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THjE DAILY b3rpHlfEN---ll
sst) rn ii
Dailv Paper, six months.$5 00
Tri-Wceklv, " ** .3 50
Weekly, ' . " " .2 00
Singh; espies of thc Daily and Ti ?-Weekly,
\0 cents; of the Weekly, li? cents.
inserted in eit her the Daily or Tri-Weekly at
.SI per square for the first insertion, anti 75
??cents for each subsequent insertion. In the
Weekly, SI-a square.
. jRTSpoeial notices 15 cents a line.
Tothe E?ito.* of ike PhouLi',-Sir.:
War lias a charac ter of its own, and
though iu a ?world offsin and ?wicked?
ness, it may he viewed as a necessity,
.still at till times thc "wisc and reflecting
have regarded it ns a great evil. Ka
?pinc, murder, extortion, oppression in
?ill its forms, and a. drying vp <>f the
sweet fountain of human affections -
these are its unavoidable accompani?
ments. Xor have AVC escaped any of
ils disastrous effects in tho protracted
struggle through which wc In\ve just
passed. On thc contrary, they have
been visited upon the people of thc
South with ?i degree of severity, per?
haps, never surpassed, lint my pur?
pose is to call attention, in a few !
words, to on<; of these effects only -I j
mean the ruined fortunes of the poo- j
plo, with ;t few exceptions, and the
privation and povcrtywith which they
arc now afflicted. If ever there wa" a
time to avahen the sympathy cd' the
few who ure in a condition to help the.
needy, and to secure a liberal and
, .generous legislation, it is the present.
Notwithstanding ?the general and ttn
.exampled destruction of the wealth of
the country, i?uch eau bo done to
?alleviate its distresses and to quicken
into new life its almost paralyzed
energies, il call especially upon those
among us who have, the good fortune
tobe creditors, to be indulgent and
generous. Thousands and lons of
thousands have nothing left but thc
mere fragments of their former es
tates, and mt not these morsels bc
taken from them. No blaine can
attach to them for their changed con?
dition. This list is made up ot the
wort l i st and best persons cf thc
.community. Let it be remembered
that they became poor by their devo?
tion t<? what they regarded tho cause
of right and justice; tha-t thus they
were taught by the great statesmen ot
the country*, and that from *l$e doublt
' pressure d' a sense ot duty and th?
compulsory acts <>f thc Government,
there was no possibility ?d' esonpe. J
insist, thou, that t ii . hotly of the peo
plo are guiltless, if guilt there be. an?
?hat they haven rigid, to demand th?
most generous course ?d' conduct ??i
thc part, ot' tho Legislature, and indi
vidually. ft is no time l'or grindin;
oppression, For tho appearance o
Mivlarks ' betted th is abhorred bib
have, place among us; and il oil
should dare to show his hideous front
let the brand of infamy be put upo
it, that all good men may know an
detest him. lt is a fact well know
to all that, throughout the war, tb
denton of cupidity and cxtortio
stalked through the land, and that i
every community there were indiv
duals who fattened upon lb e distress*
and necessities of others. 1 fear th.
this detested spirit ?3 yet among u
and is going about like a rouringlic-i
seckiug whom it may.devour. Wi?'
we contemplate our past history; wilt
we think of tl.1 at proverbial geuerosil
?vhieh wsts iii" boast of our people;
th.it cont? mpt of money, which, as'M
conceived, pr? -ented us in such favc
contrast with ? the people
otlier sections of the United State
every v .*.<.. citizeu of Carolinamt
fee] ashamed of the fact, that here, tc
Matomoip baa hil thrones where i.
worshipper may "bow and sue for]
grace with supidiant knee, and deify |
his power." (Jan it be that distant, j
communities have moro sympathy j
with us than wc have with each oilier?
Can it bo that the people of tty- North,
of New York, have their bowels el
compassion moved towards tho su (tl r
ihg thousands of the South while those
among us who have an abuudaneo ?it
resources look wich hearts nutouchoa
and would take the last cent from tho
poor orphan and widow ? Let me
give two pictures, and first look upon
this am? then upon that. Two mer?
chants of Columbia reco?tJy returned
from New York, where they went with
the view of settling with thou* credi?
tors and making arrangements for
again commencing business. Their
creditors expressed the deepest sym?
pathy for them, assured them that
they attached no blame to them for i
not meeting their liabilities, and of- I
fered at once thc most generous terms j
of settlement. One of them informed j
nu* that he was tendered a receipt in i
full without the paynieut ?d' a <i ?Har, j
buttha! he asked to be permitted-to
pay '2~> cents on the dollar, ?md thai
he gave bin note?ice?>rdingh . payable i
athis own time. The other vms al-j
lowed also to prescribe his own terms j
of seulement. All this was truly gen- I
I ?rous, says the reader, but a still 1 ?gb- j
cr generosity is implied in what 1 now
proceed t<> relut??. They were told
; that they would again establish them
in business, ami ?hut they would fur
I nish t ic-ia with any amount of sine!-.
1 I hoy desired on any time which tin y
won Id" designa tc. Tiny have now re?
turned with valuable stocks, and their
bright, happy laces declare not only
thc foy alni hope wi yell reign in their
bosoms, but cheer ?ind gladden nil
around them. Nov." h-t ns look at thc
other picture One of thc worthiest
citizens of L?ichluinl. vin? luis sus?
tained :i lus-; of :: lunnlrcil negroes,
besides other 'property', vas asked for
money a few days ?rhicu by one of In's
creditors. Lu reply, hot? ?ld 1 dui of his
heavy losses, that ho had m? money,
and that so great mid general was the
dist ress-1 d' the country that be though!
creditors might to be generous ami
settle on tenus which would stop sbori
of utter ruin. To this th? creditor
replies, that In: v ill accede to no term
which will not secure to him pay mein
in full of principal and interest. !
hope that '"thors will be-less exacting;
that those among us who have pas..cl
through Hie terrible crisis with manns
not exhausted, will come to the help
of thu needy, that the ancient, gener?
ous spirit of Carolina may quicken
into a higher lile und activity, and
that her people limy feel the full loree
of thc inspired truth, that "it is bet?
ter to give than to receive."
Condition or Tilings at ?lie Smith.
7b the Editor of the New York News:
Now that the (?ovei'nnient lia
emancipated four millions of negroes
' in thc Southern States, free from ?iii
? restraint, physically and morally, sup
: ported and fed, in part, with (.roven:
, j ment rations, and cajoled into sol!
[ j importance by the literature, oral an !
- I written, delivered b> them by school
I ! teachers and preach?TI'S sent from tin
: ; North, it is not lo be expected thai
i i Ihcy stand ready to discharge tin
- duties of citivicns and freemen, willi
f out any preparatory probation, sud
f as the foreigners who come lo Ihi
? j country lot vi to imd?.igo lu .fore Hie.'
i> ] arc cut rusted willi the elective fran
, I clli-.e. .
ii Thc negro, s are now in their transi
il I tion state, fruin slaves to freedmen
n j not freenc n- "the Ubi rtini, not ii
o berti, of the old Komamv' who nevi
u gave them the full privileges ol citi
ii /.ens, fm- the distinction is very evi
i- dent in Livy'? History.
is ' It is probable tb.if the blacks at th?
it South will caiise ? rouble to the whit
s, i race, for if they aie not in truel* ?I I
j' I receive their freedom with huiuilil.
at hind thankfulness, their < !d guardia
?n master will not bear with their ins?
ty j lenee, and then at ?mye comes a 'wa
of of the races, to end in tho uxtinetio
ve - of tho kla.-k. fov there are i -w wi it
iv- I men at the North, except tin se of tl
of j Satanic school, v im would allow the:
? I white brothers Soni'h to be exterm
?st nated. The g wal question of ema]
,o, cipation is coming to that point; ci
ah ?'ace t.o j'"h>-they sever oma i
equal in air; point of view. "Andnow
that thc Govi vivi teat ia discharging
its white soldiers, what protection is
lefl for tho cnioiv'-inout ?>f law und
ordo,.-? Tho r.ogr ? regiments are left
to ?lo <h\\y in mos! pai So .>.' ii';: Sold Ii.
and what* ran hg expected from thora
hut fi ii lag? .vi ism and violence, such as
Ints been witnessed .iu L ? cities of
Savannah ? ?ml Cnarlrsh ; where the
United States white and 1 Lack troops
fought for i! > ?vi?cn! eaux*', except to
show, tho overbearing disposition vi
the'negroes, ompowered vilh a little
brio;' authority, and arm? ti to keep in
subjection their t'ovmi rulasteis, "now
unttrmcd nvisoni rsV' i' is to lu?hoped
that a i'uj etitioii of tl . s: :10s ? I t;t.
Jiomingo may nV??r lie .uiaeted ??n
this continent, ami our Chit :' Magis?
trate will, mi doubt, take measures to
?ivvout their r?currence: ii' not. <!.
SC :...' .!;'.:'... /o'. .'..'.,. (':'/. \ iATOil.
Ki" i'm P:: .vNj) CV.XCF.IT." .'* eoneeited
man estimates himself t?v> highly, a
proud ; thinks himself worth.) of
bring highly estimated. ^
Dwelling' Horse to Rent.
\ \ Its. 15. ". Kl-MO UK will :' nt li-r VIV.
.'I KlDI'.NfE, (with TUUXi .1 UK.ie.m
Trt i.ir Tuwn.
Tn.-t. - are tu...n Ute olaee :;!!
!.iii!.';in;'s, gar let: and -t ">d wa fr.
sou; Tit? ?S.* i A YT.Ol t.
X-aJT?.^TV 2?"ot ice.
rpi; \M .v, Kl a. ,V PASK?N, partan t's in iin?
ji pra.ti-e i.f baw :uul K?p.?itv in the
fenris ei' S. m ?ti O.tia.: and ? iii.- bathed
Si a ?es. ? ?:!':<... at Ur. Geiger's, cur ncr ol'
\ . . illb'.V a "??.! .
.IA MKS i?. Ti:A?>r.\vi-:LL,,
aa - 2'i fi A.NId'KW fl. I'AXKIN".
Wann locals,
.1 that, while Lr.t
:. Wihnitl'-tt'lll et
ii A v i ?i S i) \ i? i) L L ? li E
v. M h it. nih hi; resiuuci
d' tl
i. I : nppi.rt ot
tig ?:?-r.. agi::uent
I Trust, es have
lis, the privilege
the payment ot
? ?>f av mooth.'.
!' I'nrniriire fer i In ii
?ne subs, ri?
ll ol' Ut\ i-:.
'i'la: house lias b'-en rem??d' 1? d, reno
: ! i .: . .1 . I pat in ?ic ri. . I r>?-:
rou--, hoar, ,i .:.| te--. ty.i\- bing pul 'ie tea;
.con hr: .'.-ii . a: ci ii I . Joulni i;
. . . . ' : .. '.? '. Non !< or South,
(au tri-, nd nd th !rav lue
ttih.- gVn'?raey, visiting Richmond, soi
.'.I'.iV.'. iava .! ,i> make flu ir hom- w
..itid itu pams ?ii! I"- -par id lo mri*
- li. eoii.l.irtul.lc.a.-'.ve ?re pl. ..g. d if. sr..
m the U known rcpii::.ti.in ot the h ons?
iHJSKKfCl .v Mil.bWAb'i),
\!!??li?\?.?) tddfV I til,,
JOB. mmmmr?
l'Ji? I'-iS Vfcftw.7 S>lrc.(\
< ??AU'.KS'l'ON, f>. C.
. j llra-ngebing, S. C.
ir I r.i Wv v'4> A. BOU'DKK <\ CO .
i- fhi.!*tle.'phia,Pr.im.
1- I LIVINGSTON, POX ... CO., A;, tm is,
:e 1 orar LIBE31A1AD7ANC?''S rn:ui< oaCOi
;vf''''^*i .NTS, -A..:: ;.:.'/?'..>*
AND ron SALL: KY .
L , (", i^JIBKEj
Cor ?io' Hlioulinrj tool Ji?'? Strccls,
1 LadiesJ KU CK ?AUNTLLTTS i. il
t La li< a' Yv'iiito KID GLOVES.
Lade s" Mow liing and !'nibil I TDK'PS.
Ki y Itings, Crape Collars. '.
O'>?og;i . (pure ami tine. ) <
Lubiu's Kxtracis, Pomade.
Kuti. ? .iv Ci a vats, China Dolls.
i':il$> Tuck i . inns.
Wat* [-lax Thr. u.!, Salim ls.
Cas. ?ni'-re, for suds. .
Kielu id- r\*O'Uou, Sd!; dov. s.
silk Tissu..-', f. r veiis.
KI. ached Shir! h i ir. L-aih.-r I tolls.
UoKego. fer I ravelling dressas.
Ladies' ii- rh-.Ve.-ts.
Low-priced Ladies' Hose.
Kanev ' i>: a!.d Kress I'm ton...
I ii iper bins'. A rate Huttons.
C. ni's Linen Collars, Matche*,
black an i Colored Silk Kelting.
.Li e. n s. Li.n k and tireen Tua.
Spool Cotton, all numbers.
Mourning Calico.
Kovs' Half Hose, ki-it Hats.
!?:*! : ba; a Turnip Si . il, ir! Aug 22 I
CULUMKIA. Ai rn r h~. 1"*',.-,.
rTWK undersigned, having i rm. d a bu.-i
1 mss eon m-ct ion whh tue Jinn of
/CALV. SCOTT A Kit CNS. under tho style
of K?TSuS LEE A' CO., for tie purpose ?.;
conducting au All Ti ON. ti KN Kl.'A L ? OM
re-o.-f tnliv solicit-, the patronage of thc
m.Mic. liUTSUN LEE.
T... ea ft or, the Auction and General Cmn
- .??or business done bv ns wiil he con
en .. ii hv Messrs. Hl-TSON KKK ? CO.
A . bi ? ZEAJA, fr'COTT A KUUNS.
uiTsnx7LCEirc?7' "
Auctioneers, General Cora. Agents
and E . :.:uige Brokers,
( "Ll'.'LoiA, S. C.
,4 NY bnshiosij cut nisi i d to them will rc
J \ ei iv pi. irc.pt in I? is ion.
COLD, SILVK1.'. silt 'CiiiTIFSand LANK
NOTES bough: and sold.
Il fer to -.t-.-.-srs. WILLIS A CIIISOLM
! ;;:. . .':....- ... JOHN i" EASEL ..t Co., Charles?
ton. S. C.
oLobe.' SCULLY, Dsn., and Messrs. F.
I C. L VJMU'.l; .v co.. Augusta, tia.
Charlot*. N. e.
UM e
'iii:-, ii'uiirsigiieii, navmg ! ascii
j . ,,ir th- I. A K Ci E and COMMODIOUS
?Ltl.KCJLOINii knowe, as the "Columbia
Methodist, l-'emsi! ? 'ollcgc," v.'iil open ii ;. -a
L-TliSi'-CLASS IloTF.?i, on Si-.re:nl>i r 7.
T. S. NJCKEKSON, Proprietor.
ti j- Tapers throughout i ho State insert
twice a w.-nfc ?or live! ?eeks, and M nd b;;is
:?? this ol'ii e. Aug 17
I Nolle c7~-C liar ?T??iTj?: ~~?~j: pvYTl '.
miIF. Indi, s ..f tia UUS I"LINK ('(?NYF.NT
i. and Ai AD KM Y ar- an: ions to rebuild.
! as speedily as possible, an editier: suitahh
for tlf.-ir ?M<>::..-:> rv and htsiitnte. their*
! having been burned in the gem ral'con ?ki?
1. ; ii.
Car- Hr. Joh!: J>nch, Columbia, ... C.
NOTICE. To eorrect the nuinv ern : .<:.:
I r. ports in rireidation, the Mother Sup. rio
Wti-li s io lav ?hat she has paid .'i? fo
lone months insertion ol'the "."La ri I a bb
j Appeal, ' and has r.ired no; .rio
i.v. ii the cobie of our venl, nev .inls cithe
I iu>." or thu i archa;,.; i f gn lind v;h( ri on ii
I build.
(Snc'sors to Ilotchkiss, F; nm r A Kennett,
,T:ID. . r:.NV!;R. m B?NNiixr, P. w. BOTCX?
\ lt?. P. ft. TOPTN. who tra s for ? ?engl
Hot.aiii iss
es in Lil:
Carolina. His 'add."* j will be Clinto;
f*?re?s DisTri-t:, ?.vs? * ?;'ia
Mail Line!
THE new first
class steamer MO
MEKA, Charli e J*
Marshinau, GOT*/
?Steamer (d A M
Caleh, Commander,
Will leave Charleston, S.. C., direct for
New V .rk. alternately, THUESDAYS each
we? K.
Fu- i'n iglil or passa;;" havinghandsome
..laie KUM'i :ieeu|ii:iii><]:itimis-aimlv lo
F. A. "WILCONSUN, A;;. iii,
Orafigeburg, i'.. C.
l-<; ami K's Mei tin;.; st., Chariest on, S. C?
LIVINGSTON, FOX. A. CO., Agent st,
Aaa !.. itrio_>,<?Yy Y. rk.
$ '
Heatlq'rs Dep t of South Carolina,
DIKTON HEAD, S. C.. .TVLY 20,1805.
fl EX El! A J. (tlibEUs so. ?.
IT is announced, tor the iufbnnati.ni and
govcrnir.ent ol ibis command, that BEN?
JAMIN F. PEJiliY, ol' South Carolina, has
lu iti appointed, lo; die President. Provi
sioual < iovi rnorof "theState of South Curo
lina, with authority and instructions, 'at
the earliest priicticablu period, to prescribe
snell ruh :- and regulations as may be.IICCCH
s:; ry alu; proper for convening a ( lui iv-, anion,
composed ol' .1. i. gat er. lo Pe chosen hy ilia'.
I" a-: e,ai ot' t !:.? pi opie ol' said Statu who ar.?
loyal to the I'niteU Stati s, and no others,
tor the -puxpose et' altering or amending the
Const ii uti ou thereof; and with authority to
exercise, within the linnie ot' said State,-al!
thc powers necessary and prop* :- to enable
sueh loyal people ot the State ol' South Ca?
rolina to ' .-tore said State to its constitu?
tional relations to the Federal Gevernmcnt,
aia't" present such a l?epublican form of
State Government as ?ill entitle thc Stat?
to ! I..- ;-v.r-ran;e. nf the Unite listines thero
; .,, a . . i.:- p. . ; > e. protect i ti by tho
. nited Stat, -i.-r ,.ai-i invasion. iltsmTeet-ion
and o an .-.ie violence; provided, that in
any . 1 ctiou thal amy hereafter be held for
el;.- I-"..L; ileli>g8CTc4 to any Slate Convention?
a- p.ton- aid, nu pi '.son shall he ipnaliftod as.
an eh i t- r. er sltall be eligible as a member
of such Convention, unless he shall have
pre-, iously taken and subscribed the oath of
anntestv, as set' forth hi tho 1'resident's
proclamation of May 2!), A. I). 18U5, and is
a voter ouaiitii d as prescribed bv tho Con?
stitution and laws of fch?n State of South
Carolina, ?a j'..rc- immediately before tho
seventeenth (17th) dav of November, A. 1>.
IKfiO, the date of Kn: so-calleU Ordinance v*.
St'fession; and tiie said Ciuiveution, when
convened, er tin Li.gi.slatiu-e that nmy be
(thereafter assembled, will prescribe tho
?jinilitication of electors, and the eligibility
of persons to hopi oil v under th?! Consti?
tution and laws ol'the State, a power th?
e . iple M ?he several Slates composing tim
Federal t -.ion Live rightfully exercised.
:i. :.i t!.' rit in of dm tiovernmei I to tho
present t?nu'."
K- is. ii.. relKre, ordered, that all oflicurs
md other person* in the United states
"i ?Sitary s< r\ice, within tin- fstato of South
Car lina, r.id ?md assist (i.?Vernor Ferry in
carrying into off-ct thu foregoing instruc?
tions, and they arc enjoined to abstain
i'r aa. ia any way, hindering, impeding ot
. ': ron raging the loyal people ol? the Staten
. i.: the organization ufa State Governs^
i.: ut, as hereinabovc authorized and di?
.Mi ordi ' ; and instrnelions now in opera?
tion through at this L'epartnu-nt, whether
. : lauaiingtr io thise-licadqmirU-rs,orfrom
il':ul?piaileis* L/epartment of the South,
that ar,- not inconsistent with t h<\foregoing
disiinci!> so. eiiied provisions of this order,
; will ei utini inf ree as heretofore,th rough?
en, i "ny State i.f Soin h l'a roi in ti.
Ev. iv m i-dful facility fer taking the nin
.'..tili \.ill l.e afforded bj the military
o:: ?riti ?.on forms heretofore supplied,
oi that pt: re- .--c.
II.;, itu: I .-. .-..>-: Marshals and Assistan*;
!"roVo>: .Alar.-?.als ??ll constitute the only
iuil'i:ai\ obi.'.-rs i :a it I'd to administer tho
i ian.-.-ft ..?na. a ciTiitied copy of which
-..'a. in "ali cases he furn is bed to* the indi
. taking it. rho original eatha will bo
irai.;.-, n.itt id, si mi - n i o a t ? i ly. hy tho officer
ailm '-iste: .:?%. the saan-, to the Provost
Marshal-Gen raia! these Headquarters, by
whom tin y will lie r rordyl in a book kept,
for that purpose, and then forwarded to tho
Sect i t 'ry ol St.ile.
p >r- r.,\ . applying for Executive clemency
ttiU - ?! their petition '-uh a certified
. ; ? r tbs-AnnjKsty Oath attached,) to tho
i /r nt, thr nigh tho Provisional Gover
j ir a: . io. il! -, South Carolina.
Ey command ot
Maj. Cen. Q. A. GILLMOEE.
Otb i.'d: W. E. M. BuitQEB, A. A. G.
AUK lo'
VV. Ii. JOlI.VsiTO-M,
oil Pickchs sind East ad of Lady',
M.K attend to all cmctal business
hi eng .: . . '-..-i: iii-.;; wid ..ls?, attend
?. vi. : , 11, ulla, Conveyances, Mort?
-. Ci ir.??.-. rad other ordinary lega*
.: ? ' ats of writing. Fair copies of any
at executed with cc-mess and df

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