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Sunday Morning, Hovember 7, 1869,
Tht Monnmcnt Sa tit? CaufcUerato Dead
?nd th? SnrTlvor?' AIMIIBUW.
There are two things that reuin?n to bo
dono in connection, with tho into Confed?
erate struggle. Theten? .ia to raise a
..monument to the South Carolina dead
in that cauBo;iifo other is.ip carry out
the hiefcorroal- ?andr- ?abai itablo feat ur o
embodied in tho proposed Snrvivora'
Association. The one ia the work that
ike women of South Carolina have pro?
posed to theoisol vr? ; ' til o ' other remains
Xor the men to carry dut. W? repeat what
we hare always said-th nj, wd hope that
both of these pro j oo (/i will be promptly
consummated. We should seo to it that
oar noble dead aro not neglected; we
ohould see to it that the widows and
orphans of deceased Confederates oro
oared for. We should see to it, os due
to the living as well as tho dead, that
the troth of history be vindicated, so far
at least es it concerns the spirit, motives
and achievements bf those who obey od
the call of their Sta to in the luto war
between the States. We feel that we
need say bot little ou this subject. -The
two projeots to which wo are referring
will commend themselves to every man
and every, woman in whom dwells the
genuino South Carolina feeling. We
earnestly submit \ them twin enterprises
to tho men and the women of the State.
The ^Townthip Byitcm In South Caro
On this subject, thc New York World
makes the following rom ark a, which wo
commend to tho present law-makers in
South Carolina:
.'A rather noticeable meeting has just
taken place in South Carolina. To ex?
plain its object, it is necessary to pro?
mise that, in the formation of the recon?
structed constitution, a provision requir?
ing the division of the State into
'townships' was |inserted. As directed
by said constitution, the reconstructed
Legislature passed, in 1869, an act to
organizo townships and to defino their
powers an.d privileges. ' Now, in recon?
structed South Carolina, there is in oach
county, or, to speak unreconstructedly,
dittrict, a board of commissioners; and,
on the 28th of July last, a convention of
said .boards from tho several districts
waa held at the State capital. In open?
ing the prooeedings of this body, the
ohairman thereof 'called the attention of
the commissioner* to the impracticability
of forming townships in Sooth Carolina
similar to townships in the Northern
States, becauso of the limited population
of this State, and the country places
being so sparsely settled, olearly showing
that the parties who got up this 'town?
ship bill'? had in contemplation n State
of much larger population.'
"On the presentation of this view of
the case, the convention took into con?
sideration the propriety of memorializing
the Legislature as to 'the necessity of
postponing the organization of town
ships for a period of ten years ab least,'
and, pending the final disposition uf this
question, adjourned to meet, as ?tuted,
to-day at Columbia. Now, in itself, this
small matter of the regulation of coun?
ties in a single State is not much, bat it
happens to point very well a moral of
general application. That moral is this:
that rules of tho most approved accept?
ance as concern some of the Northern
States, and particularly those makiug up
New England, are entirely ont of piuco
as regards the Southern States. The
sch ool-sys Um, for inst? nco, of New
England, as we took occasion soma time
since to show, is impracticable in the
South, and impractical,lt: not because of
a general aversion to education and bar?
barism, as was thundered from .every
stump iu abolition times, but merely and
simply because the common-school sys?
tem of Now England is only adapted to
thickly sottled communities, and the
States of the South ure, and always have
been, sparsoly peopled. Similarly, we
called attention to tho fact that tba 'big
plantation system,' once tho thenio of
such virulent abuse, was now daily ap?
proving itself as the only stylo of agri?
culture fitted for a rioh country with few
inhabitants. As tho virgin Weat is
brought under cultivation, we find farms
of from five to ten thousand acres by no
means exceptional; and even Mr. Gree?
ley, who once rode the 'big pluntutiou'
argument without mercy and was ull for j
small farms, now comes out to say that
perhaps a thousand acres is about" right.
"Just as time brings its revenges, we
find, too, that it thus brings its passion?
less, exact verdicts, pronouncing thc old
abolition arguments of 'big plantations'
and 'no commou schools,' alike guilty of
a grievous and terrible discordance with
truth. This South Carolina County
Commissioners' Convention is but an?
other proof to tho same cud. First, it
shows tho villainous absurdity of aliens
framing a constitution for homo gover?
nance; and second, it strongly exhibits
the fallacy of attempting, iu tho matter
of local divisions, to model South Caro?
lina on Massachusetts rules. What is
true and good and approved in (ho Bay
Stato is shown, in tho language of this
very carpet-bag chairmau of tho Caro?
lina commissioners, to bo nu '/impracti?
cability* in tho Palmetto State. As thc
proverb says, 'what is ono man's meat
is another man's poison,' and, ns variety
is the spice of life, so local self-govern?
ment for States, and not ono iron uni?
formity, is tho only safo, agreeable and
business Uko rule.
It is said that Mr. Buckley, whose
child was drowned on Sullivan's Isht"J
a few days ago, has lost thr
by drowning.
MB- EDITOR: Ia ii not strange, in tb io
etty;.wirer* ti&nytxf,-*???my foo??
men,,that tt?re doe*' not txftt sion tj
thitMaa ? '^oog|te?'aCh^anjli>eo?
fon?" 9T? ? ?ot,. & ftor|cityg
ig^Bon at trill an& eaWgf*. wnof jff,
the language of St Pani, are ready to
say, "What wilt then Lave me to do ?"
I am constrained to b eli o VG that a Young
Men's Christian Association would opon
fields-Of* usefulness ifor^oung men, and
promote-vital godliness in. our com m u
ni ty. . While, nanny reasons, might be
suggested, B?bw?n?f iii importance, Snd
the', necessity for its organization, it .is
thus briefly alluded to, in order that re?
flecting minds might take tho matter
into consideration and act as promptly
as the importance of the subject demands.
MK. EDITOR: In tho article which you
hud tho kindness lo publish, yesterday,
I was made to 6ny "somo of tho Profes?
sors demaudod the instant withdrawal of
tho students." It should have rend,
"Some of tho press."
A Snrt Comedy.
We are not of those who find only
food for mirth in the disgraceful conduct
and unseemly behavior now too common
at the meetings of our City Gounoil.
From tho very Bret days of their term,
Aldermen have mado themselves conspic?
uous by their rowdyism and indecency.
Tho gravest accusations were bandied
about; ono Alderman branded another
as a liar; H third challenged tho whole
Council to a general scrimmage; charges
of corruption, peculation and nepotism
wero on everv-day affair. Ana so the
government of the city was carried on
each Alderman improving his opportuni?
ties, and widening hit shoulders, like tho
civic streets, "at the expenso of the cor-1
poration"-until the pistol, already talked J
of, was actually brought to light, and tho
walls of the Council Chamber were de?
faced and scarred by bullets fired by one
infuriate radical magnate at the head of
a brother Alderman. This crowning
picco of blackguardism led to the meeting
held on Thursday night During the
meeting, tho Aldermen who had before
made themselves notorious broke loose
from all restraint. Alderman T. J.
Mackey threatened "to strip every mask
from the corrupt body" of Alderman
Geddings, who is, we know, a respectable
conservativo citizen. The same Alder?
man said he was prepared to prove that
several Aldermen had been bribed, and
had strom to convict him and expel him
for shooting at his aldermanic nephew.
Alderman Collins declared that a witness
who was pat on the stand had sworn to
"a damnable and atrocious lio." Another
Alderman retorted that the moral char?
acter of Alderman Collins was so low
that ono hundred and fifty merchants of
this city certified that "he was unfit to
hold an o iii co under tho United States
Government," which does not, wo know,
pay much attention to pure ethics in
selecting partisan officials. Collector
Clark, a witness of the scene, stung by
what waa said of him, denounced Alder?
man T. J. Mackey as "a liar," who re?
joined by saying that Clurk "wns so well
known in the community as a thief that
it was not necessary to answer him."
Then carno the turu of Alderman Barrow,
who was charged with receiving a bribe
to vote against tho accused. Alderman
Barrow jumped up, saying: "I am ready
to provo, before Almighty God, that this
charge against me is one of the damndest
lies ever uttered." Tho Council were
soon after abused by wholesale, and
styled, in the chaste language of Alder?
man T. J. Mackey, "villains, miserable
thieves, robbers, polygamists, perjurers,
forgers." Tho two Mackeys resigned,
their resignations were accepted, and
the Council adjourned. The audience,
gathered together to behold what wus
fun for them, laughed and clapped their
h ands and stamped with their feet us the
Aldermen lunged and thrust at each
other. As the din became moro deafen?
ing, the audience chuckled and shouted
the more. As tho Spurtans bade their
children witness the antics of their
drunken slaves to wean them from even
a leaning to intemperance, so might tho
respectable citizens of Charleston send
their boys to our Council chamber, that
there might grow with their growth, aud
strengthen with their strength, a fixed
bato of tho rottenness and beastliness of
South Carolina radicalism.
As wo havo said, the conduct of tho
City Council fills us not even with a
grim pleasure," but with regret and
alarm. Wo havo had one year of this
radical city government, and iu that
year tho city spent Slo8,000 more than
it actually earned. In tho Mayor, no
man has confidence. Tho few Aldermen
who are decent and upright havo had no
power to check the waste and the profli?
gacy, tho vituperation and abuse. And
what is our condition? A city of forty
! thousand inhabitants, with twenty mil?
lions of real estate, with a debt of five
I millions, ruled by a majority who com
I bine all tho worst qualities of the fool
and the knave, the dolt and thc uhrowd
Wo do not speak of this as a political
question. These aldermanic rowdies nrr?
judged by us and by tho public, not as
members of a politicul party, butas men.
Aud wo oppose them, and ever will
oppose thom, not because they aro radi?
cals, but beeauso they are doing their
best to destroy tho city, and with it
every honest citizen.-Charleston News.
Tho following gentlemen have been
appointed to represent the Lan oas ter Ag?
ricultural Society at tho State Fair: J. B.
Erwin, K. G. Billings, Dr. J. N. Foster,
Willis Gregory, Wm. J. MoPhenin, Capt.
J. C. Foster, J. R. Hunter and Rev. D. 8.
-R G ?? I u?V S e
Hon. A. H. Stephens says of Solomons'
Bitters: "I have used them with decided
eilt; in giving tone to the digestive or
s and geneiulstrwBgth'tothe system-."
>*r ' '"
.Me ditches hay? annoonoed. the|
detfth ot ttr?s philanthropic gentaoman.
Hfcwasbpm in Danva??, aft?ad%etl??
oi&he 18tb?>f Fabrnaryi 1785. Ho
tho son of poor
?ducation waa acquired
schools. Ho waopUced aJ^^aMf,^?J
gtfbcer, in bis nat^f?rir^^tal^.iit
eleven, and in bis sixteenth year went to
Newburyport, as clerk (or ' hw elder
brother,-who bad opened, a dry goods
shop there. In 1837, be tjuk up bis
pcrmauont re si d cuco in. England, and,
in 1843, he established himself in Lon?
don as a merchant and banker. His
exertions arc said to have contributed
greatly to maintaining tho confidence
in American responsibility, wbioh lind
well nigh failed iu the disastrous period
of 1837. Thc list of his charities to be?
nevolent and educational purposes, in?
cluding bis munificent contributions to
institutions in bis nativo town of Dau
vers, for lodging houses for the poor of
London, for professorships in Yule, and
other New England collegee, and lastly,
but not least, bis great donation for
education in the South, reaches, in the
aggregate, to about ten millions of dol?
Wanted for this Week,
FOUR reliable men. Ago immaterial. Pay
liberal. Apply at thia ofllco. Nov 7
For Sale.
THE WOOD on 200 acreB o? Tine Land, with- i
in three mil?a of Columbia. Apply- to W.
A. MERIWETHER, at Uraulinc Conveut, Vallo
Crucia. _ _Nov 7 8*
McKenzie's Saloon.
MCKENZIE will open his SALOON, in rear
of the Confectionery, Main stroet, for the
aeaaon, on TUESDAY, tho 9th instant, aa a
Ladies' and Gentlemen's RESTAURANT.
OYSTERS Bervod in every atyle.
PATTIES, Tarts, Jel.ica, Ice Creams, Cof?
fee. Tea and Chocolate._ _ Nov 7 fi
Gas Light Bills.
CONSUMERS are requested to call at my
office and pay their billa for month of ]
October. The rule for negloct will be strictly
enforced without distinction.
Nov 7 ?I Secretary Gas Company.
WE take groat pleasure in publicly ac?
knowledging our thanks to Mr. Gcorgo
Huggins, General Insurance Agent, for tho
very prompt and liberal manner io which ho
has adjusted and paid onr claim on his agency,
for tho loss occat-ioned by the burning of our
Cotton Gin Warehouse and contents, on tho
14th proximo. TOZER .V WELLS.
COLUMBIA, S. C., November 8, l?G'J.
Nov 7_1
Washington aired, a few doors from Main,
[etc., constantly on hand, and diepensed
' promptly. Hot "Mix turcs of various kinda.
EUEE LUNCH every day at ll o'clock.
Nov 7 B. BARBY. Proprietor.
Will give a
Part ?culara in programmes. Nov 7 2
Will appear in Columbia
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday E'gs.
Mr. Mark Read,
Tho Celebratod Comedian,
Tho beautiful and fascinating Comedienne.
By an officiont
Do" Tho Manager takes pleasure in an?
nouncing that thin will be a FIRST CLASH
Tickets can bo obtained at tho Hotels in this
city._ Nov 7 2
Great Attractions
WE notify tho public that thc j
Greatest F air I
?ill bo hold at tho store? of
He invites tho company of tho entire popu?
lation of the States of North and South Caroli?
na, and Georgia, in particular, and other sec?
tions in general, FREE OF CHARGE, to call
and inspect his largo and boautiful stock of
j And other articles usually kept in a first
class Jewelry Ktoro. Nov 7
tw _iuw._ 1S opened for tho ?,^^.
>>7*T -r^X?Henson, with choice VgHHk
OYSTERS, GAME, kc, together-?'?
everything that is usually kept in a first class
Restaurant. Nov 5 7
Axes! Axes!!
1AfV DOZ. Beet Cast Stool, Warrantod
1UU AXE;}, on band and for sale low, at
wholesale and retail, by J. A T. B. AGNEW.
Back wheat and Syrup,
ri Goldon Drip 8YBUP. For sale bj;
Pot 28 B. AO. P. HOPE.
CIOE' io p*0,uU?i* Apples.
Iii? Court H OOM of Beaufort was de
_*royed by fire on Banda/ last The
fkodff'a papeta were saved, but many
vajtaable documenta beloiigingj to other
County officers waro dostyoyed; The ne
the work of pb incendiary.", m '
a siegle Rfi?ubUca? was jtlecte? tb\
branch ol Ibo Maryland* Logisla
Tbe majority for the Democrats
Btate is 25,000.
. >?l$ou have Dyspepsia, Uso "Solomons'
Strengthening and Invigorating Bitters."
It ifj iv curtain cure, (013 6
Thojollowing gentlemen have boen se?
lected ns tfcTegales from Oratigebttrg to
the State 'Agricultural Fair: Messrs. W.
P. Barton, Dr. R. W. Bates, F. M. Wan
namaker, R. W. Izlar.
Major Shepherd, Collector of Internal
Revenue ?orthoOkoloua (Miss.) District,
was murdered by his son Lemuel, a few
days ngo.
Do yon want an Appetite? Use Solo?
mons' Bitters-greatest tonic of the age.
Clothing, Dry Goods,
Boots ami Shoes,
Ladies and Gent'? Furnishing Goods,
WESTERN and North Carolina Heed OATS,
for sale low, hv
A Great Convenience.
THE subscriber would inform Builders and
others, that be ia prepared to furnish
SAWED LATHS ANI> HAIR, in any quantity,
at thc Sash and Lime House, next tue Paint
and Oil Store. JAMES BROWN.
Nov (5 2_
A Very Bare Article.
PURE WHITE LEAD, ground in Turo Oil.
$25 in gold will be paid for every ounce of
adulteration found in any package. Sold by
the subscriber und represented to be Pure
White Lead. JAS. BROWN.
Novt? 2
Canned Gooda.
Green Corn, Lima Beans, OyBters, Lob?
sters, Sardines, Salmon, Mackerel, Condensed
Milk, A?., Ac, on hand and for ealo low, bv
J*?? 5 _ ; J. A T. R. AGNEW.
AS we have loBt so muoh MONEY, lately,
sent us t li rou gb the mall, by persons or?
dering Duplicar o Photographs from Negatives
in our hands, wo hereby notify all parties
sending us money, that wo will not bo respon?
sible for money sent us, unless it com?.s by
Post Olliee Order, RegiHterod Letter, or bv
Express. WEARN A HIX, Photographers,
Nov C Imo Columbia, S. O.
To the Public. .
inform the citizens of Columbia
^J?feaud tho surrounding country go
. JBinerally, that I have resumed my
??jal**old Business again, after a lapso
nf twenty years, engaged in thu manufacture
of Iron, I am again back at my first Business,
whore a full Stock of all Goods kept in a First
Class Establishment can bc found. I shall uso
my best ondeavors to givo satisfaction to all.
I hope to receive a share of patronage. I shall
keep Firat Class Workmen, and all work en?
trusted to mo will bo warranted.
To Contractors.
AT a Meeting of tho Mechanics' Associa?
tion, it waa resolved that, on and after
tho ISTII of this month, tho Contractors will
be required to pay $2.00 for Second Class
hands, and $2.50 a day for First Class hands,
Tor Carpcntors and Bricklavoru.
J. SMITH, President.
A. W. CtrnTis. Secretary. Nov 4 5*
Legier Bro.'s Lager Beer Brewery,
HA MB UR 67, S. C.,
HAYE now roady and for sale, as good LA?
GER BEER as can bo imported from Mil?
waukee, Cincinnati, or any other placo.
Orders roceived at tho Columbia Hotel BAR
ROOM. __2iov-1^l?_
A Large Assortment
ES, English Hair Brushes,
American Hair Brushes,
COMBS, of all kinds und prices,
Choice Extracts and other Perfumes, at low
prices. JACKSON'S Drug Store.
Pure Glycerine.
Iodide "
Bromide Amnion.,
Oxalat?! Cerium, i
Mustard Leaves, (English,]
For sale by E. E. JACKSON,
Nov 1 Druggist.
Bond and Stock Broker,
PONS, BANK BILLS, Gold and Silver
COIN. Ofticc-Columbia Hotel Building, Main
street. Nov8f2mo*
For Sale.
g?MSEa ONE 7 and ono 8 Octave PIANO.
^g^T^TTiAlso' Tuning and Repairing Pia
(!f J I ?nos, Helodoons and Organs. Or?
ders left at my residence, Taylor street, near
tho Charlotte Depot, will meet with prompt
attention. JOSEPH DENCE.
Nov 3 timo
Just Arrived,
A lot of extra fino Saddle,,
j lltvg- nnd Harness HORSES. The; !^^__
JHVlcan he sei n at Ohas. Logan's W^Si
?M ?1 .atables, where wo expect loalaw
keep constantly on hand a fine assortmont of
HOUSES and MULES during tho winter.
Oct 24 ?|S fm W. S. A. J. M. TALBOT.
Salt! Salt!! Salt!!!
Kf\rv EXTRA Largo Sacks Liverpool
OUU SALT, on hand and for ?als at re?
duced prices, by J. ft. T. R. AGNEW.
THE subscribers aro Agents for tho salo of
P. n. EU?H'WHISKEY, made in Kentucky,
aud havo on hand a full stock of tho following
Brands :
Puro Old Ryo WHI8KEY,
do do Bourbon do,
do do Wheat do.
Family Floor Wanted.
WE notice "Family Flour" advertised for
salo ut $0 50 per barrel. We will pur?
chase and pax/ cash for all tho "Mund Kamila
Flour" ih thocityat $6.75 per bbL, to/Wordera.
: Nov 2 Commission Merchants, r
ni^;Ofiaxoh-BeV, df J. J$j?ani?, Be?tor,
l&J M.anda^fc. 1% ri 1
?t. J^ter'sChnrcl^-Re? J^ff. O'Con?
nell, Autor, 10 A. ML ancf? IteM. j
Was^gton StreaCGba?l-JRov. Wnj.
Martin, 1()}? A. M. and 3j.? P. M.
Marion Street Church-Rev. W. W.
Mood, 10? A. M. and 7;? P. M.
Baptist Church-Rev. J. L. Reynolds,
10 >? A. M.
Lutheran Lecture Room-Rev. E. R.
Rude, 10J.< A. M.
Presbyterian Chureh-r-:-R?v. W. . E.
Bogga, lO'.j A. M. and V,? P. M.
Thc now system oharging by air lino
distances, so far ns cost is concerned,
gives every office in Ibc country a direct
liuo to overy other. This in very nviny
cases leads to largo reductions, ns thc
following will show, for tho possession of
which wo aro indebted to Mr. W. R.
Cathcart, the manager of the Columbia
office. The tariff on a message of ten
lines from Columbia to
Charleston, S. C., formerly Si. 10, now
75 cents.
Nashville.Tenu., formerly 3.10, now 1.45.
Now York city, formerly 2.10, now 1.95.
Augusta, Gn.. formerly 1.10, now G5.
Cincinnati, O., formerly 3.20, now 1.G0.
Charlotta, S. C., formerly 1.10, now 75.
Louisville, Ky., formerly 3.10, now 1.60.
Savannah, Ga., formerly 1.35, now 85.
St. Louis, Mo., formerly 3.70, now 2.20.
Atlanta, tia., formerly 1.85, now 1.00.
And to all other points comparatively
as low. Notwithstanding so many im?
portant redactions, the company, satis?
fied with the justice of the arrangement,
are sanguine of tho hearty acceptance
by the people, and of nu increased uso of
the wires under it.
CRUMBS.-Tho Scientific American, of
the 13th, contains several illustrations
and a long description of the photo?
graphic printing apparatus invented by
our fellow-citizen, Mr. J. E. Richard.
Governor Scott has issued a proclama?
tion, in ciroular form, appointing Thurs?
day, the 18th instant, a day of "thanks?
giving and praise to Almighty God for
tho many mercies and blessings vouch?
safed to us."
"We regret to learn that a young daugh?
ter of our neighbor, Mr. G. Diercks, mel
with a severe accident, a day or two ago,
While playing on a pile of lumber, i
heavy piece slipped and fell on her leg,
crushing the bones. She is under th?
caro of competent medical and surgica
attendants, and will, wo hope, in a sheri
time, bo able to resumo her studies.
Messrs. Franklin Sb Paysinger gave t
"blow-out," yesterday, at which thor?
l was a general turu-out. These gentlemei
have re-opened the "Lanier House,'
under tho title of the "Exchange," ant
express the determination to keep u]
with the times. Aud if we oro to judg<
from tho fluids and solids dispensed yes
terday, we feel justified in stating tba
they aro bound to succeed. Mr. J. L
Lumsden will manage tho concern, am
ho assures us that tho "very best o
everything" will be dispensed.
Mr. Read proposes to open Januey'
Hall for a fow nights during the prescu
wcok, and will give dramatic entertain
ments of a pleasing character. Th
Charleston papers givo very favorabl
notices of their performances in that cit\
Mr. Daly has mado material addition
to his stock of carriages, brets, etc., an
persons disposed to have an airing i
and around Columbia can bo accorr
modatod by giving Mr. D. a call. H
has tho old Hitchcook stand. Comforl
able vehicles, careful driving, and a goo
stock of horso-flesh is what he claims.
Mr. Jacob Levin requests as to sta!
that tho furnituro advertised to be sol
Tuesday next, at tho OoJlego Campus
may bo examined during tho day, t(
morrow, from 10 o'clock.
Hugh Craig hos bcea appointed h
Governor Scott Judge of Probato fi
Chesterfield County. Charles Edmont
8ton, Magistrate for Barnwell Coanty, hi
been romoved.
tho soason is approaching for tho anim
travel una distribution of business cart
and circulars, our merchants and othe:
will plcuso givo attention to tho fact tin
our job office is supplied with tho best <
boards, of all colors, tino commerci;
noto und other paper, and tho very ne\
cst and most fnshiouablo styles of typi
thus enabling us to supply nil of sue
wau ts.
Mr. I. Sulzbachcr, of tho Colutnb
Hotol jowelry establishment, contribute
I a hnndsomo solid silver cup to the Pr
miam Committeo of tho State Fair, I
I be awarded for tho best milch cow c
i exhibition. The cap is handsomely o
namented, and contains tho followii
inscription: "Presented to [thc name i
the owner of tho animal] by L Sui
bach cr, jeweler, for thc beet milch co
exhibited at the State Fair, Columbia, j
C., November, 1869.". Wo hopo tl
liberal example will.be followed by otb
merchant?. ' '
gratified to bo apir to state that tho
arrangements for the Fair hare been
consummated. The ground? will be
ready, ana, Providence permitting, there
?ill be a goodly turn-out ia Columbia
next week. ' Colonel -Aiken, Secretary
and Treasurer, is here, and will be at his
office on the Fair grounds to-morrow.
The women of So nt ii Carolina are
earnestly invited to unite with their
sisters of 'Bichland District, in the erec?
tion of a monument-to tho memory- of
those who died in defenoo of the Con?
federacy. The gallant comrades "who
have survived them, havo expressed their
approbation of this movement, and, "with
all con fid en ce, leave to their wives,
mothers, sisters and daughters the glo?
rious privilego of perpetuating tho mem?
ory of our martyrs. Those who sympa?
thize with ns in this holy purpose are
urged to meet in Columbia, on Tuesday,
November 7, to form a State Monu?
mental Association. Papers throughout
tiic State are respectfully asked to extend
this notice.
TJAND.-The meeting at tho hall of tho
Independent Firo Company was held
last evening to form this association.
Genend Wade Hampton was called to
the chair, and Mr. R. O. Shiver was
appointed Seoretary. The meeting or?
ganized itself into a Survivors' Associa?
tion, adopted a constitution, and elected
the following officers: Wade Hampton,
President; William Wallace, A. O. Has?
kell, W. H. Stack, Warren Adams, Vice
Presidents; W. K. Bach man, Secretary;
R. C. Shiver, Treasurer. Steps were
taken to increase the list of members,
and the following gentlemen wire ap?
pointed to represent the Richland Sur?
vivors* Association in the proposed con?
vention to form a State association,
which is to meet in the city of Charles?
ton on the 18th instant: Wade Hampton,
F. W. McMaster, J. S. Dry ton, Warren
Adams, William Wallace, J. H. Kinsler,
William Weston, J. P. Thomas, R. C.
I Shiver, Edward Percival, Dr. Darby and
W. C. Swaffield.
RKMOVAL.-Yesterday was a gala day
in Columbia. Messrs. Scott, Williams
& Co. gave a house-warming, in occupy?
ing their new establishment in Court
House range. 1
"At 13 o'clock, not 12 at night,
But 12 o'clock at noon;
Because tho sun was shining bright
And not the silver moon,"
was tho hour appointed.
Mr. T. M. Pollock, of the "Pollock
House," provided the substantials and
liquids for the occasion, and wo are con?
fident that all who were present will bear
us out in the assertion that it was "well
done." There was baked fish, stewed
fish, and fish in every style; besides et
ceteras ad libitum. A quiet and orderly
set of gentlemen were present-many
old citizens, who seldom participate in
an affair of the kind; but, from the fact
that the senior of the Columbia branch
of the concern is an old resident, well
known, and has been satisfactorily tested
for years, it was universally determined
that an exception should be made. If
ono were were to judgo of the "will bo"
from the "has been," the verdict will be
"all right" in this particular instance.
and Western mails are open for delivery
at 1 p. m. ; closed at 11.30 a. m. Charles?
ton (day) and Greenville open at 5.30 p.
m.; closed at 8.30 p. m. Charleston
night mail open at 8.30 a. m.; closed at
4.15 p. m. On Sunday, tho post office is
opon from 1 to 2 p. m.
lot of wedding cards and envelopes, of
latest styles, has just been received;
which will be printed in imitation of en?
graving, and at less than one-tenth the
cost. Call and see specimens at PHOENIX
called to tho following advertisements,
published the first time this morning:
McKenzie's ?Saloon.
Isaao Sulzbaoher--Great Attractions.
lt. Barry-Tho Carolina House.
The Star Comedy Combination.
Wanted-Apply at this Office.
W. A. Meriwether-Wood for Sale.
Post Band Concert.
Jacob Sulzbacher-Clothing, Huts, &c.
.Teeob Levin-Gas Light Pills,
Tozer & Wells-Notice.
A wonderful oure reported from Penn?
sylvania with HKINITBH'S QUEEN'S DE?
LIGHT. A girl fifteen years of age, pale
and sickly, emaciated, no appetite, losing
flesh, with sore eyes, sore month, and a
general wasting away-all owing to po?
verty of blood. After using four bottles
of the Queen's Delight, her appetite re
j turned, digestion improved, increase in
growth and flesh, sores removed, skin
bright and olear, and every indication of
an improved eondition of her whole sys?
tem. This is one of the many cases we
hear of the wonderful remits of Hein
itsb's Queen's Delight. Everywhere,
tNozlh uuu Sooth, wherever introduced,
it is spoken of in the highest terms. Old.
Do you suffer from Debility, or Loss
! of Appetite? Use "Solomons' Strength?
ening and Invigorating Bitten." O?3 G

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