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?C3y ToXo?X-jaTi?iA.
Cubic Despatches.
PARIS, January ll.-The French floating
debt hna been reduced 2,000,000 franco.
The estirantes for 1870 show an increase of j
bO, ooo, ooo.
MADRID, January 12.-4,000 soldiers have
volunteered to suppress the Cuban rebellioix
PABIH, January 13.-For unexplained
reasons, tho Greek representative bas been
excluded from the conference. He protests,
and applies to his Government for instruc?
tions. The conference will wait the action
of Greece.
Sewn lt.'in*
CUABLESTON, January 12.-Arrived
steamer Champion, New York. Off tho
port-steamer Saltilla, New York. Sailed
schooner B. N. Hawkins, Boston; steamers
James Adger, New York, Falcon, Balti?
AUGUSTA, January 12.-The Legislature
meets to-morrow. It is tbonght that the
question of negro eligibility may be sub?
mitted to the Supreme Court for decision.
Two Democratic papers suggest that this
couvse should be adopted by tho Legisla?
NEW OBTJEANS, January 12.-The Peru?
vian monitors, with the consorts Havana
and Monterey, left this morning for the Pa?
cific coast.
MONTGOMERT, Juuunry 12.-Judge Pel?
ham, of the Cirouit Court, on a case coming
before him from the Probate Court of this
County, decides that the present Legisla?
ture is an illegal body and Gov. Smith an
illegal officer. Judge Pelham is a promi?
nent member of tho Republican party, and
was elected to his office nt tho same time
the Legislature and Governor were chosen.
MEMPHIS, TENN., January 10.-A shoot?
ing affray ocourred in this city this morn?
ing, at 10 o'clock, at the corner of Second
and Market streets, resulting in the death
of Edward Whitfield, of tho firm of Mooro
<fe Whitfield, eotton factors, by S. A. Doran,
a gambler. Doran bad rented a house from
Whitfield's father, and kept such disreputa?
ble company, that an attempt was made iu
the courts to eject him. Doran, this morn?
ing, published a card in the Avalanche, de?
nouncing both of tho Whitfields as thieves,
liars and poltroons. Edward Whitfield and
Major Mooro went to his house, for the
purpose, it is supposed, of chastising Doran.
On knocking at the door, it was opened and
Whitfield entered. The door was slammed
in Mr. Moore's face and locked. Tho shoot?
ing commenced simultaneously with the
locking of the door. When Moore and a
orowd, who were attracted by. the firing,
burst the door open, Whitfield was fouud
lying on the floor dying, and Doran and two
women standing in the centre of the room.
Doran cried out that ho surrendered, and
ho and the women wore taken to jail. Whit?
field's pistol was found on bim, never having
been drawn. Ho was shot through the body
five times and beaten over the head with a
pistol. There is strong talk of lynching
HAVANA, January ll.-A commission of
influential c'-izens of Havana-native Cu?
bans and prominent members of the Liberal
party-left this v ity, yesterday, to meet the
revolutionary army and attempt a compro?
mise for restoriug peace.
Affairs In AVa.iitingion.
WASHINGTON, January ll-3 P. M.-The
bill extending the time for indictments iu
the United States Couits, except for treason
and political offences, to two years after the
State's restoration, passed. Bice intro?
duced a bill aiding the Arkansas and Paci?
fic Bailroad.
The President has nominated Calvin J.
Cowies. Assayer of the Miut at Charlotte,
N. C.
In the House, Banks reported a resolution
for a protectorate in San Domingo and
Sumner preseuted a petition of a mass
meeting at Macon, Georgia, asserting the
deplorable condition of the country and
asking the passage bf Sumner's bill. A bill
was introduced forbidding transfers to
foreigners of grants or privileges from the
United States.
It is reported tbatSurrutt has in course of
preparation for the press a complete history
of his wanderings during his efforts to avoid
tho Government detectives and escape ar?
rest, and that ho will divulge everything ho
knows bearing iu any way upon tim parties
concerned io tho assassination of President
Light, Light.
irv BBLS. Prime Whito KEROSENE OIL, 110
W* flau test, on hand and for sale, at reduced
prices, bv tbo barrel and at retail, by
Jan ? _ J. ,V T. lt. AGNEW.
o? O
d H * ; J (H w ?
> i gilli
E 1 a? I ?
* 2 o * te
^fj m t-l co
ZS ? & OHH*
00 ? g m ^ a jj
ow -dO O 2 o M
?g 3 P Q ? g ^ S
U O O V5 W o ?
?t. fa W^^W^O?
. IN O O? _
sfft^ AND call at tho Columbia Ice House,
N^\LRy'f you want good and frosh NORFOLK
^iBBr OYSTERS, at 50 cents per quart. I am
receiving daily, direct from Norfolk, by Express.
For Sale.
?P ?,0\ JV J ?9.0CO State Sto :k.
-Cbarlotto and Sonth Carolina Railroad
Oli irl tte and South Carolina Railroad i
CoijUsmiA, Jun nary 12.-Sales of cotton
to-day 57 bales-middlings 27c.
NEW YORK, January ll-Noon.-Stocks
unsettled and generally active, at 7. Ex
obange 9^. Gold 35.%. Flour dull, and
[email protected] lower. Corn dull and declining.
Pork dull-new mesa 25.00. Lard dull, at
19&(?i9J?. Cotton easier, at 28)4(^28%.
7 P. M.-Cotton closed firmer; sales
4,800 bale?, at 28?,i'. Flour-State and
Western dull, heavy, and [email protected] lower;
super [email protected]; Southern dull and de?
clined-common to fair extra 6.75. Corn
lo. lower-white Southern [email protected] Pork
29.25. Lard steady. Whiskey 1.02. Freights
firm-cotton steam
BALTIMORE, January 12.-Cotton steady.
Flour heavy. Wheat nominal. Corn dull
-white 85(m88; yellow 73. Pork 30.50.
Bacon firm-shoulders 14>[email protected]??. Lard
firm, at 20.
CHAni?EsIfON, January 12.-Cotton de?
clined Kc/and quiet, sules 300 bales-mid?
dlings 28; receipts 858.
AUGUSTA, January 12.-Cotton market
easier; sales 574 bales; receipts 363-mid?
dlings [email protected]&
SAVANNAH, January 12.-Cotton opened
quiet; irarket firm; sales 500 bales-mid?
dlings 27&<&27}?; receipts 2,035.
M nm MC, January 12.-Sales of cotton 600
bales, at 26)[email protected]%; market quiet and
steady; receipts 2,151. ?*4"*v'
NEW ORLEANS, January 12.-Cotton
steady-middlings 26%; eales 6,300 bales,
including 2,230 after the close of business
yesterday; receipts 2,800. Gold 35;V,. Flour
easior-superfino 7.12)0 ; treble 8. Corn
whito 7fi(o)77; yellow 85. Bacon scarce
shoulders ?13.(; clear rib 18}<?; clear 19)^.
Sngar firm and advanced i?c. Whiskey
irregular-Western rectified [email protected]
Coffee steady -fair 14(SU4%.
HAVRE, January ll.-Cottou dull; both
on spot and afloat, nt 130.
LIVERPOOL, January ll-3 P. M.-Cotton
firm but not higher. Yarns and fabrics firm
and quiet. Bombay shipments to the 9th
1,000 bales.
LONDON, January ll-3 P. M.-Consols
unchanged. Bonds 75.
LrvBRTOOrj, January 12-Evening.-Cot?
ton firmer and prices unchauged; sales 12,000
Office of Udolpho Wolfe,
22 BEAVER STnRET, New YORK, NOV. 3. Y>8.
To the People of (he Southern Slates.
When the pur?! medicinal restorative, now so
widely known ns Wolfe's SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS,
wa9 introduced into the world, under the endorse?
ment of 4,000 leading members of the medical pro?
fession, nome twenty years at;o, its proprietor w.is
well aware that it could not wholly escape the
penalty attached tn new and useful preparations.
He, therefore, endeavored to invent it with the
strongest possible safeguard against counterfeit?
ers, and to render all attempts to pirate il dif?cult
and dangerous. It was submit too to distinguish?
ed ohomlsts for analysis, a:id pronounced by them
tho purest spirit ever manufactured. Its purity
and properties having b?."a thus ascertained",
samples of the article w-m forwarded to 10,000
physcians, including all ti.e leading practitioners
in tho United States, for purposes ol' experiment.
A circular, rctpicsting a trial of the preparation
and a report of the result, accompanied each
specimen. 1,000 of tho most eminent medical men
in tho Union promptly responded. Their opinions
of tho article ?ere unanimously favorable. Such a
preparation, they said, had long been wanted la?
the profession, BS no reliance could be placed on
the ordinary liquors of commerce; all of which
were more or less adulterated, and, therefore,
unlit for medical purposes. Thc peculiar excel?
lence and strength of the oil of juniper, which
formed ono of tho principal ingredients o" the
Schnapps, together with au unalloyed character
of tho alcoholic element, give it, in tho estimation
of tho faculty, a marked superiority over every
other diffusive stimulant as a diuretic, tonic anil
These satisfactory credentials from professional
men of tho highest rauk were published in a
condensed form, and enclosed with each bottlo
of the Schnapps, as ono of tho guarantees of its
genuineness. Other precautions against fraud
were also adopted; a patent was obtained for the
article, tho label was copyrighted, u fae simile ot
tho proprietor's autograph signature ?a? attached
to each labul and cover, his name and that of the
preparation were embossed un the bottles, and the
corks were sealed with his private seal. No article
had ever been sold in this country,under the namo
of Schnapps prior to tho introduction of Wolfe's
Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps, in 1851; and the
label was deposited, as his trado mark, in the
United States District Court for the Southern Dis?
trict of Now York during that year.
It might bo suppos?e, by persons unacquainted
with the daring character of the pirates wiio prey
upon tho reputation of honorablo merchants, by
vending dclotorious trash under their name, that
thu protections so carefully thrown around these
Schnapps would have precluded tho introductions
and salo ot counterfeits. They seem, however,
only to have stimulated the rapacity of impostors.
The trado mark of tho proprietor has been stolen;
tho endorsement which his Schiedam Aromatic
Schnapps alone received from the medical pro?
fession has been claimed by mendacious humbugs;
his labels an bottles have been imitated, his ad?
vertisements paraphrased, his circulars copied,
and, worse than all, dishonorable retailers, after
disposing of the genuino contents of his bottles,
have tilled them up with common gin, the most
deleterious of all liquors, and thus made his name
aud brand a cover for poison.
Tho public, the modical profession and the sick,
for whom tho Echiodam Aromatic Schnapps is
proscribed as aremody, aro equally interested with
tho proprietor in tho detection and suppression of
these nefarious pr?cticos. Tho gonuino article,
manufactured at tho establishment of the under?
signed, iu Schiedam, Holland, is distillod from a
barley of tho finest quality, and flavored with an
essential extract of the berry of the Italian
juniper, of unequalled purity. By a process un?
known in the preparation of any other liquor, it is
frcod from every acrimonious and corrosivo ele?
Complaints have been reoeived from the leading
physicians and families in the Southern States,
of tho sale of cheap imitations of the Schiedam
Aromatic Schnapps in those markets; and travel?
ers, who are in the habit of using it as an antidote
to the baneful influence of unwholesome river
water, testify that cheap gin, put up in Schiodam
bottles, is frequently palmed off opon the unwary.
The'agonts of tho undersigned have been requested
to institute inquiries on the subject, and to for?
ward to hun tho names of snch partios as they
may ascertain I" bo ongaged in tho atrocious
system of decoption. In conclusion, tho under?
signed would say that ho has produced, from nuder
tho hands of tho most distinguished men of
science in America, proofs unanswerable of the
tho p?bilo and himself against .fraudulent imita?
tions; that he has shown it to bo the only liquor in
tho world that can be uniformly depended upon
as unadulturated; that he has challenged investi
Kation, analysis, comparison, and experiment in
all its forms; and from every ordeal tho prepa?
ration which bears bis name, seal and trade mark,
bas come off triumphant. Ho, therefore, feels it a
duty ho owes to his fellow-citizens generally, to
the medical profusion and the sick, to denounce
and oxposo the Charlatans who counterfeit these
evidences of identity, and ho calls upon tho press !
and the public td aid him in his efforts to remedy |
so croat an evil.
The billowing letters und certificates, from the
leading physicians and chemists of this citv, will
prove to tho reader that sll goods sold by thc
undoraigned aro all thov ure represented to be.
I fuel bound to say, that I regard your Schnapps
j as being, in every respect, pre-eminently pure,
j and deserving of medical patronage. At all event*,
it is the purest possible urticlc of Holland Gin,
heretofore unobtainable; and, as such, may be
safely prescribed bv physicians.
Pharmaceutical Chemist, New Yolk.
j Udolpho M'o fe, L'zo., Pr?sent.
i DF.AB Stn: 1 have made a chemical examination
; of a sample of your Schiedam Schnapps, with
tho intent of determining if any foreign or inj tirions
substance had been added to the simple distilled
I)r..\u Sin: Tho want of pure Wines and Liquors,
for medicinal purposes, has been long felt by tho
profession, and thousands of lives have boon sac?
rificed hy the nae of adulterated articles. Delirium
tremens, and other diseases of the brain and
nerves, so rife in this country, are very rare in
Europe; owing, in a great ?legree, tu the difference
in the purity of the spirits Mihi.
We havo tested tho several articles imported
and sold by you, including your Gin, which yon
sell under" the name cf Aromntic Schiedam
Schnapps, which we consider justly entitled to tho
high reputation it has acquired in this country;
and, from your long experience .-is a foreign im?
porter, your bottled Wines and Liquors should
moot with the samo demand.
Wc would recommend you tu appoint some of
the respectable apothecaries in different parts of
I the city as agents for the sale of your brandies
; and Winos, where tho profession can obtain the
i ?.ame wheu needed for medicinal purposes,
j Wishing you success tn your new enterprise, we
! remain your obedient servants.
VALENTINE MOTT, M. D., Professor of Surgery,
j University Medical College, New York.
.7. nf. ?ARNOUHAN, M. 1)., Professor of Clinical '
Surgery, Snrgcon-in-Chief to the State Hospital,
etc.. No. 14 East Kith street.
Tlie examination has resulted in the conclusion
that the sample contained no poisonous or harm?
ful admixture. I have been unable to discover
any traco of the deleterious substances which aro
emploved in the adulteration of liquors. I would
not hesitate to uae myself, or to recommend to
others, for medicinal purposes, the Schiedam
Sshnspps as an excellent and unobjectionable
variety of gin. Very respectfully vours,
(Signed.; CHARLES A. S?ELY, Chemist.
Udolpho W&fe, K*q., Present.
DKAU Sm: I have submitted to chemical analyeia
two bottles of Schiedam Schnapps, which I took
from a fresh package in your bouded warehouse,
and find, as before, that the spirituous liquor
is free from injurious ingredients or falsification;
that it has the marks or being aged and not re?
cently prepared by mechanical admixture of
alcohol sud aromatics. Itespcetfullv,
FRED. F. MAYElt, Chemist.
NEW YOBS,Taesdav.lMav l.\Udolpho Wolfe, Esq.
! LEWIS A. SAYRE, M. D., No. 705 Broadway.
H. P. DE WEES, M. D., No. 7'.U Broadway.
JOSEPH WORSTER, M. D., No. 120 Niuth street.
NELSON STEELE, M. I)., No. 37 Bleeckor struct,
JOHN O'REILLY, M. I).. No. 230 Fourth street.
R. I. RAPHAEL, M. D., Professor o? the Princi?
ples and Practice of Surgery, New York Medical
College, etc.. No. 01 Ninth street, and others.
Thc proprietor also offers Tor sale
Bottled W ines mill Liquors,
i Imported and bottled by himself, expressly tor
' medicinal u-?e. Each bottle has hie certificate of
its purity.
Latest New York News.
Look Out ! Look Out !! Luok?utll
"Beautifies tho Complexion."
"Qives a Rosy Glow to the Cheeks."
"A Ruby Tingo to tho Lips."
"Removes all blotches ami Freckles."
"The Rest in the World."
TD MT* A TT np y Tri j -57
JLil?i A U X A JP J -Hi il
Bitter-sweet and Orange Blossoms
One Bottle, $1.C0. Three for ?2.00.
1,000 Bottles sold in one day in Now York citv. !.'?|
t?f All Druggists in COLUMRIA soil it.
Or address "COSTAR," No. 10 Crosby st., N. Y.
"COSTAR'S" Standard Preparations
"Coitar'n" Rat, Koarti, Sic., Exterminators.
"Costar*?" Bcd-Uug ExtrruilnatorN.
''Costur'a" (only parc) ln?fct Powder.
"Only Infallible Remedies known."
"18 years estaldiahod in New York."
"2,000 Boxes and F'lasks manufactured daily."
. " lil Rowaro !!! of spurious imitations."
"All Druggists in COLUMBIA sell them."
Address "COSTAR," 10 Crosby street, New
York; or, JOHN F. HENRY, successor to Demas
Barnes A Co., 21 Park Row, New York. Sold in
COLUMRIA by tho principal Druggists.
Dec 22 ly
Incorporated 1919.-Clmrter Perpetual
Cash Capital. 13,000,000
Cash Assets. 5,000,000
Tho STRONGEST Fire Insuranco Company in
the United States.
North American Insurance Company,
Capital and Assets .$600,000.
Office at Ricard's, Main droct, Colombia, S. C.
BJari 3 gmo
New Buckwheat Flour.
Golden Syrup. For sale, by E. fe G. I>. Ll OPE.
New Orleans Syrup.
BBLS. Choice New Orleans SYRUP, for ede
by 8 VG D. HOPE
Valuable Real Estate for Sade.
al. DWELLING and LOT, corner of - .
Upper and Dull streets. SgS
2. Dwelling and Lot on Lumber strept.
3. Fine Building Lot on Arsenal Hill.
4. Lot coruer of Lady and Slain streets.
5. Lot 52 feet ou Main street.
8. House and Lot near Charlotte Depot.
7. Lot corner ot Taylor and Assembly sire? ts.
8. Three Lots in Waverly.
9. Tho Barhamville Property aud Lands adja?
10. 14 aires on Upper street, adjoining the Pair
11. 2 Fine Dwellings on Arsenal Hill.
12. 1,400 acros of Pine Land, near Camden, well
wooded; containing two good mill sit?s and one
mill completed, the survey of the Chatham Rail?
road passing through it.
13. 640 acres Fine Laud, in Kershaw.
14. 210 seres of Land, in York, rich in gold.
15. 1.GG7 acres productive I.ami, in Abbeville,
16. 5,000 acres productive Land, in Laurens.
17. 1,000 acres Productive Land, in Marlboro.
18. 976 acres of productive Laud, in Fairfield.
19. 1,600 ncres Phosphate Lands, near Charles?
ton, on Stone Uiver.
20. A fine. Saw Mill Property, near Lexington.
21. 1,800 acres, ill Richland, Hiver Swamp Lands,
with a good Mill.
22. 11,000 acres ol Heavily Timbered Land, in
St. Stephen's Parish.
23. 600 acres of Cypress Land, near Gadsden,
convenient to North-Eastern ltailroad.
3 Fine COTTON PLANTATIONS to rent, low.
We have Lands near Columbia which can be di?
vided into small tVacts to suit purchasers.
Jan S Real Estate ARents.
Something New
in the
Jewelry Line,
. . ?*-? -^ rf . ~ tm
OB _S ^
o ?-?.-? c: t~ ?aoOc-*jCS- .
tr- O o^<N o ?- * S fe ?*3 ? ^
_. 0"-^?.-?" c' "5 ^ i. ~~ ~ ?fr S
I J * =1 .* - r; v. v, u S
rv' . ? = co??/'d o
r- ~> O u ja -SS - . i ~
W O ? S-gs ?9 * S
'J +3 . C d ? - . - CX
^ O O , >>S y.?~.? => C-*?
o - ?: g fe SM E * ? ? ?H
QC g ?. ?2 ?ll ?ss Iiis9
R?S' ?lg- ll Hi-if 5.
LlJ ? . ca ii J J.-? ?"eug" sc .
HH ^32S2 Sttf a li: a
?? ss xx. v. tjcsjjgS SMP
New Stock Guns, Pistols, Etc.
Directly opposite Pheenix Office.
..w - 'VHF. undersigned informs his
^S><Z^ friends and the public generally that
?g??J^he has received a largo and select
r ^assortment of Single and Double
for all kinds Gnus, Rifles and Repeaters on hand.
SPORTSMEN'S EQUIPMENTS, all of which will
be sold low for cash. GUNS and PISTOLS made
to order and repaired at short notice and moderate
price. Cash system rigidly adhered to.
Oct 7 P. W. KRAFT.
English Dairy Cheese. Cranberries.
rLf\ BOXES English Dairy, Cutting, Ph.o Apple
?)" / and Young America OHEBSE.
IS bushels CRANBERRIES, in tine order, and
! for sale low bv E. & G. D. HOPE.
Rhodes' Super-Phosphate,
The Old and longest established Standard Manure.
P K li ? VIA N O U A N 0 .
RHODES' MANURE, in ita preparation,is made
equally adapted for forcing large crops of
Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Tobacco, Potatoes and other
toot crops. The Manufacturing Department is
conducted by Frederick Klett, one of the most
.kiBful Chemists and Manufacturers in the United
St at ct). It is endorsed, approved and recommended
by all of the most prominent Chemists ami Agri?
culturalists in tho Southern States. "It can bo
relied upon as uniform iu quality," always reliable,
productive of largo crops and unexcelled by any in
tho market, in the high per cent ago of "True ler
tilizing Principles." Price $57.50 cash, or $65 timo,
with Factor's acceptance, and 7 por cent, interest
until 1st Docembcr, 1869.
O KC II I LL A GUANO, "AA."-A fine Bird Guano,
rich in Phosphates and Alkaline Salts. Prico $35
cash, or $40 time.
. PERUVIAN OUANO, warranted niuo and always
on hand. Furnished at market prices for cash.
B. S. RHETT A SON, Agents,
Deo 19 3mo Charleston. S. C.
CHANT, Accommodation Wharf, Charleston,
S. C. Sept 3 6mo
Wines and Liquors.
STOCK unusually full of tho choicest brandt.
Scotch WHISKEY, French Brandy, Kentucky
and Com Whiskey, Champagne, Claret, Sherry,
Rhine Winos, Madeira and Port Wines. For ?ale
at lowest prices, according to quality,
t ;>?0 io GEO. SYMMEIIS,
Q Auction S<|les.
Horses, Mules, Wagon, Corn, Fodder, <fcc.
BY D. C. PE1X0TT0 & SON.
ON THURSDAY MORNING. 21st instant, at 10
o'clock, at thc residence foot of Plain street,
near vi." Penitentiary, we will sell, at poblic
Corn, Fodder, Cotton Seed,
1 Two-Horst! Carriage, nearly new.
Many other article a of PERSONAL PROPERTY.
consisting of:
CHAIRS, Tables, Stovos, bedsteads, Ac.
Salo positive, as parties intend changing resi?
dence. TermBcash. Jan 13
Estate Sale and Renting of Lands.
IN pursuance of a decreo of the Court of Equity,
the undersigned will rent, to the highost bid?
ders, at Fainield Court Houso, on the FIRST
MONDAY in Febru*rv next, at 12 M., tho following
PLANTATIONS, belonging to tho estate of
Nicholas A. Pcay, deceased, for the year 1809- to
The IIOMF, PLACE, containing abont 1,000
The Graham l'luce, containing about 2,000 ac ros.
Tho Dutchniuu Creek Place, containing about
2,000 ucres.
The Bolton Place, containing about 4.COO acres.
Tho Ross Pince, containing about 2,500 acres.
The Flint Rill Place, containing about 1,800
Renters will be acquired to give notes, with two
good sureties to each, or liens on tho crops, as
thev moy prefer.
We will also sell, to tho highest bidders, for
cash, on TUESDAY, the 2d day of February next,
and tho days following, commencing each day at
ll A. M., at tho several places above named, in the
order.above riven, commencing at tho Home
Place, all tho PERSONAL PROPERTY belonging
to thc said estate, consisting of:
35 head of MULES and HORSES,
100 head of Cattle, more or leas,
A lot of Corn, Fodder and Cotton Seod,
Waggons, Cotton Gins, Plantation Utensils,
Household and Kitchen Furniture, Ac
Jan 13 Executors.
For Disease* of the Throat and Langs, such as
s Coughs, Colds, Whooping Lough, Bron?
chitis, Asthma and Consumption.
PROBABLY never before in the whole history of
medicine, has anything won so widely ana so
j deeply upon tho confidence of mankind, aa this
j excellent remedy for pulmonary complaints,
j Through a long scries of years, and among most
of the races of men, it has risen higher and nigher
tn their estimation, as it has become better known.
Its uniform character and power to cure the vari?
ous affections of tho lungs and throat, have made
it known as a reliable protector against them.
While adapted to milder forms of dieeaso and to
young children, it is at the same time tho most
effectual remedy that can bo given for incipient
consumption, and the dangerous affections of the
throat and lungs. As a provision against sudden
attacks of CROUP, it cnould bo kept on hand in
every family; and. indeed, an all are sometimes
subject to colds and coughs, ab should be provided
with this antidote for thom.
Although stilled CONSUMPTION is thought
incurable, still great numbers of cases whero the
disease seemed settled have boon completely
cured, and the patient restored to sonnd health by
the CHERRY PECTORAL. So complete is its
mastery over tho disorders of the lungs and
throat, that the most obstinate of them yield to it.
j When nothing else could reach them, under the
CHERRY PECTORAL they subside and disap?
protection from it.
ASTHMA is always relieved and often wholly
cured bv it.
BRONCHITIS is generally cursd by taking the
CHERRY PECTORAL in small and frequent doses.
So generally are its virtues known that wo need
not publish tho certificates of them hero, or do
more than assure the public that its qualities ara
i'uUv maintained.
' For Fev<r and Ague, Intermittent Fever, Chill
Fever. Remittent Fever, Dumb Ague, Periodical
or Bilious Freer, dc., and indeed all the affections
j which arise from malarious, marsh, or miasma
I fie poisons.
Aa its name implies, it does Cure, and doeB not
fail. Containing neither Arsenic, Quinine, Bis?
muth, '/inc, nor any other mineral or poisonous
substance whatever, it in nowise injures any pa?
tient. The number and jmnortance of its cures in
the ague di-tricts, are literally beyond account,
and we believe without a parallel in the history of
Ague medicino, Our pride is gratified by^ho
acknowledgments wo receive of the radical cares
effected in obstinato cases, and where other reme?
dies had wholly faded.
Unacclimatcd persons, either residont in, or
traveling througn miasmatic localitios, will be
protected by taking tho AGUE CURE daily.
For LIVER COMPLAINTS, arising from tor?
pidity of the Liver, it is an excollent remedy,
stimulating tho Liver into healthy activity.
For Bilious Disorders and Liver Complaints, it
is an excollont romeky, producing many truly re?
markable eurea, whero other medicines had failed.
' Prepared by bit. J. C. AYER k CO., Practioal
and Analytical Chemists, Lowell, Massachusetts,
and sold all round the world.
Sold hy ?ill Druggists and Dealers in Medicines
everywhere. Jan 1 ?Imo
?--a SXIOKF.D and Pickled SALMON.
'^nM Smoked Hallibut, White Fish, Ci>d
JHO and Rino Fish,
UH H Dutch Herrings, Pickled Sardines,
Illla-MM Mfa Swiss, English Dairy. Goshen Chees-;
Fiske' Hamei breakfast Strips,"Mackerel,
Solf-Raisiug Flour, Pecan Nuts. Almonds.
Raisins. Preserves, Currants, Prunes, Ac,
Holland Gin, French Brandy, Madeira Wine,
Shcrrv Wine, lihino Wino. Candies, aesortod,
I Fancy Soaps. Crackers, assorted, Pipes, Segara,
Tobacco, Walking Canes, Ac. ^
Low for cash, at _O. PIERCES.
Borneo Bagging.
6?> coils Oreenleaf and Manilla Rope.
F? ale low by _E. A G. D. HOPE.
Billiard Tables for Sale.
-3 tn complete order, Marble aik
WJBSSpSSS^fcsiut? Redding, with Balls, Cue?
ff - f -JE^- and Counters included. Sharp ?
Griffith's make. Will be sold low. Call at
Dec 13 O. J>ITERCK?8._
Call at Kraft's Bakery, opposite Phoenix.
AS I bc ve j nat roturuod from tho North with i
select assortment of TOYS, Candies, Fraile
Jellie?. Proservca, A*o., of all kinds.
ICED CAKES made to order.
Also, a la'golot of PIPES-fine and common.
Ale and Poner.
L?\ no7'- Mair A Son's Edinburg ALE, 50 Dor
ZSK? Guinness A; Son's Dnblin Porter, receivoi
and for salo low by J. A T. R. AGNEW.
7fr KITS No! 1 Bay and Shoal MACKEREL.
O Of/Bbl?., Halves and Quarters, Nos. 1, 2 O.:A
tor sale by E. * Q, D, EIOPE.

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