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Affik?rs ?ji South Carolina.
CIIAELESTON, S. C.. August 5, LS65.
1 The proclamation ol Governor Perry,
. aud the general order of Gen. Gil?
more ordering "that nil officers und
other persons in the United ?States
military service, within the limit's of
South Carolina, aid .ind assist Gover?
nor Perry in carrying into effect'' _ the
measures of the Governor, have been
the leadi r\ events of tho week past.
Affairs assume, fortunately, a much
brighter aspect than it was supposed
they woui?, and we begin to feel that
there is seme little kopo of our re?
gaining our rights to live and speak.
JSineo Sherman marched his army
through our State, none except those
who have actually witnessed the hard?
ships, sufferings and privations of our
people, can form Any correct iden of
what we have undergone. Furs and
armies fbJ^LPdesolated oar Stau-, and
thexi a rig*! military IKIW? exerted
itself to ronifcv that was left to US
in the farming and ?planting dis*
tracts of tue State, the inha'.i.tantJr
cheerfully acquiesce in tho results of
the war, imd are siacirely desirous to
commence work. But all their pro?
tostations are in vain. Let us take au
illustration, of which I um perse*.ially
acquainted. On the ISantce, as is
known to si? familiar with thc section,
ve have one of thc finest and most
productive regions in the State. The
-.daiitors, generally, are large owners
of land, and have, at great cost, niad#
their plantations perfect gardens.
Near Georgetown, a few coincides ox
negro soldiers, oras '.general orders"
call them, "colored citizen soldiery,"
ure stationed. Their commanders ure
unlettered, ignorant fools, who here?
tofore never cifjoyed the privilege of
speaking to gentlemen. These fellows
now ar?"lords ot ail they- survey."'
, Last week it was my good ?or?-une,
after nearly four years' absence, to
visit my home. ? Of course 1 expected
to timi things very different from what
I left them, but 1 hud really expected
to have found a belier state of affairs.
I could not believe it possible thai
raen wearing the uniform o? a civi?
lized and enlightened Governmou
could so far have forgotten thc dude
of their position, ns to have committee
such public nets of incendiarism ant
barbarity. And of course 1 do no
hope, to convince one-halt ol' my read
ors that what I say is literally true
Americans who have not seen thes
tldugs would not believe that the
exist wherever th? sheltering buckle
of Columbia extends. "Yet 'tis true,
On our plantation we had inore thu
one hundred laboring negroes, whr
up to a few weeks since, remained ur,
changed in their disposition to ri
main wathe place. On the occupatio
of the State by the Federal troop:
they were all informed that a contrat
would be made with those deserving
and that liberal pay and good tren
mont would bo given to all who woul
wish to remain. AH'concluded to ?1
so. A contract was drawn for or
\ ear, and witnessed, und ah coinmen
cd to work. Tho old and infirm n
groes and tho small piccaninnies lu
tobe taken care of,and of course th?
remained. Things went off as smooth
as could be desired for throe or foi
weeks, when the sagacious Common
cr of the Doyartnient-him whose r
cords will be more noted f>>r its praci
eal illustration of the au vantages
"Greek tire" than for any other eve
- look it iuto his head to gorrisou ti
entire St it*} with negro soldiej
! Three companies were sent np into our
; section. As soon eus this had become
I known, thc negroes from off the plan
I tations flocked to tho camps, and
?herc received whiskey and advice.
They were told that now they had bc- j
come free they need not work; they |
ought to take possession of all their i
master's property; they.were entitled i
to it; that their actions would be sup?
ported hy the military. Of course j
this put .a stop to all contracts and
Labor. Our.negroes in a few dayscon
cladcd not to work, but declined to
leave the. place, and demanded food.
Complaint was made at headquarters, I
and thc complainant wasj?moIy in-!
formed that if in- (the CoaPkander) j
heard of any more disturbances, he
would arrest him and send him down j
to Castle Pinckney;*fnat thc freed?
men -must be treated properly. Ex?
planations were not heard, and all at?
tempts that way wore met by soldierly
(?) rebukes. Appeal was ?nade, and
was nifii in tin? same manner. The.
resid b ?s just this. Every ono that can
do so will leave the eoUntry and go to
the mountains. No cr< ps will be plant?
ed, and the sweet-scented "man anda
brother" will enjoy tho priceless pri?
vilege <d freedom, and the great ad?
vantage of starvation. This one illus?
tration is a fair and truthful state?
ment of the "labor system"'of South
Carolina. The same state of affairs
exist ail over tito country. Here in
the city, some days ago, some riots
occurred between the while soldiers
and the colored., Sohieof the latter
were killed. ?t .vas thought by the
Commander (Geri. fctatch) that the
effect would be rather bad if it wore
said that there was hot the mest cor?
dial goori feeling existing between the
two -c lasses" of soldiers, and, to pre?
vent anything ;>i* !!e> kind, an order
was i.JSued, Stativ;; tlv.it nisixmiieh t*?
certain "citizens ofyCharleston: hail
been detected in wearing tho uniform
of the United States Army, and that
riots had occurred between said eitit
z^ns and some of the soldiers, it is
ordered that when any citizen shall
be discovered wearing said uniform
he shall be imprisoned." etc.; and
that to prevent any further disturb?
ance, no citizen shall be allowed to
walk in thc streets a'Vr S o'clock at
night, unless provided with a pass
from h-.-:'.douai tors.
It is*hopod, n >w that the Governor
has issued' his proclamation -one giv?
ing great satisfaction to all - a better
state of affairs will exist, and thc labor
'system will really be organized into
some practical shape. Weare to have
the Convention ia September, ami
there is :i;> doubt, but what our repre?
sen tat i a there will be \M< such a one
tvs we <ie:;i--!-. The -people of this
State, as i ":: ve said, are sincerely de?
sirous ol' conforming to tl ie actual
situation, and, if they are l?llowod to
speak for themselves, will take tin
uirlio.xt opportunity of securing law
and order. We will have no party
issues in tho election for the ' ?iinven?
tion, lint there is almost a universa]
j ?b termination to select new men- rep?
resentative one--; who, heretofore,
have not been known in thc political
j World, and who have no political hob
j oles. There is little news ?? a loca
; character in Charleston. Gen. Gill
more L aves the city to-day for the up
, country, und will meet Governo]
Perry at Columbia. We ure to have ;
j new daily journal soon, to he calle?
The Daily Ne irs. A line opening io;
I such an enterprise exist--, and if tin
j publishers properly conduct it tho;
j will meet with great success. J di
not know any of theparties connecte*
j with the paper. Mr. McMillan, th
j publisher, is an old Mercury man,
j believe. Of the other parties I knot
j nothing, -r-f br. New York Neics.
j FEWER, "lE.WETT & ?wE
! (Suc'sors to Hotchkiss, Fenner*& VA anett.
TV/I '". ^' "^' ''?"Ci UN, williwaw f.??- a li-0-.rt
TTL of time ronnvcti ,1 with De oki firm
Hotchkiss, Fenner .v bc nett, has an inte
ow in t!ic present '.'.aa, ?ind will devote h
I attention priuc'w tdy to the .-st at.? of Sou
I Carolina, bis ??ddresa will he Chi ito
' feaurens District. Aug if "Imo
Wm- H. Talley,
.Utorney at L<vt awl. Solicito? in Ekptily,
HAS resumed tho practice of his profes?
sion in Columbia ?nd the Districts ad?
jacent. During the rebuilding cf bia office
-No. I Law Kiii^e-he may be found at
lh v. N. Talley's residence, corner of Ger?
vais and Pickons streets. ' \ug 12 ?S*
FIRE m LIFE im?m
K. E. NICHOLS, Agent.
FOK t he following FIKST CLASS COM
New tork. Underwriter's Agency, .
t 'apital. . $3,000,000
Home Insurance Cenipany, New
York. Capit?! .:. ....". 2,000,000
International Insurance Compa?
ny, New York, Capital.J.000.000
Continental insurance t ?ompanv,
New York, Capital.*. . 1,000,000
Hartford Viro Insurance Conj
. patty, Hartford. Capita!. 2.000,000
Metropolitan Insurance Com?
pany, New York, Capital. 1,000,000 !
Home-Insurance Company, Sa?
vannah, Capital.".. 2.000,000
Phicnix Insurance Company,
Manton!. < apital.* . 500,000 ]
Cd linn bia Insurance Companv, I
New York. Capital. ' ,500,000 !
New Knglantl Mutual Life Insu?
rance Company, L?sten, Capi?
tal .".. 5,000,000
Nev, York Accidental Insurance Company, .
insuring against a!', accidents.
With several other well known and relia?
ble companies, the aggregate capita!
amounting to over y20}0flO*?OO. Kinks taken
in anv one spot to ainontit"*of $200,(H)t).
Office No.'S Pryce's Kow. Qohuul ia. S. C.
Aug 15 / J6m
Headq'rs Dep't of South Carolina,
HILTON HEAD. S. C.. .U i.\ 20,1865.
fi ES'KRAL ORDERS 2?0. ?.
JT is announced, for the information ami
gov: rmnent ol' this command, shat I'd N
.1 AMIN F. PEIM.Y, o*" South Carolina, has
be* a appointed, by the President, Provi?
sional Governor of the State of South Caro?
lina, willi authority ced inst: urti, le- ''?I
the ? arii' j* i.jsj^cf;.^?i,i<.^.-. ..'od, to prescribe
jaich indes Mal regulations as mat hetieces
.- M rv ?aid j foyer f- >r convening a '. 'en vent ion.
composed delegates o. be chosenbytihat
portloil of Hie aeoide et' s;.i<l Slate wuti ere
I..yal to lb. ?lflted Slate-, and -o otho-s,
tor tie- pui-pose of altering ur am -tiding t L^
Constitution thereof; ana with auth'.riryto
exercise, within tin limits ot' said Slal . all
the powers necessary and pioperjT" . nable
such loyal people ot' the State ol' :-. ;?;?j Ca?
rolina lo restore said State to ils constitu?
tional relations to tho Federal c wrnmont,
! and to present HUCII a l?epublicun foi m i-f
State Gov ?.! as will entitle the State
to the t a.iee ../tin United Stat:: i ib?re
for, an-, i'-i .people i-, protection by the
i "nae . .-; a i s against iuvasii >n, iiisurrecl ion
aili d'.iu.-siie violence : provided, thal ia
a 11 \ ejection thal mas hereafter he held for
ch i 'sing delegates to any State Convention
as aforesaid, no pi rs..a ?hall beipialified as
au elector, or ??hail bc ? legible as a member
of "such Convention, linleys be shal! have
pr. vimisly taken am! subscribed the oath of
amnesty, as set forth in tin President's
proclamai ion et' M*y2'.l, A. D. lMi.">. and. is
i a voter qualitied as 'prescribed by tin- Con
i stitntion .aid laws ol' the Statt* ol' South,
j Carolina in fore? Immediately before the
! seventeenth (17th) da\ ol' November. A. ]).
i IK?iij the dat - ot Um so-called Ordinance ? f
. Secession; and ile- said Conven:.on, when
1 convened, or ile- L?gislature ilia; may he
i thereafter assetyli] d. wiH prescribe the
; qualification ni' electors, and the eligibility
j ol' persons lo hold ellice under the Con st 1
? tai.un'ai..! laws o?" thc State, a power the
people of thc several States composing the
' Federal Union lu.ve rightfully exercised
from thc.origin of the Govern.nen* to the
; pr -scat lime.'1
. lt is, therefore, ordered, that all officers
and ellar persons ia the United States
1 military service, within th" State of South
Carolina, aid ami assisi Governor berry in
! tai reving hil" efi'cc! rho foregoing instruc
; tions, .-iud tho\ a.e enjoined to abstain
from, in any way'lniidering, impeding or
. discouraging the loy?] people ol' tie- State
from th?- organization of a State Govern
'nu nt, as hcccinabovc authorized and di
? reefed.
I Al! orders .and instructions now in opera
1 lion throughout this Department, Whether
: ?ju a nat i.e.; frei a these lieadqiiarters. or from
'Headquarters Department of th" South,
: fhat are ii"; inconsistent with the foregoing
' distinctly specified provisions >f this order,
I will continue in lon e as heretofore, through
I ont the State o?' South Carolina.
! Every needful facility for taking thc am
j lu sty Jail: will be afforded by the military
I authorities, on f^rms heretofore supplied
for that purpose.
Hereafter Provost Marshals and Assistant
Provost Marshals will constitute the only
! military officers entitled to administer th<
! ahinosty oath, a' certified copy of which
j will, in all rases, he furnished to thc indi?
vidual taking it. The original oaths will Ix
transmitted.' semi-monthly, by the offitjei
j administering the same, io the Provost
i Marshal General at tin se Headquarter!", bj
I whom they will he recorded ?i a, book kepi
I tor that purpose, and lin n forwarded to Hu
! Secretary ol' State.
j Parsons applying fir Executive clemency
will wend their peti'.ior (with a certifie":
! copy ol' the Anmvsty Gath attached,) to tba
' President, through the Provisional Gaver
i nor at Gu cnville. South Carolina.
1 i Dy command of
Maj. Gen. Q. A. GILLMOilE.
, Officiai: W. L. M. iiunoiS, A. A. G.
1 Aug W 3
?eadq'rs 4th Sub-District,
CoLUMiiiA, S. C., Aux. 7, 1S65.
ITHE Mayoi aud City Oo?ncii of Co
. lumLia are hereby aut horized to collect
al! ta.v s assessed fer the benefit of tbe city.
II. The fua?s coUeeted in such manner
will be expeJ?d for the bupport of the poor
ivnd destituti^and for the Water Works and
ether necessities. Uv order.of
Lieut.. Col. X. HAUGHTON, Com'g.
JOHN WALTON. Lieut, aird A. A. A. G.
Ang 1C_4_
Hdqrs. Mil. District of Charleston,
ORDERS having been received at these
Ileaeduarf.ers fer the muster ont of the
54th and 55th Slaws. Vols., and 1st Ohio Vet.
Vol. Cavalry, all Officers and Enlisted I
Men of these Regiments will hnnicdiately !
rejoin their commands. The 5??b Mas?.
Vols, will be rcncle.'?vouse? at Mount 1'loa
saut, tile ?Tjtli Mass. Vols, at Orangeburi,
and thc Battalion of the 1st Ohio\et. Vol.
Cavalry, serving in this District, at tuc
< 'hark ston Hace Course'.
Bv command of
Official: E. Hu?ais JEWETT, Lieut. 55th
Mag?. Vols., A. A. A. G. Aug lb 3
Headq's Mil Dist, of Charleston.
C-KARLESTOX, S. C.. Acc. 5, 1865.
The following Paragraph from the R*
vised Anny Regulations (edition of 18G3,) is
hereby published fur thc information and
guidance of ?ll eonwrned.
Any officer who shall fail to c.imply with
saidVParagraph will subject himself io trial
for disi il)e?lienee of orders:
'.Tar. ios. Officers on dctftelu d duty will
report, monthly, to thc Commanders of
their Posts, of 'heir Regiments or Corps,
and to the Adjutant General,their stations,
t he nature of their duties' and the authority
placing them thereon; likewise am change.
Of address."' bv command of
Rr, v. Mai. ?bo. J. I", li Alt ii.
L??ox.\mi li. llei;'. A. A. ti.
OUieial: E. ILAUIUS JEWETV, 1st Lieut, and
A. A.A. G. _\e.g VjS '
Hdqrs. Mil Bi**??* Jr Gharielt?n>
0? v?bl'.S'TM','. s. i ... .v-"u?. %. toss.
G RN Si;.', i. ! ; vi OJ '
rnilK following i ir. uUr ' V? ?ho WVr Dc
X partmeut is ier.-by ; . list . .I for tho
informal ion and ?fi-ldum .? ol' all cot:...??.ced.
Strict compliance ? .'.li i! i ru visions ?'ill bo
\tWITANT Ctr e:..VI.'<. 0:"!1C?. '
WASH IM ?TON, February t?, Ib?L .)
In futur ench Otticer in charge of enlist ?
ed ?n H al'- .! {'rum their regiments, will
rep: t a' C?o i nd of e.erv moiil ii to til"
Regimental or Comoauv Commanders of
thc ' ri: ueder their charge, ul tu ii ur they"
are sick. In foiiihioiucnt, m hospital, ..?.; de
tack -?1 >-.. nice. .Vc: tho station, the duties
whi'di euch ?ian is performing, th'l the an?
ti .??..it;, for d'-iaining him, giving the num?
ber and date nf ti.-- ord? r, a!.-o whether
tie y aie sick4or tit for service^ and any
other particulars about tl. em which may be
necessary for the information'of their Com?
manding Officers in keeping a?"c'oiTect ae
?.oir.i? of the pay, clothing, stab i:. duties,
?Vc., of each sohi'ii r. W'itliout such reports
. men cannot ree? tv? pav.ictnallv du?' them.
E. D. TtAVNSENi?, A. A. ti.
Rv command of
LEONARD B. P.:I:?;V, A. A. G.
Official: E. HARRIS JEWETT, 1st Lient, and
A. A. A. G. Aug IC :! .
Hdqrs. Dept. of South Carolina,
IIIL?D.N HEAD, S. C.. AUOCST 2, ibtio.
TITO following General Orders from the
War Department, are hereby published
lor the information of this command:
AIMCTANT OENr'.R.VL'S ttt? ii'E.
[. Commanders of Military Departments
are authorized to grant leaves of absence,
for twenty days to offieiTs serving under
them. A'Division Commander maydon the
recommendation of thc Department Com-'
mander, exh-nd such leave thirty days.
Further extension, if recommended, must
be forwarded for thc decision-of the proper
authority to the Adjutant-General of the
Army. In ?Uber respects. Article XXI.
General Regulations of thc Anny, will
govern the subject of leaves of absence to
ll. Division Commanders are aJone au?
thorized to discharged regimental officers
of volunteers win? tender their resignations
I through the proper channels, according to
existing regulati -ns.
; lil. Unless in cases ?>P special assignment
made in orders from the Adjutant-General's
Office, which will uot be changed without
authority from thc same source.. Division
Commanders an authorized to assign ge?
neral and staff officers, on duty nuder them,
in snell way as their services may be most
. required.
LV. Monthly Returns of Military Depart?
ments will ht- sent direct to thc Adjutant
Gem ral oi thc Vrmy and to Division Head?
quarters. Divisirtn ltdnims. except ol lh<
statf at Headquarters; will not be r<.quired
by the Adjutant-General of the Army.
"b\ ordei of the Secretary of War,
' Ry command of
W. L. M. BURO?K, A. A. G. -
T. D. Hon'-?s. Ct pt. 155th V. H. ?. T.. A.
A.A.O. Angl', 'j
Headq'rs Ass't Cani'r of Freedmen,
B?AUFOET, <3. C., Tune 20,1865.
ITHE foliowiris Circular from Head
. quarter? Eurea u of Freedmen, Kefogees
and Abandoned Lands, ia republished for
the iuiormation of all whom ibinay concern:
WASHINGTON', D. C., May 22,1865.
Circular Ab. ?.
Whereat^ a large amount of land in the
State of A'irginia, and m other States that
have been in insurr ection, hus been aban?
doned bjr disloyal owne rs and is now being
cultivated by 'rechnen; end whereas the
owners of such lanciere attempting to ob?
tain possession of t in, and thus deprive
the iteedmon of the li''ut8 ot their industry:
lt i'? ordered that. \\\ abandoned lands in
-aid States now under cultivation1 by tho
lreedmeu, be retained in their poss-jssion
until the crop-fnow proving Ghallbe secured
for meir benefit, uni' st> full and just com?
pensation bo made for their labor ?nd its
prC'ducta and for expenditures.
Thc above order wdl not bo so construed
as to relieve disloyal persons from tba con
f-qucnccs of Their disloyalty, and tho ap
' plication for the. restoration *o ? their lands,
by this class of per..ons, will n\ no case ba
entertained bv nny miliWrv authority.
O. O". HOW A KD," aia j. rien.,
Commi-'sicner of* Bur eau ot Free damn.
Refugees and Abandoned Lands.
ADJUTAX.-Gi:xra;.u.V OlEICE,
WASVIX TON, May 22, 1S?5.
All mditary authorities wdl sustain fha
Commissioner of the Bureau of Ut fu sees.
Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, ana aid
him in the execution of mo above order.
By direction of the Secretary of War.
Assistant Adjutant-General.
IT. Tlie provisions of the above circular
vi ill !.? strictly enforced throughout tba
States of Sotuli Carolina, Georgia and Flo?
rida. Complaints have been made st i beso
Headquarters that in mauj instance*] for?
mer owners of plantations and Biavcs, who
; are now allowed to remain on their ianda
' upon condition that they announce to their
fermer slavoa that they are free, and toaks
! with them fair ami equitable agreements,
j whereby fr-! and- just compen^ati-m aimil
i be ruado for their labor and its. prcdo-'ts,
I are, in d< fiance cf this "rder, -till forcing
tueir former ^laves io work fer tl:em, and
continue to hoid them '*?? slavery, even io
the extent of shooting thom down ii ihi.?
dare to assert their freedom, ?nd railm?.eriy
io admit or ann??unee to tln-ai iv. -- vy wa*7
that they are free. Sudi acts a:-" distoyal
lo the Government and in plain violation off*
its policy.
It is hereby ordered ilia! al! persons eru
p'.oki-. the Tr- '-a-:i ir. ::gr'"rlrur?1 and
mechanical pursuits witnin tac .states ol'
South Cart'hna, G'-or?i: tad h rids.., who
fail, by the l?ih of Au-.o t, ia ..Nicaaac. to
tbeot: ai tiair r-mploy ti"-. r-?.-t that th ay ar.
free, and fail te eecogni/.y them as freb meit
and to make suitable a^roc-mcnta .sith them
wliereby a just and tap .table compensation
will he secured ti) them for thur labia-, will
be. held aa disloyal to thc Cnit.-d States Go?
vernment, r.nd their property ?ill be sub
jeci to seizure and division among Lite freed?
men, in accordance with thc provisions of
Section 1 of an "Act io Establish a Bureau
for the Relief of Freedmen and Refugees,'*
approved .darch :>, bStio.
UL As thc harvest ta <. is near, and Hm
freedmen brve been regarded as free bj th?'
United Stat is Government since January,
1>S0:(; ami as a measure of necessity, te pre?
vent them from becoming paupers on its
bounty, the freedmen must bc paid for their
labor on all lands, not abandoned since, tho
eommen ment, of thc preparation of ibo
ground for seed up to the harvest time ol'
this year; ami mae's fiji compensation is
made, to the satisfaction ol' tins Burean,
the freedmen will be entitled to and will
receive one-half of the crop raised.
IV. Any person who shall whip or other?
wise maltreat any freedman because lc as?
serts that freedom, or for other cause, will
be held guilty before the law. and punished
for-js: ault and battery": and any one tvho
shat! t. '.e the life of any freedman fer liku
carts- will he held guilty ol murder.
V. No person will he pei milted to iii iv o>
the agetl, in firm and helpless from their
present placer; of abode, they must bo
aikAvod tr. remain where they are until such
time as the Government shad make proper
provision fer their support.
VI. The Assistant Commissioners in the
States of South Carolina, Georgia and Flo?
rida are required to enforce this order to tho
extent of their power, and to report to those
Headquarters all violations of it. Tin. aid
of every friend of justice and fair dealing
between mau tyul matt?is also rct|iit-sicd to
bring to the notice of the Freedmen's Bu?
reau any failure to comply with its provi?
Wlffin iba: rules of exact justice shall ho
observed m the relations between all, em?
ployer and employed, and each shall regard
the other's rights, then will be practically
demonstra i/^d, so clearlv ?hat maie ian
doubt, the ad.sntages bf thc. free labor
system. 'iy order of
Bri.*,, t Maj. Gen. R. SAXTON,
Ass't Com. Freedmen for S. C., Ca. and Tia.
S. W. SAXTON, Brevet Major and A. D. C.
Aug 15
VRE prepared to s, ll OpTTON or FBO
DUCE in Charleston, New York or
Liverpool, as mav be most advantageous;
and tt> make liberal adv?nc< s on consign?
?t nts to them. They will fornish plantera
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