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A Glasgow merchant, on his death?
bed, sent for a Free Church clergy?
man. Having some fears regarding
his future prospects, he asked the
reverend gentleman, "Do you think,
if I were to leave ?10,000 to the
Free Kirk, my soul would be saved?"
"Well," answered the cautious minis?
ter, "1 couldn't just promise you
that, but I think it's an experiment
well worth trying."
PENURIOUS.-In speaking of a cer?
tain merchant, the other day, a crazy
w.oman (or supposed to be so) said:
"Do you see that man? Well, you
can blow his oui through a bum?
ming bird's quill into a mosquito's
eye-and the mosquito wouldn't
engaged in a case, tormented a wit-j
ness so much with questions that the ?
poor fellow at last cried for water.
"There," said tho judge, "I
thought you'd pump him dry.
A small body but magnificent soul
Mr. George Pea body.
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5 hbds. Clear BACON SIDES, at reduced
5 hbds. Bacon Shoulders.
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Second door from the Shiver House,
Nov 22_On Plain street.
A Great Medicine for Horses, Mules,
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only safe medicine, and the only good
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Feb 9 J. & T. R. AGNEW.
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throat. A small cough is the voice of na?
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Jan 17_Druggists.
Thoa. P. Walker,
OFFICE in rear of the Court House, for?
merly occupied by D. B. DeSaussnre,
Esq. Feb 20
Baltimore Advertisements.
SPRlXG IMATlOJi -1867?
IMPORTERS and jobbers of RIBBONS,
NETS and LADIES'HATS, trimmed and
untrimmed; SHAKER HOODS, Ac,
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Charleston Advertisements.
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For Falatka,
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ON and after thc 2('.th October, this fine
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the above places.
ttJS- All freight must bo paid herc by
For freight or passage, apply on board,
ar at the office of the Agency, 17 Vander
liorst's Wharf. Charleston, S. C.
Oct'24 J. D. AIKEN A CO., Agents.
WE FROPOSE to nubli.-h a WEEKLY
PAPER, devoted to the diffusion of
thc principles of religion and thc interests
of thc Baptist denomination. Wc have
been moved to this undertaking by thc
solicitations of brethren in varions por?
tions of this State, as well as of other
States, among the readers of the late
Confederate Baptist, and by our own con?
viction that a paper of a high character
would contribute largely to the intellectual
improvement, the religious progress and
the general welfare of the churches. The
field is large, affording ample room for all
sincere and zealous label ers.
The Baptist will be printed on a sheet
about twenty-two by thirty-two inches, and
will contain twenty-four broad columns,
mostly in Long Primer type, clear and
legible, so that it may bc read with com?
fort, even by tho aged. Its cutir? mecha?
nical execution will bc of the highest order.
Our columns will be enriched by corres?
pondence and contributions from thc
other Southern States, and, occasionally,
from Europe and our missionary stations
abroad. Thc entertainment and instruc?
tion of tho young-especially the child?
ren-will not bo forgotten; and our vene
blo friend, "Uncle ^Fabian," so well and
favorably known tft thc readers of the
Confederate Baptist, will resume Ina labors
in their behalf. In short, we possess all
the facilities requisite to produce a paper
of the first rank. As such, wc offer it to
our brethren, and solicit their generous
The Baptist will be issued as soon as a
sufficient number of subscribers have been
TEEMS-$3 a year, payable on thu recep?
tion of the first number.
All communications will be addressed to
'The Baptist, Columbia, S. C."
Jan 24 Editors and Proprietors.
SALT, extra largo, at ?3.30.
1.000 lbs. BLUE STONE, 7 lbs. for $1.
The above will be sold at prices named,
or at lower prices, if offered lower by any
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Paints, Oils, Window Glass.
LEAD, ground in oil.
1,000 lbs. St. Louis White Lead, ground
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200 gallons boiled and raw Linseed Oil.
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Varnishes, Window Glass, Putty, Paint
brushes, Varnish, Dusting and Scrubbing
Brushes. For sale at low prices by
Oct. ai J. A T. R. AGNEW.
Cash Notice.
FOR the information of all concerned,
we state that mir terms aro CASH BE?
sent us from country and elsewhere will
re?oive no attention unless ac<-'>ni?ianie<l
with canil to pay the bili.
Aug 12 J. A T. R. AGNEW.
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Together with a full assortment of Tire,
Horse-shoe, Band, Oval, Round, Square,
Hoop, Sheet and Nail Rod Iron, compris?
ing the beat assortment in the city and at
the lowest prices. On hand and for sale by
Dec 19 i. & T. R. AGNEW.
An Ordinance to Raise Supplies for]
the Year 1867.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Alder?
men of the City of Columbia, in Council
assembled, and hy the authority of the same.
That a tax to cover thu period from Janu?
ary 1.18C7, to January 1, 18G8, for thc ?unis
and in tho manner hereinafter mentioned,
shall he raised and paid iuto the public
treasury of thc said city, for the u e and
service thereof.
Sec. L That is to Ray, one dollar on every
hundred dollars of the assessed value of
real estate lying within the limits of said
city; and the value ol' all taxable real es?
tate within the city of Columbia shall be
assessed by thc City Assessor.
SK?-. II. And be it further ordained. That
each malo person over the age of fifteen
years and under the age of sixty years
shall pay a tax of one dollar.
SEC. III. Fifty cents shall be levied upon
I every hundred dollar: (d'sales of goods,
wares and merchandize, embracing sales
of all articles of trade for barter or ex?
change, which shall be made by resident
merchants, traders and ?lealers, within the
city of Columbia, from tho first day of
January, one thousand eight hundred and
SEC. JV. And whereas many persons set
up temporary shops or stores for thc sale
of merchandize, after the time fixed for
assessing taxes, and close tire same before
thc return of the tax thereon, so as to
avoid the pavmcnt of taxes to thc citv
...n,..r..th"r: Tie it further ..rdained, Thal all
such ?b alers shall, upon opening shop or
store in the city of Columbia, pay to tho
City Clerk tho sum of twenty-five dollars,
which shall he allowed him in the next
settlement for taxes, and tho overplus, if
any, be returned to bim; and such tran?
sient dealer shall pay one dollar on every
one hundred dollars of sales of Roods,
wares and merchandize. On failure to pay,
after being notified, tho Mayor shall forth?
with issue an execution against the de?
faulters, and collect tlic money in the usual
SEC. V. Tliero shall be levied ono per
cent, upon sales at auction of all goods,
the property of persons who are residents
of tlio city of Columbia. One and a half
per cent, upon sales at auction of all Roods
property of non-resid-nts. One-half pei
cent, upon sales at auction of real est?t?
and stocks of every description: Prodded,
nevertheless, That no tax shall bo levied
upon any sales at auction made by order
of court or process of law.
SEC. VI. That all mendiants and other?
selling any Roods, wares and merchandize
on consignment shall pay a tax of one pei
cent, on all such Roods, wares and mer?
chandize sold by them; and tlio persons
mentioned in this and in the three preced?
ing sections of this Ordinance, shall be re?
quired to make quarterly returns of theil
sales, and to pay tho taxes assessed there?
by to the City Clerk at the cud of each am
every quarter.
St:?:. VII. And be it further ordained, bi
the authority aforesaid, That, a tax of on?
per cent, shall be paid on the premium!
received by each and every insurance com?
pany, or agent or agency thereof, doinj
business in this city and chartered by tbs
State of South Carolina; the agents ?>f al
companies not chartered by the State sbal
pay one and a half per cent, on all premi
un?s received hy them. And it shall he tin
duty of ? very insurance company, or tin
officers or tho agents thereof, to mal;?
quarterly returns, under oath, to tho Cit]
Clerk, of the amount of premiums for tin
quarter preceding, under a penalty of tw<
dollars for each and every day that sud
company or agent or agency may neglec
or refuse to make returns and pay the sah
tax -to be collected by execution, as it
other eases provided for the collection o
tines and forfeitures. . .
Siio. VIII. And be it further ordained, h,
the authority aforesaid, That two dollar
shall bc paid on each and every horse
marc, stallion, gelding and mule, kept o
used within the city (if Columbia, beside
the tax on vehicles, as follows: Ten (lol
lars shall be paid on each and every fou
wheeled pleasure carriage or barouche
drawn by two or more horses; five dollar
on each and everyone horse carriage, hue;
RV, barouche, R?R or sulky, not used fe
biri:; ten dollars on every vehicle used fe
the breaking or exhibiting of horses an
mules; fifteen dollars on each hack or cai
riage, drawn hy two horses, and run h
the conveyance of passengers for bin
eight dollars ?ii each and every one hort
bugRV, gig or sulky, kept or used for hin
ten dollars on each and every four hore
wagon; eight dollars on each two hort
wagon; six dollars on each ono kort
wagon, cart or dray; twenty dollars 0
each expresa wagon; fifteen dollars o
each and ? very omnibus or stage; and a
persons commencing to use'or run ai
carriage or other vehicle, after the t ime f<
the payment of laxes, shall pay from tl
time they commenced to use or ruu sue
carriage or vehicle, to tho end of tho yea
in proportion to the rate of taxes per a:
mini: Provided, That nb person shall I
allowed to use any omnibus, wagem, eira
cart eir ?jther vehicle, for the transport
tion of baggage or passengers from OJ
part of the city to another, until the own
thereof shall have Riveui bond to the cit
to be taken by the City Clerk, with two
more good sureties, in the sum of fiveliu
dred dollars, conditioned that such own
will pay all damages that may result fro
the loss or injury to baggage or passe:
ROTS, while being carrie:! on thc osinibu
wagon, dray, cart or other carriage of su
owner, or alter hoing entrusied to thc cu
todv eif thc elriver thereof, eir any of I
assistante. And any person offendii
herein shall be liable io a fine of five d(
lars per day for each day such wagon, ca;
dray or other carriage for carryinR ba
gage or passengers, may be run befo
such bonei is given: And provided, f arlin
That nothing herein contained shall exte
to any of the alxive emmie: atc el vebicl
not used, although kept within the lim
of the city: And provided, also, That r
thing herein contained shall be constru
to extend to waRons, carts, drays or ci
riages. going to or from market, a
owned by non-resielents of said city.
And be it further ordained, That atax
two dollars shall be paid on each and eve
horse, marc, stallion, gelding and mn
sold in this city by or ein account of a
horyc trader or ??very niable keeper; a
the keeper of every livery stable sb
make quarterly returns, on oath, of sn
sales at his stable, and pay the tax there?
undera penalty of two dollars per el ay
failure to make such returns anet paymei
at the end ?>f the quarter.
SEC. IX. Andbe it further ordained, Tl
no person shall let or hire any wagon, c
or dray, or other carriage, or run any e
niblin, ?tage, hack or other carriago,
the transportation of goeidsor passeiiRe
within the limits of said city, without h
ing first obtained a badge from the C
Clerk, to bo placed on some c<?hapicni
part c>f the vehicle; also, a I .IORI- witl
number by which ho may bc identified :
known, to bc worn on a conspicuous p
of bis person by the elriver of such on
bus, wagon, cart, dray or other cania
under a penalty ol' five dollars for each i
every elay that each vehicle shall be
run, to be receivercd by information bel
the Mayor, or auy ono of the Alderinei
said city.
BBC. X. Whereas all male persons
tween the ages of sixteen and fifty yes
residing within the limits of the cit.
Columbia, are required by tho laws of i
State to work noon tho street? of the i
city for full twelve day? iu each and et
year: Beit therefore ordained, That each
aud every person hable to work on the
streets ot tho said city of Columbia may
and shall be excused "from tho perform
ancc of said duty, upon tho payment of
five dollars to the" Cit v Clerk; and each and
every person so liable, who shall fail to
pay the said sum of five dollars within the
time hereinafter specified, shall, when
summoned to do so, bc required to work
upon thc streets of the said city for full
twelve days, under the. direction <>!' the
acting overseer of streets; and if any snell
person or persons shall neglect or refuse
to work upon the said streets at the time
when summoned, such person or persons
shall he lined two dollars for each and
every day that he or they shall neglect or
refuse so to woilc, to he recovered by in?
formation before the Mayor and Aldermen
in Council assembled. And it shall bi- the
duty of the City Clerk, and of the Chief of
Police, to report to the said Mavor and
Aldermen all defaulters und. r either of thc
clauses of ibis section.
SEC. Xl. That for a license to retail spi?
rituous liquors, in quantities le>s than a
quart, the sum of one hundred and fifty
dellars per annum snail lie pai i in ad?
vance; and cn- a license to s--!i spiritu?
ous liquors in quantities of a quart or
more, tho sum of seventy-live dollars
per annum shall be paid in advance:
Provided, That no license to sell spi?
rituous liquors shall tie granted fur" a
shorter period than six months: And pro?
vided, further, That the granting or with?
holding of licenses, in each particular case,
will he at the discretion of thc Citv Coun?
cil. And the City Clerk shall b% entitled
to receive, for issuing each and every
license, the sum of two dollars; to be paid
by the person or persons licensed.
SEC. XII. One per cent, on the incomes
of brokers, and ono per cent, on all in?
comes derived from commission business,
or the practico of professions, within thc
limits of tho city, including thc professions
of law, physic, "dentistry and architecture.
SEC. XIII. Two dollars upon each and
every dog shall be paid by thc person or
persons on whose premises thc dog is kept.
And the police of tho city ot Columbia are
hereby authorized and required to tako up
and hold twenty-four hours before dispos?
ing of him each and every dog found run?
ning at large within thc limits of said cor?
poration, and not having on a badge or
collar, furnished by authority of said city.
SEC. XIV. A?idbe it further ordained., by
the authority aforesaid, That no equestrian
or theatrical performance, or other exhibi?
tion for gain, shall bc held in the city of
Columbia, without a license from the Mayor
thereof first had and obtained, md thc
payment, in advance, to the City Clerk of
twenty-five dollars for each and every ex?
hibition, and such sum as the Mayor may
assess for theatricals or other exhibitions
for gain: and each and every person exhi?
biting for gain, without first having ob?
tained said bcense and the payment of said
tax in advance, shall be fined in a sum not
less than doublt; the amount of said tax,
in manner hereinbefore provided for thc
imposition of fines and forfeitures.
SEC. XV. And be it further ordained,
That an annual tax of fifty dollars shall be
paid upon each and every bagatelle, poole
or keele, or billiard table, and upon every
1 owling saloon, nine or ten pin alley, or
pistol gallery, kept within thc limits of* the
said city; and the sum of one hundred dol?
lars shall bu paid, in advance, for a license
to keep or have a cock-pit within the limits
nf the said city, and no license for such
cock-pit shall lu- granted for any timi; w ith?
in the fiscal year for a less sum than one
hundred dollars: Provitled, That no per?
son or persons shall open any ene of thc
places of amusement mentioned in this
section, until he or they shall have obtained
a license for that purpose from tin- City
Council, and shall have entered into bond,
with two <>r more good securities, to thc
Mayor and Aldermen, in the- sum of five
hundred dollars, conditioned to observt
the laws of thc State and city, and par?
ticularly the laws against retailing. Auj
pe rson opening any such establishment
within this city, without first having ob?
tained the license and given hondas afore?
said, shall bc subject to a line not exceed
ing fifty dollars for each day such estab?
lishment shall be kent open or used; also
that such place shall be considered, and i;
hereby declared to be, a nuisance, and lia
hie to be abated as such.
SEC. XVI. And be it further ordained
That each and every occupant of any rca
catate, upon whose promises water i:
brought by pipes or otherwise from the cit;
reservoir, shall pay to the City Clerk, a
the sane-time with the other taxes impose?
by this Ordinance, such sum as may tn; as
scssed by thc Committee on the Watt
Works. .'
SEC. XVII. And be it further ordained
That inasmuch as many transient dealer
in goods, wares and merchandize, eithe
as principals or agents, including spiritu
ons liquors, make sales by the exbibitiot
of samples, that such dealers shall make ?
deposit of fifty dollars with the City Clerk
and before they leave the city they sha]
make a return" of sales, under oath, upo:
which return two and a half per cent, sha!
be levied and paid to the City Clerk, wh
shall account at the time of such paymeu
for the deposit made with him.
SEC. XVIII. And be it further ordained
That each and every express companj
transacting business within thc limits t
this city, shall make quarterly returns c
their gross reeeint? and pay one per cc-n!
on the amount of such return at tho em
of each quarter; and that each and ever
telegraph company shall, in like manuel
make quarterly returns of their gross rt
ceipts, on which return shall be paid a ta
of one-half per cent.
SEC. XIX. And it is further ordainet
That each and every hotel, private boan
ing house, or house of entertainment, ri
ceiving transient travelers, and each put
lie eating hons?, or saloon, shall pay a ta
of one-half per cent, upon their groe
receipts, to be paid quarterly. That cac
barber shop shall pay a tax of three do
lars for each quarter in advance.
SEC. XX. And be it further ordainet
That each and every cotton press, and co
ton gin, within the corporate limits of tili
city, shall bo required to procure of tl
City Clei k a license for the same, and sha
pay one hundred dollars per annum o
each gin or press, to l>e paid quarterly.
SEC. XXI. yin'' it farther ordainet
That if any person or persons shall fai
neglect or refuse to make a return to tl
City Clerk, on oath, of all bis, her or the
taxable property, income, sah-s, or otlu
things taxed by this Ordinance, on or b
fore the 1st day of March next , such pe
son or persons shall be then assessed I
the Assessor for all his, her or their pr
perty, or other things taxed by this Ord
nance, according to the best fnformath
which he can obtain of thc value of sui
taxable property; and such person or pe
sons who shall fail, neglect or refuse
make a return, as aforesaid, or pay the ti
thei l on, on or before the Pith of Mari
next, shall bc subject to and pay, in adc
lion to SH id tax,-five per cent, on the who
amount of his, her or their tax, us impos<
by this Ordinance. And tin; said Clerk
hereby required to collect and receive tl
taxes and thies levied and imposed by tl
Ordinance, and all arrears of former tax
and dues, and make a return thereof, ai
of all persons who shall then be in detail
to thc Mayor and Aldermen, on the 15
dav of March next.
SEC. XXII. And be it further ordaint
That the sai 1 Mayor and Aldermen sh
issue their execution against each a:
every person who ?hall bs reported by t
naiil Clerk to have failed, neglected or re?
fused to make returns or pay thc taxes
imposed by tins Ordinance, within the time
herein prescribed, which said execution
shall bo lodged with tho Sheriff of Rich?
land District, to be collected according to
the provisions of tho Act? of tho General
Assembly of this State in such case made
and provided.
Done and ratified in Council assembled,
under tho corporate seal of the city of
Columbia, this eighth day of February,
Anno Domini one thousand eight hun?
dred and sixty-seven.
J. s. MCMAHON, City Clerk.
The Great American Blood Purifier.
TUR rnmrn wi.um
rnilE QUbEN'S DELIGHT, tho g
JL American Alterative and Blood Puri?
fier, is thc mont perfect vegetable com?
pound of alteratives, tories, diuretics and
uiapliorctica; making it thc most effective
invigorating, rejuvenating and blood
cleansing cordial known to the world.
In introducing thia n< w and oxtraordi
nary medicine to tho public, observation
leads us to remark that too lit ile at lennon
is paid to tho "life of all flesh," the blood.
Many diseases, and. too, many complaints,
which have their origin in a vitiated state
of the blood, aro treated only as symptoms
and results; whereas, if tho remedy bad
been applied to enrich the blood and ren?
der it pure, both cause and effect would
have been removed. Thc Queen's Delight
is offered to the afflicted as a sure remedy
for those diseases arising from an impure
condition of thc blood. It has a direct
and specific action upon that fluid, anil
consequently renders the blood pure. It
is saio, on high authority, that "man no
sooner begins to live than ho begins to
die, and that tho characteristics of the
living organism arc ceaseless change and
ceaseless waste." It is obvious, therefore,
to every refiecting mind, that unless tho
blood is pure, in supplying the waste tis?
sues with material, it must be the cause, of
inmimerable ills and constitutional disor?
ders, such as Scrofula, Rheumatism, He?
patic Disorders, Consumption, Inflamma?
tions, Fevers, &c. Lifo and health, ia only
to be maintained by the circulation of pure
arterial blood.
We, therefore advise every ont? whose
blood is in tho least vitiated by indulgence
or excess, and whose constitution is im?
paired by disease and is suffering from
Rheumatism, Liver Complaint, Consump?
tion, Scrofula or King's Evil, Carbuncles,
Roils, Itching Humor of tho Skin, Erysi?
pelas, Skin Diseases, Tetter, Roughness of
thc Skin, Pimples, Blotches, Pains in thc
Rones, old Ulcers, Syphilis and Syphilietic
Sores, Indigestion, Inflammation of the
Bladder and Kidneys, Pains in the Back,
General Debility, and for all complaints
arising from deficiency and poverty of
blood, to use the Queen's Delight.
Females of delicate constitution, suffer?
ing from weakness and depression Oi mind
in consequence of those complaints w hich
nature imposes at tho period of change,
have a pleasant and sure remedy in tho
Queen's Delight.
Children whose fair and ruddy complex?
ion gave early promise of health and
beauty, but too soon become blanched and
pale by some hereditary taint of the blood,
will have the rich hoon restored by using
the Queen's Delight.
The unaeelimafed and persona traveling
into warm countries will find the Queen's
Delight a great protection from all malari?
ous affection and diseases which originate
in a change of climate, diet and life.
The extraordinary and unprecedented
cures performed hy the Queen's Delight
Compound is attracting the attention ot
every one, not only at homo, but abroad.
Thc merits of this compound arc being
felt ami appreciated everywhere. Hear
what they say of i in New York: "It is a
remedy of much importance anti value,
exerting an in Huon ce over all the secre?
tions, which is unsurpassed by any other
known alterati\c. lt is extensively used in
all the various forms of primary and
secondary syphilitic affections; also, in
scrofulous, hepatic a nd cutaneous diseases,
in which its use is follow ed by the most
successful results."
Its properties as a remedy wore first in?
troduced to the notice of the profession by
Dr. Thos. Young Sinn,ns, of South Carolina,
aa early as 182S, as a valuable alterative re?
medy in syphilitic affections, and others re?
quiring use of mercury. Dr. Simons' state?
ments have been endorsed and extended
by Dr. A. Lopez, of Mobile, and Dr. ll. R.
Frost, of Charleston. From thc reports in
its favor, there seems no reason to doubt
the efficacy of tLis medicine iu Secondary
Syphilis, Scrofula, Cutaneous Diseases,
Chronic Hepatic Affections and other com?
plaints benefited by alterative medicines.
For sale wholesale and retail bv
Dec 27 Druggists, Columbia. S. C.
THE ladies, gentlemen and young peo?
ple, of Columbia, who m av be in want
of "SOMETH ?NG TO WEAR,'"' arc respect?
fully and earnestly invited liv the huhes of
the Industrial Association to call at their
Work-room, in tho Female Academy, and
examine the articles which they have now
ready for sale. Some ono will always be
found ready to exhibit the ready-made gar?
ments and to receive orders from those
who may wish to have work done neatly
and promptly.
The object of tho Association is to fur?
nish constant employment to those who,
having been impoverished by tb< war, now
depend on the needle for daily bread.
Does not such an object commend itself to
the hearts of our citizens? Or must tho
anxious applicants for work be told that
our people prefer Northern-made garments,
and that Micro is, therefore, no more work
for them? Shall it be said that such an
Association as this cannot bo sustained in
the capital of South Carolina? Jan 19
Paints, Oils, Glass, Varnishes, &c.
A complete assortment of Colored Paints,
dry and ni oil.
HOO b'>xes Window Glass, assorted sizes.
Linseed, Tanners', Kerosene and Ma?
chinery Oils.
Furniture, Coach and Japan Varnishes.
A completo variety of Paint, Varnish,
Graining. White-wash, Ducting and Scrub?
bing Brushes. In store and for sahl at
lowest prices by JOHN C. DIAL.
THE undersigned have been appointed
agents for these superior SAFES.
These Safes are made with three flanges -
all other safes have but two. They have
Powder Proof Locks, and the locks and
bolts are protected with plates of hardened
steel, which ia-tho only protection against
the burglars drill and theinseition of pow?
der. Also, warranted free from dampness.
While these Safes have no superior in
quality, they are furnished at moderate
prices- at least 25to33jper cent, loss than
Herring's and other makers, while the
quality cannot bo surpassed.
A-sample Safe can be seen at our atnre,
and orders will be taken at New York
prises, with expenses of transportation
?<! .ed, and no charge for*forwarding in
Charleston. li & T. R. AGNEW.
New York Advertisements.
DEMAND .1. W. Bradley's celebrated
DUPLEX Kl.birrie" or DOUBLE
SPRING SKIRTS. Tin y will not beud or
break like the Single Springs, but will
preserve their perfect und beautiful shape,
where three or four ordiuary skin.' have
buen thrown aside as useless. They ?ire
tho most elastic, flexible and durable
skirts manufactured. They combine com?
fort, durability and economy, with that
elegance of shape which lias made the
"Duplex Elliptic" the Standard Skirts of
the fashionable world. This popular Skirt
is universally recommended by tho fashion?
able magazines and opinions of the press
At wholesale by tho exclusive manufac?
turers and sole owners of the patent,
Warerooms and Ofliec '.(7 Chambers
And 71) and 81 Reade sts., New York.
Also, at wholesale by the leading jobbers.
For sale in Columbia"bv C. F. JACKSON
and SHIVER A PECKHAM. Jan 23 3mo*
The Celebrated Palmetto Hair Re?
WHICH has been fully tested and uni?
versally proved to bu the one genu?
ine, reliable and never-failing preparation
for in proving, beautifying and restoring
the hair, should be found in every South?
ern home and on the table of every lady.
By its use, dry, harsh and wiry hair is
ch angevin to smooth, glossy, silken tresses.
Every ono who has used tho Renewer
speaks of its merits in the highest terms.
if?- Ask vour druggist for the PALMETTO
HAIR RENEWER, and take no other. For
sale by all druggists.
Wholesale druggists, sole agents,
Jan 25 ly 141 Chambers st., N. Y.
Sweet Opoponax from Mexico'.
NATURE could not produce a richer
gem or choicer Perfume. -Try it and
be convinced. E. T. SMITH & CU.,
Sept ll) (Imo New York.
Sweet Opoponax from Mexico!
THE most elegant and essential personal
requisite for a lady, "Extract of Swee*
Opoponax." E. T. SMITH & CO.,
Sept 19 (Imo New York.
S7 and 89 BovceryandG5CliristtieSL, N. Y.,
STILL continue to be the largest Furni?
ture Manufacturers in the city. Parlor,
Dining Room and Chamber FURNITURE,
Canopy and Victoria Bedsteads, for thc
South rn trade, at 20 per cent , reduction in
price. Sept 19 (imo
ITi OR thc sale of COTTON, COTTON
' YARNS, SHEETINGS, Naval Stores,
Ac, ana for the purchase of Merchandize
generally, (iii Pearl street, ACT York.
Consignments to us from every point in
the South fix'ly protected by insurance as
soon as snipped. Julv 14 ly
NOS. 2S, 30 and 32 Gentle street, (corner
of Reade street, ) New York. The type
on which this paper is printed is from tho
above Foundry. Nov 18
Bought and sold on commission by
MONEY received on deposit from banks,
bankers, merchants and others. Or?
der? in Gold, Government and other Secu?
rities executed at thc regular Stock Ex?
change by a member of the firm. Consign?
ments of Cotton solicited. Oct 8
_ j
Greenville and Columbia Railroad.
CK ?* im \?2--4*.i&am ^??sBiSS
ggfe ?ase jafe g ^s^gy? ^^g^gg*
PASSENGER Trains will run daily, Sun?
days excepted, as follows:
Leave Columbia at. 7.15 a. m.
?' Alston at_.9.05 M
" Newberry at.10.35 "
Arrive at Abbeville at. 3.13 p. m.
" at Anderson at.5.10 "
" at Greenville at.5.40 "
Leave Greenville at. 6.00 a. m.
" Anderson at.6.30 '*
.? Abbeville at. 8.35 *?
" Newberry at. 1.20 p.. m.
Arrive at Alston at.2.45 "
" at Columbia at. 4.40 ^_
Schedule over South Carolina R. R.
CHARLESTON, S. C.. Nov. 3, 1866.
PASSENGER Trains will run as follows,
Leave Charleston.8.00 a.m.
Arrive at Columbia. 5.20 p. m.
Leave Columbia. C.50 a. m.
Arrive at Charleston. 4.00 p. m.
Leave Augusta. 5.50 p. m.
Arrive at Kingsville. 1.05 a. m.
Arrive at Columbia. 3.00 a. m.
Leave Columbia . 2.00 p. m.
Arrive at Kingsville. 3 40 p.m.
Arrive at Augusta.12.00night
Nov 6 ' h. T. PEAKE, Gm l Sup't.
General Superintendent's Office,
Iff 5rf??i3T3ffi!
COLUMM\, S. C., Nov. 5, 1866.
ON and after WEDNESDAY, 6lh inst,,
Through Passenger Trains will bo run
over this road as follows:
Leave Columbia at. 3.10 a. m.
Arrive at Charlotte at. 9.40 a. m.
Leave Charlotte at. 6.10 a. m.
Arrive at Columbia at. 1.40 p. m.
Nov 6 JAS. ANDERSON, Sup't.
Old Newspapers
FOR SALE at ?bo

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