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Daily Paper $10 a Year
'Let our Just Censure
Attend the True Event.
Tri-Weekly $7 a Year.
ru?i.isiiEi) ?>A:
Daily Paper, six mouths.$5 00
Tri-WeclUy. " " .3 50
Iuserted at 75 cents per square for the first
insertion, and 50 cents for eacii subsequent.
?S- Special notices 10 cents a line.
Counting House Calendar Tor 1SGG.
Raphael Scmmca to His Brother, Sam?
uel M. Semmctt.
The National Intelligencer hus been
furnished with the following letter,
written by Raphael Semmes, late
Admiral iu the Confederate Navy,
the commander of the rebel cruiser
Ahibama, and who is now awaiting
trial at Washington:
MOBILE, AXA., Aug. 12, 1865.
MY DEAR BBOTHEII: The cessation
of the war leaves mc nt liberty to re?
new my correspondence with you,
without subjecting you to suspicion
and annoyance; and I need not say
to yon how grateful to the yearnings
of "heart is this long suspended pri?
vilege. You have boon frequently in
my thoughts during our unfortunate
struggle, and I have often felt much
solicitude on your account, lost a part
of the odium und ill-will which a
zealous performance of my duty has
called down upon my head from a
"mad nation," should attach to you
and your family, and operate to your
injury. Indeed, I have no doubt but
that the prejudice against me v us tia
secret of the barbarous and malignant
persecution of your son, of which I
heard only a few days since from my
wife's friend and relation, Mrs. Jud;.
Spencer, of Cincinnati. I have never
inquired as to your opinions and con?
duct during the war, being content to
leave you the same liberty o? choice
and action that I claimed for myself.
I knew that whatever you did. you
would do like a man of honor, and I
rested satisfied. Besides, you had
been for some time retired from active
life by your want of health. As for
myself, I have nothing to regret,
save only the loss of our indepen?
dence. My conscience, which is the
only earthlv tribunal of which a good
man should be afraid, bears" me
witness of the uprightness of my in?
tention in choosing my course when,
with many regrets, I severed my
connection with the old Government
and hastened to the defence ol' my
home and section; and now, upon
reviewing the whole of my subse?
quent career, I can see no act with
which I have to reproach myself as
unbecoming a man of honor and a
gentleman. 1 approved tin: secession
movement of the Southern States,
though I had no agency in it. I
thought that a separation of those
two sections of our Republic, which
had been engaged in deadly moral
. conflict for thirty years, would ulti?
mately result to the great advantage
of them both. The world was wide
enough for them to live apart, and
peace, I thought, would be the fruit
of their mutual independence o? each
other. Although I cared very little
about the institution of slavery, I
thought that the subordinate position
of the inferior race was its proper
position. I believed that the doc?
trine of States lights was the only
doctrine which would save our re?
public from the fate of all other Re?
publics that had gone before us in
the history of the world. I believed
this doctrine had been violated, and
that it would never be sufficiently
respected by the controlling masses
of the Northern section to prevent
them from defacing with sacrilegious
hands our national bond of Union
wheresoever its letter was meant to
guard the peculiar rights of tin;
South. Believing this, then! w as but
oui; course which a faithful Southern
man could pursue, and maintain his
self-respect. .1 pursued that course.
When the alternative was presented
to me of adhering to the allegiance
to my native State, or to the United
States,^ chose the former. Having
^'"SI'IHB'v side, 1 gave it zealous and
ipport. I spent four years
ervice, and only ceased to
ny cause when it was no
longer: possible. I rendered this
service without ever having treated a
prisoner otherwise than humanely,
and, I may say, often kindly; and
without ever having committed an
oct of - war at any time, or in any
manner, which was not sanctioned by
thc laws of war ; yet my name will go
down to posterity in untruthful his?
tories that will be written by bigoted
and venal historians as a sort of Blue?
beard ox Captain Ki ld. But I am
content, my brother. My conscience
Ls clear; my self-respect has been
preserved, and my sense of manhood
remains unimpaired. I think, too,
the South will be content, notwith?
standing ber immenso losses and
sacrifices. Lf she had yielded to the
intolerant exactions of Northern
selfishness and fanaticism, without
appealing to the arbitrament of war,
slie would have played a craven and
unworthy part. It is better to lose
everything we possess than our honor
and manhood. I know you will be?
lieve me, my brother, when I tell you
that I .should feel greatly humbled in
my own opinion, were I this day
entitled to wear an admiral's Hag iu
thc old navy, and in possession of all
the means and appliances of wealth,
if I thought my honors and rewards
had been gained by a sacrifice of
en cd. The preservation of my own
sell-respect is infinitely preferable to
all such gains. I have come out of
the war poor, but, (rod willing, I
shall make a support for my family.
The President treats me as an outlaw,
unworthy of amnesty. I have noth?
ing to say. If I am deemed unworthy
to be a citizen, I can remain in my
native; land as an alien. A magnani?
mous people would have passed au
act of general amnesty, it lieiug
absurd and ridiculous to talk about
rebels and traitors iu connection with
such a revolution as has swept over
the length and breadth of this land,
in which States, and not individuals
merely, were the actors. But enough
of this subject. 1 am still in Mobile,
but it i.s yet uncertain where I shall
go, or what I shall do. If I save five
or six thousand dollars out of the
wreck of my affairs, it will be fully as
much as I expect. I think of retiring
into thc country, where, upon a
small farm, I eau live in obscurity
and peace the few years that remain
to me. My children are all grown,
aro well educated, and will be able, if
the worst comes to the worst, to take
care of themselves.
Remember me kindly to your
family, my dear brother, and let me
hear from yon. We have become old
men. We have both had our troubles,
but the chain of affection which binds
me to you remains unaffected by the
cares of the world, and as bright now
as when we slept iu each others' arms.
Your affectionate brother,
Address "li. Semines, Esq."
Parties Desiring Wood
CAN be supplied with the best WOOD.
l>v leaving their orders at Dr. W. P.
GeigerVJDrug Store, wich Mr. McGREGOR,
or by sending their own teams to the
WOOD YA BD, near Geiger's Mill.
Jan 17 :\$
To Consumers.
AU in need of any of tho above-men
;ioned GOODS, will lind it to their in
;crest to call and examine.
Jan IC "> Next door to Shiver Houso.
WE have just received
from Crst bands:
iddition to a well-selected stock of Family
tc. Ail of which will be .sold VERY LOW
or CASH.
Wc respectfully solicit a liberal share of
latronage from our friends and" the public
lenerally. HUFFMAN k PRICE.
Corner <>f Slain and Lumber streets,
Jan 5 Imo* Columbia. S. C.
To Raise Supplies for the Year 1866.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Alder?
men of tfie City of Columbia, in Council
assembled, and By the authority of the same,
That a tax to cover the period from Janu?
ary 1,1866, to January 1,1867, for the sums,
and in the manner hereinafter mentioned,
shall be raised and paid into the public
treasury of the said city, for the use and
service thereof.
SEC. I. That is to say, one dollar on every
hundred dollars of the assessed value of real
estate lying within the limits of said cit vj;
and the value of all taxable real estate
within the city of Columbia shall be as?
sessed by the City Assessor.
SEC. II. .and be it further ordained, That
each malo person over the ago of fifteen ,
years and under tho age of sixty years
?hall pav a tax of one dollar.
SEC. lil. Thirty cents shall bo levied
upon every hundred dollars of sales of
goods, wares and merchandize, embracing
?ales of ah articles of trade for barter or
exchange, which shall be made by resi?
dent merchants, traders and dealers, within
the city of Columbia, from the first day
of January, 1866.
8EC. rv. And whereas many persons set
up temporary shops or stores for the sale
or merchandize, after the time fixed for
assessing taxes, and close the same before
the return of tho tax thereon, so as to
avoid the payment of taxes to the city
altogether : Be itfurtlter ordained, That ail
such dealers shall, upon opening shop or
store in the city of Columbia, pay to the
City Clerk the sum of twenty-five dollar?,
which shall bo allowed him iu the next set?
tlement for taxes, and the overplus, if any,
be returned to iiim ; and such transient
dealer shall pay one dollar on every one
hundred dollars of sales of goods, "wares
and merchandize. On failure to pay, after
being notified, the Mavor shall forthwith
issue an execution against thc defaulters,
and collect the money in the usual way.
SEC. V. Thero shall be levied one per
cont, upon sales at auction of all goods.,
tho property or persons who are residents
of the city of Columbia. One-and-a-half
per cent, upon sales at auction of all goods,
property of non-residents. One-half per
cent, upon sales at auction of real estate,
and stocks of every description : Pro
Titled, nevertheless, That no tax shall be
levied upon any sales at auction made by
order of Court or process of law.
SEC. VI. That all merchant? and others
selling any goods, wares and merchandize,
ou consignment, shall pay a tax of one per
cent, on all such goods, wares and mer?
chandize Bold by them ; and tho persons
mentioned in this and in the three preced- ?
iug sections of this Ordinance, shall bo
required to make quarterly returns of their
sales, and topaythe taxes assessed thereby
to the City Cle'rk at the end of each and
?very quarter.
SEC. Vii. Anti be. il further ordained, by
the autliority aforesaid, That a tax of one
per cent, snail be paid on the premiums
received by each and every Insurance
Company, or agent or agency thereof,
doing business in this citv and chartered
by the Stato of South Carolina ; tho agents
of all Companies not chartered by the Stato
?hall pay one-and-a-half per cent, on all
premiums received by them. And it shall
be tho duty of every Insurance Company,
or tho officers or the agents thereof, to
make monthlv returns, under oath, to the
City Clerk, of" the amount of premiums for
the month preceding, under a penalty of
two dollars for each and every day that
.uch company or agent or ageney mav ne?
glect or refuse to make returns and pay
the said tax-to bo collected by execution,
tn in other cases provided for the collec?
tion of fines and forfeitures.
SEC. VIII. And be it further ordained, by
'.he authority aforesaid, That two dollars
ihall be paid on each and every hors6,
mara, stallion, gelding and mule, kept or
used within the city of Columbia, besides
the tax on vellidos, as follows : Ten dollars
shall bo paid on each and every four
wheeled pleasure carriage or barouche,
drawn by two or more horses ; five dollars
>n each and every ono horse carriage,
bugfiy, barouche, gig or sulky, ??ot used
Tor hire ; ten dollars on every vehicle used
For tho breaking or exhibiting of horses
nul mules ; fifteen dollars on each hack or
carriage, drawn by two horses, and run for
;ho conveyance of wassengers for hire ;
sight dollars on each and every one horse
juggy, gig or sulky, kept or used for hire];
,en dollars on each and every four horso
vag?n ; eight dollars on each two horse
vagon ; six dollars on each one horse
vagon, cart or dray ; twenty dollars or.
lacli express wagon ; fifteen dollars on
lach and every omnibus or stage ; and all
lersons commencing to use or run any car?
nage or other vehicle, after the timo for
he payment of taxes, shall pay from the
imo they commenced to use or run such
:arriage or vehicle, to the end of the year,
n proportion to the rato of taxes per an
mni : Provided, That no person shall bo
dlowed to use any omnibus, wagon, dray,
:art or other vehicle, for the transporta
ion of baggage or passengers from one
>art of the city to another, until the owner
hereof shall havo given bond to tho city,
o be taken by the City Clerk, with two or
nore good sureties, in the sum of five
lundred dollars, conditioned that such
?wiior will pay all damages that may re?
id t from the loss or injury to baggage or
.assengers, while being carried on the
iranibus, wagon, dray, cart or other car
iage of such owner, or after being on
rusted to the custody of the driver thereof,
r any of his assistants. And any person
fiending herein shall be liablo to a fine of
vo dollars per day fer each day such
ragon, cart, dray or other carriage for
arrying baggage or passengers, may be
un before such bona is given: And pro
vied, further, That nothing herein con
xined shall extend to any of the above
numerated vehicles not used, although
ept within the limits of the city : And
rovided, also, That nothing herein con
tined shall be construed to extend to
agons, carts, drays or carriages, going to
r from market, and owned Dy non-resi
ents of said city.
A nd be it further ordained, That a tax of
ro dollars shall be paid on each and every
nrse,. mare, stallion, gelding and mule,
>ld in this city by or on account of any
orso trader or livery stable keeper ; and
ie keeper of every livery stable shall
akc quarterly returns, on oath, of such
iles at his stable, and pay the tax thereon,
ider a penalty of two dollars per day for
.ilure to make such returns and payments
. the end of the quarter.
SEC. IX. Andbett further ordained, That
? person shall let or hiro any wagon, cart
. uray, or other carriage, or run any om
bns,"stagc, hack or other carriage, for
o transportation of gooda or passengers,
.min the limits of said city, without hav
g first obtained a badge from the City
Clerk, to b? placed on some conspicuous
part of the vehicle ; also, a badge with a
number by vhich he may be identified and
known, to bo worn on a conspicuous part
of his person, by the driver of such omni?
bus, wagon, cart, dray or other carriage,
and ? a pcmlty of five dollars for each and
everyday th lt such vehicle shall be so run,
to be recovered by information before the
Mayor, or arv one of the Aldermen.
SEC. X. Whereas all male persons be?
tween the ares of sixteen and fifty years,
residing within the limits of the city of
Columbia, aie required by the laws of "this
State to wort upon the streets of the said
city for full twelve days in each and every
year: Be il fier cf tire ordained, That each
and every parson liable Jo work on the
streets of the said city of Columbia may
and shall be excused from tho performance
of said dutv, upon the payment of three
dollars to tho City Clerk ; "and each and
every person so liable, who shall fail to
pay the said ?um of three dollars within thc
timo hereinafter specified, shall, when
summoned to do so, be required to work
upon the streets of thc said city for full
twelve days, under the direction or thc
Overseer of Streets ; and if any such per?
son or persons shall neglect or refuse tc
work upon tho said streets at thc time
wheu summoned, such i rson or persone
shall be fined two dolors for each am
every day that he or they shall neglect 01
refuse so to work, to be recovered by in
formation before the Mayor and Aldermei
in Council assembled. And it shall be th?
duty of tho City Clerk, and of the Chief o
Police, to report to the said Mayor and Al
dermen all defaulters under either of tin
clauses of this section.
SEO. XI. That for a license, to retai
spirituous liquors, in quantities less thai
a quart, the sum of one hundred dollar
per annum shall be paid in advance ; am
fora license to sell spirituous liquors, ii
quantities of a quart or more, the sum <;
hfty dollars per annum shall be paid in ad
vance : Provided, that no license to se!
spirituous liquors shall be gran' d for
shorter period than nix months: An
provided, further. That the grantiug u
withholding of licenses, in each part?cula
case, will he at the discretion of the Cit
Council. And the City Clerk : hall bc et
titled to receive, for issuing each and ever
license, thc sum of two dollars ; to be pai
by thc person or persons h.vnscd.
SEC. XII. One per cent, on the income
of brokers, and one-fourth of one per cen
on all incomes derived from commissio
business, or tho practice of professioni
within tho limits ol the said city.
SEC. XIII. Two dollars upon each an
every dog shall be paid hy the person <
persons on whose premises the dog is kop
And che police of the city of Columbia ai
hereby authorized and required to ki
each and every dog found running at lar<.
within the limits of .?aid corporation, ai
not having on a ba<~ge or collar, furnish?
hy authority of said citv.
SEC. XIV. And tte it further ordained, I
the authority aforesaid. That no cqnestrii
ur theatrical performance, or other cxhil
tion for Kain, shall be held in tho -Itv
Columbia, without a license from the May
thereof first had and obtained, and tl
payment, in advance, to the City Clerk
twenty-five dollars per day for equestrij
exhibitions, and such sum as the May
may assess for theatricals or other exhil
tiona for gain ; and each and every pera?
Exhibiting for gain, without first havii
obtained said license and the payment
said tax in advance, shall he tined in a sn
not less than double the amount of sa
tax, in manner hereinbefore provided t
the imposition of fines and forfeitures.
SEC. XV. And be it further ordaint
That an annual tax of fifty dolla
diall be paid upon each and every ba^
telle, poole or keele, or billiard table, a:
upon every bowling saloon, nine or ten \
illey, or pistol gallery, kept within t
limits of the said city ; and the sum of o
hundred dollars shall be paid, in advam
?br a license to keep or have a cock-;
within the limits of the said city, and
Icense for such cock-pit shall bc grant
for any time within tho fiscal year for
ess sum than one hundred dollars: P,
sided, That no person or persons sh
ipen anyone of tho places of amuserm
uentioncd in this section, until he or tl
mall have obtained a license for that p
lose from the City Council, and shall hi
altered into bond, with two or mon; g<
lecurities, to the Mayor and Aldermen
he sum of five hundred dollars, conditioi
.o observe tho laws of the State a
:itv, and particularly the laws against
.ailing. Any person opening any si
iStftMishment within this city, with
trst having obtained the license and gi
>ond as aforesaid, nba!! be subject to a 1
lot exceeding fifty dollars FtTr ~!".aid_i_i
luch establishment shall be kept oper
ised ; also, that such place shall bc e
idered, and is hereby declared to bc
misance, and liable to be abated as sue
SEC. XVI. An<l be it further ordaii,
nhat each and every occupant of any i
state upon whose premises waier
irou^ht by pipes or otherwise from the (
eservoir, snail pay to thc City Clerk,
he same time with the other taxes impo
y this Ordinanco, euch sum as may be
essed by the Committee on Water Woi
SEC. XVII. And be ii further ordaii
'hat if any person or persons ?hall 1
eglect or refuse to make a return to
Uty Clerk, on oath, of all his, her, or tl
usable property, income, sales, or ot
liings taxed by this Ordinance, on or
ire the 15th day of February next, s
erson or persons shall be then asses
y the Assessor for all his, lier, or tl
roperty, or other things taxed by i
Ordinance, according to thc best infor:
ion which he can obtain of the valu
uch taxable property ; and such persoi
ersons who shall fail, neglect, or refus
lake a return, as aforesaid, or pay the
lereon, on or before tho 15th of Ma
ext, shall be subject to, and pay, in ai
on to said tax, five per cent, on the wi
mount of his, her, or their tax, as impr
y this Ordinance. Ar.d the said Clor
ereby required to collect and receive
ixes and dues levied and imposed by
rdinance, and all arrears of former tl
nd dues, and make a return thereof,
f all persons who shall then be in defa
? the Mayor and Aldermen, ou the :
iv of March next.
SEC. XVIII. And be it further ordai
hat the said Mayor and Aldermen s
sue their execution against each
rery person who shall be reported by
lid Clerk to have failed, neglected, oi
.sed to make returns or pay tho t?
iposed by this Ordinance, within thc t
nein prescribed, which said cxecu
tall be lodged with thu Sheriff of B
nd District, to bo collected accordin
e provisions of tho Acts of the Gen
isenibly of this State in such case n
id provided.
For Sale or Bent.
MY PLANTATION containing 1,358
PROVISION LAND as any in Richland
District. There arc between 200 and 300
acres of cleared swamp land, and upwards
of 300 acres of open upland, the balance
is well timbered pine land, eminently
valuable for sawing purposes, or furnish?
ing cross-ties and buts upon the South
Carolina Railroad, Bevon miles below Co?
lumbia. There are upon the- place all
necessary buildings, except a gin-bouse.
Possession given immediately.
Jan 13 6_ _C/R. PRYCE.
Robert W. Shand,
OFFERS his professional services to the
citizens of Richland District. Office
adjoining tho Post Ofiico, Columbia.
Jan 2_ tufg
Institute for Young Ladies !
Opposite Charlotte Railroad Repot,
THE ditties of this Institute will be re?
sumed on January 15, lHtiG, and end on
July 15 following. For circulars, stating
terms, kc, apply to Principal.
Day Pupils will be received as heretofore.
To encourage the study of the German
Language, Mad. S. gives thc privilege tc
the young ladies to join a class free oj
extra charge.
Text books, execpt for Modern Lan?
guages, will bo supplied, and a smal
charge made for the use, per quarter, bj
them. When injured or lost, they must b<
replaced bv tho pupil.
Dee 22 * _fl8
THE exercises of this institution will bi
resumed the second WEDNESDAY ii
January next. Every facility will be afford
ed for imparting a thorough, practical
accomplished and Christian education.
Board, including Washing, for five
months.$50 0
Tuition in English Branches, fer five
months. 25 0
Tuition in Music, for five months. ... 25 0
4i " French, " " _20 fl
" " Latin, " " .... 20 0
" " Drawing, " " ... 20 0
" " Fancy Work, fivo mouths . 20 0
Incidental Expenses. 5 (1
Pupils are required to furnish their ow
lights, sheets, pillow-cases, towels an
hcavv covering. For further particular!
Dec 28 $ Principal, Monticello, S. C.
University of South Carolina.
THE General Assembly <
/#j?J^k South Carolina having change
?_**' ' . rHfc?^tiic South ('anilina Collegeint
^rSBr^?ga University, applicants ai
jyapp hereby notified that thc. exe
cise8 of the University will bi
gin on MONDAY, the 8th January nex
Students (wdio must be at least* fifte?
vears of age) will bo allowed to select tl
Departments which they wish to pnrsu
provided they attend the Lectures in i
least three Schools. In certaia case
attendance upon a less number of Schoo
may be permitted. There will be no ereim
nations for admission. Applicants sbou
present themselves punctually.
Fees, for the year, to be paid on ei
trance by each student, in specie or i
equivalent. Matriculation Fee, $5; Libra:
Fei-, $15; Room Rent, $20; Tuition Fee,
three or more Schools are attended, $25 fl
each School-if two Schools are attende
$35 for each School-if only one School
attended, $50. No abatement of fees f
late entrance. C. BRUCE WALKER.
Dec 22 t Secretary Faculty,
fit?' Charleston Courier, Augusta Cons
tutionalist, Greenville Enterprise, Mari?
Crescent and Lancaster Ledger will give t
above two insertions each, and torwa
their bills to the Treasurer of the. Univt
sitv, R v. C. Bruce vy'""ter, at this place.
-- -:'V'?/f
Mount Z'?w?nstitute,
1MIE exercises of th?, SCHOOL will
resumed the FIRST MONDAY in Fe
ruary, 1806.
G. A. WOODWARD?, Principal.
Rev. W. P. DTTBOSF.. A. M., ) Assis
W. M. DWIGHT, i ants.
Terms per Session, payable one-ludf in c
rance, the balance al theendof thesessioi
"BiMrd, with Tuition in all branches
excepTfc*?fc>;stry, Philosophy and
French..V. . . ?_ . tl
Tuition for Day SchorSvrs, in Classi?
cal or higher English"?tsid Mathe?
matical Departments... "TVss^. . . .
Primary Department, from. . . .\... 10 to
Course of Chemistry and Philoso-v
pby, each.
Contingent fee.,
G. A. WOODWARD, Principal
Payment required in specie, or its eq
valeiit in currency, at time of settlemen
Greenville, S. C.
THE EXERCISES of this Instituts
will bo resumed on tho 15th of Fi
mary next.
For Circular giving further informatii
application may be made to
Oct 28 67 Secretary of Faculty
Columbia Male Academy
H. S. THOMPSON, Instructor in Matl
matics, French and English Branches
RICHARD FORD, Instructor in the La
and Greek Classics.
THE exercises of this Aca<
ML^^L tay will be resumed on the ?
, . 1 '.Jab, .J..unary next. Pupils v
"Vilify", epared for admission ii
rl&jg? ? university or college. 1
<Z^fr course of study will inchuh
iew sud improved system of Book-kei
ng, an ? special advantages will be afford
inch students as may d?sir? to flt the
lelves for mercantile life.
Tho scholastic year will bo divided n
bree terms of four months each. Tuiti
it thc rate of se enty-tive ($75) dollars ]
-ear for tho Classics and French, and si:
$00) dollars for the English Brancn
mable, at tho beginning of each ter
tapils who enter for less than a wh
erm, will be charged at the above rates
Dec 20 Imo
Reduced Prices
Dry Goods,
Large & Well-selected Stock V
AT 1
AGOOD assortment of PRINTS, of all
colors and qualifies.
French and English MERINO.
Black and Colored ALPACA.
Opera, White and Red All-wool and Cot
bleached and Unbleached HOMESPUN.
Linen and Cotton SHEETING.
HA.TS and BONNETS, tr'med and nnfd.
BUGLE and other Fancy Dies? and
Cloak Trimmings.
Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery.
Caffs, Collars, Hair Nets.
Breakfast Sk .wis, Sontags.
Hoop and Balmoral Skirts, Corsets.
Veils, Coate's and Clark's Spool Cotton.
OTer, Business and Black Frock COATS.
PANTS and VESTS of all qualities.
White Linen and Woolen OVER-SHIRTS.
Shaker, Merino, Woolen and Cotton
Socks, Suspenders, Collsrs, Wristbands.
Neck-Ties, Pocket Handkerchiefs.
Hats and Caps.
Fine Pegged and Sowed Boots, Gaitera
Together with a large and well-selected
stock of Plain and Fancy
Wi;ob- and Ground Spices, Candles.
Fancy and Common Soaps,
Soda. Indigo, Coppejag, Bh|
Mander an*l Logwood.
Plain and Fancy Crackers.
Herrings and Mackerel, by
half barrel and kit.
Sweet Oil, Yeast Powders.
Carbonate of Soda, Concentrated Lye.
Fancy and Plain Candies.
Sugar and Fancy Toys, Sardines.
Kerosene Oil.
Cotton and Wool Cards.
Pocket ?nd Table Cutlery, Scissors.
Tobacco and Segara.
Together with a large assortment of
stood? usually kept, and too numorous to
A large stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS,
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired.
Old GOLD and SILVER bought.
New sud second-hand WATCHES bought.
Assembly Street,
Jan 4

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