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VOL. 1.-NO.
ri?i2MS-IX A I) VA X O E.
Daily Paper, six months.SS 00
Tri-Woeklv, " ".) 515
Weekly, * " " . 2 00
Single espies of the Daily ant. Tri-Weekly,
li) cents; o? the Weekly, 15 cents.
A D v KIWIS ; : y. EN TS
Insertad in either the Daily or Tr '-Wo < klv ai
ol per square for ti.e first insertion, rmi 75
cents for each subsequent insertion. In the
Weekly, $1 a square.
ft3S~Special notices 15 co-:ts r lire.
Tha Riehmori Election.
It has boen rumored that tho result
of the late election at Hie:::::jud JIMS
been sot aside and declared void by
the military edict of Gen. Torry. Thi..
statement has not been confirmed, and
we regard it as entirely without foun?
dation. Such an act as that would
strike away tao last prop of republi?
canism itt this country, and the whole
?abric would fall in irretrievable ruin;
But there is sutiicient cause for
anxiety in the contemplation of the
attitude of the Black KepubHcau
press in regard to the resuit o'." tho
flection at l?iehmond. It s sams that
ibo organs ot' the dominant parly" are
unwilling to accord to tho Southe i
people the enjoyment of their pr: .. ..
encos in the exercice of the elective
franchise. If they are not to be per?
mitted to select the candidates of t ; ir
choice for the administration ot" their
io?^il affairs, their franchise is .-. ;WK
ory. It would be far better Lo sp?re
them the expense and trouble of elec?
tions, by giving the appointment of
their civil officials to the Federal Exe?
cutive. It is natural that the people
of the South should vote for men wv. >
lin ve served the caes-.; of thc ( on:'- i
racy. That cause was held sacred by
the Southern masses, and, whether ii
was right or wrong, in cir a?ncero C??I
victions were enlisted v. its support.
It is not now to be expected that they
will publicly censure those wh ? f>b< y< .
their wishes and championed tin Lr
principles in tho hour o, ?! inger. 1;
tue populations of tuc c:onqu re I t? ; -
ritory are to be received h.'to ih'
household bf th? Union, ?ho;, must b;:
invested with thc political right * com?
mon to the communities oi the '.-. pub?
lic, and of. those rights tv,- free <.-LC;-- \
oise of the oleutr-e franchise is th - >
most essential. Shall w . pre- um? io ;
dictate to them who sh:.ll he mayor of j
this city and who of th:'.;, and billi
profess tobe the guardians of their j
republicanism? A coteniporary says !
of the Richmond election: "Thc li ?.si
month al ter the oecupaaion of Rich.
mond, no man coule: have he? ?? elected .
to ofiice to the skirts ol' wh .>....* gar?
ments hung even fte odor o' the re- i
hellion, and nowthcysweep the city." t
Why should they not "swoop the j
city," if its inhabitants are so nearly
unanimous in favo:- of certain candi- |
?late?? Either they have the righi toi
vote as they please, cr they have not ; ;
and if they have, why should the;, be ;
abused for exercising their privilege ?d' ?
choice? But the same paper ins;; t ; ?
that the military authorities are re?
sponsible for the result ol' that eh i- !
tion. Are we, then, to understand
that the military authorities should I
have used their military power to con- j
trol the result? "High officers oi the :
army,'' says this journal, "associated
constantly with men whose violent
secession antecedents were as well I
known as their names, and these mon
had acc?;ss to them at all times." Wc
perceive nothing in this that is in an?
tagonism with the laws of the repub- i
lie. Now that the war ia over, it is
surely not a cime for Federal officers I
to associate with their late adversa
lies. It is, on the contrary, a virtue,
unless we propose to keep alive the
embers of antagonism, and build up a
social barrier between tito two sec?
tions. But, if we propose to cultivate
friendly feelings, and mutual confi?
dence and respect, it is eminently
proper that social intercourse should
"?e frank and unrestricted.
The War Democracy, at least, has
no?hmg to gain by oppo-ing tlio pri?
vilege of five suffrage ia the South.
If the Southern people ure to be per?
mitted to vote .-is they please, they
will vote for tuen identified with the
j Confodevatocause; if they aro not tobe
j accorded thc right ol clo ie.', they will
i vote l'or those who control th'* bayo?
nets. Tu cither cuse, the War Demo
I erais may KS weil give up the hope of
j wielding a political intiueuec :.t thc
South.- J?C.'P /'.V/V A.-irs.
Dry Goods Mar?ret.
?>KW YOUT?, Au sin st 1.-Thc dry
] goods market during the past week
has been dud and droophnr. (except
I for ?i few articles which are scarce and
; wanted; i:i these <.:.?. s nrices nile
i finn;) but th? market ni ' t;n> clo :\
I nn?? the advance in eottem and the
j price of gold, was very lina, with
( some Hill?* demand. ?>r.?wn >h .votings
! and shirline* aro ?uiet, with a better
: supply. bleach d sh? ntiv.gs* sud
j shirtings ave active and 1i: :n. Prill*
, aro in better supp?v and with oniv :>
* limited demand,'prices aro without
j decided change. Corset jeans are
quiot. Cotton Hannels are scan - and
li rm. Sirines and ficks ar. . quiet ami
unchanged. Denims are nuiet mid
! steady. Printing eh-ths ave dull and
j lower. Prints are mor;? activo at
I Mons d . laines ?ire active" lind fina,
i Ciotns ure moro active and {'mu.
e . . un; is ai
; bl:?naio ac Lve and finn. 4
] Foreign g ;<..!.; e mtinue i 1 good ?"!.?
imand, and all desirable fabrics s' il
! freclv at full prices.
i .c.' - -,
j lien oIAMESE \"S"P T'IETT? Krs*?"*s. -AS
; riu''.e ii itoronfi to thai received from
oilier eastern !.. ttions. Thej are more
ivorihv n i^?p!i\ if servio: in notion and
gert :ro; tT.ey are ?.-ss false, l.-ss fawn
ti?ey posies ?'!f-%spo^dr\vi:ieh 'ls
never convey; d bv their celestial
minar not only wit:: the din!.-.-ts of
j Siam and ludo-'t. but also wi til
anea nt Sanscrit and iv.-.gi:sh-who is
; a journalist. too. and writes for tho
j II ?og Kong papers, and is a mvinbcr
j of tiie Asiatic Society, in London,
i Tho second king isa brother ol ths
j 'irs:, and almost as fine a fellow.
I There is a-1 dh among the Imperial?
ists in .".i-'x: -o. wo ;-;'.'e told, of. ;.itr<>
dr.cing a hundred . ir >:;.-? ?H Arabs in
tho hot. regions of that country, is
thc plan int ".id d for the civilisation
aud co.'.version of thc Hedon?as, to
teach thens Mexican modes of r :?
bery, or to introduce African eivihza
!;on and thc religion of thc ivor;n: into
'L'h' lia hugh Proan prof.rs mg to
speak advisedly, : ays mut the troop?
must rrmain in V.< ?rill < 'aro; i in?, as thc
"native clement, including thc: aristo?
cracy, arc growing mero defiant, and
threaten to hang I nion men and nc
drawm 'J ins :.;.?",." sis to be moro s?c:i
Tiie abandoned feni'des <>? S'. Loris
ave put at ,? n-h breaking st me "ortho
thora do'jrnt rel j .: die s ><??>'. adc." and |
intend lo devise some 1 laborious j
Cunt. I Carrv 1 >. Flash, formerly edi?
tor c':: the i\licon Ca?/\'thraU\ and |
?tb.gently editor and pi-mmetor of I
the Macon Tt'l*;>,oph awl C-mfr. lorain, :
is now in New York, superintending
the publication <>f a new cditon o' his
poems, soon to app ar from thc house
of the Carltons. i
Ifc is stated that the Hon. K. *T. T. !
Hunter, of Virgil.h. now mmrinedasj
a State prisoner ::. i-'ort Puhn l:i. asks j
for hi? release, with the privilege of I
leaving the country forever.
Large numbers of citizens of the
Southern States are said to have lately !
arrived . ' fifo Janeiro.
Ten thou-ara! freedmen and their
families are farming for themselves in j
the neighborhood r>t Vi- k burg.
j Opened This ?Bay!
1,000 yards heavy COLOUED JEANS,
for men's xvi-w-r.
! :? gross SHAKE!: FANS.
Pl;-. Pla ck, JJ?.own iMid Greva BAKEOE
: ami ? issi'li. foi wils. j
! . A lino assort! cut of TO ESC TI CONTEC
TIONEBV and OWCEEIES. For; ni . I >w.
Auj? 1! 'J J. 'j. GIBBES.
: Colnm'bia Gao Light Stockholders'
! ri?HE subscriber :.. now nady to receive
I ? tho r hove ai his oti'w-. c?ir'n?-r of Pliin
i and A- .TM:>:v ?str 'fs. Pa vnicnt ls rcipiirotl
? on or tiff ir ? MOND \V, tin- l Ith inst.
. Aug 0 ."? J yol? LEVIN.
Colnmliia 7-I:iI?' Ar'nilcmy.
i '?t<t**iod mn! Mttlkauaiicti! S<h<nA.
rsrn-i -mses this institution willie
; ? r.-snin-vi ?m 5IUND.VV. tho Hrh inst,
ri lu; subscribers V v'.,-r boen eloeted joint .
; ijri:,c.ipah< of tho ul-ivv Institution, re.nict.-t
j !' illy i!if.?ri i tho ; - op!? of tin; State ?if Sohtli
Carolina, thal a th<>roir:h: ron rsc of educa- I
ti'(fl, i ??til s,-?.?::(,. 1 classical, will he.
; ptirsuf !. and that ; ie you'll of the State \
who are ??lae? ii und .'" ea'-e. v\ ,\\ rt.-ecivo j
? i.- m f ir . ?tl-r a mercantile ur professional i
Thc vi ar will oe ?ivi led into three terms.
' Tue tirs: e> eoi-uiu-n; ?? -ni the 1st ..i .Tann- j
f?cond ^iWaUi?n?^?i'th ?st of May and j
end f?n the :Fsl of August. Tiie third to
com?n-. on the r, of Smtoinber and
( ia?s:cn1 and
nd Malhcniaii
'I . ither of the
t .;. i?, WHITE.
j Columbia, .Aus?bt 2,. Itl?ii?. j
! Tho Trustees* ef thc Columbia Male
Acid' my conaratelute ibo publW- upon the
' a.??ii -i> of Maj. .'. ... Whit?' and O ipt. II.
. tondeni of :!.?. Ciarlt-it'iii i iludt-l / et.:- my
wii n i: was broken up bv the ? vent.- of the
? war. and I- : . Capt. Thoinns m a id himself
I were Professors ia th- Institut ion. Their
known itii-Fit v and experience. Loth in
. teaehi-.c. and vejpi; . :it, promise the host
taking. l '"\V. K. D''s\CSSlTIlE,
AUK f) ths2 Pre ilent Trustees.
FEI1L? HiGli S??0OL,
/.. /' ; xi: ran, s. c
T'a- T..-..: wMf.i/MA Payhl
\ I?enart nn ntc..
inc and Encl. 1'
Drawing ?o:d Painiin;.- . Ki
Primary D parios-.:.12
mady \yy:tZr\\Z>:.- th jhc *W.?c..J
ThcSrh. -.l will he r. -i':'..':?e.-i sn-rm nf j
?om-month.*, ou WEDNESDAY. Au;;usi lit.:
.Payment can I;- made in .: c-y. provisions ?
or cotton, at o' 1 pri?es. E.ieh Loardr-r must
hrir.K on- pair of sis els. one pair of pillow i
eases, tow-Is. 1er driiikin-cup and lights.
V.'M. CCI???S, Li.J.D.. Principal. j
Si-.t ie<-.-\ itu . Jl:i s 4pj>?-nl.
rn!!K I ches of Hie FI?SI LINE < '. iNVETCT ,
I and ACADEMY are -no ions to rebuild,
for their Monastery and Institute, theirs
ha ein:; been burned i:? the ji-m-ral t-onlla-|
-ration of Columbia .ty Vu- Cotted States |
.Yrmy, t:nd-r ? ?en. Shi-rimi:, on the r.ifcht_of j
from prc.-:; i::?C their uee< -?sitins on" t heir fol- i
low-f-UiTi -.-"i's"of the South, v. ill gratcfully
rere i ve :. iv contributions which tin: fri mis |
of education and religion may donal? them ,
lor this < sc? Hein v.-nri;. Uomittanoes may I
bi toni - liiroiu?h Lie Express Companv.
Please adilri ss '
Urr-.nlin? Conn nt a.-.d Aeadercy,
('arc Dr. .lohn Lvueh, Columbia, S. C.
Aug 2 Imo
A. L.'SO LO.Vi OX,
General Commission Merchant, Z I
Sst md n<,o,~fr.V?{ Shira- flat?e, ''' '<" dreef,
-i, ? i".r COTTON -nd i O?Ni'HY PEO-I
l.'l'CE ;..:-ld or citrrciicy. ?"onsi^nincnt - 1
io?cite?l, which will i i ei ive my nsual prom]
ct ion. Peter to
ti. i;. ( rnnip ?V Co.. Angnsta, Ga.,
LaEoche A P.- II, Stivannah. (?a.,
Olhh ii A' Co., Charleston, S. C.,
K'iopman ^ Phelps, Charlotte, N. C.,
Kuli? r ,\ Wilki non. Less! nv?. N. C..
lt. P. P.ichard! on. Lead-villc, N. C.,
.Tames :<. 1. ?. Van.. .wilie. N. C.,
Cbantb r. A P?trick.*Dimvil?e. Va.,
Brownly ? Co.. P? t< rsbitr?, Vi..
:-..nt. Paine * Co . Richmond, Va
In view of thc importance of thc reproach?
ing Couvcntion.it is of vital consequence
to us that wc should bc representad bj men,
not only ol' patriotism and experience, but
nf legal acquire ne nts. I beg, therefore, to
present to the voters of Richland the names
of the following gentlemen, who are emi?
nently lilted for tb?: responsible post for
which thov no- nominated:
Cub. F. iV. MCMASTER. Aug 3
THF. follovving gontlenn n nrerfir*poctf::lly
suggested as candidates for the Convention
to be held in Septem bi r rirxt:
A. lt. TAYLOR,
J. G. G Uti .ES. .Tr.iy ttl *
For tin- Convention.
The friends of tho" Union ?ind ol' their
State, desiring to Utting into her it^uncils
practical knowledge, souud patriotism and
devotion'to her best interests, respect fully
nominate thc IV'llowing giintlcmen as dele?
gates tn lin- st.it" Convention from the
fXslrici of Ri.-h!: nd:
W. A. HARRIS. AtiRUst 1*
e Lias
,^Zr:. , ; VSPRING WAGON t?. Oraugo
? ??1* burg at :> p. ni. Tncsdtivs,
I ' Tiiiirsdavs anil Saturdays.
making connection with Charleston trains
j the following morning,
i On arrival of train on Monday, Vednos
I dav and Fridav, a vehicle starts fur Colnni
t bia. For passai-. :>nph to J. H. FOWLES
? or F. COFFIN, at the'J>titre of li. M. Stokes,
I J-ia in tdroet. Aug IO thfni'?*
~^Tl!.~i<in\_sT<i\."" ~
I Oin.c .,,> I'ie1:ras street Kist. vii'lnf' Lath;.
I VI7"! EL attend to all ofih-?d business
. Vi bnmght before him-, will also attend
\ to drawing up Heeds, Conveyances. Mort?
gages, Contracts, and other ordinary legal
? instruments of writ int;. Fair copies of any
! document executed willi neatness and de
? ppatch. ? August 1
OESPF.t "?TULLY inrorms Iiis friends,
l\ and il:.' citizens of Columbia, that he
has ins! , .,-! assortment of MEDI?
CINES f??r'Family use, and is prepare tl to
put np prescriptions ni all times.
P.i-Carb. Soda. Av?-r's ?'luTry pectoral.
Arrow hoot. Cod Liver Oil, fcc. .ic, .Vc.
Madiler and Spanish Flout Indigo.
Toil..tic sort ns. Par Soap.
Extrat ; - for th* Handkerchief. Cologne.
Rear's ( lil, Hair i ?il and Pomades.
Pen?. Ink. Paper. P< le-iis and Envelopes,
("undies. Ki rosene Lamps,
( i ?.<.. Sardines, Mackerel.
P? [iper. Spice, Cooking Soda,
Sug:; .. Li mons, Segars and Tob?ceo,
l'iekb s, Celery Sauce.
Ib?isins. G mn Drops. Chocolate Cream.
Lubi i's rxtract Vanilla,
Lubin'.- Extract Lemon.
Pockot Knives.
Ha ir'Brushes. Tooth Rm bes. Cnmbs.
A gi neral Storli of DRY GOODS, consist?
ing, in part, as fo??ows:
Black Rroadcloath. Fancy ('assimt?res,
Plain and black Alpacas. Calicoes,
Plaid Dre* ; Goods. Mull Mm-lin,
.Taco-M t Cambric Pish Linen,
Paper Cambric, L. c. Flandkcrchiiifs,
[fui kab-o :, Tow. !s, li!? ached .loaiiDrawcrs,
Merino Undershirts. Suspenders.
White Cotton ll. Brown Half Hose.
Nek Tins, Barege and Ti-, un Veils,
Belt Ribbons, Bonnet Ribbons,
skirt Braid.
And a wimt)!( te a.. nrtraenl of .articles in
this line, ali ?f which will b? sold kw at
AUK 8 .iA'M'Si )N'*S. B"fbH's Row.
\small rt ssortment of CHOICE MUSIC,
I y tli- old nur-,'-.rs - Beethoven and
..rte r# for <-ah at M( KENZIE'S,
A-isfi) c-.-w. Pinn rt;:d o-.itei eti'-ftv.
?. S. Jenkins'
Assembly ^Street,
nmu, mm & mm,
(Sne'sors to Hotcbkiss, Fenner & Bennett,)
M?:. T. A. TOBIN, who was for. a length
of time connected with the old firm of
j liotehkiss, Penner A- Bennett, has anintor
1 cst in tlc present finn, and will devote his
att nlion ?n il' -pally to thc State of South
; Carolina. Iiis address will bo Clinton,
j Lauren* District. Aug 4 Imo
! H?>ii<?.<pj-s Di n;i rt mm t of thc Soulll,
HILTON HEAD, S. C.. Jr LY 29, 1865.
11'is aie on - il. for lin- information ar.d
govt ruinent of this command, that BEN
I .IAMIN F. PEItllV. of South Carolina, has
I 1 ?..?ii appointed, by tho President, Provi
: .donal (?ov: mor of "the Sra te of South Caro
? lina, wit li authority and instructions, "at
? the earlies! pr? ct ?cal ile period, to prescribe
'. snell rules nod regulations as may oencces
' s a ry and prop? r for con vi ninga Convention,
! composed of di legates Lo he chosen bv that
. portion of tm p>-ioh? of said State who arc
I loyal to the Cloted States, and no others,
j for thc purpose of altering or amending the
Constitution thereof: and with, authority to
' exercise, within the limits of said State, all
I the powers necessary and proper to enable
Lsuch loyal people of the State of Suiith
I Carolina to restore said State to its consti
j tutional relations to the Federal Govern
ment, and to present such a Republican
' form ol state Government as will entitle tho
j state to the guarantee of the United States
I therefor, and its people to protection by the
i United Slati s against invasion,insurrection
j and dom.-st ie violence: Proridud, That in
i anv election that, may be held for choosing
j delegates to any State Convi ution as ifore
I s;i:d, no person shall he qualified as aneiec
: t or, ot sl?all he eligible as a member of such
! Convention, nnless he shall have previously
! taken and subs? ribed the Oath of Amnesty,
j as sc : Curt ii in the President's proclamation
? of May 2u. A. D. lsi?5, and is a voter quali
I lied as prescribed by the Constitution and
i laws ot the Slate ..f South Carolina in force
immediately before the seventeenth (17th)
j day of November, A. D. 1800, thc date of
! tim so-called Ordinance of Secession; and
' the said Convention when convened, or the
.Legislature thai may he thereafter assem
j bled, ?ill prescribe the qualification cf
electors, and Cue eligibility of persona to
' hold oitiee under the Constitution and laws
' ot' ih?' State, a power the people of the
si veral States composing Lie- Federal onion
have rightfully exercised from the origin of
i thc Govwnnu-nt t i the present time."
I lt is. therefore, ordered, that all officers
' and other persons in the I r.itod States
military service, within the State of South
; < arolina, aid and assist Governor Perry in
. carrying into eiVeet the foregoing itisiruc
: tim's, and th'-y are enjoined to abstain
j from, in any way. hindering, impeding o'*
; discouraging lin loyal people of tile S;.;;.:.?
fr eu the organis?t inn ?if a State Govsxn
mi ;.t. as hereinabovc authorized and di
I reeled.
I Ail orders and instructions cow in opera
i tion th mn vd iou t this Department, whether
i etuanatiic.: from thesi Headquarters or
j from Headquarters D' partment of tho
? Sont 1? that an- nol inconsistent with the
foregoing distinctly specified provisions of
this order, will contiune in force as hereto?
fore, throughout the State of South Caro?
Lvi ry needful facility for tabing the Am?
nesty Oath will be afforded by the military
authorities, on forms heretofore supplied
for thai purpose.
Hen alter Provost Marshals and Assistant
Provost Marshals will constitute the only
military officers entitled lo administer tho
Anniest Oath, a certified copy of which
v. ill. in ail cuses. Ix furnished to the indivi?
dual taking it. The original oaths will ba
transmitted, scmi-niontldy, by the officer
administering the sam.', to the Provost
Marshal-Ceiieral ai these Headquarters, bj
whom they will be recorded in a book kor't
for that purpos-c, and then forwarded to tho
Secretary OT State. . if
Persons applying for Executive clem enc?
viii scud their petition (with a certifica1
copy of the Amnesty Oath attached) m Ilia
President, through the Proyfrional Gover?
nor, ?if Greenville. South Carolina, i?vtoni
rnand of Maj. Gen. Q. A. G?LLM'.U?E.
Vt". L. M. l?CRGER, As:'t Yclji {Joli.
Official: i", i.). HOBOES, Cant. 35th L". S
C. T., A. A. A. G. " Atc; '..> -I
Headquarter/; It?illt.-i ry District "S
CHART.ESTOJ?, S. C., Julv 27, 1SS?
NO TH /...
?>EHSOXS ?< siring to publish Newspapers
within tho limits of this District, are
lu r. by ir.fort n d that i: -.viii first ho neces?
sary h. obtain the consent of thc M:iio.r
Gi ?eral Commanding the Dt partmeat.
Bv command ol
Biri vi t Brie. Gh n. JOHN T. HATC IL
LEO?Ans' B. PERRV, As&'t Adj. Gen.
O?A ci al.
r. IT ? ?vp rf -..-FT r. C.? Li. ut, 'fd A. V *
Gr',1 '.' ' 1

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