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Saturday Morning, October 19,1867.
Profit? of Cotton Planting.
The National Intelligencer takes a
.?proper view of the prospects and
/profits of cotton planting at tho
i South, and after au unprejudiced re?
view of the subject, comes to the
conclusion that, whatever may be the
'quantity of tho staple produced this
reason, the plantara will receive little
remuneration for it The insufficiency
?ven of the labor employed, is one
cause to whioh this result is attributed
hy the Intelligencer; and, we may feay,
very correctly, for however honestly
and justly the freedmen may have
worked in some localities, yet aa a
general rule, either misled by false
teachings, or fascinated by equally
false promises, they have rot come
up to their work with that spirit, or
'with that amount of labor which the
? wants of their impoverished section
There is still another cause for dis?
couragement to planters proper, who
own the lands, and that is the present
low price of cotton. This cause will
. operate still more severely on those
who rented plantations, and had
chiefly to rely on the industry of the
freedmen, rather than on experience.
At the present price, which is still
further lowered by the infliction of
an unjust tax, the production of cot?
ton must be a losing business. The
net income in gold, will not be more
than was realized many a year pre?
ceding the war, when the legitimate
labor of the plantation was not inter?
fered with, and when no article of
planters' supplies, cost half as much
as they do at the'present time. As a
matter of course', a general abandon?
ment of (ts culturo must follow, if
this state of affairs continues.
As we remarked! the other day,
colton manufacturers are only reap?
ing what they have sown. They, too,
-complain of the cotton tax which,
they allege, destroys the cotton trade,
? tl -which, added to the taxes im?
posed otherwise, will force them out
cf the market entirely, giving the
whole field to the British manufac?
turers. We might say, so be it,
? although we should like to see every
?merioan enterprise prosper; but it
must be borne ia mind that it was
.' iheir own stupidity and folly, either
- in grasping after exorbitant and un?
godly gains, or encouraging vindic?
tive legislation in the National Legis?
lature, that have brought upon them
s the evils .they now so loudly complain
mili X meeting of these manufactu
" rers was lately held in Philadelphia,
at which it was boldly alleged-and
we believe the allegation-that of the
whole tax imposed on cotton, but a
small portion reached the Treasury.
Half of it, it was assorted, was con?
sumed by tho expenses of collection,
or in a less direct way alienated from
the Treasury.
Such is tho prospect for the cotton
planter; and if ul) tho signs do not
fail, ?iud as surely as event follows
cause, the price, from tho competition
of foreign production, cannot appre?
ciate, but must decline.
-? -
is estimated, from known data, that
$27,000,000 in gold will be paid out
by the Treasury Department on tho
1st of November, as interest on five
twenty bonds. This is the largest
amount of specie ever paid out for
semi-annual interest. One-half, or
one-third, of this amount may bo duo
to foreign holders of these bonds,
but at tho ruling rates for foreign ex?
change it is not deemed probable that
any of tho coin, beyond tho interest
duo abroad, will leave tho country.
Of course somo of this immense pay?
ment will be reinvested in national
securities, but still tho surplus will be
largo enough to have a wholesome
effect upon tho financial and com?
mercial interests of the country.
?TATE FINANCES.--Tho Charleston
?Courier learns that ono of the prin?
cipal objects of the confeience be?
tween Gen. Canby and Governors
Orr and Worth, was tho adoption of
some financial measures providing
means for carrying on the State go?
vernments. With the close of this
month expires the fiscal year as fixed
by tho law of the State. The details
of tho measures agreed upon are not
yet complete, but will be shortly an?
Charlea Dickens.
On the former visit pf this distin?
guished novelist to this country, a
portion of the ? menean people-to
speak in common parlance-made
fools of tbemselvos by on exhibition
of man-worahip and adulatory fetes,
&c, unworthy of a rational and sen?
sible community. From the state?
ments made in the New York jour?
nals, the present generation is likely
to repeat the same folly, and verify
the old saying, that "all the fools are
not dead yet." Let it be hoped,
however, that more decorum will be
exhibited in the present, than in the
former reception. Mr. Dickens, him?
self, contributed to this hoped-for
ohange, by the exquisitely keen and
just excoriation he go/ve the ninnies
who nauseated him with vulgar adu?
lation on his last visit; and not one
single rebuke he gave to the per?
formers in these silly demonstrations,
in his "American Notes," and "Mar?
tin Chuzzlewit," that they did not
richly deserve.
It is to be hoped, therefore, that
the reception of one of the greatest
novelists of his age and generation,
and one who, by his writings, has
done moro for tho amelioration of
tho poorer and more vicious classes
in his own country, will be such as
befits a literary benefactor. On the
occasion of his Inst visil, he traveled
through certain portions of the South,
and witnessed the working of the
system of slavery then existing. We
hope and trust that ho will come
down this way again, and examine
the operation of tho "new system" of
Southern labor, as established in the
Southern States, by laws of Congress,
and enforced by military rule, and
see - its effects on both races, who,
when ho was hero before, were happy
and contented. The comparison be?
tween the condition of the South
then, and that of the present, would
afford an admirable theme for the
keen satire and sarcasm, which char?
acterizes nearly every volume of his
writings, and better enlighten the
Englishmen and cockneys on "the
situation," than tho production of
any other wiitc-i. He wili bo wel?
comed and cordially received by the
Southern people, but without toady?
ism; and his "readings" ns properly
appreciated by them, as they would
by those self-styled literateurs who |
revolve around tho "hub of civiliza?
tion" in another section.
Now York Sun says that tho masses
of tho Northern* people desire a re?
construction policy giving security
against future rebellion, and are
opposed to the spiteful schemes of
the Republican extremists. The
masses of tho Southern people are of
the same mind os to reconstruction.
They do not care much about security
against another rebellion, for they
know there never "can, nifty or
should be" another. But they waut
reconstruction, no matter what be?
comes of the Republican or any other
party. That point, they are con-1
vinced, will be righted in tho future,
by the good sense of the American
people. Let the masses of the North?
ern people who desire reconstruction,
therefore, "go ahead."
LANCASTER.-Lancaster has bee*n
without a Town Council for some
mouths. Gen. Canby has appointed
the following: Intendant-Dr. R. E.
Wylie. Wardens-P. McKenna, W.
H. Burns, E. E>. Kennedy and A. W.
Kent's East India Coffee.
which is said to bo, in all essential par?
ticulars, equal to Java, at about half the
orien and trouble, besides being mort
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6FIRKINS Orango County BUTTER,
received weekly.
10 tiorcoB pure LARD.
Gloster, E. D., Dairy and Factory Choose.
Fresh Smoked Beef and Tonguoa.
Northern Irish Potatoes.
Frosh Cured Diamond Hams.
Breakfast BaconjBtrip?. _
Nov, Buckwheat Flout-syrup to match.
For sale by C. H. BALDWIN & CO.
Oct 18_3_
Wolfe1? Schiedam Schnaps are good
for eolio and p*in in tho stomach._
.?ktJtJ ISH SEGABS, at
For Rent or Sale.
corner of Senato and Pickcns streets.
House contains seven large and comfort?
able Rooms, with three Basement Rooms
and a Store-room.
Thero is a Brick Kitchen, Servant
Houses, Stable, Ac. Apply to
Oct 13 tO E. J. SCOTT.
A Jut Yitw of "UM nc-actlou."
The following article, from that
ably conducted New York paper, the
Journal of Commerce, has? -a more
candid and just view of the re-action
in political sentiment in the North
and West, as evinced by the result Of
their elections, than any we have yet
read elsewhere. With this article
our views coincide, for we do not
believe that the re-action indicates
increasing strength to the Demo?
cratic pn.rty; but merely the sober
second thought of the masses of tho
people, who are in favor of peace
and restoration, and who think that
these should be effected as speedily
as possible, irrespective of party
organizations or their success:
If the continued re-action, as
shown in the recent elections, is in?
terpreted purely as a demonstration
in favor of the old-time Democratic
party, it will not only loso its real
significance, but it will be Likely to
do quite os much harm as good to
the country. The strong point which
it establishes is, that thc mass of
honest people, who are not bound in
party chains, are sick of radicalism
and fanaticism rn politics, and in
favor of the Constitution, law and
order, and an early restoration of the
Union, fraternity and prosperity
throughout the country. The Demo?
crats may come into power, but they
must show less corruption, selfish?
ness and devotion to party than has
marked the course of many of their
prominent men Litherto, if they nm
iong nccopted as exponents of the
will of the people.
The truth is, that the Republican
party became so strong, compact and
confident, that its leaders felt them?
selves unchecked, and men with
extreme views vainly thought that
they could lead tho whole nation to
the consummation of their wildest
projects, in open violation of the
Constitution, and at tho risk of uni?
versal anarchy and confusion. As
these radical leaders advanced from
ono step to another, their followers
fell off, their ranks grew thinnq^and
legs enthusiastic, until now the more
thoughtful among them refuse to
budge another inch in that direc?
tion. They cannot bo coaxed nor
driven into the harness again until
the course is changed. If the better
class among tho Democrats are dis?
posed to unite with thom in a sincere
effort at reformation, their co-opera?
tion can be secured for such a desir?
able purpose. But the office-seeking
radicals, who betrayed the Demo?
cratic party tc its overthrow, will see
an opportunity in this crisis, and
will rush in, if possible, to assume
control of the popular movement. If
it is given to such hands, we may
chango fuglemen, but the country
will be no better off than before.
We hope for better things than this,
however; and therefore congratulate
our readers on the auspicious result
of tho elections. If it does nothing
more than to divide parties more
equally, and thus operate as a check
upon arrogance and partizau .pre?
sumption, the effort will not have
been lost.
If the returns from Ohio are to lie
relied upon, tho re-action against
negro suffrage is even more deter?
mined than was expected. This de?
mand in favor of the colored race,
has been made with so much denun?
ciatory violence, that it had aroused
the popular antipathies in a corres?
ponding degree, and it will bo very
difficult for any faction to secure
favor for years to como while endors?
ing this measure. Hai1 ?nore mode?
rate councils pre called, ?he enfran?
chisement of tho more enlightened
and better educated portion of the
race might have been secured at au
early date. The persistent efforts to
extend the electivo franchise to the
ignorant masses just redeemed from
bondage, without names, homo or
habits of self-restraint, has dimi?
nished the prospect of any favor in
that direction during the existence of
the present generation.
Ono of the pleasantest signs con?
nected with the political change now
in progress, is the satisfaction at tho
result which is plainly visible among
the most respectable adherents of the
party whose extremists have received
such a rebuke. Wo think tim the
views wo havo expressed abjA will
meet their hearty approvajT/TCon
sorvativo Republicans havjv'more
reason than any others to rejoice at
this vindication of the soundness of
their judgment.
accommodated with BOARD by ap?
plying at tho residence of
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Oct its 2
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The Springfield Republican tells tho
simple truth when it says the verdict
of the people is against the- Congres?
sional plan of reconstruction.
The colors of the North German
Confederation will ?be black, white)
and red.
It is said that corn sells for eight |
cents a bushel in some parts of Iowa.
Working sailors-Epsom salts.
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Oct 19_E. Jr. G. D. HOPE.
? List of Letters
REMAINING in tho Post Ofiice, Colum?
bia, 8. C., October 19, 18G7. Persona I
calling for letters in this list, will please)
say they aro advertised.
Allev, Philipp Kennedv, Mrs Grace I
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Busby, .Mina J M Nelson, Jas II 2
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Clark, John Pogues, T W
Cooper, Mia? M A Pcrrvdono, Mrs G
Crawford, Mrs Ellen Raleigh, Mrs M J
Davidson, BcrnhardtRichron, Mrs
Duffey, Jeff Roofe, 8 W
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Goley, Andrew Smith, Harriet Ann
Going, Mrs Sarah Smith, H A
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Oct 19 J. C. J AN A EY. P. M.
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Oct 17_
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Oct 17_City Clerk, pro tem.
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WRIT OP pRomnrnQN.-We learn
that a petition for a writ of prohibi?
tion was heard before Judge Moses,
at chambers, yesterday afternoon,
from the Southern Express Company,
to prohibit the State of South Caro?
lina and the City Council of Charles?
ton from the collection of taxes on
tho gross income of the company. J.
P. Carr, Esq., for the Express Com?
pany; Attorney-General Hayne for
tho State; Hon. W. D. Porter for the
City Conned.
Court met yesterday morning, at 10
o'clock. Judge Moses delivered an
opinion on the certiorari case of the
South Carolina Railroad against tho
City Council of - Columbia. The
Judge ruled in favor of tho petition
of the railroad company.
After the passage of general orders,
etc., R. F. Clarke and G. W. Allen,
who had been convicted at the March
term of tho Court of grand larceny,
were called np for sentence. The
prisoners having plead for the benefit
ot clergy, and in consideration of the
length of time during which they
had been in confinement, they were
sentenced to five weeks' imprison?
ment in the District jail.
The business having been conclud?
ed, the Court adjourned.
Benjamin Sloau having resigned his
position as Superintendent of the
Greenville and Columbia Railroad,
the employees determined to present
him with a substantial testimonial of
their regard. As it was known that
he expected to take charge of a largo
plantation, which would necessarily
require tho services of a horse, a set
of equipments-a handsome saddle,
bridle and whip-(to which Messrs.
Hopsnn A- Sutphen kindly added a
very neat pair of spurs,) were deemed
a suitable present. W. C. Heriot,
Esq., on behalf of the employees,
presented the articles to Major Sloan,
with tho following remarks:
MAJOR B. SLOAN: Your friends,
appreciating the gentlemanly deport?
ment and kind demeanor which has
always characterized your intercourse
with them, take much pleasure in
presenting you with the accompany?
ing testimonial of their sincere regard
and esteem. We trust you may find
it useful to you in your now vocation.
It is almost needless for us to tell
you how much sorrow wo experience
at parting with you and in bidding
you a kind farewell. Wo wish you
much happiness and success in the
Major Sloan responded :
GENTLEMEN: This handsome pre?
sent you bring tome is as unexpected
as tho pleasure is great with which I
accept it. Since my connection with
the Greenville and Columbia Rail?
road, it has ever been my earnest
endeavor to discharge my duty to tho
company faithfully, and if, in adher?
ing strictly to my construction of
this duty, I have, at tho same time,
BO entirely gained your good will, I
nm sure I have reason to bo proud of
my succoss. My intercourse with
each of you has been pleasant under
all circumstances, oud it is with deep
regret I leavo you tb attend to my
own personal affairs. In parting, 1
am obliged to thank you, individu?
ally, for the promptness and cheer?
fulness you have always exhibited in
tho dischargo of the duties imposed
upon you.
Permit mo again to return yon my
warmest thanks for your kindness;
and believe me, gentlemen, that, in
tho future, nothing can give me more
pleasure than to hear of tho entire
success in life of each%one of you.
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bo made to the proper authorities for re?
newal of the aamc.
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Columbia, September 18, 18G7.
Sept 19_rao3_
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Trustee for n. C. Elraoro and Children.
Columbia, S. C., Soptembcr 18, 18G7.
Sept 19_mo3
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Eatato of HENRY SEIBEL8, deceased,
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TT? will fonJ'ot BXVZU LOAVER OV Livrons,
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As the price of Flour decreases, he pro?
8opt 18 Imo W. STIEGLITZ.
Dew of the Alps.-Udolpho Wolfe, sole
agont for the above cordial, manufactured
in Geneva, Switzerland, is used by aU tho
crowned heads of Europe._^_
Bbls. Pure Rye and other Whiskeys.
JUST RECEIVED, and for sale.
Also, barrels of Golden and other fino
Syrups.ll tierce choico Sugar-cured Hams.
For sale by RICHARD ALLEN,
Cor. Pendleton and Assembly st ..,
Next to M. M. Cohen's Old Stand,
September 7 Below thc State House.

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