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Ti ai ly Paper $8 a Year'
"Let o?i Just Censure
Attend the True Event."
Tri-Weekly $5 a Year
O?Eco on Main street, a low doors above Taylor?
Daily, t? mouths..$4 uO | Tri-Weekly, G mos...f.? TO
Weekly, 0 mouths. il 50
Inserted at 75 cents per square of nino lines For
the first insertion, and 50 couts oach subsequent.
Weekly 75 cents eacb insertion.
CT A liberal discount made on the above rat-s
when advertisements are inserted by Ihr mouth.
AGENTS.-II ira m Mitchell, Spartanburg; J. lt.
Allen. Chester; S. P. Kinard, Newberry C. H.;?Jas,
Grant, Union; Julius Poppo, Anderson C. H.
Proceedings of Council.
COLUMBIA, January 5, 18G0.
Present-His Honor tho Mayor; Aldermen
Agnew, Bates, Brynn, Claffey, Geiger,
Hope, Hujung, Johnson. Radcliffe, Shields
and Waring.
The minutes of tho last regular and spe?
cial meetings were read and confirmed.
A petition was presented by Mr.?. E. M.
McKonna, praying to be relieved from city
taxes on real estate Referred to the Com?
mittee of Ways and Means.
A petition from tho Vigilant Fire Engine
Compauy was presented, asking tho uso of
city engine, and also for an appropriation
tc assist thurn in purchasing nose for the
same. Referred to tho Committee on Fire
Applications for license to retail Bpi ri tons
liquors were presented by tho following
For tavern license-M. D. Arlodge, M.
Brannon, All worden k. Stork, Wm. Me
Guiuuis, Lewis Daniels, John C. Seegcrs,
Robert Jo}*ner, .T. S. McIntosh, S. Sheri?
dan, H.tyne & Ellington, Riobard Barry,
James Claffey, John Crowjoy, Hugh Weir,
Charles Minort, Joseph Burdell, P. A. Ja?
cob, I. Griesbaber, Wm. A. Wright, Wm.
Steiglitz, Dennis McGninnis, T. M. Pollock,
P. Fahey, John Stork & Son", W. A. Carr
& Co., G. Diercks, C. Hamberg, Charles
For quart license-J. Sc T. li. Agnew, E.
Sc G. D. Hope, P. Cantwell, John Altee, O.
Z. Bates, M. Comerford, Hardy Solomon, j
Campbell & Jones, T. J. & H. M. Gibson,
Augustus Cooper.
For billiard saloon-T. M. Pollock, C.
The above applications were referred to
the Coraniitte on Licenses.
Sundry accounts connected with tho
funeral ceremonies of Messrs. Sqnier and
Carrington were preseuted, and ordere t to
be paid.
Tho following accounts were presented
and referred to the Committee on Accounts:
E. & G. D. Hope against Alms House
and City Hospital; J. Sc T.iR. Agnew, Street
and Guard House Departments; Ferguson
Sc Miller, Street Department; R. Hannon,
Street Department; R. C. Shiver, Guard
House Department; James Douglas. Street
Department; C. H. Baldwin, Alms House;
W. G. Bower, Alms House; George A.
Shields, Water Works; E. C. Plumer, Mar?
ket; Hassling Sc Motz, Street and Fire De?
The reports of tho City Clerk, Clerk of
tho Market and Chief of Police for tho
month of December wore presented, and
referred to thc appropriate committees.
The Committee on Accounts presented a
report, recommending tho payment of the
following bils: Alms House Department,
Richard Flannigan, $15.50, and O. Z. Hates,
?0.00. Council Chamber, Jerome Fagan,
$1.50. Report received and adopted.
On motion, the account of W. W. Deane,
$19.05, for printing blanks for municipal
election, was ordered to bo paid.
The Committee on tho Market reported
the stalls in tho Market as untenable, and re?
commended that the roof over the (dulls be
elevated, which can bo done at a cost of
about S20U. Report received and adopted.
JpTlie Co umittcc on Water Works present?
ed the following report: The Committee on
Water Works, to whom WUSS referred the
communication of Miss C. Mordecai, would
beg leave to report, that they have madeline
inquiry and find that the neglect complained
of, was a misunderstanding of tho message
conveyed to thc Superintendent. He re?
ferred tho messenger to a plumber, tho
proper person to do tho work required. He
was not asked to shut tho waler off from the
main pipe. Respectfully submitted.
EDWARD HOPE, J.Committee,
Report received and adopted.
The same committee also submitted a re?
port, showing tho present condition of the
, Water Works Department, which was road
and received as information, and in connec?
tion offered tho following resolution, which
was adopted:
Resit!veil, That tho hydrants belonging to
the city bo put in perfect working order,
and that tho necessary caps and covers bo
furnished to protect them.
The Committee on Alms House presented
tho following report: The Committee on
Alms Housobeg leave to report, that the in?
mates number fifty-two, nearly one-half of
whom bolong to other Counties or States.
Tho South building and fences aro in a very
dilapidated condition and must soon fall
down. Your Committee would recommend
that a steward bo employed, that the grounds
bo cleared and made a garden, and that
thc steward be empowered to command tho
services of those able to work. Your Com?
mittee would :iIso recommend that n suffi?
cient amount bo appropriated, and tho Chief
of Police be empowered to pay tho passage;
of all such ns do not belong to tho city, to
their respective homes. Your Commit too
would further recommend, that thc old build?
ing bc moved temporarily, and that n new
building, 100 feet long by 22 feet wide, bo
substituted, and a work-room should bo pro?
vided and furnished with ono or more spin?
ning wheels and looms; nil of which can bo
accomplished for about 82,000. Your Com?
mittee feel satisfied that thc Alms House, if
properly conducted, eau bo made well nigh
self-sustaining. In regard to tho admission
of a pauper or paupers, your Committee
think that, upon any application for admis?
sion, tho cuse should be referred to the
Chief of Police, to impuro into and report
to tho Committee on Alms House, whether
thc applicant is a worthy object of tho citv's
bounty. W. P. GEIGER,
On motion, the foregoing report was re?
ceived and adopted, alice .striking out thc
clause recommending tho erection of a new
building, which was postpoucd for future
The following report was presented by n
special committee:
Tho committee to whom was referred thc
petition of Wm. Johnston, representing thc
interests of tho Columbia and Augusta
Railroad Company, beg leave to report,
that they have examined tho locality in
which said railroad company desire to la\
their track, and they aro unable to see how
any detriment to tho proporty of any citi?
zen or corporation can bo caused, by grant?
ing the privilege to cross Gadsden street
into Wayne street, running np Wayne
and across Gervais street to the Columbi:
and Greenville Railroad Depot.
Your committee therefore, recommont
the prayer of the petitioner be granted
upon the following conditions, viz: Tba
the Columbia and Augusta Railroad Com
pany bind themslves to lay a single track ii
thc centro of Wayne street to Gervai
street, and koop all the crossings at tin
junction of tho street ; i:i good order, in ac
cordnnce with the ordinance of tho city o
Columbia, and that for the convenience o
citizens, tho said Columbia and August
Railroad Company bo required to open am
grade Pulaski street to Gervais street.
Your committee would also recoin in eu
that thc City Attorney bc instructed t
draw np an ordinance, conferring said priv:
leges to the Columbia and Augusta Rai I ron
Company. Respectfully submitted.
JOHN AGNEW, y Committee.
Tb ; above report was received an
a lopted.
Tho following report was also presente
by a special committee, which was read au
received as information:
The special committee appointed in r
ference to sale of city interest iu the Conni
jail, bec: h ave to report progress. They a
now waiting for the report from tin" Coi
missioners of Public Buildings, with who
they have had a conference.
C. WAKING, - Committee.
The following communie,dion was i
c 'ived from the Mayor:
GENTLEMEN: Since our last regular mei
iug, 1 attended the meeting of tho sloe
holders of the Columbia Gas Company, w
one of the committee appointed to exanii
tho books and accounts of tho Secretary ai
I Treasurer, and was pleased with tho nc
and corret manner in which tho accounts
tho company were kept. Tho company
still in debt for tho reconstruction of t
works. L ist year, for tho first time sin
tho destruction of their works, tho coi
pany met her annual expenses; this w
owing to the fall in prices in wood, rosin a
other material, and not to any increase
tho consumption of gas. Tbo coiupa
uses nil tho economy that is compatible wi
security and the manufacture of the g?
Alderman Agnew offered tho following
solution, which was adopted:
? Resolved, That the City Clerk bo instru
cd to advertise for bids for shoeing t
mules belonging to tho city, together w:
tho blacksmith mid wheelwright work nee
sary to keep tho carts of tho city in go
repair for tho present year, and that 1
bids be submitted to Council, at their n<
meeting, for their decision. Provided, Ti
no bids will bo considered which may
presented by persons living without the c
poratc limits of tho city.
A bill entitled "An Ordinnuco to arno
un Ordiuauce regulating tho weighing
Cotton in tho City of Columbia," recoil
ita first readiDg. and was laid over une
tho rulo.
A bill entitled "An Ordinance to ra
supplies for the year 1869," received
second reading, and was ordered to its fl?
reading, at next regular meeting ci Coum
Council proceeded to thc consideration of
proposals to furnish wood for thc Water
Works. J. M. Crawford being the lowest
bidder, the contract was awarded to him.
On motion, Council adjourned.
J. S. McMAUON, City Clerk.
S-jfpooi?LX KTotioes.
vouchsafed to few. Even lhotse who have been
favored hy nature with Btrong coubtitntious and
vigorous fiante:} are apt to neglect thc precau?
tions necessary to preserve these precious endow?
ments. Iudecd, ns a rule, th?' inert healthy and
robust a niau is, tho more Jil) rties ho is inclin?e"
to take with his own physique. It is some conso?
lation to the naturally weal; and feeble to know
that they can bo so invigorated and built np, by a
proper uso of the means which science has placed
at their disposal, as to have a much better chance
of lour; lifo and exemptions from >1 Bcascaud pain,
than the most athletic of their fellows, who are
foolish enough to suppose tbomeolvcs invulnt rabie,
and act accordingly.
lt is not too much to sty that moro than half
thc pcoplo of tho civilized \rorld need au occasional
tonic, to enable them to support the strain npou
their hollies and mind-, which the fast life of this
restless ago occasions. In fact, a pure, wholesome,
unexciting tonic, is tho grand desideratum of the
busy millions, and they nave tho article in HOS
NA!, MI.un IM:, i, e. it impart.- permanent Btrongth
to weak systems and invigorates delicate consti?
tutions. Its n putation and .ts sales have steadily
increased. Competitivo preparations havo beo?
introduce .1 nd libitum, and, as far as tho public is
concern? tl, dd naust um, in the liopo ?.f rivaling lt;
but tb ey have all cither perished in tho attempt
>.r been Ii 1? far in the rear. It ha . been tho GREAT
MI new:, SUCCESS or TUE 1'UE.SEXT etjrrunY, and it
is quite certain that no proprietary medicino in
this country is aa widely known, or at generally
us< d.
Ten lightning presse-, running incessantly
.Sundays except ott) the whole year thloilgh,
barely supply the demand for thc lllustlatod
Ali?an te, m which the nature and uses <.f t]u.
preparation aro set forth, thc circulation new
being ovi r 5,000,000 a year. Jan 1 iii
?OIA.\ HOOD"-Another m wMedical Pamphlet
from the pen ot Dr. Curtis. The Medical Timer,
nays of this work: "This valuable treatise on the
cause and care of premature decline shows how
health is impaired through scen t abuses of youth
and manboa 1, .inti how oasily regaiucd. It gives a
I clear synopsis of the impediments to marriage,
tin- cause and effects ot nervous debility, and the
reim dies therefor." A pockotedition <>r thc ?I ove
will he forwarded on receipt of 2"> Cent", by ad?
dressing Hr. CUIt'l ?S, No. 58 Nun h Charles street,
Baltimore, Md. May 27 Iv
tS I ?Il|lill?iflpl ?fi
09 . s - r. rr - !Z s ' ? ~ W 71 - r u
TX >* ~ -3* ~? l~ Z' Z P.
Ci t<5 C ~ ."V L? r: " ~. ~ '* Z 3 -1 t.
4-3 g " ~ Z - = - - = ~.? . - - -i
??I g I i i 1 lil -j
?1 S l 7 2 - f I . i I
t? s ~ ~ ? :
S S ? s ?> ? " ?* *-? * . ?.
eft g a S ? 2 = ? : g =
+? ? 5 -2 ? - fe * ?iC ^ ?
rt .= c 15 o = -r ^ - 2 -7:
,2>?Soe*g I J ~ i
Wines and Liquors.
...iUsuallv rnll of the ohoi
?O Scotch WHISKEY, French Brandy, Kentucky
and Com Whiskey, Champagne, Claret, slurry,
lthine Wines. Mad. ira and Pori Wines. Ft r lall?
at lowest prices, according to quality.
<-Z~H fi
tyj u d - Q
CO -* Vc H ?
.ij "ox;
.5 >H g
Oj a?
^ - - .. 5 - S Tc J
2 Slf ; ^ - ^
a-?< 5 2 - >; v.- ?
? - .A - - Ss-J8*
- p.?S---',;-' o j?
8*7 - ? ? * < ".'S
- *^-s?_ 5 c " ->'-?
?y; f c-3H' i-- si? *?IH
W? o ? j M -fl o.
r-_. k? i a a
Burglar Alarms.
WK havo purchased the right of Utley'a Patont
HUHGLAlt ALARMS, and now ofter them
for salo at tho low prico o? $10 each. Theu will be
found a secure safe-guard for Protection of Stores,
Dwellings, (fin-houses, Darns, i?nokc-Iiouscs, Ac,
from ttiieurs and incendiaries. Call and sec thom
at tho store of_T. R. AGNEW.
New Buckwheat Flour.
Golden Syrup. For sale byE. A G. D. HOPE.
I Greenville and Columbia Railroad Co.,
NciTini? : i U5?IA',8- ?-j Decomber 28, 18C8.
or .V. u i v P.1.T",,mt at n ??cent meeting
\v? -i i accru,u8 "1"'" th.m up to July 1, 1868.
Wo aro, howover, compeled to Buspcnd tho ?av
IN ii I 1866, authorizing thc gnaranteo of tho
we cannot f.?"U,l n?Ui*> besCRU8? ,u,,il tu~> ?? *>.",
emitywhLW ,uU,re"? ta tli0 --
When such notion is taken by the Legislature
notice ?ill bo immediately Rivcn and uavineula
andjottlcmcuts made, hi accordance 1 vfth bo
a hove tenn?. H. P. HAMMETT, President.
rt ? * g j H w p
> g g 6 B " I ?
Cgi 9 I
< B . 2
S rt ? o
?> s g ? ? ? ^
?g ^ o S 2 o ?
^ g g W CO Jg; S
C O I, U M BIA, S . C
rpHE undersigned have determined to form a
X business partnership, under tho above na mo,
TVH^'U'T V1?! *.',,,?' commissionT
!. I.AL ESTATE and other property. The present
low prices for real esta:? ?A the .South offers
e m, a?'U UC!'nu nLs for U,?i?vcstment of Northern
tensivo ,m,p?H? kooP ???Biota ?nd ex"
.1 al le inform REP?fty f,'r Ba,?' nml to f?'"i??
?S^^?SS^ 58fc ?SSSSft
thiongbout the State tofnrnuh i,.??^ frKn? !?
desertions of any property" ey bavTl^e?
price, terms Ac Wo liavu nnw i ' Itl'
ally rVeeiWg ^tS^S^^^^^T
purchased. JAMES 0. 0II?BE8 ' be
N(,v 10 Columbia. S. 0.
O Ss 5 ? is > ?. *s - - s?flT?o? s >
^? j
Borneo Baggi?g.
50 coils Qreonleaf and Manilla Ropo
For sale low by E. ft G. D. HOPE.
For Diseases nf the Throat and Laug*, such as
Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Bron
chilis. Asthma and Consumption.
I) HOBAB LY never before in thc whole history of
. medicino, luis anything won HO widely and so
deeply upon tho confidence) of mankind, as this
excellent remedy for pulmonary complaints.
Through a long sories of years, and anions most
?d' thc racosof men, it has risen higher and higher
tn their estimation, as it has becomo belter known.
Its uniform character and power to cure tho vari?
ous affections of the lungs and throat, have mado
it known as a reliable protector against them.
While adapted to milder forms of disease and to
young children, it is at tiwi same time trie most
effectual remedy that can bo given for incipient
consumption, and the dangerous affections of tho
throat and lungs. As a provision against sudden
attacks of CKOUI\ it should be kept on hand in
every family; and, indeed, as all are sometimos
subject to colds and coughs, all should be provided
with this antidoto for them.
Although Bottled CONSUMPTION is thought
incurable, still great numbers of eases where tho
disease Boomed settled have been completely
cured, and the patient restored to sound health by
thc CHERRY PECTORAL. So complete is its
mastery over tho disorders of tho lungs and
throat, that the most obstinate of them yield to it.
When nothing else could reach them, under tho
CHERRY PECTORAL they subside and disap?
protection from it.
ASTHMA is always relieved and often vholly
cured by it.
BRONCHITIS is generally curad bv taking the
CHERRY PECTORAL in small and [refluent doses.
So generally nie its virtues known that we need
not publish the ci rtificatos of them here, or do
more than assure the public that its qualities arc
fully maintained.
For Fever and Ague-, Intermittent Fever, Chili
Fi rer. Itemittent Fever, Dumb Ague, Periodical
or Hiltons Fern; <{<... and ii,fleed all the affections
which arise from malarious, marsh, or miasma?
tic poisons.
As its name implies, it does Cure, and docs not
fail. Containing neither Arsenic, Quinine, Bis
m'i1,|'. ??.3cwl\uYev0r*, 'dillir. mine ral or poisonous
fio?? ' The number and importance of its enies in
tlie ague districts, are literally bejond account,
and we bi licve without a paralh 1 ill the history of
Ague medicine. Our pride is gratified by tho
acknowledgments we receive of the radical cures
effected in obstinate cases, and where other reme?
d? s had wholly failed.
(Jnacclimated persons, either resident in, or
traveling through miasmatic localities, will bo
protected by laking the AGUE CCRE daily.
For LIVER COMPLAINTS, arising ironi tor?
pidity of the l iver, it is an excellent remedy,
stimulating the Liver into healthy activity.
For bilious Disorders mid Liver Complaints, it
is an i xci lieut remeky, produciug many truly re?
ma i kable cures where other medicines had failed.
Prepared by Du. J. C. AYEH A. CO., Practical
, and Analytical Chemists, Lowell, Massachusetts,
and sold all round 'he world.
Sold by ail Druggists and Dealers in Medicines
everywhere. Jan 1 Smo
- ? t = H ~ s
, * * ? ga,.2 ? o
'S i? t.* ,
?.2 j- < =??? 3 J? ? ?
IZ Z aeZ2 at J,
. -* ? S , Sse Se Sss XX 3d
:i ' . H? .'= . * . - o 5 5 o ^9
iS w ? ? => * ~ s ? Iii*-?.*-!!!!?3
Ej t. iStiia! r- " *?8-l
^ rf- o O S'S- I ? < ..5 S3
?3^2 ill i iii;; ii i ip
H H = ^5*~* \? ' ' : '.??4$
ps c riM-Si v ?? ? -fsWs
z^temiiv: iii5
s T " S " ~ u - ?3 5" !r ? 5 B: j- ?
H i". '? r ef->-/ s? 5 0.SS9-? /
Purifies the Blood.
For Salo by Brngglst? Kvcrywlicre.
JCST received, a supply of PISTOLS, from tho
most celebrated m, k rs; Cartridges) Powdi r,
Shot, Lead, Percussion Caps, Cnn Wad", P ?wd< r
Flasks, Shot Relts an 1 Shot Pouch, s, for n
low figures for cash by J. A T. H. AGNEW.
Light, Light.
I rv RRLS. Primo White KEIlOfEXE OIL, UO
JL\ J fl Je test, on hand and for ssh, at reduced
prices, by tho barrel and at r?rt?il, by
I Jan 6 J-*- f- >' A?NEV .

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