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Daily Paper $8 a Year
'Let our Just Censure
Attend the True Event.'
Tri-Weekly $5 a Year
Office on Main street, a few doora above
Taylor [or Camden) street.
Dailv Paper, >ix months.i l on |
Tri-Weekiv, " " . 2 50
Weekly, ' " " . 1 50
Inserted at 75 cents per square for the first
insertion, and 50 cents for each subsequent.
Weekly 75 cents each insertion.
aar A liberal discount made on the above
rale* when advertisements are inserted bij
Ute month or year.
Proceedings of City Council.
CoLOtniA, March 19, 18G7.
Present: His Honor tho Mayor;
Aldermen Alexander, Geiger, Mc?
Donald, McKenzie, Radcliffe, Stork
and Walter.
The minutes- of the last meeting
vero read and confirmed.
The following ace mnts wore pre?
sented und referred to the Committee
on Accounts:
G. W. Wright, against the Fire
Department: Henry Skipper, against
the Guard House and Clerk's Ufiice;
and John Crowley & Co., against the
Street Department.
The account of J. A. Selby, for
printing city bonds-847-was or?
dered to 1 ?e p dd.
Tho following communication wes
read before C ouncil, and received as
information :
To the Honorable Mayor and Aldermen
of the City of Columbia.
' 1 KNTi.KMEN-: The Board of Inqui?
ry, to whom is (intrusted thc investi?
gation of the cause and origin of
lires, would respectfully report: That
they have investigated the origin of
the late fire, on Friday night last, the
loth instant, on the promises of
Messrs. Browne & Schirmer, the cel?
lar of which was stored with hay,
bran, &c, where the fire originated, j
From the nature of the combustible
material, the Board are of the opinion
that it was ignited by sparks coming
in from tho ventilator in the yard,
and therefore conclude that the fire
was accidental. (Signed)
TH KO. STARK. Mayor,
The Committee on Accounts sub
? roitted a report recommending the
payment of the following accounts:
J. C. Dial, against the Guard
House, SH; Water Works, S?; Sid?
ney Park, ?3.05; and Street Depart?
ment, $13.70; Hopson ?: Sutphen,
against the Street Department, 69.50;
and account for dog collars, ?75.50;
E. <fc G. D. Hope, against the Alms
House, ?S169.&S; and G. G. Newton,
for wagon badges, $27.
Report concurred in.
The Committee on Market reported
the report of the Clerk of the Mar?
ket for the month of February as
being correct. Concurred in.
The following report of a special
committee was presented:
To 7iis lin,,',,'the "Mayor and Aldermen
of flo- Cit./ ,f Columbia.
GENTLEMEN: The special commit?
tee who was appointed by your ho?
norable body to act in connection
with ;i committee of firemen, for the
purpose of extending the hospitalities
of the city to the committee of fire?
men from Now York, would respect?
fully report: That they have dis?
charged the linty assigned them, and
have carried ont, tts near as circum?
stances would permit, the programme
as given yon at a former meeting.
Your committee are proud to say that
their efforts have met not only with
the approbation of the firemen of the
city, but al&o that of our guests. We
trust that these acts of kindness and
hospitality .narks the new era in the
history of our common country, und
l will be the means of subduing the
k elements ol strife and disorder which
$ at present distract the two sections.
lt is ?i matter of regret that our cha?
ritable neighbors from New York
were not permitted the pleasure of
presenting those substantial proofs ol
their kindness and sympathy, yet we
feel proud cd' the sentiments which
prompted them to leave their com?
fortable homes to mingle their sym?
pathies with ours, in the midst of our
ashes of desolation; and we look for?
ward to a day, not far distant, when
they will be permitted again to min?
gle with us, and furnish those evi?
dences of their regard which were
denied thom on this occasion.
Your c<fcmitt?H have done every?
thing in ^ir power to be as eco
nomica? .-.s possible, commensurate
with the important charge committed
to them, "mil notwithstanding their
efforts, thej have been nimble to
keep within the appropriation made
by you for this purpose.
By reference to the annexed state?
ment, you will perceive that the ex?
penses ol' the committee have excell?
ed the appropriation of ?300 made
by your body, to the amount of
$74.75, and as your committee have
endeavored to carry out your ideas
in extending the hospitalities id' thc
city to these friends, and the amount
being small, your committee would
respectfully ask a further appropria?
tion of 87-1.75, to enable them to dis?
charge the habilitier; of the commit
tee. Respectfully submitted.
The above report of the specia
committee was received and adopted
The following resolutions were of
fered and adopted:
Ry Alderman Walter:
Resolved, That the Committee oi
Streets be authorized to inquire upoi
what terms they can settle with Pal
mette Rodge No. 5, for damage:
done the property of thc Loilgi
whilst in possession ol' the, city.
By Alderman McDonald:
Resolved, That Alderman Td.-KIMI
zie be requested to correspond witl
Messrs. Craig A.- Tuomey, ot' Charles
ton, in reference to live hun drei
feet of hose which they, recent!;
had, and that he be authorized b;
the City Council ol' Columbia to pm
chase the said hose t'?-. un them.
On motion. Council adjourned.
J. S. McMAUON, City Clerk.
-< ^ ? ?
The Lynchburg (Va.) Rep?blica
says that "a Federal officer belong
ing to the garrison of this plac<
was met, a few days ago, while ridin
about the suburbs, by a rusty lool
ing specimen, who came forwar
and offered to 'surrender.' Th
officer asked it' he had killed nut
body, or done any mischief of an
kind. The specimen said he ha
deserted the Confederate army i
18G1, but had heard of Gen. Lee
amnesty proclamation while hidin
about in the mountains, and ha
come forward to give himself nj
and be returned to service, (ire:
surprise and consternation seize
upon the specimen when he learnt
that there was now no Souther
army, no Si mt horn cause, and th;
all the battle-flags had been foldc
and put aside. The specimen Wi
treated to a dose of amnesty oa1
and a pair of blue breeches, at
went on his way rejoicing, to Nor!
Carolina, in which 'district' was h
home when he left it six years ago
York Herald says:
"Our letters from the South rela
almost entirely to the political situ
tion under thc reconstruction law
Virginia, South Carolina and Loni?
ana. In Virginia, th? military ru
has already been declared suprem
but the fact of civil law being ab
lished is hardly apparent. Tn Charle
ton, thc revolution is accepted wi
apathy, no one except the tire-eatii
politicians seeming to take thc matt
much to heart, lu Louisiana, Oe
Sheridan's order, postponing the Ni
Orleans municipal election, was ;
ceded to without disturbance. T
impeachment resolutions relative
Governor Wells were referred to
special committee of nine."
"Aunt Winnie," lately tin' propel
of Col. J. W. Holt, of Bedford, di
on Monday last, aged 118 yea
This old servant woman had be
in the family of Col. Holt for t
generations', and remained with li
until a few weeks since. She v
in full possession of her facult
and could, thread a needle readi
She knew everybody that she 1
ever known, und preserved ber u
mory to a remarkable extent. S
died peacefully sitting in her chi
when no one knew that she was i
ing. Literally, it may bc said. '"I
weary wheels of Life stood still
last. "-Lynchburg Virginian,
We learn from the New Orle;
papers that Horace Greeley, the gr
philosopher, has arrived in that ci
Mr. Greeley is, we understand, oi
tour of observation to the South,
oas some queer ideas in reierence
the participators in the "great rel
lion," sida the New York Tribune ?
the "History of the GreatBebellio
and it is to be hoped that his V
South will have the effect of mak
a radical change in them, and thal
will return to his home a wiser m
With all his singular hobbies, he j
sesses good sound sense, and is
so entirely bigoted as to be unabh
distinguish between just and uni
LIFE IN OHIO.-Things seem to be
improving in Ohio. The following
appears in the papers from that di?
rection :
In "Mansfield, Ohio, on tho evening
of the 6th instant, a public meeting
was held, and a vigilance committee
organized, for the purpose of ridding
the place ol' a swarm of lior.se thieves,
: pickpockets and plunderers of every
j grade, who have hoon preying upon
tho community, and who have; suc?
ceeded in evading punishment at the
I hands of the courts. A number of
arrests were promptly made, and on
? the 7th, at another meeting, the
j scoundrels were brought and exhibit
] ed to the citizens, after having their
j photographs taken in the rogues'
j gallery. Afterwards, seven of them
were escorted to tho depot, and com?
pelled to depart on the train, with
the assurance of hanging if they
should return. The citizens resolved
, to sustain tho regulators, and notice
? has been given to all oilier disreputa
! ble characters lo leave at once. A
j proclamation has been issued, warn
! ing persons against harboring or
I abetting this class of people, as thc
committee will not hesitate to deed
1 with them as they deserve,
, the iirst objects hoped to be accoin
' pl ?shed by the recent military recon
! structiou bill, is a division of the peo?
ple of the .South into parties in
\ relation to il. The New York Even?
ing Post thus states the case:
'.Thc movements for r?construc
\ tion under thc Act of Congress will
I produce ono very much needed re?
sult-they will divide tho Southern
\ people into parties once moro. There
\ mast henceforth be two political
. parlies tin rc, as there arc and always
have been in tho Northern States:
and by means of the negro vote.
1 these two parties will bc in every
; State so nearly balanced in strength
, that each will have to respect thc
i other's rights, and each \vi~j be able
to insist upon its own rights. Tins
; once done, the Southern States must
j inevitably and quickly advance in
j liberal sentiments and in love of
? country-for it needs only free dis
i cussion-thorough discussion-to en?
able the people everywhere to soc tho
right, to recognize their best inte?
rests, and to lead thom to evist away
thc false leaders whose stupid blun?
ders and criminal ambition brought
such ruin upon the Southern States."
Generals Fullerton and Hairline
("Miles O'Reilly) were before thc Ju?
diciary Committee on Saturday, in
obedience to subpoenas. The former
was examined as to the restoration of
property to the Southern rebels and
his official action in connection with
the Freedmen's Bureau. He will be
further interrogated on "Monday.
Private Miles O'Reilly was overhauled
about his "talk with the President"
and his account of Presidential views
on repudiation. Thc "boy," says the
Herald, had his back up, and gave
answers not required nor relished by
thc Committee. This Testimony was
altogether in favor of the President,
aud repudiated the soft impeachment
of repudiation. If he had caused
thc impression that Mr. Johnson
favored repudiation, all he could say
i was that he had been unfortunate in
j the use of language, and Unit nothing
j was farther from his intention.
I WATEK MARKS.-Nearly every bujsi
i ness place in town has now upon or
I in it a mark showing the height to
j which the waters came during the
recent Hood. Wc give a few of them.
In the post office, corner Market and
! Fifth streets, the water was live feet
eight inches above the door. In the
lower story of the American Union
office, between Seventh and Eighth
I streets, there was seven feet eight
! inches water. In thc Union Piis
! sengor Depot, the water was ten feet
I six inches deep. It was eleven feet
i?cep in 'ne Southern Express Office
and in thc dining room of the Crutch
field House if was eleven feet seven
linches. Mr. Elijah Thurman made a
j water mark showing the height of
the flood of 1.S-A7, and another of the
late Hood, and says the last was fifteen
feet six inches higher than in 18-17.
\Cliailanooga Union, ll.'//.
RELIEF. -The Savannah Republican
has the following paragraph:
j This equinoctial North-easter now
i blowing, will bring to our port, in a
; few days, the United States steamship
Memphis, with 0,500 bushels of corn,
a peace offering from the Southern
Belief Association of the North to
: the destitute of thc State of Georgia.
If we know thc feeling of Georgia, a
dove with an olive branch, telling of
I storm passed, would not bc more
: welcome. A few may sneer-many
I bc inclined to thrust this messenger
j of charity away-but the great heart
i of the people will beat with feelings
j too big for utterance in words of
i gratitude.
PASSENGERS leaving Columbia "ii thc ,
11.10 a. m. train, CAN G ET DINNEi: at
Kings ville, on arrival of cars, at 1.20.
March 15 12
CHINE, justly celebrated for perfect sim- j
plicity, gn at strength and immense com?
pressing power, is guaranteed, with eight
men and two horses, to self-temper the !
clay and make 3.000 to 3,500 elegant bricks
per hour. J. II. EENICK, Proprietor, No.
71 broadway. New York, Room '2^.
Feb 1 "mo
HUMAN EYES made to order and inserted
( formerly employed by Boissonneau, Paris, )
No. OOO Broadway, New York. Oct 17 ly
This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such
universal demand, is made from the
choicest materials, is milt! and emol?
lient in its nature, fragrantly scented,
and oxtromclv beneficial in its action
upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists
and Fancy Goods Dealers. March 28 Iv
The Gravest Maladies
Howard Association Essays, on the phy
siology of the passions, and thc errors, I
abuses and diseases peculiar to tho first
age of mau. with reports on now methods |
of treatment employed in this institution, i
Sent in scaled letter envelopes, tree of j
I charge. Address DR. J. SKILLIN !
j HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Phila- !
! delphia, T'a. -Tan ir. 3mo_
i splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. '
! The only true and perfect D-j: -harmless, |
reliable, instantaneous. No disant.oint
nient. No ridiculous tints. Nat ural black i
I or hv wu. Remedies the ill effects of bad
j dyes. Invigorates the hair, leaving it soft
j and beautiful. The genuine ls signed WU- j
! liam Batchelor. All others iro mere I
imitations, and should be avoided. Sold
I by all druggists and perfumers. Factory j
SI barclay street, New York. t?s~ Beware
; of a counterfeit. Dec ll ly j
1 cai men insist that it is undignified to ad-1
; vcrtise a rem? dy, however valuable it maj' i
j ho. Queer reasoning this. It is like sa.. - :
. ing that an article which the world needs
should be hid in a corner-that benefits
and blessings may be too widely diffused- !
i that the means of protecting and restoring ?
health should be a close monopoly, and
i not accessible to all. The argument is
j bad. It is worse than that-it is inhuman.
TERS-an absolute specific for dyspepsia,
biliousness and nervous debility-had
never been known beyond the repertoin of i
the facility, what would have been the con?
sequence? instead of curing and invigo?
rating millions, the good effects of the
preparation would Vi .-.ve been confined to a
comparative few. Tia re is thc highest
authority for saying that light should not
bc hid under a bushel; that whatever is
excellent should be placed as a city on
hill, where all men can take cognizance of
it. i: is upon tins principle that the BIT?
TERS have been advertised in every news?
paper of any prominence in the Western
Hemisphere, and that the spontaneous
testimonials tn its favor have been trans?
lated into all ivritten languages. Thou?
sands enjoy perfect health to-day wno
j would be languishing on beds of sickness
i if the newspapers had not spread the truth
I with regard to this unequaled invigorant
I and corrective farand wide. Suppose pn .
i tit has been reaped from this publicity. Is
; that any argument against it '.' If the pub
j lie heaith has been protected-if lives ' ave
i been saved-if the feeble have been
strengthened and the sic'.; reston ? great
: good oas been accomplished; and wi.>
j mean as to grudge to exertion* thu: diia-et
: ed their fair reward? March IM ii'
Pollock House.
1 ii THIS IA FE can have their wants sup
( plied at the al.e-nameil RESTAURANT.
!M st order? MEALS s< rvi .. ;.t ?hort notice.
' pi. pa red in ev. rv stvie.
The best of VHS Ks. LIQUORS. ALE,
' choice SEGARS and TOBACO ! . n I and.
j its, FREE LUNCH every da; at ll
o'clock. T. M. POLLOCK. Propri tor.
j Feb ts__;_
"Cougaree Restaurant/'
X'.-/ dow Hes/ of the Post Office.
'rltn ' *****
N . B E IL A G H I
TTTT 017 LD respectfully -are.vu his
VV friends and tin public in fjeni ral
! that he has opened a RESTAURANT at
thc above pince, where the very best 0
' everything m the way of eating and drink
! inc can be obtained at short notice.
j CREAM ALE on draught.
LUNCH everv day from il to 1 o'clock.
Fresh OYSTERS constantly on batu!.
Jan !?
Old Newspapers
OR SALE at the
Great Combination Show !
From New Orleans, where- it lias; been Re-organized and Refitted for its
Second Annual Tour Through the So?tn, will Exhibit at
Columbia, 3VEctx-o"JaL S7, 1867.
IN selecting and arranging their GREAT ATTRACTION For their COLOSSAL EX?
HIBITION, it has been the aim of the manag? mern t" i?:?< sent, for the patronage
of thc public, an entertainment that si,all cumbine all the clements of NOVELTY,
CURIOSITY and EXCELLENCE: and with a lav-h-hinc . \- enditnre ol time and money,
they have organized and perfected the GREAT SEXTIBULE COMBINATION-com?
bining, under one immensi Pavilion, fur ONE I". * ' ?" vPTHSsTON.
Professor Thompson's
T E1IIIB Bill B ?
Mr. EDWIN* CROUESTE, the Oiiginal Conversationalist, laic of Deni's Circus, will
appear at each cnn rtainrn? nt.
Mr. WM. DONALDSON, Celebrated Delineator of Negi o Eccentricities and Ethio?
pian Clown.
Mr. GEORGE BATCHELLER, the Great Vaulter and Leaper of the Ag ?.
Mr. TOM WATSON, who bids fair to win the title of Champion Lah r o? the World:
ROB'T HUNTING, the Double Somersaulter and Lightning Leaper.
Muns. WILLIS CORR, anil bis Wonderful Trained Dugs and (?oats.
W. EARL E, the Wild Horseman of ihe Plains.
JOHN NAYLOR, the must affable of Ring-masters, and most versatile abilities,that
must in time win fame and position.
WM. MORGAN, Scenic Equestrian.
Prof. THOMPSON, Master of the Stud and Trainer of Animals.
WM. SMITH, Master of the Stud. Mr. BURKE, Mr. POWERS, Mr. SOMERS
And a host of Acrobats, Tumblers, Gymnasts, Equines and Auxiliaries.
Among thc many features of this Colossal Exhibition, will be the Grand Proc?ssion,
by a splendid team of Andalusian Horses, in the beautiful and elaborately decorated
Car of iEolus, which will be followed by the procession of Acting Rears, Sacr?d Bulls,
Performing Dogs, Ac, &c.
gr Admission 75 cents; Children under ten years of age 50 cents. Se?>arate seats
for Colored Persons, 50 cents.
tig- Doors open st 9, and 7 o'clock; performance commences an hour after.
Orangeburg, Tuesday, March 26. Newberry, Thursday. March 28.
Winnsboro, Friday, March 29. Chester CH., Saturday;March 30.
March 15 t6

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