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Tuesday Korniuer, November 9,1869.
.Th* ?"?lr o? thVOouih OANllBJt A? ric mi?
tsamt und Mechanical Soe!ci y. " '
Ou to morrow, tho Sixth Aunual Fair
of this Socio ty will opou. We hop? to
find the State represented from the mou li?
t?is: tc'the sc&b?ard. Th* movement
is'One that commonda itself to the warm
support of every friend and advocate of
home interests. Before the war, our
Fairs were successful and achieved much
good.. Now, moro than ever, we must
?euro oat-wyon thia line. The State of
South Carolina uaw oxpeota every truo
sou to do Ilia part in the work of material
regeneration. The ravages of war must
ho repaired with the victories of peaco.
What, tho sword has prostrated, the plow,
the loom and the anvil must upraise.
This Fair, to-morrow, representa South
Carolina organising her forces anew for
the industrial arena. Let our pcoplo
work on in faith and hope, and ere long,
despite political obstructions, wo shall
again enjoy prosp?rons days.
-Li: % 4 ? ?
The Richmond Dispatch says of Gen?
eral Preston's address:
"Last evening, at 8 o'clock a very largo
select aa di ance assembled at the Brond
streotj-Methodist Church to hear the
address of General John S. Freston, of
Colombia. B. C. The orator, who is a
gentleman of very commanding appear?
ance, was listened to with great atten?
tion, and, delivered an address full of
classic eloquence, and which waa made
doubly interesting by the earnest and
beautiful delivery of the speaker. He
reviewed, ita-the'liveliest manner, the
noble-efforts oE our ancestors in the es?
tablishment of the right of self-go ve m
meat and the suppression of tyranny,
and pointed to tho duty of the present
generation in the accomplishment of the
glorious future promised to Virginia.
He spoke for about an hour and a half,
and kept bis audience very much inte?
rested. At thc conclusion of his address
Mr. Lyons moved that a vote of thanks
bo tendered tho speaker, and that he be
requested to furnish the Society with a
copy foi publication. Tho motion was
carried unanimously."
Many persons believe that there is no
value 'io nhythlng that does not come
froth "the North." How humiliating':1
However, this impression is being gra?
dually corrected. It is now admitted
that no remedial agents has ever been
discovered, North or South, that pos?
sesses, in so eminent a degree, the power
of eradicating from tho system all foul
AND QUEEN'S DELIGHT. The secret is, it
assists nature to do this through its own
channels. Ic is composed of vegetable
substances alone, overy ono of which
S[rows on Southern soil. It is the BLOOD
A NOTICE A ULK FACT.-That one way of
appealing to a man's reason is through
his eye. lu these busy times, men aro
so deeply immersed in thu conduct of
magnificent projects, that they forget all
about tho condition of their systems,
and hence it is that tho proprietors of tho
Pin nt ut i on Bitters, which cures Dyspep?
sia, parities the blood, improves tho touo
of tho stomach, regulates tho bowels,
and, indeed, invigorates the whole inner
mau, are KO aotive iu advertising. lu
fact, advertisements arc merely sky
rockets'sent np to attract attention to a
r?ally good article
MAGNOLIA WATE? -Superior to the
best imported German Cologne, and sold
nt half the price. NGJil
Since the unbleached Americans have
beeu freed, it is more economical to
carpet floors thon to ace ur them-if you
desire to get a linc carpet, cheap, go to
Shiver's. N9
Do yon want an Appetite? Uso Solo?
mons' Bittors-greatest tonic of the age.
Phtograph Albums in Great Variety,
RANGING io price from 7 ? cents to .10.00.
Pocket-kmvi's, rocket-books. Writing
Cueca, Writing Doaks.
Family BIBLES, Pocket Bibles, Hymn
books, m various styles of binding, for* tho
several denominations. .Schools Dooks, mis?
cellaneous Books. Blank Books, ?co. Wo have
tho abovo Tor sale tn Urge variety, at usual
prices, wholesale und retail.
Nov 9 Uniter Columbia Hotel.
Supreme Court.
THE Supreme Court will meet in Columbi:-.,
on tho fourth TUESDAY in November
Tbs Circuits will bc taken up in the follow?
ing order:
Eighth, Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, Fourth,
'?'hird, Second and First.
Petitions for admission t.> the Uar must be
l?lodonor before tho first WEDNESDAY of
tho sitting. The examination wiil be held the
Friday following.
By order ot tho Court.
Nov 9 tu2 Clerk Supreme Court.
"1VL o "ESL 13 "N- 25 I *ES 9 S
Wholesale and Retail Manufacturing
Main Street, Greenfield's Hov.
SUGAR, that has stood the test of popu?
lar tusto for thirty jesrs.
Put up in 23, fr) and 100 pound Boxes, well
Assorted, at as low u figaro as pure Goods will
warrant. In order to compito with tho large
manufactories o' tho North, tho wholesale
price of assorted Candies will b:* VJ cents per
pound. No charge for boxes.
Nov i io J. MCKENZIE,
Mountain Apples.
jP. sale by
A4 the sojourned railroad meeting,
held at Lancaster Court House, on Moa
fla tr ihn art?!/-tn nt th? Ho m finn HnnTfln.
tion was approved of, a vote was ordered
to be taken on the question of subscrib?
ing $200.000 by the County to the Wa?
teree and Nor* Cefolie? Railroad,. and
it \*Sadeclai^imp?|adffsab]?B at this time
to engage in a wilroh^rojeot from Ijfcn
castejrto Gooqfetowjs/
, TKe siege of JacrUel, Hriyti, by Sal?
tia vu's forces'baa boen raison, sod the!
troops were, at laat accounts, marohing i
against the revolutionary forces under ]
Brico, who had already captured Mira
goone. The revolutionists in St. Do?
mingo remain inactive near Azna. A
rumor of the sale of St. Domingo to tho
United Staten is gaining strength there.
FIBS.-On Monday morning last, about |
2 o'clock, tho premises of Mr. Alfred
Ayer wore discovered to be on fire, nod
before the Aro could bo arrested, there
wore consumed 150 bushels of corn, 1
bnlcs cotton, and some 880 or $100 worth
of provisions.-Camden Journal.
At Bologna there died, recently, Alice
Ceuci, who claimed to be the last survi?
vor of the unfortunate Cenoi family, cele?
brated in tho drama of Shelley, oud tho
remarkable novel of Guerrnzzi.
A party of priests returning from n
lund tenure meeting in Ireland, a day or
two ugo, wero attacked by persons lying
in wait and brutally beaten. One has
since died of his iojories.
Tho English gnu-boat Thistle, while
on her trial trip off Sheerness, on Thurs?
day last, exploded her boiler, killing ten
and severely wounding eight men.
Commissioner Delano decides that
when spirits aro withdrawn, and water is
introduced, packages must be ro-stamped.
Mr. Henry Oetzen, an old resident of
Charleston, died suddenly on Saturday
Do you suffer from Debility, or Loss
of Appetite? Use "Solomons'Strength?
ening and Invigorating Bitters." 013 G
Four inches of snow fell on Satnrduy,
at Covington, Va., and at Greensboro,
N. C. The Rnow storm seems to have fol?
lowed tho mountain range.
If you havo.Dyspepsia, use "Solomons'
Strengthening and Invigorating Bittors. "
It is a certain cure. 013 G
Mis. Ballerly, the Indiana giantess,
who weighs 702 pounds, and her hus?
band, tho "skeleton man," are at Cin?
A colored woman has recovered $200
from an Illinois railroad company for
ejection from tho Indies' car.
Solomons' Bitters, an Antidote to Ma?
laria, prepared by A. A. Solomons & Co.,
druggists, Savannah, Oa. 013 G
The Now York Merchants' Exchange
reports twenty-eight vessels lost in tho
month of October, valued at nearly $1,
PERSONS desiring to purchase fine
young broke MULES, can do so by
^ji^ZLc.alhug at the National Hotel Stables,
.viv 9 ?I THOMA? GAINES.
Ladies' Gaiters.
. m GLOVE Kid and French Last
]W\ ing CongroBB GAI TE HS. Anew
LV N?v_ lot of thc latest stvlo, at
W Nov? - J. ilEIGHAN'S.
Gough Gandy.
SOMETHING pleasant aud convenient lo
take ut all hours of the day or night. No
one should be without it when the changos in
tho weather aro so frequent. Prico 10 ctnts a
stick, or three for 25 ccu:?. For salo at
Nov ot E. POLLA RD S.
Rich, Rare and Handsome.
LADIES, li. C. SHIVER has thc most su?
perb stock cf DU ESS Jfflg^'S ever opened
; in this market, at prices so cheap as to asto
I nish you. Call and see them-bought with
j gobi ut 30, they are obligod to bo cheap,
j Nov 9
j Richland Lodge No. 39, A. F. M.
-^tt^ltiehland LndgO, No. 39, A. F. M., will
I /V\ho held THIS EVENING, 9th instant,
at 7 o'clock, in Masonic Hull. Tho F. 0. De
! grce will bu conferred. Rv order of tho W. M.
j Nov 9 1_S. C. PEIXOTTO. Sec'y.
Onions, Potatoes.
I rr rv BBLS. Woltern Irish POTATOES and
1 Ow ONIONS, just received, in fine order.
?For sale at CANTWELL'S,
Nov '.) Main street.
Blue Ridge Railroad.
T?1E Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of
this Company will bo held in Charleston,
! at the Mayors office, on FRIDAY, the 19th
instant, at 12 M. Thc Hoard of Directors will
I meet samo day.
1 By order of the Board.
Nov 9 W. H. D. GAILLARD. Secret arv.
Just Received.
CASKS Gentlemen's Drets and Waler
i Proof BOOTS.
3 Cases Gents' Congress GAITERS, manu?
factured lo order, by McMullin, or Philadel?
phia. J. MERIDAN.
Fresh Crackers.
JUST received, a full assortment of fresh
SODA BISCUIT, Sugar Crackers, Ginger
j Snaps, butter Crackors, Ac , A?. For salo low
I by J. A T. R. AGNEW.
For Sale.
! milli WOOD on 200 acres of Pine Lund, with
JL in three miles of Columbia. Apuly to W.
, A. MERIWETHER, at Ursulino Convent, Vallo
j Crucis. Nov 7 3*
Gas Light Bills.
(10NSUMER8 are requested to call at mv
) office and pay their bills for month of
October. Tho rule for negloct will bc strict Iv
I enforced without distinction.
Nov 7 3 Secretary Gas Company.
Levier Bro.'s Lager Beer Brewery.
// A M J: URO, S. C.,
HAVE now ready and for salo, as good LA
OBR BEER as can bb imported from Mil
! wauKce, Cincinnati, or any other placo.
I Onb-rs roceived at tho Columbia Hotel BAR
1 .".OOM. _ Nov 2 Imo
Canned Goods.
. Green Corn, Lima Beans, Oysters. Lob?
sters, Sardiuos, Salmon, Mackerel. Condensed
Milk, An., Are., on band and for palo low. by
NOT 6 _ _g ^j. ? T< n AGNEW.
Clover Seed."
FOR ?ale by
p?7 :
r<- ff ' . - .- '. " ?V- V' .'*-'
W, D. LO'
ii H -I ... V 5?
TTAVING boan fullv replenished, tfcdr largs
XX samers, ?lid to the trade. Mill superior tn
Ia tXRESS GOODS, the stock displays still g*
Arab and Egvptian SHAWLS of superior qn?
The CLOAK STOCK is composed of the latea
Ribbons, Trimmings, Laces, Embroideries ur
Caeslmors, Cloths, Jeans and Tweeds, tho sb
Prints, Brown and Bleached Domestics, Tick
have been bought lately at low prices.
Hosiery and Glovos, together with Jovin'a GI
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Mattings, ot all grad?
Anxious to build np a first class trade, wo ke
POri."LAB PBIOK8, and solicit a call from all
Nov t>
Pore Dickson Cotton Seed.
WE offer for salo 300 bushols pure "Dickson
COTTON SEED." grown from seed ob?
tained from Mr. David Dickson, Oxford, Ga.,
last spring, nnd which were selected for his
own Tise.
Notwithstanding tho unprecedented dry soa
son-which has continued for several months
we have galhcrod, up to thc presont time,
from 1,500 to 2,450 pounds to tho aero.
Price $3.00 for ono to five bushels; $3.00 for
five bushels or moro.
OxKor.o, Ga., November 4, 18C9.
I do certify that I sold to Messrs. Riobard
O'Nuale A Son, of Columbia, S. C., some of my
choice improved Cotton Seed, for planting
purposes. They proposed to soil a portion of
what thoy raised. 1'lantcrs purchasing the
Seed thov raise, m av rely upon fretting thc
Genuine Dickson Seed. DAVID DICKSON.
Wo aro Mr. Dickson's agents hore, and will
ordor Soed direct from Mr. Dickson, if desired.
Price $5.00 from ono to five bushels, or $4.00
for fivo and upwards.
Sample Stalks to bo seen at State Fair.
Hy hi* Excellency HO Ii SH TE. SCOTT, Go?
vernor of the State of South, Carolina.
WHEREAS, information has been received
at this Department, that portions of
the Couuty of Sumter, in said State, sue in- i
fested by bands of lawless aud unprincipled |
men, who, under pretext of suppressing illicit j
traffic in cotton, have wilfully and maliciously
set tiro to and consumed the storehouses of |
citizens, and openly avow their determination |
of perpetrating similar outrages upon the pro- j
porty of others, unless the threatening notices
served upon them by theso wrong-docra aro
promptly obeyed; and whoreas, these unlaw?
ful parties are regularly organized, armed and
mounted, and, disguised in fantastic cos?
tumes, prowl about at night, in bodies too
slroug to bo confronted or arrested by the
peace officers of the Countv, and this, in dero?
gation of the laws, in violation of the peaoo
and good ordor of the community, and tho jeo?
pardizing of the lives and property of the citi?
Now, therefore. 1, BOBEBT K. SCOTT, Go?
vernor of tho Stato of South Carolina, do hore
bv issue this, my proclamation, enjoining and i
I directing all Magistrates, Sheriffs, and other j
j officers of tho peaco, in said County of Sumter,
to bo faithful, vigilant and active iu the up?
holding of tho laws and in tho discharge of
their duties, and especially in ferreting ont,
and bringing to punishment, the perpetrators
of these nefearious outrages; and I would I
earnestly invoke tho aid of tho law-abiding j
citizens of tho County, of those who have an
interest in its reputation and prosperity, tln.t I
they all discountenance ana discourage all
measures and proceedings tending to violence |
and insubordination, and especially those
which would substitute for the peaceable pro?
cess of tho law the torch of the incendiary. i
Incendiarism, at all times and places, is a
erimo of tho gravest magnitude, but it? terri?
ble teachings make it doubly dangerous in a
community liko our?. If thoso who pie tend to
possess the property, tho intelligence and tho
morality nf the community resort to it, under
tho pretence of enforcing law, or punishing
dishonesty, they moat not bo surprised if
others, not so favored, smarting undera senso
of injustice and wrong, by which, perhaps,
they nave lieen defrauded of the hard-earned
proecods of their labor, ?nd their families de?
prived of food, clothing and shelter, (and BUch
cases aro not nnlroquent. ) should resort to tho
same summary process for redress. Tho pro?
tection of law being withdrawn from property,
sud a self-constituted and irresponsible body
of individuals assuming to ihemselves the
power of pronouncing upon the guilt or inno?
cence of individuals, alleged to bo dishonest,
but too frequently because they aro personally
or politically obnoxious to their accusers, the
dood-gates of anarchy and crimo aro at once
opened; antagonistic associations will be or?
ganized, and tho community becomo the prey
of hostile factions, (primarily excitod hy re?
venge, but which will eventually be character?
ized by plnnder and license, and tho exhibi?
tion ot tho worst passions of human nature.
Tho lurid glare of tho mid-night torch will
light np many a peaceful neighborhood to
scenes of desolation and plunder, and to at?
rocities, at tho mero allusion to which hu?
manity shudders, and which every good citi?
zen, every lover of his kind, all who valuo and
honor tho reputation and prosperity of the
Stato, should ardently deprecate and devote
their most strenuous exertions to prevent and
{(Sit is my duty and determination to uso all
' Ibo measures at my disposal to put a stop to
j proceedings that may lead to such deplorable
1 results; and with thia purpose 1 have sum
! monod to tho aid of tho peace offiers of said
County the armed polico of thc Stato. Should
I this bo insufficient in arroeting and anppress
I ing theso ?Mogal proceedings, howovor much I
may regret tho necessity, I shall placo the
County of Sumter under martial law, and in
voko tho entiro povrer of the Stale in re-estab?
lishing tho supremacy of tho laws.
In testimony whereof, I havo hereunto set my
hand, and caused the groat seal of tho
' Stato to bo aii'u 'ul, at Columbia, this 8th
day of Novomber, A. D. 1869, and in the
j, ninety-fourth year of tho independence of
the United States of America.
BO RE RT K. SCOTT, Oovomor.
F. L. CAn no ZO, Secrotary of Stato.
SST Sumter Ken* copy once.
THE subscribers aro Agents for the sale of
P. H. Ellis'WHISKEY, made in Kentuoky,
and have on baud a full stock of tho following
Brands :
Puro Old Ryo WHISKEY,
do do Bourbon do,
do do Wheat do.
Nov 8 fi WBLL8 A C * 1 mvET.r,.
Fire Dogs and Penders.
AHANDSOME Assortment of Plain and
TONGS, FENDERS, io., Ac, on hand and for
sale low, by xvi ; J. AT. Ri AGNEW.
-:; ?l ? S ?
V" E
stock of desirable goofls ?B nw* r ffered to con
iducomonts, in ?ll linea of .BUY GOODS.
Bator variety. ?* ? ? - -
t styles.
td Notions, au endless variety.
->ck is unsurpassed.
inga, Stripes, Linseys, Flannels, Blankets, Ac.,
?NUINE KID. for Ladies' and Gent ?.
.H and prices.
op only GOOD GOODS, wbTOh will be sold a?
visitors, and others, in want of Dry Goods.
W. D. LOVE & CO.,
Colombia Hotol Building.
INVITES tho Ladies of Columbia und
strangers visiting tho city, to call and ??ca?
mino her asBorlmo.it or Biegt nt HON N ETS and
HATS, open TH LS DAY, at her rooms, ovor C.
F. Jackson's store Nov 9 -1
Elegant Family Residence for Sale.
. . THAT very desirable BESIDENCE,
MK corner of Bichland and bull streets, in
Jail!. H. i s city; formerly th? property of Dr.
Wm. Beynolds-at present occupied by W. H.
Orchard, Esq. Applj toW. B.GUL1CK, Esq.,
at thc National Bauk, on Main street.
Nov 9 1 mo}
WE take great ploasure in publicly ac?
knowledging our thanks to Mr. George
Huggins, General Insurance Agent, for tho
very prompt and liberal manner in which he
has adjusted and paid our claim on bis agency,
for the loss occasioned by tho burning of our
Cotton Gin Warehouse and contents, on thc
14th ult. TO/BB A WELLS.
COLUMBIA, S. C., November 8, I860.
Nov 8 1
The National Series of School Books.
COMPRISING Parker A Watson's READ?
ERS and SPELLERS, Monteith ,V McNal?
etc., etc., ?re tho adopted standard for State
uniformity in all tho public schools of Alaba?
ma, Lousiaoa. North Carolina.
Publisher's Descriptivo Catalogue, compris?
ing over 300 different works, and specimen
copy of "Educational Bulletin,"' sent free.
Special prices for first introduction or exami?
nation. A. 8. BARNES A CO., Publishers,
lil and 113 William street. Now York.
Nov i) 1
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons
of South Carolina.
"*r%r?t tho Most Worshipful Grand Lodgo of
/\^\ Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina,
w ill bo bidden at Masonic Hall, Charleston, on
tho 16th flay of November, 18*19, commencing
at High Twelvo.
The Presidents of tho various railroads in
South Caroliua havo kindly consented to per?
mit tho Grand Officers sud Delegates to pass
and repass thereon for ontrfare. Tho fnll fare
is to bc paid at the place of starting, and cer?
tificates will bo issued by the Grand Secretary,
at tho cloeo of tho Communication, entitling
the holder to return free of any charge what?
ever. Worshipful Masters and Wardens, or
delegates of subordinate Lodges, Grand Of?
ficers and Past Masters, will take duo notice
and govern themselves accordinglv.
Nov 0 3} R. S. BBUN8, Grand Secretary.
IN store, and to arrive, 100 sacks Liverpool
SALT, 300 barrels Flour, various brands;
.OOO bnshelB Corn, 50 barrels Whiskey, 10 cases
Champagne, Brandy, Bnm, Gin and Wine;
English Ale and Porter, 50 boxes Chewing To?
bacco, 275 pounds Smoking Tobacco, 20,000
Segars, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Bice, Potatoes,
i Buckets, Brooms, Soap, Sugar Cured Break?
fast Strips, Dry Salted Sides, Butter, Cheese,
1 Pickles, by the Dozon and Jars; Fresh Cove
I Oysters, "Wrapping Paper, and everything
I generally found in a first class grocery; and
! many other articles too numorous to mention.
1 have, for the accommodation of my custom?
ers, a largo Wagon Yard and a House for them
to sleep in. Also, a largo Store Room for thc
storage of cotton and other produce.
Nov 9 At Bryce's Old Stand.
ford. Tho strongest Firo Insurance Company
In America. Incorporated in 1819. Charter
perpotual. Cash capital and assets, $5,300,000.
Agency first established in Columbia in 18:l'J.
Tho .TU ii a- has earned a high reputation
throughout the State by ?its honorable and
fair adjustment, and prompt payment, of all
claims for losses. No case of litigation with
any claimant bas ever occurred in tho State.
Tho undersigned has reprcsoutod the .Etna
in Columbia for tho last twenty years. Rates
General Agent for tho upper Counties of the
State of South Carolina. Ofiieo in rear of
Messrs. Dnftio ? Chapman's, under the Co?
lumbia Hotel, Columbia, 8. C. Nov 9 Imo
Executors' Sale of Real Estate.
THE subscriben offer for salo the . .
SK plantation known as LOO CASTLE, f*&
jTLiho property ot tho late Maj. Tames Bil
O'llanlon, containing about five thousand ono
hundred and sixty-four (5,164) acres, nbout
fourteen miles from Columbia, in Richland
County, cu he Congareo River. This tract
embracen some of as productivo lands, both
for corn )i.n<\ cotton, as are on the Congareo
River; ? part of which is swamp and a largo
body of pino land. Tho whole tract is abun?
dantly supplied with wator, having a creek
running through it, and bounded on one side
by tho Congareo River. Timber is abundant
and convenient t? the South Car.iliua Railroad.
Tho above tract may bo troatod for privately
nutil THURSDAY, lim instant, at which timo
it will bo offered for tale to tho highest bidder,
at tho Court House in this city.
A plat of said tract may be soon at thc cftieo
of tho Clerk of tho Court.
For further particulars, apply to Samuel L.
Jones, who will give any information desired.
Fresh Drugs
Oct 22 K. K. JACKSON'S DraK Store.
Booal lt? nra ? .
tho season ia approaching for tho annaol
travol and dietvibution of basin ess cards
and ciroulars, our merchants and others
will plasso give attention to tho fact that
our job office is supplied with the best of
boards, i of all colors, fins) oommcrcial
note anjfl other paper, and the ttery new?
est and fnost fashionable styles ot type,
thus enabling us to supply all of such
CRUMBS.-John A. Moroso, Esq., of
the Charleston Courier, is at tho Niok
erson House.
Mr. Richard Alleu-Bryce's corner
ia in receipt of a new stock of goods.
Give him a call, us his assortment of
articles is eqnnl to thc best.
We learn that Mr. Robert Adams has
! composed n pioco of music, entitled tho
I .'South Carolina H tuto Fair Galop." dedi?
cated to Colouel D. W. Aiken, Secretary
and Treasury, which it is expected the
Bund will piny during thc Fair.
Tho young men of Columbia aro re?
quested to meet this oveuing, at 7,'?
o'clock, at tho Washington Street Metho?
dist Episcopal Church, for the purpose
of organizing a Young Men's Christian
Association. A full represen tn tion from
all the denominations iu tho city is
earnestly desired.
Gotley'*. Lady's Hook, for December,
has been received by Messrs. Bryan &
McCarter. The reading matter aud
illustrations are fully up to tho work.
Mr. Peabody distributed fully SS,OOO,
000 in charity during his life.
Mr. R. Hamilton, of the Pavilion Ho?
tel, Charleston, arrived yesterday, nnd
will remain a few days.
TIVE COMMITTEE.-Quito an interesting
incidont occurred yesterday afternoon, at
tho Fair Grouuds. This was tho formal
turning over of the grounds and buildings
by the City Council of Columbia, to the
Executivo Committee ol" the Stato Agri-1
cultural and Mechanical Society. The
Mayor and Aldermen were present, and
of the Executive Committee, were,
General Hagood, Secretary Aiken, and
Messrs. Wallace, Palmer aud Thomas.
1 The Mayor made tho following remarks:
Mr. Presiilcnt, and Members of the State
Executive Committee.
Allow me, gentlemen, on behalf of the
city of Columbia, to transfer to your
keeping the buildings and grounds for
the use of tho Stato Agricultural and,
Mechanical Fair. They aro not what tho
city would desire; you must take the will
for the deed; such as they are, the Socie?
ty is made most welcome I need not
dwell on the poverty of our city; that you
may bo conversant with, for every South
Carolinian knows full well how our city
suffered. Property-private, as well as
public-was destroyed ; the finances at a
low ebb; the citizens, for over three
months, fed at ration houses, contribut?
ed by tho State, and our neighbors of
Georgia; in fact, we were reduced to
pauperism; but thanks to Him who rules
the destiny of men ns well as nations, for
planting in tho hearts of those of our
citizens who survived tho tried ordeal
through which they had to pass, a deter?
mined spirit, joined with manly energy,
resolving in their minds to rebuild and
recuperate this our fuir city; and, Mr.
President, considering tho disadvantages
under which they labored, tboy have per?
formed wonders; our streets have put on
something of a business aspect; and time
nnd opportunity is nil that is required to
placo our Capitol where was her wont, as
? fuir and beautiful as any in the land. Our
I citizens' cnorgy has been exemplified in
erecting this building and laying out
these grounds. Tho Fair was folked of
at a late day, and tho citizens called upon
thc City Council to take tho matter in
hand, and they did. Tho only excuse,
gentleme.n, we have to offer for tho uu
linished state of tho building, is a want
of means-time and means-two very
important levers to work with. Such as
they aro, you aro welcome, thrice wel?
come; and may tho undertaking in which
you are engaged be crowned with that
succoss to which you are justly entitled,
and may it provo tho harbinger o?a glo?
rious future.
General Hagood, President of the So?
ciety, replied as follow?:
Mn. MAYOR: It is with great saUsfution
and something of surprise, that I receive
at your hands the very handsomo con?
tribution which Columbia has made to
onr great Stato enterprise. I say sur?
prise, for, sir, I have been familiar with
effort in the last four years, and T know
tho difficulty with wbioh anything is now
accomplished, with our crippled re?
sources. The grounds you present us
with are ample for our purposes, and
more, thnn wo expected. Something has
been said before this of making tho State
Fairs movable from plnco to place; but
Columbia has nailed tho fact to tho
counter, and nothing will be heard in
tho futuro of South Carolina State Fairs
anywhere but where this is held. I hope,
sir, that you and I will both see tho day
when our State Fairs will rival their pre?
decessors in completeness, and Columbia
will be tho Columbia of former days.
We feel it but right to add, that much
credit is duo to the City Council for their
efficient and liborul course in this matter.
In a short time, and with limited means,
they have erected a handsomo and com?
modious building; have put up the stalls
needed, and placed the grouuds in an ex?
cellent condition. We doubt not that
tho investment will provo an ndmianble
one to the city.
.1 el
meeting will be held this (Tuesday) oven -
ing*. at. JHickeraon. Hall, 9t_.half-p.ast_ 7
o'clock, fox tho purpose of organizing an
association, having f or its object the erec?
tion by tho women of South Carolina of
a monument to the memory of tho South
Carolinians who fell in defence of tho
Confederacy. The meeting will be nd
drofwed by proroinont citizens. All stran?
gers visiting the city, are cordially invit?
ed to attend. A largo attendance of
ladies especially requested.
tho pleasure of n trial trip, yesterday, of
a uew first-class passenger coach, which
has just boen constructed nt the shops
of the Charlotte, Columbia and' Augusta
Railroad Company. It is of superior
workmanship, aud Superintendent Bouk-t
night and Master Machinist, Kline may
well congrat?late themselves on tho skill
evidenced by their employees. The car
is tastefully painted and decorated-tho
han iii work of Mr. James Milne, and is
what is termed tho "Monitor" pattern,
with inclined sides. The window strips
and sashes uro of walnut; blinds aud
panel work over windows, ash; the seats,
arms ?ind back mouldings nre of walnut;
each cushion hus a number of springs,
which makes it particularly comfortable.
Native wood was used exclusively in the
construction of this now and beautiful
car, which is to bo placed under the
charge of Conductor Trezevaut. Mr.
Stephen Davis wns tho superintending
constructor. Railroad work of any and
every stylo is beiug constructed in these
finely-appointed machine shops.
HOTEL Anni VALS, November 8.-Colum?
bia Hold.-J. B. Henry, T. H. Symmes,
J. C. Bulow, J. H. Bucon, lady and child,
J. Mcculloch, B. F. Alford, S. C. ; Jas.
Selby, W. McEwnn, T. W. "Winnie, L<.
Deutz mid lady, Mrs. McCulloch, New
York; H. Mciver, Chernw; T. G. Bar?
ker, T. M. Barker, J. A. Moroso, W. A.
Rook, J. F.. Thames, Charleston; J; H.
Hudson, BeunettsviUe; ?. ?. Stewart,
Wiunsboro; A. H. Leftwiok, Baltimore;
W. Hammond, Iowa; T, W. Cheek, N.
C.; J. R. Pearson, Danville; T. W. Hol?
loway, Pouiariu; J. A Ferguson, Hon.
S. L. Hodge, A. S. Wallace, Hon. J. L.
Neaglo, D. H. Chamberlain,, R. M. Wol
hico, city; A. M. Chester, Va.; W. H.
Lawson, St. Louis; H. M. Perry, Alex.
McBeo, Greenville; C. Smith, Miss. ; R.
E. Ellison, Jr., T. Ross Robertson, Fair?
field; A. C. Garliugton, Atlanta; W. Fair,
Newberry; L. McIntosh, E. McIntosh,
Society Hill; Col. J. W. Harrington and
family, Marlboro; Misses Irby, C. B.
Sullivan, Miss M. Sullivan, Miss A. Sul?
livan, A. V. Eichelberger, Miases Wil-,
Hams, Miss Flemiug, Laurens; J. B. Vur
I num. Va. ; J. G. Keitt, Orangeburg; J.
D. A ai ak er, Fort Motte; J. R. Balderetro,
W. S. Hardin, Baltimore;W.H. Britain,
New York; W. A. Beaty, J. T. Douglas
and lady, C. E. Sims and lady, Miss E.
H. Russell, Union; B. S. Jones, TJ. H.
Little, Clinton; J. S. Wiley and lady,
Dr. B. F. Killgore, Misa Killgore, Spar
tanburg; J. D. Connor, Cokeabury; Jos.
Rogers, Jr., Abbeville.
Nickerson House.-J. W. Wharton, G.
j M c Kc u del I, Va. ; Jos. H. . August, Jabez
j Norton, Chester; H. 0. Haskell and
I family, New York; Joseph H. Gay, Char?
lotte, N. C.; James B. Seigler, Green
, wood; li. Mc?ulloougb, H- Kunckell,
Columbia; J. Moroso, Hon. C. G. Mem
minger, S. S. Howell, Charleston; Wm.
H. Baser, J. A. Haddock, Pa. ; J. D.
Lee, Richland; J. C. Courtney, J. L.
Deutou, S. H. Hill, S. C. ; H. H. Thomp?
son, Col. R. J, Gage, Union; Samuel H.
Johnson, Darlington; H. B. Brown, Ma?
rion; W. Muniug, Columbia; Wm. Wil?
liams, Greenville; J. F. Gorman, New
York; F. G. St. John, Boston; H. G.
Clark, Sumter.
National HoleL-\V. DaviB, Union; J.
i H. Dawson, Camden; 3. Montgomery,
Newberry; Mrs. E. Borrows and threo
children, H. L. Laws, Darlington; W.
W. C. Jackson, York; T. J. Parker, N.
C. ; W. L. Disher, S. C. R. R. ; Miss C.
Philipa, Chester; J. A. Boswell, Cam?
den; J. W. Rook, Fla.; J. H. Hales, C.
S. Thompson, N. C. ; Miss E. D. I?aws,
Darlington; J. B. Pier, Newark, N. J.;
J. Wallace, Fairfield; T. Gaines, Ky.;
Mrs. Perry and three children, Green?
ville; S. W. Mnnpin, Ky; A. J. Morgan,
N. C. ; J. A. Allou, Tenn.
called to the following advertisements,
published tho first time this morning:
R. K. Bcott-Proclamation.
R. O'Nealo Sc Son-Cotton Seed.
J. Meighan-Ladies* Gaiters.
Albert M. Boozer-Supromo Court.
Duffie and Chapman-Albums, Seo.
Meeting Richland Lodge No. 89.
E. Pollard-Coagh Candy.
W. D. H. Gaillard-Blue Ridge R. R.
P. Cantwell-Onions, Potatoes.
Thorans Gaines-Moles.
W. D. Love & Co.-Now Dry Goods.
G. Huggins-To Owners Homesteads.
R. C. Shiver-Drees Goods, Seo.
R. Allen-New Store-Noir Goods!
R. S. Bruns-Grand Lodge.
W. B. Galick-Residence for Sale.
A. S. Barnes & Co.-To Teachers.
Fisher Sc Heiuitsh-Dr jg?. Chemicals.
Mrs. S. A. Smith-Ladies'Bonnets, Sec.
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