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wrtllomm R "t186. VL t -W_ 13Yt
x xx sh jr Jtivj?i^ JLY
Daily Paper, six months.$5 00
Tri-Weekly, " " .? 50
Weckb, " " . " ...:.2 00
Single copies of thc Daily and Tri-Weekly
10 cents: ot the Weekly, lo cents.
Inser? od in cither the Daily or Tri-Weekly a
SI per square for tho first insertion, and 7i
cents for each subsequent insertion. In tin
Weekly, $1 a square.
iFS'Special notices 15 cents a linc.
>.*a.uioTal .Vddrcss <?f (tic Souillera
methodist Bishops.
"Wo have t?iD grout .pleasure of pre
geuting our readers, below, tin
pastoral address ot' the Southern Me
thodist bishops, and beg their uttcn
tion to it ?'.sa most nblo and Inch
exposition of the feelings of the groa
Divines of the Methodist* Church
?South, concerning thc late war, ant
many of the grave questions wilie)
arose out of it. li: is worthy thc mo?
candid perusal, which wo have
' doubt it will receive : ?
To the Preachers ann Members af th
jj?MelJtodist Episcopal Churo//, ivn'ah.
?* BELOVED BIIETHBEN": Thi "ti'.rh th
_ Providence of God, we have been poi
mitted to hold our annual me d.iti"
Having reviewed the condition of th
Church, in the light of the best info]
ination we have been able to obtaii
from its various Holds, and arrange
the plan, herewith sent forth, <
Episcopal visitation of the ;?nnn?
conferences at their approaching se*
pions, we'do not feel that our respon
sibilities, as your chief pastors, woul
be discharged wiHinnt. giving you on
?views us td tho bearing of passin
events upon tiie Church, and our m
vice a.-. to the duties growing out ?
the-peculiar times in which our lol
have been ca?d,.
The close of the war reveals lune
destitution mail material sufforiu
within those Sc.iies where the larg?
portion of our membership is situate^
[*.ji?t us hope that returning peaee^wi
bring other and coveted blessings i
its train- -c?vil and social order, iptic
?md rt; mun era ti ve industry and picul
br our land; and that our eh urdu
having rest may bo edified, and wall
ing in tho fear of tho Lord mid inti
comfort of the Holy Ghost, may 1
To these ends, yon need no! bo r
minded that it is not less your duly ;
Christians, than as loyal citizens,
contribute by all the moans with
your power. Tho cultivation of tl
graces of the Spirit will directly ai
mightily help forward tho best int
rests of the country, now sore, ai
broken and prostrate in it s resource
Uspecinlly would we counsel mutti
forbearance and conciliation in tho
sections where brethren have difibn
on the groat, issue which bus tina]
been decided by arras, Und conscie
tiously liold oppo.-?ng opinions ai
courses throughout the contest. I.
all bitterness, and wrath, and un--,
and clamor, and evil spcakiugs bc p
away from you, willi all malice. Vi
kind?>ne to another, and Let past?
and people set themselves, in t
temper of our Master, to lioaling ?
division:; and h cart-burn in'.rs a:
alienations that may unhappily ha
arisen during thc calamitous yet
through which wc have just pass:
The end of the war ought tobe t
<-i:d of all strife; for it. would bc ;
reasonable and reproachful in us
Christian* to perpetuate a cont!
which, in our relations as citizens
one. common country, hus bern s
tied. Seek peace and pursue it. Bu
again the waste places of Zion. A
forget not to pray*for all that nrc
authority, that w^? may lead a rpi
and peaceful lifo in all godliness a
honest}'; tor this is good and acce
able in the sight of Cod our Savio
The condition of the conieren
und portions of our territory wh
have been the -principal theatre
annies and battles will render
support of the ministry, for tho j
-<<it at least, difficult. They
uircatened with that great calamity,
"not a famine of bread nor thirst for
water, but of hearing the Mjordsof thu
Lord.'' Never?.were the counsels and
consolations of our holy religion and
the ordinances of God's house, mon'
needed by you aud vodr familias and
your neighbors. Wo beseech you,
brethren, let no labor or sacrifice hin?
der you from preaching and hearing
the Gospel. To accomplish this result,
your self-denials must be mutual and
cheerful.' Tho work of saving tho
souls of dying num. and of extending
the Reedemer's Kingdom, ir. usc go
forward. ( Kir youth must he instruct?
ed, Sabbaths hallowell, and our sanc?
tuaries kept open. When and whi r
ever * necessary, we commend to tho
preachers the example of thc Apostle
of th o Gentiles iii ministering to thc
Corinthians, "'working with his '.own
hands." And to the members, ifni
example <>- the churches of Macedo?
nia-, w]ic?v"deep poverty," in ;i groat
j trial of nit'iolicu. abounded un:.) tin
riches of thoir liberality. Have th
days of a heroic an I suffering minis
tn? passed away? Wo trust nui. (mi
i hope t i see it illustrated in the o>?por
I tuuities tim present distress alfords;
j We cann i draw in ??ur linos. \V<
I cannot ab. un h tanny Hold. Lint rather.
I in the spirit of our fathers, ni om-<
I Ctmservativti and aggressive, whili
! maintaining positions already talion
we must extend our labors lo region.
j .hi the change from slaves to frood
. men, which has providentially beialloi
. nm negroes of tho Southern States
'our obligations to promote ti';-i
I spiritual wollare have mri ceased. >Wi
i arc still debtor to them free, as befon
I to them bond. Under the J dvhi<
1 blessing, our Church has done a groa
work for this people. Thc jr. mom
j training, and generally diii'usei
knowledge of the cardinal trinos o
I Christianity, and their ce-'i -vi i-.rK.-r!
j discipline, have justly won tho adm!
j ration of many who have Intel. - om
! i?bo contact and acquaintance .vii'
I them, lt ims accomplished morn i
I II?S materially contributed lo the!
subordination and moffensive behavio
i through the late defenceless an
; excited times, when prophecies wer
oouliibuit and opportunities frequcn
.for domestic i.us'iirri-.riiorr^'And thei
safe though sudden passage from
! slate of bondage to liberty, a trans
I lion accompanied by no violence <
? tumult on their part-, is largely due ?
tl i o samo 'cause. Though often ri
viled while prosecuting tho evangel
! cation of the colored people by tho*
who churned to be their belter friend
Southern -Methodists have persevere
in it not without blessed jesuits. \\
might hav<*donc more, but wc shou!
be thankful to tho grace of (! -J th;
we have not don.- loss. Our labor h?
not been'in vain in the Lord. Mull
tades have boen saved, who will ?
our crown of glory in "that day.
Alni, that tho ?cooil effects of our ro?
gTiiis teaching bestowed upon them
bondage will follow the race into lix
now condition and help to prepa
thom for it, is matter of pleasing!
flection to us.
Our numerous membership am .?:
them of ovor two hundred ?md for
thousand, exclusive of tho coiigr
tums ami catechumens who rec iv.
instruction (from our pastors and m
sionarias, ha?? been mncli reduced I
recent changes und casualties, .if
sh.nd 1 be still fnrflter reduced. -
need not l?- surprised. Defect io;
donhiless, will take place from lin
ranks to ecclesiastical orgemr/iitio
offering greater social indneeiim;
For their adhesion. If they elect
leave us. let thom go, with'flier; .?.;
ance that" as heretofore we ?save
so will VIM on ti nuo to be, their triom
and in every snitabln way rid th
moral i b . veli >; ??! i. i it. and religious v,
fare. AVe fins! still keep up a ph
and a scrv'ioe for those who renn
with ns and for others who, nftei
brief expcrimont elsewhere, may \v
to i' tum. While no factions oppi
tiou, on the ono hand, sb mid benji
ed to the exorcise of their full
liberty in choosing their ceclesiasti
associations; on the other no desiri
being rid of a respou ;ibility &ho
incline you ti treat their action i:i
grave :i matter with indifference, oi
let them take their way ir. ignora
of all the issue's involved. Give tl
exact information an?! patient expla
nation. Act faithfully ami kiud?y i:t
all tilings towards them* and as "be?
comes these ?lio truly caro for their
lle?onstruetion or rc-union with the
Methodist .'episcopal Church, North,
has. within thu last i'cw mouth*. bet?n
brought btifor th? publie by thc?o
I nomina!ional papers, and by their
j pivochcrs und nicmlvrs in published
addresses and res? dillions. Their
bishops and missionary secretaries
I held a meeting in June,,the proceed
i inga of winch, < uibmcing this subject.
? haw been uublishcd by.order. Under
i tin-so circumstances some allusion to
i :L s i my bc prop T from us.
j. Yon arc aw u .. that at our lirst gono
1 ral con'er?tico a ?leb gate was nppoint
' < d to vi- it the general conference of
tho Northern; Methodists, and present
t< ' that l>ody ourChristmn .? ahita! ions,
willi thc oiifer to establish fraternal
rotations and :i ?doser int?-rcourso bo
t'.vceu us as ? lembors of the same spi
rllu; i family. floAvas. i,i all respects.
a meet, proper and U'H-xci'pthmablo
minis', r, and perform* .1 the part as
signed lum ia a most prop ?rtaud nvn
exceptionalne nia:ui>?r. Ile presented
Iiis credentialst > that body, and asked
ano! awaited i.v-ir d. dsion. Thcv
granted kira no heiring in tiroir pr?
--.:i.-e. They declined to receive bini
in his ?inicial character. Tin .'lejeetej
his offer, rle closed his iiic?ectual
mission by informing th? iv, in ? com?
munication which he as ur. ,1 them
was final, that as th??y had *ejeetod
our oiler, we cowl.] uo more renew it.
VVe held ourselves ticqnittod cf a?:\
breach of Caris.: m amity that might
appear. But if. ut anv time, rho-?
shoul.l formally and oTicially niak*.
ibo same oiler to ?is. thc door*\v??ul?]
bu open for its ci ?aside ration. Thu
wu? in ISO}. They have s.Inee mad.
no sue i i oiler. There lire matter re sts.
mal'we might v..-Ii l?e excused fron:
any further ivferua?o to it.
\Vc feel bound to suv to you. how
eyer, tl?it since th*?;! tin* position 0\
"Northern Methodists toward us '.ia:
been somewhat changed. liaviin.
?greed with us on a plan of sopara
rion into two id 'ppp.?lent ecelosiasti
cal jurisdiction and for an lapvttubh
dividion of tho CUuikdi property, t\\c}
:d't? rv.*, ri ls tongi ! to repiuM-d?; lindi
IT.','.':;. .1! uno. cv ul ? payment-, a Vi wer?
?m'y br? tilg.? i fo sett lenient at tho ern
l>y lo i i e.v. This pla.a, though grant
cd by themselves, .-.'ho wore in a ma
jo-'.: '. and aub.ii.rp.u'JitIv confirmed le
i li>i Supremo < :.?j:.'t of th- Unit??.
Stales ?us the Iw&is of our legal au?
coiistiluidimil rights, lins been, winn
ever c?u:vcniont; ignored bv them.
Tiley have en ieavored by misropre
sc.ubitions'ta ii:; on us the iuviiliou
.diameter o" secessionists ai ul Ntdiisma
i e., will out authority or cause iron
tho paivni body; whereas we five, ii
all respects, co-cquui aud coeval wt li
Lhomsei'. e.-.
The aboiyion, f-r military and po
litical considerations, of the iustiiii
ti -ii of do: mistic slavery in thc- I "ni tc?
Kittos, docs m t affect thc ?piesfioi
timi was prominent in our separatioi
i i ?S i."}., I'd.r is {his Cue only difiei:
ellenor tho pri iciiv.il f^io between n
ami th ta. Wi di? J testifying wit
:>'. -asare tu tho n ?'ole conduct ami son
tiuimils o; Nia.iy ?>rot!?i?*n arnon
thom, w?! mist ospro.-s. wit li regret
our appj'idionsioM tiiat a large prop.oi
!.ji?n, ii' not a raajorirw of Norther
Methodists have I .-ec. .mc ?ne.?.-ab!
radical. Th ey teach for doctrino th
c iraquiud^u-n?so? men. Tli??y pr.?ac
another gos}?cl. Tl icy have inoorpt
ruled social dogmas and political test
into their church creeds. They IHM
;r<jne. oa to impose conditions upo
discipleship that Christ ?lid not in
pose. Their pulpits aro perverter! t
agitations mai questions not i.".i!??t?
!.> pcrs:>n:d piety; but promotive c
political ami .ecole; ia. li cal .Tiseori
rutlie,- Hum ol' those cuds for wide
tho Church o? i ho J jp rd Jesus Cure
w;is instituto !. Without*, suvh
eilan;," as we rec no iiniucdlato pro
peet of in their tone and temper an
practice,* wo can anticipate no goo
result from entertaining the subject?
ro-union with them. Fidelity to wh:
SOM ns car providente! mission r
quires that we presQ?v? our distin
ecclesiastical organization, in all i
.'i:,er and integrity,* free from en ti.
jrhng ail'auce'. willi those whoc? n
i lions of philanthropy ."?i>l politicsrarid
social economy ar > liable to f??ve ail
i (Ker-varying complexion- lo theology.
Let us abide ?ii otu* lot, ami be t m?? to
0 ir (. .lliu;.-. doing what we can to
spread Scriptural holiness through
tim e lands, and to oppose thc tide of
I fanaticism which threatens their ovcr
I tb)''nv.
! We, tin ref ore, most earnestly '.von M
oxhor?. vi?U, brethren, f.? slam1, firmly"
J on our platform of doeirine and <iis< i
pline. Know your high calling,
j L'rmeh Christ ami him crucified. 1 ?"
j net preach politics. Xou have no
a commission lo preach polities. The
divinity of thc ehureii is never more
strikingly displayed Lhau when ii
In Ids on "its cvoii,"'straight-forward:
way in tim midst'of woridly ccftiimo
tions. l'.e not t?.med aside from your
; path by local, sp^'-ious. i mrporary iu
lhmnces. ,\;iil in ?di your teaching,
j and administration of discipline, keep
in view that; rulo ni faith which de
j clares that "the Holy Scriptures con?
tain ali things necessary to salvation;
so that whatever is not read tkoroin,
j nor may bo proved tin roby, is not to
j be required i>f any erm."
j Tue. conduct ot certain Northern
\ Methodist bishops ?ind preachers,'in
. taking ?idvautage of.the .confusion in?
cident to ?1 slate, of war to intrude
j themselves i . ? . - ? several ?if our houses
of worship, ?vid their eonMnuing to
hbld M i ese pl.mes" agiiusj tho wishes
j and protests, til tim congregations and
i rightful owners, causes us sorrow and
; pain, not only as working ;m'injury to
j ns, butas presenting to the world a
. spectacle iii calen lat? d to make au im ?
[pression favorable io Christianity.
'Th y ave not only using, to our d ipri
1 vatio)! and exclusion, churches and
I par.so.uago.-t which v\o have budded,
i but In.vu proceeded to set up a claim
lo them as their property, l'y what
! Shadow of right legal or moral -wc
I ?ire uta loss to conceive. We advisi
! our bret ?ir ?a who suffer these evils fcc
1 b?ai-thon pat-tent Iv, to .leave closely
together, and not to indulge in any
vindii#.ivo measures or tempers. A
plain statement of tho ease,-fa nd an
appeal to the Justice oi Ekoso ig. au?
thority, cannot fail to defeat such
r "in la lour- designs, and secure tia thc
full restoration of all our rights.
While- some telle of re-union of tin
two churches, wo forewarn yon of?;
syiifcAu ititi attempt, already inaugurei
.ed, iud of which lim foregoing is or.l\
an in ?anec, t . disturb, and if possi
ble disintegrate), and then absorb oin
nvunbei-shiii individu: liv. In tb?
moeiingot di ar bishops and mission
arv secretaries, alluded to, it was re
solved t o -send pr.-achers ami plan
sae!.-ties Sro'!i . in Isl wherever then
is an opoflmg. Ti ur ir pokey is ovi
<l.'Tii!\ of division, destruction andee
elesiastieid dova ii:: i iou. Against al
{Iiis lie on y?:u* guards. Internal dis
sonsions will do us much more ham
than sn -!i outward antagonism. Iii
true to vi ?ur principles, and under ? lu
divin o favor they will friiiuiph. li
this eonrm< lion you will bo pleased ti
hear that our pe:?pl? tiro si .??.?'asi.
Theil ed a- conferences, under specia
trials, p.-.-ont a noble example o
st cadia ?lies.-?.
Not less as loyal cit irons (kan a;
Christian men do we deplore tin
friction, lu - irritation mid tho wash
of po?.er Unit must, mark such mipro
coked coudie! : f-ho passi-.ns that wal
bo arouse.'! and the in Huov.oes that \.ii
be g?::. -nt * ?. . or less. not. ont;
in Itu- member-hi ? of both rom mn
;,v.-e... bul ! . tko r who Kvmpathb;?
with them. It-achin : and nifrciin:
as il . will. .! tiy or -lirectly, ;
"large a population, ?m! stirring tin
popuhtr i. clings so dc 'ply. as,reii; ;'ou
fonds ever do, the effect must b< st ri
ousiy to retard lind settlemen?. am
agreomoiii ") au est-rang. >. and healei
publie temper, already be.irnm and th
coUi'itmmatiim of which is devout!;
lu ii- desired by everv patriotic mind
For any such nut ?ward results, \v
?drall not be responsible.
Y'ou;- G?n?ral Conference, Frovi
d ncc - pei-: a li ting, will conv? ne in Nc
< h'lean on Wednesday, after th
find Sunday in April a. kt. To it wi
belong nil such disciplinary chan r?
and legislation ?is a wisc regard t-> tk
-.rant.) of the Chureh and the finn
dcm ind.
Wc c?dnot close our address wi tl
or.; an r?; <&nd ?TT?licit ?^commem
ation to yon to adjust yourselves a3
citizen's ot"the United States* prompt?
ly, cheerfully nod in good faith, to
all your duties and responsibilities.
' "Whatever may have been the opinions?
positions or prejudices of any of you
concerning tho spcifi and political '
changes that have occurred in the
Government, we ?h om tbis?CQUrse to
be eal lcd for on your part, both by a
sound judgment an.I au enlightened
Finally, brethren, we exhort you.'
above all thiugs, to cultivate personal
holiness. Koop up .your family altars.
I Forsake not the assembling of your?
selves together for ibo regular and
p nhl ic worship of God. And may He
give you the spirit of love and ?d a.
sound mind, and guido you* in all .
things to His glorv.
COLUMBUS, <;.\.. August 17, 1SQ5.
Corner ISuonlinq ami li vii Streets, ?
I I^INK CORSET! S. P.'.: h bi V\ LNG ?ILE
!" V radies' BUCK UAUIs HJF. LXS and
Sadies' White KED GLOVES.
Ln?li'-s' V.,"rain.: nan Kmb'd K'PKTS.
K v ninjas, Crape < :?Hars.
C lin i'.c". (pure nuil lino. ?
Lnbh.'s Kxtrm-t*, Pomade.
Butierlly Cravats, China Dolla.
i'?'l'ai l; Combs.
bla-l'. Flax Thread, Satinets.
Cassimcre. for suits. ?
Kinhroi?b:r\ Cotton, Silk Clove*.
Silk Tis?me'. for veils.
Uktfched Sliirtln..r. .".eather Belts.
Dettejre. for tray.-Mpg dresses.
.3 .adi??1 Merino Vests.
Low-priced budies' FTose.
j Fancy Wal atc! Dr? ss Button*.
Diapur Pin-*. \gat?: Hutton*. "
I (jvnt.'s Linen Collars. Mufi oes.
Black and Colored Sill. ii. Iring!
i Broom*. Black and Oreen Tea.
Sp". -I ('olbin, all numbers.
I' M .:u'Vin-r Calico,
i Boys' ibdf Hose, Felt lia tc
Jtuta P..-"a Turnip Seed, >vc. Aug '.'Z 4
Mail Line!
- 1 NKKA, Charles p.
'M?Tt CAM.
VfvMiaiwasa iSfaSsSi?S* Ii Li 11) i ; E , I. W. #
Bai< h, ( ' Minean !. r, ,
V ?il 1. c.- Ch: . ? ton. S. C.. of'.r' for
Nev li'ork, ..:a.:."i.-,#'U?.'h.-.'D4\'.S each
wevk. ,
I'M . Cn r:*.i or ?. ? ha\nv:.handsome
St.ne Boom a ?cunniodations- apply to
F. A. WILCO\NO.V, Agent.
(>nui-eb'nr* S. C.
.\:.'.'i;:b\:.D GETTY c. CO.,
Ii?; ate! i::s M.? ? . - I.. Charleston, :'.. C.
':>GST( 'A, FOX & CO.. Agent?,
Aug 1 . 2mo New York.
Office Gen. Sr.p. W. aud M. R. E.,
V.'lL??rXGTOS, N. C., \r.; it.
r*// 1 A </ /.' set; r. t,/-/,/?;.
ON nt! L alter SUN DAY. 27ih, daily tra??a
.viii . un over thc Wilmington :.jnl Man
>?.., i?:> i Iron ?I, hr'.11 ii Kin saville and
Leave htae>\ i'?e daily at.. .'. . . 7.".'> p. m.
.. Wilm'ingiou "at..(?.00 a. m.
Arrive Kingsville "? at.. . . 1.25a. m.
.? Wil nia;.! MI " at...... ?..0?n. m.
There i: daily c'vnar.irncation ?North by
roi from Wilmington, a nfl . >rti wei-l.-lv hy
stoanuT. These tra'ms connect, v.ita (mina
...i th?. North eastern Hadron !. Che raw and
liitrlin-ton bailrb: 1 and \\ 'laang! a an !
\\. Mon Raikpad. Tl ere is a bur of sta ac*
hetweeu Sumter and Camden connecting
..nil thc .?. ?rains.
rw'.Nltv M. ps S NP.
ai?' 2S 10 Gen? ral'Strperiritendeiil.
/l OVERNMEM?^F.CUB?TlKf and other
1 H STOCKS, BONDS, Ac, bought and
s.ild oircommission. - M v
DEWITT C. LAWRENCE, niembci a. L.
Sloe!* Hsohange. ..
o,.trril. vi.-, r i M'-'iiiit; Boara.
" . . . bd.*?

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