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-.ju ii-? ?CT??**".'?''"w?wami
By Telegrapli.
Congrewlona] Xfws.
WASHINGTON, December 21.-In the
.Senate, Howard's resolution, asking the
President to inform the Senate upon what
charges Jeffcrsou Davis was confined, aud
why he has not been brought to trial, was
referred to thc following committee :
Messrs. Fessenden, Grimes, Harris, How?
ard, Johnson and Wilhams.
Sumner presented a petition from the
colored citizens of Tennessee, protesting
against the reception of the Tennessee
delegation until the rights of the colored
people of Tennessee were recognized.
Also, a petition from the white citizens of
the District of Columbia, asking the exten?
sion of the right of suffrage to the colored
In the House of Representatives, Hub?
bard, of Connecticut, offered a resolution
that the United States will never recognize
any government imposed on any nation on
this continent hy the army of anv European
power : which was referred to the Commit?
tee on Foreign Relations.
Fiioike kas made & speech against the
radicals, denying the theory of Stevens,
that tue South is a conquered territory,
and condemned any scheme interfering
with thc right of suffrage which should be
enjoyed by the South.
Raymond also took issue with Stevens,
denying that the South can be considered
a belligerent power, and declared himself
opposed to confiscation acts, which were
notonlv oppressive, but unchristian, and
tliat it became the duty of a patriot to do
everything to restore peace and harmony
to both sections.
Waihtngton SeWi<
WASHINGTON, December 2L-The Secre?
tary of State has addressed to the Provi?
sional Governor of South Carolina and the
Constitutional Governor of the same State,
a letter similar to those addressed to the
Governors of Georgia, Alabama and Mis?
sissippi, relieving the Provisional Governor
of his authority and placing it in tho hands
of the Constitutional Governor.
DECEMBER 22.-The vote in this city yes?
terday for negro suffrage, resulted in 35
favorable and 6,500 opposed to it.
The name of Lewis I). Campbell, of Ohio,
has been sent to the Senate for confirma?
tion as Minister to Mexico. Gen. Logan
declined the appointment.
WASHINGTON, December 23.-Secretaj
Seward, by direction of the President, "
addressed" a letter to Governor Wortjjf, of
North Carolina, informing him
visional Governor Holden has h&n re?
lieved. Gevernor Holden is dirVctcd to
deliver to Governor Worth all papers con?
nected with his office. 7
Secretary Seward, in his conmiunication
to Governor Holden, conveys tho Presi?
dent's acknowledgment of tho fidelity and
loyal discretion which has marked his
(Holden's) administration.
Secretary Seward has received a letter
from Governor Orr, of South Carolina, re?
turning thanks, in tho name of the people
of South Carolina, for the tender of co?
operation on the part of the Government,
when found necessary, in cfi'ecting tho
early restoration of permanent prosperity
and the future welfare of the State. "You
may rest assured," Governor Orr adds,
"of my .unalterable purpose to aid in up?
holding the supremacy of thc laws of tho
United States, and advancing the honor,
interest and prosperity of our common
The Government has received nothing
official from the French Emperor indicat?
ing tho withdrawal of the French troops
from Mexico. The French Minister has
indicated that such is thc Emperor's in?
Maximilian ha's already arranged to sup?
ply their places with Austrian troops.
It seems to be the settled determination
of Congress to pass a bill for an air-line
road between Washington and New York.
A hill for this purpose is now in the hands
of Thaddeus Slovens.
Secretary McCulloch :.-ft this city, to-day,
for New York, lt said he wants more
Sautli Carolina.--TlicHlaul Hist riot .
/;-/ Jacob Bell, Ordinary of mid District.
?\XTiiEREAS Mary Jane McElrone hath
W applied to me for letters of adminis?
tration on all and singular the goods and
chattels, rights ami credits ol' Michael
McElrone, late of tho District aforesaid,
These arc, therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and creditors
of the said deceased, to bo and appear be?
fore me, at our next Ordinary's Court for
thc said District, to be holden ut Columbia
on Mmday, the eighth day of January next,
at lo o'clock a. m., to show cause, if anj',
whv the si'id administration should not bc
Given under my hand and seal of the Court,
this twenty-third day of December, in thu
year of our Lord one thousand eight him
?:-t i and sixty-five, and in the ninetieth
year of American independence.
Dee 'ii v.2 Ordinary Richland District.
Corner of Assembly and Washington Sis..
Oolu.nbia, SS. C
REPBESENTS a number of the best
both Northern and Southern-compa?
nies, possessing an aggregate capital of
TAL RISKS taken on equi?
table terms, and all losses
promptly paid.
SST" Policies mad*! payable
in Gold or Currency. ""^?S
By his Exce?ency JAMES L. ORR, Go?
vernor of the State of South Cai~olina.
INFORMATION has been communicated
to this Department, by thc Hon. William
H. Seward, Secretary^ of State, that the
President of the United States has relieved
the Hon. Benjamin F. Perry from thc fnr
I ther discharge of his duties as Provisional
Governor of the State, and has remitted
the "care and condition of the proper
affairs of tho State to the constitutional
authorities chosen by the people thereof."
This intelligence will bo highly gratify?
ing, as it is an important s te o in tho carly
restoration of the people to the enjoyment
of all their civil rights. It is the harbinger
of the re-establishment of those friendly
relation?, in every section of the Union,
which have been so long alienated and
In retiring from his position, Gevernoi
Perry carries with him thc thanks of tm
I people of South Carolina, for the wisdom
zeal, fidelity and ability with which bc die
charged the grave, delicate and importan
duties of his office.
Ir. entering upon thc duties of Constitu
ti'mal Governor, it is proper that I shook
declare the present status of thc State t<
the Executive Department of the Federa
Government, and to the military authori
ties acting under the instructions of tb
President; so that tho people, knowing
may yield prompt obodiencc to all lawfu
The order suspending the writ of habea
corpuvissned by the President, has no
beemmodified or revoked in this State, an
the/military authority is, therefore, f>*ra
mount in all such matters as they are>ii
ytructed to take jurisdiction of, and a
i such wiU be respected by all orderly an
law-abiding people.
The military claim jurisdiction in a
cases of disloyalty to the Government an
refractions of its laws; to preserve ordc
and discipline in and near their garrisoni
to adjudge and determine aU controvcrsit
in which freedmen "or freedmen and whiti
are engaged, including violations of Stal
laws by freedmen; in all cases of wrong c
injury done to its officers and soldiers; an
is an auxiliary in aiding Treasury agent
to recover United States property, and tl:
Freedmen's Bureau in supervising coi
tracts of labor with freedmen. Whenev?
a person, therefore, is arrested by militai
authority on either of the above ground
they have jurisdiction of the case, and a:
instructed not to obey any writ of tiai>e(
corpus for the release of such person.
I therefore advise and admonish ti
people of this State not to allow themselv
to bo inveigled or seduced by bad or mi
guided men into collisions with the mi
tary authorities, -if the order of an offic
is arbitrary, or tltc conduct of officer
private is illegal or oppressive, upon pr
per representations to the District Coi
mandera or to the distinguished Coi
mander of the Department, adequate ai
prompt redress will bc afforded and t
wrong- doer properly punished.
In all controversies between citizcr
arising ont of wrongs or injuries done
person or property, and in all violations
the penal codo hy citizens, tho laws are
full forte, and tho courts will be open
henceforth on every circuit to adminisl
law and punish crime. The vicions, t
lawless and tire desperate will speedily
overtaken bv justice and tho majesty
the law re-established and vindicated.
The colored people of this State, w
j have neither land nor capital, are carnes
j admonished to make contracts at once
: labor for the next year. They may
i assured thai the Government will not g
i them lands, stock or agricultural inir
ments, nor will any food hereafter be f
nished td those who are able to wo
Those who will not work will very soon
immersed in vice, crime and disgrace,
the colored people really desiro to elev
their raco and make themselves rcspec
hie, it can only be attained by sobriety,
dust ry, economy and honesty.
It ic tho duty of tho citizen, as it i
wise policy, to treat tho freedman w
kindness, humanity and justice, and
him to ameliorate and elevate his coi
tion. Under such a policy, a majority
them will labor patiently and faithfu
and the eye will be greeted everywl
with blooming fields, fruitful harvests
well filled granaries!
Given under my band and the seal of
State, in the city of Columbia,
fi>. s.] twenty-fifth day of December, in
vear of our Lord OIK; thousand e:
hundred and sixty-five, and in
ninetieth year of the independe
of the United States of America.
WM. R. Hrrj?TT, Secretary of State, S.
sra~ AU the papers in'thc State <
once and send bill to Executive Office,
Ilumina. Dee 27
(Late of South Carolina.)
Supreme Court and Court of Cia
O?ce Xo. 252 F St., bet. ISth and l-l/.'t
Dec 27 lamil
F. Lance &. Son
Auction and Commission Agi
OTT-ICE for tho present. Senate st
opposite Dr. Sband's Church.
Having fine sales-rooms, where F
turo can fie sold to an advantage, rei
fully solicit sales.
? Tuesdays- and Thur sd a vs are salc-d
I Dee 24'
Mr. Davidson's Classical School.
THE first Scholastic Quarter, of 1856,
begins Monday, 8th Januarv. Fanal
English Branche?, the Classics,' ! and
Preach, taught. Students prepared -for
the University of South Carolina. Terms,
$15 a quarter in currency. For other in?
formation, applv to
Dec 27 1?_At Dr. John Fisher's.
Institute for Young Ladies !
Opposite Charlotte Ea?road Depot,
THE duties of this Institute will bc re?
sumed on Januarv 15,186G, and end on
July 15 following. For circulars, stating
terms, Ac, apply to Principal.
Dec 22_fl8
School for 1866
IWILT? open a SCHOOL in Columbia, on
MONDAT. January S. The yoar will be
divided into four terms, of eleven weeks
? each. Students prepared for any College
! or University.
! TEIIMS.-Primary English, $S per term;
; English, including Mathematics, $10-.Eng
! lish, Latin and Greek or French. $12.50.
Payment at the end of each term,
j Necessary absences of more than one
j week per term, deducted. For further
I information, opply to me, at Dr. John Lc
\ Con tc's.
REFEUEVCKB.-The Faculty of the Uni?
versity of South Carolina.
Dec' 24 t3?_II. W. BICE.
University of South Carolina.
^jpw THE General Assembly of
?ffS^L Sout h Carolina having changed
c^OBRi?&the South Carolina College into
^^SBpJsa University, applicants are
"rP^p^hereby notified that the exer
^-ffr^ eise? of the University will be?
gin on MONDAY, the 8th January next.
Students (who must be at least fifteen
years of age) will be allowed to select the
Departments which they wish to pursue,
provided they attend the Lecture? in at
least thres Schools. In certais cases,
j attendance upon a loss number of Schools
may be permitted. There will be no exami
I nations for admission. Applicants should
present themselves punctually.
L Fees, for the year, to be paid on en?
hance by each student, in specie or its
eVuivaleiit. Matriculation Fee, $5; Library
Fe\. $15; Room Rent, $20; Tuition Fee, ii
thrdeor more Schools are attended, $25 for
each school-if two Schools aro attended,
$35 for >each School-if only one School is
attended, $50. No abatement of fees foi
late entrance. _ C. BRUCE WALKER, ggy
Dec 22 f Secretary Faculty.
KW Charleston Courier, Augusta Coristi
tutionalist, Greenville Enterprise, Marior
Crescent and Lancaster Ledger will give th<
above two insertions each, and forward
their bills to Mie Treasurer of tho Univer?
sity, Rev. C. Bruce Walker, at this place.
Columbia Male School.
^jipw THE undersigned announce!
/T^S^ to his patrons and the publi?
cj^t LjWg^that tho exercises of his School
^FBHpSfor the lirat session of 18GC, wil
jPjfr commence on thc first TUES
^^S^ DAY" in January. Pupils will bi
instructed in the course of study prepara
tory to entering the University of boutl
Carolina, or prepared for admission into
the Freshman and tho Sophomore Class o
any College. Special attention will be pail
to "imparting a practical knowledge of tin
departments of a good English education
The Sehool-houso-ibr thc approaching ses
sion will be the Sunday School Boom of th
Marion Street Methodist Church. Only ;
limited number of scholars will bc admit
ted. Rate of tuition per session of fiv
months, $20, payable by half sessions. Fo
further information, applv to
Dec 2') wfw;t* T. W. PAPE, Principal.
By Single and Double Entry.
jr A Ll M IT ED number of yonn
' ?Saj^3Btpri ipi- -s of arithmetic, and di
i siring to acquire a practical and an acer
Irate knowledge of ' BOOK-KEEPING b
j Single and Double Entry, including th
department of Commercial Arithmetii
will bc received as a class, and instruct*
after school hours. The recitations, cac
of two hours' duration, will embrace
thorough exposition of thc principles <
the art, and the application of these prii
ciples in appropriate sets of books, whic
every member of the class will be require
to keep. Rate of tuition for each scliola
$?1? a term of fifty recitations, during whic
time an industrious and intelligent studei
can prepare himself to take charge of
set of books in a counting-house. F<
place and hours of instruction, apnlv t
the undersigned._F. W. PAPE.
Columbia Male Academy.
H. S. THOMPSON, Instructor in,Math
matics, French and English Branches.
RICHARD FORD, Instructor in the Lat
and Greek ('lassies,
^??w THE exycises of this Acad
/^jBk my wiU be resumed on the s
, PlUlHLr of January next. Pupils w
VAjMBf^j h.- prepared for admission in
j^Ffl^F any university or ??liege. T
4S?^ course of study will include
new and improved system of Book-kee
ing, and special advantages will be afford
such students as may desire to fit thei
selves for mercantile life.
Thc scholastic year will bc divided ir
three terms of four months each. Tuiti
at the rate of seventy-five ($70) dollars |
year for the Classics and French, amish
($60) dollars for the English Brandi
payable at -the beginning of euch ter
Pupils who enter for less than a win
j term, will be charged at the ahoy*- rate.'
Dec-20 Imo'
! A DWELLING HOUSE, contain]
; rem* eight rooms, situated two miles fri
I JBUIS-Colunibia, sn tba Camden Road,
the premises are a carriage hon3?, stat
barn ?nd all necessary out-houses. '1
1 lot contains 180 acres, wooded. Applv
I De? JO. th* Marke:
Dry Goods,
itmmettmo ?ooo$y
. *>? :
Assembly Street,
MX J> *-. 1 '. : 2 .O '?: . 3ME
u?k.TULC5.-t?c>DaL Sales.
THIS DAY, December 27, at 10J o'clock,
will be sold,
The balanco of the STOCK of Lumsden
A McGee, on Assembly street,consisting of
Bacrm, Soda, Mustard.
Oil, Vinegar, Brandy.
And a variety of article?.
. Ti e Ir^tre and commodious Store occu?
pied '?v that firm.
B IR DELL A McMA HON, Assignees.
Ai invoice of Hardware.
Str -ch, Coffee, Black Tea.
Ch ese, Extract Logwood.
Bu cots. Brooms.
Fin Brussels Carpots.
2 Mi 1 'S and Wagons, Ac.
Arti- 1 :s received up to Kl o'clock at thc
above ice. Dec 27 2
Commissioner's Sade.
Robert Bell and wife and others YS. Wm.
Ardl ey.- Bill for Partition.
IN obedience to the decree of tho Court
of Equitv made in this case, I wiU ROR,
at York Court House, on the FIRST MON?
DAY in January ii. xt. a TRACT of LAND,
situate in York District, on Sugar Creek,
bounded by lands of J. T. Withers, Eliza
Stewart and D. G. Bennet, and containing
four huMlrod acres, moro-oi-'less. This is
a most desirable and highly productive
plantation. ;
TEKMS OF SAL^.-A sufficiency of cash te
pay the costs of tkc?o proceedings; the
balance of the purchase morney on a credit
of ono and two years, in equal instalments,
with interest from the day of sale, and
secured by the bond of the purchaser, with
good sureties and a mortgage of tho pre?
mises. W. B. METTS, C. E. Y. D.
Dec 9_
John Logan, George W. Glenn, et ux ct al.,
vs. Rufus J. Reid, Joseph Cuppers, et ux
et al.-Bill for Sale of Beal ?stale.
IN pursuance of tho order of the Court
in the above case, I will seU, on the
FIRST MONDAY in January next, at 10
o'clock a. m., at tho Court House, in the
city of Columbia, S. C., two SQUARES OF
LAND in said city, containing four acres
each-one lot bounded as follows: On the
North, by Plain street; on the East, by
Winn street; OH tho South, ly Washington
street; on tho West, by Barnwell street.
The other square, or lot, bounded as fol?
lows: On tho North, by Blanding street; on
tho South, by Taylor street; on tho East,
by Laurens "street; anil on the Wost, by
Winn street.
Ono of these squares is so situated as to
bo a most eligible location for private resi?
dences; tho other square, opposite the.
depot of tho Columbia and Charlotte Rail?
road, is well sit aatod for stores or business
establishments. These squares, or lots,
will beso sub-divided as to suit purchasers,
as well those who seek investments as those
who desire to provide themselves a com?
fortable homo. A map, with thu lota num?
bered, can be seen at my office.
TKRMS.-One-fourth cash; balanco on a
credit of ono, two and three years, -with
interest payable annually until tho whole
debt be paid, secured bv bond and mort?
gage of thc promises. Purchasers to pay
for papers.
Nov 2S il-?
Proclamation !
Bj his Excellency JAMES A. DHU, Go?
vernor of t.'if Slate of South. Carolina.
"TTFTHEREAS information has been made
W to me that an atrocious murder; was
perpetrated in this city, on the 4th inst.,
on thc body of J. T. Starling, by one John
Raleigh, who has tied thc country; and
that jjaid Raleigh may bc arrested and
brought to condign punishment, I, JAMES
L. ORR, Governor of the State of South
Carolina, do hereby offer a reward of TWO
HUNDRED DOLLARS for tito arrest and
de'.iverv of tho said Raleigh to anv jailor
within the State, or ONE 111'ND RED AND
FIFTY DOLLARS tor his arrest and deli?
very to any jailor in the United Statey.
DESCRIPTION.-Raleigh is about live foot
ten inches high, blonde complexion, short
curly hair, large mouth, hazed eyes, is r<-rv
stout and has a careless walk; his teeth
are very irregular, and he is by trade a
(riven under my hand and the seal of the
State, at tho city ofCoIuinoia, this
[L. s.] the twenty-fifth day of December,
'A. 1). 1865*and the ninetieth year of
the .sovereignty and independence of
tin United States of America.
WM. R. Hrvrr Secretary or State, S. C.
Deo 27 3
Charlotte Times and Raleigh Pro?
gress publish twice each, and send bill to
Executive Office. Columbia, S. C.
Want cd,
A .SITUATION as TUTOR, in a family
j J\_ of liv.-, six <>r eight children. All the
1 English Branches and Latin and (?reek (if
desired) taught. Apply at this office,
! stating salarv. References gpiven, if ra
! quired. Dec 0 13
McMiaster's Hotel,
MTHIS old and favorably known
IL ?USE is still kept Ly rho widow of
John McMaster. Esq., deceased.
The patronage >f old friend* and of the
public : - solieited. Dec 12 tn4

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