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Sunday Morning. November s, 1868.
Prophecies About Gencvrtl Grant.
Thero is a Jivoly manifestation
*?ong the prophets. Some predict
one thing, somo another, aa to Grant's
policy-somo from oue motive, some*
from another. Mr. Yallaudighnin
has led in tho prophecy that Genoral
Grant will soon take his stand on tho
Domooratio platform. The prophets
do not know moro tbnu other people,
and it is not probublo that more
credit will bo given to their predic?
tions thau they deserve. If there
were any probability of Gen. Grant's,
turning Democrat, tho event would
hardly bo facilitated by foretelling it,
and that Democrat who makes it
known, is hardly entitled to credit for
wisdom or prudence. But wo have
no idea that Gen. Grant is going to
turn Democrat.
Gen. Grant may adhere to his own
views, without adopting the policy of
either party. He is known to bo a
firm and self-willed man. He has
made no pledgo even to tho party
that has elected bira. Ho is a man
of strong common sense, and, the
Biohmond Dispatch says, having
never been a partisan, is not embar?
rassed by old party prejudices or al?
liances. Therefore, ho is in a fino
condition to adhere firmly to tbe
"Grant party," following its policy
?nd carrying out its measures steadi?
ly and persistently. If ho docs this,
he will fulfil the hopes of many. If
-he docs not, ho will carry out tho
radical policy. That bo will become
Democrat is altogether improbable.
We know nothing of Gen. Grant's
opinions and purposes, and mean net
to speculate upon them. We take
tho following, on the subject, from
the New York Times, (radical,) of
Tuesday morning:
."A correspondent of this paper
said yesterday, that 'Grant's election
will, m reality, be a rebuke to both
wings of our extreme politicians, be?
cause it is well known that ho docs
not represent the extreme partisan
views on either side; and with his
installation into tho Presidency, wo
may safely trnst that moro wise and
more moderate measures will com?
mence to rule the conntry. ' These
views should weigh with patriotic
men who aro opposed to political
turmoil and party fanaticism."
A Washington correspondent of
the Baltimore Gazelle says:
*'A prominent |officer of the army
?who was friendly to Gen. Grant's
election, and known to bo somewhat
in his confidence, remarked to-day
that the General would call around
him os advisers only statesmen of
known conservativa views, nnd that
an ox-member of Congress from Illi?
nois of the Democratic school would
be the first selection for his Cabinet.
..It is a singular fact that no Presi?
dent of tho United States, np to tho
present time, has had a child born in
the White House. It is understood
the fact will not exist long after the
-1th of March next."
Tho New York Herald says:
" 'Let us have pence,' is General
Grant's motto. We look uow to see
these words converted into acts-to
see. tho olive branch substituted for
tho sword in tho Southern States,
negro supremacy quietly superseded, I
ana such mensures adopted ns will
create harmony ont of discord in that
genial und fruitful portion of our
country comprised in the States now
suffering from a mistaken and vin?
dictive, policy. Wo look also, and
hopefully to this, that after the Ith
of Mureil next there will be a check
put upon the monstrous?gprruptions
which prevail in all tho Departments
of tho Government; that economy
shall succeed extravagance in the dis?
bursements of the public funds; that
tho public debt shall bo reduced as
rapidly as possible, and that tho taxes
which press upon the people shall be
made more easy to bear.
"The pcoplo expect that General
Grant will accomplish ali this, and if
he fails to do so, he will not have
completed the purpose for which he
is elected. But wo havo great confi?
dence in General Grant."
Copies of tho long expected fae
simile edition of the Vatican New
Testament, in Greek, have been re
ceivod in London. Tho entire work
will consist of six volumes, five of
which will contain the texts of the
Old und New Testament?, und the
other critical notes and fae similes.
Tho book is a large square folio, witb
three columns on each pago, answer?
ing to llioso of tho original manu?
script, line for lino and ictter for let?
ter. Tho work appears under the
special auspices of tho Pope, and is
edited by Fathers Vereollooo and
Coz/.a. Tho editors promise tho re?
maining volumes nt intervals of ten
months; and tho missing portion of
the Vatican manuscript is ?applied
from another manuscript of the sane
entrt Candidate.
The following document may be
placed on the same shelf with tho
article published jetrterday, relative
ta the doings of the Kn Klux. It
was published, in -John W. Forney's
paper-tho Washington GhronicUt
on the 23d nit. The assertions aro
BO perfectly ridiculous, that au indi?
vidual would bo thought worthy of
the asylum if he should attempt to
contradict them :
Hon. S. H?ge, of Columbia, Sonth
Carolina, associate justice of tho Su
promo Court of that State, called
upon General Schofield, Secretary of
War, yesterday morning, to repre?
sent to him tho condition of affairs
in South Carolina, and to request
certain disposition of the troops now
in that State. Judge Hogo has been
especially delegated by Governor
Scott to come North and havo an in?
terview with tho Secretary, and pro?
perly stato to him the true status of
Judge Hogo was accompanied to
tho War Office by Geueral Littlefield
and Hon. W. N. Coleman, of North
Carolina, the latter gentleman Attor?
ney-General of tho State, and Geno
ral Dont, who introduced the party
to General Schofield. Messrs. Lit?
tlefield and Coleman, whilst not call?
ing upon the Secretary of War for
any specific purpose, yet in conver?
sation related facts connected with
their own Stato rivaling thc horrors
related by Judge H?ge.
General Schofield received the gen?
tlemen very cordially, and Judge
Hogo at once stated his mission. We
give a brief outline of the Judge's
statements to tho Secretary, and aro
gratified to know that tho result of
the interview was entirely satisfactory
and the mission a successful one.
It has been tho determination of
the rebels of South Carolina to ex?
terminate all white Union moa re?
siding in tho Stato. More especially
is their hatred extended toward the
leaders of tho Republican party, and
within tho past fifteen days twenty
five murders of Union men have been
committed in Abbeville County alone,
two of whom were members of thc
Legislature. Colored mon have been
taken from their beds at night, theil
shirty drawn over their heads, and
then brutally beaten.
Armed bodies of the Ku Klus
patrol tho country, and, with mur?
derous aim, shoot down tho husband
and father ns he sits at the table will
his family. Tho civil authorities, ic
nearly every ouse, will not seek ou!
tho murderers. In Counties where
tho Sheriff is disposed to act ho i?
powerless-can got no assistance
The Ku Klux have sworn to kil
eveiy Union member of the Legisla
ture ere tho day for assembling, dc
siring a new election to bo held; and
by intimidation of tho colored mei
at the polls, secure the State govern
mont to themselves, and carry 01
bloody wnrfare. In tho event of th
election of Seymour and Blair, om
of tho most prominent Democrnti
politicians stated that it was then th
intention of the Southern "whit
men" to cull a convention, composci
of tho samo, upset the present Stat
governments, and make them to sui
the principles for which they fough
through a long and bloody war.
Over 15,000 stand of arms hav
been imported into the State (froi
Nev York city mostly) within th
past few weeks, which are of th
most improved pattern, (therepeatei
firiug seventeen times,) and larg
quantities of ammunition nccompt
nying. Daily and nightly drills ar
had, und all of the leading office]
who have served in the rebel arm
from that State participate, includin
Wade Ha m pt ou, who is tho recof
nized ?ender. Blair's lotter is bea
ing fruit, and Perry, Hamptoi
Gibbes, Thomas, and others, count
nanoo all thc outrages and murde:
that aro being perpetrated, and Go
Scott linds himself powerless to ii
Randolph, tho colored preacho
was deliberately murdered by thr<
ruffiaus, and Judgo H?ge, who lu
been in company with him, had
walk twenty-five miles, taking ci
cnitons routes nnd by-ways, to c
capo thc fiends who thirsted for li
On tho Greenville and Charlot
Railroads tho lives of all Union m<
nre positively unsafe, tho Ku Kb
beiug upon every train and at eve
station to wn?'<\y and murder them
The news of tho murder of Ra
dolph was received at Cokesburg wi
great rejoicing by men and womo
All over tho State tho samo state
affairs exist, and tho incentive lett
of ex-Governor Benjamin F. Perr
written some ten days since, has i
creased the terror.
Tho troops in tho State are coi
posed of six companies of the G
infantry, tho 8th infantry regime
entire, and one company of arttllei
These troops are sufficient to preser
order if called upon, and aro jin
oiously distributed, but the civil t
thorities, in most oases, permit r
and murder without interference
calling upon the military for assi
ance. This Governor Scott, who 1
vainly endeavored to harmonizo
factions and prevent bloodshed, <
aired to be romediod, and the Sec
tary of War gave the assurance
Jndfrp TToge that all his requu
' would bo complied with. With(
divulging what truDsp?re?,h3W<?l??
say that tho interview was entirely
satisfactory, and the raurderons work
of the Ku Klux will speedily receive
a chock and summary quietus.
when faii, including the Southern
Senators, has 70 members. In the
next Senate there will be 70, ii' Vir?
ginia, Mississippi and Texas reniait
unrepresented. Of these about fonr
flfths will bo Republicans.
Tho House of Representatives con?
sists 243 members when full. De?
ducting 17 for the three States above
named, there will be 220 members.
Of these 103 are from the States that
did not secedo and Tennessee. In
the present Congress, of this last
number of 145 are Republicans and
?8 aro Democrats-three Republicans
to ono Democrat. To the next Con?
gress there aro said to bo elected in
the samo States 12G Republicans nnd
67 Democrats-a gain on tho part of
tho Democrats, which gives them
moro than on ' third of tho members
of the House, and will thus enable
them to sustain the veto. It may
safely be assumed that tho Democrats
will elect to tho House, even includ?
ing ten Southern members, one-third
of tho whole number. The telegram
gives tho Democrats 73 members-a
gain of 27-in tho States aforesaid.
-, ? ? i'l l
tako tbe following from a Philadel?
phia paper, to show how "close things
aro run up there," and of how much
importance even three minutes may
be, not only to a man who expects to
bo huug, but also to one who desires
to vote, and trust that a practical ap?
plication of the moral conveyed by
it may bo made by all of our readers,
moro especially those who, like the
young man mentioned, need only a
short timo to take them out of their
legal infancy:
"A curious and amusing question
is pending at Sadsbury, Pennsylva?
nia. Mr. C. Pasoy Thorne, son ol
J. Williams Thorne, came of age on
tho day of tho October election ol
this year. Tho Democrats, anxious
to exclude every Republican ballot,
challenged his vote, upon tho ground
that ho was not born until 7 o'clock
in tho eveniug, nt which time the law
provided that the polls should close.
It was argued, on behalf of the ap?
plicant, that thc law recognized nc
fraction of days, and that he was ou
titled to voto even though ho had nol
been boru until 11.50 P. M., on sait
day. Tho Democratic election
officers, however, contended that ht
must be between tho ages of twenty
one and twenty-two years, and tba'
ho would not have reached tba'
period until tho hour of 7 o'clool
had passed. In reply to this, Mr
Thorne, Sr., asked tho officers if the^
recognized 365 days and six hours ai
a year, and they replied that the^
did. Ho then showed that six leaj
years had occurred in t".jo lifetime o
his son; and further mathematically
demonstrated that he had lived twen
ty-one times 365 days and six hours
and had eighteen hours to spare
This ruther dumb-founded theDumo
crutic officers, but they still d?cline
to accept the ballot. At thre
minutes before 7 o'clock, the Ropub
lican judge took the ballot and de
posited it in tho box."
DEPRAVITY.-George Tinsley alia
Wash. Stewart, of Walker Countj
Texas, has confessed that he murdei
ed, on tho night of the 13th ultime
at Calhoun's Ferry, Charles Hal
ferryman; his wife, a stranger name
Murry, aud a littlo girl, sister to M:
Hall's wife. He says:
I first murdered Charles Hal
while going from the cow-poii to tL
forry, half-way down the bank of tl
river, with a large hickory stiel
His wife, attracted by tho noise, rn
to his assistance, and sho met tl
same fate as her husband. I thc
dragged both bodies into tho rivi
and started np tho bank toward tl
house, and was mot by a strange
who asked mo if Mr. Hall was
home, and if he could get son
water. I drew for him the wato
and while he was drinking strm
him on the head with tho samo stic
I then weut into the house, and tl
littlo girl asked mo where her eist
and Mr. Hall, tho ferryman, were,
told her they wero nt the ferry, ai
while she was going in thatdirectio
at tho corner of tho stablo I al
struck her with thc samo stick, ai
sho fell dead. I then throw the sti<
under tho hoaso, returned to who
I killed tho stranger, throw him in
tho well, carried tho little girl ovc
and threw her In also.
I thcu robbed the house of evei
thing worth carrying away-monc
tobacco, bed-clothing, &o. ; thoa se
died up'Hall's horse, tied on tho I
bacco, bedding, &o., and started wi
both Hall's and the stranger's hoi
for my father s, somo twelvo mi
Sam Diokeraon, a well-known c
ored politician of Charleston, pitct
into the Republican party, a
charges them with using the color
man for party purposes, and tb
leaving him ia the cold.
day laal, two inoffensive colored j
men, Conservativo in their politics,
carno to Orangeburg with a wagoo,
from tho lower part of St Matthews,
sold their cotton, and started on their |
return homo that evening, with the
{?rooeads, partly invested in supplies,
n their wagou. Arrived near Four
Holes Bridgo, the> camped near the
road-side, and after building a large
fire, want to sleep. In the night one
of them, Stephen Lndsden, was
awakened by the report of a gun,
and a sharp shock, and saw some
one making off throngh the bushes.
Hu vTc?t to hi5 C??ipu?i??, li.ulk
Thompson, and found that he had
been shot in the head, and waa dead.
Stephen aUo was wounded in the
No clue has been discovered to tho
perpetrators of this barbarous crime.
It is supposed that tho party or par?
ties who committed the deed, having
killed but one of their intended vic?
tims, fled upon seeing the other riso
up, (which ho did, shouting ns he
rose) in order to escape detection.
[Ora nt ?eb u rg Nc irs.
A skeptical young collegian con?
fronted an old Quaker with the state?
ment that ho did not believe in tho
Bible. Said the Quaker: "Does theo
beliovo in France?" "Yes; for
though I havo not seen it, I have
seon others that have. Besides,
thero is plenty of corroborative proof
that such a country does exist."
"Then thee will not believe anything
theo or others havo not soon?" "No;
to bo sure I won't." "Did theo ever
ceo thy own brains?" "No." "Ever
seo anybody that did?" "No."
"Does thee believe thee has any?"
proporty exposed for salo by tho
Sheriff yesterday woro several mules.
These attracted the attention of a
country negro who was enjoying a
ride on ft street car, uud after looking ]
at them intently for some time, he]
excluimed to a fellow-darkey: "Dey,
Pompey, enty tell ycr BO; what Massa
Bowen boen say do true; Gen. Grant
am lected now and yerro's wo mule;"
and with that he jumped off the car
and rushed iuto the court house to re?
gister for a mule.-Charlesion News.
Tho Gazelle announces the recent
death at Sidney, Australia, of the
Rev. John McEncroe, whom our
oldest citizens may remember as ono
of the earliest missionary priests of
tho great Bishop England, and who,
from 1823 to 1828, filled tho place of
pastor of St. Mary's Church.
f Charleston News.
GIN HOUSE BURNT.-We aro sorry
to learn that tho gin house of Captain
James R. Magill, at Pleasant Hill,
containing about twelve bales of cot?
ton, a quantity of wheat and oats, and
farming implements, was destroyed
by fire on last Thursday morning.
The fire was tho result of accident.
Loss about $3,000.
[Lancaster Ledger.
Gen. Grant has not yet resigned,
and it is said that he will continue
to hold his office, if elected Presi?
dent, until he is inaugurated, in
order that he may nominate Lieu?
tenant-General Sherman to the va?
cancy occasioned by his own promo?
A SEVERE Loss.-We regret to j
learn that Mr. Joseph Norwood, near j
Hurtsville, had his dwelling-house
entirely destroyed by fire on Monday
night last. Nothing saved. We did
not hoar how the fire originated.
[Darlington Southerner.
EARTHQUAKE.-The shock of an I
earthquake was distinctly felt at this j
place on Tuesday morning last, at
fifteen minutes before 6 o'clock. A
dull rumbling sound accompanied it.
[Lancaster Ledger.
Rev. F. A. Mood, pastor of Trinity j
Methodist Church iu Charleston, has
accepted tho Presidency of the Soule
University of Texas, and will preach
his last sermon at Trinity to-day.
BA scarecrow has been invented
down East of so hideous a character,
that tho crows in the neighborhood
are busily engaged in bringing back
tho corn they stole last summer.
TY.-Governor Scott has appointed
Mr. Fleetwood Lanneau to the office
of Treasurer for Charleston County.
The hair of James Furguson, of I
Buffalo, a worker in copper, has, it j
is said, turned perfectly green.
A vigilanco committee in Gilmer,
Nebraska, hanged five desperadoes j
on Friday.
Waves that do not drowu-the
wavos of ladies' handkerchiefs.
State South Carolina-Richland Co.
By William Hutson Wigg. Judge of Pro?
bate in Riohlami County.
a,,->lit(l to me for letters of admi
nistratiou on the Estate of DUNCAN W.
RAY, lato of Richland, decoaaod,
Thenn are, therefore, to eito and admo?
nish all and singular the kindred and cre?
ditors of the said deceased, to be and
appear befbro mo, at a Court of Probat?
for tho said County, to be holden at Co?
lumbia, on tho 20th day of November,
1888, at 10 o'clock A. M., to show cause,
if any, why tho said administration should
not bo granted.
Given under my hand and seal of the
Court, this 6th day of November, A.
D. 18CH, and in the ninety-third year
of American independence.
Judge Probate Court, Richland County.
Nov 8 S, 19
Ia Colombia, ou Thursday Evoning, Oc?
tober 22.1808, by tho Ber. J. J. O'Connell,
IflLEY^all of Colombia, 8. C. _
ined, on tho ?vening of September 8. at
tho residence ? ot hor father. Mr. John
Scott, Mrs. M. MATILDA BATES, wife of
Joseph Bates, Esq., of Richland District.
Thus has the ruthless hand of tho de?
stroyer struck from our midst a woman
lovoly in- OTory sphere of lifo. Aa a wifo,
affectionate and dutiful; as a mother, de?
voted and conscientious; as a Christian,
ever BteadfaBt and immovable in her faith
in Ood, and trusting in His mercy and
OomnnHuirm tn Hin tutest hour Cf tio? life.
Truly it is said "whom tho Lord loveth He
chasteneth," and in her death a large
family circle, of paronts, brothers and sis?
ters, have felt tho chastening rod.
God in mercy soothe tho crushed and
almost broken heart of her dovotcd hus?
band, who mournoth almost as "ono with?
out hope." Not without hopo in her hap?
py future, for her daily life was such that
wo who mourn her loss on earth (and
must, for awhilo, givo ourselves up to deep
and hoart-felt mourning,) havo no doubts
or fears as to her eternal, everlasting hap?
In the bright realms above her happy
spirit is unceasingly employed adoring tho
God that inado lier, and praising tho pre?
cious Jesus that soothed her dying pillow
and carried her safely through "tho dark
valley and shadow of death."
Although not conscious of lier immediate
danger, sho would heg her sorrowing
friends not to pray that she might recover,
but that abo might have moro faith and
}>ationce. Her own prayers were constant
y poured forth for the samo support. Sho
resigned herself, her husband, and her two
dear little children, into tho hands of her
Saviour, and died having no fears of her
soul's eternal happiness.
Leaves have their time to fall,
Anti flowers to witjier at the North wind's
And stars to set; but all.
Thou hast all seasons for thine own, obi
Also died, ono week nHer, at Montgome?
ry, Ala., Mra. AMANDA SCOTT, wife of
William C. Scott, deceased. A FRIEND.
Mu. Enrroii: Please announce the fol?
lowing ticket, which the people of this
city intend to support in the election tn bo
held on TUESDAY next:
For Mayor.
For Aldermen.
it. C. SHIVER,
AWET NURSE, to take charge of a
child six and-a-half months old.
Nurse without child preferred. For ad?
dress apply at this office TO-MORROW,
from 8 to 10 o'clock. Nov 8 1*
Board of Trade.
AN extra meeting of the Columbia
Board of Trade will bo held, in Caro?
lina Hall. TO-MORROW (Monday) EVEN?
ING, at quarter-past 7 o'clock.
Nov 8__R. O'NEALE, JR., Sec'y.
Gas Consumers
WILL take notice that their bills, for
tho month of OCTOBER, aro now
duo. Prompt payment is respectfully re?
quested. Wo havo largo amounts to pay
by tho 15th. All persons who aro in de?
fault at that time will find their motors re?
Nov 8 Secrotary Gas Company.
ALL persons having claims against the
estate of ROBERT NEWSON, de?
ceased, will hand in their claims, properly
attested, and receive payment.
Nov 8 4 Administrator.
At Swygert & Semi's.
FRESH Buckwheat FLOUR,
Primo North Carolina Mullets, some?
thing rare,
Golden Drip Syrup,
Choice Goshen Butter, Cheese, Ac.
Choice FAMILY SUPPLIES, received
daily, at SWYGERT A BENN'S.
Nov 8 _Imo
The Dry Goods Store
Nov ? C. F. JACKSON'S.
Nov 8
What Dry Goods
Nov 8
Nov s _
"Wolfe's Schiedam .Schnapps, and
Bottled Wines and Liquors.
A supply of these Justly colobrated
medicinal artioles just received and for
Oct 25 flO_Agenta for Columbia.
COMPOSITOR, can obtain omploy
I mont at tho Vhtenix Offie?. Non* other
need ipply. Nov 3 I
REGISTER.-To-morrow is the last
day. -Tuesday is the election. There?
fore, il yon desire to poll a rote for
city officers, it is absolutely necessary
to put your name on record, as the
previous registration avails nothing.
Ex-Gov. ORR.-We learn that
Gov. Orr has accepted the offlco of
Judge, to which he was elcctod by
the last Legislature. His legal learn?
ing will bo of immeDse advantage in
these unsettled times, and it is a
matter of congratulation to tho State
at largo that he has consented' to fill
this important position.
Mr. Barry requests us to say that
his notice of tho sale of tho Carolina
House referred only to tho sale of tho
contents, and not to tho entire dis?
posal of tho establishment.
Trinity Church-Rev. P. J. Shand,
Rector, 10).,' a. m. and 1 p. m.
St. Peter's Church-Rev. J. J.
O'Connell, Pastor, 10 a. m. and 3
p. m.
Marion Street Church-Rov. Mr.
Browne, 10} ? a. m. and 3}? p. m.
Washington Street Chapel-Rev.
Wm. Martin, 10}.< a. m. and Zyz p. m.
Lutheran Lecture Room-Rev. A.
R. Rude, IO,1 .j a. m.
Presbyterian Church-Rev. W. E.
Boggs, 10ya. in. and 7 p. m.
Baptist Church-Rev. J. L. Rey?
nolds, lOj.j a. ra.
meeting of thc Fourth Ward Demo?
cratic Club, held last night, Mr.
John Alexander tendered his resig?
nation ns President, which was ac?
cepted. Ho also declined tho nomi?
nation as Alderman. Mr. R. W.
Johnson was then elected as the
nominee for Alderman in Ward No.
4. T. J. GIBSON, Secretary.
office open during the week from 8*4 :
a. m. to G p. m. On Sundays, from
4 to 5 p. m.
The Charleston and Western maila
aro open for delivery at 5 p. m., and
close at 8 >? p. m. Charleston night
mail opon 8lo a. m., closo 4!? p. m.
Northern-Open for delivery at
S'.j a. m., closes at 2.45 p. m.
Greenville-Open for delivery 5
p. m., closes at 8)? p. m.
have just added a fast card press-of
the Degener k Weiler patont-to the
machinery of the Phonix office; and
have also made additions to our stock
of fancy type, cards, paper, etc.
Persons in want of any styles of
book and job printing, are invited to
call and examine samples and prices.
Cards printed at shortest notice, and
it prices varying from $3 to $10 per
tentiou is called to the following ad?
vertisements, published for the first
time this morning:
W. H. Wigg-Citation.
Swygert & Senn-Flour, kc.
C. F. Jackson-Dry Goods, kc.
R. C. Shiver-Notice.
Jacob Levin-Gas Consumers.
Meeting Board of Trade.
Apply at this Office-Wanted.
Nomin'n for Mayor and Aldermen.
ENDURANCE.-It is astonishing what
the human frame can enduro. The
numerous assistants that.C. F. Jack?
son has in his oompleto establishment
aro as fresh from for to-morrow's
work os they would be after n long (
rest. Try them.
PROGRESS.-Columbus sailed to the
American coast in a four hundred ton
ehip, and first landed upon tho island
of St. Domingo. Last week a vessel
from St. Domingo unloaded in New
York over four hundred tons of 8t.
Croix Rum for P. H.Drake k Co.,
of that city. This is but a few weeks'
supply of this article, which these
gentlemen uso in tho manufacture qf
tho celebrated PLANTATION Brrraas.
Wo aro iuformed byan exchange that
Messrs. Drake k Co. have not adver?
tised a dollar for a year, but that tho
sales of this article continuo at the
former enormous figure. In 1804,
the receipts of the PLANTATION BAT?
TERS were equal to thoso of the Now
York k New Haven Railroad.
MAGNOLIA WATER-Superior to tho
best imported German Cologne, and
sold at half the price. N6jlt3
Nov 7 " Q
Notice to Creditors of A. W. Thomp?
son, deceased.
PE USONS having demands against tho
estate of A. W. THOMPSON, de?
ceased, elthor as principal or surety, are
horeby notified to present their claims,
properly attodted. to the undersigned,
within sixty days from date; and those in?
debted are requested to make payment
without delay. W. T. THOMPSON.
ll. li. GOSS.
VNIAH, S. C., October 27, 1868.
Nevi tl mo

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