cal nature of the American mind. Ko
repining, no . sullenness, hut a com?
plot . ending behind of the past, and
bi mungal! tho energies to the future.
Tho intelligence of the Southern
?..adors comprehended Ihe situation at
once., and acted upon it instantly.
So much political sagacity, so much
j * raidit * il good senst%, int ve never 1 ?of? TO
boen displayed in similar circum?
stances. The 7V,.es se-'ms to think
that tl i cae phenomena arise from t:
want ol' earliest conviction; but thai
is not the eas '. They arise from ra
j iii !i ty ol' perception. Tin* native ci ti -
wu of v irginia to-day holds us ?irmly
as over that Virginia, and Virginia
alone, is his country; but he sees thai
asa Stat:. in a Federal Union, notas
a sovereign ?State, she must (?vcr
heron ?tor be ct nit ?nt to remain. Such
being the conclusion ol' Iiis comm m
sense, it makes no earthly difference
what lie thinks if the practical r -t-ull
be t!ie same as if ho did not think it.
i :' there wore any more Southern
institutions which tho free Stiles
wanted to s;?bj.. r to their Viii, any
more Southern property which th y
wished to destroy under special iwc-.
talions ir?mi Chid, the ea-n- would bo
iliiierent: bul as wc have thoroughly
beggared them, s ml uncomfortably
encumbered ourselves for the sake of
th" negro, wo have exhausted experi?
ment, and hail better soi to work on
both sides to repair damages, sew ap
sundry ugly rent-, i;, i'?- Constitution,
?ml try to gel ba k a little civil ??berty
as fast as we eau.
We own, like Sir Peter Teazle, ton
horrible sensation at big phrases, and
exclaim like him, ??Danni your senti?
ments; ! never want to h< . ;. a tine
sentim ?nt again in my life."
It is true Sir I'eler bad discovered
Lady Tea/.! . behind the screen io the
ro mi of Joseph Surface. ?nd thc peo?
ple of tho I ni teil States have not ye*
discovered the grand financial crash
which the Joseph Surface of the Re?
publican party have- prepared for
them. When thc screen tails down
and display* ii. the dosoph Surfaces
i>v our politii - wi?? stand as eterna!
objects of eoutomp! as tia- Ac-.
Surface of the play, and the pava.deol'
..tine sentiments" will hocoie.o :
odious in the en rs o i' the people as ie
those ol' pour Sir !>> ; r.
The Ito-nUr* ^!:U^j*uMtc:it/'\vlin
has traveled tVoiu Kiehuiwjid r.imutgh
tia' Confederacy io New Orleans,
writes from Mississippi t?iver:
WV" have trawled four thousand
mili--;, visiting thc principal towns and
citiesiu the interior ot' Virginia. North
{'ar;.Hua and South Cand?na, I.reorg?a
and Al?banla, ii:. , ia-.; enmnieiieed
our tour short's- after ii i' nurrondi roi!
lie rei.el amn
;: . \ uri
OUS railroads destrowd Pv Sherman.
Wilson and Stol? man lind be.'U re
paired, we were i ?.antiliies ;.' a lof-:s to
obtain i'onvrya?iei! from one point to
another, and were sometimes com?
pelled to wal];: sometimes on horse?
back: sometimes by rail and waler.
?nd about two hundred miles in army
wagons. We luivc liad dariov thc
winde journey, to" travelim- < ompa
nions, rebel oPicera and soldiers iv
tarning to their homes, and . -.hon ben
for days beyond the reach ea' L'nio?i
soldiers. Wc have been i:nivers:d!v
treated with courtes? and kindness,
notwithstanding th - m.-; was hmvai
that we vere from t!ie North, ?uni ai
times diil'ering in opinions a.al senti?
ments regarding tin- ivar: ha vi.a
or heard nothing ol' gu? r.'ila , ios . >r
insurrectionary bands of robbers. Suit
found the country peaceful anti quiet.*
the people generally anxious to- settle
down to business cpd dy ?md r?same
their relation with thc LYder.d t'o
vernm nt.
We aha. fouu 1 people r adv and
wi ding to discuss tito slavery question,
.--..id anxious to get ai! tia- hi format iou
tliey ci add regarding die. wislu s ol' i lui
CTO vern ment, and ii?'.r.Ifost:ng a ?1; ?ire
to conform as ticarlv as uos: :! le t > al!
rules and regula! i.?us prescribed U-.v
theil* guidance. Ne ehe e .e. i'oini any
conception of the utl-T r;:hi and ex
roads are v.'om out. rolling stock eider
destroyed or nearly useless, ?ene.'.;
gone, houses, mair, el' thom !> :r:ied,
and what arc h?l badiv idiati .-. d.
ami nilla
?ny to enable them to st:.rt agedn in
life. Notwithstanding ad their trou?
bles, the people, as a general ildcg.
are not despondent or di'-\>osed io
vicki to their troubles. They went
into war witli {heir ?yes open,' sta! e.!
their al! upon tho result, and have
lost. Tiley ;:.?w ?iv, wo. have done
thc best wo can Coi? our cause. We
don"; admit oar cause was a had m?e.
but we have fail ii, and are v.ilm:g to
abide the cotisoipienc . Von laive
newer in vonr h..'.nd.1., do wi;a ii .- . ;
VDU Will. ' If VOIl V.Y.I.AV US to e.,mr'
back iii the Chm!! will: right .. i f citi?
zenship, wo vii! l e good, law-abiding
citizens, accept tao emancipation pro
clamation, an !. wish to pay our s I ut iv
who profess to have L " n I nion mi ii
from the beginning; ot!)- rs who e.mght
against it at tho start. I . . v w 're tinnily
drawn into the enrve-.d. This id a s,
winn once eng.;.; 1, worked hardest
for success, and' 1 ?d' I he he.:-, ie.-;.
Original fire-eater.-:, who swore hard?
est, and would die ronner than 1??
subjugated, kept . it! ol' ?li" army, an '.
were the hrs! to welcome our troops
with open arms, (hi the labor ipms
estiv or otherwise, t. ik .iisi-.-nivagiu^lv,
?md"'?-xpres-; the nj?nion that they will
be unable to cultivate the land, par?
ticularly in cotton. !.> advantage with
free labor. They judge, as they pro?
fer?s, from intimate lowiedge ot tho
habits and disposi ,..'i < t negroes:
contend he is lazy, idle and :hiitl< .. :
perfectly contented as long as he has
plenty to eat, and not disposed lo la?
bor unless compelled to; ti;,ii to raise
fl crop ol' cotton to advantage r< ijuires
constant and hard labor ?or many
months; that planters had in? means
[or enforcing tho dennuid, and when?
ever his negroes had a lit!!" money
ida ad. or felt like taking a trip about
ihe country, they ivcrc at ii berty i>.
d ']a\ inighl i llili the v, bole crop, anti
ti.; limier Mic military rule nov ex
is." usg at tile "South, negroes were ai
loweil t<? leave their ma . whenever
ess anu o.
. .! tie' rc
uuih-rgotiig a laoid oh.r?':v. aiui ?M.
s'.ea.l .?I idleness ?lUi\ plenty, they are
he:dunmg to ?eel thur need fc.? wofh.
Tile Yankees, ro wit.mi they looked
!'..:. aid. and whom ti'. ;, eonstdi red ;
Many, in order tn curr-. .a vor wi iii I
the people where they stat ion-.?1. i
ami tn provo that iii . ...ir h a; not 1 "'en i
?or {lie abolition <.l* slave v. have :?..;.
s-euted tile negroes iii th.? .:.ost ? niel
manner,, suoj'eting them lo worse
-lavery tlni'i {ha! fr?un which they 1
have be?*:s re-.cr?e?l. N?'gT?> r iinVstgo isl
occupy in J? tho minds o? ; ! ;? . peo] de to
a eoiishlerahh' ex si ?nt. They claim
Mfai aci-ordiug to the position tal en ;
i?v Vi-i sider.! .Johnson and t.'ie Con ?ti- j
tai-ion of tin' United Stab*, it is a
q?m.st:or. to b?> divided bv . a -h Stat-. I
re .pi ctively, as to who Y.hsd! const:- j
tab- its voters: thai th" am .<.> fy pro- j
eh.nntioii nf tile President reiusbiles
;i majority of tao people "grunting
he jikvii. g. s mid. I theC.u"
a the L'nited States forme; iv
tb m
mew s
i'-.V OX. li VMS
:-.?;>l ;.M*.::.S.
a:, rsi Pl/ lb ?.
j ?2?
. a and < ?r< ?-II
. -ii. i ? . ii; - P?
S 5
it .-i Mi:i)b
pr.-pa n d ? :
l'lain and'i Ha di1 Ali
l'hiid Dh ss <;.ls.
a ?].<?.<*. rom bs?.
;\ HOODS, eonsist
?'.iper Cambric, I.. C. IhnnlluTehioffi,
Flackah ick Towel*. ol.aoh. a ,?,.an Drawc
Merino li KV rsl dits. Snsnciid rs.
While Cotton li.. . . Brown Half Hose,
\". !.: '? ios, l'aregc ?u.d '?'issac Vi ?Is,
iTMtVRibb ms. i; .an : liibbons,
l'Ai KU ivi?i In- pr?>l':iM:l> ? Ili?s t r;t ; * .? I and
wi!!. in rv?T> s:-::so. !... niiide to conform lo
Money r.isy he HO::? Ly Kxpivs? or other?
wise ?r i .y I Apr.-ss. :.t in\ risk, ii' Iii?; F.x
prc: ? riM ciiii is -i.ni inc, un iii ? r< sumption
'MV .??!-,ii.? vi'Ji :1 . Brm ol' J. AV.
Unrke .V O... is dis*, iv.-d, but I will csta
iilisli an ? !?i .? in Ma on. . "...org?a., where
4-1 >i?.;n ;i .. --. 11,?;!.-- ?;:av l>c addressed.
? ir?; .1 ''.Tlf. S.Vn'.'FJ. .....YXIN*.
At tl;.- ( apilal of South Carolina,
I Dil. ,1 v.?h the I.A I ?NT SKVVS. (I>\ t.-i. -
s r>-::p!:. mail: . etc.) KMTOUI M.. < '! ?? '.'> ' >.
iMXMlNi'E, MISOC?.hANV. !'< ?ETKV.
S roi;? i's, , :-. This i-* ?he only Haily paper
.II ti:.- SS aie i inti aleof til -,-iiy of Charh-Si'iii.
The Tri-Weekly Fhcenix,
I'or e.inat rv eire:ilaii"?. is puhlishe.l .?..cry
Tin-silio 'll ,n>d:i\ an<l Sa'.urdav, ami lias
;-:! ti; . iv. line ",.,:.. ref interest contained
ir: the .hoiv 1SSI?CS ef the Week.
miKVt CtE?NEB,
\s i:< ramie indicates. !.-. intended, as a
I" \ u ! I. Y .i? ?b UNA t.. ami is publish. ?1 ?... TV i
\\, e- ?I e.. li >wl? cntani Kaylil Pre/. -*. j
i.f Porty \ :.liiv.ins. Th. cream ot the Xewr--.
Mi -<.. ?!!'..c.v. T.ihs, < :.-.. ni the Daily ami
Tn-.-..-, kl', v.iii he i'l.liml in its columns.
I>!>ilv. ene VI ?li-.$1(1 (?lt
.- ' tlirei ia ? iihs. ;: 0(1
Tri-Weekiy, .nie year. 7 00
1 ??ree Ufiuhs. *J lit?
WV, : ly. one ><. ir. ' OD
three months. 1 -Jij
A.h :t i-i m in i insert erl in the Psi My or j
rri-VVeckiy at -I a square for the ti rsl in
?iortion, ?uni 7") cents for each sui sequent
n .HO rr ion. W eekh advertisements ri a
- (iiare every ia.-er;?on.
LAItS, S1I IN-T'LASTE li S. . oxecutet'
?romptly and a! reasonable rat s.
*..A- ... Pahhsher and Proprietor.
? !???:ri?lj:iv !. ornait- Academy.
r?p?l' oceivises cf rliis Institution will Io
I resumed on tl."- FIRST MONDAY IN
OCT'JDEi.. Parent* wishing to enter thoir
<'. . i s ns mums, are requested to make
e.trb '??i ?1! .11 ru thc principals.
.?AN': lt. REYNOLDS,
A" t. "> :.. 'i-itlA M. REYNOLDS.
Bacoa and Colass as?
5- .; -- ! i POUNDS SIDES, HAMS
fe ii t?J "" ; SH(>ULDERS.
Ill'?v'i !K? "VI- i: tis. Sugar House Syrup.
H >? ii.^a fiiKi (.-...ls. Molasses.
A im. . tn-, a- ,,t Crockery, Pack-ot
Knives, s. iV., 's. Co rt'"e. Sugar,
'Oven l>l:n;x Tea. Adamantino and
Sp lill I indh'-o Roofs and Shoe s of gr. ut
variety. Cfimitir Scales, Sieves, Ac. For
sal.' low :..r .. >|| |,\
Am; ? :; Ki NNF.TH .V C TESON.
Bolting Qioth.
?,^AA V!!S bOLTINU CLOTH, n,salted
?1/ Ntuiiher.-. I'..;- s-.l.. lou-for cash
h>_Ki'.". V ! li A (URSON.
IICR<IC|*]*S IX-jin 1 ; .it; ot of tin- Soul li,
/'.'A /./.!/. o7.' '1/ ./.". .Yo. li.
IT is au.m.-. d. for thc information and
govenum ot 01 this c< inmaud. that DE?
.I.OIIN I'. PK?RY. of Sooth Carolina. ha?
bet 1 ?ippt.i?ted. h\ the President.' Provi?
sional Cloior ol' tin* State nf Smith Caro?
lina, with authui'Ui ??uti ii isl met hms.
the rariiest prariirablo pnr:??]. to er. scrihu
such h's ned y, ^illations as uni v I'.? noc? . -
st.ry arid propn- fur onvi'iiingsi I onvention,
coi?pr -.si <.; 0. legates to i'i chosen l?\ that
noil um of lin- opie of . ?id ."MOI vvjin ..ro
joya! to I in- Cliiied States, and 1:0 others,
lort h.- purp? H i * "I al torim: or amending tho
t.'i.nstil uti* ?ti I lier."'' : and vdt h ti ut hoi itv co
exercise, within iii'- limits ot' .-aid State!
tiic powers ncei's-'iir;. and proper i" cu: bio
sm il lo\al people .',1' the Statt.' of South
Carolina tn restore said Slat.- ?0 ?ls cot's! i
liitioiial ?elations t.. the l-Vtlcr-il .Govern?
ment, ami to present such a Kcpiibiican
('.inn ni State <uiv< rann a. as will entitle Hm
Stall- tot h.- giiaraiitee >.!' ila. Hinted States
thor. for. ami its people tn ; rn! oct ion hy tin*
t'niled Si tiles ?e.': a.-: invasion, insurr?vion
and lu la.-.-', ie vinlel.: / YnrtV/c'i. Tn;.; in
nn\ el'.-i.-tioii that may !?. held for choosing
delegan I to an\ Stale Convention ns aio.'a
. 1. ;.o i ? : . >a shall l?c ip tali tied as an elec
tnr, %r shall I..-iii--.sdi ?isa member of such
i '? :.'. ut unless la- >. ha li have piv\ iously
Itlki li and si:l?seril?i .i the ( lat!. nf Anim sty.
as: . ft ?rt li ai tin President's ptvelamatlcn
01 .'d e. 2!>, \. I>. ISi'?. ami is a. voti r qiiali
lie.l as prescribed I .y thc Constitution and
1stws . i' tie Mao- ol' S ?uh Carolina in fore?
iliiaiedi.-tt'-ix heforo tia- Si wntcenth (17th)
da\ ol' November. A. I". I si ii I. the date of
;!:" so-railed Ordinance of Secession; and
ihr said foll Veli! inn, *.\ ! -. .; COCO e-Ticd, or I ho
i.i gis?atui"?'thai may h.- thu' after ?ssein
hled, will prcserihi iii-- tpisi??calioii of
I leeters and ile- eligibility ? t' persons to
IMIIII tifiiee midi i- lia- I'ulistitiliioli ?md la wa
of th" S! oe. a power ll..- people of tho
s. ve, a! Siaii-s u'ipiisiiig Hi.- Fed-ral (Inion
h.oi- rightfully < xen-ised fr?un Ha- origin ot"
lin llov? noa -ai o, i ?a-present time."
h is. therefor''. ? .rib'red. that all officers
?ind ola.!- permits ia tie Cail.-d Stat.s
miara 1". .- rvieo. within ila- Slate of South
I'arolina. aili tine ttssist Covernor Perry ia
rn ITV i 's ?uto ?-;V 1 the foregoing invtrne
dotis, and iln-y are eiijoinei] ta abstain
fro?)i, in any way, hindering, impeding or
itisror.i-agiuj' th.'loyal poupin ot the statt?
fruin ila- urgatt!/:tti'?ti of a State Govcro
menr. ?is h? i\-inal>ove authorized aild di?
.\!! orders and instructions ann in opera?
tion throughout this Department, whether
i-iaaiit'titej fruin tht-se Headquarters or
?ruin If cathi 11a re-rs Department ol' tho
?io.ith.iii.il ave H"t inconsistent willi tho
fon going distinctly specified provisions of
this order, will Contimit* in f??rci as heroto
I'ure. ihroughout tia- State ol' Smith Caro?
I'.vcry ne. dial facility for taking lite Am?
nesty (hil ?1 will la atVoi'ded by thc military
I'.Uhoritirs. 011 i rms heretofore supplied
?or thal purpose.
Hereafter lv..\i ,;. Marshnls am! Assistant
Pr;>vu-t Marshals will rniistitute tin- only
iiiliian ul1:?-rrs catitle.l o> administer tho
XllUies'tV Oil tis. a i-eftiih'tl ropy of wldeh
viii, in ?Vii ras.-s, '.ie fiirnishrd' t'? tie- indis'i
lual takin;;'lt. The .>; ?.?.dual oaths will la?
:-?nismiu?;.l. s. i:ii-m ?utlily, ty the ofticcr
ahearn 1. : ?Hg the .-ala, , lo the Provost
Han hallo i .era I a: l'imsr tb^uhpiarters, by
rhum V will 1"- n ? i-nled ia a hoe!, kept
'.". ;!,;,; o. e. and then forwarded t" tho
vvivtary of Slat?-.
Persons anplying l'or l'a. eat ive rlentcncy
t:ll s.-nd til? ir petition (with a .rertitio'l
..; iii. \111nrsty Oath anached) to th 1
'1 o-ddent. ? hr >m;h the Provisional liover
"". a: Cr.c nd! -. South Car<?li>'a. Flycom
niud of "bo. '?rn. (,?. \. OlLbTilOb'E.
\v . h. M. 01 ii rios. .Wt Auj'i lien.
Oli'irial: T. i>. l!oi cs KS. Capt. :j3th C. S.
'. '!'.. A. A. C. Au/ !? 4
letliOflltl . O l'. DlilflAVJ Dlslrict iii
dm rlcslon.
1> Kl' i /; T u /. \ /' ' / ' 7/7 < . 1 /.'' i :. rx A.
CuAtu.t-sToN. s. C.. .Tub -'7. IS(>5.
I >EllsoNS desiring to publish \- ?.si>apcrs
L within the limits of this Disinct, are
er?;b> i a form ?'tl that it will tirsi !> nc.ces
!U\ io nhlain Cn- i-onsenl 1 ! Ha M'.jor
icncral Commaii.iing tho Di partment.
?iv command of '
i?i-. vi ; liri . (?en. JOHN P. H VT( II.
LEON M I> ll. PEBUV, AS<*I Adj. Oon.
? 'lin i il:
V. HAINS .TLW'ETr. h t Lieut, ami A. \. \.
, n Au? 7 ls

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