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. . . /- ..;> ;>''::
Denied thc Bil??.
Denied the bliss to- look,
Within thy loving eyes and nee,
As sunset, smiling m tho brock,
The love, dear heart, thou haat for me;
To hear thy accents soft'aftd warm, .
. Press that deal- throbbing-heart to mine,
And watchwith rapture every charm,
That speaks of Heavenly charms it* thine:
Ah! this! dh! this!
Were something niore dear heart than bliss.
One solace in my flight,
Shah glad my soul wherever I flee.
To think that thou, my heart's delight,
Dost ever so think and sing of. Aie!
The seas that niock thy hope and eye
Shall tell fhee'sttll, though far I roam,
. . They bear me yet that loving sigh,
That calls IRO back to love and home
Ah! this! ah! this! . '
Shall bc my promise still of bliss.
THE conrsE-yisiiEH.
Several years have passed mvfsvv, ?ind
New York has now more than d. Tided
its size and population, since then'
was a man .seen about the streets ol
the city w ho wis known by the omi?
nous title of tho "^orpscFinder."
He followed the business of fishing
up the corpses of drowned persons,
and was often observed sauntering
about the wharves, patiently 'waiting
for some person to fall into the Witter,
that he might turn an honest penny
by fishing him out after he*was dead.
The relatives of the defunct would
sometimes offer a considerable sum foi
the recovery of the body, and otu
hero drove a thriving business against
one or two rivals, whose skill and
whose apparatus for searching tho
bottom of the river were far iuferioi
tu his.
The corpse-finder was a man below
the medium size, of a meagre, crooked
person, and his natural' deformities
were rendered absolutely hideous bj
the loss of his nose during cbildlu >od.
This unfortunate feature he lost whet
about three years of age, by falling
iuto the fire. His dress correspondes
with his natural ugliness; but his in
stranient for taking up bodies was
quite an ingenious contrivance. 1
consisted of a number of sharp kooks
with heavy sinkers, all of which wer<
attached to a long, slender chain, bj
which it was lowered into the water.
"When any per?on was drowned, in
seemed to know it instinctively, ant
generally arrived first at tho spot
Sometimes his rivals would get then
as soon as lie did. Then thoy waitei
until some interested individual cam
up, who would*perhaps say:
"Tcu dollars for the body! Casi
dowu to the first mau who grapple
Then such a scrabbling a - thor
would be to get their apparatus ai
ranged -and sink ic into thewatei
The little man would start at the won
"dollars",as if a shot had struck him
and over went his grapples. Dow:
they Avent to tho bottom. Then hi
would draw his chain backwards am
forwards, looking all the time at tb
other candidates for the prise as if h
could bite their heads oil'. He et
teemed them as no better than amy
.teurs at the business-hu was the ord,
regular workman.
If the body was there, our her
would be certain to find it. Sonic
times he would hook an old rop;^ o
other rubbish that lay on tho boiton:
and draw it carefully to the surface
but, on discovering his mistake, li
hastened to remove it from the hool*
and get his instrument into the watt
. again, with a nervous eagerness tin
was fairly distressing to the observe
-his eyes flying about in their soe!
ets, as he fixed them first on one ?.
his rivals ami then on another, fearin
they would get the jirize before h
could come again to the search. Agni
he would draw up his chain-slowly
carefully-and become more and 11101
anxious as the burden approached th
surface. He discovers it under watt
-it is a largo object. He fcrembh
with hope; it is now nearly np. It,
-yes, it is the swollen carcass of
?human being-a fellow-niortal! H:
hooks have seized upon the clotliin
- -they have secured the prize IIK>
beautifully-the money is his! Whi
transport glows in his blood-shot eye
He smiles with triumph, and glano
scornfully at !iis rivals. Ho loo!
quickly to see if ^ tho man who offert
a reward is present. He is' on tl
spot. He turns'np his weasaned fa
at his patron, and the two holes whe
his nose should be expanded, ar
looks more hideous than ever. I
then looks down at the bloated bod
How brightly he regards the corps
It is Iiis trophy-the visible evidem
of his prowess. The money is pa
him. He looks around upon the b
standers, as he puts it into his pockt
as much as to say, ''Which of yi
shall I have the pleasure of hookii
np next?" Ile buttons up his tatter
'jacket, and without deigning tobest?
a glance upon his discomfited riva
gathers np hi.s apparatus, goes sta."
i i ' y i'll Mmmm*??-m? ?j fag I -
, ting up,the wharf\with an air ot con?
scious digai^^likd a man -who utanda
at th? head, of his profession.
Ugly as tlti? man was, .and. disgust
ing as ht? trade must have appeared
to every one' but'h;ni3elf, it was re?
ported that ho had a..very beautiful
daughter^-a* giri of eighteen years
endowed rath lively seiisibilties, tasio
and talents. The wonder Ss not so
much tliat he hud a beautiful daughter
as that he was ever able to procure a
wife p? any description. The only re?
commendation that this intolerable
creature could have brought to thc
.court of Hymen was the fact that his
wife would never endure thc humilia?
tion of hearing it said that her hus?
band hud his nose pulled.
It was a cool day in the fetter part
of October. * Several cases of yellow
fever hud occurred a few weeks previ?
ously, and many persons bad left the
city. They were? now returning; and
among the friends whom I greeted ou
their arrival, was a very line young
fellow by the nam? of Thompson. Etc
entered my office suddenly, at about
twelve o'clock, and threw himself into
tho first seat that Offered.
"Weil, runaway," said I, merrily,
"welconie -back to Gotham. I hopt
your health-"
I paused, for I observed that my
j friend was very pal?*," and that ht
I trembled violently. I looked at him
I for an explanation.
I "Oh! fi-," said luy "thi3 world
? has.lost eveiy attraction. ? am fit foi
'? nothing-for no business." And ht
i burst into tears.
j '"Thompson, my dour fellow!" cri?e1
11, taking his hand, "compose yourself.
Surely noth;ng has occurred that-eai
warrant .such gloomy forebodings ii
one of your brilliant prospects."
"I wish I WHS in my gravi ," said ho
and covering his hu e with lils hands,
he wept outright.
I scarcely know what to say. I hat"
known Thompson from carly boyhood
! He was not a mau to give way t
childish grief, and his tears affoetei
me deeply, Perhaps it was well I sui'
1er ed too much to speak; for, alter ht
had given way awhile to Iiis pent-U]
Ibra- of sorrow, ie became inore lik>
his former self.
"I had become acquainted .with :
most lovely and interesting young lad;
in Staniford,'' said he, "where I havi
spent the last four weeks. We wer.
even engaged to Vie married, if he
father would yield his consent, o
which she did not entertain any doubt
We sailed together from Stamford ii
a packer,-wv came in at Peck Slip
aud this lovely girl, buoyant with jo,
j at reaching tho city once mort", spran
j lightly from the deck to the wharJ
j But, ok- Clod! she just touched th
i landing with the toe of her baautifi
foot- and--and-fell backwards int
the dock! We hastened to save hoi
but she. sank! And, oh, cursed fat<
that I should be herc alive to tell t
it." v
He told this sad tide in broken a<
cents, and "when it* was finished, we]
again as ii' soul and body would hilt
their leave of each other.
"If i could but sec lier once more
if I"could but look upon her beautiii
features again, though marred b
death-if I could but see her laid in
Christian grave-that I might visit tl
?.Leave that to me, my dear friend,
cried I, as the corpse-fisher came u
to my recollection. "I know of or
who cannot fail *o lind the body of tl
unfortunate giri, lt will ail be a
ranged according to your*wishes, ar
you will, at least, have thu melai?dio
pleasure of knowing where her ia
resting-place is."
I sent a colored laborer for a coac"
and conveyed my poor friend to h
lodgings. I left him there with tl
assurance that the body would \
found on that very afternoon. I tin
bade the hackman drive to the hon
of an acquaintance, who had recent
had occasion to employ the corps
fisher. From him I got the man's a
dress, and gave it to the driver, w)
whipped up his horses, and soi
reached the spot.
This strange being .lived in a sm;
red house, pleasantly .situate.! in t.
midst of a little garden, not far fro
the spot now termed the forks of t"
Bowery. It stood alone. Beyond
not more than two or three dweliin
houses were visible, and below it w
a large market garden.
On entering thc little abode, I w
struck by tho tasteful arrangement
everything I saw.' The door of t
common room'Vus open, and a lit
door presented itself to the eye,
which neatness and elegance contra
od for the mastery. The snowy coi
terpane, the well-kept faisniture, ??
a variety of little snowy articles wh:
betray the handiwork of woman, i
pressed me favorably of the presid?
genius of the mansion.
"Who was the painter of that bc
tirol landscape that* bangs against
?ro i--*"'-M-T ? ___Lj ? -li? iii! -ni
walli*' "said I .to the owner of this snug
little habitaci?n.
"M;* daughter," replied ne, shortly,
as he dragged out his grap nells- from
a dark closet.
"She is not ?t home?"
The renn gave a surly grunt, and
continued to busy himself about his
preparations. .
"Is she out of town?"
"I sent her away on 'const of fever."
"You do well "to be careful of her.
Is sue your only living relatives."
This hideous creature r.olually shed
tears as ho mumbled out an affirma?
The thought struck m;>: Here lives
this faithful daughter with her de?
spised and ugly parent. She is his
all She sees not his deformity. To
her he is only her fattier. Her beau?
tiful face glows with pleasure, -when,
wearied, witii toil and travel, he escapes
from thc mocking world without, and
linds, iu Iris little home, a bates for all
his griefs in the affeotiou of Ms child.
Fearful that bia only solace should bo
snatched from his arms, he has put
her out of the roach of the destroyer.
The eorpse-lisher was soon ready to
attend me. I took him into the coach,
auiTwo. rode down to Peck Slip.
A considerable crowd waa gathered
about, the spot where the melancholy
eveufc occurred. My companion's rivals
hid'idready arrived, but a; no reward
had yet been offered, they had unido
uo attempt to recover thc body. They
were, however, seated on th?; edge of
the wharf, prepared to drop their
hooks at a moment's notice.
"Yeu say il- h. a woman?" growled
thc corpse-Usher, as hu dropped hi;
"'l'es, it is :l young kiely."
"So m neb 111 e 1 ?etta r-oiuthes spread
out-ketch all the quicker," mumbled
he. .
Perceiving thai, the other men had
idso lowered their grapnells, che
coipse-fisher bade them desist, as he
had been specially engaged for the job;
lmt they hooded niai not. This roused
his ire to the highest pitch.
"My job-now-now -see, there
stands the geminan ! Humph! now -
now-see. there stands the gemmanl"
grunted he, in language .scarcely in?
"Well, what, of that?" waa the
reply. "There's no sense in that."
'.'Humph! I tell you, there siam's
the gentleman, but the corps? is as
good to him if I ketch it, as if you
eotek it yerself, ain't it?"
"tio't devil! damn-ibero? stands
the gian-"
He stopped short iu his utterance, ?
for at that moment his looks clung to
something at the bottom.
Gradually tho eorpse-tisher drew up
the grapnell, to which som? heavy j
body waa evidently attached. At
iirsb, he seemed doubtful, but Iiis
countenance soon began to be tiny ria- j
gh;w of expectation. Up; - :..>- -ap j
carne the burd.ai nearer to the. sur?
face. The other men suspend >d their I
operations and watched for the resr.lt
-the crowd drew closer to th" exult- |
ing man. The white dross o? a wouuyi :
is already visible. Tko eyrpse-iislier
turned an eye of savage scorn on his
admiring rivals; und nt that moment
the head px a beautiful gh i appeared
above the water. Those marbled
features were beautiful even in death: !
tin; heavy, raven locks, saturated with j
the brine, foil bael: from the clear '
wiiite forehead, and thc face was fully ;
exposed to eur view. . j
A innrumr of pity ran through thc i
whole throng of spectators, and at
that moment the corpse-fisher turned ?
his gaze from his rivals to the lace ol' ?
the. dead.
"Don't let her go again!" cried ? j
voice in the crowd, as the grasp of tho J
corpse-fisher relaxed, and thu chaki
slid through Iii.-, lingers.
. 1 'turned angrily to the man to ri;- 1
provo him for ?ii.-; carelessness. Iiis ?
gaze wtis ri vetted ou the corpse, and j
he reeled on his' seat. . I saw his eyes I
"roll in his head. j
"Seize liir.il,'' cried I, to those who !
stood near the wretched man. . j
Ii was too late- With a yell ol' such !
horror that n, rang in my curs for !
?many months afterwards, the corpse- !
fisher slid from the pki?k on which he j
was seated. A loud sjilash in the
water was heard. The unhappy man ;
and his daughter's corpse had sunk
forever from our sight!
Neither of their bodies were ever
recovered. The tide was running out
[ at the time, and they were doubtless
swept into the channel before they
! could reach the bottom,
j Poor Thompson was for ninny years
i ah inmate of the asylum nfc Manhat
I tanville. Peace to his manes*! He
i has long since passed to "another uni
I ?a botter v olid."
A DOAB without a wile is like a fork
.without a knife.
A qnarrer without fighting is like
! thunder without lightning.
Headquax-tirs Milinary ?tstrict o?
Chaikston. .
. GUARI^ESTO??, S. C., July 27,1SC5.
33?11SONS desiring to publish Newspaper*
_ within tho Inuits of this District, .are
hereby informed-that it srill tirst be ncces
.eiary to obtain the consent of tho Major
General Commanding the Department.
Bv command of
. J^evet Brig. Gen. JOHN P. 1IA?GK. ,
- E. HAISS, JuwrTT, 1st-Lieut;, and A. A. A.
pc*.^_,_Aug,7 1'i
TheSfesr? ITc&fc
WEEKLY NEWS, s. great iimiivne.re?
paper-BENJAMIN Y.'OOD. Proprietor-the
larjjis't, best end cheapest paper published
in New York, oingle copie.-.. C- cents; one
copy cr.c year. 52; three "copies one vear.
5.?C: five copies ene year. S.^Spten ccpies
one year, 17; and an extra copy to ar.-.- club
of ten. Twenty copies one jczx. St); tha
b cc.V.'c Noxs i?'wai tc ciergvmets at I ??
To mail suBscrib.rs, AO per annum; dix
month?, 5: payments invariabiv in au-, anec.
Spe cimen copies cf ?>ail . und Wc Kv Nowa
sent ii ec-. Addr?3a BJENJ. "WOOD, '
Daily Neera Btuidine,'
No. 19 G?ty Hr?l Square, New Yuri: Catv."*
Aug J_
IVf the FIRST OF OCTOBER, oz ii so*:;
) as rhe maila are ro-c-itabhehad. ? T. iii
: renew the pubKcatiotoi MSC. "CHEISTIAN
. ?NDEX" ra?d tho "CHILL :* INDZIC*' ? have
j been publishing. "
Price of "Index,'-'per sn?rum . ....'?
Price Qf-"Chiid'3 Index." -: , 3u
( A dcduction?uiade foi Clubs.)
Money may be remitted .it once aa my
i determination is positive. My desire is .1:
? secure a iavs;e snbscripticn hst \, an which
! to begin, and I issue tibs prospr.ctus that
I subscribers may have tilba t-j fer "Ard their
; Ii is nly intention ti- "j ;u. Siat
I papctrs, and no pains or .....pen.-e ?hill bo
! spared to s cu. '; that c.:. j Tile best~?ritti .
! and correspondent.! v. cl be sccuioii rout
i the' highest rciijdoua and iiterurytsit'r.t "?li
I be tri ven io she p Kp s The CII?LD'b"
?PAPER will bu profus wy illustrate-:! and .
? wili. iu ev rry sens?, bc- made tocen?crm tu ?
i its new title*
I Moaevtuav be sent by Express or other- :
I wiai -il1 by Express, at nr. n?k, if che E~
! press receipt is sent Ac. cu tua rcjunip'^ou i
j ol mail facilit ie > 1
My connection with the rhm .?i I \. I
Enrico <V Co.. is .'iL.'Solved. but I will c-?.t.;-"j
! hUsli au office io Macon! Geoi ria where j
communications may be addreu. td
[ Aug 5 lm > , SAMUEL EOYITIN. ;
At the Capital of Souib Carolina,
Cpl?U it?: BIA,;
. :-? v'v . jr ?/.?
isas.. -. is<;...
ISSUED everv morniilg except Sundav, is ?
lilied with tho LATEST NEWS, i by tel..-- !
graph, mails, etc.)EDITORIAL. CORRES- ;
STORIES, etc. This is the only daily paper '
in Yhc StUtc outside of tho city u? Charleston. ,
The Tri-We?kly Phon/".x, j
For country circulation, is pnblishf-d every !
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, ?ind bau j
all the reading matter of interest contained i
in the daily issues of the week. I
As its name indicates, i.-. intended ?is
FAMILY JOURNAL, and is published c'-verv 4
Wednesday. It,will contain Eight 4'ages,
of Forty Columns. The cream of the Nows.
Miscellany, Tales, etc.. oi the Dail\ aial
Tri-weeklv will bo lound in its columns.
Daily, ono year.$10 00
.. ' ?.three months.A. . tl 00
Tri-Wi-el.lv, one y wir. 7 00
" ' three months. .?. . . 2 00
Weekly, one - eur.;. 4.0t;
" three months. 12;"
Advcrtisi incuts inserted in the Daily oi
Tri-Weekly at SI a sonne for the bi st'in?
sertion, aird 7"> cents for each subsequent
insertion. Weekly advertisements il a
sijuarc gvery insertion.
LARSf SHIN-PI ASTERS, etc., osGctttee
promptly anet at rcaaonable iTitea.
July 31 Publisher and Pr^priotor.
"By tri?? JProviKioi.ul Governor Of tilt
State of South CuroiiAa.
. ? * - *
WSEBEAS :-Th Exc?diehcy President
Joiiusou #iu-a issued nia pruciwiuHl
tum, appointing mo (lieiijamiii ?y. Perrvr
Fxovi&oii&l Governor in audio:- thc Stat? ot
South Carolina, with powor to proscribe
sneii rulos and regulations ia may 1,^ ueeot
aary and proper lor ecuvenhig a Coavuuti?u
O? vile ?icate, eonlposed of delegates to bo
ciiOsen uv that poitioii ol' the pedple of said
?tr.ce ?La are toy ai ta the United State.-.,
sea- tue purpose o? altering or amending tko
Con?ftuuou tuoreof; ai:d .vith authority to
'.:?elcise witina the hmita ot tho beale eh
tho powers .necessary aird pi oj. c.* to enable
SUC?. loyal people to restore aaiuStatii tia ita
oonjtiiutiouai relations to the iederol Gov
ernmaut; und to present such a Xtepi?iticuu
ici ni ol' State Go . vrruueat as wiilentiti: the
Stute t # tuc guarantee ci the United Staten
thoi c;or, aun its people to protection by U:o
I United States against invasion, insurreoiLij
and uameatieavioleuoe.
?xovi, tLeicfore, in obedience to the pro?
clamation ol' his ExebiUmcy Andrew Join;
san, PrtsKient ot the United states, ;,
: ,;E.?JAj?IN E. PERltY, iTovlsranal o ?wei
. uer cf thc State ci S^nth Carolina, fer thu
j purpos?. e-i o?gi.ui'iiioj a 3bro\i&ctt&l Go\ ?
! es mucra" in South e.*.. alina, rcfoiihiiig the
State ?.cirotic?tion and ica?or.r.g civil au
I thorr. '. ni iuid State luider the Constitution
and laws ol tue United ?t.-dcs, do hereby
j prcs.'l:tiiu aaa dc cine that all civil ciiicers iii
?South Carolina, who Were in ellice when the
Civil Government .:' the ?tate was suapond
I cd; ni May last, (except thoa? arrested c.
; under projceuiioa lor treason,! shall, on
: talihi;; t!i% bath of allegiance prescribed L:
j the Prc4?fcent's Amnesty Pnrclainanon of
I thc -tith day? of. jlay/lSiiii, resume thc
; duties of their oula.'-: .o.?I continue io dbi
charge them under the'iVovisioual Govein
I aient till?urther appomtuier.ta ure made.
And ? do rorther proclaim, declare ..nc
! raak-i known, that it i.i the duty of*ail loy...
eithicns cf-tbs State of S-i?lli Carolina't..
: prc m pt iv ga forward and Lake the oat!? of
%Ue?;jmcc to thc I uited Siiitcs, Leier? ROMC
! nistgi-itrata or mik-arv o.T: .-?.- ?if tic i'e?tcrul
G-averiaueu:, who aviv be quaiihcd ie-rau
iilimsCei'iag euitiA: iud tu< ii are bore-by
autkoiized to vive certifi?.'! copies thereo:
to ti*." persons respectively by ivU^in th: _
?.vere 3i.:?w. A?d such 'ministra?.os tr
oki --.ia ari hciehy rocpiirecl co tran?iviit tho
originula of nach ?jatlis, at ....> early a da*, as
nu./ ne eouvuiiisuv, to ?.he Depaituiciii <. .
Stace, in tile city of Washington, X?. C.
' s.d ? do fnrth'i'r proclanii, ?iecl?ie : i ?:
'/..thc known, tint Li?e ????iagers < i i.:-.?
t.oia; throughout thia acate ?d' South Carob
:.a W;?i hobt an eh et iou lor members of i.
Si: te ?*ouvcintiou,.a't their respe etive pre?
cincts, rn the h'?S?T HO^DAi IN Shi'
TM Vi if.?. NEXT; aeeordiug.-to tho la.js ol
South Carolina iii force belora th* SeccJsitVii
tiie ''.i_u , md that each Election Dit
tr ici iu che State jhail ole? L aa macy men:
l?> rs- of the Cciiv^itiiin aa the s?ilf-t?istiie*.*
has members t.f the Koiise c?EepTfe.icuta
viven -thc bar;.-, o' representation- lieing
pep.da non aad Ci-tatiua. This wdl giv?
one i.ai.died ii 11 cl cwoiity-iouv momliei's t-.
-.lu.- Co...eiition--a uuiiibei* suuicieiitlj' large
I'upr^itvnteven* oort-ioii oi thoriatel?uat
fully. * '
Lvei;> loyal . .iir-c-a who t-.-'-s taken the
Aiai.e-ty oath ?ad aol e.ttltti't i"a -. :.? epicd
eh..--e.i'ia Cac i'rc.?iieiifa rroeliunacion,
wilt ho tnt;tied to voce, providod ho ?.:?:-.-.
lec,ui male: Cu- CoUn'wiu^io*-.i hi ic
stood pi'ior -to the tccessiiiii ol' S'tmth Caru
liua. Alfa all wno aro wiilan t!n.- c*teepte?j
elaaaea aiuoi l.iiie tho oai:i and apply mr a
pardon, in orde'r L.I ?ntit?e theai iv /oie er
become mciiiberii ci' tito Convention.
Tac CaClnhClii ?if ihe v.i-u\>i.ii..:: . thv. c
fe lee-ed on the iiii? ji aiu.1 y hi St'pteiiiDC-i*
ac::r. ave hereby required to ea.-.vece in tia.
city i i' C'^luiubia, ali ?\ hl^MSiAAA', Cae ?J:?.
day nf Sopteiiiber, l>t??, sor cite purpose
altering and aiu?aousg tho pivs.--i?. Cole- i
tutioii of Soucii Ctu-oliua, or t'cuodellh,..
and making a i.;-? oiie,'whieh coi.:', rn.
to the givat caang.-.-i vdn ii taree taKea
place in iiie Stult.-, and bc ir.oi'i'- in -.i'cciti
aucu with i;--;jiU)!i."an priu?.i_jles arid'et|uali
ij o? ropresei?tation.
?ud i do further proclaim and make
known, thaU thl Constic?tiou ?a? aUdaws t.f
force ia South Carolina prior tu rh-tf secos.
?hun of tiu* ;Sla*-e, aro hereby made af fore?
auder the Provisional Gt>v?.*)imc&>, exceni
wherein they may coalliet ???rh th?i provi?
sion.- of this proclamation. And the Judges
and ('iianechors nf the Stale aro h-rcby
reijish'ed t?> exercise all the ]>owers and 1?.:
ibrni ai'! tho duties Which app.rtahi to their
r?-.s.-ceti.-e oilices, and espesiiilly in criminal
cases, lt- will bo expected ?f the Federal
ndlitary aUthoi-itics now ut South C?r?linii,
to lend their authority hi th; civil oflicers
ol thc Prov^ioiiul Govurmneiit, for the pur?
pose of eui'orchig the lav.'a aiul jveservhig
\iie ;.. ac ^Hil gO.xl order of tilt- Mate.
And I dti ftuft her commant! ai.d enjoin ail
gootl and lawiul citizens of tho State io
unite in enforcing th?: laws and bringing to
just itv all disorderly puiv.otu, ail plunder?
ers, robbers anil marauders, all vagrania
and idle perf.c.ns who arc wauderhig about
without employment or any visible means
of suppovting tiicmsclves. .
lt is a?oo expected tliat all former owners
of freud persons ?viii bo kind to them, and
not turo ult i)ir children or aged to perish;
and the freed nic-ii and woraerl are earnestly
enjoined t-> make contracts, just and fair,
t'ov remaining with there former owner.
tu order tu-fuciiitato as uracil ay possible'
tin application for pardons lunSbr the ex?
cepted sections of the President's Amnesty
Proclamation, ii is stated for information
that ali applications must bo by petition,
statin;.' thc exception, and accompanied
with thc o:*ih prescribed. This petition
aiu.t Lu first approved, by tuc Provigionrd
ITO Y i run;-, and men fonvariled to the Presi?
dent. Thc b' udqiitirters of the Provisional
Governor wi?l be at .Greenville, where ad
comroittications, to him must be addressed.
The newspapers of this Stitt? will pu?disii
this proclamation tm the election for mem?
ber.-- of tho Convention.
In testimony whereof, I have herc unto set
my hand au*, seal. Dane at the
[L. t??vji of Greenville, thia "Oth day Of
July, in the year of our Lord, 1.C5,
and of tito inda^ndonce of tito
United. States tlio ninetieth.
By tte Er?T?s?pnai Governor:
Tv'iLi i/oi H ?-F.Kii?. Private Score tar*.
July 26

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