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Friday Morning, Jnae 17,1870.
TU? Work ot tb? Reform Convention.
Tho Reform Convention assembled on
the evening of Jone 15, and completed
ita work by 6 o'clock p. m. on yesterday.
Our readers will observe elsewhere the
Declaration of Principles and tho name
adopted. It will be found that the Con?
vention planted itself upon liberal
ground. It will be seen, also, that Judgo
Ii. B. Carpent r and Gen. M. C. Butler
have been nominated for the offices of
Governor and Lie atenant-Go vernor.
Bovoral of Gen. Butler's personal friends
were disposed not to allow tho use of his
name, but at the instance of tho colored
delegates, his name was put before, tho
Convention and ho was unanimously no?
minated. The President of tho Conven?
tion was authorized to appoint an Execu?
tive Committee of Thirteen.
Tho Union Reform Party, with its
platform and its standard-bearers, is now
in the field. The movement for KEFOHM
has now boen put formally in motion.
We do, of course, cordially com mond
the movement to general support. Tho
aotion of the Convention has been, in
our judgment, the best that was possible
ander all the circumstances of tho case.
The remarks of tho delegates, both
white and colored, were generally earnest
and to the point. Let us now indulgo
the hope that our expectations will be
realized. For the reform moromeut, tho
Convention bas given tho platform and
the men. Let thc work now be carried
on to its logicnl consummation. Let our
people, from the upper to tho lower
country, do their duty.
Reform Convention.
The Convention met at 10 n. m., in
Carolina Hall.
B. K. Kinloch offered a resolution,
regulating the seating of delegations by
Counties, tho Secretary calling tho roll
by Counties.
Bernard O'Neale offered a resolution,
that tho vice-Presidents be seated on
tho stage.
M. C. Butler, Chairman of Committee
on Platforms, read the report, request?
ing that it lie on the table for tho pre?
Tho Chairman of thc Committeo on
Platforms report Gen. Wagener's paper,
and advise that it be printed with pro?
ceedings of this Convention.
Tho Committee on Platform beg leave
to submit the following report:
This Convention, representing citizens
of South Carolina, irrespective of party,
assembled to organize tho good people
of the State in an effort to reform the
present incompetent, extravagant, pre?
judiced and corrupt administration of
the State Government, and to establish
instend thereof just and equal laws,
order and harmony, economy in public
expenditures, a strict accountability ol
offieo holders, and the election to office
only of men of known honesty and in?
tegrity, doth declare and announce thc
following principles npou which meu ol
all parties may unite for tho purposes
uforesui? :
1. The fifteenth amendment of thc
Constitution of the United States having
been, by tho proper authorities, pro?
claimed ratified by tho requisito numbei
of States, and having been recoived ant
acquiesced in as law in all tho States ol
the Union, ought to bo fairly "aclminis
tered and faithfully obeyed us funda
mental law.
2. Tho vast changes in our system o:
Government, wrought by tho iuternn
tional war between the two sections o
the States, and following in its train,
are so fur incorporated into thcconslitu
tious and laws of the States and of th<
United States, as to require that tbej
be regarded accomplished facts, havinj
tho force and obligation of law.
3. This solemn and complete reoo^ni
tiou of the existing laws brings tb*
pooplo of South Carolina into au entir
harmony upon all questions of civil auc
political right, and should unito ?il
honest men in nu earnest and detcrmin
ed effort to establish a just, equal nm
faithful administration of tho Govern
mont, in tho interest of no class o
clique, but for tho benefit of a unite
Tho committoo also recommend th
adoption of tho following resolution:
Resolved, That this organization b
known ns tho Union Reform Burty c
South Carolina. Respectfully submit
ted, M. C. BUTLER,
Ch ni rm ;iii.
On motion of Mr. Ellison S. Keitl
tho report of the Committee on Pltitfon
was taken up for discussion.
E. W. Seibels, Chairman of Cominillo
un Resolutions, reported no resolution.1
W. T. Gary, Chairman of Commit te
on Manner of Voting, reported, fir.->l
that voting bo viva voca; second, tb?
each County be entitled to tho numbe
of votes it is ontitlcd to ju the lowe
bouse of the General Assembly; an
third, that tho Chairmau of euch delegi
tion, upon the call of his County, rit
in his sont and announce thc vote.
The Secretary read tho proceedings (
yesterday, which were approved.
E. S. Keitt moved to take up the n
port of tho Committee on Platform, nn
proceeded to discuss the rccommondi
tious of tho roport. He held that Prov
denco controls all human affairs, slaver
no less than freedom; and from tl:
annlogy between Egyptian anti Amer
can emancipations ranged tho latter i
tho class of progressive movements that
au ould mest the approbation of mankind.
J. B. Kershaw,!rose to explain tho in?
tent and purpose of the paper reported
by the Committoo on Flatform? He
deprecated the issue between tho tiro
races, and detailed the trickery through
which tho colored raoe has been alienat?
ed from the white. This movement is
designed to lift South Carolina to a posi?
tion higher than she has ever held. Tho
colored maa mast be convinced that this
is a bona fide aad honest advance made
to tho colored race. Wo may uot be able
to defend every point of recoastructiou
as iu every respeot resting upon consti?
tutional construction; but, what is
better, we mean to carry them out, both
in letter aod spirit. Upoa the point of
making nominations, ho was fully in
favor of it; holding that for this Con?
vention to adjourn without nominations,
would bo to scatter tho movement to tho
E. S. Koitt objected to tho report,
upon tho ground that it is confined to
tho past and present, while it should look
as well to the futuro, so ns to secure the
cementing powor of hope to the diverse
elements of our State.
M. C. Butler rose to second the posi
tiou tLiken by Gen. Kershaw. Tho occa?
sion is full of solemn earnestness. Mis?
rule is running riot in our State; and
gorging vultures are eating out our pros?
perity. This results from the antagonism
between the races; aod for this the whites
are responsible. They have not mot the
issao as they should. Gen. Lintier gave
a resume of the events since the war;
criticised the course of the Demooratic
politiciaas, showing ifs faulty policy and
defended this movement as thu true oac.
In answer to tho query, why uot entor
the Union Leagues, he replies: becauso
that course is a device to bind the freo
citizeu in political chains worse than tho
African slavery from which the negroes
bave been freed. If this movement does
1 not succeed, it willbe.becausc it does uot
deserve success. What is tho objection
to tho Republican administration iu
South Carolina? It is not Republican.
The Governor, electod by negroes, has
neglected tho interests of that ruco.
Wheo ho wants dirty work done, at SIG
a mouth, ho employs a negro; but when
he waots a man to do nothing, at $00 a
mouth, he seuds to Ohio for a white man
to do it. Tho imported leaders of tho
radicals do uot wish us to make nomina?
tions. They want us to lio supiue while
they fill their pockets. The spirit o?
progress is advancing in Europe. Spain,
France, Russia, and Prussia, are emanci?
pating all serfdom. If the Exoeutivo of
South Carolina can prove the charge1
agaiust him to be untrue, wc may with?
draw our opposition from him. The
murder of Randolph was a political trick
and the fate of Tolbert is u murder bj
tho authorities of tho State. If tho Go?
vernor know that tho Ku-Klux killed
Randolph, why did ho not hang them foi
tho crime? Where aro the homes that
the Land Commissiouer has purchased
for the poor men of the State? As tc
what the Couventiou should do, Gen. B,
maintained that nominations should In
made; el60 the movement will fall ti
nothing, for wont of a standard-bearer,
E. S. Keitt rose for a third word. L
in favor of nomiaatious.
Jonas Bird (colored) spoke on th<
movement. He thought it unfortunate
that it was not iuaugurated sooner; bettei
late than novor. Endorsed every won
that Generals Butler aad Korshaw hav<
said. Has all confidence ia thc peopli
of South Carolioa; whatever a Soutl
Carolinan says, bo means aud will do
Tho speaker holds that his owa interos
aad that of his race are identical, ant
with this thought in view ho conies t<
tho Coaveotioo. Detailed tho origia o
tho carpet-baggers, their penniless ad
vent and their present wealth. Rcferre<
to tho 390,000 stolen, iastcad of givea ii
lauds to the poor. These waetchos tuki
tho negro by ono hand, and pat tho otho
iuto his pocket. Vontillates tho phos
phate bill, showing how it was bough
through the Legislature and grinds th
poor man; but 800,000 goes into th
pockets of Legislators, whilo tho negr<
may (os far as they caro for it) go to tb
deuce. The speaker showed how th
Inst election was carried by promises o
lands and mules and corn and offices
[Immeuso applause.]
J. P. Thomas roso to express hi
hearty appreciation of the scatimonts o
tho speaker. Endorses fully tho report o
tho Committee on Platform. Tho move
mont rises above the level of party worl
to the dignity of a grand reform
march irrespective of party and of rac?.1
It aims to elect a Governor neither o
tho whitu mau nor of tho negro, but o
the wholo people. The speaker arraign
the Executive of tho Stato for mal-atl
ministration, and the General Assembl,
for corrupt legislation. Ia order to giv
point and edge to this movement, nomi
nations must bo made-tho moremen
must bo matlo persoual ami tho issue me
Fenwick (colored) rose to express hi
pleasure at tho faut that light is begin
ning to dawn iu South Carolina.
J. B. Korshaw askod leave to arnon?
the report, hy strikiug out "verities,
and inserting "accomplished facts.
Leave granted. Geu. K. proceeded t
explain why tho movement is so hito.
J. B. Kershaw moved that tho Con
ventiou go into nomination of Governo
and LieuteuuntGovoruor.
J. D. Kennedy moved to amend, by rc
ferriug tho question of nomination to
committee of twenty-one, which amone
ment prevailed.
A good deal of discussion followed, i
which many delegates took part.
Tho Chairman appointed the folio?
ingcommitteo of twenty-one:
JohuL). Kennedy, Chairman; J. ?
Hoyt, Anderson; - Weathorsbet
Barnwell; W. E. Mikell, Charleston; G
W. Melton, Chester; E. F. Malloy, Che;
terfield; R. E. Holcombo, Pickens; J. rJ
Walsh, Horry; W. H. Wallace, Union; ?
P. Thomas, Richland; J. B. Erv a, Lar
caster; D. Proveoce, Fairfield; P. rJ
Felder, Oraugoburg; H. A. Meetze, Lej
ington; J. P. Kinara, Newberry; W? T.
Gary, Edgofleld; W. J. McKerral), Ma?
ri on?R.B. Todd, Laurona; J. E. Byrd,:
Darlington; 8. E. Means, Spartanburg;
8. P.; BnVba^, Col loton.
' The Convention took a recess until 5
o'clock p. mp
J. D. Kennedy, Chairman of Commit?
tee ons Nomination, reported that tho
Committee, with ono dissenting voice,
directed him to announce their decision
in favor of mukiug nominations. Re?
port adopted.
J. B. Kershaw moved that Ibo Conven?
tion proceed to nomination. Adopted.
E. W. Seibels nominntod Judge R. B.
Carpenter for Governor.
E. C. McLuro nominated Judge Georgo
S. Brynn, ns a nativo South Carolinian
T. Y. Simons seconded tho nomina?
tion of Judge Carpenter, and made an
earnest speech in behalf that gentleman.
On the first ballot Judgo Carpenter
was nominated by a voto of 77,'o, against
4 for Judge Bryan.
W. A. Courtouey nominated Gen. M. C.
Butler for Lieutenant-Governor.
A. A. Harper (colored) nomiuatod
Wm. E. Marshall (colored) for Lieute?
G. W. Melton nominated Rev. Jonas
Bird (colored) for Lieutenant-Govornor.
W. E. Marshall declined the nomina?
tion, and offered M. C. Butler.
Jonas Bird declined, and seconded tho
nomination of M. C. Butler.
J. B. Kershaw rose to say that he
would prefer n colored mau for this
position. Would liko to seo Secretary
Carduzo nominated, but is assured that
ho would not accept.
Y. J. Pope nominated W. S. Gary, for
W. S. Gary declined.
M. C. Butler received tho nomination
for Licutenant-Governor, the voto beiug
taken viva voce.
Robert Aldrich delivered an address
on Gilmore Simms.
T. Y. Simons moved that a Committee
of Thirteen bc appointed, at the leisure
of the Chairman, to coustitute au Execu?
tive Committee, who shall issue nu ad?
dress to the people, and take charge of
the campaign generally.
John E. Bacon moved that a Coniinit
teo of Fivo be appointed, to advise tho
nominees of their nominations. Adopt?
ed. Tho Coiumitteo consisted of John
E. Bacon, R. Mare, B. B. Tompkins,
W. L. DePass, W. Black.
The thanks of tho Convention wero
returned to Judge Melton, for uso of
hall; Mr. Gorman, for uso of chamber on
! Wednesday evening; and to the officers
of tho Convention.
Thc Convention adjourned sine die.
At thc close of the Convention, Gen.
J. B. Kershaw wns called to tho chair,
and a vote of thanks was then tendered
to thc President of tho Convention, Col.
W. M. Shannon, for tho dignified and
impartial manner in which he had dis?
charged tho duties of the Chair. Col.
I Shannon responded in nn earnest and
animated manner, and gave evidence of
tbut siucoro devotion to the State which
is an elcmcut in his character.
Sarsaparilla and Queen's Delight,
when properly combined, makes tho
most powerful blood purifier known.
Ask for DIL TUTT'S. J5
MISS A. WITTVOGREL wishes to inform
tho ladies of Columbia that she has
moved her DRESS MAKING establishment in
Mr. T. QllEOO'd building, over the Citizens'
Havings' Bank; entrance on Taylor street, one
door from Main. Jnne 17 2*
St. John's Day.
IT having been finally decided hy tho Com?
mittee to hold the l'ic-Nic at Ridge Spring,
on tho21th inst., brethren wishing tickets for
themselves and friends, will apply to members
of tho Committee bil or before Tuesday nest.
A. C. DAVIS, Secretary. Juno 17
Steam Engines.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Juno io, is7u.
T?1HE following extracts from an "Ordinance
JL regulating tho setting up of Steam En?
gines and the establishment of Manufactories
in tho City of Colombia," ratified October 23.
1S(J:J, is published tor tho information of all
. # # * *. * ?
SECTION 1. That hereafter, any person or
persons desiring to ciect any Steam Engine
or Manufactory in which steam power is used,
within tho corporate limits of thc City of Co?
lumbia, shall make application in writing to
tho City Council, setting forth tho place in
which it is proposed to put up said Engine or
erect said Manufactory, and tho natnro and
extent of tho proposed establishment.
SKC 2. Upon complaint being made to Coun?
cil of tho violation of this Ordinanco, tho of?
fending party shall bo heard heforo Council,
and Council may permit thu erection of said
Steam Engine, Ac, or cause samo to ho
abated. Upon conviction of party so offend?
ing, a lino shall bo imposed of not less than
twenty (20) nor moro than fifty (50J dollars.
Dy order of tho Mayor.
_.Tnii(! 17___^?l-v Clerk.
Wanted to Hire,
AGOOD COOK, for a small family. Fair
wages and a good homo. Apply at this
office. June lu"
FROM MYEB'S plantation, twelve
miles In-low Columbia, on Monday, tho
_,13th instant, two MULES, ono a hay
horne, tho other a black maro. A suitable re?
ward will bo given for their rccovory, or any
information leading to it.
J lino 10 2* C. R. WALKER.
Something Novel!
nt >F. ANTRIM aiid hislitllo
son, Muster EDDIE, will give
an Equestrian Performance
j(froc) on tho stroot, MONDAY,
[Juno 20, 1870, to tuko placo on
Market Squaro. Tho attention of tho publio
is invited to this raro exhibition.
Juno 15 1*
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JUST received a frosh lot of MILITARY
Juno 14_
Choice May Butter.
ceived and for salo by
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arly day, 200 screws in twelve minutes,
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plate of tho watch, and yet there are
those who believe ?ho cheap labor Europe
can produce goods at a less cost th nu tho
mnoainery Amerioau geuius has given us.
The New York Herald, the most suo
ceBftfol of American uewspapers, declares
that "the ago bas gone by for newspa?
pers- that dabble in nothing but party
questions aud partisan twaddle, or stilted
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June 10__J\_ V. SCHNEI PER.
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June 1C_ A. SCHNKl 1 )Kit.
Steam Mill for Sale.
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Shop, offers his GltlST and FLOUR MILL
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All the above is in good working order. For
further purticulars, apply to
June 12 l>_?ICHAUD TOZER.
Liquor Licenses.
I OLfMniA, S. C., June li, 1.S70.
rrMIE holders of Licenses from the Cit}
JL Council to retail Spirituous .?nd Malt Li?
quors that expire nil July 1, 1870, are horeb]
notified that application for tho renewal ol
same muat bo made on or before tho 21st inst
J il ?ie 15 :;t_City Clerk.
Oity Printiner.
CoLUSiniA, Juno lt, 1870.
IPROPOSALS for City Printing will bo re
. cciyod and submitted tu City Council foi
action at the regular meeting on the '21st inst
Rv order of the Mayor. WM. J. ETTER,
Juno 15 3t (.'itv Clerk.
Public Notice of Bissolution.
NO TICE is hereby given that tho partner
fdiip lately subsisting between H. N
Lowrance, P. C. Derrick und W. I!. Lowrance
nil 1er thc name of LOWRANCE A Cu.. is thii
day dissolved, by the withdrawal uf Major R
N. Lowrance. All debts duo the said part
licrship are to bi? received hv the new firm
LOKK1CK A LOWRANCE, and all demand
presented to them for paymcut.
Juno ll 12_W. H. LOWRANCE.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partner
ship lately existing between the under
si ;ned, under the name of GORMAN A BA
D?NHOP, as proprietors of the "Columbi
Hotel," was dissolved on the 3(ith day of Apr
labt, by mutual consent. Win. < lorin a II ci .n ti
nues the business on his own account, aud i
authorized to settle all debts due lo and b
the said partnership. WILLIAM GORMAN,
Jnne_9_ _ _H. H. BADENHOP._
Butter and Cheese.
CHOICE Goshen BUTTER and prim
Factorv CHEESE, just received, and fe
sale low hy'_J. A T. R. AGNEW.
State of South Carolina-Richland Ct
ll'j William Unison Wing, Judge af Probate i
said Conni g. '
WHEREAS John Robt. Seay hath applie
to mo for Ic'.tcrB of administration o
tho estate of ELIZABETH MOY E, late of Rici
land deceased. These are, therefore, to cite an
admonish all and singular the kindred an
creditors of tho said deceased, to he and aj
pear before mo, at a Court of Probate for tu
said County, to bo boldon at Columbia, on tl:
23d day nf June, 1870, at 10 o'clock A. M
to show causo, if any, why tho said adminii
stratton should not be granted.
Given uudor mv hand and tho seal of til
Court, this 8th day of June, A. D. 187
and in the ninety-fourth yeal of America
June 0 l'Jth Judge of Probate.
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Relation between Spontaneous and Retie
tivo Thought in Greece, and the Posith
Teaching of Christ and his Apostles. $2.'
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on tho Vocation of tho Preacher. SI.75
Memoir of Rev. John Scudder, thirty-s
years Missionarv in India. ?1.75.
Juno ll G Booksellers, Columbia.
New Publications.
rn HE CHRISTMAS GUEST, hy Mrs. Soutl
A. worth.
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the original having been lost in transmission
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Juno 2 3mo
Final Notice.
rruiE undersigned gives notice that be will
X apply to Hon. Wm, Hutaon Wigg, Judge
of Probate, at bia ellice, in Columbia, tho2Uth
of Juno, 1870, for final discharge aa Adminis?
trator of Jacob Wy rick, deceased.
May 20 13t_H_. COON.
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April 20 _Bookstore.
Hoes, Steel and Iron.
Q/"\r\ DOZEN Brade'a CROWN HOES, as
OUU sorted sizes.
20,000 Iba. Eugliah PLOW STEEL, assorted
50,000 Iba. Genuine SWEDES IRON, assort?
ed sizes.
The above sro ot direct importation from
Stockholm, Birmingham and Sheffield, and
are. therefore, of superior qualities to North?
ern imitations._J. & T. R. AGNEW._
Choice Family Flour.
.JKJ fresh ground from seleoted Wheat,
and warranted thc best in thc market.
25 barrels Hocker's SELF-RAISING FLOUR
for sale low hy the barrel and at retail bv
Jnnel_J. & T. R. AGNEW.
fricada audcnatouicrs that wc have no arranged
our Goods and Counters that there will not he
tho slightest inconvenience in making pur?
chases while the alterations in our store are
joing on.
We would advise parties at a distance, who
cannot personally select goods, to send na
their orders mid wo will most certainly please
iu both quality and pricea, or return the
We ship by Express "C. O. D." or as direct?
ed. Still further reductions in prices. Thc
stock must be cleared.
June JJ J. II. & M. L. KTNARD.
Samples for Distribution.
P Oto HARDY SOLOMON'Saudget a sample
DERS. All they want is a trial, to convince
housc-keepcra that they aro tho best now in
Fresh Goods at Low Prices.
1 A AAA 1Ai*- BACON HAMS, Sideu
1U.UUU and Shoulders.
300 bbl?. Family and low-priced Flour.
20 kita Mountain Butter.
50 bbls. Relined and Crushed Sugars.
March 25 For sale bv E. HOPE.
Imported Wines.
IHAVE just received the following list of
choice WINES, comprising tho liner*t Euro?
pean brands. Thia is, without doubt, the
largest and best assortment ever offered in
CLARETS.-Brandenburg freres' Mcdoc,
St. Julion. Margaux, Pontet Canot, LaRose,
Chateau LaRose, Grand Yin Latour, 1858;
Margaux, 1858; L-aFitto, 1858.
iitK its ANO SAUTlfill.VES.-Lanben
heiinor, Necrsteimcr, Hockheimer, Marco
bruner, Hildesheimer, Haut Sautome, Haut
Barsac. _ . "
CHAMPAGNES-Moot & Ckandon s Ver*
zonav. Dry Imperial; Vin Imperial, Green
Seal." Bruch, Poucher A Co.'a Lac D'Or, Carte
D'Or, Sparkling Moaolle.
SIIEllIllES. AU Grades, from house of
Wisdom A W?rter, Xcres do La Frontera, in?
cluding sonio very choice "AMONTILLADO,"
worthy tho attention of connoiaeurs.
O O ?t X
Ito m s .
CRUMBS.-The balun co of the 239
pound turtle will be served up iu soup
at the Pollock House, to-day. The crit?
ter contained seven dozen fully-deve?
loped eggs, besides a half bushel of hnlf
and-halforH. The soup, etc., yesterday,
WOB heartily enjoyed by numbers of our
citizens, as well as visitors.
We ore iudebted to Mr. Andrew Craw?
ford for on invitation to be present at
the final celebration of Washington Lite?
rary Society, University of Virgiuia, on
the 27th instout.
Judge Meltou hus filed his order dis?
solving the injunction against the Blue
Ridge Railroad.
Wring a coarse towel out of clean wa?
ter, spread it smoothly on the carpet;
iron it dry with a good hot iron; repeat
tho oporatiou on all parts of the corpet
suspected of being invested with moths,
j No uecd to press hard, aud neither the
pile nor the color of the carpot will be
injured, and the moths will be destroyed
' by tho heat and the stenm.
Mr. Barry (of the Carolina House) has
presented us with a bottle of home-made
viuegar, which is as sharp as the extract
of old maids is supposed to be. Ho has a
quantity on hand to bo disposed of.
Atteution is invited to thc card of Mr.
Kaufman, of Charleston, iu another
column. He is a thorough-going man of
business, and his New York correspond?
ents are men of reputation and means.
Hearth and Home, for this week, (dated
June 23th,) contains the first of a series
of sketches entitled "Jethro Throop's
Night Thoughts," by John Thomas, who
is no other than Petroleum Y. Nasby.
The great humorist will take an honest
country boy to the city, conduct bim
through the usual experience, and re?
store him to his homo a sadder and wiser
boy, satisfied that tho peaceful, honest,
and temperate life of the farmer is the
best and safest life that can bo lived.
This is a lesson greatly needed at this
time, and Nasby is the man lo teach it.
SENTENCE DAY.-Judge Melton, yes?
terday, passed the following sentences
on individuals who Lad beeu tried at the
present term of the Court of General
Hezekiah Langford, (colored,) petit
lorcouy, (three cases,) three months bard
labor in tho penitentiary in each case.
Edwin Root-grand larceny-one year
at hard labor in the penitentiary.
John Mitchel, Phillip Robinson,
Preston Wilsou and Henry Scott,
(colored)-grand larceny-Phillip Ro
binson, hard labor in the penitentiary
niue mouths; John Mitchel, eighteen
months; ^.'reston Wilson and Henry
Scott, twelve mouths.
Benjamin Wright-petit larceny
three months in County jail.
Thomas Harrison-assault aud bat?
tery, with intent to kill and murder-one
year at hard labor in the penitentiary.
Henry Williams (colored)-petit lar?
ceny-one year at hard labor in the
Nelly Wilson (colored)-petit larceny
one month in tho County jail.
George Robinson (colored)-petit
larceny-eighteen mouths hard labor in
the penitentiary.
William Hancock-assault and bat?
tery-one month in the County jail.
Sigh Davis (colored)-riot and tumult
-fiued $25.
Patrick Paul-riot aud assault-four
mouths in the County jail.
The indestructible tag is a great con?
venience to merchouts. It answers the
combined purpose of a direction label
aud business card. Call at thc PHCSXTX
Publishing House and supply your?
Tho PHOENIX ollice is supplied with
every stylo of material from the small
metal letter to tho largest wood type,
together with plain aud fancy cards,
paper, colored iuk, bronze, etc. It is
the only establishment in the interior of
the State where two aud three sheet
posters can be priuted. All kinds of
work in the printing line attended to at
short notice.
mail is opened for delivery at S a. m.;
closed at S.30 a. m. Charleston, opened
at 5.30 p. m.; closed at 8.30 p. m.
Greenville, opened at 5.30 p. m.; closed
atS.30 p. ra. Western, opened at 9.30
a. m.; closed at 1 p. m. Charlestt..,.
(evening,) opened at 8 a. m.; closed at
1.30 p. m. On Sunday, thc post office is
open from 9 to 10 a. m.
flofETi ARRIVALS,June 1C>-Columbia Hole..
T ll Trent, CE Milla. Baltimore; \V A Court?
ney, J II Watson, J F Farrell, W II Evana,
Charleston; A A Nieriez, W Van Wyek, New
York; F G DeEontaiue, Charleston; II L Jef?
fers, J A Jeffers, Richland; J A August.
Batesvillc; J N Hoffman, Lexington; T B
Jeter, Kpartanburg; 0 J Haltiwanger, S Oj S
G Garner, A J o'Hanlon, Richland; F H Wan
namaker, Orangeburg; P Presser, Philadel?
phia; O J Lang, Philadelphia; F B Penn, Vir?
ginia; J Moaner, Augusta.
Nickerton House-\\ T J Woodward, SCR
R; John B Edie. U S A; Paul Quattlobaum,
Lexington; S W Thomas. Raleigh; R L Cam?
den, Philadelphia; WR Fluharty, Baltimore;
I) Brown, Anderson; M J Ogden, New Orleans;
TB Houston, Now Jeraoy; II J Marseman,
Mansfield; S H Turner, Montgomery.
Jacob Levin-Auction Sale,
Wm. J. Ettor-Steam Engines.
Miss A. Wittvogrel-Removal.
Hostotter's Stomach Bitters.
John McKenzie-St. John's Day.

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