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Daily Paper, tlx months.c5 GO
r Tri-Weekly, " V .3 50
Weekly, " " " .2 0?
Bingle cwpies of Hie Daily and Tri-Weekly,
10 eonls; of Ute Weekly, lo cents.
Inserted in either the Daily orTri-Weekly at
11 per square for tWe hist insertion, and 75
cents for each subsequent insertion. In the
Weekly, $1 a square.
XCsj-.Spccial notices 15 cents a line.
Tile K.-Ks Sleeting o?* Saturday-.
Agreeable to the suggestions of sun?
dry citizens, und in accordance with
tie views of- Gen. Yan Wyek, a mass
meeting ot freedmen, to which plan"
;o:s were invited, wfts held ou Satur?
na ;", afc Academy Grove. The purpose
was to give a good plain sensible*talk,
to correct erroneous ideas and false
noti.jifs, growing out of the new rela?
tion of aftairs, and, i-f possible, by this
bi j talk, this gomn-;. 1 explanation, to
obviate the necessity of the thousand
daily and hourly little ixphmatiuus
and sefetleinents, arising from thc false
.uotii?na whicji have crept, into tile
beads of thc negro, and kite miscon?
ception, in a few ca?-es, by tho planter,
ni to his precut relations. .We are
pleased to say that the General's talk
waa all, und perhaps more, than was
expected. Iii' is a goo< 1 speaker, clear,
forcible, and is perfectly at, home on
.the .stump. Although a difficult mat?
ter to bring hims??f down to, lind touch
the dui" andc-xsU^udiugs of, the mass
around him, yet ha happily succeeded
iu doing so, und in fixing their atten?
tion, While in tko plainest manner,
yet positive and emphatic, all was ex?
plained und dwelt upon until the
.tallest mind mn:.t have been im dress?
ed. The spe.tinv grew, eloquent? in
(expatiating upou thc great boon which
had beeii conferred npou them, who,
without effort of their own, in a
moment as it were, stood in the broad
sunlight of freedom; but he warned
them not io abuse it, and to bo worthy'
of the bom, for otherwise better lind
it. not come. Each of the common
abuses and errors were touched upon
and .explained, and tin: proper course
pointed out. Idling, vagrancy, going
offfrbni t!ie plantation without per?
mission, laying- down the hoe. refusals
to spin by the womon, and to drive
thc carriage by the. men, impudent
language or jaw, neglect in allowing
proper and customary respect to for
. mer master-;, in fact.to all perseus,
thieving, lying, drinking, ?uni many
'oilier offences, were shown io be
?wrong, and all of which must be cor?
seted. Many, lie said, had the. false
idea that land and stack were to be
divided among them, but they must
?t'xi that out .of their heads'at once;
that by labor, industry and economy
ahn:; can they ever hope to become
possessors of property; 'they- must
work, economise, .save, and buy
. these tilings aa the poor white man
?loos. By working faithfully now, by
obedience, kind and respectful deport-1
meit, they would have- tile love and :
. coimdence of former masters, and bc
able to get work when their contracts
Wore out, and those too must be
sacredly observed They are ignorant,
but have minds and hearts capable of
cultivate n. and must study anil learn,
not only the whole alphabet of free?
dom, but the A, il, (J of everything
el-;e. Those who wons dissatisfied
with their present homes and employ-,
to i's, must lu' patient and enduring,
and wait till January, and if then tiny
could better themselves to'do so, but
now to remain cloie at home and
work; freedom did not mean idleness.
Their old masters still loved them,
and would keep them employed if
faithful, otherwise there would be
nothing to pr< vent their being turned
ont homeless wanderers. The planter
was shown a few errors likely to be
committed, and which he trusted time
j nd good sense would soften down
that ia the ead good feeling and kind?
liness would be thc sentiments of both
'.lasses. It is impossible to go over
tie whola ground covered by the Gen?
eral's able talk-suffice it, it was good,
to thc point, and wc may l'?' c happy
iii it ?*. results.^
. Other estions, as designated iftpub?
lished order, will he visited by tho
General, and- thc 'same explanations
made.-Newberry rf!c /.<-..'< <?
The Ihumc in China..
! DrarAatic representations aro popti
! lar in China; hut playera in geueral
I occupy a low social pusit-iou, and uro
!?vxcluued from any of thc four prado.;
! into which respectable socio'.;,- is vli
I vided--the sage, thc agriculturist, thc
! soldier", and tho nic-.-ii:iA?ic. In thc
j large cities, theatres are built for tho
j accommodation of the public, with e
: pit for the community, who stand;
: boxes for tho tonality, who sit; and a
i stage, with its appliances of scenery
j and mechanism, fur tl c actor.-;. The
entrance fur the less privileged ort!, rs
is gratuitous, hut something is pi.id
for thc more elevated place-*, riti-?ll
ii.g playerscirt illume ov< r the country,
and when by public subscription c. sin .
is raise*, to defray tho expeus? s ot
their" visit, and allow tliem aucijuat
recompense for their trouble, au <??
tempore theatre is erected-if no ptr
nianeut ediiicc exists-with inert ."!:;!:"
rapidity and marvelous ingenuity.
Bamboo pillars, bamboo raft-ei-x. baai
! boo floors, are put together with -iim
I gular art, and without tin* enipley
I meut of a hammer or y nail, suddenly
! a Light but not inelegant structure
j rises, as if by iragie, from thc ground.
; Huge boxes cf garments,- weapons.
I musical instruments, conveyed by
\ boats thiough the rivers and canals,
j Or boin.; on thc shoulders d? coolies,
, swung; on bamboo poles, anft the per
! tormances once b.fim, arc scarcely
! interrupted for many day . and manx
! nights.. The iuddbist and Taouisi*
I priests arti often the principal movers
. in the invitations ; pi ven to the stroll?
ers. They u< ch-c-t, by 4heir dei>?i'-d
i t uts, moueytopay fort?n* recreations,
i and inscribe thc names o? thc contri
: butors on bright veruiillion papers-,
. which arc posted at the entrances o?
tire temples in their neighborhood,
i a-nd for v.ho--- beut dit the perform?
ances are to take place.
The number and the reputation of
the performers, and the duration of
the per?on? anees, depend o?'? the
amounts coV.ected. Tile fame ot" a
? favorite idoj, especially *"hcro be is
believed*) have worked recent jaira
oles, will sometimes bring considerable
money offerings for tile theatre Lo be ;
erected in tin* vicinity of his shrine.
Funds being r.riscd, in four-n:id-t'*veif
ty hours a building capable of conve?
niently accommodating, two ilionsarul
persons is completed, and while tho
performances arc gding on basin-.-ss ts
neglected, shops arc deserted, sedan- .
bearers abandon tho*)-.- posts, end
everything is sacrificed through ?ut- tito
neighborhood to Ute th? atri< al display,
which geneiu??y Lists from thr?*.e fe*
four day.-;. There are only short,
periods of rest be?wveii the'Yoprescn
prions to allow time for rep.tsls and
for repose. The theatre is scarcely
cleared of the spectators timi have
witnessed one exhibition. ??cfore .shoals
vd' candidates'present themselves to
Occupy the vac.mt places. 'J'!;.- clenr
ings out and the iii? jugs ia are repeated
several times a day. The mm.--: oem .;
are not, confined to dram;.tie piece...
i Interludes of prcstitl?gtta'io J trick.-;,
I tumblings, and gymnastic exploit.?.,
often vary the diversions. All around
the theatre :.re temporary gambling
stands, fruit stalls, and frequently
houses of reception* of thc worst ch?
] meter. i^Vorship within the temple i.--,
j held t&W> <]iiit.e compatible v.irii pr, -
j fligacy without, a id there is mithin..-.
I in the exan*plo oi" the bonzes to
I courage what is good, or to d< L -r fr..?a
''what is evil. Tiley levy a rental from
] alt who s?'ll these wares to the visitors.
Mill ami Ilaiiil-Suw Files, Casi SOrl.
I have mi hand, and will sell low. -a
?j?fciew dozen rjoglish MILL and HANJj
\?>^5A\V FILES, .
A small lot English half-inch Cast Steel,
A few bars ;: Hound Sweet! Iron, .
A handsome Carriage, suitable fer one or
two horses,
A Leather Top Buggy a-?d Hirnes? ia
go, >d order,
One large size Letter Press
A ng 8 tu3* JOS. MARSH.
i In view'of the importance, of the approach
! ing Convention, it is of vital ion.->cqueneo
. to us that we should bo represented by men,
' not only nf patriotism and experience, bat
i td' legal ticqiurenients. I beg, therefore, to
"Hi i . rho voters of Richland the names
of the following gentlemen, who ero emi?
nently ntted iel- tfie- responsible pest for
; which thev are nominated:
. TUE f iliov.'ing gentlemen aro resyactinlly
suggested as candidates for thc Convention
i" ei li ?il in September next:
A. ..*. TAYLOR,
W. \. nARRIS,
J. O. CUBRES. . Jilly 31 *
? Foe tlt< Convention?
j 'Hie fr'end? ?S the Union and of th*di;
State, dc.-iring t brmg into her councils
prac teal knowledge, sound patriotism and
dcv?don to in .. 1 -si interests, rcspcctfuUy
ncmiuatc the following gentlemen as dele
gat to rite State Convention .'. au tile
District of lt'..bland:
\V. A. DARIUS. Argust 1*
. - - ?
Wai? Department,
' \VAsai>.6ro.\", Ji?v t?, lc?c?.
. f RC If J. IA* NO. 'J.
TX rHKREAS ?* .- reported officially that
YT .' ? . mun her of d stitute iv?'?gec?>.
taking advantage ? '.' < ?reidar Nu. ?. from
this ?Jureiu, have boen transported South;
1 agt.itis: they- iiitei) sts. to places Tvhore it-i^
extremely di'Ucnl* to procure fond, and, hi
? ti'.'.- ?a.-e.-. i.iij?.-.-e.i.. Lo do/oesVteptwhoii
i nrovided r?y military, autle'lilies, it is-or
uirreil t'at*t II' reatb-r tu? transportation bi
gr:; ti ti i ! 'u rein gee*, i seep! where humanity
evii'i-iil'y defuands it, a?d then only by tin
requisitton of the 1 .?mmissioiier of this Bu?
reau. ' U. O. HOWARD,
"M ajor-f i ti. ral. (.''.umi*st>!oiu r.
Official: S. iV. ..' .XTON. Bievct Major a*.,
A. D. - V ?. i-?
Keadq/rs Frcsi.men's Bureau. \
Ci ri! OF ( (?!.?MBIA, S. C., '
'. i ot sr a, 1.SG5.
SPKCfA L OilI>K?I V?;. I.
?T having conn to the knowledge of tIris
office that in several cases planters hr.vt
lUscharged and driven flic freed ni ..'.ii fr??ii
lin iv plant?t ?ons without sufficient cause
Therefore, tis tito pr?sent cri.;.s ??re near);
maf?ireil and laid i?y, ii ii hereby
tif.Urai1, Thal in no 4-aso will thc fia ed
men '. r .'e.-i harg<*l or driv-n from th'.' plan
t.-.tion.--, w'|!?oi;? i'ermi.ssi. n from this ollie
or some efliVs r or agi nt couueetcfl with tit
"'Brev. t Brig.'beu. KAT.PH ELY.
I . Ai t. As.--"!. Coin, trced.tieii's Bttvi au.
LI?I5#S'I'?\K sFUlNCi.?
SPA ?rrAN nenn. s. c
/(.. 7'. .'ni ?.:'/.'."... 3l"?;J:s, I'ayduti hu
\ .\.'i;uni\
?NsTtU'i Tl ON-' English Departments.:?'.!
i'n inciiiding Washing and Fiief. . ?
Mus?.' I'itinii..'J
Cuitar...,. I
Vocal (special lessons). 1
i' -i- of I'ituto.
Froreh, ( lennan or Italian, each;'. i
! Drawing nilli tinting. ]
Primary Dep^rlnseiit. 1
No charges besides Lhe alxive will I
made in iiiiicettor. \>; 'h tho School', exee]
for bm.ie- and stationery actually usei
The S-h.-ol w '. W be re-operied for n 'terni i
four moiiiiis, i>a WEDNESDAY. Aogind 1
I'ajmeu eau 1 . math iii money, pmvisioi
or cotton, al nhl prices. Each boarder mm
bring one pair of slu e; . ; one pair of nillo
cases, t ov?is, her drinking cap and light
W.U. CURTIS, i.b.j:., Principal.
? Aug Ul
South ?I. arolii?a-li ie Ji land Dlstric
C> .7,/r-?/'i liull, Ordinary of saki District
\J r A CREAS Rd ward Hunt hath applii
T \ t" me i'or litters of administrant
. > i ?til and sin rular tho good*-, chattels ai
credits ol' Henry Hunt, late of the-Dist ri
j ". ... arc. therefore, to cito and adniont!
I all ..ott singular tin- kindred tua! cr?dito
! <<t the said'di ceased, to be .and appear li
?fore meal otu" next Ord it; toy's Court f
.the said District. I" be holden td Colnnih
1 oa Moi.ulay, the twenty-first day 'f Align
instant, tit l?) o'clock a.' m., to show cine
if any, why the said administration ahon
not be granted..
' Given under my ffand and seal of the Cat
this lit'th irtV ot August, itt the year
I our Lord one thousand eight hund?a d a?
sixty-iivc, ami H. tin- ninetieth year
American indcpcnde/ic".
j Ac- \9. ?9 ? Or'ltnm-Riehl.oud District
Brass Foundry
! fill-IE subscriber, thankful tor past pata
. JL " re, would inform his friends and t
pul l c that he is still pr*pa red to furnish
kinus of BRASS CASTING in a workinami
manner and with despatch'.
July 31 m </a?4uen, ?eatWashinjjtou st.
I ?eadq'rs Ass't Com'r of Freedmen,
I * FOB S. C.. GA., AND FLA.,
BEAUFORT, S. C., June 20, lbtio.
I'i'tfW tbltowing Circular from Head
. quartoro Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees
j and Abandoned Lands, republishcU for
I tbc inicrmulion o? all wiiom itmav concern;
AuAX];ov"..n LAXES, !
WASHINGTON, D.?.'., Ivlay ?i!, lfco?.
?i>c".!(*i' A'o. J. j
! \\\.oicas a targe amount of laud in tbe ?
State of \irgima, and ?ii otlier States tba*
i #avu been ni insurrection, bas been aban
! doned ly disloyal o ?vu tr J an?l is now being .
j cultivated by Ireednien; and whereas tbe
j owners of such hinds are attempting to ob- !
j tain possession of j hen-, and thus depth ? !
i tile ireedtuen ol ?he fruits ot" their industry:
lt is ordered tuac ad abandoned lands tu .
said States ii-under cultivation by the ?
] freedmen, be r camed in their possession ;
j until the crops now growing shall ix secured i
for their bciicitc, unless fud and jtiot com- !
i peii-ation li.; made for their ?abor and its j
products and ioi* expenditures. :
I Thc above order will not be co construed
I as to relievo disloyal persons from tho con- j
i scqueiic s of their disloyalty, and -thc ap- i
! plication for Hie restoration "of their lallat?, !
i by this ela- - of pi rsous, will in no case bu ;
! entertained by tif?v m?iiarv authority. I
j , O. (i. llOWARD,*31aj. Gen..
i Coinmis-siouer f Bureau of Freedmen; I
Refugees and Abandoned Lau?! -.
Am t'TA.sfi?i?K.N I:KAL'-I Ovi-ICE, ,
WASHINGTON, -May 22, lJtJj. ?
All uiUitary authorities wnl^ustahi the
1 Commissioner Alf tl^e Bureau of Refugees, '
i Freedmen and Abandoned Lands-, amt aid ?
' iiiiii in elie execution of the above order. !
! Bv direction of the Secretary of War. 1
Assistant Adjutant-General.
IL The provisions of ti??; above circular j
will be strictly enforced throughout the i
S.ates ni' Sonto Carolina, Georgia ami i lo- I
, rn?.:. Complaints have been made at those j
j Headquarters thal in many instances foi- ;
j m? r o?vners of plantations and clavos, who 1
; i*e now allowed to remain on their lauds .
I upon condition thar they announce n> their ;
former slaves th alt they are trie, ami multe
j with tona fair and e?pdt-ible ngreoments^ j
] whereby full and jus;- compensation shall
j ii- i. - ;... i 1er tm j- uibor "nd iis py?>d'.icts. i
; an . i i deiiu-rn*' ol itt..- ?>i-der. tti.'frfufciiijf '
their former -daves to work lor tiiem, and j
continue to nob! them hi slavery, even io |
Inc extent of shooting them down if tlicy '
dare to ass? rt thei^ freedom, and fail utterly
I to admit o?- announce io them in any \ta>
ttli.o t bey ?iv. fia--!.-. .Such acts are disloyal
:.? the (rovofument and in pi?in \iolatioii of
its pohev. '
1 li is hereby i.rdored that all persons em
ploying the freedmen in agricultural and
! nu-e'i.aulcal pursuits within tin. St. ; s of,
j South < aroh ia. Uyorgia and Florida, who
I fail, by the J-"-: n of August, t?3 announce lo i
l bose m their < ni-,Toy lb.- fact that t bey are i
ire? . ?.lui fail to re.-ogni'-ic tliem.i**! tree fi!-.-!! :
j and io make suitable, agreements with them j
! wi . rel\ ;: just and ..?put a bl?; conipcuc-ation '
I will be secured to tn- III for their tabor, will ;
I neld .1;.- bo al to the United Stat? s Go- |
I vernuii-nt. and ?heir property will bc sub- i
I jeci i o.-.-?, are and di\ ision among the fr? ed- |
j men, in aei-ordauco \?iil? the provisions of.
i Section 1?. a.i ".vet to bs tabb sb a Bureau
i for tb- Rill? f of Fi-cedinen ami Refuge? s, ' i
: approved Mardi it. 1665. I
iii. As thc harvest tim?is near, und th? i
I "recdnu'ii ha .? been regarded as free by the j
Cniii-il Stat- .- Gov?-rnnient since January,
I 180.2*, an?; usu measure ol" necessity, to prc- i
! vent I,icm from bee;,ming paupers on its
bounty, Liic freedmen must be paid for tb'-ir
labor on all bunts, not abandoned since the j
contnieiic'-ment of thc" preparatioii of th" .
' gronml for si-cd u]> to the harvosi time of |
? this year: au*.unless hill compensation '.? '
mude, lo lin- > .ii- Faction of this bureau,
t ie ?rec??J!?,-u will bc entitled to ano ?>;i:
i receive (-lie-bali of the crop raised. \
i\. Any person who shad whip or other- i
wisc maltreat any freedman because he us- 1
sc'-ts that freedom, or for ?uh? r cause, will
j ic- lido guilty before the 'aw, and pfuished i
for assailli and battery; timi any one who I
shall tuite i ? Ufa Af any freedman ibr Iii..
cause, ?viii be held guilty of* murder.
\. So person will be* permitted to dr ive ]
i the a?;cii, infirm and fiek)less from their i
present places of anode: they mus? !>?. I
allowed tor? : i.'in where they are until snell j
tin '. .is thu <? >v?.Tiiuicni s?mil n'iakc proper j
provision for ? heir support.
! \'b The Assistant Commissioners in thc j
i Suites of South Carolina, Georgia and Flo- :
ral* ure r? .[i: i rd to enforce this order lo the j
; cxtcui of thoir power, and to report to these ,
Headquarters all Violations of it. The ai?l ?
i of eveV.N friend of justice and fair dealing |
bctwci ii man and man, is also requested to i
bring to tb?' notice ol the Freedmen's Bu?
lvan any failure to cAnply with its provi?
i When the rules of exact justice shall be
obs?;rvedm riie relations between al!, em- ]
! ployer and employed, and each shah regard I
! the other's ngutu*, then will bc practically j
\ demons-, ra Um. so clearly that none can
doubt, ?lie advantages of thc free labor
system. By order of
I * law? r Maj. Gen. R. SAXTON.
Ass't Com. Frc. damn for S. C., Ga. and Fl?.
I ' S. \V. SAXTON, Brevet Major and A. B. C.
Aug 15 . . _
.Office "ii Pickett* street J^ist end\a Lady.
TTilLL attend to ail Official business
VV brought before him; will also at?tend
to drawing up Deeds,*t?onveyanccs, Mort?
gages, Contracte, and other ordinary logM
msteainente ot writing. I'slr copies of z y
document eaecuted wit'b neatness and de?
spatch. August 1
Theological Seminary,
- . (304, TTHSIA, S. C.
TUE EXERCISES of this Institution will
be resumed ou WEDNESDAY, the first
uay of November next. Students desiring
aiumssi?n to tho several classes are request?
ed to communicato with tho Faculty at au
early day. , Aug li 3
Mew* Goods !
JuLst Reoeiveds
Black and White Leghorn HATS.
Misses* " "
_Aug ii _ _3_
Cabinet-and Nectar "Whiskey.
FUST received from Baltimore; a few cases
which. 1er purity and age, cannot be sur?
passed. ?.
N. h.-The above will only be seid on the
ostler of CiJ/IIaugLtcn.
Ri RT of old stand; below tho Market.
Aug li_o_
Assembly . *Street?
Aug 10 10
NOLDS, being now fully pre
.'-ttCJLr pured, resume tie: practice of
their prof? s-.-i m in all ita department"*.
ait' t?iH#e, for 'he preheat, at the <_'dum
bia Female Vcad?my. Aug li 7
Mellool tay Cr i ri?.
rn FI F. MTSKES MARTIN will open a Schoo!
I for Giris cm Ibo FIRST MONDAIT in Oe
t--!?; r. Pcs:d03 thc usual Eng?sh jtudies,
lessons will'ou given in Latin, French and
Uns'-. \ lew boarders will bc received
into the family. . Apply at their residence cn
Blanding street. August 1 7
Valuable Family Residence,
Witlca fali stqyply ot'FurnUuix, in jlne order,
* nt Prie ile Sute.
npHE ablive is situated on Plain street, in
9 Ihe vicinity of thc Female College, lo?
caled on I j a'eVes^'of ground. Th^ house
contains c.. ht rooms, with servant's house
of ?sight rooms, and ali ethel uiiildings re?
ndre'!, and a fine .? ell of water. Attached
t ? the grounds are a choice variety of fruit,
t "ees and shrubbery.
Particulars, with "the list of fut r.ituriycaii
be ba i uri upolic&lion at mv office. '
Auction ?Mal Commission Agent,
! 'Ce, r '.'iain and Assembly atieets.
Ac..". '.? -flo
Railroad Notice.}
FT^iiOM Ibis date, the ,trniu on the Spar
jp 'ranburg and Union Railroad wdeleave
Suartanburg C. H. Tuesdays and Saturdays
ot each v.eei,, at t"> a. m., ami arrive at Shel?
ton ti t I i a. nt. . .
Returning, leave Sin ilea rt 12 o'clock m.T
tun! arrive at Npartanbnrg at 5.15 p. m.
Tf?OS. B. JETER, President.
Union 0. H.. S. C.. August 'J. iS'??. *
i.tj' The Newberry, Cluster and Charlotte
pauers will please eopv twice a weeli fer one
month, and forward lulls to office ?. A U. R.
R. Co., Union C. H., S. C. Aug ll ;7*
_ .'?otice.-Charitable Appeal.
mi?E Indies of the URSULINE CONVENT
1 ?md ACADEMY arc anxious to rebuild,
as speedily as possiM.-, an edifice suitable
For their Monastery ?ind Institute, theirs
having been burned in th?vgeneral confia -
"raiioii of Columbia by tito United. States
Army, mulei' Gen. Sherman, on the night of
February 174 it. And while ttidy* are far
from pressing their necessities on their fel
k)W-suiVcri rs of the^ South, will gratefully
receive tm" contributions which the friends
of education and religion may donate them
for tins excellent [Stork. Remittances mayr
be made through the Express Company.
PI. ase address
TH F.* M< H H ER SUI*E RltiR,
Ursulina Convent to-.d Academy.
<':-i" Dr. J? hn Lyiich, Columbia, S. C.
(Snc'sors to Hotch?sa, Fenner & Bennett,)
MR. T. A. TOBIN, who was for a. length
of time connected with the old firm of
i-lotchKiss, Senner & Bennett, has an inter?
est in the present firm, and devoto his
attention principally io tie ??L?? of Sonia
Carolin. * Hit. address -titi bo Clime:..
Laii.tirs District. . Aug i Irao

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