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Bait]rday ltorniagi Hovwnber fl, 1369.
Post re-pubUabW - ?. a Uto i issue, th e'
great anti-tariff if itch" of- Daniel Web?
ster, in Fanetail Hall, in October, 1820.
In tills 800000'' Ufr. Web.st??. considered
whether OongrreashadW rigit to do bj
taxation whatlt Cannot1 ?o'atrectlj-?to
pr?aoribe wjiat ???ffiujts sbjdl Jd^?. ?ahalj
not;ws ,f?iloWfbO py"HhjO r^rjplfer"*rjf-'thi8
country. Lr anything-, gained for fiby
class by ''protecting"; each tigaiust tho
comp?tition of overy .-otlier, and by ' 'pro?
tecting1' money outof/eveiy man's p?aket
into bia neighbor's?- If not, if the pro?
cosa is sheer loss, ia not the only gain by
'.protection" obtained by those who get
it at the expense of those who do not?
and is not this unjust? Is comulerojo
such an euewy of national prosperity
that it i? wi?O~tG tax it to death juet for
the sake of kjljiqg it? Is a population
made upjof a handful of rich capitalist
ancUa7 AntbftiflJaJ of flr?pendeiit ?aSb?ry
laborer? tfettbjfct poep$le in a froeShrte?
Is'the building up pf isuch a community
so great au object of. national policy that
the whole people -ought to be taxed in
ordTer to acc?mp?isiilit? These aro the
questions^disdu88fed.byvMr. Webster, and
^^^^^f '^M^^^i in his
subsequent ohange of'political position,
t? Was ndt himself'able to overthrow.
Itrddes nbfcfbllbw,* however, that bo??use
?ttfo!;?i^efA?^;i^?y.. pi. ?.prote?tiW'
should not be?doptod, that,- therefore,
a^Sr^^ai?i??^.^ tracte is to
be attempted1; outr rather a policy meet?
ing the ?wsesaavy and; j ?at requirements
for revenue from customs, by which to
par-the expenses of the most economi?
cal administration ol the Government
wh'ioh it is possible to attain.
? YV.ftu^iaaV.-U
FAIR.-To say that our District Fair of
the present week was, a ?rest success is
only to give expression to what every?
body says oa the Eubject. Abbeville in
ber palmiest days never witneased a
larger attendance of spectators, and the
array of articles on exhibition waa highly
creditable to tho skill and enterprise of
our people. Extra trains, through the
courtesy of the President and Directors
of the Greenville and Columbia Railroad,
brought crowds every day from the Salu?
da side of the District, whilst our public
squaro was filled with vehicles of all
kinds, bearing their living freight from
every section of the Savannah. A fine
band of music from Due West discoursed
eloquent music and prepared for the at?
tractions of the scene which was to fol?
low. Wednesday was the opening day
of the Fair, and the exercises commenced
with an admirable address delivered be?
fore a large audience in the Court House,
by Dr. Daniel Lee, the distinguished
agriculturalist of Tennessee. To say that
it was worthy of him, who has been
styled "tho first agricultural chemist in
the United States,"is paying the highest
compliment to an address which embo?
died the mature fruits of tho highest
Emetical skill, combined with a profound
nowledgo of all that pertains to the
scion oe of agriculture.
[Abbeville Press and Banner.
A New York letter to the Philadelphia
hedger, says:'
'.General Butterfield, it is said, has
instituted legal proceediugs against one
of the city morning journals for libel, in
charging that lie- used tho news of the
battle of ChanceIio:rsville to promote pri?
vatesteck operations lu, Wall street all
the while that h? was withholding intelli?
gence of the dtacster from tho newspa?
per correspondents and' the public. If
the pu<*6, is eyer pressed for trial, the
lawyers say oue of the most startling of
tbe unwritten histories of those times
will be opened up."
THE NEXT ELECTIONS.-The next elec?
tions occur on tho 30th instant, in Texas
and" Mississippi on adopting the new
State Constitutions and for offices under
them. Tho total registration in Missis?
sippi is lili),937, ol whom 59,17t3 are
white and 80,701 colored. There were
78,016 voten cast at tho convention elec?
tion, of which 63,822 wero colored and
69,737 were for the convention..: In
Texas, the vote for the convention last
year was 5-*,383i giviog 30,890 majority
in ita favor; but several Counties arc not
included in the return.
On Thursday last, Mr. M. Tucker, who
lives some six miles from Greensboro, N.
C., while about his barn, was attacked
by an enraged bull. He threw Mr. T.
high over his head-thou turned upon
him in his helpless condition on tho
ground, and gored him severoty, break?
ing a leg, three ribs and dislocating ono
of his hips. Mr. T. would have been
killed on tho spot, but for two of his
mules whp ran up and kicked tho infuri?
ated bull off, and stood guard over the
sufferer until his cries of anguish brought
assistance from tho bouse.
Tho San Francisco Bulletin, of the 23d
ultimo, states that a car load of oysters,
ten tons in amount, arrived in that city
on the 21st, from Baltimore. They wero
shipped in a ?ar constructed for tho pur
poso, and carno through in'oight days, in
oxcollent condition. The entire car load
was disposed of within twenty-four boors
after their arrival. - -
Mrs. Sarah LarimorV, of Covington,
Tenn., was kicked in the breast and
stomach by an old horsesho was attempt?
ing to drive from the garden tho o*hor
day, and died in a fow hours from tho
effects. O . c' if Otc
What is tho greatest curiosity in the
world? A woman's.
TUm XW**nltT-*f?** Tnt Oidee ?r lt*
inatimt?on ba&alwattftieenfbppjefiof
hosjS? attack. 1 No 7eekingjpr tm Lflgis
"(ittrrV,'{Moi1 w*Mieww,<i? Mffovnioft
without some demonstration against it.
At the close of that straggle,, the. pppo
sition to it became so strong that its
fefS^da believed that, it could be sayed
from destruction only by changing the
College" into ? Tjhivers?iy, re^d?ln^ t'ne"
r?i?rjof tne Professors, cutting off the
annual appropriation for tbo library, and
making it; as far as possible, self-sap
porting. These changes were, accord?
ingly made. At a time when the people
of the State were impoverished, and all
kinds of business were in a languishing
condition, tho cost of ? education was
made higher than it had'ever been, even
in the days of their opulence and pros?
perity. AU this was done upon the plea
of economy; and the Barns frugal ^Legis?
lature refused to pay"the salaries of the
Professors for services previously ren?
dered, although thoso Professors had re?
attained at their posts -by direction of tire
Board of Trustees, .who had been ap?
pointed by the Legislature. Thu people
of the State, anxious to educate their
sons, in spite of the increased expenses,
seht th'?m to tho' 'University; and; in
1806-*?Y; ?ne nunrber of matriculates
Waa 108; Trte/nexUernV, l867-,M,)suOwe}a
113> i^y^n? lb.e University; tho prospect
of a steady ?noreaso in the number of ita
students. Ill the meantime, the-?epubli
oan party bud acceded to power, and the
agitation about tho institution riow be?
gan. It was ope?ly prpplaimed that the
University was to ba reoonsUruoied, and
all the officers oj coted: ' The apprehension
of this result reduced tho number of
students, in 1868-'69,'to sixty-five.
A Republican L?gislature took charge
of the University-with what result?
They doubled the pay of tho Professors,
reduced the cost of education, enlarged
the number of beneficiary students, and
provided for the repair of the buildings,
which, in consequence of the parsimony
of a previous Legislature, and the mis?
management of their agents, were fast
going to rain. They reduced the old
Boara of Trustees to manageable di?
mensions, making the number eight,
inclusivo of the Governor. Twojof these
-a minority-were colored men, bat
men of acknowledged culture and probity.
Thia excited violent opposition. Some
of the Professors demanded the instant
withdrawal of the students and the re?
signation of the officers, those very officers
wno bad recognized the Legislature
in accepting an increase of pay. So far,
however, from yielding to this demand,
the Professors retained office under the
new Board, and two. of them even ap?
plied to that Board for extra compensa?
tion, and obtained it. It may be made
a question, whether the Board had tho
right to grant this extra compeusation;
but their doing so acquits them of all
hostility to the Faculty. The subse?
quent resignation of those gentlemen
cannot be ascribed to any unwillingness
to recognize tho new Board, or the Le?
gislature that appointed them. They
bad already recognized both.
The . storm subsided; and the public
day closed the term in peace, the Gover?
nor and one of tho Board bciug present.
In tho meantime, two of the Faculty,
whom the parsimony of the Legislature
had driven to resignation, left their
chairs vacaut. Tho Trustees intimated
their intention to till them with compe?
tent men, and to leave the corps Of in
struotors, othorwise, unchanged. Their
delay to fill the chairs occasioned suspi?
cion and olamor. But the usual notice
of the opening of tho institution in Octo
ber waa given by tho Faculty, advertise?
ment having been made in almost all tho
papors of the ?-Uate, and iu many of the
adjoining States. D?ring the last vaca?
tion, when the friends of tho University
might have been efficiently active in its
behalf, tho press was either silent or
aggressive. The cry of negro was raised,
th? University was declared defunct, and
the friends of other colleges in the State
took advantage of the rumor, to fill up
their own institutions. Even the young
man who wero disposed to.go to the
University, were laiaileil, baayef'?ci and
driven off to other institutions, some of
them beyond the State. ? .
At this crisis, one of tho Professors
resigned. The Board mot and filled oil
the vacant chairs, ohooBiugf only one of
their political party. Thia gentleman
and another of the officers elect declined.
Tho Board made arrangements for tempo?
rary, but adequate instruction in the
vacant Bchools, and the University
opened. Thus far no Professor had been
removed by tho new Board. Yet, had
they been disposed to "reconstruct," they
would havo found an illustrious prece?
dent in tho doings of their predecessors.
It cannot bo forgotten that, some years
since, the old Board mado an incompe?
tent man President of the College; aud
because tho Professors could not carry
j this dead weight, they were summarily
ejected from office, aud were restored
only because tho people all over tho
State were indignant at the oulrnge.
Had tho now Board reconstructed the
Uuivorsity ou political grounds, they
would havo done an act not to bo com?
pared in atrocity with that of their pro
The University opened in October, and
as was to bo expeoted, from the war
waged against it, only a few students
applied for matriculation. But they
were coming in, when another blow fell
upon tho institution. Two other Pro?
fessors resigned. Another clamor was
raised. Those gentlemen were applauded,
and tho remaining Profoffjprs were co?
vertly, if not directly, censured; even
tho students w.oro assailed and twitted
for their want of spirit. That storm has
i ila force. The University is qui?
etly pursuing its way, and giving instruc?
tion, as heretofore, in all its schools.
Tho Trustees have selected competent
mon, without regard to political consido
oolored j ou og mej^ w^
turbad them, io anjj,&?$fo'je^aroaav
the interests of tho University. No
principio ia compromised ia the admis?
sion of colorea student*! Under tho
"Oonstilufchm md laws of the oomeaetv
wealth,, they aro ontHled to whatever
advantages tho institution Ws to Offer.
They need and desire intellectual im?
provement, aud no true son of our com?
mon mother should wish to repel them
from those fountains, which she Una
tin own open to all her chil Iren.
Mu. EDITOK: "Citizen,"iu your paper
of the 5th, must have arisen from a Rip
Van Winkle sleep. He had better take
a trip td Richmond, "Washington, Balti?
more, New Yolk, or Albany, beforo he
complains of disorder at the railroad de?
pots here. We would suggest the get?
ting up a subscription for his especial
benefit, and your taking him in charge,
the first time business calls yon North;
tor without a protector, auch an unso
phisticated old fogy wortld be forever
lost to South Carolina; After hi? trip to
the above mentioned.oities, he will return
to Columbia ff wiser Baan, and ready to
appreciate the good ord?r ejds?iii^ ut cur
depots here. COMMON SENSE.
The public debt statement this mouth
makes a distinction, for the first timo in
the debt bearing interest in coin, between
registered and coupon bonds. . This dis?
tinction is made apon the recommenda?
tion o? persons who have been in corres?
pondence with the Secretary on the
subject. Ia the item of 1802 bonds is
included over 385,000,000 ooupous, near?
ly all of whieh are held in Europe, whilst
the 120,000,000 registered mentioned,
are held ia thia country. The registered
bonds are constantly on the iaerease, all
bonds purchased by the Secretary, and
all changes of other oleases of bondad
indebtedness assuming that form, there
being no authority for re-issuing them in
the form of coupons."
The New York Fire Department has
thirty-seven steam firo engines and en?
gine houses, fifteen hook and ladder
trucks, and eleven bell-towers, besides
repair shops, stables where horses are in
constant readiness, firemen's halls, otc.
Hon. A. H. Stephens says of Solomons'
Bitters: "I have used them with decided
benefit; in giving tone to the digestir? or?
gans and general strength to the system."
Americans, it is said, now support
Paris; for prices have driven away the
English, and politics the French, leaving
the gay capital to the festive Yankee.
The superintendent of tho Georgia
State Hoad declares that after this year
tho road will pay all the expenses of the
State government.
Noar Wintersot, Iowa, a threshing ma?
chine took fire from friction and was
burned np. The threshing machine al?
luded to was not a school-teacher.
If you have Dyspepsia, use "Solomons'
Strongtbeningand Invigorating Bitters."
It is a certain cure. 013 6
Tho Avenger is the thrilling name of a
new woman's rights paper at Crawford
ville, Ind.
Three soldiers, while out bunting near
Fort Fetterman, were hunted and killed
by tho Indiana.
Do you Huller from Debility, or Loss
of Appetite? Use "Solomons'Strength?
ening and Invigorating Bitters." 018 6
On the evo of the 27th ult., at the resi?
dence of tho bride's,father, by Dr. J. L. Rey?
nolds, Mr. E. EARLE WILLIAMS, of Edgo
! field, 8. C., to Miss MAMIE O., youngest
daughter of J. T. Zoaly, Esq., of Columbia,
S. C. No cards.
fe -. i_- s? ' 1 i_._L
TTTESTERN and North Carolina Seed OATS,
Vv for sals low, by
Scott, Williams & Oo.
HAVE REMOVED Into their New Hanking
House, whero they will ho pleased to seo
their friends and customers TO-DAY.
Nov C .___1
lil SK? TS.
RECEIVED THIS DAY, ono Case of Ladies'
Roticule BASKETS, now colors and pat?
terns, at STANLEY'S
Nov C 1 China Hall.
Horses for Sale.
A span of fino BAY HORSES, and a
?^t'.uiadiau Draft HORSE, for sale.
MXI* A ?econd-hand PHAETON A:<\X ll AR?
NESS. Apply at lt. Joyner's Stables.
Nov C 1*
A Great Convenience.
THE subscriber wonld inform Builders and
others, that he is prepared to furnish
I SAWED LATHS AND HAIR, in any quantify,
I at the Sash and Lime House, nert tho Paint
i and Oil Store. JAMES BROWN.
I Nov? _ 2
A Very Pure Article.
PURE WHITE LEAD, grouud in Puro Oil.
$25 in gold will bo paid for ovory ounco of
adultcratiou found in any package. 8old hy
the subscriber and represented to he Pnro
Whito Load. JAS. BROWN.
Nov 6___2_
Dissolution of Copartnership.
THE Copartnership heiotoforo existing un
dor tho firm namo of J. L. KIRKWOOD it
CO., ia hereby dissolvod by mutual consent.
Alt bush' oss connected with the ooncorn, will
bo settled -y William Sloane. '
. * J. li. KIRKWOOD,
' (For mor Iv Lan i? ri
R^staoxant, ana Bar Room *.
OFEW TO-DAt. at ll o'clofek. The eltS
zens generallr are invited to attend ' at
Nov C 1
two nei
idly to
it ia
house, and catling for his
him bis gun, notified Swee
ho advanced any tutibor
nf?on hiss would shoot. Sweeney
continued to.advanco, when Mr. Glas?
cock fired and killed Sweeney instantly.
- The eleotiuu in Dacota for Rcpt events- \
ti vea in tho Territorial Legislature took
place on the 12th ultimo. At the election
for delegates to Congress, last year, the
radioals carried every County in the Ter?
ri tory. At the recent election there were
split tickets in nearly all the Cpnntics,
and the D?mocrate made large gaine on
their opponents. The rotorua received
&t Yankton up the 20th ultimo show that
the Senate will probably be Democratic
and the House Republican. There was
not a full Republican ticket elected in a
single County.
F mr, IN BAJVTIMOHI;.-Monday even?
ing, one of the extensive building* knowp
aa the Abbott Rolling Mills, situated near
Harris' creek, Canton, accidentally
caught firo, and before it waa extinguish?
ed a large portion of the works were de?
stroyed. 7U0 men ure thus thrown out
of employment. Not known whether
there wits insurance or nut
Do you want au Appetite? Use Solo?
mons' Bitters-greatest tonio of the ag?.
?M Justice to myself sud family, I would xa?
spectrally ask what right the City Connell has
to issue au execution against ono Frank T.
Dent, ami serre tho tame on Elizabeth Daw?
kins, and take ber.fine euuu-soatod chairs and
other articles of furniture, to pay the debts of
the above named Frank T. Dent ? The execu?
tion was signed hy C. H. Baldwin and J. McMa?
hon, and put in the hands of two Police Of
fioera, respectively named Thomas W. Berry
and J. B. Pollock; I cannot see any other rear
non than that Mr. Baldwin and Mr. McMahon
were rather short of furn i turu, as I don't sup?
pose General Shorman loft them a great deal
when he passed through this city. ' I myself
think it would have looked a littlo better if
they had went to toms male person, aa they
took the last seat Mrs. Dawkins had; they did
not evan leave her a chair to sit on.
Axes! Axes!!
-t f\f\ DOZ. Best Cast Steel, Warranted
?\J\J AXE8, on hand and for sale low, at
wholesale and retail, br J. A T. It. AGNEW.
Canned Goods.
Green Corn, Lima Beans, Oysters, Lob?
sters, Sardines, Salmon, Mackerel. Condensed
Milk, Ac, Ac, ou hand and for salo low, by
Nov 6 _ J. A T. R. AGNEW.
Preparatory School.
itf/J? NUARY next, tho subscriber will
^nraHbereccivo a linrted number of pupils
suiBErSpreparing for a College or Uuiver
^Pj|^aity course, or who may wish to
.Ja^ pursue special studies in English,
Ancient Lauguages and Mathematics.
Nov C s3 WM. .T. RIVERS.
AS we have lost so much MONEY, lately,
sent us through tho mail, by persons or?
dering Duplicate Photographs from Negatives
in our hands, we hereby notify all parties
sending us money, that we will not be respon?
sible for money seul UM, uuless it cornea by
Post Onice Order, Registered Letter, or by
Express. WE A. KN A DIX, Photographers,
Nov C Imo Columbia, 8. C.
To the Public.
JyT^VjOinform tba citizens of Columbia
?jfiSand the surrounding country ge
?AV JaSuorally, that I have resumed my
?wSMt?dsBsV'old Business again, after a lapse
of twenty years, engaged in the manufacture
of Iron, I am again back at my first Business,
whoro a full Stock of all Goods kopt in a First
Class Establishment can bofound. Isballuee
my best endeavors to givo satisfaction to all.
I hope to re?oive a share of patronage. 1 shall
keep First Class Workmen, and all work en?
trusted to me will be warranted.
The Working Christian
irs tho Organ of tho Baptist Denomination
JL in HoutliiCarolina, ?ind furnishes an excel?
lent medium for 'advertising "purposes. It is
now extensively read in tho State and its cir?
culation rapidly increasing among tho forty
thousand Baptists of our State.
Tba rates"-if udvortiuing are, for-ono inch
spac#V*oVtho first insertion: $1.3f>i for each
subsequent insert ion, 75 couts. Longer ad?
vertisements in tho same proportion fur a pe?
riod loss than three months. For auy time
over three months, special contrae ts will be
made ott liberal tenus. Address* il
Nov fl w Yorkvillo, S. C.
VfiSsc* Wanted,
vBS?? A MILO H COW. with young calf.
jT7$Apply at
To Contractors.
AT a Meeting of tho Mechanics' Associa?
tion, it was resolved that, on and after
tho Htm of thia month, tho Contractors will
be required to pay $2.00 for Second Class
hands, and $2.50 a day for First Class hands,
for Carponters and Bneklavorj.
J. SMITH, Preaidont.
A. W. CTJUTIS, 8ocretary. Nov 4 5*
?flTUATED on Assombly street, near tho
fy North-east corner of tho Market, is now
pi t,pared to servo up OYSTERS in overv style,
to please the patrons ol tho Uouso.
r amines can bo supplied with Oysters either
on tho sholl or opened.
Tho BAR ia furnished with the beet of
A fino BOWLING ALLEY ia attached to tho
House. D. McOUISNW,
Nov t**_Proprietor.
A Large .Assortment
ES, English Hair brushes,
American Hair BruahOH.
COMBS, ot All kinda and prices,
Choleo Extracte and other Perfumea, at low
griest. JACKSON'S Drug Rt?ro.
Pure Glycerine.
Bromide A m mon.,
- 1 Tan h in, ?> . WI U IH' I
For sale by E. E. JACKSON,
Nov 4 Druggist.
rrr rr*!-: . ? - --?
Boo gt 1 Ito yam m .
lotMf lidding oaT<js Sad Lvel>p*e, ? >f
latflt Aries, has, ^lil beE jfeceivffl;
twhith jil be prir||ed? imgatijgi of ?h
graving, and at less toad one-tentH'uie
cost. Call and see specimens nt PIICENTX
"With fragrant odors sweet
Like the perfumed brgiUh of muru."
We compliment our neighbor, Dr.
Seinitsh, on bis capital taste and dis?
criminating judgment in perfumes ; .mm
are pleased to acknowledge the discover j
on our reportorial table, of some very
elegant toilet water, which, through some
peculiar weakness, we baye a very decided
fondness for; aud is most apropos.
If tbis is a specimen of tbe manufacture
of bis cologne, we eau bespeuk a "groat
big" prize medal at the Fair, for it is the
finest article we have boen regaled with
for a long time-a nosegay, a boquet,
frngrant flowers, and intoxicating deluge
bf sweet odors.
readers will observe that a meeting will
be held this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the
hall of tho Independent'Fire Company,
to form a Survivors' Association, for
Richland. These associations havo al*
ready been formed in other parts Of the
State, and we hope thal'? large nnd earn*
est attendance Wilt be the result' of the
appointeront made for this evening. It
is eminently proper that such an .associ?
ation be formed. The truth 6f history;
justice to the cloud, just ic o to the living,
the. sympathies of the true Sputhern
heart-these call for the movement. We
trust that the movement will be earnestly
carried and placed upon a judicious and
permanent basia.
The women of South Carolina are
earnestly invited to unite with their
sisters of Richland District, in the erec?
tion of a monument to the memory of
those who died in defence of the Con?
federacy. The gallant comrades who
have survived them, have expressed their
approbation nf this movement, and, with
all confidence, leave to their wives,
mothers, sisters und daughters the glo?
rious privilege of perpetuating tho mem?
ory of our martyrs. Those who sympa?
thize with us in this holy purpose are
nrged to meet in Columbia, on Tuesday,
November 7, to form a State Monu?
mental Association. Papers throughout
tho State are respectfully asked to extend
this notice/
CBVMDS. The Charleston Courier states
that the assertion in the PHOENIX, rela?
tive to tho circular for the Masonic Fair,
was incorrect. The advertisements were
paid for, but the proceeds are to be de?
voted to the Fair. We make the correc?
tion, as a matter of justice; but, nt the
samo time, feel constrained to say that
the printer of the circular is not disposed
to observe tho scriptural injunction
"Let not the right hand kuow what the
loft doeth."
An extra truiu will be run over tho
Spartanburg and Union Railroad, on
Tuesday next, the 9th instant.
Tho lovers of French candies can have
their wants supplied by giving Mr. Mc?
Kenzie a call. He has just opened a
fresh assortment; besides which, having
seoured the services of an experienced
confectioner, he can supply fresh cara?
mels every day.
Messrs. Scott, Williams & Co. open
their new banking house to-day, and
being disposed to keep up old and
pleasant customs, give a houie-wtfrmiu?
to-day-to whioh their friends and \m
irons are invited.
Ileise's dining saloon is now in ful
blast, and a lunoh will bo^eryed up to
day. .
A general mvikaliou is extended to thc
oitizens to appear at tho. Exchange
Hotel, (tho old Lanier House,) tL?E
morning, nt ll o'clock. Bo on hand, a.
a variety of good things will be dispensod,
Tho following Magistrates in Chestoi
County have been dismissed from office
by Governor Scott: H. C. Brawlo}', Eli
Cornwell, T. M. Boiilware, B. G. Thison.
Tho XIX Century, for November, ii
out, aud will repay attentive- perusal.
HOTEL, ARRIVALS, November fi.-Nick
erson House-J. Willhelm, Kentucky; Y.
J. P. Owens, Laurens, S. C.; J. L. C.
Clark, C. Huggins, Baltimoro; D. B.
Heyward, wife, three ohildren and twe
servants, Charleston; H. D. Robertson,
Fairfield; J. H. Gay, Augusta; H. \B.
Moson, Flat Rock.
National Hotel.-Wm. Toll Henderson,
Abbeville; E. N. Belt, Baltimoro; G.
Riecke, Charleston; E. Capers, Green'
ville; E. V. Mobley, Edgefield; W. Q,
M. Burley, Lexington; J. O. Meredith,
G. & C. R. R. ; J. W. Walker, Baltimore
W. Davis, Santuc, Union; B. 'F. Lyle?,
Union; C. W. Gu flin, Abbeville.
Columbia Hotel.-D. H. Chamberlain,
B. B. McOroery, city; S. D. G arlington
Laurens; Mrs. A. Hippa,M?B8issjppi; W
H. Evans, F. D/" LeeMtf. ?>.'Kennedy,
Charleston; fi'ff?jHfo $yAJ&feCor
raiok, Augusta; F.;tfn*?h, ittr&d^T
Jordan, Winneboro; Arl*. 1?K:K, E
?.. R ?Misa A. Pl Crrymple, Newberry
v.'ft Wiley, Spartanburg; Alelr'.'McBeo
ailed ttf tho following advertisements,
putjlis^&iynrai tt^e ??B marner f
Kitawoo?jt 8ioaao-?isaohition.
Wa?aWi?rlaaft-T? the Publie.
The Working Christian-Yorkvillo.
Wm. ^ Rivers?-rrPreparatory Scbook
J. & ?;..,R. Agpew-Axes, &c.
Paysinger ct Franklin-Opening." "
Scott, Williams & Co.-Invitation.
W. B. Stanley-Baskets.
Horses for Salo-Afc Joyner's Stables.
James Bro wrr-White Lead, Sn. - --
Tlmmas F. Dent-Card.
Fisher, Lowrance & Fisher-Oats.
SYMPTOMS.-r-S?ightl)ain in the side,,
the skin and eye. assume a, thick yellow
coat, digestion is impaired, an nnplea
saut sinking sensation at the pit of tho
stomach, the bowels irregular, tho mind
fretful, the memory weakened, some?
times a slight cough, coldness of tba
hands and foot, sometimes loas of appe?
tite and at others unnatural craving for
food, dizziness of the head, depressed
spirits, feeling of uncertainty, of having
left something undone, but can't tell
what it is. t Taite (SIHMOMS' LIVJEB REGU?
LATOR, it will, rem ?ve all unpleasant feel?
ings and.majfceyo^.welk. j... N6J3
I ;? \^BW??;?M^WIOI? CbiiB9o?rxp.r
? Many person ahoye that, ?here ia,,ho
value ia,,
dually o?rrected. It is now n<HTi\
thatvoo remedial i^eoU.has ever, b??n.
disoweredi.. ??ortp-.?P? oSpu^ : .j?utt) ? |M
seasee, in.qcfcftnfeAP* ^?degree^^?poirei
oX exa4icati?g.^rujhe ,sj-a?(att(ISBff)
distemper ..aajpn,, ; Tpr? s ? S?|tsAi AW?4uk.
AN?. Qoa^'^ JtopHTt: Jhfrf?^jp, :U
assit* tH*W*iQ <fa -/?ffihrqji? i ?/SJ gj
cAoans?f,, U ifl jcon^oaod.i.of .vegH
aubataufeav, etery ope ol
grow?, pn $oatheta soil. ?jj is th*
.i. _L : P".' ji'.n+r-1l .1^, TV. orfi . ,i
A Ncrw^?J?^^Airx.rr-That pne way of
appealing to a maVs reason ia through
his eye. In these busy, times, men, axe
so deeply immersed > in tho conduct of
magnidoeat pxojeota, that they forgot ail
about the condition qt their systems,
andi hence it ia that tba proprietors of the
Plantation Bitters, which cures Dyspep?
sia, purifies the blood* improves tho tone
of the stomach, regulates tba bowels,
and, indeed, invigorates the whole inner
man, are BO active in advertising. In
fact, advertisements are merely sky?
rockets sent up to attract attention to a
really good article.
MAONOLIA WATER.-Superior to the
best imported German Cologne, and sold
at half tho price. N6J3
THE SECRET OP BEAUTY lies in tho uso
of Hagan's MAGNOLIA BALM for the com?
Roughness, Redness, Blotches, Sun?
burn, Freckles and Tan disappear where
it is applied, and a beautiful complexion
of pure, satin-like texture is obtained.
Tho plainest features are made to glow
with healthful bloom andyouthful beauty.
Remember Hagan's MAGNOLIA BALM IS
the thing that produces these effects,, and
any lady eau secure it for 75 cents at any
of our stores.
To preserve and dress tho hair nea
Lyon's Kathairon.. ' WjlS
A wonderful cure reported from' Penn?
sylvania', with HEINITSH'S QUEEN'S. DE -
LIOHT. A girl fifteen yeara of age, paie
and sickly, emaciated, no appetite, losing
flesh, with sore.',eyes, sore mouth,.anet, a
general was?it?g1 away-all owing to po?
verty of blood. 1 After using four bottles
of tho Queen's Delight, her appetite re?
turned, digestion improved, increase in
growth and..flesh,' sores removed, skin
bright and clear, and ovory indication pf
au improved condition pf her whole sys?
tem. Th^ispqeof the niany cases we
hear of the wander/al results of floih
itsh's .Queen's Delight., Everyw,l?a<?e,
Storth aud J^putn, wherever introduced,
it is ppokefc pfc in' the highest ferrns. ?rjp.
Solomons'* Bitters, an Antidote to* Ma
laria^repltred by A. A. Solomons AV Go.,
druggists; Havannah, Ga. ' 0l8'6!
Agency. ','
THE subscribers are Agcn?H for tho aal? of
P. H. Ellis' V\ il IHK EY, tnado in Kentucky,
sud have on hand a full stock of the following
Urunda !irjl .,, ,. ?
Turc Old Rye WFIISKEY,
do do Bourbon do,
do do Wboat ' do.
RSSra 100 Hacks SALT, . ,.
fSaSm 1?0 Kbl8- FFF Q FLOUR,
v^?T?? 100 do "Liberty" do
100 do "Hagszino" do
GOO Bushels Corn,
50 Bbla. Whiskeys, Bums, Brandies, Wines,
and ct inn,
273 Lbs. Smoking Tobacco, assorted branda?
50 BOXCB Chewing Tobacco, of all grades,
20,000 Segara, various branda,
English Ale and Porter.
Hu gara, Teas, Cofioes, Bice, Potatoes, Buck
ota. Broom?, and varions articlos too numn
rousto mention, which I oller to the trade low
for cash. R. ALLEN,
At the stand formerly occupied by R. Bryce
&Ron._"_Nov 8
Just Received.
7CASES Oontlomeu's Dress and Water
Proof BOOTS.
3 Cases Gents* Congreaa GAITERS, manu?
factured to order, by McMullin, or Philadel?
phia. J. MEIOHAN.
Dupont's Gunpowder Ageney.
AFULL supply constantly on hand, of all
grades, iu Whole, Half and Quartor Kogs
and Canisters, for sale low to tho trade and
consumers-aiseyDropand Buck SHOT, Per?
cussion CAPS, Gun Flints, Ac, for aale low,
by*_ . , , . J. h T. B. AGNEW.
Dried Fruit;
J?\J 50 bushell Dried APPLES. For sale
low by E. t- G. D. HOPE.

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