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FricUy Morning:, August 6, 1869.
currently reported that a colored Sena?
tor recently told a largo Assembly of bia
constituents (blacks): "The white peo?
ple any they are going to bring coolies
and white emigrants to this country.
But ibis country is ours; wu'vu got thc
Legislature, and we won ft allow-it-and
we won't We'll put the white mnn ten
feet under ground, and ns to the coolies,
we'll put them twenty feet."
The Kew York World, in commenting
on the sudden popularity of enfranchise?
ment of tho "white folk" of the South,
expresses the following very decided
opinion: "The anomaly of keeping
down the superior race is a failure, after
fire yean of Congress and the army to
bolster it np. This is the abandonment
df reconstruction. Its key-stono was
white disfranchisement. That pulled
ont, the whole arch falls. It has fallen,
and will soon be buried out of sight."
Furnia MACHETES.-If we may bolievo
Che current reports, they have a flying
machine in San Francisco, which will
make the airy voyage from that city to
New York in twenty-four hours. In theso
days of multitudinous and multifarious
invention, it is hardly safe to express a
doubt of the practical chances of any
machine whatever; and when the San
Francisco Highflyer bas arrived in New
York, wo promise to celebrate it in he?
roic verse, and still moro heroic prose.
Wo already begin to feel a sort of con?
tempt for the attraction cf gravitation,
serial curronts, atmospheric pressure,
and tho fusty old laws of nature, whicl
havo heretofore been deemed omuipo
tent. Only it would be rather moro sa
tisfactory if we could see the machine.
The San Francisco papers say thc expo
rimental trips were successful, and thal
a machino 150 feet long is being built.
Border law has iu all times and colin
tries been understood to bo a verv ^uc
sided sort of law-very good foi J<
who livo on the right side of the i< .
very bad for all others. It flourLsnoc
especially in those rude ages whci
enemy and stranger were described b;
the same word, and has its couuterpar
in the disposition which is said at tin
day, in some of the remote districts c
England, upon the appearance of
stranger, to prompt the exclamation:
"Punch his 'ead." Tho latest illustrr
tra ti on of this spirit of frontier justice
combined with prejudice of color an
race, is furnished by telegraph froi
Kansas. Two persons near Fort Beuto
were fired upon by Indians and one t
them wounded. The occurrence bein
reported in town, so incensed the cit
zens that they straightway took thrc
Indians, who happened to be in town i
the time, having como in for the pu
poso of trading, and hung them out <
hand-thus most illogically punishinj
as a cotemporary observes, for the ou
rage committed, "the only three Indiai
who by no possibility could have had
hand in it." This is the law of rotuli
tion, pushed to nu unwarrantable e
treme. Thc same cotemporary remark
that whatever truth there may bo iu tl
frontier saying that "there are no got
Indians but dead Indians," it would n
take many occurrences of tho kiud
justify the opinion that there are i
good white frontiersmen at all. If tl:
is border law, wo are afraid the Frieu
who have thc interests of the Iudiaus
hand will bo nuder tho necessity of a
plying to tho General Government to pi
tect their charges against the white mai
-? ? ? ?
FATALLY WOUNDED.-A dispatch to t
Republican Ronner, dated Con rt lac
Ala., August 2, says:
"About ii o'clock this afternoon, wh
Dr. Haughey, Conservative Republic
candidate for Congress, was on the sta
delivering n speech, ho said all the Hin
speakers were hirelings. Hinds rep
Rents tho extreme Radical wiug of t
Republican party, nud is also a cc
gressioual candidate. Dr. Collins,
friend of Hinds, called him a d-d li
at the same time advancing toward hi
Haughey returned tho belligen
epithet, when both clenched. Duri
tho .struggle, Haughey was shot in I
left breast, just under the ninth i
The wound will prove fatal. Hinds n
Collins an; both carpet-baggers. Coll
is the man who killed Kornehan at T
enmbia some time since, and is a perf
liing, while Win. J. Smith and Hir
Mc A bee, Jr., were on their way ho
from this place, a difficulty occurred
twee,) them which resulted in the sin
ing of McAboo by Smith. Two sh
Were tired, btlt the first missed. 'J
second entered the mouth of McAl
which inflicted a painful wound by
breaking 'if the jaw-bone.
General ?T. 15. Kershaw, delivered
address before thc Oreenvillu Liter
Club, un Tm a lay evening Inst.
celebrated caa? of Bullock, Blodgett Sc
! Co. vs. E. H. Pnghe, which hos caused
considerable curiosity among our city
readers, was before; Judge Gibson all
day yesterday. Tho" oqunsol of Pagho
filed a plea denying that the presses,
fixtures, types and good will of tho Daily
Press were a part of the partnership as?
sets, and insisting that the issue made
by tho plea should bo submitted to a jury
at this (tho appearance) term. This was
resistod by the complainants' counsel,
and after a..long and exhaustive argu?
ment tho Court decided that tho facts
put in issue-by tho plea must be decided
upon the hearing of thu bill and answer
at the regular trial term. The counsel
for Pnghe then moved for a dissolution
of the injunction upon the coming in of
the answer, swearing off all the equity of
the bill. To 8nstain tho allegations of
the answer, affidavits of Beard and Hale,
both colored, were read. Both of these
negroes swore that they were largo Stock?
holders in the Loyal ueorgian concern
Beard that he owned $1,000 of the stock
-and Hale that he was the largest stock?
holder, though he could not say defi?
nitely how large his interest was.
Affidavit? in support of the charges of
the bill were read, made by 13 ut look.
Bryan, Conley, Blodgett, Bowies, Prince
- jd Bice. These affidavits not only re?
affirmed all the charges in the bill, but
contained new and important facts, and
made astounding disclosures of the work?
ings of the so-called Georgia printing
concern. Pnghe rejoined with a lengthy
affidavit, in which he took plain un indis?
tinct issue with the statements in tue
affidavits of Bullock, Blodgett Sc Co.
Tho contradictions in matters of fact
were of such a character as to preclude
tho idea that they were mere honest dif?
fering^ of opinion. There was not an
individual in tho court-room who wns
not fully satisfied that perjury was com?
mitted by ono side or thc other.
[Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel, otk.
Tho Herald, of Moudny, in its financial
review, makes the following report of thc
market for Southern securities:
Southern securities were generally
heavy and dull. The recent violent
iluctuatious in the Teuucssecs and North
Carolinas, supposed to result from the
manipulation of State officials, have
driven investment, seekers to other and
moro reliable securities. The North Ca
; linas and Teunessees were bettor towards
thc close of the week, but only from
what is regarded as a change in the spe?
culative tactics of the aforesaid officials.
Tho South Carolinas were weaker also
through an apprehension that tho State
is falling iuto the danger of lending as?
sistance to certain railroad enterprises.
The following were the closing prices of
thc Southern list on Saturday evening:
Tenncssces, ex-coupon, GQ(tt\G&}4; do.
new, ?Gp.jYr??T; Virginias, ex-coupon,
58J.i(3,59; do. new, GlO'Gl?^; Georgia
sixes, 85(3:8514; do. sevens, 91* ?(3.92;
North Carolinas, ex-coupon, 57(f?57'.j;
do. new, 51*2(3 52; Louisiana sixes, 09^
(3/70; Alabama eights, 93?JO. 1)1; do.
lives, 64(3,65; do. sixes, storling, 90(3)91;
South Carolina sixes, 64(3 66; do. new,
62(363}.;; do. regular stock, 04(365;
Memphis and Charleston, first, 85(3.89;
do. second, [email protected]; do. stock, 45(3,47;
Greenville and Columbia Railroad, gua?
ranteed, 67(2>G9.
will be received with regret by the many
friends of this bold and daring Confede?
rate soldier. We learn that a private
letter has been received stating that
Manson Jolly was drowned on the Nth
of July, near his home in Texas. He
was building a residence on the opposito
side of the creek from where he lived,
i and had crossed over on horseback seve?
ral times during the day. Tho stream
was greatly swollen, and in attempting
to cross for the third or fourth titue, ho
was carried, with his horse, down tho
I creek, and in tho struggle which ensued,
both were drowned. Mr. Jolly had been
! married about one year, and leaves a
j young wife, the daughter of a former
citizen of Anderson.
Tho thrilling exploits and adventures
of Manson Jolly in this section of the
country, immediately after thc war
closed, aro fresh in the recollection of
all. His name was a terror, for a long
i time, to tho garrison of United States
i soldiers-especially tho volunteer white
and colored regiments-stationed at this
I place. When the regular troops arrived,
he removed to Texas, where he has since
? been leading a quiet and peaceful life.
[ Anderson Intelligencer.
, regret to learn that the large, and valna
I ble house of Mr. E. N. Coleman, situated
? len miles above Greenville, was entirely
j consumed by fire, on Thursday, 22d ult.
; Tho conflagration broko out about 3
! o'clock in the morning, consuming near
! ly everything with the building, with the
! exception of a few articles of household
j furniture, also kitchen and smoke house;
! the house was two stories high. Mr.
: Coleman was absentat the time, and this
I great calamity deprives him of nearly
. everything be possessed. The house was
j well supplied with furniture. The fire
is supposed to be tho work of a disaf?
fected negro mai. iu the neighborhood,
for whom Mr. Coleman, who is a Magis
; trate, had issued a warrant, lt is to be
' hoped that be will be brought to proper
punishment. - f treen ville Enterprise.
A terrible accident occurred near
Sornbgrass, in the oil regions of Penn?
sylvania, on F ri i* Ay. George B. Feller
man hail charge of an engine, and used
, nitro-glycerine instead of lard oil in oil
j ing tho machinery. The resuit was a
tremendous explosion, tearing Felter
; man's body into atoms, and fatally in?
juring James Foltermau. Another work?
man, John Foy, was severely hurt.
The post office formerly at Traveler's
Rest, bas been re-established. Miss
Elizabeth Coleman ba; been appointed
. postmistress.
tion, which occurred yesterday involved
nothing which could awaken public in?
terest. Tho choice of members o? thc
Legislature was made without political
excitement, and the conteete for seats in
that body were generally between candi?
dates professing the same faith and ad?
hering to tho same party. Borne days
must elapso before the exact result of
tho small voto polled cnn be known. In
tho meantime our friends abroad may
rest assured that there -will not be more
than a baker's dozen of radicals in our
next General Assembly. No other sig?
nificance attaches to the election in this
State which bas just passed oft* so quietly.
[Lfjuiscillc Courier-Journal, 3</.
Tho Philadelphia Aye well says that
tuero aro now more important move?
ments projected or iu progress intended
to benefit tho trade relations of tho world
than nt any other period in its history.
Tho Pacific Railroad is finished; the Suez
Canal is rapidly approaching that point;
tho tunnel under the Alps is progressing
in a favorable manner; a new lino of
ocean telegraph has just been stretched
from Franco to the Uuited States; an
American company baa been started to
connect all tho leading aities in China by
means of tho word-speaking wires, and a
ship channel is in contemplation across
the Isthmus of Darien, by means of
which vessels can pass backward and for?
ward from the Atlante.
management of our old friend, Colonel
A. M. Hunt, this hotel is now open to
visitors, and ou Monday laat a goodly
number of persons met around the hos?
pitable board to commemorate the open?
ing. With overy fucility to render guests
comfortable and happy, sud with a repu?
tation to sustain a scoond to no mnn in
thc State as a kind geuial boat, Colonel
Hunt will afford to visitors the best pos
siblo accommodations on tho most rea?
sonable terms.-Anderson Intelligencer.
sequence of the Sj urious issuo of the
ton dollar greenback.), or legal tender
! notes, Secretary Boutwell has concluded
to have n now issue of all denominations
of greenbacks frc ja ono to tho thousand
dollar note. Thc plates for those notes
uro now being engraved at tho Bureau of
Engraving and Printing. Tho designs
arc entirely new, and no likeness of any
living mau will be placed on any u<>t<>.
Auothcr cable is soon to be laid. A
company in London propose to lay a line
from Scotland by way of tho Orkney and
Faroe Islands to Quebec, and it is an?
nounced that, as soon as completed, the
Post Ofliee Department will purchase it.
Two convicts in the Auburn, X. Y.,
prison fought a duel according to tho
regular code on Friday morning. The
weapons were knives and tho soenu was
tho ico house. Both men were wounded,
but not dangerously.
As Mr. "William Oldshuo, of Aborden,
Miss., was returning from Praire Stn
? tiou, mounted on au elegant young mare,
riding in n gentle lope, the animal trod
I upon a rail that flew up, struck her in
j tho breast, killing her almost instantly.
A white man, named William Pierce,
, has been swindling tho negroes of Rich?
mond by pretending to initiate them
into the secrets of Masonry, nt $12 a
head. He has been arrested.
The Newberry Herald announces the
death by drowning of Mr. Reuben Ruff,
only son of Dr. P. 15. Ruff, of that pince.
He was drowned on tho 12th instant,
! whilst engaged in rafting on one of the
Western rivers.
Peter Kerr, of thc firm of J. Sc J. Clark
A Co., manufacturers of spool cotton,
while bathing on the 4th at Long
Brauch, was suddenly taken with cramps,
and drowned.
Tho Keowco Courier says tho citizens
of that County have been generally suc?
cessful in their applications for a reduc?
tion of the assessment made of their
Deputy Sheriff Gregg, who was wound?
ed at the anti-rent riots in New York
Statu lately, died yesterday, at Albany.
The village of Moore's Flat, Nevada
' County, California, was destroyed by
j tiro Jtily 31. Loss-S100.0??.
Henrietta Nichols, thc oldest colored
j woman in Maryland, died on Sunday,
j ugod 110 years.
Major J. H. Webber, a highly re?
spectable citizen of Spartauburg, is
of cases of Scrofula, in its worst stages,
old cases of Syphilis that have defied
tho skill of eminent Physicians, Rheu?
matics who have been sufferers for years,
and tho victims of tho injudicious use ol
Mercury, have been radically cured by
DELIGHT. It is tho most powerful alter?
ativo and blood purifier kuown. It is pre.
scribed by very many Physicians. J31 ti
' Died, in Kpartanburg, on tho 2;ith July,
1809, MAltV ETTA, infant daughter nf W. It.
; and Mary E. Cathcart, aged '.? months and 23
j il ay H.
I Again has the Angel of Death bei n commis
! Binned to liear from a happy family it* house
? hold treasure-last year an only son, this yeal
an only daughter. Willie, the* first born, his
1 father s imago and mother's joy, thc pride and
I net bf the house, tho delight of all, shed ids
I beauty and loveliness around hut fora season;
, twelve moons had scarcely waxed and waned;
I when his gentle spirit took its (light to that
better land, leaving behind a little sister ol
! lovely mould to cheer the hearts of his devoted
1 parents.
Darling Mary Etta, thy sweet presence, n
precursor of j'?y and sadness, thy winsome
smile and guileless ways turned thy parents
ft rs t deep grief to joy; and again thou leaves!
them in sadness fur thyself. Wc would fain
have kept theo with ns, but death had brighter
things in store for thee. Thou art gone tu re?
join thy angel hi ot her. With him watch over
. thy parents here below, and ht; the stars te
; guide their way t i Heaven.
!" Early, brig" "t, transient, chaste as morniui
i dew.
! Sh . sparkled, w.i . exhal ul, and went to Hea?
For the Barbecue.
?TRAIN will leav? tin; South Carolina Rall
road Depot. TO-MORROW (Saturday)
RNINO, at 8 80m. M., for Hampton's.
Another train will ala? bo despatched at 'J 30.
Chairman Comuiittoo of Arrangements.
AM a 2
^NOTKER supply of TURNIP SEED, in
variety, Half Long Red beet, Carrots, Ac.,Ac.
Chinese Winter Radish, Black Spanish Radish.
At E. K. JACKSON'S Di ug Store.
An? fi
Aug fi_
Internal Revenue.
COLUMBIA, August r>, 1R69.
NOTICE is hereby givon to all persons inte?
rested in 300 pounds SMOKING TOBAC?
CO, soiaod at the atoro of D. C. P?i lotto A
Son, to make claim, and iii o hood to defend a
suit in tho United Status Court, or tho santo
will bc forfeited and sold.
Collector 3d District South Carolina.
Aug 6_f0
Tilla Friday It vt nlng. August G, 1800.
Grand Concert by Post Band!
ACONCERT will bo given bv thc POST
RAND, at tho abov.? named' Hall, TRIS
(Friday) EVENING, August fi. commencing at
half-past 8 o'clock. Admission 30 cents; Chil?
dren^}; Colored Gallery 2.1. Reserved Seats 50.
For full particulars see programme. Tickets
may bo obtained at bryan A AlcCarter'e Book?
store. Aug (1 1
The New Theory of Health
? ? ?
THE LiTe of all Floh is Blood. Tho Health
of Lifo is purity of flesh. Without purity
of Blood, no I* lesli can IM free fruin disease.
Is now a recognized household Medicino of
remarkable remedial powers, invented and
compounded hy tho Proprietor, which ho has
called by thc euphonious soubriquet
?'QUEEN'? DELI G ll IV *
QUEEN'S DELIGHT IS an an alterative, produc?
ing a gradual chango in tho
HKIMITSU'S functions of organs, as to
permit a healthy action to
take tho place ot disease.
QUEEN'S DELIOUT ls deobstrueut hy ity diversi?
fied action; removesobstiuc
li UNITS n's lions, reduces inflammation
and enlargement of tho
glands and viscera.
QUEEN'S DELIOUT IS au luvigorant und Tonic;
it produces a gentle and
permanent excitement of all
tho vital actions observable
in thc functions of organic
H KIN ?TS n's life; and is, therefore, ad?
missible in diseases of tho
Stomach, Liver and organs
of digoatiou.
QUEEN'S DELIGHT IS a stimulating, alterativo
diaphosotic, promoting per
spiration, removing humors
in tho blood, producing a
IIEI>;:TSU'S healthy action of thc skin,
removes Boils, Pimples,
Blotches and Cutaneous
QUEEN'S DELIOUT IS aperient, gently acting
upon thc bowels," thereby
removing offetc matter, pro?
ducing a healthy feeling of
IlEINlTSn's tho rt omach and hoad.
Headache und nervous dis?
orders aro cured by its use.
QUEEN'S DELIOUT IS expectorant, increasing
tho reen timi from the
mucous membra no of the
air colls and passages of
HEINITSII'H the lungs, or assists its dis?
charge; is, therefore, a re?
medy, com bined with Cod
LivcrOU, iu nil cat-cs of Con?
sumption, Colds, A-c.
Tho high appreciation in whioh it is held hy
I the profession und the gobion opinions of the
i people, and their many testimonials, will make
I it a desirable medicine for Druggists to keep
constantly on hand.
I The sick, feeble and thosoin delicate health,
j and all persons living in warm climates, and
all unacclimatcd, will timi tho
A great medicino, protecting them from all
those diseases which originate in a bad condi?
tion of thc blood and climatic influences.
For bale, by Druggists throughout the State.
The trade supplied by
FISHER A HEINITSH, Columbia, s. c.
J. H. ZEILEN A CO., Macon, Cia.
JOHN F. HENRY, Now York.
Aug (i t Philadelphia.
Notice to Cotton Growers.
fXHIE Subscriber intends to run a Portable
; J. Cotton Gin from Columbia to Kingsville
; and the surrounding country. Planters wish?
I ing my services can applv to me, at Coluni
Hay'. Hay'.! Hay'.'.
pr (\ HALES prime new Meadow KAY -
Ov_/ warranted superior to any which has
been in this market this season. For .-al.) low
by D. C. PE I xor lt > A SON,
Auctioneers and Commission Merchants.
Aug i _ :? _
To Contractors.
CoiXMMA, August :!, lsi;:i.
T>ROPOSALS for the erection of suitable
J Buildings for tho State Agricultural ant
Mechanical Fair will ho received r.t this oflice.
up to FRIDAY next,Gth instant. Plana ami
I specifications can bo ncen at thi* oftlcc.
j Ang i l J. 8. McMAHON, City Clerk.
State of South Carolina 7 Per Cent.
S120.000 STOCK Of the State of
south Carolina, issued under au Act of the
Legislature, in December, 1801, ior tho "mili?
tary defence of tho State, and for other pur?
poses." For salo by Z. B. OAKES,
1 Broad street, Charleston, S. C.
Aug I 8
! C1WEDES IRON, 1}, l.j, 2, '2'., S, 3J,5, fi, 7,
, O 1<? inches.
i Band Iron, English Iron, Hoopiron.
I Sheet Iron.
.j.ooo Moe.-, of all kinds.
200 Pair-" Trace Chains.
XI? ocal Items.
Thi* n?*tly printed qnnrtnrly, for -Joly,
bas just been issued. Tbs following is
the contents: Doctrinal Preaching, Life
Insurance, Is Baptism Immersion, The
Transfiguration, An Efficient Ministry,
Tho General Assembly of 18(19, Critical
Jon OFFICE.-The Phoenix Job Office
is prepared to execute every style of
printing, from visit big au?! business cards
to pamphlets and books. With ample
material and first-class workmen, satis?
faction is guaranteed lo all. If our work
does not come up to contract, wo make
no charge. With this understanding our
business men have no excuse for sending
work North.
INQUEST.-Coroner Thompson held an
inquest, yesterday, upon the body of
Proston Brooks, colored, (whose death
was noticed in tho PHOENIX,) and after
hearing the ovidenco of witnesses aud a
post mortem of the body by Dr. W. P.
Geiger, the jury returned a verdict:
"That Preston Brooks carno to his
death, on tho 4th day of August, 1860,
near Frost's Mills, from the effects of n
blow or blows inflicted on his head and
fracturing his skull, by one William W.
Marshall, with a stick of pina wood."
Marshall was arrested on Wednesday
night, by Constable Miuort, colored, and
committed to jail to await his trial.
The monthly report of the Department
of Agriculture for July has just been
printed at the Government printing
office. Thc present number embraces n
condensed statement of tho condition ol
I the growing crops, together with a va
i riety of extracts from thc correspond
I ence of thc department, a tablo showing
i the imports for three-quarters of the lasl
i fiscal year, au article on chemical ma
: mires, meteorological tables and notes ol
the weather for June, and minor item!
from various sos rees, compiled by J. ll
Dodge, Esq., the statistician of the de
Notwithstanding the heavy rains ati?
the low temperature, the reports con
I corning the wheat crop are generali;
favorable, Kentucky, West Virginia au.
Virginia producing the best avcragi
crop, while in Wiuconsio and severa
| North-western States the crop is consi
dcrably below tho average. Tho pros
peet for the corn crop on the 1st of Jul
was fully up to thc geueral average. Th
same can bo said of tho rye crop. Ii
this crop, Delaware and Nebraska stam
foremost. Tho oat crop is reported fine
especially in Florida, Texas, Kansas am
Nebraska, which produco twenty pc
cont, above tho average yield, while i:
all except Kentucky tho crop is reporte
as an averago one. The oilier crops a
look favorablo, especially potatoes, whic
promise an abundant yield.
The fruit crop is a littlo below th
i average in New Eugland and New Tor
and the Southern States, and above th
average in the middle aud most of tb
Western States.
morrow afternoon will occur tho tot;
eclipso of the sun, the only ono sim
1831 that has bi>en visible in any extern
ed portion of the country, and tho la
ono that will bo seen during thc confur;
In ancient days such a phenomena ii
spired wide-spread terror among the i;
uorant heathens, and they viewed it wil
j the most fearful apprehensions. Nc
science points out unerringly the ve;
moment of its appearance in every pa
of tho world where tho interposition
thc moon between the sun and earth w
cast a shadow upon thc planet which t
inhabit, and traces exactly tho belt
country where tho light of the sun w
be utterly obscured and tho eclipse w
be total. The path of tho eclipse ov
the earth's surface-that is, where it w
bo total-will begin in the North-ot
part of Asia, passing up Behring's Stra
thence South-easterly over Sitka, E
Moines, Iowa, Louisville, Kontuck
Abingdon, Virginia, Raleigh, Goldsbo
and Newborn, North Carolina; and en
iug in tho Atlantic off tho North Cai
lina coast. All along this lino there w
be points of observation, whero d
! tinguished scientists and astronomi
j will bo stationed with all tho uecesst
i instruments and appliances for obser
; tions. Thc Government sends out sc
I ral of theso parties, whilo privato ont
: prise is also busy. Tho eclipse, it
j thought, will be visible in Columl
j about 5 o'clock p. m. Tho following
given as tho best means of observi
J tho eclipse, in the absenco of inst
i monts:
i "Take a large card with a small rou
hole in tho centre, and hold it agai
i the sun's raj's, so that tho shadow \
fall on tho floor, pavement, wall or otl
. ' dark and smooth surface. In the mid
j of the shadow there will bc a true im:
of thc sun, and thc eclipse can be stud
in its progress without straining the e;
and without smutting thc faco or hal
I with smoked gloss.
"This simple process was suggested
I tho familiar circumstance, that the li;
1 spots in tho shadows, during a sc
eclipse, take the shape of tho lumin
portions of the sun's disc; and the j
forated card has been used with perl
A few copies of tho "Sack and Destruc?
tion of Columbia'' can bc obtained at thc
Phoenix office. Price twenty-five cents.
alias John Williams, was overhauled by
Chief Radcliffe, yesterday. The prison?
er had in his possession a horse belong?
ing to Mr. Josoph C. Harper, of Fair?
field. Thc thief is in jail and the owner
ia on bis way homeward, with his aui
Heidt has presented us with a monster
in the cabbage line-a white drum-head,
two feet teu inches iu circumference,
and weighing eight pounds ono ounce.
It was grown on his farm. Mr. Heidt
challenges comparison; but, at the samo
time, intimates that hecun beat this spe?
Mr. Spencer, who is planting in this
County, has sent us an open cotton boll.
The first we have seen. Who eau beat
MONTHLIES.-Tho third (August) num?
ber of the XIX Century is ont. The
Confederate reminiscences are interest?
ing-in fact, tho entire work is well worth
Tho Carolin Fanner, for August, is
before us, with au unusually interesting
ta'ole of contents. Tho success of this
truly borne enterprise has been so encou?
raging that tho proprietor announces his
intention of converting it into a forty
column eight-page agricultural and fami?
ly weekly, at the close of tho present vo?
lume, (November 1,) giving twice as
much agricultural matter per mouth as
at present, besides a large quantity of
choice family reading, and all the gene?
ral news of the day. The subscription
price will bo only ?2. Address orders
to Wm. H. Bernard, Editor and Propri?
etor, Wilmington, N. C.
Messrs. Bryan & McCarter have re?
ceived the September number of Peter?
son's Ladies' National Magazine. The fall
fashions are a slight improvement on the
queer styles prevalent during thc past
few months.
HOTEL ARRIVALS-August 5. - Colum?
bia Hotel.-J. W. Nichols. U. S. Pay?
master; T. H. Symmes, H. C. Hmlgins,
Mrs. M. Kcuedy, J. E. Thames, Charles?
ton; Walter Muir, Philadelphia; Simon
Fair, L. J. Jones, Newberry; C. G. Carl?
ton, J. B. Dennis, New York; C. C.
Bowen, Washington; L. W. Dich, Sum?
ter; E. DeBerry, A. McBee. S. C. ; J. P.
Caldwell, Baltimore; R. J. Devir, Hele?
na; B. F. Alford, Greenville.
National Hotel.-A.. W. T. Simmons,
G. & C. R. R. ; Miss Porter, Kingstree;
j J. M. Lee, Charleston; T. R. Gaines,
Yorkvillo; P. A. Eichelberger, Edge
field; J. Griffin, Florida; W. H. Roane,
North Carolina; C. H. Goodwin, H.
Mitchell, Barnwell; J. A. Crews, Green
t ville; N. C. Joyner, Ringville; T. C.
Galaway, Spartanburg.
Nttkei'son House.-J. Wilhelm, Louis?
ville, Ky. ; Rev. C. P. Gadsden and wife,
Master Gadsden, Jos. Woodruff, Charles?
ton; J. T. Fitzgerald, Mariou, Ala. ; J.
N. Farmer, Tennessee; Thos. B. Reese,
H. D. Hudson, Edgefield; A. R. Mc?
Clure, Philadelphia; J. J. Patterson,
Pennsylvania; A. B. Wndlaw, ^ife,
three children and servant, Master A.
N. Smith, Abbeville; J. A. Bowie, S. C. ;
M. F. Molony, C. P. Leslie, Blackville;
Elias Dickson, Manning; L. O'Neal,
Edgefield; John B. Carwile, Samuel Fur
man, Newberry; Thomas McLean, New
York; James O. Meredith, Greenville;
Thos. L. Bayno, wife, four children and
two servants, New Orleans; Miss Layne,
New Orleans; John Denton, Charlotte.
called to the following advertisements,
published the first time this morning:
A. S. Wallace-Internal Revenue.
P. F. Fra/.ee-Sheriffs Sale.
E. E. Jackson-Seasonable, ?fcc.
T. J. LaMotte-Assignee's Sale.
Fisher ?c Heinitsh-Queen's Delight.
Jas. S. Campbell-For the Barbecue.
j C'Arr.nr.-Tho borso thief who stole
j Mr. Dent's horse and wagon, near Co
' lumbia, was arrested yesterday, near
Liberty Hill, by Richard Hogan, and
' lodged in thc jail at this place.
\Winnsboro Neirs.
QUEEN'S DELIGHT puts every man in pos?
session of tho means of improving his
own health. Disorders of the Stomach,
Liver aud Bowels are very numerous.
1 The Stomach is tho great centre which
' influences tho health or disease of the
system-abused, debilitated by excess,
1 indigestion, offensive breath and physi?
cal prostration aro the natural conse?
quences; allied to tho brain, it is tl
i source of headaches, mental depression,
nervous complaints and unrefrcshing
1 sleep. The Liver becomes affected and
' generates bilious disorders, pains in thc
1 side, icc. The Bowels sympathize by
'costiveness, diarrhoea and dysentery.
Tho great power of the HEINITSH MEDI?
CINE is on tho Stomach. The Liver,
Lungs, Rowels, Kidneys participate in
' thc recuperative powers and regenerative

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