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??'QA?K.' .. . . ?'?J' 4
BKO-fiON 1. 2?<r? onactfcrf by tho Sonato
aa d Hon BO of Representatives of ibo
State of South Carolina, now met and
Bitting in General Ansotnbly, and by the
authority of tho sam?, 'f bat the general
elect ions in this Stnto shall be held, por
suant to the Constitution thereof, on the
. third1' Wednesday- 'i?'- Ootober, eighteen
hundred and seventy, and forever there?
after on the- ?ame dey io ?very second
year, and shall be regulated and con?
ducted according to the rules, principien
and provisions herein prescribed.
SEO. . 2. Every male citizen of the
United States', of the age of twenty-one
Veam-and* upward*, riot. laboring under
the disabilities named I in the Constitu?
tion,'without distinction pf race or color
or former condition, who shall have been
si resident'of the State1 for one year,' nod
ito tb e County in which he offers to vote
for sixty days next preceding any gene?
ral election, -shall be entitled to vote;
Provided, That no person while kept in
any alms house or asylnm, or of unsound
mind, or confined in any public prison,
shall be allowed to vote.
SEO. 3. That for tbe purpose Of enrry
ihg on suoh election it shall be the duty
of tile Goveruor, and he is hereby, au?
thorized and empowered, at least sixty
days prior to any such election, to ap?
point in and for each County three Com?
missioners of Election, whose duty it
shall be, and they are hereby, authorized
and empowered to appoint three Mana?
gers of Elections, for each election pre?
cinct of the County for which they shall
respectively be appointed. The said
Commissioners of Elections ?Dd said
Managers of Elections shall take oud
subscribe, before any officer authorized
to administer oaths, tho oath of office
presoribed by Section 30, of Article ll,
of the Constitution, and the same shut
be immediately filed, in each instance,
in tile office of the Clerk of the County
in which said Commissioners aod Maua
gers shall be appoiutod; and if there b<
no such Clerk duly qualified by law, thei
in the office of the Secretary of State.
SEO. 4. That the Manugers are herein
authorized to appoint a Clerk to assis
them in whatever duties may be require?
of them, who shall take the cuth of offici
prescribed by Section 30, of Artiole II
of the Constitution before the Chairmai
of the Board of Managers.
SEO. 5. That the Commissioners afore
said, and the Managers aforesaid, a
their first meetings, respectively, shnl
proceed to organizo themselves as
Board, by appointing one of their uum
ber Chair m au of the Board; and sad
Chairman, in each instance, shall bo em
powered to administer the uecessur
SEO. 6. The polls shall be open at sue
voting places as shall be designated o
six o'clock in the forenoon, and close e
six o'clock in : the afternoon of the da
of election, and shall be kept open dui
ing these hours without inter mission o
adjournment, ned the Managers shall ac:
minister to each person offering to vot
an oath that they are qualified to vote o
this election, according to the Constitt
tion of t hin State, and that they have nc
voted during this election.
SEO. 7. Representatives in the Hom
of Representatives of the Congress <
the United States shall be chosen at sue
election, in the several Congressioui
Districts, by the qualified electors thereii
SEO. 8. The State Constables, an
other peace officers of each County, ai
hereby required to be present during tb
'whole time that the polls are kept opel
and until the election is completed; an
they shall prevent all interference wit
the Managers, and see that there is G
interruption cf good order. If thei
should be more thao one polling p.hu
in any County, the State Constable i
such County is hereby empowered ar
directed to make suoh assignment of h
deputies, and other peace officers, to sut
polling places as may, in his jndgmeu
best subserve the purposes of quiet at
SEO. 9. AU bar-rooms, saloons, ni
other pluces for tho bale of liquors by r
tail, shall be closed at nix o'clock of tl
eveniug preceding t'?e day of such ele
tion, aud remain closed until six o'cloi
in the morning of the day thereaftt
and during the time aforesaid the sale
all intoxicating liquors is prohibite
Any person duly convicted before a coi
peteut Court of a violutiou of this St
tion, shall be punished by n fine not e
oeeding fifty dollars, or by impriso
ment not exceeding six months, or 1
both such fine and imprisonment, in t
discretion of the Court.
SEO. 10. That every person who sh
vote at any general election, who is n
entitled to vote, and every person w
shall, by force, intimidation, deceptio
fraud, bribery or undue influence obtai
procure, or control the vote of any eh
tor to be cast for any candidate or mi
sure, other than as intended or desir
by such elector, shall be punished by
flue of not less than one hundred, ii
moro than one thousand dollars, or
imprisonment in jail not less than tin
mouths, nor more than twelve monti
or both, withiu thu discretion of t
SEO. ll. The voting shall be by ball
winch shall contain written or print?
or partly written und partly printed. I
names of the persons voted for, and 1
offices to which snell persons aro in te;
ed to be chosen; and shnll bo so folc
as to conceal the contents; nnd such iu
lot shall be deposited in a box to be ci
strncted, kept and disposed of as here
after provided.
SEO. 12. There shall be one gene
ticket, on which shall be the name;
the persons voted for ns Reprosentati
in Congress, and State, Cirouit t
County Officers.
SEO. 13. The Commissioners of El
lions shall provide one box for each e.
Hon precinct. An opening shall be m
in the lid of snob box, not larger tl
shall be auffioient fr r a single bailo
be inserted therein .?t one time, throt
which eaoh ballot received, proper tc
- i :,; i I!WII'III?I.I'.M'W?'?'I?'MW?I IIHI "riTiin ui ' I?NI?? iii'mii'
placed in n u ob box, ?hnl I be i a ocr ted by
tba pertum vot ing, and by no other; each
box eh oil be provided with a e officient
look, and shall be locked before tho open?
ing of the poll, and the hoya retained by
the Commissioners, and shall not bo
opened daring the election. Snob boxes
shall ba j labelled -, as follows: Congress,
State, Circuit and Connty officers.
SEO. 14 Eaoh Clerk of the poll shall
keep n poll list, which shall contain one
I column bended "Names of Voters;" and
the name of eaoh elector voting shall be
entered by the Clerk in such column.
SEC). 15. At the close of the election,
ana1 within three days after the day
thereof, the Chairman of the Board of
Managers, or poe of them, who may be
designated by the Board, shall deliver to
the Commissioners of Elections the poll
list, and boxes containing the ballots.
SEC. 16. The Commissioners of Elec?
tions shall meet at the County seat, as
provided in the last preceding Seotion,
aod shall proceed to organize, and shall
form the County Board of Canvassers.
SEC. 17. They shall meet iu some con?
venient place at the County seat, on the
Tuesday next followicg^tho election, be
foro one o'clock in the afternoon of that
day. They may appoint some competent
person as Secretary. The Chairman
shall then proceed to administer the con?
stitutional oath to each member of tho
Board, as Canvassers; and shall admi?
nister the constitutional oath to the
Secretary, and the Secretary shall ad?
minister to tho Chairman the same oath
that he shall have administered to thc
other members of the Board.
SEC. 18. They shall then proceed tc
count the votes of the Couuty, aud shall
make snob statements thereof as the na
titre of the election shall require, withk
tea days of the time of their first meet
ing ns a Board of Couuty Canvassers,
and shall transmit to tho Bourd of Stat?
Canvassers any protest and all papers re
luting to the eleotion.
SEO. 19. Duplicate statements shall bi
made aud filed in the office of the Clerl
of the County; and if there be no sud
Clerk, duly qualified, according to law
then in the office of tho Secretary o
SEC. 20. They shall make separat
statements of the whole number of vote
given in such County for Representa
tives in Congress; and separate state
meats of all other votes given for othe
officers. Such statements shall contaii
the names of the persons for whom sucl
votes wero given, and tho number o
votes given for eaoh, which shall b
written out in words at full length.
SEO. 21. Tbert) Bhall be prepared b;
the Commissioners three separate lists o
each statement, besides the lists to b
filed io the offioe of the County Clerk o
Secretary of State, and each list shall b
certified to as correct by the signature
of the Commissioners subscribed to sue
SEC. 22. After the final adjourn men
of the Board of Couuty Canvassers, an
within the time prescribed in Sectio
17, of this Act, the Chairmnn of th
Board shall deposit in the nearest poe
office, directed to the Goveruor, Seer?
tary of State, and Comptroller-Genera
(tho full postage paid,) eaoh, ono of th
certified copies of the statement an
certificate of voteB, prepared as provide
' in the last preceding Section.
SEC. 23. The Secretary of State sha
appoiut a meeting of State Canvasser
to be held at his office, or some convi
nient placo, on or before the tenth du
of November next after such gener
election, for the purpose of canvassir
the votes of all officers voted for at sue
SEC. 24. The Secretary of Stat
Comptroller-General, Attorney-Genere
State Auditor, State Treasurer, Adjutai
and Inspector-General and the (mairim
of the Committee on Privileges ai
Elections of the House of Represent
tives, shall constitute the State Canvas
ers; four of whom shall be a sufficie
number to form a Board.
SEC. 25. If a majority of these office
shall be unable, or shall fail to alton
the President of tho Senate, being noi
fiod by the Secretary of State, Bhall i
tend without delay, and, with the office
attending, shall form a Board.
SEO. 2G. Tho Board, when thus forme
Bhall, upon the certified copies of t
statements mudo by tho Board of Conn
Canvassers, proceed to make a stat erne
of the whole number of votes given
such election for the various officers, ai
for each of them voted for, distinguid
ing the several Counties in which th
w? ro given. They shall certify sn
statements to be correct, and subsori
thu same with their proper names.
SEC. 27. Upon such statements th
shall then proceed to determine and ;
claro what persons have been, by t
greatest number of votes, duly elect
to such offices, or either of them; th
shall have power, and it is mude th?
duty, to decide all cases under proci
or contest thut may arise, when t
power to do so does not, by the Cons
talion, resido in some other body.
SEC. 28. That in caso of a oontest
the election of Governor, the Geno
Assembly, by concurrent resolntic
shnll entertain the same. The Seni
and House of Representatives shall ea
.separately proceed to hear and det
mino tho facts in the cuse, eo far as tl
deem necessary, nnd decide there?
who, according to tho 10th Section
Article VIII, of the Constitution, is i
titled to be declared elected. If tito t
branches of tho General Assembly co
to the same deoision, they shall, by ci
current resolution, declare who ia di
eleoted, and entitled to enter upon c
exercise the office of Governor; and si
person thereupon shall, upon taking
oath prescribed in the Constitution,
inducted into office. If the two braue
of the General Assembly do not corni
the same deoesion, then a general e'
tion shall be called by the Governor,
take place in hot less than sixty, :
; i-i ' ' i ' i " *i 'Tn* i11 L7- . iriTi-iO miifitf.hr
fos a amiably person to.fill the ofBGe,of,
Ssc. 20. They ah all make and ?ah
Bcribe, on the proper statement, aoeni Ut
cato of such determination, uUd ehaU
deliver the same to the Secrotary . of
State. * ..
SEO. SO. The Board shall have power
to adjourn, from day to day, for a term
not exceeding ten days. '?
SEO. 31. The Secretary of State shall
record in his office, in a book to be kept
by him fdr that purpose,1 eaoh certified
statement and determination which shall
be delivered to him1 by the Board of State
Canvassers, and every dissent or protest
that shall have been delivered to him by
a Canvasser.
SEO. 32. He shall, without delay, trans?
mit a copy, under the seal of his office,
of such certified determination to each
person thereby declared to be elected,
and a like copy to the Governor.
SEO. 33. He shall cause a copy of
such certified statements and determina?
tions to be printed in one or moro public
newspapers of this State.
SEO. 34. He shall prepare a genera]
certificate, under the seul of the State,
and attested by him as Secretary thereof,
addressed to the House of Representa?
tives of the United States in that Con?
gress for which any person shall have
been chosen, of the duo election of tin
person so chosen at such election as Rep?
r?sentative of this State in Congress,
and shall transmit the same to the saie
House of Representatives at their firs!
SEO. 35. The Secretary of State sha!
enter in a book, to be kept in his office
the names of the respective County oil!
eera elected in this State, specifying th?
Counties for which they were severally
elected, and their place of residence, th<
office for which they were respectively
elected, and their term of office.
SEO. 36. If any officer on whom any
duty is enjoined in this Act shall bi
guilty of any wilful neglect of suoh duty
or of any corrupt conduot in the execu
tion of the same, and be thereof con
victed, he shall bo deemed guilty of ;
misdemeanor, punishable by fine not es
ceediug five hundred dollars, or impri
sonment not exceeding one year.
SEO. 37. Tho Commissioners of Elec
tiou shall receive, for their compenso
tion, three dollars per day for their set
vices whilo actually employed, aud te
cents per milo for necessary travel; au
the Managers shall receive two dollat
per doy while actually employed, au
ten cents per mile for necessary trave
and the Clerks of tho Commissioner!
and the Clerks of the Managers, respec
ively, shall receive two dollars per da
while actually employed; Provided, N
Commissioner of Elections ahall recen
pay for more than ten days, and n
Manager or Clerk for more than tint
SEO. 38. At eaoh general election sutti
ble persons shall be choBeu to fill ao
vacancy in any elective office iu ac
County, of which at least fifteen day
previous notice shall be given by tl
proclamation of the Governor.
SEO. 39. AU Acts or parts of Acta it
consistent with this Act, or in any wt
conflicting with the provisions of tb
Act, are hereby repealed.
Approved March 1, 1870.
"Whereas, William T. Walters, Benj
min F. Newcomer and D. Willis Jam?
for themselves, and as trustees for othei
under decrees of sale made by the Com
of North Carolina and of South Carolin
for the purpose of foreclosing tho va
ons mortgages made by the Wilmiogt
and Manchester Railroad Compati
have become the purchasers of all a
singular the estate, property und effe<
of said Company, including the eut'
line of railroad, the eogiues, rolli
stock, machinery, machine shops, dep<
aud other tangible property and effei
heretofore belonging to said Compai
together with all the rights, franchit
and privileges of said Company conne
ed with or relating to said railroad,
the construction, maintenance or X
thereof, between its ISasteru termini
at Wilmington, North Carolina, and
Western terminus, at Kingsville, Sot
Carolina; and
Whereas, the said William T. Waite
Benjamin P. Newcomer, D. Wi
James and their associates, aro desire
by themselves, and such other persons
may be hereafter associated with the
to keep up, maintain, use aud oper
the aforesaid line of railroad as oue s
gie or entire corporation in tbe t
States in which the same is located, (
for this purposo it is necessary that tl
should be incorporated and becomi
body politic, with like powers, pr
I leges und franchises in each of said t
Slates of North Carolina and South
SECTION 1. Be il enacted by tho Sen
and House of Represeututives of
State of South Curoliuu, now met i
sitting in General Assembly, and by
authority .of the same, That, for
purpose set forth in tho preamble ben
William T. Walters, Benjamin F. N
comer, D. Willis James aud their ai
einte?, purchasers, ns aforesaid, of
estate, property and effects of the \
alington and Manchester Railroad C<
pany, together with such other pera
us may hereafter become associated v
them os stockholders under the pr
sions of this Act, and their succesi
aud assigns, are hereby constituted
deolared to be a body politic, and in
poruted by the name and style of
Wilmington and Carolina Railroad C
pany, or by suoh other name and s
j as a majority in interest of thc pert
who are purchasers, os aforesaid, i
designate and adopt at their first m
ing after the passage of this Act,
which name, if so designated and adi
ed, proper notioes shall be duly I
within six months thereafter in
offices of Secretary of State of eoo
the States of North Carolina and Sc
? ' ?IO?M iinr*<g"' "-''"":,t-j" j a ??
S^?^? A^p?w pftUe.QlerSX;
?Wflf ^W^fi^mt?PP ?ot exoara,
mjwmm 9.14yw< te rb?..?md
#Fr*%iWtrW ?rTe< ^ndred dallara
feaejo^iincl tba c^pfpotRtprat hereinbefore
barned,, or otb, er mea referred to, or, a j
majority ia ict?rest of snob corporators
rowy, at any meeting held for that pur?
pose, after twenty days' notice by adver?
tising in each newspapers as may be, de-,
aigoated by the corporators heroin
named, or a majority of them, of tho
time aad place of euch meeting, deter?
mine the number of snob shares to bp
subscribed for os the present capital of
Boid corporation, or as representing the
present value of the estate, property and
effects, purchased by them as aforesaid;
and they may open books of subscrip?
tion for the same at such times aud
places, and under such regulations and
requirements us to thom may seem best.
?SEC. 2. The stockholders of said cor?
poration may make all such by-laws,
rules and regulations, not inconsistent
with the laws of the United States, aud
of the Slates of North Carolina and
South Carolina, as shall be deemed ne?
cessary for the well ordering nnd con?
ducting the affairs of the Company.
They may prescribe tho number of Di?
rectors, and tho number aud charucter ol
the officers of said corporation, the man?
ner of their election, and the amount ol
their compensation, the term of their re?
spective offices, the manner iu which an j
Director or officer may bo removed, and
the mode of supplying any vacancy uris
ing from any cause whatever, eithei
nmong the Directors or officers of eau
SEO. 3. The said corporation is hereby
vested with all the rights, powers, privi
leges and franchises granted to the Wil
miugton and Manchester Railroad Com
pany by the Act of the General Assembl;
of the Stato of North Carolina iucorpo
rating said Company, and ratified the 9tl
day of January, one thousand eigh
hundred and forty-seven, and by the Ac
of tho General Assembly of tho State o
South Carolina, incorporating said Com
pany, and ratified the 18th day of De
cember, ono thousand eight hundred an
forty-six, subject, however, to all sue
limitations and restrictions ns aro in sai
Acts respectively contained; and sai
Acts incorporating said Wilmington au
Manchester Railroad Company, excet
so far and in such respects as they are b
this Aot altered or amended, and excep
such provisions therein contained i
may be considered as inapplicable an
unnecessary in the organization of tl
corporation created by this Act, or in tl
management or direction of its affair
shall be considered as setting forth au
defining tho ohurtered rights, power
privileges and franchises of this corpor
SEO. 4. The said corporation may alt*
or change the present line of the rai
road, purchased, as aforesaid, at sut
points ulong the line as may be deem?
most judicious by the stockholders, at
tho said corporation shall have the rig
to extend said railroad, purchased,
aforesaid, to Columbia, with a branch
connect with a road to Millen, in tl
State of Georgia; and, in the event of
want of agreement with the owners
any lands through which said railroa
by reason of any such change, alteruth
or extension, will pass, as to the value
suoh lauds; or, in event of such want
agreement with tho owners of any lan
which may be deemed necessary for t
I uso or protection of such railroad, m
take such lands at a valuation to be ms
in the same manner, and iu all respe
under like proceedings, regulations a
restrictions ns are prescribed and p
vided in tho Act of tue Geueral Asse
bly of the State of South Carolina, pass
September 22, 18G8, and entitled "
Act to declare the manner by which I
lands, or the right of way over the lan
of persons or corporations, may be tal
for the construction and uses of rail wi
and other works of internal impro
.nent. "
SEC. 5. Tho said corporation si
have power to borrow money, to is:
i bonds or other evidences of any inde
edness so created, and secure the p
meut of the same by mortgage of its p
perty and effects, or otherwise; may le
or rent to any other corporation, or i
person or persons, thoir line of milro
for any term which may be agreed
or may, in like manner, become
lessees of the railroad of any other Cc
pauy, or may consolidate their line
railroad and their capital stock with
railroad and capital stock of any ot
railroad Compauy: Provided, howe
That none of the powers granted in
Section shall bo exercised, unless assi
ed to by a majority in interest of
stockholders of said Company, in n f
eral or special meeting, duly asseoit)
SEO 6. This charter is grau ted ri;
the express condition that said rai lr
Company shall not be exempt from ti
tion in this State.
Approved March 1, 1870.
SECTION ]. Be il enacted by tho Sei
and House of Representatives of
State of South Carolina, now met
sitting in Geuernl Asuembly, and by
authority of the same, That tho fol!
ing sums bo, and they aro hereby,
propriated for the payment of the var
i officers and expenses of the State
verument, that is to say:
For the Governor, three thousand
hundred dollars; for the Secretar.'
State, three thousand dollars ; for c
pletiug the index to the records of
office of the Secretary of State,
thousand dollars; for Clerk to Beere
lof State, one thousand dollars; for
Private Secretary of the Governor,
thousand dollars; for the Adjutant
Inspector-General, twenty-five hunt
j dollars; for the Assistant Adjutant
**!l'M,vf?wr** "*-?????;H-*??#???i..-?-.v*. .? ..- . -
j . t?rVfi tit?ij ?<*?'nfi ti?^' ?? ' ?
pilW WP! ?Pr?CHef&Jto the Comp
tro^pr-^orj?jol, on? thousand dollars; for
'thp.jMafa.^reasurer, twenty-five hundred
tiuTftrs^]^ CUerk; to Ina State
Treasurer, eighteen hundred dollars; for
a bgok-keoper for Stafe Treasurer," eigh.
teeu.hundred dollars; for the Auditor of
tho State, twenty-five hundred dellars;
for the State Auditor'a Clerk, ono thou
sand dollars; for the Superintendent of
Education, twenty-five hundred dollars;
for the Clerk to the Superintendent..of
Education, eight hundred dollars; for
the Ollief Countable, fifteen hundred
dollars; for the Chief Justice of the Su?
preme Court, (our thousand dollars; for
the two Associate Justices,' seven thou?
sand dollars; for the eight Circuit Judges,
twenty-eight thousand dollars; for the
eight Circuit Solicitors, eight thousand
dollars; for tho Attorney-General, three
thousand dollars; for the Attorney-Gene?
ral's Clerk, one thousand dollars; for the
Clerk of the Supreme Court, who shall
perform the duties of Librarian of said
Court, fifteen hundred dollars; for the
State Reporter, fifteen hundred dollars;
for the Keeper of tho State House and
State Librarian, seven hundred dollars;
for the Superintendent of tho South Ca?
rolina Penitentiary, two thousand dol?
lars; for the three Health Officers, three
thousand nine hundred dollars; for the
Watchmen of tho State House aud
Grounds, six hu nd- tl dollars each; foi
the County Auditors, thirty-one thou?
sand five hundred dollars; for Clerk tc
tho Auditor of the Couuty of Charles?
ton, one thousand dollars; for the three
Code Commissioners, ten thousand iiv<
hundred dollars; for the Goveruor't
Messenger, three huudred dollars; foi
the Laud Commissioner, two thousand
dollars; for tho County School Commis
.-douera, thirty-one thousand five huudrec
dollars; for the Commissioner of the Bu
reau of Agricultural Statistics, fifteei
hundred dollars.
SEC. 2. For contingent fund of the Go
veruor, twenty-five thousand dollars, ou
of which shall be paid the expenses o
the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, ti
be drawn upon tho order of tho Govern
or; for the contingent fund of the Trea
surer, ono thousand dollars; for the cou
tingeut fund of the Comptroller-General
one thousand dollars; for the coutiugen
fund of the Attorney-General, ouo thou
sand dollars; for the contingent fund c
State Auditor, one thousand dollars; fo
the contingent fund of the Adjutant au
Inspector-General, twenty five buudre
dollars; for the contingent fund of th
Superintendent of Education, ono thor
saud dollars; for the contingent fund c
the Secretary of State, one thousand do!
lars; for the contingent fund of the Chi?
Constable, five hu ml re.i dollars; for tb
contingent fund of the State Librariai
three hundred dollars.
The above appropriations to be draw
on the order of the heads of the seven
departments, if so much be necessary.
SEO. 3. For tho purchase of books f<
the Supreme Court Library, five thoi
sand dollars, if so much be necessary, 1
be drawn on the order of the Chief Ju
tice; for contingent expenses of the Si
preme Court, under Section 7 of an A
ratified the eighteenth day of Septembe
1868, one thousand dollars.
SEO. 4. For contingent accounts f
the expenses of the general election
1870, fifteen thousand dollars, if so min
be necessary, accounts to be audited 1
the State Auditor, and paid on the wo
rant of the Comptroller-General; for tl
support of the Lunatic Asylum, sixte
thousand dollars, to be drawn on tl
order of the Governor; for the sappi
of the State Orphau Asylum, ti fte
thousand dollars, to be paid in accot
ance with the law establishing tho san
for Quarantine expenses, four thonsai
dollars, to be drawu on the order of t
Comptroller-General, accounts to be fii
approved by the Goveruor; for the Ph
siciau of the Charleston Jail, ono thc
sand dollars; transportation aud cloth i
for discharged convicts, three bundr
dollars; for the Catawba Indians, fifte
hundred dollars, to bc paid on thc ort
of the Governor; for the State Coastal,
lary, thirty thousand dollars, if so mu
be necessary, to be paid on tho order
the Goveruor; for contingent account
the State, including the payment of <
penses of the General Assembly a
printing, one hundred and tweuty-fi
thousand dollars; ulso, the sum of th
teen thousand four huudred and fi
24-100 dollars, to meet the deficiency
the Legislative appropriation for re?
lar session of eighteeu hundred a
sixty-eight and eighteen hundred n
?sixty-nine; tho further sum of six tin
saud three hundred and forty 18 ^
dollars, remaining nudrawn, of the i
propriation for the payment of the S
cia! Session of 1868, can bu applied,
necessary, for tho payment of tho abc
accounts. All pnyment-s to bo made
tho usual manner: Provided, That
contingent accounts bo audited by
State Auditor, and paid on the wurr
of tlie Comptroller-General.
SEC. 5. For continuing the constr
tiou of the South Carolina Pe tn ten tin
eighty thousand dollars, to bo paid
the order of the Governor; for repi
and extension of tho buildings of
Lunatic Asylum, ton thousand dolli
to be paid on tho order of the Govern
accounts to bo approved by tho Board
Regents; for repairs on tho Univert
buildings, ten thousand dollars, if
much be necessary, to be paid on
order of the Governor, accounts to
approved by tho Board of Trusteos;
the purchase of books for the Libr
of the University of South Carolina, I
thousand five huudred dollars, the su
to be expended nuder the direotiou
the Board of Trustees of tho Univers
for building a vault to Comptroller-'
nomi's office, five thousand dollars, ii
much be necessary, accounts to be
proved by the Comptroller-General, i
paid on the order of the Governor;
fitting up i ho New State House, thirty
Uiousaud dollars, if so much be neoes
sary, the contract to be awarded by the
Governor aud the Executive Com mi ttoo
appointed by the Joiut, Committee of
tue General Assembly, to'invite propo?
sals for the completion' of the State
House, the money for the payment of
said work to bo paid upon the order of
the Governor; for the re-modeling and
repairs Of tho Governor's Mansion, five
thousand dollars, to be paid'on tho order
of the Governor; for payment of account
of J. Si G. Richardson,:for114 copies of
Ri oh unison's Law, Equity aud Law, and
Equity Reports, agreeable to. joint reso?
lution authorizing tho* Secretary of State
to purchase the same, approved March
26, 1869, eight lmmired and seventeen
dollars; for payment of Recounts of Bry?
an & McOartor, for f u rnishiug IOU copies
of Richardson's 15th Volume Law Re?
ports, and 100 copi?s of' Richardson's
14th Volume Equi ty Reports, agreeable
to joint resolution passed, eleven hun?
dred dollars; for payment of salary due
C. D. Melton, for services rendered tho
I State as Solicitor of Northern Circuit,
one thousand fivo hundred and seventy
five dollars; for payment of salary due J.
Willimun, for services rendered as Mes?
senger of Court of Appeals in Charles?
ton County, and Messenger and Libra
riau of the same, two hundred aud eigh?
ty-seven 50-100 dollars.
SEO. 6. For the support and mainte?
nance of free schools, fifty thousand
dollars, in addition to tho capitation
tax: Provided, That said sam of fifty
thousand dollars be apportioned among
the several Counties of the State io
proportioo to their representation iu tho
I lower branch of the General Assembly:
I And provided further. That eaoh Couoty
shall be entitled to the amount of poll
tax raised iu said County; for the snp
I port of the South Curoliba University,
I twenty-five thousand dollars, to be paid
on the order of tho Governor; for the
education of the deaf, dumb aud blind,
eight thousand dollars, to be paid on the
order of the Governor.
SEO. 7. To defray tho expenses of tho
enrollment, organization and eqrii'pait&t
of the militia, fifty thousand dollars, to
be disbursed by the Adjutant and In?
spector-General, on'the order of the Go?
SEO. 8. For the payment of the in?
terest on the publio debt, three hundred
and fifty tbousaud dollars.
SEC. 9. That ull taxes assessed and
payable under this Act shall be paid in
the following kiud of funds, viz: Bills
Receivable of the State, United States
Currency, Nat ional Bank Notes, Gold or
Silver Coin.
Approved March 1, 1870.
Whereas, the present law defining the
duties and jurisdiction of County Com?
missioners does not make it incumbent
upon said Commissioners to provide
medical aid for the indigent sick in their
respective Counties; therefore.
SECTION 1. Be il resolved by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the
State of South Curolinn, now met and
sitting in General Assembly, sud by the
authority of the same, That the County
Commissioners of the several Counties
io the State be, and they are hereby, au?
thorized, whenever, in their judgment,
it is necessary, to appoint one or more
physicians, whoso doty it shall be to fur?
nish medical aid to the indigent sick in
their respective Counties; and whenever
accounts are rendered for the perform?
ance of such duty, the County Commis?
sioners are hereby instructed to examine
said accounts, aud, if found correct, to
audit the same, aud give a warrant on
the County Treasurer for their payment.
SEO. 2. That tho Couuty Commission?
ers of the respective Counties of thia
State be, and they are hereby, autho?
rized and required to provide] suitable
hospital accommodation in connection
with the Poor House at or near the
County Seats of their respective Coun?
ties, where tho indigent sick poor may
receive medical und surgical aid, free.of
charge, and to appoint physicians
thereto, except the County of 'Cllarlefi
ton, where the County Commissioners
are hereby authorized and required to
cause to bo built at or near Cordeaville,
Parish of St. John's Berkeley, a hospital
for tho indigeut sick poor, and to ap?
point n physician thereto, to be paid aa
herein provided; Provided, The cost of
the said building shall not exceed two
thousand (2,000) dollars; Provided,
further, That no physician, so appointed
to any of the hospitals, shall charge for
his services more than one-half the usual
Approved March 1, 1870.
HKR, 1868.
SECHON 1. Be it enacted by tlie Senate
and House ol Representatives of the
State of South Carolina, now met and sit?
ting in General Assembly, and by the
authority of the same, That so much of
the above Act as fixes the salary of tho
Secretary of Stute at "three thousand
dollars, the same to include Clerk's sala?
ry," bo amended by striking out between
tho words "dollars and Clerk's," tho
words "the sumo to include," and in?
serting in lieu thereof the following, to
wit: "and oue thousand dollurs." BO as
to read as follows, viz. : "The Secretary
of State shall receive an annual sula ry of
threo thousand dollurs, and one thou?
sand dollurf? Clerk's salary."
SEC. 2. This Act shall take effect im?
mediately after it? passage.
President pro tem. of the Senate.
Speaker Honso of Representatives.
Approved February 28, 1870.
ROBERT K. SCO Tl', Governor.

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