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11 --??-'-.- ~-~
Cubic Dca patine*. ,4^,
Losno*, Wednesday Evening, -fcptent-d
?IRf W. -jhe|8t|XcA- fi?<Qrt?iWo| by the
Gl**nrlW^r41/M-^ and
Knight of the CrcBcent third. 1
Tho Moi; ??g Pott, ot to-d^y, warmly
applaud? the policy of non-intervention of
tho United States in the war between j
j f<^i?, jdh?i an* Pern, and cordially ap- j
'provo? the mod?ration evinced by thc
I'nited States respectinK Mexico.
LrvEtipooL, Wednesday Evening, Sep?
tember 12.-Tho Cunard steamships Eu?
ropa wnd Tarifa, sailed for Quebec this
afternoon, with a regiment of hussars.
* MTTXTCH, Wednesday, September . 12.-j
The Govorument of Ba varie, has concluded |
to attempt securing a loan of 28,000,000 by
means of a lottery, to bo drawn here.
LrvEHPooL, Wednesday Evening, Sep?
tember 13.-The breadstuff* market is
arra, at the advance reported on Tuesday.
^ ; LONDON-, September 13-Noon.-The
money market is unehauged. ' Consols
; I closed at 8?3 mr uioney. Amoncau sccuri- |
"tttjs"ar?"-firmer and 'generally advanced.
Pive**wentics 72 {.
LONDON, Thursday, September 13-j
. \'oou.-The Atlantic Telegraph Company j
h ?tv? called a meeting of the stockholders,
tor the purpose of raising funds to buy
up the interest of the Anglo-American
Telegraph Company, under whose auspices
tbs cable was completed.
The steamship Hansa, from Bremen,
sailed to-day, with A fair com piemriit of]
pae song ers and ?14,000 in gold.
- -#?jjrw,-Thursday, September 13_.Tho)
: .. Monitew. of to day, publishes a conven?
tion which -.vus signed in the cit} of Moxi
1 co, by wbieh- WaTimilhan tm nsf cr H to j
French agents half the receipts from cus?
toms throughout the Empire, for the pur?
pose of paying the liabilities of Mexico to
France. The convention gue? into opera?
tion on the 1st of November ucxt.
i >IAPHID, Thursday, September 13. Tba j
Spanish cortes have voted to incie.ase the
ai_poi t .duty on seme gooda to twelve pi r
- ? TBIESTK, Thursday, September 13. -J
vlct>? from Athens ?tate that the Ctpetau
Assembly nave voted for ihe annexation ct
tho leland cf Cord ia to Greece.
Brau.iv Thursday, September 13 A. M.
Tte Prussian Chamber of Deputies baa
voted an electoral law and parliament for
Saxony. The negotiations between Prus?
sia and Saxony make very slow progress.
lt 13 said that Prussia demands tim taking
of the oath of loyalty to herself by tho
Saxon troops, the payment of 10,000,000
. ? thalei s as indemnity io Prussia for the ex
pi-uses of the war, and the right to garri?
son the fortress of Konigsteen and thc
cities of Dresden and Leipsic with Prus
. J?4>V?ro#fr*; j ? ih Mv. ?' r ii.
He. PKTKKS 1 Jt . KO, Thnrsday, September
. 13.-A farewell banquet was given to-day
'to the' American Embassy. Assistant Sec -
- re ta ry Fox and several United States naval
oftieers were present. Count Gortscha
koff made a speech expressive of the hope
that tho era of good faith now prevailing
between Russia and tho United States may
l..- permanent, and stated that there was
ito danger of its being considered as a me?
nace to other nations.
PAMS, Thursday, September 13.-The
Jo>.tr:ial Bea D(J>nt^,-o? to-day, states that
the French and l?: gdisii Governments have
i conjointly made active representations to
the Sultan of Turkey against tho acquisi?
tion by the United States Government of
an island ra the Gulf of Asina.
Sews Item?.
NEW OULXANS, September 14.-Monroe,
La'., advices report the neg-, /es obstinate.
They think themselves above obeying the
1a ws which govern tho whites, and menace
t Le citizens by firing r onad their houses at
night. '
WA^HIXGTOX, September l-l.-Secretary
MfCulioch has directed the Commissioner
of theltevoune to give special attention to
the revision of the tariff, and report a bill
for tho consideration of Congress. Ii is
intended to make the customs brauch of
revenue system muru simple, economical
and effective. The Commissioner is in?
structed to consider the large revenue ne?
cessary for tho exigencies of tho Govern?
ment, and also to propose such modifica
tiona of the present tariff aa will better
adjust and equalize the duties on foreign
imports with the interna! taxes on home
productions. Secretary Mcculloch sug?
gests the reduction of taxation upon the
raw material and machinery of homo pro?
JOHXSONTOW:.-, Pa., September 14.-The
bridge at this place broke down this morn?
ing, with a crowd of persons who assem?
bled to seo the President. 'They fell twenty
h-ct;.four or ?ve are said to be killed, and
thirty or forty wounded.
PiTTSBVBO, September 14.-There was a
riotous demonstration at tho President's
reception last night. Tho party left herc
this morning. Secretary Seward was too
jfcmvell to accompany thom, but will leave
.11 .?ie next train, and arrive in Yt'ashing
ton on Saturday.
The New York Herald, which has hither?
to firmly supported the President, in to?
day's issue prono?'- ces his plan of restora?
tion a failure, ?nd moreover says bis
g?nerons actions to the late revolted States
bare been accepted by that people as co?
vering a license for sanguinary outrage
against the poor negroes and thc abolition
of Yankees, and that the ground-swell
which commenced in Maine will sweep t he
whole country a? against the President's
Tat Mextesm Minister Sig. Hemer??.
WASEINOTON, September 14.-The Mexi?
can Minister, one of the Presidential
excursion party to Chicago, has returned
to the national capital, the business (?f bis
embassy requiring bis presence.
He report? that the ovations were so
overpowering and ao constant, that his
regu?nr*nablts of dining and .sleep were,
' perforce, On-own overboard for fho time;
ana, while he rejoices in tho opportunities
ho had to see the great uprisings and oat
pourings of the american peoplo, ho is
conscious that hi? physical organization
has aofferod sonio naniago.
They mot crowds everywhere, upon
whom this foreign gentleman looked with
wonder; the enthusiasm of the masses also
excited his highest admiration. He was
proud to l>e one of thc party, but lie can?
not understand how the President, und Mr.
Seward, and tho rest of the party, could
sustain tho fatigues of the ovations along
- tha^r Ope of travel, f Mr?n i, j
Tko testimony of gi is impartial foreigner
is in strange contrast with the falsehoods
of certain radical journals. They attempt
to create the impression that these popu?
lar demonstration? sro in honor of (b ant
but thc Mexican Minister, with no polit ?cal
asperities to mould his opinions, assumes
that the evidencowas overwhelming at all
pointe as to thc fact that the people de
J signed to honor tho chief magistrate of
thc republic.
: Tlic Southern Or pli? tis' Relief iPa Ir.
I BALT?MOBE, September 14. -The lady
managers in thin city opened their fair,
last evening, at thc Maryland institute.
The proceeds cf tliefair are to be applied
I to tho building of an orphan asylum in thc
'city of Richmond, an eligible lot having
been already donated for the purpose.
I Thc "Floral Temple" is presided over by
I Mrs. Shares, of Richmond, Va., assisted
j by a number of young ladies, who suc
! ceodod in dispouing of a large number of
boquets. ATI tho tables are expected] tobe
fully occupied to-day, when something fur?
ther as to thc contenta and names of the
ladica connected with them may lie ga?
Hut Meat ion Meeting.
NEW YOKK, September 13.-A meeting ol
the committee to make arrangements toi
the mass meeting ta beheld in thc city ol
New York, for Ute purpose of ratifying the
! proceedings of the National Union Conven?
tion which met at Philadelphia on the 11th
of August, was held on Saturday, at tb<
Astor House. At the meeting it was stated
that a great many distinguished gentlemcr
would address the meeting, and that Hon
Wm. H. Seward, Senator Doolittle ant
Kev. Henry Ward Beecher would probab?j
bc among tho orators ou the occasi m.
After some discussion, it was unanimously
agreed that the mass meeting should bt
held in Union Square, on thc evening o
thc 17tb instant, at 7 o'clock.
Market Hrpurlx.
NEW YORK, September M_Noon. <?oh
145. Kxcbaogo nominal. Cotton firm
Flour drooping. Wheat dull, and [email protected]
lower. Pork steady, al $JJ. 12'<?.:$3.2?. Lan
dull, at 174?20.
7 P. M.-Gold 115. Cotton finn. Tur
pont ir.e heavy, at G?toG?.
MOBILE, September ll.-Sales of euttoi
to-day 450 balea -middlings 30(331. Salo
of the week 2,900. Keceipta 170, again s
640 last week. Exports of thc week 1,5IC
Stock 24,78o.
Nrr\v ORLEANS, September 14. Cttoi
eales 1,330 bahs-low middling 32-'t?33
Gold 44.
Adjournment of thc Friiinii Con g rr ai
TnoY, N. Y., September 13.-Tho Kenia
Congress, recently held here, ndjournc
sine die on Sunday morning, having bee
in session all Saturday night. Col. W. 1
Roberts was re-elected President, P. ?
Meehan President of the Senate, and J. >
Fitzgerald Speaker of the House. Gel
Sweeny was deposed as Secretary of Wai
but no successor baa been named. Hi
accounts were satisfactory, but he w:<s b<
lieved to be incomp?tent, (icu. O'Neil wa
appointed Inspector-General of thc Iris
Itepcblicau Army, and Cot Bailey Chii
Militarv Org anizer. It is still honed tin
Gen. Sheridan will bo prevailed upon t
accept tho command of the loreen. Ai
other movement on Canuda will, thc F<
mans say, undoubtedly bo made darin
thc fall, if tho contributions are plentiful
Outrage* on the President.
INDIANAPOLIS, September !>.-The folio-,
big disgraceful tcenes occurred here:
rite President was received with a f?
groans, "huzzas for Johnson." and er?
for Gen. Grant, and some rude rcmaik
He commenced by saying: Fellow-citizen
[cries for Grant,) it is not my intente
[crie* of "Stop" and "Go on,"] to make
long speech, if you give me your attcntii
for five minutes. [Cries of "Go on
"Stop," "No, no-wc want nothing to c
with traitors,"''Grant, Grant," "Johnsoi
and groans.] 1 should like lo say ta th
crowd to-night [cries of "Shut up \
don't want to hear from von," "Johnson
"Grant," "JOIHIHOII," "Grant." "Grant
Tho President paused a tew moment
and then returned to thc balcony.
Hon. David Kilgoro went to the portie
to try his powers of persuasion, and kc
order. He said: For one moment hear
[cries for orde r and groans.] Let in? a
peal to you, citizens of Indianapolis ai
of indiana-[the confusion still continu?e
Let mc appeal to you again-[but t
crowd was unrelenting, and would not
Tho gentlemen then retired from t
Sortico, and the excursionists went to th?
in tier.
Tho disturbers in the crowd continu
to groan and make other disturbing noisi
Several disturbances occurred with lame:
abie results. Pistol shots were tire I,
' which ono man was wounded in the ey
j and another in Ibo knee,
j According to tho bcstinforniationatta
I able, a marsh.il, on horseback, was se
? riding along the linc of the torch light pi
I cession, and evidently giving directions,
j the men soon thereafter stretched <
j their ranks. Persons were then obsorv
j knocking down with clubs several of I
! bearers of the transparencies.
One of the transparencies hore tho .
scrip t?o n, "Johnson- -Welcome the Pr?
dent." Thc holder nf this transparency v
thrown down, and a shot ti nul at him.
friend came to his relief and tired at t
! assailant. At bast a dozen or more sin
j were fired in quick succession. The ros
j is, ono man was shot in the heart a
I several wounded.
: The President received a few IVieu
and retired to lied at an early honr, s
tho crowd finally dispersed from before i
! hotel about lu o'clock, ut which time i
' city waa quiet.
Another Defalcation.
MEW YO UK, September l-l.- Tho t rea y ri?
ver of a company which hfia recently bcea.
established in Wall street, under toe title
of " Tho American Cotton Planting and
Loan Company," with a reported capital ot
$2,500,000, has absconded, leaving the
nr>*Ticiai affaira of the concern in a very
unsatisfactory condition.
An investigation revealed th? met that
notwithstanding the large amount of fund s
which had been paid in for subscriptions,
thc total of which cannot be definitely as- ?
certainod-on account of the treasurer h av- j
ing left subscription books in various lo- I
calities known only to himself, and having j
boon in daily receipt of lotters eupposed to j
have contained remittances-but which is
estimated at $30,000, a largo number of
billa of expense incurred during thc forma- I
tion of the company still remain unpaid.
From some unexplained reason, the direc?
tors have so far taken no steps to have the
defaulting treasurer brought to justice, al?
though it is reported that he retddes in
Philadelphia-thus showing a culpable
negligence in the management nf the af?
fairs of the company, which canses much
complaint on the part of those who have
been led into the scheme by the known re- J
sponsibility of the gentlemen composing
the board of directors.
Tile New Jersey Legislature.
TRENTON, September 13.- Tho Legisla- j
ture ot New Jersey met ou Monday. Gov- :
ernor Ward's message \ran read", recom?
mending the ratification of the proposed
constitutional amendment and the election !
of a United States Senator. Bills were in- I
troduced relativo to the constitutional !
amendment andfor tho election of a United 1
States Senator. Ilesolutions were also in- :
troduced, condemning in strong terms the I
language of President Johnson ou receiv- !
ing the proceedings of tho Philadelphia
? i ven hon of the 14th of August. The ]
election of the United States Senator will |
probably take place next week.
Thc New Cnhio.
On Saturday afternoon last, was j
consummated one of tho grandest :
achievements of this century, memo- <
rabie ns it is for its political change?, j
its industrial progress and its fpienti- j
fie discovery. A second of those
wonderful links which are to lund
evermore the two continents in indis- 1
soluble union that defies the waste of ;
ocean and ? he flight of time, bringing !
the citizen of New York and the citi- i
zen of Loudon into communication j
with the quickness uhnost of tho light j
mug's Hash, waa landed at Heart's ?
Content-the second in order of time, i
but not in fact, for part of it had laid j
for months in the depths of the s ?a.
Wo all remember how, a year or more j
ago, we were pained by thc news of:
tho failure of thc Great Eastern to lay !
thc cable; how tho sanguine friends
ot' the enterprise grew silent, while :
tho croakers chuckled over thc ful- '
fillment of their forebodings. Dow n
deep in thc depths of the ocean the j
cud of the cable was lost, never, it ?
was believed by many, to he recover- i
ed; and when the expedition .sailed j
this season with a new one on board, I
few expected for it any other fate.
Tho world was electrified when the j
fact was established that along the ?
thin pathway, contrived by human
art, tho thoughts of men were Hash- j
ing from continent to continent; and
though day after day wo got news j
from tho other side of riots and of :
revolutions, of tho overthrow of ctn-i
pires aud the flight of princes, wc
could hardly believe that the wonder '
was real or that it would last. Tin
world laughed a derisive smile ut thc
idea of rescuing the old cable from
thc. almost fathomless bcd of tho sea. ',
and splicing it with a ?rew addition j
that would connect the continents.
Bat enterprise and science have over?
come all obstacles. Thc grappling j
irons, guided by human SK?II, have :
wrought a seeming miracle. The
ocean has yielded its prey, over which
its terrific storms have swept in vain.
The old cable has been recovered,
and the fact announced forthwith to
Europe and then to America The
splice w;ts made on board the Great
Eastern, and which proudly bent its
way to tho Western coast of New?
foundland, and thus another impe?
rishable bond is added to that great
net-work of communication and of
sympathy which is binding the whole
human race together in one common
brotherhood. -National InU .lligemvi'.
Tira: DIFFERENCE. -An exchange
paper saj's:
'Tn Missouri, tho man who sells
whiskey on Sunday without a license,
is fined from ten to twenty-five dol?
lars. Tho man who preaches the
Gospel on Sunday without a license,
is tined not less than $500, and sent
to jail."
The St. Louis Christian Adr<jeat>>
copies tho foregoing, and says:
"A slight error in this. Thc poi?
soner is not both lined and imprison?
ed. He is lined not less than 8500
and it may be ?5,000-or imprisoned
not less than six months-and it. might
be six years, or any other period aboce
six months."
mines in Georgia arc to bo worked
this year by Dr. Stevenson, who, in
1861, put np machinery near Gaines?
ville to work exclusively for these
precious gems. He had got Iiis
works completed, and washed about
two weeks, and found live small ones
td inferior quality, when his hands
~ taken away for the army. It is
proposed during the year to attach a
few skilled hands to the gold-washing
machines, and so settle the question
as to whether diamonds can bo found
in sufficient quantities as to pay for
--?-?-?-?- -
FATAL DUEL, A duel was fought
on tho 6th inst., between Walter
Coggswell, postmaster nt Wayne, and
J. T. Wright, editor of tho" Wayne
(rosette, Arkansas. Their weapons
were swords-the cuuso jealousy.
Both were rightfully mangled, hav?
ing fought unt:' the loss of blood
caused them to faint. Both will die.
L?gislature of South Carolina.
TUiu'Mlay, S?-??u mlicr IU, }S6C.
?>c*Jba x SENATE.
"Trio Senat? met at 10 a. m.
Messrs. Sullivan, Tillman. Tracy, Wil?
liams and Townsend submitted reports' of
Mr. Townes presented the petition of
Alexander McBee, executor for tho heirs
of Vardry McBee, praying that certain
lauds may revert to them.
Mr. Frierson presented the petition of
Kev. C. Bruce walker, praying an appro
{iriation to repair mutilated furniture bo
ongiug to the library of the University.
Thc House met at IS m.
Mr. .T. \V. Moore submitted tl.-- present?
ment of thc Grand Jury ibr Beaufort l>:s
trict. - .;
Messrs. Shaw, Coker, Goodwyn, lints..n,
J. lt. Aiken, Perry, Butler nnd Hartington
presented reports of committees.
Mr. Prico introduced a bill to suppress
the distillation ol' spirituous liq noir front
any of the cereal grains of li: St atc.
Mr. Butler introduced a biil to declare
the law in regard t" th? liability t.i pur?
chase of slaves.
Messrs. Hutson, Lord and Zililliog "ave
notice of the introduction of bills.
Mr. T. P. Mikell introduced a bill to pro?
vide compensation f.?r tho services of < ef
tain officers of thc Senate and House.
Mr. Bachmati introduced a bill to v, -t
in tho city of Columbia the right and title
of the State ia certain !.>?-.
Yegro r.ntioi".
The JUchuioud Tim-r. ha?.
article on tl::-? suggestive and fruit?
ful theme, froia wliielt we oxtrnet:
See, for a moment, how inte um]
nature are fulfilling their decrees am]
? executing their laws in disposing ol
j tho destinies of thc .sons of Hain,
And lot thc force ol fuels nnd the co
I gen ey of tho arguments which lk>v
1 from them bo admitted.
Last year, or ut tlie commence?
ment of th? present year. Uie grea
desire of negroes i;i ?he country wa:
1 to work lands "on shares" with th?
white laud owner. Tins wa-; the hrs
step, or half step, toward;-: escaping
from (hal control and survei?l:?nc<
which capital exercises nnd shoal;
exercise! over ii . eiuidoyi't??. Tb?
negro wanted thu privih ?fe ol bein!
idle; ho could not get thc oppor?
tunity, nor enjoy tho Ittxury ai tin
outset, bullio made great advmte:'
towards iii" goal ut his hopes i:i t.- t
ting employment "^r1 sbures" ai ti:
mau for wages. ! :: th? iatl?r ease
freedom from work :.' will ron hi m>
hu indulged in with impunity, am
contra.-ts of that eliaracle:', as ?iii oti
country friends know, were vcr;
difficult to ho secured or cnforevii
The negro hii't found thai even whil
"working on 'hares," li? cairn-,
"play" as ia;ieii a ; ho deaires, bi
cause 'Le fariuers for rite mos! jv.:-!
incorporated stipulations i:? timi
contra?is which partially trurumelc
the will of CurVee, and kept h ira close
at work titan his instincts aeipiiesee
in. lie wishes during tho next veal
to avoid, ?i ?? fur tts practicable, a
'moral or legal obligations to wodi
* x.;cpt .i.-? his w ia tn and caprices sha'
ilictatc. He i now disgusted with th
...-.Mart!" systi a. anti tdmosb universa
ly aspires rultivate land in his sol
and excludive tenancy.
The hi-tory ol ft. negroes ju th
country, from thc "arlie t perio<
proves tint: whenever they po
session oflitt!? piece of land, ?ilh<
as own el's oi' as sole tenant.;, ti;;
merely content themselves wi?
barely scotching it so as to make til
most meagre subsistcnet : and tin
rarely succeeded ia this, without t!
aid <?:' fishing, trapping, limiting <
{heft. Thc nature of tho ne; roas a ir<
man was fnllv ill nitrate] '<?: the fr<
uegroes^of tho South before thc
general cmanoipaiioii; and now th
they ave all free, it wo nid ho illogic
and erroneous to expect moreof the
than tbeir previous history justifie
We argue, then, that the neg
labor. ' the South will hereafter 1
j worth less and less, it will bo wit
draw i from thc field ; of general :>:
duetiou and national wealth, and I
employed irregularly in such lit!
patches as tho negro can buy or res
j He will content himself v.i-.K n me
?animal existence, barely makii
enough lo keep from starving, at
;ho will d< light i'i living from hand
! "Wo stamin lo thee v. ho ha
?studied thc negro character, if o
! theory is not correct?
-I -i <V f
! l'irvNsYi.v.-.-.i \ Pt.'.Yi'fi.xn.ss.
maa named William Henry Davis,
Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, found :
I verni boys playing about the l>;m
of th? canal, and among them :i nop
Loy named Daniel Franklin. Da'
took tho negro, and pul him !':to '.
waler where i; wu :< < p. and ''foi' 1
fun of the thing." lefl him tostrng;
like a drowning pupp.*. The lie;
boy could not swim, and wa.-; drov
ed. Davis was arrested, but the? jin
ami jnrv did not think he was gui
of murder, while thc Pittsburg pap
say it wa-> a "singular case of nu
slaughter." Well, yes, rather .>
I gular" foi that latitude, perhaps: i
if ft had only been Nev.* Orleans!
MUM ci CAI. KT/PI nos. Thc foll*
ing gentlemen were elected on Mt
day intitulant ami Wanlen ; of
town of < Ireenv?le: I ntendant - !
1?. D. Long. Wardens Mes
Koberi McKay, W. A. McConnell,
R. McDavid, Tims. Steen. Sam
; Strndley, H. C. Markley.
Major Pollock H. Lee, a well-kin
member of the Memphis bar. iltei
j Huit city a few days ago. Ho wi
native nf North Carolina, and a
about, thirty-five years. Major.
j was at ono time on the str ff of 0
' eral ,T. V. Johnston
Tile Strife of Tino Cit fr?.
? lorig'rnnVjtcd question iu musical
circles fufe recently boen permanently
settled ti? the great satisfaction of
: lovers of justice generally, aud" espo
I cially.to tji?* delight of Sc.-therners,
? who nave watched the long struggle
with intense "interest. Boston, New
I York and Baltimore have been the
j contending parties in this prolonged ?
: dispute, which was boldly inaugu- I
j rated by Messrs. Wm. Knabe &. Co.,
: of Baltimore, to determine whether
the "hub" or tho metropolis of the
MonumeuLal City could turn ont the
best American piauo. The great
? commercial town of Maryland can
i claim to lead. And this decision has
j not resulted from any ono stated trial,
I but from a series of thorough com?
parative tests in New York, Chicago
and other important business centres
; of tho country, lu every instance,
; parties opposed to the "Knabe
[ piauo"' have been fairly beaten be
; fore an honest committee, or have
I re-fused utterly to meet the. issue and
bucked down in the face of imminent
i defeat. This must settle the i&sue as
! fully as if a national convention had
; derided it, andinthe future the South
can boast of manufacturing tire best
piano of the country. Knabe Sz Co.
haye been making these superb in?
struments for thirty years, and their
fanii' is nothing new; but other piano
concerns have sprung into existence
! meanwhile, claiming to bea? the old
I house nt its own -farade, and a contest
' with them was inevitable. Hence the
I various trials as above.
People will have their prejudices in
I favor of one or another maker, and
'must be humored in thom: batan
iirticle so long tried ns this--one that
: La.-; so often proved superior and
i freely accorded this palm by the bcsl
judges of Europe and America, hat
eerlaiuly more than ordinary claims
; upon a purchaser's attention. Sub?
stantial, durable, handsome to looli
at. delightful to listen to, keeping ii
i au?; longer than any ?otlitir Known,
j h?ivitu< delicate touch and giving
sjauh ?lUttiity nud purity oi tom; m
only a '^Knub'**' cali, we cannot bul
j commend the universal verdict it
4 11 : : - i r favor. The great Southerr
house is again being extended tomeo1
th.? wants ol' its immense and con
1 stanlly increasing business, and tim
triumphant success, overlapping :
quarter ol' a century, is, after all, th<
true au.I indisputable test of worth.
A visit to their elegant wnrerooms
' No. C."!"> Broadway, in this city, wil
iletuonstrate tho superiority of thesi
celebrated instruments still more full;
th.m any description which could bi
given of them.
! AV..- JV,,'.- Daily JV?ie*, Aug. 2d.
Missouri Polities.
The canvas in Missouri is an inter
cstirig and very excited one. Th
conserv?t ires aie determined to main
tain their lights at the polls, whils
the Governor of the State and hi
minions in tho several Counties seen
i to lie as fully determined that th
elections shall bc carried by the radi
' cals at whatever cost. No other Stat
i in. the Union is in so deplorable
condition as Missouri. With a larf.;
j population sympathizing with th
doctrines of the conservative partj
she bas, nevertheless, so infamer
j and unjust a registration law, that
is possible, in?! to say probable, tin
; tic voice of her people may be stifle
by tho leeches in official position
The only hope of the masses is tin
tho President will ?.anse them to L
protected in their ritrkts. To seem
lids desirable object, a deputatio
from that State recently waited upo
the President, and asked him to ii
terpose in their behalf in caso Gove
nor E.'"!etcher should attempt to kee
them down by stationing the milit
in tiie Comities and cities iu whit
the proscribed voters live. The Pr
sident did not. ut the time, make ar
very satisfactory promises in this r
gard, but it is now stated by tl
Washington correspondent of tl
Philadelphia ledger, that Gen. lia
.rock, tho United States officer coi
mantling tho department in which
Missouri, has received instructio;
! to see that the conservative vote
there have full protection in the exe
eise of thc right of suffrage. The G
vernor, therefore, will be likely
lind bis match ii' bis militia 1
brought into play.
If tiie President .should neglect
profeetthe conservative voters, th
will probably take the matter in
their own hands, and a repetition
tba Kansas border warfare and of t
.I ay hawk outrages may bu looked f<
\ very general apprehension exi:
that trouble is brewing in Misson
Wo trust, therefore, that tho Ledge
correspondent speaks by the cai
and that the entiro voting populati
?.f?b/ State will bc allowed to ex
else thc right of suffrage withe
having the bayonet before their ey
!t is not iikely that Governor Fletcl
will persist in having tho electii
held urnb-r the wing of the militia
he shall find that the regular an
will, in that case, lie also in the fie
I Richmond Dispatch
Major-General Schofield, co
mantling Department of Yirgir
headquarters at Richmond, bas nu
the significant move of taking up
residence at tho avowed rebel ho
the Exchange. The Union citizi
of that city have been lcd by this i
i m i lar indifferent acts towards lc
sentiments, to indulge in no {latter
comments of tins new command
officer. Cor. .Wi/* York TSribttTie.
??as?? -
A seimon in four words "Slue
. Iei\c no pockets . "
A qnaitit writer says: "I have seca
women so delicate that they wore
afraid to ride, for fear of tho horse
running away; afraid to sa.il, for fear
the boat might upset; afraid to walk,
for fear tho dew might fall; bul i
never saw one afraid tobe married,
which is far more riskful than al!
three put together."
BLAH;.-There is talk of a suit for
defamation of character to bc brought
by Judge-Advocate Kolt against
Montgomery Blair, who asserted in a
recent speech that ho (Holt) vu.
guilty of the execution of an innocent
"woman," meaning Mrs. Barratt.
Prince Anton Hohenzollern is the
first member of the Prussian royal
family who has fallen in war since
Prince Louis was jun through the
body by a French sergeant in the
battle of Saalfleld. iu October, 1805.
The Norfolk virginian says the
bears thriven from their lairs in the
Dismal Swamp by the conflagration
are often seen by the passengers on
the trains, lumbering along the
Tile Newburyport (Mass.) Herald
says that Governor Andrew will take
the stump against General Butler, in
case the latter is nominated for Con
gr ess in the Esses district.
Houston and Galveston are at lox
gerheads iu the matter of State aid,
each desiring legislative: assistance to
get ahead of the other as the commer?
cial metropolis of Texa?.
The Bureau has few friends in
Texas, and there cannot be fouud
enough "loyal" men to take thc
offices necessary to properly eu.ro for
the "Wards of tho Nation."
Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, has
issued an order disbanding the parti?
san militia, whose organization had
created so much dissatisfaction among
the people of that State.
There are t hieves ia Portland who
steel the pillows from under tho
heads of poor houseless children en
camped in tents tn the pasture.
Two companies, with a large invest -
ed capital, are engaged in Connecti?
cut and Nova Scotia in searching for
tho hidden treasures of tho pirate.
The steamer Liunio Down has beeu
sunk by a snag in the Arkansas
River. Several of the crew aud pas?
sengers are lost. Thc boat is valued
at ?i50,(KX).
A volcanic island, ninety feet high
and 1,700 feet in circumference, was
thrown up in thc Gulf near the Flo?
rida coast, on the 2d inst.
The Canada papers want England
to go to war with the United States,
unless the latter shall make the Fe?
nians behave themselves.
Steamship Thoo, l). Wagner, Boston.
Sehr. Wm. F. Cashing, Cook, Philadelphia.
WENT TO sr A vrjsTEar>AV.
Steamship Emily 1?. Souder, New York.
CHARLESTON, September 13. -There lia?
been a fair derna nd for cutten during tho
nu*:week, but thc light stuck on the maj -
; ket has contracted operations. Price?
have been well maintained, and the better
qualities have improved l?2c. Tan sales
of the week foot np some -57? bales, at
The receipts ot sea ??la?d cotton tor tin?
week have been sonic '?R bales or the old
crop. No transactions.
< i ITTON s l ATEMK.N r.
,v. r<i. iya
Stock on hand Sept. 1, l.Sik]. ... -J i.< .Vie:)
Receipts from Sept. 1, lsi;t>, to
Sept. 5, lSGti.. 81 Iii
Receipts from Sept. 6 to Sept.
Ti, 1KW. 3*3 1,0.-,:?.
Total receipts. HOS t?.Koj
Exports. S. /.?'. !
Exports from Xei>t.
1, to Sept. fi.
lat;,;. ?JOS
Treta .Sept 7 to
sept. ii, is-;;; 125 J,l;>7
Totalexports.... ISO 4.1tr_'
Stock on hand tuid
on shipboard... 172 2.7uu
The sales nf North River har have b( eu
light, at [email protected], *1.'.")[email protected] for
Eastern. Corn didi, at fl.14ii6l.25. Oat?;
ilnll, at CO?70c. Flour unchanged, at *S.?n
@15.5?. Bacon is i.i good "apply, with
only a limited demand -shoulders i:?>'.
ribbed sides [email protected]',c. Salt steady, at $2.50
per sack. Gunny cloth 40c. ]-cr li>. West?
ern rono 21?23c. per lb. Brokers are bm
mg gold at 44 and selling ar 4o.
jflLixotion Sirxloei.
Public Sale, to Foreclose Mortgage.
IIV/V Hock r.s. E. ll J ./. E\Eritto>..
?N pursuance of the tib^vo mortgage, j
will sell, on MONDAY, the 24th instant,
j at 10 o'clock a. m., over the store of Wolfe
? .V Hook, on Gervais street, betwc< rs Asscm
I blv ami Richardson, the entire contents ot
; FICE," including tho Pi -.;. Printing Mn
: terial, ic.
T< rms eanli, iu legal currency.
Sept 1." SAM. OREEN7, C. ll. L>.
Seed Wheat.
OU SPRING SF.El) WHEAT." for sui?'
?lt $4.l>0 per bushel. Applv to
Sept 1 '. :; JOHN T. SLOAN.
.iw CALL at T. M. FOLLOCK'Sfjr ,
OM^RESTACRANT; for he willKi.
1 Jl ^banter thc world that h<- hasBBf
f?ev?rv best cook in this city - Freedman
J. McPherson-formerly with one of tue
lirsl families in Columbia, and now to bo
round at T. M. POLLOCK b,
Sept15 '-Rear House" Ke^Uurant.
Dr. Zimmerman's Institution !
FOR the instruction of Y;'un^
F October next first day. A ret
BOARDERS can he .cconmio
.tated. -

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