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'Let our Just Censure
Attend the True Event.
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Prison Lift- of Mr. Dnvis.
MAT 27.-Called in the morning
with the officer of the day, Capt.
Titfow. Found Mr. Davis in bed,
very weak and desponding. He bad
not slept. Had been kept awake by
the heavy surging of the wind through
the big trees on the other aide of the
moat. Appeared much relieved when
I told him the breeze was nothing like
a storm, though it blew North-easterly,
which was favorable to the Hhip con?
taining his family.
He expressed great concern lest his
wife should hear through newspapers
of the eeeno in his cell when he was
ironed. Would it be published, did
I think? And on my remaining
silent--for I knew it had been sent to
the newspaper on tire afternoon of
its transpiring-he interlaced his
fingers across his eyes, and ejaculated :
"Oh, my poor wife, my poor girl!
How the heart-rending narrative will
afflict her!"
He remained silent for some mo?
ments as I sat beside his bed; and then
continued, extending his hand that T
might feel his pulse:
"I wish she could have been spared
this Iqjowledge. There was no
necessity for the act. My physical
condition rendered it obvious that
there could be no iden that fetters
were needful to the security of my
imprisonment. It was olear, there
- fore, that the object was to offer an
indignity both to myself and the
.-anse I represented-not the less
sacred to me because covered with
the pall of a military disaster. It was
for this reason I resisted, as a duty to
my faith, to my countrymen, and to
myself. It was for this reason I
courted death from the muskets of
the guard. The officer of the day
prevented that result, and, indeed"
bowing to Capt. Titlow-"behaved
like ? man of good feeling. But, my
poor wife! I can seethe hideous an?
nouncement, with its flaming capitals,
and cannot but anticipate how much
her pride and love will both bo shock?
ed. For myself I am resigned, and
now only say, ?the Lord reprove
them!' The physical incovenience of
these things I still feel, (clanking his
ankles together slightly under the
bed-clothes,) but their sense of humi?
liation is gone. Patriots in all ages,
to whose memories shrines are now
built, have suffered as bad or worse
He thanked me for the breakfast
that had been sent him, expressing
the hope that I would not let my wife
be put to too much trouble making
broth and toast for one so helpless
and utterly wretched,
"I wish, Doctor," said he, "I
could compensate you by getting well ;
but my case is most unpromising.
Your.newspapers," he went on-this
with a grim smile-4'should pray for
the success of your skill. If you fail,
where will their extra editions lie
their startling head-lines? My death
would only give them fooo for one or
two days at most; while my trial- -for
I suppose I shall be given some kind
\- of trial-would fatten thom for a
month's crop of lucrative excite?
Finding tho conversation, or rather
his monologue, running into a chan?
nel more likely to excite than soothe
him-the latter being the object for
which I was always wiUing to listen
during the fifteen or twenty minnies
those interviews usually lasted while
^p|<vas seriously ill-I now roso to
ike my leave, gently hinting that ho
shonld avoid sueh thoughts and topics
as much as possible.
He took my remark in a wrong
sense, as if 1 had been hurt at his
saying anything that might cast a
reflection on tho justice that would
be dealt to him by my Government,
or upon the style of journalism in
Northern newspapers. But I explain?
ed that nothing could be farther from
my thoughts; that my counsel waa
purely medical, and to divert him
from a theme that must re-arouse the
cerebral excitement we were seeking to
Called again at S p nv same dav.
' Mr. Davis- still very weak, and had
j been troubled with several faint, not
. exactly faint inp, spell?, his pulse ?n
?dicatiug extreme debility. He said
the nights were very tedious and hag?
gard. During the day l>e could find
employment by reading, (the Bible
or prayer-book being seldom ont of
his hand while alone,) but during the
night, his anxieties about his family
returned; and the foot-falls of the
I sentries in the room with hum-their
very broathing or coughing-conti?
nually called back his thoughts, when
otherwise, and for a moment, more
pleasantly wandering, to his present
situation. He had watched the wea?
ther all day with intense interest, aud I
had been choered tc observe from the
slant of the rain that the wind ap
! penrod to continue North-east, so
? that he hoped his family were, by
? this time, iu Savannah.
! Then went on to say that he foared,
j after he had l>een removed from tho
! Clyde, his wife must have suffered
the annoyance of having her trunks
searched - an unnecessary act, it
seemed to him, as, of course, if she
had anything to couceal, she could
have got rid of it on tile passage np?
On my remarking, to soothe him,
that no such search was probable, he
said it could hardly bo otherwise.
He had received a suit of heavy
i clothes from the propeller: and
Gen. Miles, when informing him of
! the fact, had mentioned that there
I wero quite a number of suits there,
j "And so, Doctor," he went on,
j "you think all the miserable details of
I my ironing have been placed before
j the public? It is not only for the
I hurt feelings of my wife und children,
\ but for the honor of Americans, that I
\ regret it. Mv efforts to conceal from
: my wife the knowledge of my suffer
; ings are unavailing; and it were,
! perhaps, better that she should know
j the whole truth, as probably less dis
! tressing to her than what may be the
, impressions of her fears. Should I
i write such a letter to her, however,
she would never get it."
! SUNTDAY, May 28.--At ll A. M. this
; morning, was sitting on the porch in
I front of my quarters, when Capt.
I Frederick Korie, Third Pennsylva
! nia Artillery, who was officer ot' the
j day, passed toward the celi of the
prisoner, followed by the blacksmith.
This told the story, and sent a
pleasant professional thrill of pride
through my veins.
Did not let Mr. Davis seo me then,
but retired, thinking it better the
prisoner should be left alone, in the
first moments of regaining so much
of his personal freedom.
Called again at 2 P. M. with the
officer of the day. Immediately on
entering, Mr. Davis rose from his
seat, both hands extended, and his
eyes filled with tears. He waa evi
dontly about to say something, but
checked himself; or was cheeked by
a rush of emotions, ard sat down
upon his bed.
I congratulated him on the change
observing that my promise of hi>
soon feeling better was being fulfilled
and ho must now take all tho exercise
that was possible for him, for on thii
his future health would depend
Capt. Korte, too, joined in my con
granulations very kindly, and spoke
with the frank courtesy of a gentle
man and soldier.
Recurring to the subject of hi:
family, Mr. Davis asked me had I no
been called upon to attend Mis
Howell, his wife's sister, who hn<
been very ill at the time of his quit
ting the Clyde. Replied that. Col
James, Chief Quartermaster, ha<
called at my quarters and requestei
j me to visit a sick lady on board tbo
vessel; believed it was the lady h
referred to, but could not be sure c
tho name. Had mentioned the mai
ter to Gen. Miles, asking a pass t
visit; but ho objected, saying th
j orders were to allow no communier
j tion with th?; ship,
i Mr. Davis exclaimed this was ir
human. The ladies had certain!
committed no crime, and there wei
no longer any prisoners on board th
ship when the request was made, L
and Mr. Clay having been the hu
removed. The lady was very ser
ouslv ill, and no officer, no gentli
man, no man of Christian or eve
I human fooling, would have so acte?
Gen. Miles was from Massachuaett
? he had heard, and his action both i
?this and other matters appeared i
j harmony with lus origin. It wi
i much for Massachusetts to boast th
! one of hersons had been appointe
jins jailor; and it was becoming sue
a jailor to oppress helpless wornt
j and children. * - <
says in a recent letter to a friend:
"At present, T am in tho countr
recovering from fourteen years edit
rial life-bael eyes, crookeel back ai
j broken nerves, with little to show ?
. Any one would think th.> three s
; tie-les enumerated were quite? enonj
to show for it
Mr. Seward's.Report and Circular.
We subjoin the report of Mr. :
Seward to the President, in relation (
to forwarding the new constitutional '?
amendment to the Governors of the
States, and also a copy of his circular
letter: '
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jniie 22, 'GO. !
To THE PR?SIDENT: Tho Secretary j j
of State, to whom was referred the I
concurrent resolution of the two
houses of Congress, of tho 18th inst.,
in the following words: "That the ,
President of the United States be '
requested to transmit forthwith, to !
the'Executives of the several States .
of the United States, copies of the J
article of amendment proposed by
Congress to the State Legislatures to ,
amend the Constitution of tho Un;ted j
States, passed Juno 13,1866, resj oct- ?
ing citizenship, the basis of repre- j
sen ta ti on, disqualification for office, j
and validity of tho public debt of the ,
United States; and to the end that j:
the said States may proceed to act ! .
upon the said article of amendment, j
and that he request the Executive of
eaoh State that may ratify said amend- : ?
mont, to transmit to the Socretary of :
State a certified copy of said ratifica-1 \
tion," has the honor to submit the
following report, namely : That, on j ,
the 16th inst., the Hon. Amasa Cobb, ! .
of the Committee of the House of !
Representatives on Enrolled Bills. (
brought to this Department, und de?
posited therein, an enrolled r?solu- !
tion of the two houses of Congress,
which was thereupon received by the ;
Secretary of State and deposited
among the rolls of the Department,
a copy of which is hereunto annexed. !
Thereupon the Secretary of State, on 1
the 16th inst., in conformity with the
proceeding which was adopted by !
him in 1865, in regard to the then j
proposed, and afterwards adopted,
Congressional amendment of tin?, j
United States concerning the prohi- !
bition of slavery, transmitted certi- j
Red copies of the annexed resolution !
to the Governors of the se\ eral States,
together with a certificate and circu- \
lar letter. A copy of both of these i
communications is hereunto annexed, j
Respectfnllv submitted,
(Signed,) WM. H. SEWARD. |
TON, June 20, 1866.
WASHINGTON, Juno 16, 1S6C. j
To his Excella va j theOovemer of the]
State of-.
SIR: I have the honor to transmit
au attested copy of a resolution of j
C-ongress, proposing to the Legisla?
tures of the several States a fourteenth
article to the Constitution of tho
United States. Tho decisions of the
aeveral Legislatures upon the subject
are required by law to be be commu?
nicated to this Department. An ac?
knowledgment of the receipt of this
communication is requested by your j
Excellene3''s obedient servant,
(Signed) WM. H. SEWARD. !
The accompanying paper i i tho ?
certificate of a true copy of the con- j
current resolution proposing an j
amendment to the Constitution.
In relation as to how tho message \
was received, the Washington corres
pondent of the New Vork H'c/?/j
says : j
The special message of the Pre?
sident to Congress, to-day, on tho
reconstruction amendment, was re?
ceived with great surprise, and caused
a considerable flutter in the House.
Hi? views as to the course of Congi'ess
in not submitting tho amendment to !
him for his approval, and his terse
expression on the way tho great ques?
tion of representation has been treated
by tho law-njaking powor, to say
nothing of his manifest intimations
of tho unconstitutionality of the pro?
posed amendment, will not go far, in
tho opinion of tho radicals, to heal
tho breach between the President and
Congress, notwithstanding ?di Mr. j
Raymond's glib talk about a "reeon- I
eilintion." "Bayonets next," said al
leading radical, after thc reading of [
the message was finished.
The correspondent of the News
?Che President fired off ono of his !
big guns, to-day. His message to j
Congress, 'giving his reason for di- j
reefing Mr. Seward to transmit the '
constitutional amendment to the Go- !
vernors of the respective States, was 1
entirely unexpected by the radien 's. I
who are greatly worried by it. e
President's action in this matter is j
regarded by his friends hero sus a.
master-piece of statesmanship, and
as tho only proper course to be taken
under the circumstances. Tho mes?
sage is intendod to bc an emphatic
condemnation of tho amendment, and
it wUl bo so understood everywhere.
Senator Cowan, a few days ago, in
a. speech in the United States Senate,
gave this definition of loyalty, which :
is complete: "Loyalty means obedi?
ence to the Constitution and laws."'
Wo wish he had the making of onr
political dictionary
The marriage of Miss Sarah Jones, "J
a New England school-marm, in Mo?
bile, to a wealthy nigger named
Samuel Jackson, will undoubtedly j
have a stimulating effect upon the ,
New England school-marm element. I
At the present moment, Mrs. Sarah 1
Jones Jackson is probably the object
of tho great envy of all, or nearly all, '
thc spinsters East of the Green Moun?
tains. The desire for position South
as school-marms will at once rise to
fever heat.
As for tho general public, wo think
it will be undecided as t<> whether
Jackson is moro to bo pitied for get?
ting the school-marm than thesehool
tnarm is to bo congratulated in get?
ting tho darkey. There is no doubt
that she has done well; but how is it ; '
with thc nigger'? Chicano Times. r
A gentleman of this city, who spent
last Friday at Fortress Monroe, saw 1
md conversed with Mr. Davis, whom j
lie represents tobe looking unusually
well. Mr. Davis' friends and rela- j
tiens have unrestricted access to him. j
A recent telegram from Fortress Mon?
roe to a Northern paper says that
Mr. and Mrs. Davis and family ar?1 !
quito comfortable in the recently
titted up casemate assigned to thom, ?
and thnt "the relaxation by the mili- ;
tary authorities of the restraints upon
Mr. Davis is having a very beneficial
i-fibot npon his health.
I Richmond 'Hmo.
By the latest mail, "the suppressed
princess," who claims Queen Vic?
toria's throne, wasstill suppressed!
? . i
Essay <>f Warning ano Instruction for
Young Men Also, Disease? ami Abuse? I
which pros trab tho. vital powers, with sure
moans of reih f. K< nt free of charge in
scaled letter envehipcs. Addles? Dr. J.
?KILLIN HOUGHTON. Howard Associa-!
ti..o. Philadelphia, Pa. April lil 3nm
l ins <.. lebrated Tollcl S?.a|?. m MI.h ;
universal d?".iiand, :.- m.ute fr.au thu
ctiuictni material*, is mil?! and ?-i?i??l
lienl ?n ?til nature, fragrantly s< ? nod,
and extremely ???.?.*.??. lal in ?tr* :?.!?oii
npon thc ?kin. For ?ale by all lira -ts
and Fancy <?o..ds Dealers. Mai. 1 -v ly
Tho Original and Pest in the World..
The only true :illl| |..it.ei HAIR DYE.
Harmless. b>lia.bl<: and Instantaneous.!
Produces immediab ly a ?splendid Black or !
natural broun, without injuring the hair:
or skin. Remedies the ill effects of bad
dyes. Sold hy au Druggists. The genuine
is signed William A. Batchelor. Usn, RE- '
FLEURS, !..!? Restoring ami Beautifying j
tl..- Han. (WARLES FlATCFIEl OR.
C-t 25 ly New York.
Tiie State of South Garolina.
7b .A C.Janncj, \Y. I'.. Stanley and "fliers,
. Mam?n rs of Elections f>>r Richland His
tr.il: '
XTTHEREAS Edwin .1. Koot I, Esq., v. ko,
vV attie ge- val election held m Octo
b< r, l^r, .. was chosen a member of tho
H..use..! Representatives for the Election
District of Richland, to serve for two years,
bas resigned his seat; and win reas thc
Constitution of the State of South Caroli?
na directs that in such a casca writ of
election s!,all he issued by th?? Speaker of
the House oj Representatives, for the pur?
pose of lilting tim vacancy thus occasioned,
tor the remainder of the term for which
the member so resigned was eleete?! to
Now, th? r. lore, you und ?.-ach ot yon, arc
h.-reby required, after ?Ju.- advertisement,
and with strict regard tu all the provisions
of tho Constitution and laws ?.f the aaid
State, touching vom duty m such case, to
hold an election foi H member of tho House
of Representatives for the Election District
aforesaid, t i s. rve for tho remainder of the
term for which thc said Edwin J. Scott was
fleeted; the polls to be opened ai tho vari?
ous places of election in the said District,
on TUESDAY, thc lOtli day of July next,
b\ the var-' ms sets of managers- for those
places respectively; said manag? rs to conni
th.- votes publicly immediately alter tho
final iles i ng or the polls at thc precincts
whi re the v. te, ha\o ho?n taken; make
out a certificate ? f the result, to be signed
by the managers, or a majority of them,
and taken t.. tho Court House ?it said Dis?
tinct, or place now tix.-d by law for count?
ing tho votes, ..ii Wednesday, the 11th dav
of July, on or I.cf..re IoVlockp. m., by one
or more of the said managers; and the
managers, or a majority of them, who may
assemble, shall proct cit! to . tami DO the
af.said statement,-.and declare the result
of tho election.
Thia writ, together with v..ur return ol
the el? et ii m t.. h.- held und', r it, have be?
fore th. House ?.f Representatives al its
next meeting after the election.
Witness, th?- Hon. Charles H. Simon.on,
Rsvp, Speaker of the House ol Repre?
sentatives, al Columbia, this twenty-fifth
.lay of .lune, in ibo year of our Lord one
thousand eight hnnclred and sixtv-six.
Speaker of Hon- ' of Representatives,
.lotis T. SLOAN, Clerk ot the Hou.se nf
- -
In pursuance of the above order, au
ELECTION will he held at the various pre?
cincts in Richland District, on TUESDAY,
tho tenth dav of Juh next, for one REP?
RESENTATIVE, to till thu vacancy occa
sinned U\ th? ivpiguation of Edwin J.
Scott Esq. 1 C. J A NN EY,
? h birmin Boan! ??! Manager*.
?lune i'O
To Contractors.
CHARLESTON, 8". C., June ll, 1866.
SEALED Proposal* will bo rehired at?
this oltico, until the 27th inst., for tho
erection of a Freight Depot, at Columbia,
3. C. Plans and ?purifications can be neeu
at thiH ofhee. II. T. PEAKE,
June l l Cen. Snp't. S. C. R. R.
Timothy Tit?omb's Letters to the!
ALA DAYS: by Gail Hamilton. John |
VU" Godfrey's Fortunes; by bayard Tay- j
lor. Studies for Stories: by Jenn Ingeloh. '
Zschokke's Meditations on Life. Warm 1
Hearts in Cold Regions- A Tale ot Arctic
LiTe; by Capt. Ede, Royal Nave. The!
Masquerade -A Poem; by Saxe. ? Sum
mer in Skye; by Alexander Smith. Across j
the Continent: by"Rowles. Mrs. Jameson's '
Works, (sold separately, j The Every-day
Philosopher; by the "Country Parson.'"'
Counsel and Comfort; by the "Country !
Parson.'" And other NEW ROOKS, for i
aale At McCARTER'S bookstore. I
opposite Law Range, Columbia,
.hun- 22
__ SAVING opened my office*
|BQ53Qa permanently in Columbia, I
^SSrasBk trm\ be found nt al! honra at
^UlTTf the residence of Mr. M. H. j
Rerry, (opposite the Catholic Church,) on
Assembly street. 1). P. GREGG.
June 12
Congaree Jockey Club.
ILL J???s.
XTTEDNESDAY, duh L-Purse $100
VT Mile Heats for Horses untrained,
never having wen a milo nico. 'J'wo or
more to start.
THURSDAY, July 5.- Purse $100-Mile
Heats to be trotted for in harness. Open
to all Horses that have never won a mile
heat race. Two or more to start.
FRIDAY. July 6. -Purse $200. Free for"
all running Horses. Two or more to start.
SATURDAY, July 7. Purse $200. Open
for all Trottine Horses, Mares or Geldings,
to harness. Mile Heat.', best two ni three,
two or more to .-tart to make a race.
SAME DAY, July 7.-Purse isbto. Dash
of One Mile-free for all running Horses.
Two ' more to start.
The first Race on each day to commence
ai THREE O'CLOCK I'. .M. Each entry
lu per cen!., to 1<< added to each day's purse.
.lune Ki L. T. LEVIN. Secretary.
rilliE undersigned, having completed
J. their arrangements for thc manufac?
ture of the best COTTON GINS ever made
in this country, are now prepared to re
ci ivo orders from planters and others
wi diing to purchase. The long established
and well known reputation of Elliott's
Cotton Gins will, we hope, be a sufficient
; naran tee thal the article will give entire
satisfaction. J. M. ELLIOTT* CO.,
May 16 2mo_ Winnsboro. S. C.
.A. tm munition !
ANEW and compleb assortment just
An elegant assortment ol FISHING
TACKLE-Rods, Reals, Rob-. Honks,
Lines, &c. At LOW PRICES.
Washington street, opposite old Jail.
N. B.-Manufacturing and repairing
substantially and neatly exeenti d.
May 26 ' ly
"An Ordinance to Regulate the
Water Works.*'
COLUMBIA, Jene 23, lSoG.
FT1HE attention of the pul,lie caUed to
J this Ordinance and the peualties at
tached for the violation thereof:
D' li ordained. That any parson who
shall draw or carry away water from a
opuiit. without having contracted so to clo,
snail be tined for each and every offence
not exceeding twenty dollars; and any con?
tractor lor the water, who shall suffer any
unauthorized person to draw or tue water
from his or her spout, shall be subject to a
tine not exceeding twenty dollars lor each
and every offence, it' any person shall
suffer any hydrant on hi-? or her premises
to remain open so as to waste the water,
. xeept tor the purpose ot' cleansing the
pipea oi to draw off thc. water unfit loruse,
such person ?hall be subject to a penalty
not exceeding twenty dollars lot- e ach and
everv offence.
All persons ure cautioned that to make
use of the tire hydrants in tho public
atrects is a violation ol' an Ordinance of
thc city, and tho penalty attached for such
a violation will in all cases be rigidly en?
forced. Publish 1 by order ot tue City
Connell. .: s. McMAJION,
.hun- 21 12 City Clerk.
CotOiniA, June "J, ltit'iti.
Ii*tOR the information ol' persons who
may bo ignorant of tin- laws ol' the
city, and to prevent ?my further violation
of said laws herein mentioned, the follow?
ing Ordinances are republished:
"Ile it ordained, That it shall not be law?
ful to drive any wagon, cart or otlu r car
riage. or ride or lead any horse across or
upon any open brick druin, within tin- cor?
porate limits of the eu;; ot' Columbia, ex?
cept at the bridges or other places pro?
vided for . Tossing said drains, under a
penalty md exceeding twenty dollars for
.ach and every offence.''
. ./,'r- ?/ f'arther ordained, That it shall not
be lawful to tlriro ans > agon or other car
riage, or ride or lead any horse or mule, or
suitor them t" st.md upon any pavement,
r\eept in eases ol' absolute necessity; and
liny person offending herein, shall be sub?
let to a line of mu less than one, nor more
than fiftv dollars."
June TH Ko. STARK, Mayor.
Notice to Owners of Goats and Swine.
13ARTIES who own any of th? above
mentioned animals, are notified that
uli Goats and Swine found running at large
in Hie street;? of Columbia, on and after
the ?th inst., will be seized by tho police
and impounded in the tot near the Onard
Hons. l"HTo STARK. Mayor
WE ofter tho balance of oar ?tock ol.
We have recently made a large addition
to onr stock of CAS8IMERES, TWEEDS
and HATS, and will receive, in a few days,
a large addition to onr stock of CLOTH?
We have tko largest assortment of HATS
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known style.-.
Our Ready-made Goods
Are mostly of our own manufacture; ano
those desiring to patronize home produc?
tions arc invited to call.
Our stock of FRENCH and ENGLISH
CA SSI M ERES is large, and we will MAKE
Legs and Arms.
HAVE established a branch office and
manufactory at Columbia, S. C.
, ARM manufactured by this company are
I unsurpassed by; any in the world.
Cur workmen are practical artificial leg
and arni makers-three of them wearing
legs of their own manufacture.
; Our facilities are unsurpassed. Onr
; work warranted one year. Call and ex
. amine our specimens, or address
Secger's building, Columbia, S. C.
Offices Madison, Ga.. Nashville, Tenn.,
Columbia, s. C. Mav 27 2rao
HERRINGS Patent Champion Fire,
Burglar, Powder and Damp Proof
SAFES for ?ale. The only sure protection
: from tire. I can furnish" these Safes, all
sizes, at manufacturer's prices, freight
added. J. H. KIN ARD, Agent,
May 1.? 2mo Columbia, S. C.
Insurance Agency.
.-.?? -
ARE now prepared to issue LIFE, FIRE
C'lEH. O?. Omer No. S Law Range, Co?
lumbia, s. C.
.Tune 7 Imo*
Insurance Agents,
RISKS against Fire taken in the follow?
ing Companies, at fair rates, and no
charge for polices:
Hartford, Conn.
New Orleans.
New York.
New York.
New York.
New York.
EXCHANGE on Now York and Charles?
ton bought and sold; dealers in Stocks,
Bonds, Ac. The highest pries paid for
Hold, Silver and Bank Notes.
office Plain street, Columbia, S. C.
Mav 19 _3nio
Corner of Assembly and Washington Sts..
REPRESENTS a number of the best
both Northern and Southern-compa?
nies, possessing : :. aggregate capital ol
TAL RISKS taken on equi?
table terms, and all losses
promptly paid.
W*?Policies made payable
lin Gold <?i Currency."^^Bit
March l ?mo"

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