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Sunday Morning, September 8,1867.
Th? Amnesty Proclamation.
The expected amnesty proclama
mat ion bas not jet made ita appear?
ance, but all the indications aro, that
it -will shortly be forth-coming. What
will be its effect as far as regards the
enfranchisement of the now disfran?
chised whites of the South, is be?
ing disoussed by the papers of all
There could be no doubt of its ef?
fects in this respect, were it not for
tho following clause incorporated
into the Reconstruction Act:
"No person shall, at any time, be
entitled to bo registered, or to Tote,
by reason of any executive pardon or
amnesty for any act or thing, -which,
without such pardon or amnesty,
would disqualify him from rejr- .er
ing or voting."
Tho question now arises, where
did Congress find authority for pass?
ing suoh an enactment? But it
might, with equal force, be asked,
where did it find its authority for
many other of its acts? Whether the
proclamation will be made available
for present issues-whether the com?
manding officers of the Military Dis?
tricts of the South will be directed to
register all embraced in the amnesty,
rejecting those excepted in it-rests
with the President He-has already
made a most direct issue with the
Congressional party opposed to him,
and this amnesty proclamation is but
another step in the line of march he
has taken up, and he may, therefore,
conclude to make it effective by is?
suing orders for a new registration.
Of the power of the President ta
grant pardons for all offences against
tho "United States, there can be nc
doubt. The Constitution invests him
with unrestricted authority in thal
respect, except in cases of impeach?
ment; and this authority cannot bc
taken from him by any Act ot Con
grcss. Pardon or amnesty embrace!
and implies forgiveness for offence;
committed, and most assuredly ex
tends to the recipients a restoration
to the position they would legally
have occupied, jost as if ?hey hac
never committed the offences charg?e
against them. According to the bes
authorities, this is tho true deiinitioi
of the word "pardon;" for if it dc ci
not carry with it complete absolutioi
from guilt, aud disonthraldom fron
all the consequences of the offend
which it pardons, it is of no valut
whatever, and utterly worthless a
re-instating the pardoned to his for
mer political aud social position. Th
restriction of Congress, therefore, ii
the matter now under consideration
us far as re-instate mont is concerned
renders the President's pardon o
amnesty utterly nugatory, and of ni
avail to those to whom it applies
Outside of the constitutional prero
gativo invested in the President, com
mon sense would show any ono tba
such a pardon, ns to the point rc
ferrcd to, would be a nominal act c
graco, of no saving virtue whatever.
But in another respect, the amnest,
may be of some avail. It ched
mates all attempts at confiscation o
every kind, and thus puts a complet
estoppal to the designs of thoa
cliques and leagues who would wres
lund from Southern land-owners, fo
thc benefit of tho freedmen, or mor
probably for themselves. This c
itself would bo a great ochievemen
in defence of the Constitution an
thc right.
Brit'again, presuming that thi
general amnesty will not affect, th
registration, now nearly completed i
e. vc ry Southern State, it may affec
tho vetting that ia yet to take pjaa
If its eire"'- shall be decided to ei
franchise the former disenfranchise
citizens of the South-and the matta
may bo thus decided by the Unite
States Court?!-then will the pa
doned, having re-assumed all tl
rights of citizenship, bo entitled 1
exercise the elective franchise at e
future elections. Much depends upc
the firmness of tho President, ar
thero are such d^uB of re-actic
thronghont the country, that he mt
feel pretty well assured that he wi
be sustained in the course whicl
though late, he has determined
Tho track of the King's Monnta
Railroad has been relaid, and trail
are now running daily between Che
ter and Yorkvillo.
Views ot Wewly?Arrtv*a Immigrant?.
The Polish settlers in Spottsylva
nia, Va., held a meeting lost \reek,
the object Of wbioh-was to correct
misrepresentations which bave ap?
peared io European journals rein ti ve
to the comparative advantages of Bot?
tling in Virginia, or other Southern
States, and the North-west. The
meeting adopted a series of resolu?
tions, very clearly and explicitly
drawn, which they communicated to
Gen. Tochmnn, to be used by him on
bis mission to Europe in behalf of
Southern immigration. Tbey de?
scribo thoir own purchase of land, at
$5 per acre, aud then soy:
"It is trno that, North-west, tbe
Government lands can be purchased
at $1.25 per acre, but not one acre of
the cleared laud can be had there,
unless it is purchased from some
squatter, and then it must be paid for
at a higher prico than we bave to pay
for our land in Virginia. We consi?
der, therefore, our laud tbe cheapest."
There is no doubt but a .systema?
tized effort is being made in Europe
to prevent emigration to the South?
ern States, which we hope such state?
ments as tho above, promulgated
among the people tbere, will have the
effect of counteracting, at least to
some extent.
denburg, under date of August 19,
Capt. F. Melchers, one of the tigents
of European Immigration for this
State, writes to Gen. John A. Wago?
ner, the Oommissioner, that a num?
ber of emigrants were preparing to
come to Charleston ia the bark
Gauss, Capt. Wetting, which was ad?
vertised to sail on the 1st proximo,
and that Delius & Co., her owners,
have promised to provide another
Teasel in November, if a sufficient
number of emigrants are found to
justify the step. He reports that
several Bremen merchants have offer?
ed to invest $500,000 in a line of
steamers to ply bett een that city and
Charleston, if the loan and interest,
at the rate of five per cent, per an?
num, will be guaranteed by this
State. __ __
The Mexican correspondent of a
New Orleans paper says that Otter
bnrg recently presented the demand
of Secretary Seward for the surrender
of Santa Anna, and gave President
Juarez two hours to answer. Tho
truth of tho story is not vouched
for. Ho also says that 200 liberal
officers have been thrown into prison
recently for plotting the overthrow
of Juarez. The army is reported
unfavorable to the President, and in?
telligent men predict a revolution in
ninety days.
hos furnished us fall ret ur ns for the
following precincts in Greenville Dis?
trict, on the first round:
Grove Station-Whites 46; blacks
52. Mayfield-Whites 74; blaoks44.
Riohards'-Whites 141; blacks 76.
Brockman's-Whites 50; blacks 20.
Batesville-Whites 94; blacks 37. To?
tal 643; majority for whites 167.
lowing ia the total registration in
Laurens District: Whites 1,037; co?
lored 2,092. Majority for colored
1,080; colored 1,702. Majority for
colon id 632.
the nany outgivings of Washington
corespondents, the following, ad?
dressed to the Cincinnati Enquirer,
is worthy of attention, if we might
hope that tho author is a man of
judgment and enjoys extraordinary
facilities for obtaining information :
Do not be surprised if tho tele?
graph some evening brings yon the
intelligence that the President has
strack a grand coup d'etat, and has
by one masterly movement, freed
himself from the toils that his ene?
mies and tho Rump Congress have
woven around him. Shorn of his
Sower only by illegal acts, Andrew
ohnson is still President of the
United States, protected by the tra?
ditional "panoply of the White
House," and armed with every one
of the executive powers which the
Constitution places in his hands, of
the army, roady to execute his or?
ders, and ho has at his back the
whole power of the people. Ho has
been patient and forbearing, but the
time has now come to act, and I
believe ho will act, at last, in the true
Andrew Jaokson style.
4 A spicy little sheet, called the
Frontier Index, is published on
wheels, and follows tue progress of
tho Northern branch of the Union
Pacific Railroad. The other day, at
the North Platte; now it is gone to
Jnlesburg, and soon it will bo at tho
foot of the mountains.
Correspondence ol tn? Phoenix.
September 6, 1867.
This locality enjoys the perfection
of climate. A medical gentleman
who has traveled extensively in Eu?
rope, expressed to us, in conversa?
tion a few days ago, the opinion
that the air of Walhalla is purer and
more health-inducing than th*t of
the most famous health resorts of
Germany, Spain, Switzerland or
Italy. The atmosphere is dry, pure
and active. The temperature is as
delightful as the breezy and bracing
presence of the mountains can mase
it. Invalids from the lower and damp?
er latitudes lind themselves here ra?
pidly restored to health, whether tho
cause of suffering were pulmonary,
hepatic or general-whether the suf?
ferers bo dyspeptic, bilious, or hypo
chondriacal-whether their ills be
febrile, nervous or imaginary. The
secret of this health-restoring charac?
ter of the placo is to be found in the
fact that the perfectly pure atmos?
phere allows nature to restore her
proper functions-does not impede
restoration by any local causes, such
as malaria and exoessive heat-allows
the ris inedicatrLc natures to have a
fair chance in restoring exhausted
Walhalla, as everybody knows, is a
German settlement, made by u com?
pany of immigrants from Charleston,
in 1850. The town has extended in
size, giving ample room, without
erowding the population. The suc?
cessful operation of the Blue Ridge
Railroad will, no doubt, contribute
largely to the material prosperity of
the town. The communication is
daily with the Southern routes of
A number of practical miners are
probing for gold. Their operations
are active, and some with whom we
have conversed aro in high hopes of
abundant success. That gold exiets
everywhere-on every hill, and in
the sands of every branch and creek
is abundantly evident. The problem
for the miner is to find the grand
The soil hereabouts is stony, and
not very fertile, except in the valleys,
where the fertility is equal to that
of bottom lands anywhere in the
world. But yet, these stony hills,
by a little care and manuring, can
be made fertile beyond tho nahest
lands noon the coast or anywhere
else. We can illustrate with an ex?
ample: Mr. Biemann, of the Wal?
halla Hotel, has a section of his vege?
table gorden that measures a quarter
of an aore. This piece of around
has produced this year a hundred bu?
shels of Irish potatoes, and there is
now growing on it a luxurious crop
of fall beans. This yield of potatoes,
you will observe, is four hundred bu?
shels to the aci'e. This was accom?
plished at very slight expense, no?
thing bat common stable manure
being used.
There is a growing trade here iu
herbs and roots for medicinal uses.
Tho articles most bought here and
sent to the New York market are
ginseng, pink root, spikenard, sarsa?
parilla, queen's delight, Indian tur?
nip, Columbo, slippery elm, golden
rod, the various kinds of snake root,
and in all over thirty kinds of native
growth. This trade commenced only
last year, and already amounts tb at
least 81,000 a year. In a few years,
it will become an important branch
of business and trade.
Tho population of this placo is al?
most entirely German, and the peoplo
have brought with them many of the
peculiarities of the Fatherland-pe?
culiarities that make them, as a peo?
ple, different from our American
folks. They are very slightly, if at
all, corrupted by any villainous trick?,
and honesty, if it yet lingers any?
where in oar unhappy country, lin?
gers here among these thrifty Teu?
tons. More again. D.
GEN. GBANT.-The Washington cor?
respondent of the New York Tribune
telegraphs to that paper on the 3d:
"Gen. Grant did' not attend the
Cabinet meeting to-day, having asked
to be exoused from attending Cabinet
meetings in future, unless his presence
is specially needed with regard to
army matteraelone. He claims that
he is purely a military officer, and does
not wish to be drawn into matters
that aro of a civil character. The
President did not object Grant was
at the White House to-day, after the
Cabinet meeting, on business with
tho President."
HARD HIT.-The following is not a
bad hit at the mania for hunting up
coats of arms:
Two fellows were disputing about
their respective claims to distinction
on the acoro of ancestry, when a
third stepped in and said: "I rather
think my ancestors made more noise
in the world than those of either of
you; my father was a drummer and
my mother cried oysters." I
Pegged boots, if occasion ly dress*
ed with petroleum between the soles
and the upper leather? will not rip.
If the soles of boots or shoes aro
dressed with petroleum, they will
resist wet and wear well. Th? pegs,
it is said, aro not emoted by dryness
after being -.veil saturated with the
names of about 500 applicants for
a passage toi Liberia in November, are
now upon the books of the American
Colonization Society. These aro re?
sidents mostly of the States of South
Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Ten?
nessee and Virgin ia, and are nearly all
of the class popularly known as
"freedmen." The society has made
an earnest appeal for funds to enable
! them to send these applicants to Li
! beria.
Somebody says that the best way
to get rid of weeds is to always put
your cigar case and its contents at
ibo service of your friends. Jones
says (not Doctor Jones, howover,)
that tho most effective means he ever
I tried was by squeezing the band of a
plump yoong bereaved in black.
Tho next day, she was in half mourn?
ing, and a second kindly pressure
resulted in a pink gown, with a white
bonnet. Farmers, please notice.
A private letter received in Cali?
fornia, Mo., last week, from a former
resident of that place now living in
Northern Texas, says the negroes in
that part of the State have qait
work and gone iuto camp, all well
armed, and assort that they intend
to take the law into their own hands.
An incautious individual, at Terre
Haute, Ind., the other day, after
smoking, put his pipe into his pocket
with a package of powder. He waa
seen shortly after looking a good
deal surprised, and inquiring for his
coat tail and a piece of his panta?
Said Tom, "since I have been in
France, I have eaten so much veal,
that I am ashamed to look a calf in
the faoe." "I suppose, sir, then,"
said a wag, "you shave without a
The editor of an Iowa paper says
that the heavens were black, one day
last week, with wild geese flying
South, and consequently presages
that winter will be there in Septem?
Mr. Dioysse, the inventor of the
Prussian needle gun, bas just invent?
ed a new gun for grenades, (explosive
balls,) which scatter to the breadth of
five feet and the height ol three.
On tho 5th instant, at the residence of
tho bride, by the Rev. Mr. W. E. Doggs,
Ma. JOHN H. WILEY, of Spar?anburg,
8. C., to Mas. MARY C. DEBRUHL, of
this city.
Colombia Base Ball Club.
AMEETING of this CLUB will be held
MONDAY EVENING, 9th instant, at
8 o'clock, at the Palmetto Engine Honse.
Pnnctncl attendance requested. By order
of the President.
SeptS 1 C. A. CARRINGTON, Sec'y.
Store for Sale, and Lot to Lease.
THE undersigned wishes to sell his
STORE, on Plain street, with LEASE
OF LOT for several years. For particu?
lars, apply at his store, or to P. W. Kraft,
opposite Phoenix office.
September 8 8 F. A. SCHNEIDER.
JUST RECEIVED, at tho "Industrial
Association," Ladies' Sacque Patterns,
of the latest style. Also, very beautiful
Braiding Patterns, for Yoke Dresses and
Gowns. A constant supply of Braiding
and Embroidery Patterns, suitable for all
stylos of work, can be had.
Remember, laoica, it matters not how
small may be the purchase, every little you
contribute to this Association is so much
fiveu towards the support of tho poor and
estituteof our land. September 8
bo accommodated with a comfortable
Room and Board, at my residence; and
also, a few Gentlemen as Day-Boarders,
on early application.
September 7 3j THO. IL WADE.
Kits of Fresh Mountain Butter,
JUST RECEIVED, and for sale.
AIHO, barrels of Soda, Ginger and Su?
gar Crackers and Snaps, for ealo by
Cor. Pendleton and Assembly sts.,
Next to M. M. Cohen's Old Stand,
September 7 Below the Stato House.
Israelite Sunday-School.
TUE members of the above Association
(.re hereby gammoned to attend a
meeling of the same on SUNDAY MORN?
ING, at 10 o'clock. A punctual attendance
is requested, as business of importance
will bo laid beforo thc mooting.
By order of tho President.
Mas. B: E. LEVY, Sec. sud Treas.
^September 7_2_
Flavoring Extracts.
Bitter Almond,
Pine Applo,
Strawberry, Ac,
On hand, and for sale hy
September 7 J. A T. R. AGNEW.
Pickles, Canned Goods, Sec.
.fl GASES just roceived, consisting
_1AJU of Plain, Mixed and Chow-Chow
Pickles, Lobsters, Cove Oysters, Pine-Ap?
ples, Poaches, Tomatoes, Jellies, Ac, just
received, and for sale low, by
September 7 J. A T. R. AGNEW.
ACOTTAGE HOUSE, on Laurel street,
in rear of Charlotte Railroad Depot.
Possession givon immodiatoly. Apply to
Beptember 3 WM. McQUINftlS.
- House for Sale.
salo bis COTTAGE HOUSE, situ?
ated on Gadsden street, two doora
from Washington. Tho lot contains a
quarter of an acre. For terms and farther
particulars, apply next door, to
September & 6 _0. MINOR.
Xvi W coils Manilla Rope, I
200 lbs, ftagging Twine, Just received
and for sal?? low by J. A T. lt. AGNEW.
Aug 25
Flaxseed lias proved a profitable
crop this year in many parts of
Ohio, the yield having been unusual?
ly large, and the price ($2'per bushel)
satisfactory to furmors.
Tho Germans, of Nashville, are
about organising au immigration so
cioty on a grand scale, and expect-to
Induce thousands of their country?
men to settle in Tennessee.
Sixteen deaths from cholera have
occurred in the 6th Infantry, which
recently garrisoned this State. The
regiment is now at Fort Arbuckle.
A new riding habit for ladies
which allows them.to sit astride tho
horse-has been introduced in the
Western cities.
A negro, in Houston, Texas, on
trial for the murder of another, re?
fuses to have negroes on the jury.
The value of tho wholesale oyster
trade of New York city is estimated
at not less than 610,000,000 annually.
POLITICAL GOSSIP.-Sickles at his
best is not as good as Can-be.
At tho Calvary Baptist Church, by the
pastor, Rev. Samuel Johnson, on the 4th
MUNSON, both of this city.
Funeral Invitation'.
The friends and acquaintances of CELIA
MANN and familj, and of Nancy Smith
and family, aro respectfully invited to
attend tho funeral of the former, at the
Calvary Baptist Church, THIS (Bnnday)
EVENING, at 3 o'clock.
Hotel to Lease.
THE SUBSCRIBER, having concluded
to arraugo his BLOCK OF BRICK
BUILDINGS in this city for a HOTEL,
offers to loase the same for that purposo,
when completed, which will be about the
1st of Novomber. Said building is cen?
trally located on Main street, ana contains
some sixty apartments, consisting of fifty
Chambers, exclusive of Parlors, Recoption
Rooms, Servants' Rooms, Dining-Room,
Bar-Room, Bathing-Room, Reading-Room,
Baggage-Room, Hall, Office, Barber-Shop,
and all appurtenances necessary to a first
class Hotel. The number of rooms may
be increased, if desired.
Columbia, S. C., Soptomber 5, 1867.
Charleston Courier and Augusta Chroni?
cle copy six times, every other day, and
forward bills to the Phoenix office.
September 6 t_
TW- Pure Leaf Lard.
_LeJ *5 kegs " " .'
On hand, and for salo low, by
September 7 J. ft T. R. AGNEW.
Mrs. Thomas Taylor
"????rill j? WILL GIVE VOCAL AND
fSpfpfSHPIANO LESSONS at tho resi
f j S X * "dence of Mrs. Susan Gibbes,
Senate street. _September 1 Tri4
_ HAVING procured a RE
(mflQHBk patrons can now bo as efli
^-t-UJLXT ciently served a? formerlv.
August 31 D. P. GREGG.
Cow Peas! Cow Peas!!
6)K-| BUSHELS COW FEAS, just re
jutJX. ceived, and for sale low by
August 31 J. ft T. R. AGNEW.
5 barrels Boe Hive Syrup.
100 sacks Family Flour.
August 23 E. fe G. D. HOPE.
Wolfe's 8ri> ir ii ? m Schnappt are used
all over tho world by the physicians in thoir
XJ? cash at J. C. SEEGERS ft CO.'S.
15 Boxes Chewing Tobacco,
DIFFERENT GRADES, low to dealers.
Juno 30 JOHN C. SEEQER8 St CO.
FRESH-GROUND FLOUR, at wholesale
and retail, at
Kf\ BOXES English Dairy and choice
t)U Cutting CHEESE, inst received and
for Bale low by J. A T. R. AGNEW.
Aug 25
August 30 'j_
The best Season to Plant Turnip Seed.
RUTA BAGA. For sale cheap at
Angust ii_.
Cigars and Tobacco.
THE undersigned has inst received, and
koopa constantly on hand, a large and
varied stock of CIGARS. Also, a largo
supplv of SMOKING and CHEWING TO?
BACCO, ot all brands.
Aug 15 . i Plain street._
Wolfe's Sohtedam Schnapps are sold
by all grocers and apothecaries.
Old Newspapers
FOR SALE at the
Tomatoes, Peaches, Okra, Corn.
PRESERVE them for 'winter ase by
arrived and for salo by
Aug 16_ Draggle ta.
Dew of the Alps-Udolpho Wolfe, sole
agent for tho above cordial, manufactured
in Geneva, Switzerland, is used by all the
crowned heads of Europe._
Soap and Candles.
? tJ 100 boxes Sperm, Adamantine and
Paradoo Candles. Just received, and for
sale low by tho package, and at retail, by
Beptembor 7 J. ft T. R. AGNEW.
Fresh Lemons, Raisins,
- Ul
XJIOOA.1 .Ttems
CoNrrBMATio?.-The rite of con?
firmation frill be administered, this
morning, At Trinity Cbnrcb, by the
Bight Rev. Bishop Davis, of this
WOMAN.-Celia Mann, an old and
respected colored naree, -who was
present at the birth of many of our
citizens, departed this life yesterday.
learn that a match gamo of this in?
teresting and exhilarating game will
be played on Monday afternoon, at 2
o'clock, between the "Chicora," of
this city, and tho "Phil. Sheridan"
Clubs, of the garrison, on the College
Green. -The public are invited to
attend. Seats will be prepared for
the ladies.
The money order system will be
inaugurated here to-morrow. Per?
sons desirous of availing themselves
of it, at the following rales of com?
mission, can do so by applying at the
Post Office : On orders not exceed?
ing $20, 10 couts; over $20 and not
exceeding $50, 25 cents. No frac?
tions of a cent to be introduced in
an order. United States Treasury
Notes or National Bank Notes only
received or paid.
DON'T READ THIS.-Having a com- .
plete job printing office, competent
workmen, and superintended by the
proprietor himself, we are prepared
to execute every description of book
and job printing-bill and letter
heads, circulars, labels, posters, pro?
grammes, business, wedding and in?
vitation cards, railroad receipts,
checks, drafts, &c. Our friends will
find it to their interest (and ours) to
give us a call.
Read Udolpho Wolfe's advertise?
ments in to-day's paper.
The gift entertainment for the re?
lief of the destitute poor of the
Soath will be given in Washington
City, on the 30th of this month;
Persons desirous of obtaining tickets
will apply at once at the Phoenix
office, as returns are to be made
prior to the lGth, so that necessary
arrangements can be completed.
Trinity Church-Confirmation by
Bishop Davis,. 10).< a. m. Rev. P. J.
Sband, Hector, 5 p. m.
Presbyterian Church-Rev. W.
E. Boggs, 10)..' a, m. and p. m.
St. Peter's" Church-Rev. J. J.
O'Connell, 10 a. m. and 5 p. m.
Washington Street Chapel-Rev.
D. J. Simmons, 10,V? a. m. Rev.
Wm. Martin, 5 p. m.
Marion Street Church-Rev. Wm.
Martin, 10},.< a. m. Rev. D. J. Sim?
mons, 5 p. m.
Lutheran Lecture Room-Rev. A.
R. Rude, 10>? a. m.
Christ Christ Congregation are in?
vited to attend the confirmation at
Trinity Church, at 1?J? a. m.
THE PLAIN TRUTH.-A miserable
picture, even in the old times of
slavery, was a white man who had to
work himself, but was ashamed of it.
To see an individual now, cleaning
his boots, and if he hears anybody
coming, hiding the brush, or to see a
farmer working in the field, but laying
down bis hoe at the approach of his
neighbor, is bad enough; but not so
hopeless as one who prefers to Buffer
rather than, work even in secret. The
man who is not ashamed to say, "I
am poor, and have? to work with my
own honda," and the woman who is
not ashamed to acknowledge that her
husband is not rich, and that she hos
to cook-these aro the people who are
to revive our broken fortunes and re?
pair the ravages of war."
NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.-Attention is cali -
ed to the following advertisements, which
are published this morning for tho first
F. A. Schneider-Store for Sale.
Industrial Association-Latest Styles.
Mooting of Columbia Base Ball Club.
A. B. Phillips-Estate Sale.
Jacob Levin-Auction Sales.
' 1 A fino lot of Desirable Goods have jnat
been opened by Mr. R. C. Shiver, who still
adheres to his proper principle of. good
articles for little money. Beau bis adver?
tisement, and then examine the goode.
Biscuit and Crackers.
JUST RECEIVED, by air-lino route, and
for sale low.
Barrels Soda Bisouit,
" Sugar Crackers,
" Ginger Schnapps,
u Gingor Nuts,
" Lemon Pie Nio Crackers,
'* Boston Crackers,
" Cream Crackers,
11 Butter Crackers.
September 6 J. A T. R. AGNEW.
"Wolfe's Sonlcdara Schnapps should
be in tho hands of every housekeeper.

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